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February 20, 2018

A lovely flower grows out of dung

When Power, $ and Greed  RULE

New from Dr Mercola, a truly informative and revealing  peek into how the fates turned everything upside down with a bizaar  court ruling which really pleased my personal ‘sense -of-justice’ in at least one case where an honest medical practitioner tried to speak truth to power while treating and  informing his patients to the highest level of his understanding. .  .  no matter the cost.  This doc is seen in a short video as well as 2 more just as relevant. .  . plus quite fine comments following.    Be informed, .  .  .   and enjoy.        Jan


Natural Medical Doctor’s Hell-on-Earth Experience Ends With Stunning Ruling

It was the ultimate betrayal, insult and even an extreme violation of HIPAA laws. For a medical board to stoop so low was inexcusable – going way beyond yanking all 12 of his medical licenses. He sues the medical board. And you won’t believe what happens next – a real first.


February 18, 2018

BREAD – I’ve been thinking. . .

Let’s bring ‘Bread’ back, ourselves

For some of us – there’s no such thing as retiring, could croak, but not quit.  Recently thought my time was up (as many no doubt noticed – the long spaces between posts). . .but, promise. ..  I’ll relate soonish, want to relate what I think is working for me on a different issue.  This post is not about that.  Instead, once again – it’s about something I dearly love – BREAD. . . Sourdough Bread.  I can’t be the only one who is longingly approving of bread.  But not just any bread.  Gotta be healthy for us;  nourishing and heavenly scented.  And while we’re dreaming, why not HEALING too (helping to repopulate the friendly bacteria in our gut – – which heals, instead of causing so many of our modern day ills as store-bought bread now does?)   

I’m presently awaiting  stone ground whole wheat flour from one online source and a hunk of starter which is from a starter more than 15 years old – – guaranteed to get the job done.  It is originally from a Russian culture and then blended with a Finland culture, then adapted to the environs of several local states in our own country.  I bought this special culture from “Donna’s Live Sourdough Culture” at   Why go this route?   Well, I who am nutso over everything I do in the kitchen, am not really successful getting it done properly using the yeast in the air method to cooperate with me.  Either I did something wrong or didn’t do enough of something,. . . I dunno. When I started on  that fruit diet in September ’17, tossed my starter – had been using, as was disappointed in my efforts.  Threw my Scobies from the Kombucha into my rose garden – they loved it, even some of the roses I thought had died came back and  and reached for life again.  Couldn’t find anyone who was willing to accept my Scoby family.  I am making my KOMBUCHA again,. . . only this time, I created my own Scoby on my own with just the Black Tea and sugar + distilled water and a bit of time.  It was gorgeous and even better than the one I had bought before.  And delicious.   I’m making twice as much now as my son loves it too. One CAN buy good Kombucha in stores, but the law of 2010 limited how commercial Kombucha is made due to the minor liquor content which the carbonating process generates. .  .  .  so homemade is always better and cheaper. 

So if one uses Kombucha,  makes fermented veggies (have put up several recipes – – my own and others over time since 2008), no choice, you’re gonna be healthy.   But for utopia, I want my sourdough bread back. . so I’m gonna have it.   Don’t know how I’ll work it all out, but whatever it takes – – it’ll be worth it.  Let’s remember – BREAD WAS ONCE UPON A TIME  “Healthy Stuff” until commerce decided to make it for us.  Bread was always made with airborne yeast and slow rising (overnite).  They couldn’t do it profitably the way people had always done it (globally), so (baker’s) yeast was developed and used commercially which cut timing down to as little s 40″ for some and a matter of hours for others.   Ingredient changes happened as well.   Even the grains have been altered (genetically modified) and morphed into a product,  becoming harmful instead of healing and nourishing.   People did not know or understand the significance.  Progress may be good for some,   but mostly, the uniformed public is injured.   Allergies, leaky gut syndrome, colon cancer and lots of digestive diseases as well as the loss of one of our favorite foods.  This all happened early last century, but look how our disease level has grown.  Because one thing all love and most still use is bread.   Especially the middle class and those on down in order to keep bellies full.   It’s really only in this last year or two that I have fully realized what has really happened here.  Tho I claim to be an eternal student,  I certainly am not the first to catch on to ‘what is’  .  .  so . . .  do we just say . .’that’s the way it is’ ?   Or can we DO SOMETHING  about it?    Can everybody start breadmaking?  I don’t think they will!. . they could!. . .but they won’t for 1001 reasons.  Still,  why not. .


You know, into groups or clubs. . different sections of people  where we normally gather anyway because we share ‘something,’ or we wouldn’t be gathering in the first place.  It could be discussed . . a sort of bread-baking group done in turns or groups  or even, perhaps some might open up business with slo-baked, natural and (long-forgotten) deliciousness.  Such business still functions abroad, tho not too many of them.  It is more costly first off. . but how much is such a rare blessing worth?  Most of us would pay whatever it takes to get healthful, scrumptious stuff which we actually want.   

We all need this fiber if we would be healthy.  Our satiety levels would improve as well as well as  our joy.  I’m just thinking that there surely can be ways we could share the load burden-wise so that most of us could recapture something which has been taken from us and we didn’t even know it. . .  .  along with the milk issue.  Who knew that “pasteurization”  of bovine milk has made it unsuitable for human consumption  – – look at all those babies who have been ill-served with cow juice; setting up a cascade of allergens and neurological disabilities.  Of course. . . SOY is worse.  It’s a sad thing when a woman can’t nurse or refuses to.  In all my years I’ve never found anywhere to be able to buy old-fashioned RAW MILK just the way the cows gave it long ago.

Well, I certainly don’t have all the answers (I’m sure no ONE individual does), but I’ve managed to find a tidbit of info which is relevant to this subject in the following.   I have a habit of copying info I want to keep or use (one day)  – toss it into ‘Notes’ til needed.  Sorry, I didn’t copy the source and these words were only a part of the whole.  But it’s worth sharing just as it is. . . so I’m sharing.  Found it as my Starter for Sourdough will be here next week and I was scrounging for all the ammo I could find to do it right (if I can).   I’m hoping some or any of you will give this some thought – – why shouldn’t we as people – ordinary, be able to help ourselves retrieve some of what has been lost.   We’re still here, the Earth may be suffering, but she will cooperate if we try.  .  .  just sayin’            Jan

About 95% of the flour used in the USA is white.

Only 20 to 30% of the grains original vitamins are retained.

       Natural leavened bread, because of its inherent beneficial ferments, slowly recreates the population of friendly lactobacillus digestive bacteria in the absorption tract. The end result is a recovery of digestion and proper elimination by the effective action of friendly bacteria. Numerous studies demonstrate that populations with the highest fiber intake have the lowest incidence of colon cancer.

In an article, published in 1984 in East-West Journal, Ronald Kotsch describes why conventionally yeasted bread contributes to disease. “In (conventional) yeast fermentation, the starch cells of the bread actually explode. The patterns they form are identical to those of cancer cells. According to French researcher Jean Claude Vincent, the bio-electrical energy of the dough also is identical to that of cancer cells.”

According to Walter Last, “Undigested gluten from quickly risen bread can seriously weaken the intestinal wall. Its effect on the tiny absorption villi in the small intestine may be compared to the action of sandpaper on wood. Animal experiments have shown that the intestinal absorption villi are long and slender before they come into repeated contact with wheat protein. Afterwards, they become blunt and broad, with a much-reduced ability to absorb. This greatly contributes to the widespread incidence in our society of people with problems of malabsorption and who are missing out on vital nutrients. In such people, not only are the absorption villi blunted, the irritation caused by the sandpaper effect of gluten produces a protective mucus coating over the intestinal wall and this makes it still more difficult for nutrients to pass through the intestinal wall.” 

Thus we find gluten, and especially wheat gluten, implicated in malabsorption diseases, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, cancer, diabetes, and just about every disease under the sun. When things go wrong in our guts we do not receive the nutrition we need. Malnutrition is one of the major factors that lead to disease including cancer.

Since bread and wheat products are such an important part of daily food consumption, it follows that such food items be healthy and wholesome. Today’s milling, refining, bleaching, enriching, and addition of various chemicals to flour and baked breads cause many scientists and medical workers to question their nutritional quality as well as their safety.

Traditionally starters were passed down from generation to generation but if you don’t know someone who has it one can simply mix some flour and water (some suggest starting it with fresh pineapple juice instead of water) and leave it out on the counter for a week or until its bubbling. During this process the natural yeast and bacteria in the air will impregnate the mixture) Sourdoughs are fermented by a variety of lactic acid bacteria, called Lactobacillus, which consume sugar to form carbon dioxide and hydrogen gas. They also produce lactic and acetic acids, which give sourdough breads their distinctive flavor. Traditional sourdoughs do not contain baker’s yeast.

Storage methods for breads that contain no additives are very important to maintain freshness and to avoid spoilage. The staling process begins for regular yeasted bread as soon as the bread is removed from the oven. Sourdough bread on the other hand increases in nutritional value for days. Freezing bread prevents microbial spoilage. Baked bread can be kept frozen for three months without losing flavor. Interestingly, slightly stale bread is more easily digested than fresh bread, up to ten days, after which there is a reversal (Jackel et al., 1952). When I used to make sourdough bread I would make many loafs but would wait two days before freezing any of them to let the natural yeast continue to work in the bread.

Use organic whole wheat stone ground if possible. The toxicity of pesticide residues on food depends on whether organs, including the liver, have the ability to metabolize them and their resulting metabolites (Hayes & Borzelleca, 1982). There is evidence that pesticides also interact with other chemicals and nutrients in the diet (Dubois, 1972). Chronic poisonings have occurred from ingesting aflatoxins from grain due to inappropriate cleaning (Opitz, 1984; Pfander et al., 1985).

There are several advantages to stone-ground wheat flour. The endosperm, bran, and germ remain in their natural, original proportions. Because the stones grind slowly, the wheat germ is not exposed to excessive temperatures. Heat causes the fat from the germ portion to oxidize and become rancid and much of the vitamins to be destroyed (Aubert, 1989). The nutritional importance of using fresh stone-ground grains for bread-making was revealed in the results of feeding studies in Germany (Bernasek, 1970). Rats were fed diets consisting of 50% flour or bread. Group 1 consumed fresh stone-ground flour. Group 2 was fed bread made with this flour. Group 3 consumed the same flour as group 1 but after 15 days of storage. Group 4 was fed bread made with the flour fed to group 3. A fifth group consumed white flour. After four generations, only the rats fed fresh stone-ground flour and those fed the bread made with it maintained their fertility. The rats in groups 3 to 5 had become infertile. Four generations for rats is believed to be equivalent to one hundred years in humans.

February 12, 2018

HBP, Lower it Naturally?

Would I waste your time, if it couldn’t?

Following is a fun packed video with Dr John Bergman on a very serious subject – –  ALL ABOUT BLOOD PRESSURE.  This man speaks a truth I know and is part of how I’ve lived.   

25 years ago Doctors had me on HBP meds as mandatory if I had any intention of helping to raise my 2 granddaughters. . . or I would for sure “Stroke Out.”  Terrifying thought, so  I acquiesced.  I had only gone to him as I was in a new state (to me) and was hoping to finally find a good doc to give me thyroid meds which I had been trying to accomplish since my early twenties (then in my early sixties).   I resisted as was my wont since Mother had been on 18 daily meds in her last decade.  .  .  and I privately thought all that medicine did her in. I took no meds of any kind. . .  maybe Advil with a headache.   

My diet was pretty clean other than my passion for chocolate and anything dairy.   Never got Thyroid meds from any doc as my ‘numbers’ had always been within normal limits;  every  doctor I had spoken to never ‘heard’ or responded to my list of complaints (which it turns out were fairly classic).  So forty years of neglect turned my underactive gland into overactive somehow. . and then toxic and needed to come out. . . (mid 60’s).  Refused removal,  accepted almost two years of radiation therapy – – hated it, but wasn’t willing to give up my body parts. .(praying and rooting for my precious gland the whole time).  Somehow, it wouldn’t die. . was very resilient – and I was pleased.  With the internet, found I could just buy my own iodine and my gland and I have been truckin’ along Okay.  As any fool can see,  I’m a terrible, opinionated patient – – wouldn’t wish me on any doctor.  Well, if I would have come across someone like Dr Bergman here, or any of a number of doctors who have been highlighted here at ‘smokinchoices”. . life could have been better. 

As to the blood pressure meds, Medicine could never ‘control’ my blood pressure and prescribed still an additional one which I refused and shortly thereafter quit seeing doctors completely.  Had been a cardio patient for a decade, so that meant I had to get serious and grow a bigger knowledge base if I were to survive.  Arthritis, Serious AFib,  HBP, COPD and there’s the Alzheimer’s thing along with the thyroid gland.    Heart and brain were my largest concerns.  I have learned what is good for one is also excellent for the other.   Both huge energy demands (hungry organs).  I would check my BP daily, became a juicer – not much I wasn’t willing to do.  . .  .  books, internet, lotta effort to try and get it right. My efforts led to a protocol which seemed to work for me.  I relaxed into it as I saw I was doing okay.  Months would go by and I checked BP less and less.  No longer worried.  Now, almost never do.  Glad to hear Dr. Bergman discuss that the way he did.   I loved this video so much, his demeanor, attitude. . brilliant logic of what is. . just hoping the beauty and truth of it gets thru to those of you with concerns over this issue.  Hearing and watching this is WORTH your time.  Jan 




Do we have a ‘shot at health?


 Once again, a reference to Adam Abraham,  the PHAELOSOPHER , who rarely wastes time going on about anything  –  he sees life’s complexities in such simple  terms and weaves them together in ways which help others connect the dots.    Just read an article from him on the above  relative to a subject close to all our hearts – – disease as it relates to our health.  Won’t say it made me happy but sure gave me ‘more’ to think about.  This man is so deep, complex and compelling . . thinks in ways most of us don’t.  He uses words to describe the fabric of an issue while leaving us to define its conclusion. 

Some years ago I had done a post citing him as he discussed his ideas on Psoriasis which frankly I had forgotten about til readers recently found it. . . and so I went back to see it.  It is “PSORIASIS, non-toxic fix”  (6-13-12).          Wish I had remembered it earlier – – still having the problem, but will explain in future post.  What I thought I had chased away was only it’s introduction to me.  What a cursed, cruel  condition this is.                 Jan  .Jan

January 19, 2018

Obama, an ‘Early’ talk on his roots


Young Obama explaining his “roots”

Living through this past and now current year with distrust, disgust and even disparaging grief with the side-show in Washington and being helpless to ignore it as the unrecognizable GOP stands by, allowing and enabling almost all that we the people of America has built and paid for – – to be wasted, cut and eliminated – – through cowardly, myopic self-interest rather than doing their job of serving the needs of ALL THE PEOPLE and defending our beloved country – – and it’s laws and foundations;   one can become disheartened. 

When my son suggested I catch David Letterman (beard and all) having President Obama as his guest on Netflix recently, I was simply overjoyed to see his calm, smiling demeanor engaged in frank, open discussion for an hour which so uplifted me.  It reminded me how simple, good and normal life used to be.  And how much was accomplished. . including the improved economic landscape – having inherited many discouraging problems.  How the laws and regulations had been improved for the safety and benefit of all in our land.  So many firsts President Obama had brought to us or improved upon.  Leading by example.  Protecting individual rights and freedoms.

Today, I stumbled onto the following video of a much younger version of  Obama delivering a presentation wherein he discusses issues and elements of his growth process of figuring out his mixed-race status, relevance and learning how to live with it.  Was poignant.  Tho he doesn’t say,  it must have been painful.   These were written about in his book regarding ‘Dreams of his Father’ who wasn’t present in his life.  Beautiful dialog on blackness, awareness and coming to terms.  I so loved it,  hope you like it too.                 Jan

January 17, 2018

Reclaim USA, nix Gerrymandering


This affects us all as it distorts voting before we do it

The following is from “Common Cause” who serves the ‘common good’ in all they do, was excited because something like this has never happened before.  A federal court has stricken down Gerrymandering as being unconstitutional.  This occured in North Carolina and is blissful to all of us who are fed-up to the gills with this awful, partisan technique.  Much work ahead, but there is every reason to hope – that we just might have a chance at justice working for us again.     

This has been a mystery to me since I first learned how widespread,  dangerous and evil it is . . almost defeating the purpose of voting – – it’s rigged to go one way,  the way the ‘in’ party wants it,  as it is in Ohio.  This state is so rigged – entirely GOP, legislature,  and from the Governor on down.  Everything coming off the books reflects this harsh Republican bias even tho the state has a largely Democratic  (underpaid) population.  Many  just don’t fight it anymore as it seems useless.  Much bragging about how forward thinking Ohio is and how good it is for business, etc.,.  But wages aren’t keeping up, the educational system hasn’t been one of equality  – – discriminating and falling short over decades.  Has been many lawsuits over it.  The charade of Charter schools has been costly and a total failure.   And ECOT is done for all those reasons.

Health care standards here are flat out bad, uncaring and  has an inordinately high loss of infant lives with a very high number not making it a year.  It’s not exactly ‘stone-age’ rule — but nothing to be proud of.  Our Opiod death rate is off the charts – we are ranked as one of the worst states for this. When ya look,  no need to wonder why .  .  .  .     .

Reflection on the lack of attention to the needs of the people (ethnicity, education, blatant incarcerations and it’s endless cycle,  ultra-limited health care facilities [especially for women’s health and the loss of accessible ‘choice’ issues].    When our underclasses are disrespected  – – kinda like we do with factory cattle, and have  little or no education, clustered badly in neighborhoods with inadequate markets to even get food at fair prices and quality . . . well, there is little chance for “a normal life” as many would call it. People aren’t being  seen as worthy of training, education or equipt for that normal life – –  so other elements enter;   life is dangerous; too many die young, wasted and slain.  Drugs are one of those problems, gangs  – – we all need someone.  No mystery there,  but little has changed over the years — how could it?  With substandard living conditions;  limited, poor educational  facilities to possibly inspire drive and lack of jobs for unskilled aspirants. 

But, all is not lost in Ohio.  One of our two Senators is Sherrod Brown, a Dem, and an Icon.  Across the nation, the Democratic party is ‘fired up” and ready to go.  Any republican running against Sherrod, (no matter how rich he is, or his devious  money),  nor the fact that  the buffoon in the White House is pushing him to run against Sherrod Brown, will be able to quell the hunger people are feeling here for some honest, American justice based on  fairness, equality – – a fair shot for the working class.  The rich have already been made so much richer while the underbelly is chafed raw and bleeding now. 

We have a great slate of such desirable candidates for our upcoming Governor’s race. . . I’m literally torn to choose between Cordray (whom I adore and respect) and Dennis Kucinich I have beaten the drum for for years.  Some think he’s a bit weird, but I was all in for Bernie Sanders and still am.  What can I say?  Kucinich is an unabashed progressive and America is gonna need a huge dose of that if we are ever going to gain back some of which the thief in the White House has stolen away from us.  Really liked a woman too,but she withdrew and cast her support behind Cordray. I don’t blame her,  but I was seriously considering her as my choice among the women (who are all quite good and experienced with much to offer.)  Glad I needn’t choose now. . still have a few months to consider.

So if we can get a Dem Governor and a 2nd Senator, Ohio will have a better shot at unravelling the crippling GERRYMANDERING which rules all in our state.  Our Republican AG, Mike DeWine who is also running for Governor, wouldn’t even join the multitude of other AG’s who were trying to fight to protect Net Neutrality – – so typical of the rigidity of the GOP lock on everything here. First we have to pay attention – be aware,   then we have to VOTE . . if we would have a chance for change. 

Now for the article this post is about – the good news.   Started a week ago, but haven’t been able to get back to, sorry. I sent a minor contribution, just to show I care and if it matters to any of you who anguish for state improvement due to Gerrymandering damage and limitations, ya might dig around for a spare buck or two also.  They obviously are gonna need some help to get the job done. Thanx     Jan


Common Cause v. Rucho lawsuit


I couldn’t be more excited to share this news with you — just moments ago we saw a MAJOR win in our Common Cause v. Rucho lawsuit;    A federal court sided with us entirely, striking down the state’s blatantly gerrymandered congressional map as unconstitutional.1

This is a MAJOR step towards ending partisan gerrymandering — not just in North Carolina, but nationwide. And it couldn’t have happened without the support of Common Cause Members like you.

Now, with the North Carolina legislature promising to appeal this case, we must be prepared to argue this case before the Supreme Court — and win there too.

This could be the moment we’ve been waiting for to end partisan gerrymandering for good and ensure Fair Maps for all voters. We have decisive evidence of the North Carolina GOP’s ill intent — Republican state lawmakers are on the record that they drew congressional districts for partisan advantage. We have the legal talent and policy expertise to litigate this case before the Supreme Court. And we have the grassroots political power we’ll need to seize on this opportunity to enact lasting, nonpartisan solutions that ensure fair redistricting in all 50 states.

Now, we’ve demonstrated that the Constitution is on our side, but this fight is far from over, and we must be ready for what comes next. Arguing and winning Common Cause v. Rucho before the Supreme Court will take a MASSIVE infusion of resources, and we can’t afford to wait a single moment.

That’s why I’m asking you to pitch in to our Common Cause v. Rucho Emergency Fund right now, and help us end gerrymandering for good.

Voters should be able to choose their politicians, not the other way around. But unfortunately, that is exactly what partisan gerrymandering does — letting politicians pick their voters by drawing legislative districts to benefit themselves, and box out the competition.

Frankly, today’s decision is the closest we’ve come yet to ending this shameful practice for good. I can’t remember a more decisive legal win in the fight for fair redistricting than this one. The court’s ruling backs up every single one of our constitutional claims across the board. And more importantly, this decision is the first time courts have struck down Congressional maps as unconstitutional partisan gerrymandering — which we can use to fight gerrymanders in all 50 states.

That’s why I’m asking the Common Cause team to put everything we have behind fighting and winning this potentially landmark legal battle. I hope you’ll agree — the stakes are too high to do anything less.

Please make your contribution to our Common Cause v. Rucho Emergency Fund today — and help us ensure that fair representation is the law of the land.

This is a major step forward in an ongoing battle — and we’ll be sure to keep you updated as this case develops.

Thank you for your immediate response.

Karen Hobert Flynn, President

and the team at Common Cause

P.S. Help spread the word about this big win against gerrymandering by watching and sharing our video about the case.


January 9, 2018

All ya need 2 Know re: STEVIA

About Sugar, Sweetness and Joy

I don’t keep sugar in my abode – don’t use it – for years.  Had to purchase a bag to make KOMBUCHA, along with a ton of black organic tea.  I love Kombucha.  The process in Kombucha is amazing;  the sugar doesn’t enter our body to hurt us as the bacteria devours the sugar during its process of making this bacterial fermented health-generating drink my family love. (I had quit all that during the ‘Fruit thing’ I tried).  But am once again, back to making K, so had to buy sugar again.  But I don’t knowingly ingest sugar.   If I needed “sweet” for my tea, I used to use honey . .  .  hi mineral, and safe, forgivable  calories.  (Have done a post on How I make Kombucha. . “Tried Kombucha? well, ya should (7-12-17).

Tried Stevia, but  had never found anything I could live with that was both kinda sweet, was natural – with no chemicals or fillers.  Had bought a few brands of  Stevia powder and tried to make my own “Stevia”  The ‘How-tos” mostly differ in their approach, felt kinda lost. Nothing worked as I had hoped.   Eventually, was finally blessed with satisfaction in trying – one more time, a Stevia, 4 oz  for about $15.00 from  The company offered much info in the way of written documentation  showing how and why.   It is great and I was and remain happy with it.   I use less than 1/4 tsp – maybe a tad more than 1/8th tsp  to a BIG cup of tea.   !/4 tsp was way too sweet for my taste.  It does what I wanted, is organic.  Problem solved.   Found this spectacular article by Dr Josh Axe last year and loved it.  Where had he been when I needed all this info?  But because he left no stone unturned, I downloaded  it.   Came across it recently and vowed to post it, because, I surely can’t be the only one who could use a lotta help in this choice. 

Bet ya didn’t know it can lower HBP,   help to improve quite a few other things.  This has been a medicinal herb used for centuries in parts of the world.  But you can read all about it from Dr Axe’s article which follows.  My download didn’t pick up all the lovely  illustrations he displayed, but you maybe could find it still on his site which would be worth the effort if you want to give it a go. 

This is not life changing stuff, but if one has a certain hankering or sense of sweetness desire, now and then- – this can add a bit of JOY. . totally guilt-free as it’s also health promoting.   Jan

DR AXE – – The LOW-DOWN  on S T E V I A

The stevia plant has been used for more than 1,500 years by the Guaraní people of Brazil and Paraguay, who refer to stevia as ka’a he’ê, which means “sweet herb.” These native South Americans love using this non-caloric natural sweetener in their yerba mate tea, as medicine and as a sweet treat. (1) In these South American countries, stevia has also been used specifically as a traditional medicine for burns, stomach problems, colic and even as a form of contraception. So if it’s such a sweet treat, are there stevia side effects that may make it bad for you?

Stevia extract is typically about 200 times sweeter than sugar. When it comes to using stevia, you only need a tiny bit at a time to sweeten your morning tea or next batch of healthy baked goods. So stevia side effects are typically not common, especially if you choose the right stevia product.

FREE Guide: Click Here For Your Quick Guide To Stevia

I’ve been fielding a lot of questions about stevia lately and have seen several articles and other sources online claiming that there may be some negative stevia side effects. Isn’t stevia an herb? And aren’t herbs supposed to be good for us? If so, then why all the fuss? I’m going to answer all of your questions in this article and lay out for you both the good and the bad about how stevia side effects affect your health.

What Is Stevia Really?

There are approximately 200-plus species of stevia that grow in South America. What is stevia? It’s an herbal plant that belongs to the Asteraceaefamily so it’s related to ragweed, chrysanthemums and marigoldsStevia rebaudiana is the most prized variety of stevia.

In 1931, chemists M. Bridel and R. Lavielle isolated the two glycosides that make stevia leaves sweet: stevioside and rebaudioside. Stevioside is sweet but also has a bitter aftertaste that many complain about when using stevia, while rebaudioside is better tasting, sweet and less bitter.

Most raw and less processed stevia products contain both sweeteners, whereas most highly processed forms of stevia, like Truvia, only contain the rebaudioside, the sweetest part of the stevia leaf. Rebiana or rebaudioside A is is generally recognized as safe by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is used as an artificial sweetener in foods and beverages. (2) This is not a form of stevia I recommend.

As you’re about to see in the research, using the whole stevia leaf that also contains stevioside has some great health benefits, but using certain brands of stevia that have been processed and added to is not a good or health-promoting option.

Is Stevia Safe? Are There Stevia Side Effects?

Most people do well with stevia, but listen to your body because stevia is an herb and everyone’s body may react differently to it. The benefits and possible stevia side effects really depend upon what stevia you choose to consume.

Highly refined varieties of stevia are considered by the FDA to be generally recognized as safe. Since highly processed stevia starts as a natural substance but gets so significantly refined, the FDA finds it hard to label stevia products like Truvia. It labels highly processed types of stevia as novel sweeteners. Novel sweeteners are combinations of various types of sweeteners. (3)

The FDA has not approved whole-leaf stevia or crude stevia extracts as GRAS, although they’re much more natural than the stevia products it’s given its stamp of approval. With whole-leaf and crude extracts, benefits are greater and negative stevia side effects are less likely.

When it comes to the stevia options available today, it’s vital to know that not all stevia is created equal. You should be aware of the three main categories of stevia, including green leaf stevia, stevia extracts and altered stevia (like Truvia).

Green leaf stevia is the least processed of the stevia types. The leaves are basically just dried and ground into powder form. This is the type of stevia that’s been used in South America and Japan for centuries as a natural sweetener and health remedy. This type of stevia is about 30–40 times sweeter than sugar.

Some brands that make stevia extracts extract the sweeter and less bitter part of the stevia leaf (rebaudioside), which doesn’t have the health benefits found in stevioside. This type of stevia may be a better option than other regular sweeteners, but there aren’t many studies available yet showing its effects.

The worst option is altered and overly processed “stevia” like Truvia. It’s really not stevia at all by time a product like Truvia goes through a 42-step process to make this processed sweetener. First, the rebaudioside is extracted from the stevia leaf, and then chemical solvents are added, including acetonitrile, which is toxic to the liver and is a carcinogen. Then the producers add in a GMO corn derivative called erythritol. (4) Truvia or rebaudioside stevia products are about 200 to 400 times sweeter than sugar. (5)

Negative Stevia Side Effects

This point cannot be stressed enough: Not all stevia products are created equal. There is a HUGE difference between consuming real stevia and chemically processed stevia products like Truvia.

Truvia only contains less than 1 percent stevia. (6) Yes, you read that correctly — LESS THAN 1 PERCENT! Truvia is really barely a stevia product, but people unfortunately believe that this sweetener is natural and harmless. If you avoid Truvia and choose the right stevia product, then dangerous stevia side effects are basically nonexistent — unless, of course, you have a ragweed allergy (more on that later).

A 1999 study indicates stevia decreases the fertility of male animal subjects. The amount of stevia is not specified, but it was administered for 60 days. The concern is that stevia extracts could affect hormones because its glycosides have a similar structure to plant hormones like gibberellin. (7) But many herbs, including ginkgo biloba, also have this natural component,  and if consumed in moderation, it’s a non-issue. Follow-up studies have also found that stevia has no effect on hormones.

5 Health Benefits of Stevia

Regarding the good stuff, we have found that there are several studies (477 stevia studies as of this writing to be exact, and that number is ever-increasing) evaluating stevia’s ability to be used as a natural remedy. There are medicinal properties in the plant itself that lend to its incredible healing and disease-fighting effects.

1. Anticancer Abilities

In 2012, Nutrition and Cancer highlighted a groundbreaking study that, for the first time ever, connected stevia consumption to breast cancer reduction. It was observed that stevioside enhances cancer apoptosis (cell death) and decreases certain stress pathways in the body that contribute to cancer growth. (8)

The journal Food Chemistry published a study out of Croatia showing that when stevia is added to natural colon cancer killing mixtures, such as blackberry leaf, antioxidant levels soar. (9) Together, these studies show stevia’s potential as a natural cancer treatment.

2. Sweet News for Diabetics

Using stevia instead of white sugar can be extremely helpful to diabetics who need to avoid conventional sugar as much as possible on a diabetic diet plan. But they also shouldn’t have artificial chemical sweeteners. Human and animal studies have demonstrated that artificial sweeteners can raise your blood sugar levels even more than if you consumed the real stuff (table sugar). (10) Now that should make you think twice before picking up that next diet soda.

Enter stevia. An article published in Journal of Dietary Supplements evaluated how stevia affects diabetic rats. It was discovered that rats treated with 250 and 500 milligrams every day “significantly” reduced fasting blood sugar levels and balanced insulin resistance, triglycerides and alkaline phosphatase, which is raised in cancer patients. (11)

Another study of human female and male subjects found that having stevia before a meal reduced post-meal blood glucose and insulin levels. These effects appear to be independent of reductions in caloric intake. This research demonstrates how stevia can possibly assist with glucose regulation. (12)

3. Helps Weight Loss

Consuming added sugars has been shown to contribute an average of 16 percent of the total calories in the American diet. (13) This high sugar intake has been linked to weight gain and adverse effects on blood sugar, two things that can have serious negative impacts on health.

Stevia is a plant-based, zero-calorie sweetener. If you choose to replace health-hazardous table sugar with a high-quality stevia extract and use it in moderation, it helps you decrease not only your overall daily sugar intake, but also your caloric intake. By keeping your sugar and calorie intake in a healthy range, you can help fend off obesity as well as many health problems linked with obesity, like diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

4. Improves Cholesterol Levels

Results of a 2009 study showed that stevia extract had “positive and encouraging effects” on overall cholesterol profiles. It’s important to note that researchers also found that there were no adverse stevia side effects on the health status of the subjects involved in this stevia study. Researchers concluded that stevia extract effectively decreases elevated serum cholesterol levels, including triglycerides and LDL (“bad cholesterol”) ,while increasing good HDL cholesterol. (14) You could say stevia results in the best of both worlds when it comes to cholesterol numbers.

5. Lowers High Blood Pressure

“Available research is promising for the use of stevia in hypertension,” says Catherine Ulbricht, senior pharmacist at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and co-founder of Natural Standard Research Collaboration, which reviews scientific evidence on herbs and supplements. Ulbricht said Natural Standard gave stevia a “grade B for efficacy” in reducing blood pressure. (15)

Certain glycosides in stevia extract have been found to dilate blood vessels and increase sodium excretion, two things that are very helpful to keeping blood pressure at a healthy level. Evaluation of two long-term studies (one and two years in length, respectively) gives hope that stevia may be effective in lowering blood pressure in hypertensive patients. However, data from shorter studies (one to three months) did not support these findings. (16)

Types of Stevia

1. Green Leaf Stevia

  • Least processed of all types of stevia
  • Unique because most natural sweeteners contain calories and sugar (like honey), but green leaf stevia has no calories or sugar
  • Used in Japan and South America for centuries as a natural sweetener and health remedy
  • Tastes sweet, slightly bitter and isn’t quite as potent as most stevia products
  • 30–40 times sweeter than sugar
  • Has been shown to benefit blood sugar levels, cancer, cholesterol, high blood pressure and weight loss
  • Best option, but still should be used in moderation

2. Stevia Extracts 

  • Most brands extract the sweeter and less bitter part of the stevia leaf (rebaudioside), which doesn’t have the health benefits found in stevioside
  • No calories or sugar
  • Tastes sweeter than green leaf stevia
  • About 200 times sweeter than sugar

3. Altered/Barely Stevia-Like Truvia

  • Extensive processing and added ingredients make the end product barely stevia at all
  • Contains GMO ingredients
  • No calories or sugar
  • Truvia or rebaudioside stevia products are about 200–400 times sweeter than sugar
  • Avoid, worst option
  • Side effects like gastrointestinal problems



Organic Stevia vs. Non-Organic Stevia

Organic Stevia

  • Made from organically grown stevia
  • Typically non-GMO
  • No glycemic impact
  • Gluten-free

Unfortunately, even some organic stevia contains fillers. Some aren’t truly pure stevia so you always have to read labels if you’re looking for a 100 percent stevia product. For example, one brand of organic stevia is actually a blend of organic stevia and organic blue agave inulin. Agave inulin is a highly processed fiber derivative from the blue agave plant. While this filler is not as concerning as a GMO ingredient, it’s still a filler.

Non-Organic Stevia

  • Biggest difference: It does not have to be made from organically grown stevia
  • Also tends to be non-GMO unless it’s a highly processed stevia
  • No glycemic impact
  • Typically gluten-free

Stevia Leaf Powder vs. Stevia Leaf Liquid Extracts

  • Products vary, but in general, stevia leaf extracts are 200–300 times sweeter than table sugar
  • Powder and liquid stevia extracts are much sweeter than crude stevia leaves or green herbal stevia powder that are anywhere from 10–40 times sweeter than table sugar
  • Whole-leaf stevia or crude stevia extracts aren’t FDA-approved
  • Liquid stevia can contain alcohol so look for alcohol-free versions
  • Liquid stevia extracts now come in flavors like vanilla and hazelnut
  • You can get stevia leaf extract in convenient packet form
  • Some powdered stevia products contain inulin fiber, which is a naturally occurring plant fiber

Stevia vs. Sugar vs. Splenda


  • Zero calories and zero grams of sugar
  • Depending on what you brand you pick, can be very minimally processed from its original leaf state
  • No common adverse stevia side effects
  • Can purchase the pure dried leaves online and grind them up using a spice grinder (or mortar and pestle)
  • Straight stevia leaves are only 30–40 times sweeter than sugar vs. 200 times using stevia extract


  • One teaspoon of a typical table sugar contains 16 calories and 4.2 grams of sugar (17)
  • Typical table sugar is highly processed compared to its original state as sugar cane
  • Overconsumption of sugar can also lead to the dangerous buildup of fat on the inside that we can’t see
  • This fat around vital organs can cause serious disease in the future, like weight gain, diabetes, heart disease and some cancers (18)

Sucralose (Splenda) 

  • Although derived from sugar, more specifically sucralose, the chemical structure has been significantly changed
  • Highly processed
  • Originally was going to be a pesticide
  • Zero calories and zero grams sugar per serving
  • 600 times sweeter than sugar (19)
  • Is heat-stable, meaning that it doesn’t break down when cooked or baked
  • Used in many diet foods and drinks, chewing gum, frozen dairy desserts, fruit juices, and gelatin
  • Many common negative side effects, including migraines, dizziness, intestinal cramping, rashes, acne, headaches, bloating, chest pain, tinnitus, gum bleeding and more

Best Place to Find and How to Use Stevia

You can find a good stevia option at your local health store or online. Make sure to buy stevia without additives and one that has been less processed. I recommend green stevia as the best option.

If you want to try green stevia powder, I recommend Organic Traditions. Another good brand of stevia that tastes great and you can find it pretty much any health food store is SweetLeaf® stevia. SweetLeaf® has zero calories, zero carbs, a non-glycemic response and no artificial sweeteners.

You can also buy ground stevia leaf online, and a huge bag lasts a long time. You can buy whole dried leaves as well and ground them yourself. If you purchase products already sweetened with stevia, make sure “whole leaf stevia” is on the ingredient label.

You can use stevia powder or liquid stevia extract in place of sugar in your coffee or tea. You can also use it in baking recipes or any other recipe that recommends sugar. It’s important to realize that a little bit of stevia goes SUCH a long way. You need so much less stevia in comparison to sugar. Conversions vary depending on your specific stevia product.

Helpful general conversions using a stevia product are as follows: (20)

  • 1 teaspoon sugar = 1/2 packet or 1/8 teaspoon powdered stevia = 5 drops liquid
  • 1 tablespoon sugar = 1.5 packets or 1/3 teaspoon powdered stevia = 15 drops liquid stevia
  • 1 cup of sugar = 24 packets or 2 tablespoons powdered stevia = 2 teaspoons liquid stevia

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for caramelization in a dessert, stevia does not brown like regular sugar.

Stevia Side Effects and Precautions

Stevia safety is generally good, but if you have a ragweed allergy then it’s highly possible that you could have an allergic reaction to stevia and products that contain stevia. Signs of an oral allergic reaction include swelling and itching of the lips, mouth, tongue and throat; hives; abdominal pain; nausea; vomiting; and a tingling sensation in the mouth and throat. Discontinue use if this occurs, and seek medical attention if symptoms are serious.

Some people find that stevia can have a metallic aftertaste. No general stevia contraindications or adverse reactions have been identified. If you’re pregnant or breast-feeding, stevia safety information is unfortunately lacking. You can check with your doctor, but it’s probably best you avoid stevia, especially since whole stevia leaves have traditionally been used as contraceptives.

In general, seek medical advice before using stevia if you have an ongoing medical conditions or take other medications.

Final Thoughts on Stevia and Stevia Side Effects

Using stevia in place of white sugar means getting rid of one of the primary dietary causes of chronic and deadly health problems like diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer.

As more companies use stevia or some synthetic version of it in their products, you’re probably going to hear more negative press about it. this is especially true for products that are marketed as natural when they truthfully only contain less than a percent of stevia. It’s pretty unbelievable what companies can get away with. You just have to make sure that you choose a good brand that includes no harmful fillers, use it only in small amounts and listen to your body. 

January 4, 2018

CT Scan notation, not to worry

Benign mucus plugging

Dr Roach does a fine job of allaying the fears of this querent with what I am sure is sound advice per medical standards.  Tho I have no “Hot New thing” to offer on the subject,   I do have a different springboard from which I evaluate and draw conclusions – following. Jan

Dr. Keith Roach: Should ‘benign mucus plugging’ prompt pulmonologist visit?

DEAR DR. ROACH: I had a CT scan in July as part of my follow-up care for grade 1 chondrosarcoma. My scans were good, showing no cancer issues; however, one item that was noted said, “scattered areas of benign mucus plugging.” This was the first time that particular issue had been noted. My orthopedic oncologist did not mention this at all, and the only reason that I have taken note of it is because another member of the chondrosarcoma support group I belong to mentioned that she had them noted on her scan, and asked if other people had seen it as well.

I contacted my primary care physician to ask what it means, and she said that the note saying they were benign indicates that there isn’t anything necessarily to worry about, but said she could refer me to a pulmonologist if I would like a referral. I really don’t want to have any additional specialist visits if there is no need, but I still don’t understand what it means. I tried to look it up online, but it was mostly referring to people with asthma, cystic fibrosis and COPD. I do not have any of those conditions. I quit smoking in 1987. My question really is if I should ask for a referral to a pulmonologist, or if this is something that can be ignored. I am a retired 65-year-old woman in good health, and I exercise on a recumbent bike and treadmill almost every day for at least an hour. I have not noticed any breathing difficulties while I am exercising. — T.M.H.

ANSWER: The lining of the lung is protected by cells producing mucus, and cilia (small, hairlike projections on the cells lining the airways) continuously clear the mucus. Occasionally the mucus gets too thick, and literally can plug a small airway. This can be removed with a forceful cough.

Mucus plugs certainly can be found in people with no lung problems. I think they probably have nothing to do with the chondrosarcoma, a malignant tumor of cartilage (usually on a bone), which can spread to the lung (the CT scan is to look for tumor). It’s possible you have some distant residual damage from smoking years ago or that you have asthma that is so mild you haven’t noticed it. However, since you are able to exercise without problems (congratulations on keeping so active), I agree with your primary care doctor that further evaluation probably is unnecessary.

My thoughts on the matter: 

So what’s the mucus doing there in the first place?  Is this considered the norm to have mucus hanging out – anywhere? 

What’s causing the mucus?

Mucus is not a healthy passtime for the body to have to be dealing with as it handles all  it’s regular functions. What it is, is the body’s attempt to protect itself as it defends against the intruder of an unwelcome (and unneeded) food we Americans (as well as many foreign cousins) are prone to do.   I speak of Dairy in any of it glorious, delicious and tantalizing forms.  Among our classification as animals, humans are the only form to continue ingesting MILK after weaning  from mommy’s breast.  [Count  me among those who love/crave  dairy].  Milk in all it’s beautiful forms. . cheeses, ice creams,  cheesecake, sour cream, yogurts,  (pizza and grilled cheese sandwiches  – anything with cheese in it will do).  So Good!  We can’t help ourselves – – but why worry?. . it’s so good for us!  Seems all say Dairy is healthy and we need it.  Doctors even prescribe Calcium meds to be taken to insure against fractures, but ‘that’ doesn’t work out so well. They say Dairy is our rich source of calcium.  But other, larger animals  with huge, healthy bones get their calcium [all they need] — from the grasses, JUST  LIKE  WE SHOULD BE DOING!  How much is conjecture?  Where’s the truth?  What to do?  Who to believe?

Well, let’s take a look at what doctors, investigators and some natural healing paths have found.  (Have an enviable collection of books so it won’t be too hard to isolate a few concepts from them for the purpose of thinking about milk),. kinda off-the-cuff, throw at you, if you’re interested.     My thought – from the top — Dairy (MILK), is a major allergen and deterrent to health in many different ways.  And it has been shone that ‘that’ which we deeply crave and cave to are in fact the very things we’re probably allergic to.  . . so yeah, I really get that! But we’re not a slave to our taste buds/cravings. . we have a mind which is broader, deeper and more powerful than a taste bud.  In knowing that, we are able to choose dependable, good health over a momentary ‘want’. . . it IS up to us. (Says the smoker who was a non-smoker 20 of the forty years of trying to quit).  I’m not judging – have no room to, but I’m just sayin’ .  .      .      .

We start young (innocently), cuz it’s just what people do

Cow’s milk is not the same as human milk. Both serve the same purpose obviously, but the baby receiving the two forms are radically different. Cow’s milk is much higher in PROTEIN (4 X), and minerals (6 X), and fats (not Omega 3’s), to enable the calf to grow to 300 – 500 pounds in a year. Cows have a much greater enzyme capacity to digest and handle it’s milk. . . but is a burden to the human form which has way less, and type to use, and that only until age 2 to 4,  while presumably nursing.  Therefore, cow’s milk cause babies to suffer digestive problems and mucus congestion in the sinus cavities, lungs, brain and ears.  Many types of allergies are created from excessive congestion that started with cow milk conception.  Sadly, many babies are not being nursed by mommy, but fed cows milk and other synthetic formula – often 20 X more concentrated than cow’s milk.   After age 3 or 4, kids lose the enzymes that digest milk, especially lactase, which breaks down the lactose — the main sugar in milk. (Nature’s programming – we should be weaned by then.) Thereafter, lacking the proper enzymatic function to break down milk, we get an increased mucus production;  which is highly irritating to  the GI tract — which causes even more mucus.   This mucus mixed with starch can cause a heavy mucoid plaque to build up on the intestinal walls (impacted fecal matter in the bowels).  (Famed John Wayne we’re told had 50#’s in his bowels when he died.) Such impactions cause inflammation, pocketing (diverticulum), and tissue weakness in the intestinal wall. This leads to bowel restrictions, ulcerations lesions and cancers.   

Adults cannot digest milk at all and develop deeper congestive problems as  they get older.  Cow’s milk is low in Essential Fatty Acids which are vital to humans  in the production of systemic cholesterol, steroids, brain and nerve tissue, etc.  Raw cow’s milk is for skeletal/muscle growth,   whereas human milk feeds brain and nerve growth.     

Culled from years of grappling with this issue, I’ve had to conclude that milk causes phlegm, sinus activity, headache, mucus in all kinds of places it shouldn’t be;   leads to tumors both benign and cancerous anywhere it finds a comfy spot. Ingesting Dairy subjects us to all or any of this.  It’s a crap-shoot – will it get me or can I get away with it?    Ya pays your money and ya take your shot.  Choose.


December 31, 2017

Medicine @ loss on bones ?

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Stop the ‘B.S.’  . . address the need     

(article on these so-called findings follow)

Bashing our  vitamin/mineral usage is such a devious, worthless activity.  When will ‘science workers’ stop selling their souls to BIG PhaRMA?  There will always be armies of scientists, underpaid ‘physicians’ not yet established, chemists and so on who will attest to the uselessness of taking  vitamins and minerals to “get healthy” or prevent sickness and injury.  It’s a given.   We live in a commercial world  and everybody has to make a living.  But when it comes to our health,  facts, not hype or the power and force of BIG PhaRMA can change that.  It is clear, however, that while medicine is loaded with criticism for easy stuff like supplemental nourishment to help our cause for better health;  they have little substantial advice for what one ‘should do.’   Interesting. .   Still, their focus is on disease,  not health and what is needed to BE healthy in order to NOT be sick.

It is helpful  however, to be aware of guidelines and requirements which are used within those parameters which alter/affect so-called differences or results.  This can be anything from using insufficient quantity of dosage, or even quality of source . .  to account for the benefit sought.  These things can and DO HAPPEN.  I too, am very picky and continue to believe that the best source of nutrient is derived from the wholesome foods we ingest – – always!  100% of the time.  There isn’t a laboratory-produced synthetic vitamin which can come close to actual natural produce . . .repleat as it always is with it’s innate components.  Natural foodstuff grown in teeming, vital soil, alive with bacteria and earthworms, etc.,  .  .  our cooperative universe at work!  This not only  “works for me” but any who do likewise.  Glorious, healthy food (the way it always was before Monsanto, etal.)  IS recognised by our body as nutrient – – is accepted and utilized.   Whereas synthetic, lab-made ‘anything’ is not recognized nor utilized in the same way and requires far more work for the  body in having  to digest, convert and utilize it.     s’ how it works.  (so synthetic  –  not good for us and makes body  work overtime!)

Based on all the variables, one must wonder about the info “we weren’t given” . . how much? what kind?  where did it come from? Was the Calcium and D culled from natural sources the body can absorb  or a lab construct which is burdensome?      Think about it. 

 Trying to  explain what I see, think and do. . . and how it’s all so simple, natural and easy. . . and why it is that most of us don’t KNOW these simple truths anymore.   Our instinctive/intuitive nature had forever led us where we needed to be and doing what needed to be done along the path of our evolution.  If we forgot, we could ask our medicine man, shaman or doctor (of any ilk) who would remind us and set us right.  We can’t do that anymore!  The medical profession is into bigger, more important (expensive) stuff.  And the answer these days is almost always “etiology unknown”  –  we don’t have the answer. (Isn’t it amazing how much all those years of training – – doesn’t provide?)  So, we have  “We don’t know why your bones are thinning and brittle but they’re mostly calcium, so here’s a prescription for your Calcium needs.”   It seems these days splicing genes or developing new vaccines  is where most of the attention is focused.   Well it’s  profitable; whereas nutritional training isn’t part of med school or even relevant to their minds. . comparatively speaking.

As to why so many of us can’t think our way to logical answers;   we aren’t accustomed to that kind of help from our trusted doctors in this century.  If our parents aren’t knowledgeable about these things, and/or it isn’t learned in our school system — how would anybody know or understand the relevance of dietary needs and nutritional importance?    So,  when forced by misery or pain, the medical visit resolution is generally some prescription (toxin) which may or may not bring relief along with the usual side effects for control of symptoms,  or, perhaps surgery for removal of malfunctioning organs, etc.,  Not what hoped for,. . .can refuse of course. . but who’s gonna argue with a well trained, knowledgeable physician?   Another point, an ethical one to be sure  (however, it WAS once unlawful some decades ago to advertise medicines on television – – it was unethical to do so as this was the domain of doctors to prescribe for their patients).    So I consider this to be a MAJOR INFLUENCE in creating acceptability (automatic reflex) for usage of PhRMA for any and all stuff.  And this is what we have now – – medical promptings 24-7. I remember “Plop, plop, fizz, fizz. oh, what a relief it is”  for Alka-seltzer.  It may have been the first one.  See how it sticks in the head? Ya can’t tell me it doesn’t work.  It’s little more than “BrainWashing”    So one gets PhRMA or surgery. . . . little else. We’re on our own.  We’re led to believe we need ‘pills’. . so not true!

Most still believe Government’s job is to protect the citizenry and maintain law and order, ya know – keep our ship afloat.  From Poppy Bush through Obama our nation saw BIG AG balloon into the monster it is now with Monsanto,  etal., taking over how stuff is done from seeds to final crop of our food supply (with no end in sight).   Mind you, this was totally accomplished without our permission  – – the citizens who LOUDLY protested every inch of the way.  We lost;  most are eating GMO, like it or not.  We lost out on our demand for labelling as well.  So it’s a matter of FORCE and keep us STUPID  as well.   Our middle and underclasses can’t afford Organic (natural food,  [which ARE/MUST be labelled],  grown in healthy soil the old fashioned way)  Instead, we have farmed fish,  inhumanely treated cattle we shouldn’t be eating because they’re sick we eat them, . . and genetically modified plant food – – as much as 100%.  THERE WAS NEVER ANY PROOF THAT GMO’s ARE SAFE  Just hype and a lot of richer politicians.   But wealthy folk don’t eat GMO’s – just the underclasses who have no choice to do otherwise.  This inferior food is grown in sterile soil – because of the chemicals used. .heavily sprayed with insecticides, and other pollutants.  There’s no minerals to get out of sterile soil.  . . which leaves our masses under nourished.  Thus we have a sickened population.  But wait – – there’s more!  We have inoculations from the cradle to the grave – some mandatory.  Between infant and childhood vaccinations  and flu shots, we’re destroying God’s greatest gift to us – our magic, built-in immune system which would protect us, but is being immobilized from the first infant  shot.   Noticed all our sick kids – they don’t have a chance at a fair shot at health.

So, we’re being made sick and our docs aren’t seeming to help us too much.     I have covered all this over and over for about ten years hoping for a change for the better, but it’s not happening, especially now with our country as it is and health care availability more dire each day.    So, the fact that I believe the AMA, BIG PhRMA  and BIG AG should be harnessed is really kinda irrelevant . . am little more than some mutt out there – baying at the moon.    .  .  .  .  but I keep being another voice of protest and just do what I can, which is telling it like I see it  and hope that others will pick up on the fact that I’m not special or different (maybe a little odd), but I have found that our lives CAN be simplified;  it’s not that hard,  just takes simple interest,  deep caring for our own health and realizing that it’s  all in our own hands . . and everything starts with us. 

We must care for ourselves with love and compassion (not judgement), putting ourselves first in all things.  Without limit. This is powerful. .  . especially when one accepts that anything is possible.  We have no condition within ourselves that can’t be made whole made better or healed.  When one resonates to this understanding. .the same kind of ‘desire’, or urges will also lead us to the full knowledge and awareness which will allow us to carry it all out.  We discover ‘what works for us individually’.    It is doable.  And it’s done every day.  There is not just one way, ya do what works best for you.  But, help is everywhere.

The Natural Life 

Our amazing species was magically designed to work well. . automatically, didn’t come with a book of instructions [on purpose], so it wasn’t needed.  As Earth beings, we ate earth’s natural foods.  We nursed our offspring for as long as other’s milk was needed, then we were done with it.  Just the natural thing to do.   s’ the way mammals do it – all of us.  We ate plants, berries and animals when we were diligent in our securing.  Like most animals, we are clannish. . stick together.  Through all of the millenia, it has worked. (skipping over warring tribes, migrations, similarities and differences)    Natural trial and error developed the “lore” of how to live, what to eat, what worked – what didn’t.  Stuff worked.   Evolved.  Formal groupings, educational changes.  Still we go on surviving.  Until 20th Century. 

Unnatural changes that don’t serve us well began as economic development, territorial disputes and ethical motivations wrought the struggle for control and power. . which is not the same as survival needs of clannishness.  Great growth in chemical,  mechanical and engineering  productivity – – impressive as they are, brought much change in ‘society’ 

Much of life can be seen in the contrasts;  wet/moist,  mammoth/miniscule,  rich/poor,  misery/joy,  idle/productive, and chemically – acid/alkali (base).  Healthwise, our body can be seen in all of these, . . even, or especially the last one – – acid/base.  Stomach must be acid to breakdown it’s food. .tho different foods require differing acids (where food combining comes in).  The mouth is happy in base which is why  harsh antiseptic (acidic) mouthwashes are harmful, hurting  natural oral flora- – therefore the teeth . . {all covered often in smokinchoices).  When our body manifests most any of the ‘chronic illnesses’ of modern life. . one generally finds the body has become too acid.  We haven’t maintained a proper balance which allows health to flourish.  So much of the ‘knowing’ evident in our origins, seems to have been lost in the shuffle somehow.  And there is enough blame to go everywhere and anywhere — but that isn’t the point at the moment. Have referenced it for the purpose of “why.”  But what to do rests with us individually. 

Buy a book or two, do some research, trust someone with a track record for actually doing something that works.  And I’m no expert at all, but I do have 5 or 6 chronic diseases that I have managed for some years now w/o OTC or PhRMA.  Saw a doc this year just to have a blood test to verify I’m on a fairly good track. Numbers were amazingly good – Doc couldn’t fault my efforts, but still preferred me to see a cardiologist again (but had done that for a decade – hated the meds and expense and associated worry), but of course, I declined.  I know my heart is working too hard which is why it grew so large 20 years ago from being beaten up by my thyroid gland which medicine insisted should be removed.  I’ve lost my tonsils and uterus, I prefer to keep the rest of what I have. 

A pet peeve I confess that I have is certain people (friends) who dialogue to my face that I don’t have Alzheimer’s disease – they know what an Alzheimer’s person is like and I’m not one of them. So sure of themselves.  My heritage (both parents) bespeaks my probable prognosis and my own, and family awareness, of what I’ve been thru reveals the truth. I am aware of  my loss in function, focus and capacity to do. Each post I do,  I’m reminding myself that I should pack it in.  But it’s all tied up in my desire, purpose and joy.  And so, I keep at it. .  .  one more time. .  .  yeah, it takes longer and I work harder at it now, but still gives me pleasure. . FYI  

Back to the Calcium and D 

It isn’t inconsistent for me to be concerned about this article which denies the usefulness of vitamins taken with Calcium in treating the bones. As a HEART  patient living with a magnificently noble heart going way beyond the call of duty, just know – whatever is good for my heart – I’M DOIN’ without a doubt – it is number one.  I have found whatever is good for the heart is great for the brain also.  So I can attest to the veracity of both vitamin D3  and Calcium for so many reasons, not the least of which Calcium is one of the four magical electrolytes along with Potassium, Magnesium and Salt whose balance must be maintained  for our body to complete the countless and complicated functions to keep everything humming.  Many people have been warned to be careful with salt and consequently go low-salt thinking to protect themselves, but can wind up with major cardiac complications.  We actually need about a teaspoon of salt daily to keep in harmony.   


 SALT: is especially involved with heart, nerve, muscle and fluid balance in body; too much >fluid retention, too little> weakness and dehydration.
POTASSIUM:  has dominion over the relaxation response, deals w/nerve  transmission, muscle relaxation and electrolyte balance. . protecting against fluid retention.  Works closely with Magnesium.  Too much >acidity, weakness, and palpitations.  Too low: HBP, abnormal heart beats, sweets cravings and High pulse rates. Need a LOT  of veggies to get enuff ( I take a Wheat Grass Powder daily in water to get enuff into me, even tho I’m a veggie lover.   
MAGNESIUM:  is the major  electrolyte in the Heart. Controls the relaxation phase of the beating heart and muscles.  This is a “natural” Calcium Channel Blocker.  Too much > can lead to laxative effect.   (an aside, again – I was housebound, tied to toilet five years as docs kept demanding I take more and  more Magnesium  for my heart which they couldn’t seem to get control of.  Terrible time.  I could have died from starvation with such prolonged starvation.  Just want to say,  it matters what kind of Magnesium ya take.  Eventually I discovered L-Threonate (more expensive, but so much better),- it crosses the blood-brain barrier, digests better and doesn’t have that laxative effect. I hate taking pills, so I try to get the powder and use about 1/2 to 3/4 tsp twice a day in water or a shake with other stuff.)  Too little: Arrhythmias, rapid beats,  stiff arteries, HBP, angina,  Mitral valve prolapse,  overactive stress hormone.  Most Magnesiums are absorbed by about 20%.  Also, low stomach acid can add to this problem.     

CALCIUM:  Controls the contraction part of the heart beat:  acts as a bandaid to heal arteries.   Too uch 



The article discusses Calcium in the bones and is denying any measurable benefit to ingesting Vit D to enable or assure superior function.  When medicine prescribes Vitamin D, it is D2  This does not work as well as D3 (but med won’t pay for it, just D2 – so buy your own – it’s better- more effective).  Since Calcium is vital to the well-functioning heart;  is a mandatory need and is enabled in absorption over 20  times by Vit D (along with sufficient Vit K2 to prevent soft-tissue damage)  This is important to know as Calcium must be absorbed in more acid environment,  so if there are digestive problems – ya can’t absorb it.  (ACV in bit of water B4 meals or eating could help).  Big concept here – (no simple no or not effective will cut it)  We need Calcium. Need D.  Need K2. Need Vit C 

As an aside, some beautiful, very special (and favorite) actresses have done commercials on TV for some Calcium product their doc gives them to insure that they go on having great health and not have to worry about breaking their lovely bones.  Unfortunately, that isn’t true.  Countless women have been breaking bones, not only in the leg, hip area, but also the jaw seems suddenly vulnerable too. Heartbreaking.  I’m not alone in this thinking – – theres David Wolfe, ,  . . Dr McDougall . . I have never taken calcium tablets, and I’ve been falling all my active life.  Don’t know why.  Uncle (doc) said I had weak ankles.  umm. . maybe, . .  .  don’t think so – – how would I know?  Took a terrible fall down a really big embankment in my early  80’s. . landed on my front side – – sore as hell all over. One leg was awful looking –, doc said bruising would never go away. Nothing broke.  Had been backing up to clear a door as it opened so I could enter the car. Family thot I was a goner. Bruising went away! Just lucky?   Maybe.  Good Bones.  Elephants and cows and other big framed animals grow those huge bony bodies just eating grasses. 

If one eats good, wholesome natural foods – nothing concocted for you in a box, bag or can or fried in a fast food whatever, you can also enjoy good health.   Oh, I’ve eaten my share of burgers and french fries – liked them as much as anyone.   Remember being a  kid in school and having tomato soup and chocolate Ice Cream for lunch every day in the cafeteria.  How do ya improve on perfection?  If I had been a tad smarter then, I might not have incurred 5 – 6 major chronic conditions to deal with now.  Stuff adds up.  But I’m doin’ ok not complaining. 

Calcium is not a problem – – plenty in dairy and vegetables.  Getting enuff isn’t the biggie.  What one doesn’t want is soft-tissue damage, so be sure your digestion works well.  In cases of calcium buildup as soft tissue damage, ya don’t need calcium  channel blockers, – ya NEED  K2 (have a deficiency), along with the Vit D3. . the bones and heart and arteries. 

Vitamin C and I have had run-ins.  Started when I began making Liposomal Encapsulated Vitamin C in really high doses. Nothing wrong with that if it doesn’t go on for too long. (i.e. fighting a cancer or some infection).  My hair started to fall out and thin with every brush or combful.  Not a good thing.  Not a clue to what caused it.  But eventually did,  so I quit it.  (The Natural Vitamin C is quite costly and I couldn’t swing it in those dosages.)  Checked the Naked Chemist – restudied all and found ways to reinvigorate my hair (Zinc, Vit A and Biotin).   Stopped the thinning.    But now only take tiny amounts of L-Ascorbic Acid (which science insists is Vit C) plus Goji Powder, or Rose Hips or other natural (entire complex of true vitamin C) Natural form – never  problem, but ascorbic acid is a lab construct.  Am still taking Lipo Glutathione for the Alzheimer’s daily – about my #1 for this. . just sayin’  For C, take as Natural as can afford to.  .  .  we need it every day. 

Following is the article I mentioned about this new study which I find galling. While it is a well done piece from the LA Times, I almost didn’t put  it up as they bombard us with so much advertising while trying to read the article.  Please try not to succumb to any of these ads that flash everywhere, for you may find your computer hacked or hijacked into idleness until you agree to pay someone to fix it. If ya ever experienced that – you certainly don’t want it again.

The 2nd piece is below that on another recent study showing how what we eat (ingest) matters – – also a research-based product with some legs and feet to it.                  .enjoy,  Jan

— Do you take calcium and vitamin D to prevent bone fractures? A new study says it doesn’t help.


Kale and other leafy vegetables may make your brain seem 11 years younger

December 20, 2017

The study was published in the journal Neurology.

After almost five years, regular consumers of such veggies as kale, spinach, collard greens and lettuce enjoyed a mental edge that was the equivalent of 11 years in age.

To be sure, the top tier of leafy-vegetable consumers started with cognitive scores that were slightly higher than those in the bottom tier. That’s probably a testament to the power of lifelong eating patterns.

But over five years, the pattern of mental aging differed markedly in these two groups. Study participants who ate an average of roughly 1.3 servings of leafy greens a day experienced a decline in test performance that was about half as steep as that of participants whose daily consumption was near-zero.

Those stark differences were evident even after the researchers took account of a host of factors that are known to affect mental aging, including age, gender, education, exercise, participation in cognitive activities, smoking and consumption of seafood and alcohol.

Let’s say you and your neighbor are both 75 and similar in most every way: You both completed the same amount of school, take regular walks together, don’t smoke, and gather with friends over an occasional beer.

But while you enjoy a little more than a bowl of greens every day, your pal barely touches the stuff.

This long-running study would predict that at 75, your memory and thinking skills are a notch stronger than your neighbor’s. Over the next five years, hers will decline twice as fast as yours.

By the time you’re both 80, a battery of exercises that test several types of memory, as well as the speed and flexibility of your thinking, may show that your mental age is typical of a 75-year-old’s. Meanwhile, your neighbor’s performance on the same cognitive tests may look more like that of an 86-year-old.

“It’s almost unbelievable,” said Martha Morris, the senior author of the study who studies nutrition and brain health at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. “Eating these leafy greens was independently associated with slower cognitive decline. That tells you this single food group contains so many nutrients it could be brain-protective.”

Morris and her colleagues identified a small cluster of specific nutrients that appear to offer anti-aging benefits. The leafy greens that participants were asked about are generally rich in vitamin E, folic acid, vitamin K1, lutein and beta-carotene. While inconsistent, research has suggested that some or all of these nutrients may play some role in protecting the brain against inflammation, the accumulation of toxic proteins such as beta-amyloid, and neuronal damage and death.

For lifelong avoiders of leafy greens, the study doesn’t show that a late-life conversion to kale salads and spinach shakes will keep dementia at bay. But Morris said she thinks about nutrition the same way she thinks about exercise.

“You do get immediate benefits from eating healthy foods and exercising,” she said. ”And you get long-term benefits.”

Dr. Lon Schneider, a specialist in dementia at USC’s Keck School of Medicine, says the new study offers important insights into which nutrients in the Mediterranean diet help support health in aging. But it also underscores the complexity of dementia and cognitive aging — and the absence of a “silver bullet” to counter them.

“Dementia is a complex illness, as so many chronic illnesses are,” Schneider said. “It’s clearly not caused by one thing, and surely its onset and severity are not caused by one thing. This shows the environment is really important. Diet matters.”



December 26, 2017

Going to Canada over US (now)

We may be bruised, broken, bleeding – –

but not Dead

 For so long, America has been the destination of choice for those around the world seeking opportunity and a better way of life.  Of course,  that’s still true, but it’s CANADA now, not the United States which welcomes them with open arms, opportunity with an accessible path to fulfill their dreams.  It was never a cake walk. . . it took time, access, paperwork, patience and much effort, but it was worth it.  And so it has been.    But this is no longer the case. 

USA has been turned upside down and inside out; ripping apart at the seams of all that we held dear and deeply valued.   Our institutions (sacred to most of us) and governmental departments which were in charge of assuring that our national wheels ran smoothly and safely to the benefit of the entire nation from top to bottom so  that equality and justice prevailed in every possible venue – – have all but closed down, been left unmanned, disabled or defunct.  Regulations have been thrown out as intrusive and a blight on industry.     Truth, honor and decency is no longer used or honored in Washington.  Hatred, bigotry and lies have become the new normal for those trapped in the maze and must try to survive – – but to what end?   The GOP today isn’t what it has always been – it’s gutless core  has been hollowed out as they try to appease the mad man/child and fall in step with the raping of America as they set up an eternal death-trap of debt. . . for the purpose of increasing the wealth of the obscenely greedy and permanently impoverishing the under classes to a life of need.   This is just a few of the topmost evident changes we’ve gone thru;  . . other, deeper relevancies  are cruel injustices, slurs, hateful bigotries, baseless laws, rules of travel in or out of our country, discriminatory judgements and of course- the denying of medical care to our masses.  Immigration remains in turmoil. . fluctuating with the rise and fall of erratic  behavior on Pennsylvania Avenue. 

It may seem like we are in our death throes, but I don’t – can’t accept that!     It’s true, the truant in the White House has seemed to dismantle all just as he planned to do. . the way others have done as they overthrew unsuspecting countries.  It remains difficult to understand just how he has gotten away with it so long.  This is the most untrustworthy individual imaginable who deals only in lies and imaginings.     So yes, he has hurt us badly, we bleed, but not dead.  Our allies and friends have been forced away by the chasms this truant has wrought.  The GOP controlling all in government has allowed this to be and sustain and grow.  Even if they hate it – they have condonned it and are a party to it all including this raping of America. I fear it is the end of a once glorious party who will never again have the power of the vote.  Shame alone should see to that.        We have been a great nation because of who we are and the wonderful people who have come here to round us out and enrich us.  What has happened in this year has changed all this making us so difficult and confusing  and “unattractive.”     

The following is a link to a story from Tracey Lien of the LOS ANGELES TIMES recently run.  It describes why people are now flocking to Canada instead of here;   what’s in it for the lucky immigrants and what Canada is doing about it and rising to the task.  Well done!  Jan

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