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January 19, 2019

Go easy. . .flow a little more. .

Abraham made me reflect,  . smile

How I love these morning messages, so simple. . true.   Even when I might have a . . .  “Yes, but , , ”  upon a little reflection, Abraham is right on – nailing it every time.    In all these years, I have never felt I was being ‘directed’ or having “choice” compromised (for I couldn’t easily accept that).  Instead, it is found that our higher, better thought which we seek, tends to transmute our complicated lives into a smoother, more harmonious experience. 

We all must deal with our “personal power” issues each in our own way. . as we conceive them to be.  .     .


Two statements that will serve you very well. The first is: There will always be war. There will always be those who aggravate within others a sense of trouble in order to promote the solution that they already have their mind made up about. And so you’re never going to come into agreement as a mass consciousness that this is “the way.” There will always be disagreements; therefore, there will always be turmoil; there will always be war.

The other statement, that is our favorite is: Well-Being will always abound, so the dominant experience of the majority of people will always be one of Well-Being. So you can decide, at any point in time, in what part of this you want to play. You can use anything as your excuse to align with Well-being, or you can use anything as your excuse to not align. The thing that we think is at the heart of this discussion is my own personal power. We think that’s what you are, sort of, struggling for and reaching for.


Excerpted from San Francisco, CA on 3/8/03

Our Love

Esther (Abraham and Jerry)

January 17, 2019

RBG, A thru Z

Who is one of Most ADMIRED PEOPLE of the world?

I would be hard-pressed to find anyone who could come within a mile of RUTH BADER GINSBURG for an uncountable number of reasons.  On top of which – – she remains so likeable!  Found a Nate Beeler cartoon 29th‘s DISPATCH which caught my eye and wanted to share with you  (if I can get it over here;   couldn’t! . . need some kind of app). so delay a day or so. .workin’ on it .  .

I may skip a letter here and there — but here goes my A to Z:  Articulate,  Bold,  Clever, Dependable,  Energetic,  Fearless,  Generous,  HARD-TO-STOP,  Inscrutable,  Judicial,  Keen,  Logical,  Measured/Merciful,  (REALLY) Needed (on Court),  Objectivity,  Paragon, Questor,  Reason,  Sagacious,  Tenacious,  Universally liked,  Voracious (4 Truth),  Wise,  Zest (4 Law).     

The big “C” has attacked her several times — still, she rises.  She’s borne ‘cracked ribs’  — but she goes on anyway,  and I can’t conceive how she does it – – (damn! that stuff hurts).  When she lost her beloved husband. . thru grief and struggle – still, she rose.  TRUMP,  etal  opines — ” is there no end to her?”  I’m sure they wonder . . “what’s it gonna take?” But this lady reloads, comes back.       I love and admire her to pieces . .  .    .  go girl! 

.             .              .             .               .                .              .              .               .                 .                .              .

Well, of course I started this post the end of December and became so frustrated with my IPhone  (not efficient with it even a little), but just now, I accidentally  got it over here – – looks  a little wonky, but it IS what I was after.   Since that time, a further cancer was determined, removed and finally  returned home to recuperate a tad, but still she works on all her stuff!    There is simply, no one like her! Nor do I have a doubt in my mind  that she’ll take care of the business at hand     What a woman!          Jan


January 15, 2019

What do you want . . what drives you?

Whatever your answer, I WANT YOU TO HAVE IT


The Smoking Thing

When I started this blog,  my goal of course, was to inform others of the plan which had helped me to QUIT SMOKING, once and for all.  I had been doin’ myself in with this  40-year habit (20 of which,  as a non-smoker).  I was serious about it — just couldn’t make it “STICK”. . 2 years a few times,  2 and 3 months, 11 months and even – just weeks . . once for 10 years. . ya know – “the eternal quitter”  Very good at going thru the motions.  This is why I frequently refer to my “slow learning curve.”  Those plans all worked, probably well. . but couldn’t hook into my  own POWER CENTER – – to “me” where I live, breathe and “think” . . .understand!  Really GET IT! 

Wish I could tell you the name of that plan, for I did not dream it up.  It had cost money too – like most of them,  and maybe I had become a touch jaded . . 40 yrs was quite a stretch.  It was simply a suggestion from a friend, said she had heard they were having some success Maybe I was resigned to accept that this was one thing I could NOT do..  .  which didn’t fit my idea of who I was and strived to be. (More on that next). It was 1993 in Los Angeles — my prior home.  Did I hear a bell or something?  . . was it just the fates? .   or simply  “why not”?  who knows.  .  the year was winding down – – so I went.  Was just a few weeks in length.  No Gimmicks, tricks, stupid stuff to do.

There were no lectures or theories on how bad smoking was for us to do. .  .  as is known, most smokers ARE fairly cerebral to begin with. Nor were there any stories or drawn-out sharing of such.  Just this one man who laid it out; told us like it is!  The simplicity!  I was kinda  like a caught fish – just reeled me in!  But he had reached me.   I got it.  It worked.  And I never turned back . .   ya know – one puff, .  .  just to see how they would taste now!  I finally realized this trap was of my own making. . .a ruse,  habit or memory – – not a NEED.    I was done.  Anyway, fifteen years later in 2008 when I started “Smokinchoices” . . it was their plan which so suited my needs, that I was trying to share.  But couldn’t remember what their name was. And I don’t know why that is – my memory used to be so excellent! – – even then. But recently,  memories seem to be fleeing away . . from every pore. That which I think I know. . just won’t shape into words easily. Am working harder, longer now.   Anyway, I can attest to this Quit-Smoking FREE plan herein.  I was satisfied that it reflected what I had learned and profited by.   I would NOT  be able to construct it again today from  what’s left of my memories. . .only the simple gist of it.

But, who Am I?

Which brings me to who the hell I think I am.  What makes me tick?  What drives my bus?  I am a much loved daughter of an amazing woman; hugely creative, talented,  certified genius,  beautiful beyond words,  (married 7 times) with an enormous energy both physical and other-worldly.  Simply, not much she couldn’t do. Didn’t know my father; Mother and two following wives who also left him, each resulted in a daughter being born. Three MELBY girls from Elvin, each 12 years apart.  There is Carolyn – 12 years my junior – whom I met when I was in my forties — and adore her.  Marial was the third of us sisters — we’ve never met, but have corresponded a bit. None have a bad thing to say negatively regarding Elvin Melby. . just not much of a doer, nor provider. . but a handsome, lovely, and loving man.  He was, I was told -a very good dancer and very romantic.  Died @ 91, old and alone knowing no one, in a home.  Mother and I were very close, even in her death @ 85 – together, in prayerful loving. 

Whether I got it from mother osmosis-wise, luck or magic. . .  guess I have been impelled toward ‘trying to be the best I could be at any endeavor’.  Not a have-to or demand – – it’s desire.  Sorta “Be the best you can be”.  .  do it right. . or beautifully.  (one part of my inner needs) Then later came “You are what you eat” (and allow into your body).  Was once a professional Astrologer, so, can’t overlook the Virgo Sun which (for me) displays practicality and function and efficiency, while my Libra rising wants all to be beautiful, social and friendly;  whose ruling Venus sits in tenth conjunct Pluto.  Uranus on the horizon in 7th.  Sure its gobbledygook to many (and mostly forgotten now by me), but  does predispose me to feeling you are all my friends and deeply treasured by me. .  . sometimes sensing the palpable heartbeat as it resounds through our country. 

My Gawd. . .life is so much bigger than our piddling minds can fully comprehend. And I love the whole thing.    I love the resilience of our people – – it’s an incredible power.  I love that so very, very many DO have respect for one another. . and its growing – can sense it! We’ve been put through knot-holes, but we know who we are. . and we’re getting where we want to be.  We’re gonna be alright. 

So for me, some of the “raison d’être” of my life  1) “Be the best you can be”  and 2) “You Are What You Eat” (ingest, digest and can absorb)  and  3)  I’m worth it!  (self-love CAN keep you going)     

So How Do You Feel?

Okay, lest some of you start thinking I’m some kind of ego-driven idiot who thrives by focusing on self,  allow me to get to the point of this post.   (My titles sure never give people a genuine clue.. . truly sorry for this flaw. . . suspect I’m too old to learn how to fix it.)  ,  But in this post  I’m asking you to kinda take a “screenshot” of your life, mentally.  By and large – – are you where you want to be?. . gettin’ there – where you thought you’d  be heading?   Are you feeling good – physically? . . enough energy?. . all parts workin’  like they should?  Sensing inner realities takes delicacy,  a lite touch; not like thumping a table to see if its sound. It’s a good thing to practice this to stay aware, because only you are responsible for it – not me or your doctor or neighbor or God.  Just YOU.  But if you won’t take the time, make the effort to keep in touch with your own needs –  – who do ya think is gonna?  It’ll never be as important to ANYBODY else as it is and should be to you.  I do the same kinda stuff; try to stay abreast of my NEEDS.  And everybody would be well-served to do this, your way of course – just do it.  And you must keep on doing it if you want a modicum of health.  Doing it with purpose will assure that you can have GOOD HEALTH over the long haul, down the road.

As an “example”

Since I raised my granddaughters during  my 60’s (from diapers on up), I hustled to be more informed on the nutritional front. Bespeaks a whole lot of desire and unplanned energy levels.  Their Mommy wasn’t able to function at that time, so it fell to me.  She wasn’t gonna be around for who knew how long? Home, family, food, etal, had been paramount in my life anyway, so I wasn’t a beginner. But 2 gorgeous little girls!  (my experience was one son), and was gonna need some major changes I hadn’t anticipated. 

Within 5 -6 years, Alzheimer’s introduced itself to me.  Had arrhythmia most of life, can’t quite remember what year it went into AFib, eventually HBP, then COPD became a factor; arthritis became a regular visitor; but everything had started with my ignored (by the medical community from west to east coasts) Thyroid gland and its overlooked and misdiagnosed status. So along with the care and feeding of my precious girls. . . I soon had to deal with 6 Chronic diseases I never anticipated having to experience.  Covered all this in other posts in more detail, don’t want to belabor it now.  Only showing – how ‘Stuff Changes’. . can creep up gradually, and/or come thundering down collectively

Only pointing out that our best laid plans can and often do, go awry.  I trailed my son here to Ohio after his Ohio born wife couldn’t handle our earthquakes in California.  Of course – – that “Northridge” one was a lulu – – I oughta know, was sittin right atop it.  Lost everything but my beautiful car. . . well, and my  kitty, Ginger – – she hid for a day or two amongst all the rubble, trashed food, dishes, office and living room furniture, Grandfather clock, etc., til she thought it was safe to emerge.  Ginger was also her color, a really gorgeous persian, my buddy. . travelled with me to Ohio by car  (had to fly my wheelchair bound mother) to Ohio, as couldn’t expect her to do well in a 3 or so day drive. My retirement plans were just to tool around with my neglected art-life, get back to painting and have a little geriatric fun here and there;  gypsy me – always up for whatever.  .  ya just never know.  s’ why it’s important to keep up with what’s going on in the body.  How to handle all this sensing and learning needs carry thru. 

Tell the doc about this new whatever, you’ll likely get a new med to buy – – but is that what the body needs/wants?  If your knees are hurting and your legs are needed in your work and life . . might be a good idea to think about arthritis, or inflammation causing the pain and so on.  Unless one is quite intuitive,  gonna need some help to survive and do well.  How will we know what to do? Most inflammation and arthritis and related disease states are brought about from the body becoming overly acidic (too much food ingested, incompatible with what it is seeking/needing for harmony and balance. .  usually excess starchy foods, and big time — too much animal protein.  But how to know?  What to do if not taking my doc’s advice about this medicine?   It’s a learning process.  Each person must decide for him/herself.

The vast majority of us know little about what the body needs.  Our early training is scant or nothing. Many parents cave to kids whims and eating preferences.  If we know little or nothing — how do we teach our kids what is the healthful thing to eat? Furthermore,  foods no longer today is what it was when I was a kid growing up, and each advancing decade brings its own new agricultural changes along with chemical constructs.  Now, our food is anybody’s guess, which means we must be more concerned than ever in our choices. But hey,  those doctors mostly, don’t know anymore about food choice/selection than the patients they treat.  What they are taught and trained to know about is pharmaceuticals – – which drug for which ill or problem.   

Our creator wasn’t mean-spirited.  We were given the plant kingdom,  and the vast array of animals including fish and fowl.  Humanity  believes it has dominion over all – – many cite scripture for proof.  We’re on the planet for a very long time now and in the entire time, there has never been a need for chemicals to balance our physical organisms.  Organic systems and cells of which we are constructed,  need as sustenance – other natural and organic nutrient.  Simple, logical and kinda easy to figure out.  ALSO, we have been blessed that many highly trained professionals have ascertained most all of any kind of data or info we need – – what foods contain and how, why, when and in which combinations  these all have been used most successfully.  Books by the millions!  I happen to have a few hundred myself.  .   .   (but then, I’m a Virgo,  yuk, . .yuk)     But we can’t return to school to study nutrition and health issues – – we have full, busy lives going on.  How can anyone know what books are best or right for me, so that I CAN help myself?    So glad for this question;   as a matter of fact — this takes me to what I wanted to discuss kinda briefly (if that’s possible).  Gonna try for my best recommendation on two different fronts: 

1) Best older standby for ALL OF OUR VARIOUS SYSTEMS, problems encountered, and what foods best serve those needs.  Looking at a BIG tome, 370 pages called “THE DETOX MIRACLE SOURCEBOOK” by a Naturopathic doctor ROBERT MORSE, N.D. I love this book and have “Really” used it – a lot. Has a sub-Title “Raw Foods and Herbs for COMPLETE REGENERATION”  Over the years, countless people have given up medicine which failed them and turned to this doctor directly or to this book for a successful end to their CANCER of any description. s’ Everything!. .How the Body Works,  The Foods We Eat,  The Nature of Disease, Elimination Disease Through Cleansing and Rebuilding Tissue.  There’s all kinds of POWER herbs and formula.  Easy to use, find what you’re after, well laid out Mine is Paperback and the rear cover is printed with a price of $29.95  Might try for a used book store, or borrow from Library to see if you like it. I however shop online mostly for a number of years now (no car- no longer drive – cut my gypsy wings) Often  find better prices online.

2) Newer (to me – just got it last week – it’s Dynamite!) EPI-PALEO RX The Prescription for Disease Reversal and Optimal Health   Dr Jack Kruse, Neurosurgeon  (also a $25.00 book per cover, paperback – thot I ordered Hardcover – which I prefer, but no matter – I LOVE THIS BOOK.   Was and still am a Paleo fan (but with few minor differences – for me).  What this uber Brilliant man has done  simply blows me away. Gives 13 whole chapters to all the various major diseases – what they are, how to fix/deal with them.  Never saw so much info in one place on genital Herpes (tho other book refers to as well – just not like this).  His revelations are stunning! Can’t wait to REALLY  get into the Alzheimer’s part of it -says carbs are lowest for this disease of any of his diets.  You just MUST get the book – can’t go into for you – -but its handling all ones problems through strange techniques and DIET.  Until you do you can see/watch/listen to his (blogs) (?) online and find oodles of Youtube stuff some of them 1 or 2 hours long. He’s very generous in giving out his info on “Biohacking” – Art of Tinkering with our own Biology!. . interviews galore – worth watching and learning . . .  website is  Enjoy,  Jan

January 6, 2019

XLNT Commercials & ramblings

Seen those Chantix ads? 

they’re really good

This  post is just a fun thing– for me,   since I’m kinda out-of-business currently.  Having trouble with my IPhone and my mini-mac.  I screwed them both up trying to solve problems relative to using my phone to take shots and transfer to it my email and then to my blog.  I used to do it all the time.  Stuff changes!  Admittedly, I’m not the same as I was. . I work longer and slower to  accomplish a much smaller amount of stuff than I am accustomed to over the past decade.  Very conscious that I should quit the blog.  I  would miss it so much.  ,  , and I know that.  As long as you dear friends of this blog keep putting up with me and stopping in. . well,  I might just keep limping along.  Hoping for an answer or fix for my problem to arrive soon. Thank you for your continued interest and patience. 

Back to this post, I simply wanted to make a comment about  the recent Chantix Commercials with the actor Ray Liotta.  He does such a good job, so easy, low-key and believable. . well done.  Who enjoys commercials?  My ears are trained to tune them out!  If more of the commercials had been as fine as these  before I started my blog, I might never have started Smokinchoices, for that was the impetus which drove me to put together the technique which had worked so well for me.  Had been quitting  for 20 of the forty years I was a smoker.  – – almost a professional quitter, pathetic. I had spent  lot of money trying to quit.  Everything worked, but I must have been such a hard case, my head needed fixing first.  And its so simple, but head nust get it to go along. Anyway, simply wanted to give credit where its due. . . I kinda enjoy Chantix commercials.  And now they have come out with the TURKEYS (you know – – quitting cold-turkey)   They have really done a top-notch job;  they are simply adorable. Forgive me, I admire quality where ever I find it. 

This has nothing whatever to do with their product, whether it works well or not, or at all.  It’s not my plan – – so I don’t care, don’t need it, nor am  I recommending it.  But I did quit in 1993 – -and have never gone back on my Quit Smoking – FREE plan. I know it works.   Have explained it all, no doubt, as all of you know.  Unfortunately, at least in our country, we have been taught to believe – there’s a pill (something easy-to-do) for every pain or woe.  But more often, what we need is more discretion, discipline and information to do it ourselves.  Of course its not easy. .takes time, energy. But it delivers the results and inner rewards.

It is the same for all our physical woes.  Relieving suffering is a noble pursuit, I applaud it in all its varieties. Until the time when Pharmaceuticals began building the medical schools and setting the agenda as to how medicine should work, the world has always had healers of one description or another. Can’t fix what you don’t know, so that was the first step; then set about to correct it.  There is generally an imbalance within the organism which needs attention.(barring accident or injury).  In USA, we are at a disadvantage; the allopathic medical profession uses PhMA and or surgery.  One is laden with toxins and the other is iffy, not helpful and outrageously expensive. The middle classes which have mostly sunk into the needy category can no longer afford adequate medical intervention.  Considerations such as this have driven me on this blog to seek clear, non-toxic, helpful methods and information in order to enable those who wish to do so – – to help themselves.  Please, help yourself to any and everything on my blog. . this has been done for you. . it is a way of giving back.     Jan



December 31, 2018

New Prez? – in this field? . .uh . .

HOW?  there’s like 20 and growing . .

Every day, the number keeps increasing almost to the point of absurdity!   There is NO QUESTION – we all want everybody to BE and get involved. . . but for heaven’s sake – – not for the “president’s office.”  It takes great masses to run every thing which touches our lives  – –  city, county,  state and all the various factors in and of our lives such as education, and local laws,  etc.    

It is easy to assume that anyone could do a better job than is being done by DON the CON,  so that may be why so many have come forward presently. . . feeling encouraged to enter the fray.  Perhaps, because — trying to step into the shoes of one of the most productive, ethical and well-liked individuals who ever sat in that office. .  .  was gonna be an intimidating effort.   Perhaps, many of our better ‘thinkers’  who could’a done well. . just couldn’t work it out. . . at that time.  SADLY.

In 2016,   there is nothing I wouldn’t have done or tried to do,  to get ELIZABETH WARREN to run for President.  Multitudes felt the same way.  We were set in stone – – couldn’t be budged.  I’d heard and watched other candidates, some really good and even terrific here and there (like Bernie Sanders), . .but I for one was “focused”.  Made my choice.  Nothing missing in her capacity;   energy, intellect, creativity,  ideas, follow-thru – -her heart and mind – an open book – -she was FOR THE PEOPLE and had proved it .  She created the “Consumer Financial Protection Agency”  which kinda shows how her heart works > returning many millions back into the pockets of ‘average folk’.   But as one could expect,  our current president has altered its use to function in reverse –  – BACK TO THE BANKING INDUSTRY.  Have ya noticed?

Well anyway,  Ms Warren chose not to run ‘at this time’. . sorta leaving the door open for down the road.  But look where we are now.  We had friends and allies all over the World.  My God — we were a world LEADER with rightful acclaim,  the top ethical standards ever achieved by a great nation.  Our word was our bond.  Now we are little more than a reflected memory of who we were – – such a short time ago!   We have lost so much. . . it is painful to think about.  We are being done in by a criminal – – by any standards;  our government torn apart  . . with only echoes of it left. 

So now, everybody wants to run for president.  .  including as of this day, Elizabeth Warren.  .  .  she, whom I would have given a kidney to — if she needed one.   She is and remains the same woman with all those stunning attributes.  Not a doubt that she can do the job.  And maybe, SHOULD.    Time has passed.  So much has changed. Noticing this funny taste in my mouth.  Know it means something which I haven’t figured out yet.  . . but at times,  this strange learning-curve of mine emerges.  So, I’ll need some time on that.   

As to what is needed now – – well, it’s certainly not some bloated field of 20 or so  “maybe(s) feeling kinda lucky.  . with a “why not” tucked in there somewhere.  We need “PROVEN,”  bold, gutsy. . “tell-it-like-it-is”,  “not-afraid-of too-damned-much” people who “know themselves” and are willing to lay it all on the line!    Because your friends in ‘Squedunk Falls’ all voted for you doesn’t mean you are ready for Washington or have what it might take!  Just clear out and try to conceive of what it’s gonna take to get the right person in there to UNDO, FIX and REBUILD the whole shebang from the ground up. And whoever it is, is going to have to be tireless, have far greater concern for our ‘people’ than him/herself. And be capable of a voice that carries weight and meaning. . and damned well — gets it done! 

Now is not the time to start arguing and haranguing over which issues are more important than the rest.  We certainly know what people need – – equal rights under the law, the ability to live;   (eat, sleep, become educated,  do-an-honest-days-work for commensurate-pay, love whomever you cotton to, worship who – how and when you choose) and have time to watch the beautiful sunsets if that’s your cup o’ tea.  To be human is to live,  and we must have space and means to do that.  Sometimes, those Party Labels bring in those. . “yes, but not them”,  or “not in that way” . .or  “not on my street”. . “in my part of the city – not here”    Many,  too many forget, we are all human, we ARE related, like it or not.   

If we are going to allow  large numbers to run for president; (even 4 or 5  can be a burden from which to choose) maybe we should devise some kind of “first committee” to whom one connects to become  ‘certified as runnable’  yuk, yuk. Haven’t a clue as to how to do.  Had such a process been there,  – – DON the CON  would have never made it — in the first place.  If ya wanna run the country,  ya gotta know about politics and how it works.  Pretty simple folks! 

We can’t ask our country after all its been thru to gloss over 20 or so candidates and come up with favorable end results. Not going to happen.  We have every right to expect intelligence, sanity and ability from those of whom we must choose. As it happens – that’s no different than picking a mechanic or doctor – – one expects certain “standards” are being met.  Yet, if such an attempt seems worth considering – – it must be done carefully so that any and all Americans have an equal  shot at such an aspiration;  we are after competency for the job, not how high they were on the back-home ladder. 

My new focus became BERNIE SANDERS.  When I was able to “hear” other voices, Bernie was a No-Brainer for me. He had it all.  His age never was a problem (. . like I could talk!), He was as resilient on the road as anyone I’d seen.  He said it all and gave it all.  I wasn’t alone.  This man was amazing;  had doable ideas which made tons of sense to me.  This man WAS gonna fix the absurd economic-disparity.   WORKED FOR ME! He was leading – BIG TIME!.

But then Hillary won  all those marbles, country choice be damned.  Almost gave up politics. Had been anyone-but-Hillary, but ended up voting for her. Sure had a funny taste in mouth then. . might have been bile!  Ah Well.  Hillary is, was a smart and skilled politician.  The heart-brain connection always has a pull of its own that I happen to cotton to.   Bernie had it,  Beta O’Rourke has it. . BIG TIME!  Now if we could have both on the same ticket – my gawd – – would it be unstoppable? it wouldn’t matter much which is prez and which veep. They’d have to like one another tho,  if wanted an Obama-Biden like team that worked so great.   Guess I’m pretty well talked out,  oh,  and  HAPPY NEW YEAR!  

                                   BEST WISHES TO ALL.   .    .      from the heart,     Jan

December 30, 2018

Toxins, Mercury, EPA – new TRUMP rules?

TRUMP Wants New Rules 4 EPA

Seems he’s getting what he said he was going to do when he was elected – trash the old rules @ EPA which had been rigged heavily to  offset chemical damage and permanent harm to the human organism.  His value is always the money, never ethics and/or morality.  The world has struggled so to stave off harm, disease and pollution which is a huge co-factor in the Growth and Profit picture of our mechanized  modern culture.  Corporate is everything. . . the average or little guy – – not so much.  Please read this carefully;  . . .perhaps contact your political representatives on your thinking if you find this as important as I do. 

Bear in mind that the EPA (as well as all other branches of what used to be our government) is almost completely underfunded and staffed by ill-equipt people who know nothing about their so-called departments.  So naturally, S/B a cake/walk to bring any of them down  . . . or pressure them to do or say as they are told. Our country isn’t the same as it was – – we’re gonna have to scramble – big time, to try to rebuild what was .. . then polish it up all pretty and new and fair and just. But of course, that can only follow after we clean up this mess.   Protect yourself with oodles of self-care, love and approval – you come first, you get that?  If not, we are surely lost.    It’s gonna take a whole lot of us with plenty of self-respect and proper concerns to get where we want to be.  We can’t do that in the doldrums  –  –  we need to honor our relevance.  .  be who we actually are!  We can do this.        Jan


Toxic pollution standards save up to 17,000 lives per year, but the EPA wants to change how it measures benefits from these regulations, making them vulnerable to rollbacks.

The Crawford power plant in Chicago, Illinois, was shut down in 2012 due to the costs of the upgrades needed to comply with federal environmental regulations.
 Scott Olson/Getty Images

The Environmental Protection Agency proposed yet another weakening of an Obama-era regulation on Friday, this time targeting toxic chemicals from oil and coal-fired power plants.

The regulation in question, the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS), was established in 2011. It was the first set of federal rules to limit hazardous pollution from coal-burning and oil-burning plants, targeting chemicals like mercury, a neurotoxin that can lead to tremors, respiratory failure, and death. Coal power plants are the biggest emitters of mercury.

According to the EPA’s own projections, these rules save upward of 17,000 lives per year in the United States. The Center for American Progress found that MATS reduced mercury emissions from power plants by 81 percent since going into effect.

However, the energy industry and some states filed lawsuits to block MATS. One suit, Michigan v. EPA, fought its way to the Supreme Court. In 2015, the court ruled 5-4 in favor of Michigan, deciding that the EPA has to weigh the costs to industry of an environmental regulation against the benefits to society.

While the EPA’s latest proposal doesn’t repeal MATS outright, it starts to undermine its legal foundations. The EPA’s reasoning is that the current regulation as it stands is too costly and does not meet the “appropriate and necessary” standard.

The EPA said complying with MATS can cost power producers upward of $9.6 billion per year, but the benefits can only be quantified up to $6 million.

This is a vastly lower tally than what the Obama administration calculated when it issued the rule. They estimated $80 billion in benefits because they included the health side benefits of limiting toxic chemical pollution in addition to reducing the toxic chemicals themselves. This includes things like reducing emissions of particulate matter smaller than 2.5 microns in diameter (PM2.5), which can trigger breathing problems.

“EPA is not saying that it can’t consider PM2.5 co-benefits when it makes regulatory decisions,” said Jeff Holmstead, a former deputy administrator at the EPA under President George W. Bush, in an emailed statement. “They’re just saying that, in this case, where virtually all the benefits are ‘co-benefits’ of reducing a pollutant that is supposed to be regulated under other Clean Air Act programs, we can’t use these co-benefits to justify a regulation that is only supposed to be about hazardous air pollutants.”

By changing the cost-benefit analysis of MATS, the EPA is making it easier to challenge its implementation.

“If finalized, it will leave the mercury reduction requirements vulnerable to rollback or further legal attack, and it puts at risk years of progress to reduce exposure to a known neurotoxin that accumulates in the environment,” said Janet McCabe, who served as the acting assistant administrator for the Office of Air and Radiation at the EPA under Obama, in an emailed statement. “The proposal also sets a very troubling precedent for how the EPA evaluates the impact of policy on public health.”

Friday’s proposal is yet another example of the EPA’s strategy to play up the price tag of environmental regulations and to diminish their benefits. The EPA made similar revisions to its cost-benefit studies to justify undoing rules like the Clean Power Plan, which limits greenhouse gases from power plants, and to freeze fuel economy standards for cars and trucks.

However, the fossil fuel power industry isn’t too enthusiastic about the prospect of undoing these rules. They’ve already spent $18 billion to comply with the Obama-era regulation. In a July letter to the EPA, industry groups asked the EPA “to leave the underlying MATS rule in place and effective.”

Nonetheless, air quality experts and environmental groups are worried. Many utilities have already baked in the costs of complying with these air-pollution restrictions into their electricity rates. Since it can be expensive to operate pollution control equipment, the concern for environmental activists is that a weaker toxic-chemical standard would allow power producers to shut off their scrubbers while still passing the costs on to customers.

The EPA will now take public comments on its proposal for 60 days after it is posted in the Federal Register. However, with the ongoing government shutdown, the Federal Register is not posting any new rules.

December 25, 2018

It’s Christmas. . enjoy

Enjoy Christmas,

world’s woes will keep til next week

This Christmas is unlike any I have ever experienced before.  Of course, I’ve lived so long that most of those I knew and loved are gone now .  . .  my husband, mother,  most of my friends and close others.  (all rooted from my life in California).  Its years since I’ve enjoyed sit-down meals around a family table.  Lived a couple of decades in my apartment; am as pleased with it now as I was when I first choose it.  Its comfortable,  convenient, pretty, functional  – – its ‘home’ and I like it, a lot.   (Still miss Heidi, but better now)

With phones, newspapers, television and of course my blog  “Smokinchoices,”  my world may be larger now than I’ve ever known it to be.  So much going on.  .  tho of course I seldom participate in it physically any more.  STUFF CHANGES I’m prone to say. s’ the way life marches on.  Again,   it mostly comes down to perspective, what we see. . . .   .  the way we view it;  we can try to stay kinda abreast of it or sit back and just watch it go by.  Choices.  If one remains a lover of life, appreciates the beauty and majesty of this magnificent creation. . . the harmony and yes, the discord and diversity – – the sheer magic of it all,  well, there’s quite a buffet to choose from.         

As the people of our planet,  we have so many issues to deal with, not only here on  our continent — but all over the world.  Our allies abroad have been fighting off these discordant currents which have been tearing at them for quite some time now.  Anger, frustration, inequality and lack of trust is everywhere.  All this is a deliberate instigation brought on by those who intend to disrupt everywhere — in order to more easily destroy organized governments in order to take them over.  Sounds too simplistic to be true, but.  .  that’s  kinda the way it works.  There’s no mastermind from space or devil emerged from his burning inferno to knock us senseless.   Its twisted minds filled with greed and power-hungry too, without a tad of compassion, sense of  understanding or fair play and equality.  All ya have to do is take a look at the replica of a human who sits in the White House now.  He has all but tried to destroy everything we’ve built for the good life for all of our history.  Corruption is now almost everywhere.  Every page of any news paper has more egregious tales of unlawful gouging and profit taking  from prisons, to Medicines to CVS, but mostly – corrupt “lifetime politicians” who keep changing the rules to secure their own  profitable position. and Gerrymandering and Citizens United and so on.       

We aren’t going to change anything overnite. It’s gonna  take time and proper legal channels for all the bigger issues.  But we CAN  do a lot- right where we are  in our own abodes.  We can remember who we  and how we want to be and how it feels to love and be trustful of our neighbors — near and far.  Be good neighbors first.  Demand fair treatment for self and others too.  Elevate your vision to the level of appreciation  and expectation of the good to flow once again.  Not just for you and me, but for all of us.  Let us all be more grateful for what we DO HAVE already.    We are all more blessed than we often realize. . . until we really look. . gently.  Then, our capacity for acceptance and peaceful living expands.  And we need that.  All of us need to fully enjoy our lives and to love.

And now we are here on this blessed day.  Let us honor this day, by adding as much joy to it as we know how to do.  It is enough.  And it is good.    I wish all of you a peaceful,  happy as you can be time of cooperation and sharing and loving.   Jan

December 17, 2018

Got Psoriasis? . . rid it

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My PSORIASIS  is done

It’s true,  have covered this a lot,  living with PSORIASIS as I sought a  (non-pharmaceutical, non-toxic or dangerous) solution to my well-being.  It is well  over a year now; but I can finally say – – I’m no longer a slave to the ongoing care of my hands manifesting this disease.  The skin of my hands seems normal now.  They are pretty smooth and look okay.  I no longer must endure the endless washings,  abrasions to remove the daily, scaly growth – multiple times . .  . then following with the application of the only treatment’ preparation I could find which worked;   H-Psoriasis, (drops sparingly applied) as needed – – 2 to 4 times daily in my case.  Didn’t matter that it was too expensive for me (around $60. per 35 ml (tiny) bottle.  Nor the fact that it didn’t cure anything or seem to improve. But had to use as it was only thing which seemed to ease the misery. It was going to be going on forever or as long as I lasted.   IT WAS terrible! Seemed hopeless.  Most people have it on various parts of body  – legs, torso, scalp;  mine was hands and then crawled up to include elbows for some unknown reason.     

This disease appears to be some kind of  mystery which medical science does not understand.  Hadn’t met anyone with answers or true help.  As for me, incapable of ignoring or fixing . . so, guess I just got lucky . . my searching paid off.  I reported at the time about what I had found, but not forcefully as I had no right to hold out that kind of hope until I was sure.  Well,  I’m sure now.  Haven’t had to exfoliate my skin from the itching, bumpy, sand-papery hands in few months now.  Nor have I used the last bottle of H-Psoriasis I bought – still sitting, alone, in the medicine cabinet.   So how did I cope?  What have I been doing?  How have I treated my Psoriasis?  I don’t buy commercial cosmetics – generally make every thing which goes on my skin.  Always on the lookout for something interesting or ‘new’ to me.  I have so many books at this point and often don’t even remember when or where I got most of them or when – – continually finding surprises. 

When I dug into “Prescription for HERBAL HEALING”  by Phyllis A Balch, CNC – that’s when I found her description of Andiroba and what seems to be known about it.  I liked the whole idea and went online to seek and buy.  Sounded exquisite and was being used by rather expensive cosmetic lines as well.  That’s interesting.  But what’s that got to do with Psoriasis?  Well, let me explain:

What I was doing before my fix;

Washing hands (and arms as far as required to cover), rinse, dry then exfoliate all bumps and rough areas.  H-Psoriasis advises being sparing in as few drops as possible.  Allow to sink in and absorb. . perhaps 20″ or so.  Then can use Aloe Vera gel with its healing, soothing properties,  then one’s  choice of oil, etc to help replace the natural oils and moisturize.  It works. But to do 2 to 4 times daily gets old pretty fast.  And there’s not even a chance of healing – – just coping.  In books, different docs advise dietary changes.  Delete some stuff, and/or add others.   Wasn’t impressed.  Its a money-maker going to the doctor’s office.  There’s a lamp and certain meds.  But it, too, is endless and doesn’t heal.  Not for me.

Starting with ANDIROBA OIL; 

For a while,  kept doing the same routine, but I started adding just a few drops of Andiroba oil to my custom  oils I use (make).  One of the items I like especially  is the Vitamin C Serum I make and have shared along the way over the last year of so as I have with almost everything I make for myself.   Made it first for the face care to use after oil cleaning,   > C-Serum,  > Hyaluronic Acid, > a simple moisturizing oil (non-greasy).  Helped the face, so used on hands too. 

I really liked the Andiroba, so started just using it alone and that’s when the changes started.  The roughness began to dwindle, and was soon gone – – no more exfoliating needed.   Then whole process just simplified.  Whenever I needed to – a simple wash and dry,  Add a squirt of Aloe from the frig,  rub in. . add a dab of Andiroba oil onto each hand by upending onto the fleshy part where thumb meets palm and again – rub in.  Easy, quicker than it sounds and done – – end of ‘treatment.’   Within a month or so,  skin was smoother, like I never had a problem.  I am impressed.   

This oil is from Brazil – a huge, tall tree, no contaminated anything there.   I found someone thru e-Bay. . company called  There are many choices online (and prices).   I’m so pissed with Google and Amazon and the way they are controlling everything, that I deliberately go to ebay – -which isn’t as convenient, but I can usually get what I want at a price I can afford.  President Obama was right about Net Neutrality  and its importance – – we’ve REALLY lost control and are being spoon-fed the sources ‘they’ want us to peruse. (Because they’re getting the big bucks for all the business they control now).  I hate it.  Almost broke this damned mini-Mac I use trying to get Safari back instead of Google as my browser. Was forced to go back to Google. 

Anyway, these farmers are humble, simple-looking people, just trying to feed their families.  I liked what I saw so I ordered 8 oz, which came in two 4-oz small bottles.  With about $3.XX in shipping it totalled around $17.XX  Ya can’t beat that. And I love the stuff. Tried ordering more today, but couldn’t figure out how to place an order when I got there so  I  sent an email explaining my desire.   

I want to add this oil to my magnificent BALM which  I make  from grass-fed Tallow of COWS.  This Balm I learned to make from VINTAGE TRADITIONS  online, from whom I used to buy their balm. It was a glorious balm which dates back in history to the beauties of ancient  times before the age of commercial cosmetics.  That was how they treated skin throughout history for health and beauty (because of it’s great utile compatibility).  Their Balm was glorious, not unreasonably high, but kinda costly.  They made the technique for how-to-make it yourself available to their customers . . so of course – I took advantage of it.  Been making it ever since.  Easy to do. Need an organic Butcher shop where they sell grass-fed beef and will sell you the suet therefrom.  Kinda cheap – who buys suet?   My son found such a butcher and picks up 2 to 3 pounds and brings it to me.  I spend hours going thru it and removing every trace of anything not completely white. and discard.  The rest goes into a low oven in a colander set into a larger container whereby the oil can drip slowly drop by drop over some hours into the lower pot;  later cooled down and then thinned slightly with some extra-virgin olive oil- also long treasured for use on skin as beneficial.  But, now, I want to add the Andiroba instead of, or with the OO.  I know I’m gonna love it.   (A pretty small jar makes such a nice gift. .  just sayin’ .  .  ) 

So what have I learned about ANDIROBA OIL which makes it so effective with Psoriasis?


Andiroba is a towering rain forest tree (up to 300 feet) in tropical Brazil, Colombia, and Guyana. Produces flowers and a brown, woody 4-cornered nut 3″ to 4″ across which resembles a chestnut and contains an oil rich kernel.   The oil of the nut, the tree bark, leaves and seed oil are used medicinally. 


Andiroba oil is an anti-inflammatory due to the presence of compounds known as limonoids.  It promotes normal circulation to the skin and relieves pain and swelling.  The Northwest Amazons use the bark and leaves for fever-reducing and worm-inhibiting tea, and externally, as a wash for skin problems. . .ulcers and insect bites and as an insect repellent.  Brazilians use the seed oil as an anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory, while the fruit oil is ingested for coughs.   

Tests have confirmed that the bark is anti-bacterial,  the flowers are anti-tumor, and the heartwood is anti-fungal. Tests performed at the Museum of Medicinal Plants in Macapa, Brazil, in 1993 suggested that Andiroba may have anti-carcinogenic activity.  Gelatin capsules containing the oil have been used for the treatment of internal cancers in Brazil.   Further benefits include:

  • Arthritis and rheumatism.  Hot Andiroba oil is rubbed into the skin to relieve these.
  • Fractures.  Andiroba oil is rich in beneficial  Omega-3 fatty acids which are quickly absorbed through the skin and circulated to the area of the fracture.  There they offset the production of chemicals causing inflammation and restricted circulation which reduces pain.
  • Skin damage from cuts, scrapes and abrasions, gonorrhea, insect bites; and Psoriasis.  Andiroba Oil accelerates healing of skin damage by providing Myristic acid, one of the chemicals building blocks of an enzyme that links together the proteins that form  the skin’s protective outer layer.   In treating Psoriasis, this chemical also signals skin cells when it is time to stop growing, . . which prevents scaling!  One of the fatty acids found in Andiroba oil,  Linolinic acid,  also helps restore a normal life cycle to skin cells.  This chemical  stops the uncontrolled growth of skin cells in Psoriasis, as well as uncontrolled growth of the pigment-producing cells that cause age spots.


Andiroba is used as an oil applied to the skin.  It is also used as a base for anti-wrinkle creams such as Aveda and Oil of Olay.  The fats in the oil transport healing alpha-hydroxy acids and other ingredients as they moisturize and protect the skin.

So this, then is about all I have to say as to why I ventured over to the use of Andiroba oil. . and so glad I did.  Jan

December 12, 2018

( Nutrient stuff – (good to know)

Little useful NUTRIENT Info

This is another selection-choice I DL’d from  That site has so much and is so multi-dimensional ..but you have probably realized that by now. – Won’t belabor it.      Want to be up front regarding my infernal tendency to need to add something to the mix.  Surprised someone hasn’t come along and scolded me over this.. . it’s kind of tacky to mess with someone else’s work.  But I’m not calling the body of work mine. . .just adding my memory-lane stuff or some experience which [to me] seems relevant.  So be advised.    or you can just go thru and  delete all the  BLUE COLORED parts.  so anyway.  .  .   Jan


SPECIAL REPORT: Top 6 Surprisingly Common Nutrients in a Multivitamin that Can Harm or Even Kill You!

It’s surprising that some simple nutrients that people are taking for their health may truly cause harm.

Nutrient #1: Taking calcium alone daily

Most people need between 800-1200 mg of calcium per day and many people heed this advice. The problem is, calcium blocks magnesium absorption, and if you are like most Americans, magnesium deficient, then taking a calcium supplement alone makes this problem worse. Low magnesium levels can cause cardiac arrhythmias, sudden death, migraines, constipation, insomnia, and muscle cramps. So if you take a calcium supplement, either confirm your diet has 400 mg of magnesium daily, or take it with magnesium, ideally a 3:1 or 2:1 calcium: magnesium ratio.  (Or could try for a more natural approach like ingesting  calcium-rich foods in moderation .  .  . like dairy in  aged cheeses, yogurts, kefir and some veggies – check it out.   Food is almost always better than any isolate in a pill form.   Jan)

Nutrient #2: Taking a multivitamin made with alpha tocopherol.

Alpha-tocopherol is one of eight forms of vitamin E, yet it represents only 20% of the vitamin E normally found in food. Delta and gamma tocopherols are other forms of vitamin E and are more beneficial than alpha forms, and alpha tocopherol blocks some delta and gamma activity. Even worse, alpha-tocopherol has been shown to decrease the effectiveness of healthy HDL cholesterol, and in some people increases growth of arterial plaque. Unfortunately, alpha tocopherol is the cheapest form of vitamin E, so it is the most commonly sold. So to correct this problem, simply buy a multivitamin with mixed tocopherols, not one with just alpha-tocopherol.

Nutrient #3:Taking an iron supplement

If you have heavy menses, or are a rapidly growing child, then you may need to take an iron supplement to avoid anemia. However, most people who take iron are not anemic and don’t need the extra iron which will actually make them age faster. Iron is an oxidant and in excess is harmful to your heart (taking too much iron will rust you on the inside).

If you are anemic and need iron, then please avoid forms like iron sulfate that are harsh on your intestinal system; instead, look for protein bound forms, like iron glycinate or an iron chelate.        (Sorry, gotta comment on this one with an aside;  my menses history was “very” difficult from inception.  Was NEVER a scheduled or predictable  thing as with most females.  Pain levels and moodiness nearly flattened me – routinely. .  .  until uterus removed in my 50’s.  Went thru so much,  trying to get pregnant – took 7 years, got a great one, tho.   My hormonal system might have been screwed up before it ever had a chance to develop properly.  Could all that Tomato soup and Chocolate-Chip ice-cream  have altered my gene expression in some way?  There’s no question I inherited XLNT genes. .  . but have had a caseload of hormonal problems starting with thyroid and it spread widely from there.  In Spite of being raised in a medical family, and always having routine care, stuff happens. 

In my forties, lucked out with a world-class healer/chiropractor in a nearby valley where I lived in California.  She was ‘sighted’ and very aware, observing me as I walked forward to her table,  guess she had me pretty well figured out.  Over the next few years as I continued on with her, I was to learn much and be forever enriched.  Had been fortunate to know someone who knew her and put me in touch with her.  Her words, perhaps were as healing as her hands. .  those little tips passed so lovingly from her lips.  .  Jan you need iron – -and she explained why, (which I can no longer recite). . . I mentioned some product I’de heard of – should I try that? Goodness NO, one never takes iron that way — it’s not absorbed and can harm.  Eat some beets every day  .  . but I hate  BEETS!  This wasn’t to be a discussion, it was needed for my health.  One  could boil them, or raw,  grated, julienne them, or make Beet Borscht which I learned to do.  Many ways.   So I did all that and sure enough, I was able to carry on thinking I was some modern day version to those Amazon women I’d heard of – doing anything and everything.   Seriously – did it all, and loved every minute of it.     I took care of all the plants (Magnolia and Fruit trees + ton’s of roses);  Marty mowed and edged.  It was good. It worked.

Times were so different then. We survived on a tight budget;   I loved cooking then as much as now . .but then I made my own clothes, knitted, had hobbies.  Marty taught me how to play bridge and I loved it – so we did that, entertained quite a bit, had dinners and dances.  I had my painting buddies and Marty had his poker buddies.  Wonder if we really knew how good our life was ! ! We had bought our modest 2 bedroom home ($15,275.00 – sold 30 years later for $150,000.) on Marty’s GI Bill – – with nothing down and maybe 2-3 % interest.  Imagine a young “strapped” couple TODAY doing all that.  We were married in 1953, were considered average ‘middle-class’ almost,  but compared to 2018.  .  looks rather well-off which of course is ridiculous. . if you knew how active I was with all this ‘playing around’ with life’s  little needs, duties, wonders, joys and whole lot of reverence. . awesome!

From where I sit now, great masses are workin’ multiple jobs trying’ to cover basic needs, but it’s not enuff — poverty and great need is everywhere!   Healthcare non-existent  Hard to tell which is worse  – death by childbirth or gun violence here in Ohio? And few women have the luxury of ‘staying at home’ for their families  I adjusted to living on less as Marty wanted me to stay at home rather than bring down a paycheck. Life seemed normal, there was choice and opportunity.  Now all has been relegated to engineered politics designed to keep the masses in their place (without choice or enuff money)  while the well-to-do are so much richer now and intend to keep it that way!  You and I (USA) aren’t alone here – it’s the same thing going on abroad with England’s PM May and now, in France as well.  People around the world are fed up with the status quo.   Not too hard to see that this is by design, at the very least it was instigated by design in USA by Trump and his friends in the Kremlin.  Going on much longer in Europe . Hatred, resentment and turmoil lend themselves well to dissolution and decay.  Opposite  qualities of our founding documents of what we stand for here – OR DID.  Can we learn to trust and hope again.  WILL WE?  We can if we WANT IT!

I sure don’t feel like “LESS THAN” nor should I be treated that way.  nor should you or anybody else.  What’s going on with Equality and all our other ethical principles?  [sorry, guess my asides are growing too.)  ah well. . . 

Nutrient #4: Taking Beta Carotene 

There are nearly 300 pigments in fruits and vegetables and one of the primary groups of chemical compounds with color are called carotenoids. One of those carotenoids is beta carotene which has a strong red-orange color. The problem with using beta carotene alone in a supplement is that there are many valuable pigments in our diet, such as lycopene and lutein, and adding one in excess can block the absorption of many others. Because it is cheaper than using a mixed carotenoid form, many manufactures use it in their formulations. Another concern with beta carotene is that smokers convert it into something that causes cancer.

The goal is to take a supplement that provides mixed carotenoids, not just beta carotene itself.

Nutrient #5: Taking Poor Quality Fish oil

High quality fish oil has several health benefits that include:

  • Less risk for heart attack and stroke, especially in people with known cardiovascular disease
  • Improved brain performance and speed, and likely a lower risk for Alzheimer’s disease (firmly believe what’s good 4 Heart is also XLNT for Brain as well.  These are the two hungriest organs we have.  Need huge amounts of NUTRIENT -not meds)
  • Decreased inflammation and improvement in arthritis symptoms (It sure makes my joints feel better!)
  • Decreased risk for auto-immune diseases, such as skin conditions and inflammatory bowel disease

The problem is that most fish sold in the USA is cheap, often loaded with rancid fats (that is why is tastes bad), and I believe that eating rancid fish oil increases inflammation, and can even cause cancer. I recommend you either take fish oil directly from a glass bottle, or if taking capsules, always poke a needle in one capsule from the bottle and taste it to confirm the oil is fresh. It won’t taste like lemonade, it is fish oil, but it should taste pleasant, it shouldn’t taste foul or rancid.

As an example, several studies that have looked at blood levels of fish oil in humans have shown higher levels of EPA and DHA are associated with increased risk with prostate cancer, yet the only study that looked at blood levels and looked at the source of fish oil showed that high quality fish oil decreases prostate cancer risk, it doesn’t increase it. (A study by Torfadottir JE et al, PLoS One 2013 April 17;(8(4) compared fish intake and fish oil intake separately with prostate cancer risk in 2268 men in Iceland. In this study, high qualify fish oil in this study was shown to decrease the risk for prostate cancer (this was a European study that has quality standards for fish oil).

The bottom line is that eating fresh, small-mouth (low mercury), wild fish and taking fish oil are good for our health, but don’t be fooled into taking cheap fish oil that might do you harm. (Best to NOT seek bargain on COD LIVER FISH OIL, get the purest – best J.)

Nutrient #6: Taking Minerals with oxides.

Oxides won’t kill you, but they do upset your stomach and can cause a variety of gastro-intestinal symptoms. When you see magnesium oxide on an ingredient, this means they are using a cheap ingredient. Better would be magnesium citrate. And much better is magnesium that is bound to protein, such as magnesium glycinate, magnesium malate, or a magnesium chelate. (Update:  I use Magnesium L-Threonate, [aka Magtein] because is only one tested able to cross the blood-brain barrier)

Bad Habit #1:

And for good measure, let me throw in a habit that can be harmful to your heart health as well.

The weekend warrior overdoes it.

We need to be more active, and the weekend is often a great time to catch up on chores such as cleaning up the yard. The challenge is when you overdo it for a prolonged period of time, you exhaust yourself and put yourself at risk for heart troubles.

Most people don’t have any idea how fit they are and they try to work out either too easily, or worse, at levels they haven’t achieved for years. Consider taking a simple fitness test outlined in The 30-Day Heart Tune-Up, so you can clarify your optimal workout zone, and save yourself from injury or harm.

Steven Masley, M.D. is a physician, nutritionist, trained chef, & a fellow with the American Heart Association. His passion is empowering people to achieve optimal health through lifestyle changes. Dr. Masley is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of South Florida, and he has published several health books, including The 30-Day Heart Tune-Up, a breakthrough medical program to tune your heart, energy, waistline, and sex life. His work has been featured on Public Television, the Discovery Channel, the Today Show, plus over 250 media interviews. For additional information, visit his website:

December 10, 2018

(OLD) Fix for LIVER woes

A Bit of “Memory Lane” first

Nary a color I don’t like, so kinda hard to pick a favorite;  tho, (I did have my house painted pink inside and out – 65 years ago). Same with food – – I’m so nutsy over the indescribable flavors and possibilities of combinations of tastes and scents, that I almost zone out over food. . . I love it all.   So, ya can’t expect me to accept only one path, one way to do anything;  choices seem endless. And there is so much pleasure in discovery of all the new stuff coming down the path.   Which is not to say that one pushes aside the older, valued, sure, safe,  tried-and-true methods of yesterday.  Maybe its like my quiet passion for pink (a generation or two ago),  s’kinda easy to be comfortable with what ya know. 

This then is offered as a sort of basis for a few items I’ve uncovered in my notes and files. Why do I save them if I’m not going to use them?  Am I just crazy? One truly needn’t justify the sharing of valued material. What has been true over countless centuries – if it had value then – – why not now?  Besides, the new isn’t always better.  Apparently, “First, do no harm”  has been superceded by profits  .  .  haven’t we all heard those TV ads wherein the speaker advises to be alert for the (side-effects) – difficult outcomes as well as any benefit one might hope for. (but that is a whole ‘other discussion, isn’t it?) 

The first post here is one such, saved from 2011 which I found in my download file.  The link is   (http:)  Had a time of it trying  to locate it again, but it’s there.  This site is run by a lady who has a separate blog called QUORA BLOG, – –  I’ve not been to “YET”. .but I plan to. It seems we have a lot in common – – including her need to share.  Her efforts grew out of (I assume) her appreciation for alternative medicine – a natural approach – non-toxic.  Amen.  The last one I was reading before hopping back here was terrific – – on water,  as an  adjunct to those she has done on Alzheimer’s disease.  I swear – it could knock your socks off.  Just go to   It was an eye-opener for me, as I found myself remembering when I was little and I ate the same thing every day in school with the money Mother gave me – Tomato Soup, and Chocolate Chip ice cream.  Imagine, year in, year out!  How ya gonna improve on perfection?  At home, of course, I was expected to eat the veggies or whatever was served.  I’m sure I was quite a handful. . . in so many ways, always on the go. .  . climbing fences, trees,. . horses when I could find one.  Of course, at this other end of the spectrum, one moves around in much different ways. Fun comes in all shapes and sizes.

Below, is the informational, educational site with which I am so enamored;   Has top-of-page link which it bore., but doesn’t work. Hugely rewarding and a great resource for any who seek info and health and the why’s of stuff which happens.  So glad I found it.      I suggest using the link at bottom of the site-page. . it does get you over there.    Jan” AltMedAngel: Alternative Medicine Angel

This is a non-profit site offering educational information and broad based research on various health conditions, medications, supplements and therapies. In addition, this site provides information on how to naturally improve overall health, strengthen the immune system, and slow the aging process. There is a list of physicians who use alternative treatments, a newsletter and book review section, and a product guide.  To access this site: Click on the link above or at the bottom of this page.

Liver and the Cause of Illness

In some foreign countries the liver is deemed so important to health that the groom promises his liver to his bride as opposed to his heart. In fact, in most places outside the US, the liver is considered critically important to good health, and natural liver therapy abounds to maintain this critical organ. Could it be that we might learn a thing or two regarding the relationship between the liver and good health?

The liver is literally the body’s filter. It makes sure that everything we need is absorbed, and everything that we don’t need gets dumped. Just a few of its major jobs are:

Accesses the energy we need from proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

Stores vitamins, minerals, and sugars.

Filters the blood, removing all kinds of harmful substances.

Metabolizes, helps utilize, and eliminates excess hormones.

Creates substances that enhance our immune system (like gamma globulin).

Stores extra blood for emergencies.

Helps maintain our electrolyte and water balance.

Helps us utilize fat-soluble vitamins (like A, D, E, F, and K).

Creates bile, which breaks down fats.

Bile and Your Health

The bile produced by our liver is stored in the gallbladder, then excreted into the intestines to break down fats. At any given moment in the US, it is estimated that 20 million people are suffering from gallstones. A great percentage of these people develop stones due to bile stagnation, a bile that has become too thick, or liver damage from drugs, alcohol, birth control pills, and prescription drugs that cause the bile to become stagnated.

Stagnant bile results in poor skin tone, acne, poor blood clotting, poor vision, an upset antioxidant system in the body, immune dysfunction, and a liver that holds onto toxic chemicals that would normally be cycled out of the body in the bile.

Many of the ancients recognized these facts, and herbs were routinely used to keep the bile running smoothly. They knew that when the bile is stagnant, sadness and disharmony can result. In fact the word “melancholy” comes from the Greek melanos (black) and chole (bile)–or “black bile.”

Ancient Healing

Both Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine relate anger with poor liver and gallbladder function. Someone who is chronically angry would be prescribed liver therapy to open, cleanse, and cool the liver and bile.

Ancient healers held that the liver and bile flow are critical to healthy, normal appetite. When the bile does not flow smoothly, loss of appetite and a bitter taste in the mouth result. Fat-soluble vitamins can not be used in these cases, and immune weakness and dysfunction can result.

The ancients were also convinced that too much or too little bleeding during menstruation was related to poor liver function. It was felt that the liver’s function of storing and releasing blood was interfered with in such cases.

Finally, these healers of the past also felt that the liver “ruled” the tendons and is manifested in the health of our nails. Sore joints and weak, brittle nails were often attributed to poor liver health.

Modern Health Concepts

In today’s drugs-and-surgery approach to health care, the old concepts related to liver health are all but forgotten. In the holistic camp however, the liver is paid close attention. The following is a little quiz to help you judge the health of your liver. If you answer yes to five or more of the following questions, it’s important that you pay more attention to liver health.

1. You suffer from dry, brittle nails and/or chronically painful joints.

2. You have persistent skin problems (especially psoriasis).

3. You have a habitual bitter taste in your mouth.

4. You have constant dry eyes (which are not caused by prescription drugs).

5. You have menstrual problems.

6. You have chronic indigestion when eating fatty foods.

7. You have burning feet.

8. You often have a generalized queazy feeling.

9. Your stools are perpetually light-colored.

10. You have periodic bad dreams or nightmares.

11. You have a history of gallbladder attacks or gallstones.

If the above represents you, it may be time to start rehabilitating your liver and gallbladder.

Natural Liver Therapy

An old-time professor in one of the medical schools used to tell his students not to be telephone poles along a patient’s path toward good health. The story behind this advice is the path from disease to health can be compared to a walk down a sidewalk –blindfolded. Your innate intelligence knows the way and guides you. Your only dangerous obstacles are telephone poles. In some cases, you bang into one more than once as you attempt to proceed toward your goal. Hence the advice, “Don’t be a telephone pole.”

There is a concept of healing called “retracing” that many of today’s medical doctors don’t understand. However, the old-time healers knew that the path to recovery is often in stages, especially for those with long-term chronic illness. When undergoing a true cure, the symptoms and stages of a disease peel off like an onion with the most recent symptoms disappearing first until you get to the core of the problem. Often you must revisit symptoms you have not experienced in years. After returning to fight one last battle with your immune system, these symptoms disappear for good.

Another concept of healing is called the Herxheimer reaction. It occurs when our body is killing and throwing off microbes (bacteria, viruses, yeasts, etc.) in larger amounts than our organs of elimination (kidneys, bowels, etc.) can handle. This phenomenon is a good sign that something is being accomplished in the body. However, the symptoms of this reaction can be quite severe depending on the toxicity. These flu-like symptoms can include rash, aches, pains, fever, diarrhea, constipation, exhaustion, and headache, usually occurring on the last few days of a three week detoxification. So it’s important to plan a liver cleansing to end on a day or days when you can take off work if necessary. Do not take the liver system and its detoxification lightly.

The answer to a Herxheimer reaction is to go slowly. If the dose calls for 9 daily, start with one for a day or two to test the state of your liver. If things go well, build up to the full dose. If you begin to have a reaction, slow down your treatment, whether it be nutrients or whatever, while increasing your body’s ability to throw off toxins and dead microbes. This means more pure water, some fiber to increase bowel function, some light exercise, and plenty of rest.

Liver Detoxification

One of the liver’s hundreds of jobs is to filter toxins from the body and release them via the bowels or kidneys. When the liver becomes overloaded, it can no longer keep the body free from toxins, and we will absorb, reabsorb, and have toxic chemicals circulating in our blood. The effects of this can be so slow and cumulative that we can easily mistake them for poor health or diseases that develop over time.

Nothing can demonstrate the reality of retracing or Herxheimer reaction like a liver detoxification program. Being a self-detoxifying organ, once the liver is encouraged to discharge the stored toxins and cleanse itself, a remarkable thing can happen. Both retracing and Herxheimer can occur. The symptoms or diseases that plague us can become much worse for a short time during the detoxification. And problems and symptoms that we never dreamed could come from the liver will show up and be exaggerated.

The remarkable thing about the retracing phenomenon when it comes to liver detoxification is that some or even most of the “diseases” we have had were not diseases at all. Rather, they were auto-intoxication or self-poisoning from a toxic and congested liver.

Another remarkable thing about discovering that our “diseases” were really caused by toxins is the shock over the folly of treating these diseases and symptoms with drugs and medicines. In fact, in most cases of this type of disease, the treatment with drugs only makes the situation worse by adding more toxins to the mix. If these cannot be released from the body, they too will have to be detoxified at some time in the future. We may need to detoxify our liver two, three, or even four times depending on how toxic it is.

Beets and Other Therapies

The best way to start is with beets, preferably organically grown. Beets and beet tops are the richest source of betaine, a natural liver detoxifier and bile thinner. Use chopped or shredded raw beets combined with a little raw flax oil and lemon juice daily. It’s easy to include whole beets in our diet. They can be baked, roasted, grated raw in salad, or juiced with other vegetables.

To get a jump start, Dr. Bruce West from Health Alert recommends 2-3 AF Betafood tablets per meal for three to nine months. This product is a concentration of the liver detoxifiers and bile thinners from beets. For any of the symptoms associated with sluggish bile, this product can be a miracle. A surgeon friend of his from New Orleans testified that he performs less than 10% of the gallbladder surgeries he once did now that he prescribes AF Betafood.

If you have the type of liver problems related to joint pains, arthritis, and tendon problems, he uses 2-6 Betacol, tablets daily and claims fantastic results. Betacol is a strong liver detoxifier which also contains the Wulzen Factor (the anti-stiffness factor) from cane juice.

Arthritics have a toxic liver and often suffer from constipation. Guanidine resulting from this scenario ends up being stored in the liver. Guanidine is the most alkaline substance known. When it is released into the bloodstream from a toxic and overloaded liver, the end result is calcium deposits in the joints and resultant osteoarthritis.

Betacol helps correct this chain of events. And it can be very powerful. With some folks, when the liver is highly toxic, less than one capsule a day can be tolerated. That is because Betacol is an efficient liver detoxifier, and the body cannot tolerate too many poisons being released from the liver in a short time. If that’s the case, you may want to use half a capsule and slowly work up to 3-6 capsules daily. In addition, try using AF Betafood in conjunction with Betacol to keep the bile thin and facilitate the release of toxins from the liver.

A tablespoon of raw flax oil when combined with AF Betafood and Betacol is often very helpful. In some instances, he uses a tablespoon of flax oil and 6 Livaplex tablets daily (especially with people who have a liver problem manifesting itself in the skin). Livaplex is a combination of the products discussed along with other nutrients. All products except flax oil are produced by Standard Process Labs. (Maybe 10 or more years ago, I bought and used – loved this line;  funny how we forget stuff)

Coffee Enemas

Coffee enemas are one of the therapies that the doctors like to scoff at most. Perhaps they do not remember when coffee enemas were an accepted medical remedy noted in the Merck Manual (the medical standard). Regardless of the ridicule heaped on this procedure, coffee enemas remain a powerful means to detoxify the liver.

In brief, coffee is brewed and cooled. It is then introduced to the lower bowel via a one-quart enema. The fluid is retained for 15 minutes (or as long as possible). The chemistry of the coffee results in its being transmitted directly to the liver, inducing a detoxifying purge. Poisons are dumped into the intestines for elimination with the stools.

Caution should be used with coffee enemas. If you have bowel or heart problems, check with your doctor before using them. For most people a coffee enema daily for ten days, followed by one per week for six weeks provides a good liver purge. As usual, liver therapies can be enhanced when utilized in combination with one another.


Milk thistle (silymarin) extract is the most effective herbal preparation for enhanced liver health. And some practitioners have found that milk thistle seed extract can be very helpful in psoriasis cases. This herb is used extensively in Europe, and provides psoriasis help in about half the cases. When combined with the other therapies discussed, results are superior.

The  HYPERLINK “” liver is a lifesaver but it can also be the source of your problems if you do not treat it well. I hope this information helps guide you toward better health if your liver is indeed the source of your health concerns.


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