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June 20, 2018

Fatty Liver Disease. . is there help?

Fatty liver disease, What do we  really know?

From Dr.  Eric Berg, we are told the liver is an organ which can be ill-treated or abused til almost 80% to 90% of the organ is diseased and fading and still, be treated and healed to the point of full function.  The good part of that thought is that it can be revitalized.    The bad part is that there seem to be no clues or symptoms, so that we and/or our doctors realize anything is amiss so that problems CAN be averted.  Ergo, we can eat ‘crap’ (useless, non-nutritive foodstuff) and believe all is well.   Routine medical care seldom detects the presence of liver damage or threat til its about 95%  shot when it will show up in the blood.  By then, one can  become needful of a transplant. .  .  not a good thing, being risky as it is,   but maybe at that point — all that’s left.   There just isn’t any workable medical treatments known for this according to the profession.     

Or Is there?  Eh,  .  . maybe it depends on who you talk to.    Even so, gonna show you a few divergent opinions to assist in seeing what choices there might be for anyone dealing with this vital organ from which our body demands around 500 vital services.   One example,  our thyroid needs the LIVER in order to be able to convert T4 into T3 or we’ll have those dreadful IODINE problems and malfunction which among other things governs our metabolism.  Ya can’t say “. . well, it’s your genes, just look at all those fat bodies in your clan!”     No, it’s the way you’re living and  what you’re eating.  Dr Berg hammers home with  “eat your cruciferous veggies” – – the best way to cleanse the LIVER. . will be 100% and healthy.  Learn to  like KALE, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage – -include far more green growing  foods, celery, garlic, spinach, peppers, onions, so that up to 80 or 85% of daily nutrient is fruits and veggies (but limit the fruit due to sugar content). SUGAR screws your body up big time in so many ways.  Learn to eat fresh – even raw if little time to prepare stuff, rather than anything in a box, bag or can. .  . or fast-food joint. .  if you’re seeking change and health improvement.

Dr Berg had recommended morning shakes with Kale and blueberries; liked it.  Never really dug kale or kinda bitter greens… but now I slice cabbage (like slaw) into my omelet along with torn kale, garlic , onions, mushrooms fried in (grass-fed) butter or coconut oil, but could use bacon grease  > all sprinkled with ‘Nutritional Yeast” (not Baker’s Yeast), for the much needed natural “B-Vitamins” [all but B-12]    . . just trying to show – we CAN train our taste buds . .til  we love it!  But he goes into all this and so much more in his book “The 7 Principles of Fat Burning” or any of his videos online and youtube.  So this is one path. 

Of course  we have Dr Clark whose basis of all disease reduces down to 2 causes of either pollution or parasites . . which I’ve been alluding to of late.  This would be some product or essence now used in our chemical-laden world, or any of the more than a thousand of parasites like a worm or other microscopic presence, also to be found everywhere including the air, water, pets and some foods.  After hosting any of these who have taken up residence in our  body. . . left to their survival techniques,  a festering and growth pattern can result in any organ or place in the body,  of any disease, chronic or otherwise, which are to be found these days.  Her many books are replete with full details and case histories as well as  how to build the various tools which are used in the ridding of these causes, regardless of it’s name.    One learns how to ascertain the source or cause and which tool, method or recipe to be used for the task.   With the ability to decipher and treat one’s own health problems, great security, freedom and independence is gained. I built my own Zapper and used it, but eventually bought the Clark Zapper which worked better than mine.  The internet has many sites for the Clark Therapy in order to get a little help in knowing what to do,  or find a Clark trained practitioner (many, all over the world)  This then is a marvelous different path.

Want to discuss still another path in use by Dr John McDougall;   the following is one of the videos I chose which seems so relevant from a medical doctor relating his own experiences (who helped himself survive to be healthy again using this  after much searching  for answers – and learning an approach which  hadn’t been covered in medical school.  All documented and provable.  Sounds good. . hard to fight that!     Following, is that video.   

                                          FATTY LIVER: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW

Fatty liver disease is the most common liver disease in the western hemisphere. Today, one in four Americans have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

There is no medical treatment for fatty liver disease. However with lifestyle changes, like proper nutrition, it can be stopped or even reversed.

Fatty liver disease generally occurs when fat accounts for more than 5 to 10% of the liver’s weight. This causes inflammation, prevents the liver from

functioning properly and can lead to other conditions such as cirrhosis.

About 30% to 40% of American adults have a condition that has no visible signs and rarely causes symptoms, but can raise the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cirrhosis and liver cancer. It’s called nonalcoholic fatty liver disease—and as American waistlines continue to expand, the prevalence of this dangerous condition is growing as well  Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, or NAFLD, is an umbrella term for several stages of disease. Most people with NAFLD have what’s known as simple fatty liver, which means that more than 5% of the liver is made up of fat cells. (Fat in the liver can also be a product of heavy alcohol use, which is known as alcoholic fatty liver disease.)

People with simple fatty liver don’t have inflammation or scarring in their liver and don’t appear to be at high risk for liver complications. But the condition affects insulin sensitivity and puts people at higher risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease. “Increased liver fat is never normal,” says Dr. Jaideep Behari, associate professor and founder of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s Fatty Liver Clinic.

An advanced form of NAFLD, called nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, or NASH, affects 3% to 12% of U.S. adults. “This form is characterized by inflammation and cell injury,” says Behari. “Cells are dying and there’s progressive scarring, which can lead to cirrhosis and even liver cancer.”

Scientists aren’t sure why some people with simple fatty liver go on to develop NASH while other don’t; research suggests that people with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and excess fat around their middle are all at higher risk. Behari says that some people even alternate between the two forms of the disease.

Most cases of NAFLD have no symptoms. They may be diagnosed if elevated liver enzymes are noted during a routine blood test, or if a fatty liver is discovered during an unrelated CT scan, ultrasound or surgical procedure. Despite the rising rates and known health risks of fatty liver disease, there are currently no official recommendations for routine screening.

“I think there’s a real gap between the prevalence of the disorder and how we are diagnosing and counseling our patients,” says Behari, who says he hopes clinical guidelines will be revised in the next few years.

Still, Behari advises patients who have been told in the past that they have fatty liver to ask their doctor to take a closer look, either with a blood test or imaging scans. “I see at least one or two patients a week with advanced cases who were told at some point in the past not to worry about it,” he says. “With everything we know about fatty liver in 2017, I don’t think that’s still something we can tell our patients.”

There are no drugs approved to treat fatty liver disease, although losing weight through diet and exercise can help reduce fat in the liver and related inflammation. Doctors can also help patients identify other obstacles to weight loss, like sleep problems or certain medications. (It is almost cruel and unusual punishment for most medical authorities to continually admonish obese individuals to take off some weight by dieting and exercise, etc..  It is my opinion that they would if they could; but they are not the perpetrators here. . .for it wasn’t initiated by them.  .  .  only continued the patterns established in childhood.  According to Dr Hulda Clark, the matter of physical weight [poundage] is a decision made by the LIVER.  How the liver carries out its duties is primarily decided by it’s ability to function and this in turn is determined by received nutrient.  It’s garbage in – – garbage out.  So one’s choice has to do with WHAT – not how much.  It seems useless and no help to chastise someone for their lack of understanding relative to weight loss, when even the very doctors can’t advise them ‘how -to-do-it’    As to relying on exercise , this mostly builds bigger, stronger muscles. . doesn’t actually do much on getting leaner.   J}

i“For the majority of patients, lifestyle modification is way more effective than any drug,” says Behari. “All of these chronic disorders—fatty liver, diabetes, heart disease—share an underlying metabolic component, and the same common-sense healthy living principles apply for all of them.” (You are what you eat!   J)


Fatty liver disease fastest-growing reason for transplants in young U.S. adults

(Reuters Health) – Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and its more aggressive form, nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, have become the fastest-growing reasons for liver transplants in young Americans, according to a recent study.

Typically, older adults experience the slow progression of fatty liver disease that is not related to alcohol but can lead ultimately to liver cirrhosis. Due to increasing childhood obesity, hypertension and diabetes, however, more young adults are reaching end-stage liver disease early in life, researchers say.

“I see kids at ages 7 and 8 with this problem, and one of my youngest patients developed cirrhosis at 13,” said senior study author Dr. Naim Alkhouri, who directs the metabolic program at the Texas Liver Institute in San Antonio, Texas.

“In Texas in particular, nonalcoholic steatohepatitis is the No. 1 indicator for transplants in adults,” he told Reuters Health in a phone interview. “It now affects 1 in 3 adults and 1 in 10 children.”

Alkhouri and colleagues analyzed nationwide data from the United Network for Organ Sharing on liver transplants in young adults between 2002 and 2012 to examine the reasons they needed a transplant.

During those years, there were a total of 5,157 transplants in people ages 18 to 40, of whom 23% were obese, the researchers found. The top reason for transplant, accounting for 25%, was autoimmune/cholestatic liver disease, which includes conditions such as bile duct infections, immune system-related hepatitis, hereditary bile duct problems and drug-related liver damage.

About 18% of transplants were for acute liver failure, and other important causes were hepatitis C and B as well as liver cancers. Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, also called NASH, accounted for just 3.3% of transplants across the entire study period, but it was the fastest-growing reason for transplant.

The number of liver transplants performed for NASH increased from 0.53% in 2002 to 4.46% in 2012, a nine-fold jump, the study team reports in Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology, online September 28.

Survival rates were similar among NASH and non-NASH liver recipients, but graft survival was lower and re-transplantation rates were higher in NASH recipients, the researchers note.

“Following the childhood obesity explosion in the ‘80s and ‘90s, we’re seeing young adults with old bodies,” Alkhouri said. “Although they’re 30, their organs are sick.”

Now the last video  featuring Ken Berry M.D.   Fatty Liver: How to Fix It,  this one is my favorite.  If I may, let me tell you why.  

I’ve been deeply invested to arrive at a solution for my recent descent into seeming new physical impairments;  big slow-down,  energy loss, and general frailty. Who knows if despair over politics and public unrest has anything to do with it?     For some time, the lower part of my legs and ankles have been swelling; the skin is  tight and uncomfortable.  Have never experienced anything like this before.  I am distraught over this for it carries major  unseen implications.  Whatever one might say regarding common sense, judgement  or luck, I do not have the years of medical training to have easy understanding the full inter-relatedness of all these body parts.     So I do mucho groping down dark corridors. . hoping for the light to come on.  My gut-drive seldom gives up, so I believed a path would form.  The sorta sad thing, of course is that I’ve done this to myself. 

My emerging conclusion is Kidney or Liver, neither of which I’ve consciously abused, still its confusing.  But is that true?  What about my ‘Fruitarian thing’  September of 2017.   It was FUN it, felt great,  and most like bananas, grapes, berries and melons?  Pounds literally dropped off me (s’okay, I could spare them),  felt lighter – brighter.   Eating was hugely simplified. .  UntilI almost weakened to the point of collapse. Son Jeff was frustrated with me as he  felt I needed protein for balance   As it turns out, he was totally right.  I haven’t stopped the fruit (but cut way back),  and was actually missing the veggies to the point of craving. I remain picky, selective and somewhat sparse regarding animal protein, but added back what I can afford to buy in light of my newly rent-hike damaged budget. 

The shock to my system was possibly  deeper than I realized, and while it seems unrelated, I now believe the Psoriasis  was due in large part to my faulty judgement, affecting the organs of processing and elimination of waste and toxins.  When forced to, the skin steps in as  the necessary tool to help rid the body of toxins. So my skin had no choice – still doesn’t as the water retention in my limbs would attest.    I really should have known better.  It took me years of work and study to arrive at my protocols for the chronic diseases I carry and also for the harmonious status of my nutritional needs.   It seemed I’d struck pay-dirt as I advanced into and thru my elder years. . .feeling good, looking not half bad and essentially, doing as I wanted. .  . pretty  much.  One might question – “Why would anyone want to screw that up?”  Indeed!  Brilliant Jan; since I couldn’t determine the cause, I slaved over treating the symptoms. Its been hard, much busy attention, lotta creams and ointments and scrubs, and scabby, itchy, painful activity and merciless cost.  Still no end in sight.  My hands and arms look better than they feel because I’m a slave to the task – no choice there.   So there’s the fruit thing which started my misery, but now I feel I have a right to hope and expect a slow return to normalcy.  Why, . . well there’s a second reason: 

Remember my passion for Sourdough bread?  You have no idea what I went thru nailing down “how-to” to get it the way I like it.  And I love it!  Don’t want to give it up.   But there is one more loaf in the freezer;  I think it’ll stay there for a rather long time.  Simply can’t let anything deter me from riding Psoriasis prison.  As soon as I know I’ve become comfortable without it, I’ll either toss it or give away if still good.  Dr Berry especially made a point of no grains – no how!  And the concept is nothing new to my understanding, as carbs. especially the really starchy carbs like spuds and grains of any kind WILL lay down as sugar in the body, opening the way to a lotta diseases like diabetes, etc.   I’m acting on the advice because his logic made sense to me; is in keeping with much of what I believe and have done for years.  I was blaming my love of ‘good’ cheese and had planned on giving that up, but he praises ‘real’ (grass-fed) cheese as a big benefit as opposed to cheese ‘product’ with an understandable  explanation. He’s new to me, but he’s got my vote on this subject.   And going over Dr Berg’s stuff just enforces my decision as am quite an admirer of his.  Consequently, having found  a few of the ‘trained’ people who obviously know much more about this because of their evidence-based experience with which I am easily able to agree;  my new plan is: 1) Eat only Organic cheese, small portions with spinach or cruciferous greens  2) STOP Grains,. .its history now. I’m making Hummus now from scratch (with Tahini, lemon, garlic, little olive oil, spoon of water. . s’ good!  Was using it on my bread, but now piled onto spinach leaves and a little avocado.  Still big on eggs – – hard-boil 8 to 10 at a time, nuts, seeds and sardines  and NW Pacific, wild caught Salmon. Body needs fat, so no lo-fat anything.  Still do Kombucha, morning coffee (with real cream) and a lot of distilled water.  No starchy carbs anymore, will miss ’em.   But if that’s what it takes to get rid of Psoriasis and  an unhappy liver or overworked kidneys – – that’s what I’ll do.          Jan




June 17, 2018

Dr. McDougal on Psoriasis

My yo-yoing Psoriasis experience


This subject may be more difficult than most for me to discuss or convey as it causes me more personal stress than anything else I’ve ever encountered including the usual six chronic diseases I deal with.  Each carries it’s own unique burden (hypertension, cardio, thyroid,  arthritis, COPD,  alzheimer’s),      so you learn all about it as able to; discover what the body needs to to alleviate it  and take appropriate action by either doing it or not.  Since I have been so highly motivated and completely determined to not ever use toxins or pharmaceuticals on my body  after walking away from medicine, essentially.   .  .  I had much to learn.  With persistence and good fortune. .  .  it seems to have worked.  Was able to acquire and maintain body balance and harmony, comfortably for some years now.             

Quite a lot is actually known regarding the chronic diseases I contend with.  But there are many viewpoints regarding them;  consequently, varying approaches  with which to deal/treat  them.  Since I am opposed to pharmaceuticals due to their toxicity and known/advertised side effects, and the issue of only treating symptoms rather than searching for CAUSE – – my approach, quite logically is gonna be plant-based or herbal.  Plus, find cause – fix that, by adding or removng

Per the Trump ‘reign’ wherein almost all of our governmental regs and departments have either been totally torched or are headed by some hatchet man.  .  .  life has become more difficult.    As an example,  “Net Neutrality” which President Obama tried to secure for us, but now remains in Netherland,  has left me unable to ascertain all the info I was able to acquire only weeks ago with my online searches  (which I am eternally involved with).    If my memory banks had totally  shut down, I would be unable to report the kind of stuff I’m prone to prefer – – “Natural by organic standards,  Orthomolecular, etc.,”.     I cut my teeth on Dr McDougall – maybe 30 – 40 years ago, a practicing vegetarian and I easily slid into that.  With all the faulty, inaccurate medical care I had been experiencing,  I was finally able to understand what ‘security’ felt like and live it.      Had I not made current notes as I went, there’d be no chance I could even tell you about further options as my browser is Google’s Chrome.  Just as Obama had predicted, we are now subjected to  see only what “others” like Google wants us to see which is those willing to play the game and pay the price.  Lets face it the established allopaths will always be spotlighted while lesser-known independent thinkers get no space.   If ya don’t remember a name to put in the browser and demand it to respond, one will find ‘choices’ quite limited here on out.

Then 25 years ago after coming to Ohio and having to establish new relationships and medical paths,  I ran into new problems for which I was unprepared; thats when I found Dr Hulda Clark and her methods/books.  I’m either heavily blessed or have an extremely hard-working guardian angel.  Anyway, I jumped head-long into the power and freedom of the Clark Therapy.  This I tell you now, not to justify my behavior, but only to inform you why it is that I let Dr McDougall seemingly slide out-of-mind.  By my books – – they are both super-heros and either or both can get anyone where they need to be health-wise. Both work with cause areas uniquely which for me is a necessity (my time allowances and financial fluidity being more limited these days) 

So, back to my own Psoriasis experience and experimenting.  Thought I was actually onto something when I realized that dairy was a liability with psoriasis, . . Just give up the cheese and yogurt I dearly love.   Hasn’t helped me, tho I believe the concept is valid. .  .  it just makes sense!  (Just observe the 88 years I DID get away with it)  .. .but 2018 has been a bummer.  .  yo-yoing back and forth, up and down.  The endless treatment, the misery, the pain and tons of creams I apply daily – all day.  .  .  plus the expensive H-Psoriasis special lotion I’ve been buying (even tho they give an ongoing user discount).  Budget is screaming!  I did come up with another idea which I don’t want to do either.   That wondrous sourdough bread I struggled so to learn how to make and loving every loaf I made, well. . its still grains even though its fermented!  Grains and dairy are the two biggest food offenders we’ve continued to abuse our body/health with.  This really cuts to the marrow, but I’m thinking – – I have to do it.  Gotta try.  Again, it just makes sense!  Oh,  what we do for love . . and HEALTH.  If I clear up, that’ll be it!

Once I put Dr McDougall  into the browser and started searching. .  .  my goodness, there’s tons out there.  The one I brought over is  Carolyn Duke with a most encouraging story.  She suffered greatly since she was no bigger than a minute (30 some years)  and I’m complaining about maybe 6 months.  Guess I have no sense of proportion.  Well, listen to and watch this lovely woman explain what she went thru, it’s worth your time.                Jan

June 14, 2018

What if there was a plan working . . .

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The possible “tearing-down” of our beloved land


Not too long ago, there was this man who had great strength and power in a somewhat large country which he controlled with an iron fist.  He  brooked no interference whatsoever in the way he had designed things to work.  He was pleased.   People complied, obeyed. . .learned the futility of even trying for change – people could just disappear that way.   Yes, his realm was good,  but he itched for more – -always wanted more.  He  wanted, needed the recognition of all that he had accomplished.   His realm and its people and his holdings of wealth had grown enormously under his iron rule. .  but this drive. . .this need for others to acknowledge this uniqueness didn’t provide the ‘reflected glory’ he so richly deserved.   He had been thinking.    The stirrings of ideas suggested what stood in the way, so he created his elaborate, exciting plan, and it began to materialize.   .   .    .

. .  .      .   for a very long time, actually, generations,   there has been this bloc of ‘others’ across the world who had banded together forming unions and alliances amongst themselves to achieve various and sundry goals.  .  .  stupid, pantywaist intensions such as equality, fairness, living standards and health standards, etc., with the main emphasis on protection of “all” against invasion of enemies, etc for whatever reason.  As if any of that crap mattered at all.- – such a way to run a country!    Stupid, inferior beings.  Curiously,  they think its still working for them, which makes it difficult for me to make inroads where I want/need to go.   This will take time, much time as it should, along with a very deep plan.

I’ll use the contacts and networks I’ve built to infiltrate into each country as I’ve been doing in Europe for years and its coming along great!  The undercurrent of unrest and distrust in the way things are,  is growing and working even though there are  so many elements interwoven together.    Instead of hanging together in unity for related goals – now, disagreement  mounts. . . trust is fading.     It has been easier than I thought  to stir up  –soon everything will be ripe for picking.   Worked  fine in England,  so if  progress could be made there — think what I can do in America.

Trump was the perfect man, even better than I’d wanted. Was a snap getting him into office.  He’s following the plan as expected. . . keep em guessing;  rattle them sufficiently;  throw out all the rules;  destroy those who try interfering. . . traumatize the rest.   Break apart those do-gooder departments of government that are eating up all that money.  .  .  and most of all — end that bunch of banded together “allies” – it’s gone on far too long, they get in the way and are good for nothing.    Besides, there’ll be  new friends who know how “Effective  Leaders” are supposed to act and run a country.  Believe me, it works.   You’re seeing it now;  the healthcare is muddied up pretty fine,   Reversed a lot of stupid rules and regulations, simplifying business – so much better.  The tariffs will effectively  hurt the economy, especially with the auto industry and bailing out the Coal industry is great news – – that’ll put those bleeding heart ‘ecologists’ in their place and take down the EPA – – what a farcical plan that was!   The Earth heating up, indeed!

Donny, boy, you are doing a fine job.  Proud of you.  Don’t worry about the race problems, you’ll get there, but its a tougher problem than most.  We’ve had other world leaders who were far-sighted and wanted to clean up this race problem, attempting a purification.  Adolph had really good ideas, did his best. . . but maybe the timing just wasn’t right.  And it won’t be easy in America because they have a lot of screwed thinking  overdoing the equality thing.  Keep at it, you certainly can’t accept being overrun by black and brown. . . and anyway, you’ve made great inroads here too.  Haven’t you noticed the tensions rising?  And all those ‘problems’ at the border!   Great stuff. . . .keep it going.   Soon you’r gonna have all the rioting in the streets that this calls for.  You’re doing great.  Keep it up.   Play this right. . . and you’ll soon be welcome . . at my table.


 (sorry, this was such a screwball idea;  but it crossed my mind this day. . and I guess I just thot – what the Hell!   But I can’t even put my name to it. . . just a tad bit of shame)



June 11, 2018

KIDNEY Disease and Dialysis


Because Dialysis appears to be the last, best hope of so very many sufferers of dramatically serious kidney disease, it is incumbent on any of us to speak with great care on such an important matter.   We are dealing with people’s lives, suffering and crippling financial sums which defy comprehension.  This appears to be the epitome (if not the last resort) of specialized renal medicine.  This being the case, it really isn’t a matter of ‘choice’ .  .  .  ya know, which option is best .  .  which makes more sense?  Do I wanna live or die?    What choice?  Take a look at the article I saved from last week and may have hinted at. 

To be real here,  is there anyone who would actually want to undergo dialysis?  Read the article and see what the patient must endure for the duration of life.   This isn’t held out as a cure, but a method for being able to keep on keeping on without total kidney failure.  So the decision is made out of great frustration and pain  with no other option offered.  I’ll have a comment afterward.


Dialysis clinics may face new regulations

By Owen Daugherty,  the Columbus Dispatch

A showdown between dialysis clinic operators in Ohio and patients relying on those services is underway, with a constitutional amendment cracking down on the clinics possibly headed for the November ballot.

The proposal backed by a group called Ohioans for Kidney Dialysis Patient Protection would tighten regulations and control pricing on dialysis clinics.

Supporters of the measure say changes are desperately needed for the largely unchecked and growing industry. Opponents say increased regulations are unnecessary and would put dozens of clinics in the state at risk of closing, jeopardizing patients’ health.

Diane Wish, president of the Ohio Renal Association, called the amendment “deceptive and dangerous” in a prepared statement. Her association represents 326 outpatient dialysis clinics in the state. “This proposed constitutional amendment is … ill-conceived and unnecessary, and carelessly puts the health of Ohio’s kidney dialysis patients at great risk. We strongly oppose this amendment.”

  • Dialysis is a life-saving and time-consuming procedure relied on by almost 20,000 Ohioans. Dialysis patients with kidney disease often go to clinics three times a week for three to four hours at a time to have their blood removed, cleaned and put back in their body.

The heightened requirements in the proposal call for the state to conduct annual inspections of clinics and limit what they can charge patients to 115 percent of the operational and care costs. Penalties would be imposed if clinics overcharge patients.

Dialysis treatment in the United States costs an average of $89,000 a year per patient according to the Kidney Project, a comprehensive study conducted by the University of California – San Francisco.  In Ohio, Medicare pays for 80 percent of the cost and the remaining 20 percent is the patient’s responsibility — either out of pocket or through a private insurer.  The ballot initiative would effectively cap private insurance reimbursements for dialysis clinics, a large portion of their revenue.

More than 300,000 valid signatures of registered Ohio voters are needed by July 4 to get the amendment on the November ballot. Supporters say it is on track to collect signatures by the deadline, and that polls show the public supports such a measure. The group is backed by Service Employees International Union, one of the largest health-care workers unions in the country.

According to the Ohio Department of Health, of the more than 300 active licensed dialysis centers in the state, the vast majority are owned by two companies: Denver-based DaVita and German-owned Fresenius. The rest operate independently or are not-for-profit.

Fresenius directed a request for comment to Wish’s statement regarding the ballot initiative. DaVita did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

SEIU says that those two companies profited by nearly $4 billion nationally from their dialysis operations and charged an average of 350 percent above the actual cost of treatment last year, trading patient care for profits.

Wish said SEIU has a history of pushing ballot initiatives that “promote its political and organizational agendas — even at the risk of harming the health and well-being of our communities.”

A similar initiative in California has already secured enough signatures and will appear on that state’s November ballot.


My Comment:  As one can see,  there’s more at work here than serving the patient’s needs.  Huge amounts of money are in the mix with all fighting to be sure each gets ‘his’ fair share.  Everyone is at war over regulations.   But that’s not just the field of health. . it’s everywhere. Would be helpful for all to remember that ‘regulations’ are there to protect those who need protecting,  the buying, trusting public who do not know the inner workings of so-called specialized fields. .  . like medicine, or the car or the equipment one is buying and deserves to KNOW  with these protections (regulations) – that they are safe under the law.  Regulations are in place to better and protect the lives of our people,  not a means of hurting or infringing on Corporate rights .  .  it’s to keep everything above board and in the open, legally.  In the light of day – this protects everyone. 

The  reason I have such trepidation to discuss this particular subject is that I would deeply regret anything which I could say if it could in anyway be used as a tool to suggest that this treatment could be lessened. reduced or taken away as being seen as unnecessary or proven useless.  My voice is little more than a wolf baying at the moon. . . for the tiniest impact I may have had over my ten years;   so my ego, in it’s wildest dreams simply doesn’t run in that direction.   My dancing around on hilltops, shouting and waving as I do is to speak of health,  how to get, maintain and enjoy glorious health  for the shear joy of it. . .    .  because it feels so good.  (and yields such great benefits)  So how does health happen?  How do ya get it?   

First,  just knowing there is health and sickness,  then  the desire to know and understand.  Helps to know that you and I – all of us are “Worth it” . . we can have it if we know what to do.   Eat stuff the body recognizes as food. . .  a long time ago, before the world mechanized and modernized and found “progress through chemicals”  (they used to shout that thru the TV  all the time 60 – 70 years ago).  I’m not speaking about which is best Paleo, vegans or fruitarians.. .or raw or cooked.   So much of that is fine either way – – just make sure it is CLEAN, free of pollution (a whole field of study in itself). . but if you eat food as its grown – not in a box, can or most fast food places you’ll be OK. Fruits, nuts seeds, veggies of all description.  .  and clean water.   Sugar is a big NO.   Most mass produced food-stuff comes with preservatives, flavorings, dyes,  emulsifiers, . . same with cosmetics and other stuff we put on our skin.  All these other added things contain many pollutants.  They are  in the sterilizers  of the stuff you’re buying  and in the containers much of your food comes in.  Soda pops are one of the biggest offenders around!  (e.g. Pepsi, Mountain Dew, . .etal)  Will people listen?  Believe it?  No, don’t want to hear it.  Manufacturers  know that. And its a  Cash-cow for them. .  May look like a stacked deck.  But there is this thing called “free will”  and choice, . .ya pays your money and ya  make a choice. 

There has always been a generous supply of doctors, allopathic or otherwise who  heal and treat illness in seemingly old-fashioned ways.  Focus on nutrition, natural food, healthy exercise and herbal solutions when ailments  strike.  More than I can count have been showcased here over the decade and we’ve all learned much from them.  Currently, I’m setting about to shed more light on Dr Hulda Clark who died in 2008 or 2009.  I loved what this woman did, the books she wrote and the simple cause area she spoke endlessly on.  Her claim that all disease could be traced back to only two causes;  pollution and parasites.   A german lady with mucho degrees and a global following of both doctors and patients.  She was revered (especially by me).  In retrospect, I felt that I didn’t do justice to what she offered.   But people have continued to carry on her valuable work.  Many physicians who found her as they practiced, found her great simplicity and wondrous ways of ‘detecting the pollutants and parasites’ wound up studying and working with her.  There are numerous websites where info can be gained and even practitioners  who can assist one to avail the Clark Therapy. 

The Cure For All Disease was published in 1995, the year I bought her book. She has done several on Cancer and also one on Aids. The ease, cost factors and great simplicity, plus the instruction on how to build many pieces of equipment should one wish to.  Much to like.  Most of all, people healed, changed a few  dietary habits and  lived on in health.  The Zapper was used to kill parasites as well as a few recipes.  There were cleanses  and different herbals used in a number of ways.  Everything is in her books.    I wish I could assure you folks reading through this that she also had an easier way to do dialysis;  but she never discussed it as it wasn’t necessary;  the herbal formulae or the cleanses is all you needed to kill the (cause) parasites   (numbering at more than a thousand).   Pollutants causing the offending illness was determined and action was either taken (or not)  as the case was brought to light.  Always, the choice lies with us individually.    Having been a smoker over a long time, I know how hard it can be to make big changes.   Of course, its easier when we speak of life or death. .  .  there’s a tad more motivation. 

Of course, I have Clark files up the gazoo.  .  but one can utilize many of  the sites for particular “testimonials” so that one can see what worked for others.         My hope is that this will be helpful to those with big decisions to consider.  For sure The Clark Therapy is cheaper and easier. . is so doable.    This then is my #2 in this small series I promised last week. (6-6-18) – not moving as fast as I thought I could.    See ya soon,  Jan

“WHAT IS” is such a big concept

Seeing in a broader concept

I have shared, many times with you, the readers who  visit “Smokinchoices” — the great personal pleasure and benefit I receive from reading the  daily messages from Abraham through Esther and Jerry Hicks at Abraham-Hicks Publications.  These are free and I have been receiving them for years with great gratitude.    No matter what, they seem to arrive magically at times I really, really need a lift. . perhaps a little reminder or help.  Today was one such time.   

I have noticed with a bit of frequency, that the post done February 2017, when my little Heidi died, taking a chunk of my heart with her, has been visited rather often.  I’ve learned not to go there. . . because it undoes me.   It’s a year and a half.  . . surely, I’m better now.  .  . so I ventured over.  Not a good choice;  unglued again.  My Gawd, I recovered  so much better when I lost my mother whom I worshiped and adored (she was 85) . . I would have breathed for her if I had been able. .  . no guilt there!       I know better, thought I’d dealt with it. So  I re-read today’s “Abraham”         (below)


You can be fully satisfied with where you are, understanding that you’re eternally evolving. When you get into that place of feeling appreciation of where you are and of who you are, and appreciation of what you are, and you accept that you are a never-ending, always unfolding Being, then you can stand in that delicate balance of being optimistic about what is to come, without being unhappy about where you stand.

Find a way of eagerly anticipating future changes, while at the same time you are in love and satisfied with who, what, where and how you be.

Excerpted from Atlanta, GA on 11/4/00

Our Love                                                               . . God-speed Heidi,   til we meet again .  .  .Thank you, Abraham,   got the message,     Jan
Esther (Abraham and Jerry)

June 7, 2018

Breast Cancer, . . can I skip chemo?

Skipping Chemo OK for some, study finds 

The following is excerpted from the New York Times – – a rather big “Good News for Women with Breast Cancer” (my comment follows):

Many women with early-stage breast cancer who would receive chemotherapy under current standards do not actually need it, according to a major international study that is expected to quickly change medical treatment.

“We can spare thousands and thousands of women from getting toxic treatment that really wouldn’t benefit them,” said Dr. Ingrid A. Mayer, from Vanderbilt University Medical Center, an author of the study. “This is very powerful. It really changes the standard of care.”

The study found that gene tests on tumor samples were able to identify women who could safely skip chemotherapy and take only a drug that blocks the hormone estrogen or stops the body from making it. The hormone-blocking drug tamoxifen and related medicines, called endocrine therapy, have become an essential part of treatment for most women because they lower the risks of recurrence, new breast tumors and death from the disease.

“I think this is a very significant advance,” said Dr. Larry Norton, of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. He is not an author of the study, but his hospital participated. “I’ll be able to look people in the eye and say, ‘We analyzed your tumor, you have a really good prognosis and you actually don’t need chemotherapy.’ That’s a nice thing to be able to say to somebody.”

The findings apply to about 60,000 women a year in the United States, according to Dr. Joseph A. Sparano of Montefiore Medical Center in New York, the leader of the study.    “The results indicate that now we can spare chemotherapy in about 70 percent of patients who would be potential candidates for it based on clinical features,” Dr. Sparano said.

This year, about 260,000 new cases of breast cancer are expected in women in the United States, and 41,000 deaths. Globally, the most recent figures are from 2012, when there were 1.7 million new cases and more than half-a-million deaths.

Chemotherapy can save lives, but has serious risks that make it important to avoid treatment if it is not needed. In addition to the hair loss and nausea that patients dread, chemo can cause heart and nerve damage, leave patients vulnerable to infection and increase the risk of leukemia later in life. TAILORx is part of a wider effort to fine-tune treatments and spare patients from harsh side effects whenever possible.

Endocrine therapy also has side effects, which can include hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause, weight gain and pain in joints and muscles. Tamoxifen can increase the risk of cancer of the uterus.

The gene test, called Oncotype DX Breast Cancer Assay, is the focus of the study. Other gene assays exist, but this one is the most widely used in the United States. It is performed on tumor samples after surgery, to help determine whether chemo would help. The test is generally done for early-stage disease, not more advanced tumors that clearly need chemo because they have spread to lymph nodes or beyond.

The test, available since 2004, gives scores from 0 to 100. It costs about $3,000, and insurance usually covers it. Previous research has shown that scores 10 and under do not call for chemotherapy, and scores over 25 do.

But most women who are eligible for the test have scores from 11 to 25, which are considered intermediate.

“This has been one of the large unanswered questions in breast cancer management in recent times, what to do with patients with intermediate scores,” Dr. Norton said. “What to do has been totally unknown.” He added, “A lot of patients in that range are getting chemo.”

Dr. Sparano said many patients have been receiving chemo because in 2000 the National Cancer Institute recommended it for most women, even those whose disease had not spread to lymph nodes, based on studies showing it could prevent the cancer from recurring elsewhere in the body and becoming incurable.

“Recurrences were being prevented, and lives prolonged,” Dr. Sparano said. “But we were probably overtreating a lot of these women. For every 100 women we were treating, we were probably preventing about 4 distant recurrences.”

Dr. Mayer said, “We couldn’t figure out who we really needed to treat.”

The availability of the gene test in 2004 helped researchers sort out women with very high or very low risk.

“But we really didn’t know what to do with women in the middle,” Dr. Mayer said. “Some seemed to benefit and some didn’t. We were back to square zero, safe rather than sorry, giving chemo to a lot who didn’t need it.”

Data began to emerge suggesting that women in the middle were not being helped by chemo, and many doctors began recommending it less often. But a definitive study was needed, which is how TAILORx came about.

The study began in 2006 and eventually included 10,253 women ages 18 to 75. Of the 9,719 patients with complete follow-up information, 70 percent had scores of 11 to 25 on the gene test. They had surgery and radiation, and then were assigned at random to receive either endocrine therapy alone, or endocrine therapy plus chemo. The median follow-up was more than seven years.

Over time, the two groups fared equally well. Chemo had no advantage. After nine years, 93.9 percent were still alive in the endocrine-only group, versus 93.8 percent in those who also got chemo. In the endocrine group, 83.3 percent were free of invasive disease, compared with 84.3 percent who got both treatments. There were no significant differences.

But the researchers wrote that the chemotherapy benefit varied with the combination of recurrence score and age, “with some benefit of chemotherapy found in women 50 years of age or younger with a recurrence score of 16 to 25.”

There is no question regarding the benefit of this advancement, freeing so many thousands of women who otherwise would have to go thru  Chemo in order to assure their safety and forward-going life. 

What remains a mystery is the cause,  and “why” – – some idea why this happens.  When we know what caused something, there is a higher chance of ably correcting it.  The medical community has ascertained numerical percentages of how many new cases there will be and can estimate the probable death-rate thereof.  But the crap-shoot remains  – -who and why?   Am I an expert on this?  NO.   Do I know/understand even half as much as the doctors do?  No, indeed.    But do I really need all that?. . . isn’t it possible I don’t need to,   if I understand where its coming from, how it happens and what can be done to correct it, if it comes my way?  That is an advantage of forward thinking,  careful choices regarding how and what I eat, think and live. . . so that I can have security and peace of mind.  And not worry.  This then is post #1 following up the 6-6-18 post titled “The Relevance of Clark Theory.   

With Dr Clark’s book,  “The Cure for All Disease”  one is theoretically taken by the hand and led from page to page with concepts and new realities before getting to page one.  She starts off with discussing the Syncrometer, a testing device of her own design which is both accurate and versatile.  This is used in detecting and measuring  for pollutants and parasites, and location sites of diseases within the body.  .  This is noteworthy because, first off – her generosity, plus her belief in us to do this research for ourselves.  And to do it – we need the tools.  This one is superior to what can be found on the open market. Dr Clark gives full instructions on building your own so that we can be independently successful in taking care of ourselves with the technology she provides in her books.  IMO, this is fabulous…but they do have this equipment ready to go for those who don’t wish to DIY.     

At 35, I went through a number of years worried over a lump in the upper quadrant of my left breast.  After examining, my doctor was satisfied that there was nothing  wrong and asked me not to worry over it.  Had a very close personal friend who was experiencing the same thing concurrently.  We discussed and commiserated  for some time, but in due course, Donna  couldn’t put it off anymore and pressed her physician into more conclusive testing. . . she knew there was something wrong..   .   she just felt it  (as I did).  Biopsy, .  .  .  hospital,  .  .  it was cancer.  Donna died in less than a year.  We both had so much in common.. it was very hard to get thru.  Everyone was shaken and shocked.  My lump continued threatening me for  along time – through my 50’s.  Eventually I didn’t notice it anymore.   However, women DO go through a lot of worry and low-grade stress.  What I now know,  it doesn’t have to be that way.    When something goes wrong  anywhere in the body, one can test for pollutants and parasites and also any or all parts of the body – if there is a problem and if so, what it is.  To correct the problem, use  the Zapper and recipes in the book or both as the case may be.         

If one can open to the simplicity of the Clark theory, learn some new ways of thinking and doing;  give up foods containing the harmful solvents and other pollutants,  use the zapper for pain and killing the parasites. . .any problem can subside in hours, days or weeks and maybe longer depending on the degree of the problem.  Kinda works the same for any big scary-sounding disease, so forget the name and remember what it really is;  either stop allowing the  pollutant into your body,  or zap the parasites — its one or the other or both.    Ya feel better right away     Jan

June 6, 2018

The relevance of the “CLARK THERAPY”

.    . first, a little rambling

My decade of dialogue and sharing here at “Smokinchoices” may be drawing to a logical, consequential end – – a natural evolution.   Do I  love it less?  No.   But it has become more difficult to keep all the balls in the air these days.  At this point, I must manage my own needs which takes me far longer than it used to. the things which are and have been important to me  (all things beautiful, artistic, sciency, forward- thinking,  and/or – above all,  ‘healthful, nutritive and delicious’ . . or has anything  to do with the care of our #1 blessed asset  – – our magnificent body)  has been, well. . the perfect cap to a life which  admittedly,  I have enormously enjoyed.  Actually, there aren’t words to be able to express to any of you  the pleasure I’ve known or the gratitude  I continue to feel in the participation of this game of life.  Just imagine what else could possibly be – – for any who really dug in and knew how to play the game!    . .  . s’ on my mind, just wanted you to know that  .   .    .               

 .  .    .    .    and  I also wanted to affirm that I’m aware that I should have hung it up some time ago.  Just couldn’t, I guess as there remains so much I still wanted to do; so many items which still need  addressing (in my mind).  So, this pretty high stack of articles here by the computer likely won’t see the 2nd light of day. . or need to undergo a re-visioning by my peculiar mind-set.   But I do have a small handful which I hope  to put up this week, as they represent the kind of thinking which I feel is helpful to one faced with the overwhelming possibility of an unwanted, unexpected, potentially financially disastrous health issue.  The medical, newspaper articles of this recent week got me going . . . and even struggling.   See, I’m fairly pleased with my own efforts to take on handling my six chronic diseases.  I’ve lived comfortably doing it.  I’m no brighter than the next person, but  apparently – – a lot less satisfied with the medical establishment which has left the “art” and “soul” of medicine behind and replaced it with a business model in which few outside BIG PhRMA are pleased, considering the pain, cost and results.    

Each of these four or five articles are quite different – the Liver,   Cancer,   a patient faces helplessness when  insurance, money and all resources leave her desperate.  (Our current political landscape have left all but the wealthy mired and alone).  Another on prostate cancer;  one on dialysis clinics,  still another on Acne – very disturbing.  Each of these reveal different aspects of paths to be followed and gone  through as individuals experience their medical hurdles  as offered by medicine as we know it today.  Options are few and protections for our middle-class dwindle  (while their costs escalate). . .  . and even disappear for those in need.  But we all know this stuff’s going on, don’t we?  We all read the papers, see it happening all around us with those we know and love.   

Because of the great escalation of “chance” of being flattened with some medical disaster of one kind or another – therefore being subjected to any of the above possibilities – – coupled with the eternal “unknown” etiology. . (as most ’cause factors’ remain in modern medicine) – – life seems to be an extremely risky business because this same medical community cannot tell us why all this stuff happens – – they just don’t know!   We are all hard-pressed in knowing who or what to believe,   how can there be trust?   What to do.  Living with a sense of doom is not good or healthy.  It doesn’t have to be that way,  nor has it been for me.    I don’t have a “hot-line” to the psychic world nor to God’s ear.   But somehow I think I’ve been born with an easier trust of how good, beautiful and right the world is.   How perfect it’s design  and how very well its all worked out,  .  .  just as it should be. There is comfortable  ease in this kind of simplicity – – allowing what is, to be,  .   .   and choosing what it is that I will accept, can accept, and align with that.  We each know that we are free, have choice.  We can claim it or we don’t . . our choice.  We evolve and change.   As a an inquisitive, often lonely child. . . very much the people pleaser, kinda insecure – but an observer of others/life.  I certainly didn’t have ‘the answers’. . .had to learn how far up the tree I could go without needing more stitches. I faced blank walls and  those questions,  same as everybody else.  We learn trough our own experiences – not everybody else’s – – so we touch, reach out, feel, try it and learn what feels right to us (not what is acceptable to others).  We do all make mistakes, but how else are we to learn?  As to medicine, I too made iffy choices based on what I had managed to find.  Encountered many good physicians, smart, well-trained. . pleasant to deal with. Some how  my needs weren’t being met. . .even when I thought I knew what I needed.   

And Then I found Dr Hulda Regehr Clark,  Ph.D, N.D.

Eventually, faced with pressing health issues and given the course of action medicine needed to pursue which I was refusing (because it didn’t “feel” right),  I explained my plight to a kind lady in a health-food store who considered/mulled it over . . then handed me Dr Hulda Clark’s book  “The Cure For All Disease” telling me that this one seemed to really help people and was getting good feedback.  I almost didn’t buy it as I was turned off by the title, so simplistic.. how gullible did anyone think I was?  Thinking back now, I get it – there really isn’t another title which could honestly describe this book.  25 years later, my book  tho still  holding it together is so worn , marked-up, highlighted and scribbled in ..   .   and precious to me, that I can honestly say,  it is simply the best book I’ve ever bought;  have learned more about the way health looks and how to get and keep it;  what illness seems to be about and how it takes hold, festers and kills us.    This simple German scientist was pure intelligence, pioneer and teacher with an enormous, passionate heart, a world of patience and compassion.   She designed and built her own equipment, but also lays out in her book how to build it yourself, complete with instructions.  like the Zapper,  there’s also a Frequency generator and other stuff. She lays out all the different frequencies of the various diseases or illnesses people acquire so that one can eliminate whatever has gone wrong per her methods.   I built my own from her book and it worked fine, but eventually bought the Clark Zapper (for killing unwelcome guest/residents of our body), reducing arthritic pain, etc.   

From the first page all the way through it’s 604 pages, one is simply captivated.   There’s nothing text-bookish about it.  She speaks directly from what she sees and knows;  her dealing with people who travelled the world to come to her. . . including a great following of other doctors of all kinds who learned from her and incorporated what she had learned and taught, sharing freely.  People healed, left behind disease of every known description from cancer, aids, alzheimer’s, arthritis  to the various description of illnesses which can afflict the major organs and systems within the body. One learns from the books alone  how to recognize and diagnose what and where the problem lies.  Or one can go find a Clark practitioner somewhere (she isn’t here anymore) and it can be done for you and guide one thru his/her particular needs.   The process to heal is simple,  herbs, zapping, cleansing and certain healing plants and/or fluids.  While the medical world has thousands of diseases and illnesses  with very costly and complicated procedures and surgeries and different pills for every pain (adding toxins to your body), the Clark therapy is based on simply two causes – pollution  or parasites and usually both either of which become established within the body, fester and morph into some known disease developing in the location in which it dwells within the body.   I’m not explaining all that – – that’s what her book is all about.  Its simple and astounding.  Anyone can do it, but many won’t.  For some, its resistance to change  and believe me there’s eye-openers on every page.     Case histories fill the book;  many give it all they’ve got, determined to heal — and do.  Others hit the wall unwilling to give up certain stuff, (food, drink or stuff being used on their body or in the home)   The case histories are helpful and informative. Learning about the pollutants and parasites is at first disgusting and unbelievable, but if ya wanna get/stay healthy. .  best to open up to it so you can heal and stay that way.  Face it, my friends, we live in a polluted world, even worse now than when the book was written. 

There is very little which Dr Clark has left untouched;  you’d be amazed.   I have pages of hand-written notes. . .stuff she speaks of from some of the case histories:   how to induce a miscarriage,   contraception,   high blood pressure,   Herpes 1 and 2 – how and why you get it and getting rid of,  and oddly MENOPAUSAL symptoms – says it’s normal NOT to have any symptoms at all – if do, the Adrenals need help – must Zap and cleanse, then symptoms gone.           

On page 46 under SELF HEALTH,  she says The entire purpose of this book is to enable you to diagnose and treat yourself  for any disease.  You have three new approaches that make this wish a reality:  the understanding that only pollution and parasites make you sick,  the quick and inexpensive diagnostic circuit that lets you find which pollutants and parasites they are, and the zapper or herbal recipe that kills the parasites. 

Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to go to the doctor for your aches and pains?   And not be dependent on the doctor to diagnose and treat you? Self Health means keeping yourself healthy.    Doing it yourself.   Suppose your doctor has already diagnosed you as having”Atypical Lateral Sclerosis” or “Shoulder-Hip Girdle Metastable Aplasia,”  Could you re-diagnose this for yourself so as to treat and cure it?  And be successful?  Why not?  You have already succeeded in many enterprises.  You learned to talk, walk, read, get along with people.  These skills took a few year to master.   Learning to keep well is a new skill.  It may take a few years too.   After you have learned these skills,  you may pass them on to your children.  And so a new gift is given to humanity, like the gift of music or the art of cooking. 

Throughout my 10 years of  “Smokinchoices”  I have always been anchored in Dr Clark’s therapy.   I love the Zapper.  I made a ton of Black Walnut Hull tincture from nuts I  picked in a local park (her recipe in the book).   Am fussy about my food (that it be clean, free of solvents and other pollutants – no additives at all),  won’t use PhRMA at all (toxic, would pollute my body).  With this background,  I simply don’t fret or stew over whether or not I’m likely to get cancer. . . guess I think I’m not gonna.  Feel secure.  That’s worth something, right?  Anyway, I’ve spoken of Dr Clark and deeply recommended this book so many times.   Never meant to offend, nor do I now.  Maybe this springs from a deep belief in the freedom of choice – for EVERYONE.  In my mind, this precludes being pushy or trying to sell anything. . not my nature.  Before I run out of steam, I did want to be sure that I have made it clear that I trust this process and its results.  It is my belief that this book taught me more than anyone or anything else ever has on how to treat my wonderful body which has served me so well.  So I’ve needed to show you more clearly, “why”  I love it as I do and give credit to this wonderful tool.  Sincerely hope you will check it out  – – for your own sake.  Jan

May 28, 2018

Save $ on Car Ins? . .maybe . .

Root Insurance wants to do to auto coverage what Amazon   

has done to retail

ROOT’s  Different Route

This appears to be a very small post (for wordy me), but the  idea expressed herein is actually, quite revolutionary; I SIMPLY HAD NO CHOICE – – HAD TO DO IT.   If I were still driving – – I’d glom onto it w/o a second thought!  Please follow the link above, . . once getting there,  gotta be patient (I hit everything I could imagine to expand it into the full-blown article. . and it did once I hit the right spot – – maybe it was the forward arrow (?) . . .I dunno,  but it is there.)   The link takes you to an attractive picture of a radically smart 30 year CEO of ROOT INSURANCE,  a company he co-founded.  Will let you read all about it for yourself (to avoid my enthusiasm tainting your mind/judgement).  They have moved outward to a number of states already with plans of being completely national next year. 

Ya won’t believe how it works,. . .how and why it saves those they accept quite a bit of money. . . and how its gotta be the wave of the future.   Tho its non-discriminatory — they don’t accept everybody – – they operate within a select, firm set of rules.  If you are a fairly discriminating (aware), good driver – – you can have a marvelous new insurance company.  If you’re accident prone and have a box-full of moving violations (paid and/or unpaid). . .    .  probably can just skip this.  Too bad.         Jan

May 27, 2018

BIG WOES can have Easy fixes

Sometimes I wonder if any believe how 


Readers  often scan back over the years searching for something new, different, or perhaps unique to a specific problem they’re  having.  In so doing, footprints are left behind of the unidentified action.   I can’t see who –  only what.  Sometimes a gem is found for the seeker, yet interestingly,   also, a personal pleasure for me as quite often I no longer remember the post or had forgotten it.  Sometimes  the memory triggers the  level of my thinking then — what seemed so important to me and the endless growth pattern which is unique to my nature/needs.   The level of enthusiasm  which I have been unable to ignore, carried all forward. . . and on and on. .   .  but bigger is not always ‘better’. .  .   . It’s just more.   

In earlier days,  there was significantly more input from readers –  –  all kinds, from simple expressions of satisfaction or even help to deeply detailed dialogue here and there.  Loved it all.  Fortunate in that I never had rude, harsh disagreement or difficulties.  When stuff was over my head, I said so and declined to partake. .  .    unwilling to skirt around or ignore discussion outside my own sphere of awareness or experience.  Seems honest and acceptable.   But the sheer volume of all that’s here would almost guarantee that I over- looked the obvious from time to time  (with over 2500 posts, plus moe than 100 deleted) . . its a lot to go through.  The only real help is Find It,  to be found up on the top Right – – just click on that and go see any or all if you’re up for it. . listed individually – all 10 years of ’em.  I had started with different categories,  but caved to various constraints and WordPress changes.  My blog’s ‘theme’ became obsolete and WP has tried to get me to update and change.  The Smokinchoices blog is no longer “supported”. . with whatever that means.   They have removed so many of my images (including Heidi);   the print has become so small I can barely work with it.. . .and granting me normal, ordinary space to relieve the eye (and balance the harmony) is a thing of the past.         

At close to 89 ,  I don’t have the energy to redo or redesign as I did when I set all up.  It was PRETTY then. . .plenty of space between posts – the whole nine yards.  I’m not redoing my blog anymore than I’m in the market for new furniture – – at my age – whose kidding who – – why would I.    I’m doing great just trying my level best to hold together what I’ve got now.   

Anyway, in retracing past efforts, couldn’t help but stumble over some comments here and there .  .  of course I loved them, until one made me feel regret and shame. Someone asked for specific help with HBP which was doing her in and docs couldn’t control – just as my own case had been.  Yet, with my own protocol,  pressure became rather normal.  I referred her to all my current stuff again and asked that she put the energy into a bit of study so she could comprehend and be successful.   Actually, not bad advice!  Here’s where the ‘bigger isn’t always better’  concept comes in.  And  not everybody can or will be able to avail such.  We are all different and so are our needs.   She liked the sound of what I had been doing and that I had solved my BP problem which she was still struggling with.  Perhaps, if I hadn’t been so wrapped up in all the myriad ‘new’ possibilities,. . I might have recalled some of the basics I had so deeply profited from, from my exposure to Dr. Hulda Clark –  – a veritable saint of a woman whose simple ideas were chased out of country and into Mexico for her U. S. patients.  Her books sold worldwide and she was a hero worldwide and well received in many countries.

After arriving in OHIO in 1995 and the medical care was pressed on me  (so that I ‘could’ help raise my grand-daughters when their mother left with broken health, – I hated every part of what ensued (medically).  Sought help from books.  Health food store handed me Dr Hulda R Clark’s book,  “A CURE FOR ALL DISEASE.”  Title was so off-putting that I almost didn’t buy it,  but how stupid is it to turn down advice one has asked for?  She had claimed much reported success from readers of the book.  Sold well.   Dr Clark is now gone, but I learned to LOVE HER,  and called her long distance and she was most gracious and helpful to me.  The world’s loss.  IMO – it was the best single book I had ever read to get smarter, help myself and gain back my freedom.  It’s all I needed – – it worked!  My early years of posting, I was forever touting what Dr Clark said and citing her remedies. 

I shall give you the link to one of these posts I did on Dr Clark in 2011 – September 13th  called “KIDNEY FAILURE, . .what if . ..  its kinda lengthy, four printed pages  full of info.  She wouldn’t have ever prescribed dialysis for failure;  her methods were far simpler, easier and far, far cheaper – usually herbs and/or cleanses.    She outlines ‘why’ kidneys and the liver become burdened and fail, what to do,  how to fix.  As a matter of fact, that post I seemed to wrap up with recalling a bunch of isolated notes I had been assembling for myself with intent to shortly avail. . . isolated stuff, like – HBP, controlled by adrenal glands mainly;  do Kidney cleanse, advises using extra Magnesium and B6.  I so wish I had remembered my lessons better so that I could have told that commenter when she asked.   See what I mean?                            Jan                              Couldn’t get the link, so I copied and pasted it )

September 13, 2011

Kidney failure, what if . . . .

(. .  .  there was an alternative?    Comment to follow.      Jan)


Tracking hormone may help detect kidney failure

LOS ANGELES        Kidney disease affects about 20 million Americans, many of whom end up on dialysis. But there might be a way to identify and treat severe cases earlier in the course of the disease.

In a study published on Friday, researchers said that measuring a hormone called FGF-23 can predict which patients will end up needing dialysis.    The hormone, fibroblast growth factor 23, has attracted attention from researchers for its crucial role in regulating phosphorus. The new study showed that as kidneys fail, FGF-23 levels rise.

“This discovery allows us to predict at-risk patients before they require dialysis,” the lead investigator, Dr. Michel Chonchol, said in a news release.

“That’s critical, because approximately 23 percent of patients on dialysis die in the first year,” said Chonchol, an associate professor of nephrology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Aurora.    The study appears in the    Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.

My Comment:

So we hope for the ability to predict at-risk patients who will ultimately need dialysis.   This is essentially what rebels like me are so opposed to.  We all appreciate science and the marvels to be realized  therefrom, so there is no question on this.   What I take issue with is that the search always seems to be for yet one more drug,  pharmaceutical, etc., to offset one more problem or natural result of the body doing what is must do in order to try to right itself.   This is not a faulty or inadequate body that does not know how to take care of itself.   What it is, is a body struggling against insurmountable odds to function correctly, but crumbling under the load of toxins and an unhealthy lifestyle and improper diet and so on.

Allopathic approach is always messing around with symptoms and trying to fix “those” through one chemical or another rather than establishing the cause and effectively dealing with this.   Any chemical ‘fix’ is just that – one more chemical for the body to try to process and then eliminate.  But it is in trouble and needs relief from it’s problem – – not further offense.

It is good to remember that the body knows the difference between food and non-food.  Just like other things which defy imagination e.g.   how does the Sun know to rise in the East?. . .  .  .  basic instincts within all organisms seem to be able to differentiate this food / non-food issue.   Over time,  humanity seemed to fumble and pass on this basic, inborn, life-preserving  instinct, but we had it too.   Perhaps as our development evolved, some parts of ourselves (like brains) became more dominant while more instinctual parts of us dulled til we didn’t notice them anymore.  Who knows?

  • But the point is – – that which is good for our body (natural, unrefined, unprocessed flora and fauna) as close to nature as possible, IS recognized by the body as appropriate FOOD.
  • However that which is not recognized as food is not assimilated in the same manner and must be handled by the kidneys and liver to process and eliminate them.   The more non-food we ingest, the greater the burden to body.

The second  or non-food category includes all that is toxic on so many levels which includes OTC, pharmaceuticals, in short – – all that is perceived by the body to be not-food.  Take vitamins for example;  that which is lab-made and containing laboratory chemicals is not useful to our organism – does not nourish our body.  Rather than help – it is a burden to process and unload.

I’m not going to cover SAD and GMO’s and Monsanto and our chemical universe which seems to do us in.  We all pretty well know that story.  That’s for a different conversation – – this is about the burdens we place on our inner organs – the liver and kidneys in particular.

So apart from our poor food choices which bring about the need for relief in  the first place,  we are further burdened by modernity – – all the gadgets we feel we can’t live without,  like the possession and use of every electrical appliance and toy coming down the pike (TVs,  microwaves, computers) – our homes are veritable electro-magnetic factories, pinging us no matter what we do. Not discussed, nevertheless – harmful to our health.

As malaise begins to trouble us, we seek fixes from OTC easy stuff from the local stores.  As trouble mounts we turn to our trusted docs who have the bigger guns (which, to be fair – they have learned from their medical school training, shaped and funded by Big PhRMA). . . so this is automatic-reflex – – how could it be otherwise?  The trusted ‘lore’ which has been handed down from generation to generation has been shunted away and called ‘out-moded,’  passe and flat-out quackery.  Anything which doesn’t issue from BIG PhRMA simply isn’t worth speaking of.

While traditional medicine rules the day and  the allowed practices therein, other inquiring minds want to know more, dig deeper, go behind the accepted ‘norms’ to find out what causes all this sickness.   Answers for this don’t come out of a test tube or petri-dish, studying  diseases, but from close observation of the body itself and what it is telling us.

Back to the above article,  they are hopeful that this study may produce enough information  in order to prevent people from having to endure dialysis (which, again is not a cure, but better than nothing).   Intrigued, I followed the  link given to the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.  This was fabulous and informational, rich with references to other studies.   Had a blast.  Have to be a member, so could not download anything to bring forward to you other than scant notes I took.

The interactions between   Fibroblast growth factor-23  (FGF-23),  Vitamin D, and kiotho  form an endocrine axis for calcium and phosphate metabolism and derangement of this axis contributes to the progression of renal disease.  A very intricate description of how these various elements impinge on one another, pulling in aspects of  deficiency and over-production of others; secondary hyper-parahypothyroidism. . . and on it goes.   You can google this if you too would like to be blown away.  I could understand that we have a greater need for Vit D as it is being debilitated by the kidneys.  .  . and the entire endocrine system comes into play – one gland affecting the next one. . . easy to get lost with it all – but fun.

. . .and yet, someone like Dr Hulda R. Clark brings it all down so simply in her book that I keep speaking of.  She explains that the kidneys and adrenals function not as one, but so closely and that they are intimately involved with the heart and vascular system.  Great emphasis is made on the health and regard for our liver and kidneys

I’m trying to delineate the path by which our kidneys become sick (over-burdened).  With all the little clues left behind, like edema and swollen legs,   if we continue to injure rather than freeing the burden, the natural consequence will lead to the results in this article and then death.   Our attention should be directed to “what does the body need?”. . . not what new pill can we build.  What is wrong here?  Can we correct it?

Of courseright here beside me is Dr Clark’s book “THE CURE FOR ALL DISEASE,”   She does not address dialysisas she has  far simpler ways of dealing with a burdened kidney like the Kidney Herbs or the Kidney Cleanse. I’ll not ask you again to buy yourself a copy of this remarkable book.  But I’ll also, not type out literally pages from her book trying to tempt you into self-education.  One either wants to assume responsibility or not.  Doesn’t concern me as all are free to choose his/her own path.  Just know that in a matter of weeks, the Kidneys can be free flowing, freed of stones, able and willing to allow Vitamin D’s conversion to be able to bless our body with it’s benefits,   and once again functioning just as they used to.  Same with the Liver, tho of course it’s cleanse is different.

I personally need a tuneup and haven’t done the cleanses in several years.  So I shall start with the bowel cleanse and daily zapping (her zapper is great),  move on to the the Kidney cleanse and finally the liver cleanse.   I want to mention to you some isolated memos which are hand written scrawled notes to myself to help me remember what I was planning. These notes probably have no meaning for you, but they are and were relevant to what I was experiencing and wanted to correct.

  • heart and kidneys work together
  • over-weight is low energy condition.  Food is being turned into fat instead of energy.  Decision made by LIVER  need to do Liver Cleanse til no more stones come out  (can do every 2 weeks)
  • HBP,  controlled by adrenal glands mainly;  do Kidney cleanse  advises using extra Magnesium + B6
  • Hip pain is due to bacteria (2 sources, teeth and kidneys) Start the Kidney cleanse and keep zapping.
  • Shoulder pain: Stuck gallstones in the bile ducts of the liver. Kill parasites>3 wks kidney cleanse>liver cleanse only thing which eliminates shoulder pain /clears it (zapper won’t help), usually fatty trigger (dairy)
  • arthritis: herbal parasite program >zapping >Kidney cleanse > Liver cleanse. Determine body/acid Ph levels  and correct where needed.

As long as we rise each day, there is hope.   As long as there is hope, there is nothing we can’t do if we have a mind to.  Some of us are capable of much and still others of us need a little help.  Oftentimes, we just don’t like where we are, but there it is and we must deal with it.  Whatever it is – it is ours to do.  And we must do “it” our own way and in our own time.  Trust.  Go within, love the person you are, accept the now. . . .  .  and then, move forward.  Joy to you.     Jan

May 25, 2018

We ‘LOVE’ our athletes, . . don’t we?

I’m one who does, admiringly so!

It’s not just what they put into the sport;  nor what they give to us by way of our chosen enjoyment – –  I truly admire all that they must put into self discipline,   in the management of time constraints, choices and even sacrifice. . in order to do what they do.  Whatever sport, whichever gender,  whatever the level of achievement or recognition,  this class of our species is quite special and deserve honor and respect.   (there I go again, off the deep end – – actually any class of us who have some kind of desire which takes us into some quest which draws us whether it is dance, music, science or one of the arts, or I suppose – even ‘medicine’ – – we are all of us,  any of us – – to be admired for the guts, courage and fortitude to give it a go. . .let alone accomplish it)  .  .  .   just sayin’.  .  .     

So anyway, of recent times,  many of us probably have noticed an increasing occurrence with some degree of perplexity as some of our  noble athletic warriors take a knee before a game.  Even if one doesn’t happen to ‘get’ what its about,  one quickly learns that it is a silent but loud and peaceful protest against an ongoing reality which is part of their lives.  They live with it, but do not,  can not accept it and not say or do something, for there has been no control or correction of it.   So this is what they do.   What on-going reality?  Should one even tempt a  loud-mouthed, opinionated individual like me whose heart bleeds at so many promptings?   

I’ve opined over the dark-skinned issue brethren face on so many issues from natures health disparities when I have found them,   to the evils of on-going segregation within the legal system, penal system,  zoning and living communities, educational inequalities which then limit financial and future potential possibilities.   The woes, incarcerations and death rates have always been and remain disgracefully high.   All this to a class of people who were brought in chains to our shores – – AGAINST THEIR WILL,  many of whom were royalty in their own land.  Then, often treated like sub-humans or cattle over our history.  This is a permanent blight on our history.  But that some of us can not or will not see and learn enough to get that we are all the same species – HUMANS, . . .  built, think, feel and act and do the same, bleed the same. . . .die  the same.  It is asinine to think we must all look the same.  Every global community produces a differing  people in speech,  look, dress, diet and customs.   It is insane to think one might be better than another because of heritage, ancestor, wealth or location.   What sets us apart is our thinking;  for how we think determines how we feel.  How we think and feel will generally reflect how we act and relate to others. . .and this ultimately determines how we get along with one another.  So our family’s station or wealth,  or our ancestor’s fame has very little to do with the caliber of perception in our own eye.  It is important only, what each of us is capable of being, doing and giving to the world. 

When one thinks even minimally about this historic injustice which continues so blatantly, . .  .   taking a knee seems so very small and inconsequential, nor does  what the Washington ‘Destroyer’ has to say about anything – – it shouldn’t really matter for too much longer.  But today’s newspaper has an interesting commentary from Rob Oller.  I hadn’t thought about it before,  but I like it. . . think I agree with him.  Why not?  See what you think.                    Jan


National anthem has no place at sports events

Commentary by ROB OLLER

Athletes should neither stand nor kneel during the national anthem.  The same goes for fans.  Because the song should not be played in the first place.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            KABOOM

Seriously, beyond tradition, which is always changing,  why play the “Star Spangled Banner” before sporting events?  These are games, not political rallies.  You love your country?   So do I, but I don’t need to place my hand over my heart before an Ohio State football game to prove it.

Anti-American?  To the contrary, I prefer celebrating my freedom without fans spilling beer or bumping me on their way to the bathroom.

A better idea would be for each team to craft its own theme song  — many already have them,  dreadful though they may be — to play before games.  A sports themed tune for a sporting event.  What a concept.  (Aside:  while we’re at it,  why does one football fight song represent nearly every college sport?  E.g.  “Drive, drive on down the field,”  makes no sense at an Ohio State basketball game.)

Don’t get me wrong,  I  like our national anthem.  Difficult to sing, yes,  but it stirs the emotions in the proper context.  It’s just that a sporting event, other than the Olympics or other international events, seldom is that setting.

Please  prove to me the value of exalting the United States prior to athletes whacking a tennis ball or running a 100-meter dash.  To honor those who serve our country or who paid the ultimate price defending our freedom?   Sorry, it doesn’t wash.  I have family members who ultimately paid that price and I guarantee it was not so LeBron could drop a triple-double on the Celtics.  And last I looked, China is a communist country where fans fans get to watch sports.   Just like us.  There goes that argument.

The hot-button issue of athletes protesting against treatment of African-Americans in the U.S.  took a new turn on Wednesday when the NFL outlined a plan allowing each team to decide its own anthem policy,   and removed the requirement that players must be on the sideline for the anthem.   Players now will have the option to remain in the locker room.

The aim of my drop the-anthem agenda is not to sweep the controversy under the rug and eliminate a public forum by which athletes can protest,  Players have a right to  kneel during the anthem, and teams and leagues have a right to discipline them.  Even actions that are legal have consequences.

Politics did not drive my opinion. The current hullabaloo simply triggered in me an innocent question:  Why play the anthem before games?  I  checked history.    The earliest documented performance of the “Star-Spangled Banner” before a sporting event occurred on May 15, 1862, at a baseball game in Brooklyn, New York.  But for decades the song was reserved for special occasions such as opening day, according to Marc Ferris in “Star-Spangled Banner:  The Unlikely Story of America’s National Anthem.”

It was not until 1931 that the anthem went national, with President Herbert Hoover signing a bill making the “Star-Spangled Banner” our official anthem.

And it was not until World War 11 that the anthem became standard protocol at sporting events.   Why?   Mostly because stadium sound systems improved,  allowing for recorded music.  So there you have it,  a tradition born of technology as much as patriotism.

Given current circumstances, I say respect and protect the national anthem, not only from kneeling athletes and image-conscious owners,  but also from a party atmosphere — and lets face it, a here-we-go-again attitude, that elevates casual take-for-granted routine over reflection.

It’s time to stop playing the anthem before “Play ball.”




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