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April 7, 2018

OHIO’s Gov’s Race

My Forte? . . . Independence, Health and Freedom

 am also a POLITICAL JUNKIE,  (can’t help it)

Just thought I’d get clear from the top. . do not wish to mislead anyone, as this is perhaps a bit out of character for me so, not wanting others to think I think I’m any kind of expert on the subject – – it isn’t that at all.  I’ve struggled greatly with the upcoming vote. Take this stuff seriously (and honestly – wish everybody did).   Some stuff is falling down easy. . anybody tries to fiddle around with Sherrod Brown – – ya just have no idea how necessary Ohio feels he is to our well-being, . . don’t even pretend to be serious!  We just stew about about the time when America feels they want him at the top post.  But that’s for another day.  .  .    .     

.   .   so what’s bugging me right now is the Governor’s race.     Thought I had this thing all locked up for maybe six months.  It wasn’t a cake walk, no, not at all.   Have really liked Dennis Kucinich, for years. Proved himself to be forward thinking and “for” the people. A quality I highly endorse.  Intelligent, solid background, able and qualified. . . one might get my pre-acceptance of him.    Like most intelligent people, his mind is open – not closed.  Hence, he is and was free to choose, change and alter.  As I have learned of his affiliation with FOX over these last years, and his apparent declared approval of our current leader (if one can force oneself to state such),  I have been faced with insurmountable differences which I cannot even consider; therefore, my field narrowed dramatically.

As to other, perhaps wider considerations, the brightest ray of hope was/is, of course to our native son Richard Cordray who has  truly distinguished himself  running the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau dreamed up and established by Elizabeth Warren. He proved worthy and returned countless millions to people being bilked by the system as it worked;   justifying the confidence everyone had in him.  His ongoing efforts of course, would have been a preference, but unrecognizable Washington of today – – it wasn’t to be.

As a consequence,  Cordray returned to Ohio and as most expected, entered the race for Governor, choosing a capable, well-liked woman (I was thinking of voting for) as his running mate and set about to ‘take care of business’ with the only mission in Ohio he hasn’t done as yet – become governor.   Codray is all but a sho-in, he is so well-liked here.  And of course, I like him too, very much. What is there not to like about this competent, capable man?   Exactly. Today,  Franklin County Dems endorsed him – like a done deal. Bill O’Neill who resigned the Ohio Supreme Court to run calls Cordray “Sir Richard.”  He too is a fine man, smart, capable; but doesn’t move me, nor will he have my vote.   

I’m not now, and probably never will be a go-along to get-along person…especially not one for the good-old-boy network type thing. And somehow, there’s been this unsettled thing I’ve not been able to define.  Sadly, it’s come into peripheral view and gotta say – am let down . . maybe greatly.  Cordray is such an avid member of the gun-crowd, always has been,  that he can’t see his way clear to any overt action presently – – maybe one needs more time?. . .more thought?  on what?  In what possible light does this issue get any clearer over what it is now without intelligent people taking appropriate action?  As a mother . . .as a woman,  there is nothing in this world which comes close to the relevance of the importance of our children.  This IS our life’s blood.  Our future.  Period.  Sorry, Cordray, you just lost my vote.  This is hard to reconcile. 

Fortunately, we have one more candidate to consider – so lets really look at Joe!  I’ve been so filled up with my own prior expectations that I guess, I hadn’t really looked before.  His coffers aren’t large, but they’re growing.  He’s covered EVERY county in our state, doin it person by person with shoe leather and hand-shakes.  Know what? – – he’s makin’ friends.  People are liking him, feeling trust and saying he’s got their vote!   I’ll be damned!   Papers haven’t gone out of their way for him,  had to go searching online and I found what I needed to know.    Beautiful wife, two goofy, adorable sons. . a former Golden Gloves champion (whaddayaknow?), . . he’s only 38 so he’ll be around (most likely) a couple of decades more than the others,  has been an Ohio State Senator since 2009 – so he does know his way around – has learned that “you have to work with other people to get things done.”  That’s good news and encouraging, didn’t think too many paid much attention to that anymore.  Learned what I needed to know about his thinking – for him its the schools, jobs and more of the small businesses rather than the really big outfits which have been eating up all the money. . he has some really good, productive, sensible ideas.  Check out the links I found on his jobs plan and one on the school shootings.   His name is Joe Schiavoni,  and I like what I’m seeing.  Maybe I’ll get back online and tell him he has a new friend in me.    Jan


Psoriasis: is curable!

My Struggle w/Psoriasis  


Remember some months ago when I thought I had handled what appeared to be Psoriasis?  Since it yielded to me and went away. . why wouldn’t I think that?  In due course of time, it was obvious that this curse was only introducing itself to me.  When it came back it was roaring and mean – – tho it had transferred itself to my right hand instead of left.  Goin’ on for quite a while now, about worn me down.  I honestly was thinking. . “I’m gonna have to contact the Naked Chemist and beg for help as there is no way I will submit to chemicals, high costs and side-effects via BIG PhRMA.”   

Of course I have been online seeking “Natural Treatments”. . and one of the best ‘clues’ I’ve come across was actually a comment from a  user of some (natural) product (H-Psoriasis)I was considering.  He claimed that it kinda worked – not curing, but more tolerable than other stuff he had used . . .but only after he abrased the surface first.  What an idea!  Nothing I was doing could seem to get thru the painful crusty skin of my right hand.  So retrieving an old jar of St Ives Apricot scrub (hiding in the linen closet – make all my own stuff now);  I rubbed a dab onto the sad right hand.  Shortly, was smoothed down and have been doing since.  Logic of ridding the crusty, ugly rough texture more freely allowed ‘any’ application which followed – easier entry.  It helped, but only maintained the status quo – wasn’t advancing toward smooth, healthy skin.  Guess when that acid mantle gets broken,  really isn’t easy to fix.

 (today is April 7, 2018)

But now, with still more passing time,  I continue to struggle.. . just found this post I started with my half-baked story of Psoriasis misry.  Have almost used up ths Apricot scrub, which works OK I guess,. . . but twice a day?. . . just to stay even? (. .those bumps grow back so fast).  Tried some emery boards which turned out to be too harsh/mean to use on my nails — so I tried them on this condition.  Sure takes the bumps down, but leaves my skin sore.  Also, now using the heavy duty scrubber I buy for foot calluses. . seems to work really well and doesn’t hurt as much.  And topically, am using a Shea Butter I got at Mountain Rose Herbs which tho more costly is more effective and doing a better job of quelling the misery (due to their devotion to purity, organic and preferable seeking of producers globally who observe “natural, healthy” techniques.  Again proving, ya get what ya pay for.  One actually has little choice over this – can’t be ignored, isn’t reasonable – nothing makes any sense – it’s EVIL! . . seriously. so it goes on.   I’ll keep at it because I have to.     

FINALLY. . .here it is (hopefully) – the end to this story.  In my researching online, I found this link, doctor, reference to his book, bought it – put it on the shelf to get to later (and didn’t).   Now,  I have looked at this lingering post and the link below, remembered all and it came back. Got the book off the shelf – – am renewed in hope.. WILL READ and DO!  I re-listened to Dr Pagano on the video and am fired up ‘again’.


Dr Pagano didn’t dream this up;   he figured it all out from Dr Edgar Cayce’s writings. . credits him entirely for the knowledge and path to this solution which has helped and healed thousands – especially those innocent children.  Dr Pagano defines Psoriasis as the body’s external manifestation of it’s attempt to throw off the internal toxins or poisons which it usually handles in normal ways through the internal organs like the kidneys lungs and eliminative processes (bowels), sweat glands, etc, but then failing to do adequately, is forced to use the skin which it isn’t really designed to do.  Has to do with the intestinal lining thinning and letting inappropriate stuff into the bloodstream.  (kind of a leaky gut syndrome).  Whole thing can be fixed with diet – sorta what the book is about – how to fix it. 

But listen to Dr Pagano explain it – he does it better in the following:  (and sorry for the three months this has been sitting on the shelf when it could have been assisting many who suffer as I have . . needlessly)   Jan

then, also, the following may have something useful for some as well.  Apparently, is from Dr Josh Axe. . . don’t remember doing it, but there it is


Natural or holistic treatment aims to get at the root of the problem. For many people, anti-inflammatory foods combined with a healing psoriasis diet is one of the best ways to naturally treat psoriasis.

Here are some natural ways to help combat psoriasis:

Reduce Stress

Stress is also known to play a big role in psoriasis, which is why mind- body therapies and stress management can really help naturally heal psoriasis. Prayer, meditation and hypnosis can all help. Studies actually show that people who meditate before receiving light therapy have better outcomes than people who had light therapy alone.

Exercise and Drink Water

It may sound too simple, but exercise and drinking plenty of water are two easy and effective ways to help heal psoriasis.

Apply Nature-Based Topical Remedies

There are three nature-based topical remedies that have shown positive effects on psoriasis: Oregon grape (10 percent) cream, avocado and vitamin B12 cream, and aloe (0.5 percent) cream.

Try Homeopathy and Other Alternative Treatments

Homeopathy is another natural remedy shown to improve psoriasis.

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine may also help some people with psoriasis. Some herbs a Chinese medicine doctor may prescribe include turmeric, zedoria (similar to ginger), dang gui, red peony and sarsaparilla. Dittany, sophora and tribulus may also be prescribed to relieve psoriasis-related itching.

If you’re a fan of Ayurvedic medicine, you may want to try Panchakarma therapy, which involves plant-based remedies and dietary changes aimed at detoxifying the body.

Eat a Psoriasis Diet (see more below)

A psoriasis diet is crucial. If you have a leaky gut, then partially digested protein and fat can seep through your intestinal lining, making their way into your bloodstream and causing allergic responses. If left unrepaired, it can lead to more severe health issues like psoriasis as well as depression, anxiety, migraine headaches, muscle pain and chronic fatigue. Studies have shown a link between abnormal small intestine permeability and psoriasis. A psoriasis diet can heal your gut, which in turn can end your suffering with psoriasis as well as psoriatic arthritis.

The Psoriasis Diet

When it comes to natural treatment for psoriasis, these are some of the best foods to consume on a regular basis. I also recommend these food choices for anyone looking for a psoriatic arthritis diet. The more you consume healing, anti-inflammatory foods, the more improvement you will see in your skin’s health.

Probiotic foods  . . . (my Fav is KOMBUCHA- homemade!)
High-fiber foods
Foods high in antioxidants Foods high in zinc

Foods high in vitamin A Wild-caught fish
Raw Dairy
Aloe Vera

Top Supplements and Essential Oils for the Psoriasis Diet

These are the top five supplements I recommend for internal treatment of psoriasis:

Hydrochloric acid (1–3 capsules per meal) Fish oil (1,000–2,000 grams daily)
Vitamin D3 (5,000 IU daily) . . .  . (don’t forget to take K2  w/each 5K of D3 – keeps calcium out of bloodstream and IN the bones)
Milk thistle (250 milligrams three times daily) . .(great 4 LIVER too)  Probiotics (50 billion units daily)

Bonus Remedies

Other home remedies for psoriasis that can reduce symptoms include cleansing, bone broth, vitamin B12 and digestive enzymes. Also, getting 20 minutes of sunshine a day can greatly improve vitamin D levels naturally and is very therapeutic to psoriasis.

Essential Oils

Essential oils for psoriasis like tea tree, lavender, frankincense, myrrh and geranium essential oil can bring relief to inflamed skin and support the healing process.

Tea tree oil Lavender oil Frankincense oil

Myrrh oil Geranium oil Coconut oil

EO recipe idea: Mix three drops of lavender oil and three drops of frankincense oil with a teaspoon of coconut oil and rub onto affected area.

It’s also a great idea to use these essential oils in aromatherapy for psoriasis. You can diffuse these oils as a natural method of stress relief.

This content is strictly the opinion of Dr. Josh Axe, and is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to provide medical advice or to take the place of medical advice or treatment from a personal physician. Readers of this content are advised to consult their doctors or qualified health professionals regarding specific health questions. Neither the author nor publisher of this content takes responsibility for possible health consequences of any person or persons reading or following the information in this educational content. All readers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition or supplement or lifestyle program. Note: References for this content can be found at

March 30, 2018

Dr Roach – MRI woe, not to fret

Traditional Medicine, and those seeking cause

Don’t know if Dr Roach even noticed that I haven’t bugged him in a while,  maybe  he felt my expiration date had come and gone without a hitch.  This doctor’s longevity suggests that he is one of the good ones who  uses judgement and reason in healthy doses. Even so, he springs from a conventional viewpoint with which I frequently differ, respectfully.  Today is no different, alas.   Jan

  ~                 ~                 ~                ~                ~

To Your Good Health

Unspecified changes on MRI should be reassessed

Dr. Keith Roach

Q 1) Dear Dr Roach:  A recent MRI of my internal auditory canals revealed an incidental finding of “microangiographic changes” in the area of the pons.   I am 65 years old, do not smoke or drink, exercise rather vigorously for an hour almost every day, eat sensibly, am not diabetic, and have normal cholesterol and blood pressure without medication.  Can you comment?  –D.D.

A:  I see this result frequently.  The changes seen on your MRI scan are not specific, but they can be associated with damage to blood vessels from many of the conditions you have avoided, especially smoking and high blood pressure.  The pons, in the deep brain, is susceptible to damage from high blood pressure.  However, some people with no risk factors will have these changes. (*)  When I see this, my practice is to reevaluate whether there are risk factors that could be better managed, consider the use of of aspirin if indicated and advise on diet and exercise;  then, if all is as it should be, tell my patient not to worry too much.  These findings on MRI are not a guarantee of developing brain disease.

(*)  Have no issue with Dr R’s response, shows true concern coming from the allopathic knowledge-base. . s’the way it works.  My nature always struggles with  . . ‘why?’  How does this add up?  If I have no symptoms, pain or problems, what then is wrong – what might be causing this?  Can I in good conscience, just ignore this?   This could be a foreshadow of ‘brain disease’?   With science claiming 1 of 4 of us will develop Alzheimer’s, I think it is a bit unsettling.   These changes can be associated with damage to the blood vessels?  What have I done wrong or worse – – not done, that perhaps I might have if only I had known? 

From D.D.’s  description of own lifestyle — sounds good to me. Even exemplary.   We must think/seek deeper.  Damage to blood vessels? What covert issue could we imagine here.  Is there enough oxygen (1) in the works to keep all flowing the way it should?  Are all those billions of mitochondria getting all the energy (1) they need – 24/7 ?  Are we sure that calcium is not being drained from bones and instead screwing up the arterial system with plaque making it sluggish? (2). . . .and about that ‘just-to-be’ safe suggestion of a daily aspirin — wanna risk  possible internal-bleeding, just in case?     So easy to offset most any of this, naturally, kinda cheaply considering all – and with NO SIDE EFFECTS of any kind, while ensuring that some of those hidden causes or surprise elements never get a toehold. 

Let’s look at some of this,  if you’ve a mind to hear my thoughts.  The way it’s standing, one could be left with potential fear and ongoing angst.  I like probing, questioning and reasoning > reduction = possibilities.  With my pulmonary, cardio and  brain issues (Alzheimer’s) of well over a decade or so now, one might say, I may have found some stuff that works. (Hacker that I guess I have been becoming).


I probably don’t have too much in the way of vascular problems since I have been ingesting Nattokinase 2 X day for around a decade or so.  (I  take this with my rising and bedtime doses of L-Arginine and L-Citrulline, along with Vitamin C crystals, Goji Berry, and Trans-RESVERATROL,  Nattokinase and CoQ10 – – you can never get too much CoQ10 with heart/brain issues)   Blood is flowing well, isn’t clogged; can carry oxygen (1) just fine to all the cells and mitochondria and organs.  AND, I have been utilizing Vitamin K2 daily along with my 5K to 10K grams of Vitamin D3 daily (this being the insurance that the calcium stays where it belongs (2) – in the bones and teeth), not gumming up arteries with plaque or sludge.   Both the vitamin D3 [which is more than a simple vitamin — it is a neurohormone and is one of the most important supplements one can take for heart problems  and hugely relevant fighting inflammation] and Magnesium.  As we all know, inflammation is one of the primary causes  in dealing with chronic cardiology issues including heart failure.  Unfortunately, allopathic physicians, including  well-known cardiologists as well, seldom stress D3 and most of the other potent, healing supplements as they simply aren’t taught their relevance.   But I openly declare my preference for those who are trained, deeply informed and highly expert in natural, holistic therapies.  A great deal of what I’m endeavoring to recount here comes from Drs. Sinatra, Harry Elwardt and  no less than Russell Blaylock (who has no equal) – neurosurgeon, lecturer, author as well as his Wellness Report.   Can only briefly touch on points here and there,  but Dr Blaylock has a load of videos online and many articles and references to his books.  It would be profitable to check him out for yourself.

So what about the ‘energy’? (1) Already done! One of the built-in blessings of Arginine.  It feeds these cells, repairs the ailing ones and helps the expiring ones to go away.  By all means – – Google L-Arginine, L-Citrulline,  Nattokinase,  K2 and Trans-RESVERATROL and Goji berry. When you understand it and what each is doing — it fits together so that you get it. . fully understand.  s’ how it worked for me and I’m doing  fine in most respects.   Other than a blood draw the last year or so, I’ve spent $0.00 on meds or practitioners, so, seem to be ahead in the game of life and ‘how to play it’.  .  it works for me.

As an aside – –   as we age, our blood tends to become thicker, slower, even sticky or sludgy.  So don’t use rat poison, use Nattokinase if you prefer healthy and natural (plus cheaper), nothing in it to harm the body.  It seems I have done this cardio therapy endlessly, so not covering it it all over again, but there is the Taurine, D-Ribose and Carnitine – each having magnificent contributions which I also employ daily (and try for twice).  I stack these while adding other supplements with them (A, B, Folate, Biotin, Zinc and Kelp powder which I believe everybody should  take as Thyroid problems are almost pandemic in our land. ) 


Often, when we are low on energy, we need protein.  I use proteins, both animal, and plant based, but for my heart and brain – it’s the Amino Acids in the form of Powders I buy online. . (so many places/options,  among them Bulk Supplements. . or just put in browser and shop around.  Need we stress that it isn’t just what we take for health, it s also what we are willing to avoid; empty calories, wrong fats, sugars and as much toxic stuff as you can discover or detect.  Eat as clean as you know now to do.

Q 2) Dear Dr Roach:  In a recent column, you mentioned that apixaban has a lower risk of intracranial hemorrhage than warfarin.  But shouldn’t you note that the absolute risk is extremely low?   It drives me crazy to hear the advertisements for NOACs claim a 60 percent reduction (which is true) but not mention that absolute risk is very low.  I can understand the use of NOACs in people who have difficulty achieving stable anti-coagulation levels or who don’t have their level checked regularly.  But lowering health-care costs should be a consideration.  –P.W.

A:   I share the concern for the difference between absolute risk reduction and relative risk reduction, but the concept is difficult for some people.  In the current case, in the use of a new oral anticoagulant  (NOAC),  such as apixaban,  has a lower risk of major bleeding.  How much lower?  In an analysis of themajor studies, about 5.4 percent of the NOAC group had a major bleed, while 6.2 percent of the warfarin group did.

I agree that the relative risk reduction can overstate the case, especially for low-risk events.  The issue with the cost of health-care is also complex.  However, because the total cost to the health-care system for a major bleed is so high, NOACs were found to save the systemn money — between $100 and $500 per person per year.

Whose money should the doctor save?  The patient’s or the system’s?   This is one of many haard questions.  I personally prefer to try to make these decisions with the  patient.

Dr Roach answers letters only in his column but provides an order form of available health newsletters at  Write him at 628 Virginia Dr.,  Orlando, Florida, 32853-6475;  or

The 2nd query is honestly so simple to correct and be done with.   From my first day of taking Warfarin and  then, Coumadin, was physically feeling the hurt from these meds. Wasn’t myself, was impacted in little and various strange ways, dizziness, light-headed generally weaker.  When I pleaded for a change to Nattokinase (a fairly new, all-natural product made of fermented Soy . . in Japan, and read up on it – – was so impressed! It was superior in every possible way – thoroughly researched, with trials and all),  I was denied this change by any physician I spoke to about it.  They never heard of it, and wouldn’t take my word for it.  So the first thing I did when I left medicine was to buy Nattokinase.  I bought pills in those days.  Now I buy the Powder form online at Bulk Supplements or where ever  along with all my other powders I use in my protocols.  Its way cheaper, do it myself and know what I’m getting, and I’m doin’ okay.  Sorry, you know me, can’t relate anything it seems without these asides. 

In my mind, this is a non-issue. .  just take Nattokinase instead of rat poison of any kind, no side effects or danger of inner bleeding as this is plant based and healthy and natural.    Jan


March 17, 2018

Can we Hack-Fix Ourselves?

So here’s why I’ve been sorta MIA lately

My life seems to have changed a bit in this 88th year.  Kinda started like any other,  but has taken some weird turns. Last fall, I had become fascinated with Dr Morse’s ‘fruitarian thing’. . sounded kinda fun and made a whole lot of sense to me.  Still does.  But I think maybe my timing wasn’t too cool,  Any guy who can get paraplegics and other severely disabled people back up and living fully again, has my utmost respect.  All happened, was documented.  As to my participation in such a plan, well it  was most certainly faulty for me  rather than appropriate,  and I actually should have known better.   I was already in pretty damned good shape for my long years.  My six ‘chronic’ afflictions were seemingly under control and doin’ okay. . .  .  without Pharmaceuticals.  Some might think that alone put me miles ahead of a lot of others.   Maybe it’s  just a question of perspective – – I dunno.  But it IS  the viewpoint I live with.

The concept I wish to touch on here is that I had in fact been devising my own protocol per my rationalized, researched efforts over those years wherein I sought no medical help other than books  written by an assortment of what I deemed “qualified and worthy” MDs you know, those who had allowed life to reveal to them ‘goodies’ available outside the so-called establishment ‘BOX’ such as it is.  Of course, it was bad enough before the lunatic in the oval office took an axe to all things recognizable in our American life.  Soon, there may be very little left which might be worth the struggle to try to muster up the funds to pay for medicine at all.  When I walked away from medicine, I had been a cardiac patient for about a decade.   IMO, I’ve done quite well for my heart and brain.   Their needs are similar – – both have really big energy needs and also require excellent circulation in order to fulfill their various functions.  This takes vital nutrient and clean pathways or it isn’t gonna happen.  It won’t happen with  with symptom manipulation which only is possibly capable of making us ‘Feel Better’  – it doesn’t fix the problems.   But I think the high cost and poor success rate already points this out without my belaboring the point.

Of course,  I am speaking of the Amino Acids  (L-Arginine with L-Citrulline on rising and bedtime), then during the day, I work in Taurine,  D-Ribose and Alcar stacked.   Because of the pollution we must live with, it is advisable to avail something like N.A.C. in effort to offset, while culling out useless, devitalized commercially prepared foodstuff.  And of all the smart things we ‘could do’ for our body – – nothing can equate with hi-octane use of time-tested fighting-tools the body recognises such as abundant quantities of Vitamins C, A, D – always with a K-2 tablet, E – dbl your small amount – the heart and brain love it same as they do Cod Liver oil and Omega 3’s.     Magnesium – – where would I be without it?  I take a lot – 2 X a day.  Have never taken Calcium – period,  and have almost indestructible bones.  And please, please don’t take blood thinners.  I neither clot nor bleed like a stuck pig – – my blood flows freely, kinda normal as I continue to take Nattokinase which is superior to ANYTHING BIG PhRMA has created.  Plus this organic soy product is plant based – with no side effects and is far more effective – – what’s not to like?   These are just obvious well-known items which the medical community enjoys debunking. . . should wonder why.  If everybody ate right, did some simple, common sense stuff like this and kept active enough to keep that lymph flowing like it should – – no one would need doctors barring accidents. 

I’ve started a new addition to the heart/brain care – at it 5 or 6 weeks now. Wanted to try it out before speaking with you about it.  I am satisfied that these two products are in fact very effective.   One is BioPQQ (Pyrroloquinoline Quinone) and the second is a CoEnzyme Q10  called H2Q an advanced, bio available product. These can be costly depending on where you get them.  Bought at  I almost always buy online and shop for what I want, but also to get best price  The PQQ was first discovered by our space people.  It was a dust they found, researched > developed.  They first found its greatest usefulness with brain issues (including Alzheimer’s). . but then learned it could reverse heart disease.  At the time, I was at a low point and thought maybe it was too late for me, didn’t see how I could make it for two or three weeks which is the time needed to notice any help.  But sure enough, after a few days my body began to show its gratitude and I was hopeful.  Nothing major. . just returning strength and with that – hope.

Sorry, I know I’ve covered  all this so many, many times.  But this post isn’t about my personal protocol. . . it’s about, kinda – – how I screwed it up and why.  And this has only recently crossed my mind, so I wanted to share with you.       

How Sourdough Bread may actually be helping me “come back”

When I sorta crashed, ran outta steam,. . it didn’t seem to be just low energy.  I became weakened, frail, less steady on my feet.  Every thing was harder and I made a lot of messes which also made life harder.  Tended my blog less even tho it remains one of my greatest pleasures.  Remember speaking about my determination to finally satisfactorily make Sourdough Bread.   Now I have baked off 4 loaves.  First two didn’t rise. . .flat little things.  EXPENSIVE little things and they were baked with much love and great expectation. Couldn’t just throw them out – – all that expensive stuff inside them.  Of course they were kinda gummy,  but I ate every crumb. . and I did enjoy them.   Have really labored over all this (like my life depended on it).  On the internet chasing down one more lead and so on. I now await still one more book – Jake O’Shaunesy’s Sourdough book. . can’t wait!  It’s really an old book.  Have been trying to breathe in the air that Sander Katz used in his book Wild Fermentation.  Lovin every minute of it.  The last two loaves were acceptable, almost – they rose more and I used quite a bit of Rye.  Actually pretty good.  Have two more loaves for tomorrow morning’s oven.  This time the “Sponge” turned out just great, . .so I have high hopes.  I keep discovering new things  Sander had written, but it only makes sense to me after I know I did it wrong and now I get it.  He writes well – – I’m just a slow learner as I’m prone to point out. 

So why is all this helping me?   Because I was so darned weakened.  Barely had the strength to get from one chair to another while using a cane and bouncing off walls to hold self up.  Picture a cardiac patient with all that kneading!  Absolute insanity. It’s a lot of work.  And I love it.  But I’ve been in love with kitchens since at least age 5 or so.  and there’s my inner Pit Bull. 

Fortunately I don’t require labels to be happy and secure.   Aside from the fact that I believe “What good would it do”  (to run to doc, get tests up the gazoo just to get a label.  Why?. . .so I could fixate on it?  In so doing, maybe pull myself down even further or be talked into useless medicine?  Not a path I choose.  My gut or intuit is still good.  And throughout life, have honestly believed that I’ve enjoyed an abundant share of blessings, and that remains.  So I’m good.  If I’m needed elsewhere, I’m good to go, but til then. . life is good. 

So, How have I hurt myself, and what’s the plan?

IMO, I had been playing around with all my ideas and would only put into or onto my body substances which were organic, healthful and of which I approved. . so there wasn’t a lot of risk in my choices.  When it made sense,  if it worked and I seem to be profiting from it – – I kept it as part of my routine.  If there was no change or improvement – that too, was an answer, so it  was dropped.  Over time, my protocol was customised for me and what my body seemed to need.  For many – ya couldn’t ask for much more for an octogenarian. I was happy and doin’ fine.  It was foolish to rock my stable boat. . there was no reason to do so.  One can appreciate another path without having to join it to prove appreciation.  I believe the radical changes from a balanced successful nutritional path (for me) was not in my best interests.  I have paid a rather steep price.  It’s been about six months now. 

The single worst affliction I’ve ever encountered is this Psoriasis thing  which I continue to struggle with.  Its ugly, wretchedly mean – itching, burning, skin cracking and even bleeding.  It goes from the back of both hands and now has reached above my elbows.  I keep dreaming up new formulae and it’s getting better.  Had to buy some H-Psoriasis oil from Healing Natural Oils online, which is rather costly, but is plant based and effective. $60 for 1 ounce (or so).  Have been so busy with the bread, wasn’t into trying to make this too, so called them on phone and told her I was going to make it myself as I had looked up the ingredients and can do – no problem (just not right now). . but needed a healthy discount as there was a whole lot of profit in this formula.  No argument.  So 2nd bottle here soon now.  I WILL NOT  go to medicine for any RX or light.  Doesn’t cure either and is costly.  I plan to knock this out in due course.  It is a simple reflection of internal  imbalance. . and when I figure it out, it’ll probably be gone on its on.  I have given my formula out on what I do for my skin several times.  I use HA and C-Serum after oil cleansing – thats all.  But I put a lot of good stuff in my creams and lotions.  The C-Serum is REALLY helping, big time.. . just sayin’    It’ll help til a true fix comes along  Anyway, I believe this skin disease did come about due to the upset I created in my system with the radical change I put my body thru.  It wasn’t smart, but I will not abuse myself over it.  We live and learn, hopefully, and we can’t do that well if under recrimination.   So love starts in self, for self and gladly radiates outward as a natural consequence.   . . . works for me       

Noticing Self  (or Body) Hackers on Internet (a number of them)

Reading online, it seems to be the new thing these days of Self Hacking  or Body Hacking.  I know it sounds strange.  What is meant by all this;  people have learned that x y and z is truly helpful for correcting, fixing – – bettering (Hacking) whatever problem you may be experiencing.  Some of these people have really gut-wrenching stories, which seems to make their sales pitch more appealing I guess. Whatever works.   But in a recent one I was kinda getting into  I noticed that everything this young man was willing to share with you costs somewhere around $36. or $39.00 – – after joining the VIP club becoming a part of it all.  The club price was up there too. Can’t tell you what a turn off it is to someone like me.  I do what I do as a labor of love, a giving back for the good life I’ve known.  When I find stuff that works,  I share it as that is my joy.    When a physician has distinguished him/herself in ways I admire and they write a book about it,  I’m only too happy to buy their book.  In their books, they are sharing what they too have learned – because it helps others. 

I got to thinking about this. . why, I guess I’m a hacker too.  True I haven’t “invented” a new path or a medicine, but I sure as hell was  into wading thru all the ‘stuff’ out there to see/learn what might serve me best for this or that. . .and why.  Finding it, then wanting to share.  I think it’s a great system.  I have a shameful amount of books (forgive me. . I’m a Virgo)  and I’ll need another 5 or so years to finish reading all my books.   One jumps to mind right off, a book I truly love in every possible way from 2015 by Alberto Villoldo.  He is praised highly by so many other medical voices for “Leading Edge Nutritional Science”  and “an opportunity to move beyond mis-perceived limitations and write new, empowering stories for our lives” and  “demystifying age-old wisdom with practical cutting edge science.  ONE SPIRIT MEDICINE  is the big answer to our health-care problems in the 21st century.  This book will change your life.”  I couldn’t agree more.  In One Spirit Medicine, Alberto speaks of  “hacking” the body as well.  The way he spoke of it, was uplifting.  Jan

March 11, 2018

CA’s Gov Brown still wows me

CA’s Incomparable Gov Brown

In the early 70’s, I had become involved with astrology, seriously.  A friend had told me of her recent experience of a so-called reading from an astrologer which she deemed amazing.  On a lark, I also went to see her. . really not expecting anything – I wasn’t too much into weird sciences, being kind of a traditionalist.   But this lady knew stuff about me which should have been impossible to know. She literally knocked my socks off.  How was this possible?  How could anyone reach into my heart and soul and secret places and ‘see’ such stuff?  Once my eyes were opened to ‘other’ possibilities,  I was driven to learn more. 

So I did.  Studied with her and so many others, including at the ‘Temple of Astrology’ downtown Los Angeles.  I was blessed to have studied there at such a reputable academy. I regarded this ancient, relevant, noble science as almost sacred.  A calling, if you will, if practiced with the dignity and ethics it deserved.  I however, never felt compelled nor comfortable to practice as a professional.  I felt conflicted with regard to free-will and my total acceptance of that supremacy above all else.  Why would that matter?  What do I mean?Maybe it’s not relevant – – but it bothered me.  So often, we go to something  outside ourselves for answers we should find within us.  We feel unsure and possibly vulnerable and liable to believe another who may or may not have a ‘truth or direction’ we seek.  The crystal ball was not what I was after – the divination thing, but instead. . wise choices based on understanding.

Free will and choice are God-given. . . part of who we are.  And part of who we are is to find out ‘why’ we are here.  It is for each of us to find those answers — for ourselves, per our needs. . .at our own pace.   Which is why I got into the study in the first place.  As I went forward, I truly felt there was no better path to self knowledge;  understanding self and others, and with that light into consciousness. . . the falling away of critical judgementalness of others, who are also just trying to be the best they know how to be. 

Anyway, it was during those years of my immersion therein, that friends would ask questions or want answers to one situation or another that a friend gave me Jerry Brown’s birth details and asked if I would draw up a chart and let them know what I found. . if he had a chance at winning in his run for Governor of California.  I had never heard of him, but I fell into total adoration of who he was thru his chart. This was an ethical, moral, almost saintly individual, who had few personal needs, required little, slept on the floor on some kind of mat.  I saw nothing blocking his path.  When he won, his path forward earned him high praise for his service to those in his state.  He was always for the “people.” 

And all these years later,  he’s doing it again.  He doesn’t really ‘walk on water’ . . . but oh, I loved him then and I still do now.  He is one remarkable person.  (How I miss California – – still think of it as ‘home’. . . where I grew up.)  You’ll see what I mean with the article I have below as he defends against tyrannical Washington and their rampant terrorizing of our country and it’s laws, ethics and morals. . . . . is there no end in sight?    Jan

Gov. Brown blast Sessions over ‘sanctuary’ lawsuit


March 1, 2018

Pet Euthanasia file is gone

Post was defiled, then removed; original disappeared, . . was dismayed/rued. so wrote the following – trying to explain.    Inexplicably,  I see the original has “showed up” again, where it has been since written.   I remain confused;  nothing more to say on the matter.  Let your own conscience guide you. . too much bizarre stuff for me to comprehend.  Someone playing games with me?   Maybe WordPress is trying to tell me something.   The blog-style I chose to use hasn’t been supported in years and they have suggested I choose a new one. . but do I have it in me to go thru a whole new learning process.         I donno.  .  .   too much stress lately, probably not.  .  not today        Jan


I have no idea what happened to my post  about my precious pet Heidi and her suffering (and my own) over her illness which ended in her death February 1, 2017.   According to the records I keep manually, the post was called ” PET EUTHANASIA, Painless, safe – cheap” and dated 2-05-17.  There was a photo of her.    I cannot go into it all again, nor do I have the stomach to even try for it. 

Since it was so very painful for me to go through, I had tried to keep it simple – – not rambling on about what she meant to me, nor fully how it impacted me..  I just had in mind to offer to others the means I had found during that night online as  I had been searching for an answer  for weeks to end her suffering as kindly as possible .  . . which, that night, I did. . but she died about two hours later.  I had not been able to ease Heidi’s pain and suffering.         

The intelligent, thoughtful advice I had found  was sincere,  thoughtful,  most loving and had,  from his personal experience carried out this process for his own family’s  quite difficult experience.   He had given anonymously and I had finally found it.  Since it was too late for Heidi, it seemed – – it was probably meant for others. . . which is why I posted it.   When I perceived recently that readers were coming to see Heidi, 2 .  . .   I wondered what that was, so checked on it.   Somehow, it had been retitled.  Showed only Heidi’ picture, no story or reason for being there.  Tried to edit and there was nothing else there.  So I went to my posts and DID find the original – it was fine. Very confusing to me – – where did this  intrusive, damaged file come from – –  how did it get in my blog? The original is still there!  So I went back to the errant replica, which had a distinctly different name from the original . . trashed it.      Returned to original to duplicate it and bring forward , but it was gone.    In retrospect, I should have contemplated such a possibility, but. . .my brain being s bit compromised of late. . it didn’t occur to me until too late.  So all I can do is offer my apology and tell you what I know.  Don’t know how or why this fiasco happened, but I killed this post which was to be of help to others.  I am sorry.    Jan

P.S.   I had searched the internet for weeks trying to find this  kind of information.  Only advice I can suggest is to broaden search word efforts. . remember thinking – it wasn’t where you’d think it would be –  –   I found it – so anyone else can too.  

February 24, 2018

Keep or Reverse Dementia? . . choose. .

Well, obviously, I fought like hell!

And it seems to be working for me. .  . but I’ve been at this for about 15 years.   It’s no one thing  – – it’s the whole shebang.  When I walked away from medicine, I knew it was risky, nor was I trained in any way to act responsibly if one considers ‘other people’s opinion’.  I was fed up with meds which diminished me .  .  .  made me feel crappy,  weakened and dizzy, less energized; the tests, restrictions, costs  — hated it all.  I never approved of pharmaceuticals to begin with.  Just not built that way, and was 100% convinced that meds killed mother who was unable to fathom my perspective on this as she totally trusted doctors as something akin to Godhood.  But she was long gone now – this was on me. 

Of course I was somewhat knowledgeable regarding nutrition and had thought of  myself as some kind of Amazon female who could do almost anything I set my mind on.  .  .  so how hard could it be?  Maybe it takes  that kind of delusion or ignorance to wade into that much of a confusing, mysterious future to try to handle 6 chronic diseases I was being treated for. .  . on my own.  Quite sure my son believed I’d lost it, but there was no going back – I was done with toxic meds, never trusted them back then and am worse now that i have fully turned my attention to how the medical world basically works – – it’s big business. Doctors who figure out something is lacking, after a few years, go on to open up more to natural ways/paths which can allow healing.  These, I honor deeply, for that attitude implies – . .”First, do no harm”   

So my brain and heart were the primary issues – one without the other didn’t matter much.  It seemed to me then and now, that treating one automatically treats the other.  Both have great energy needs – are hungry organs.  (Many past posts have recounted what I do and how I dabbled around, developed my own protocol and cited some of the sources I used).  I’m not a big meat eater (have been ‘often’ a kind of plant-diet-wise person), so I supply much of the needed energy via Amino Acids to these organs to insure their needs are met and oxygen reaches my cells; circulation is being enabled – all to help my body keep on keeping on.  Saw a doctor last June to have my blood drawn to insure I wasn’t on cloud nine with all these efforts.   Apparently the doc could find nothing to criticize, and in fact – all DID look good.  I was pleased. 

When I quit medicine, the very first thing I sent for was NATTOKINASE.  Had begged docs to let me go on Nattokinase, but none had ever heard of it and wouldn’t consider it.  Had protested rat poison for the whole time I was on it (coumadin).  But followed new developments and Nattokinase was far superior to pharmaceutical of any description – with no side effects.  But of course PHRMA couldn’t patent it since it was natural – – so they weren’t interested in it.  And the first thing I got into whole hog was Coconut oil for the Alzheimer’s issue – – used a lot of it – – still use it, but not as much.   I realize that what I do isn’t going to appeal to many of you for any   of many reasons – time constraints, lifestyle and other obligations.  I’m 88 now, live alone and noone to please but myself. And my biggest playroom is my kitchen.  Atop my rather complicated health issues and what I do for them – – I am full-blown into making my KOMBUCHA once again and also the authentic (ancient art) of ‘sourdough bread making.  Distill my daily 2 gallons of water, make Colloidal silver and all own cosmetic and dental products — because I can!  But that’s just me – – I ENJOY IT.  Ya don’t need to do what I do, but if you want to know how and what I mostly do and have been doing.  .  well, I’ve brought over Dr John Bergman who was doing the How to Cure High Blood Pressure Naturally, recently. . which I also loved and espouse.  Here he is again. It’s a ‘big deal.’  Jan

February 20, 2018

A lovely flower grows out of dung

When Power, $ and Greed  RULE

New from Dr Mercola, a truly informative and revealing  peek into how the fates turned everything upside down with a bizaar  court ruling which really pleased my personal ‘sense -of-justice’ in at least one case where an honest medical practitioner tried to speak truth to power while treating and  informing his patients to the highest level of his understanding. .  .  no matter the cost.  This doc is seen in a short video as well as 2 more just as relevant. .  . plus quite fine comments following.    Be informed, .  .  .   and enjoy.        Jan


Natural Medical Doctor’s Hell-on-Earth Experience Ends With Stunning Ruling

It was the ultimate betrayal, insult and even an extreme violation of HIPAA laws. For a medical board to stoop so low was inexcusable – going way beyond yanking all 12 of his medical licenses. He sues the medical board. And you won’t believe what happens next – a real first.

February 18, 2018

BREAD – I’ve been thinking. . .

Let’s bring ‘Bread’ back, ourselves

For some of us – there’s no such thing as retiring, could croak, but not quit.  Recently thought my time was up (as many no doubt noticed – the long spaces between posts). . .but, promise. ..  I’ll relate soonish, want to relate what I think is working for me on a different issue.  This post is not about that.  Instead, once again – it’s about something I dearly love – BREAD. . . Sourdough Bread.  I can’t be the only one who is longingly approving of bread.  But not just any bread.  Gotta be healthy for us;  nourishing and heavenly scented.  And while we’re dreaming, why not HEALING too (helping to repopulate the friendly bacteria in our gut – – which heals, instead of causing so many of our modern day ills as store-bought bread now does?)   

I’m presently awaiting  stone ground whole wheat flour from one online source and a hunk of starter which is from a starter more than 15 years old – – guaranteed to get the job done.  It is originally from a Russian culture and then blended with a Finland culture, then adapted to the environs of several local states in our own country.  I bought this special culture from “Donna’s Live Sourdough Culture” at   Why go this route?   Well, I who am nutso over everything I do in the kitchen, am not really successful getting it done properly using the yeast in the air method to cooperate with me.  Either I did something wrong or didn’t do enough of something,. . . I dunno. When I started on  that fruit diet in September ’17, tossed my starter – had been using, as was disappointed in my efforts.  Threw my Scobies from the Kombucha into my rose garden – they loved it, even some of the roses I thought had died came back and  and reached for life again.  Couldn’t find anyone who was willing to accept my Scoby family.  I am making my KOMBUCHA again,. . . only this time, I created my own Scoby on my own with just the Black Tea and sugar + distilled water and a bit of time.  It was gorgeous and even better than the one I had bought before.  And delicious.   I’m making twice as much now as my son loves it too. One CAN buy good Kombucha in stores, but the law of 2010 limited how commercial Kombucha is made due to the minor liquor content which the carbonating process generates. .  .  .  so homemade is always better and cheaper. 

So if one uses Kombucha,  makes fermented veggies (have put up several recipes – – my own and others over time since 2008), no choice, you’re gonna be healthy.   But for utopia, I want my sourdough bread back. . so I’m gonna have it.   Don’t know how I’ll work it all out, but whatever it takes – – it’ll be worth it.  Let’s remember – BREAD WAS ONCE UPON A TIME  “Healthy Stuff” until commerce decided to make it for us.  Bread was always made with airborne yeast and slow rising (overnite).  They couldn’t do it profitably the way people had always done it (globally), so (baker’s) yeast was developed and used commercially which cut timing down to as little s 40″ for some and a matter of hours for others.   Ingredient changes happened as well.   Even the grains have been altered (genetically modified) and morphed into a product,  becoming harmful instead of healing and nourishing.   People did not know or understand the significance.  Progress may be good for some,   but mostly, the uniformed public is injured.   Allergies, leaky gut syndrome, colon cancer and lots of digestive diseases as well as the loss of one of our favorite foods.  This all happened early last century, but look how our disease level has grown.  Because one thing all love and most still use is bread.   Especially the middle class and those on down in order to keep bellies full.   It’s really only in this last year or two that I have fully realized what has really happened here.  Tho I claim to be an eternal student,  I certainly am not the first to catch on to ‘what is’  .  .  so . . .  do we just say . .’that’s the way it is’ ?   Or can we DO SOMETHING  about it?    Can everybody start breadmaking?  I don’t think they will!. . they could!. . .but they won’t for 1001 reasons.  Still,  why not. .


You know, into groups or clubs. . different sections of people  where we normally gather anyway because we share ‘something,’ or we wouldn’t be gathering in the first place.  It could be discussed . . a sort of bread-baking group done in turns or groups  or even, perhaps some might open up business with slo-baked, natural and (long-forgotten) deliciousness.  Such business still functions abroad, tho not too many of them.  It is more costly first off. . but how much is such a rare blessing worth?  Most of us would pay whatever it takes to get healthful, scrumptious stuff which we actually want.   

We all need this fiber if we would be healthy.  Our satiety levels would improve as well as well as  our joy.  I’m just thinking that there surely can be ways we could share the load burden-wise so that most of us could recapture something which has been taken from us and we didn’t even know it. . .  .  along with the milk issue.  Who knew that “pasteurization”  of bovine milk has made it unsuitable for human consumption  – – look at all those babies who have been ill-served with cow juice; setting up a cascade of allergens and neurological disabilities.  Of course. . . SOY is worse.  It’s a sad thing when a woman can’t nurse or refuses to.  In all my years I’ve never found anywhere to be able to buy old-fashioned RAW MILK just the way the cows gave it long ago.

Well, I certainly don’t have all the answers (I’m sure no ONE individual does), but I’ve managed to find a tidbit of info which is relevant to this subject in the following.   I have a habit of copying info I want to keep or use (one day)  – toss it into ‘Notes’ til needed.  Sorry, I didn’t copy the source and these words were only a part of the whole.  But it’s worth sharing just as it is. . . so I’m sharing.  Found it as my Starter for Sourdough will be here next week and I was scrounging for all the ammo I could find to do it right (if I can).   I’m hoping some or any of you will give this some thought – – why shouldn’t we as people – ordinary, be able to help ourselves retrieve some of what has been lost.   We’re still here, the Earth may be suffering, but she will cooperate if we try.  .  .  just sayin’            Jan

About 95% of the flour used in the USA is white.

Only 20 to 30% of the grains original vitamins are retained.

       Natural leavened bread, because of its inherent beneficial ferments, slowly recreates the population of friendly lactobacillus digestive bacteria in the absorption tract. The end result is a recovery of digestion and proper elimination by the effective action of friendly bacteria. Numerous studies demonstrate that populations with the highest fiber intake have the lowest incidence of colon cancer.

In an article, published in 1984 in East-West Journal, Ronald Kotsch describes why conventionally yeasted bread contributes to disease. “In (conventional) yeast fermentation, the starch cells of the bread actually explode. The patterns they form are identical to those of cancer cells. According to French researcher Jean Claude Vincent, the bio-electrical energy of the dough also is identical to that of cancer cells.”

According to Walter Last, “Undigested gluten from quickly risen bread can seriously weaken the intestinal wall. Its effect on the tiny absorption villi in the small intestine may be compared to the action of sandpaper on wood. Animal experiments have shown that the intestinal absorption villi are long and slender before they come into repeated contact with wheat protein. Afterwards, they become blunt and broad, with a much-reduced ability to absorb. This greatly contributes to the widespread incidence in our society of people with problems of malabsorption and who are missing out on vital nutrients. In such people, not only are the absorption villi blunted, the irritation caused by the sandpaper effect of gluten produces a protective mucus coating over the intestinal wall and this makes it still more difficult for nutrients to pass through the intestinal wall.” 

Thus we find gluten, and especially wheat gluten, implicated in malabsorption diseases, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, cancer, diabetes, and just about every disease under the sun. When things go wrong in our guts we do not receive the nutrition we need. Malnutrition is one of the major factors that lead to disease including cancer.

Since bread and wheat products are such an important part of daily food consumption, it follows that such food items be healthy and wholesome. Today’s milling, refining, bleaching, enriching, and addition of various chemicals to flour and baked breads cause many scientists and medical workers to question their nutritional quality as well as their safety.

Traditionally starters were passed down from generation to generation but if you don’t know someone who has it one can simply mix some flour and water (some suggest starting it with fresh pineapple juice instead of water) and leave it out on the counter for a week or until its bubbling. During this process the natural yeast and bacteria in the air will impregnate the mixture) Sourdoughs are fermented by a variety of lactic acid bacteria, called Lactobacillus, which consume sugar to form carbon dioxide and hydrogen gas. They also produce lactic and acetic acids, which give sourdough breads their distinctive flavor. Traditional sourdoughs do not contain baker’s yeast.

Storage methods for breads that contain no additives are very important to maintain freshness and to avoid spoilage. The staling process begins for regular yeasted bread as soon as the bread is removed from the oven. Sourdough bread on the other hand increases in nutritional value for days. Freezing bread prevents microbial spoilage. Baked bread can be kept frozen for three months without losing flavor. Interestingly, slightly stale bread is more easily digested than fresh bread, up to ten days, after which there is a reversal (Jackel et al., 1952). When I used to make sourdough bread I would make many loafs but would wait two days before freezing any of them to let the natural yeast continue to work in the bread.

Use organic whole wheat stone ground if possible. The toxicity of pesticide residues on food depends on whether organs, including the liver, have the ability to metabolize them and their resulting metabolites (Hayes & Borzelleca, 1982). There is evidence that pesticides also interact with other chemicals and nutrients in the diet (Dubois, 1972). Chronic poisonings have occurred from ingesting aflatoxins from grain due to inappropriate cleaning (Opitz, 1984; Pfander et al., 1985).

There are several advantages to stone-ground wheat flour. The endosperm, bran, and germ remain in their natural, original proportions. Because the stones grind slowly, the wheat germ is not exposed to excessive temperatures. Heat causes the fat from the germ portion to oxidize and become rancid and much of the vitamins to be destroyed (Aubert, 1989). The nutritional importance of using fresh stone-ground grains for bread-making was revealed in the results of feeding studies in Germany (Bernasek, 1970). Rats were fed diets consisting of 50% flour or bread. Group 1 consumed fresh stone-ground flour. Group 2 was fed bread made with this flour. Group 3 consumed the same flour as group 1 but after 15 days of storage. Group 4 was fed bread made with the flour fed to group 3. A fifth group consumed white flour. After four generations, only the rats fed fresh stone-ground flour and those fed the bread made with it maintained their fertility. The rats in groups 3 to 5 had become infertile. Four generations for rats is believed to be equivalent to one hundred years in humans.

February 12, 2018

HBP, Lower it Naturally?

Would I waste your time, if it couldn’t?

Following is a fun packed video with Dr John Bergman on a very serious subject – –  ALL ABOUT BLOOD PRESSURE.  This man speaks a truth I know and is part of how I’ve lived.   

25 years ago Doctors had me on HBP meds as mandatory if I had any intention of helping to raise my 2 granddaughters. . . or I would for sure “Stroke Out.”  Terrifying thought, so  I acquiesced.  I had only gone to him as I was in a new state (to me) and was hoping to finally find a good doc to give me thyroid meds which I had been trying to accomplish since my early twenties (then in my early sixties).   I resisted as was my wont since Mother had been on 18 daily meds in her last decade.  .  .  and I privately thought all that medicine did her in. I took no meds of any kind. . .  maybe Advil with a headache.   

My diet was pretty clean other than my passion for chocolate and anything dairy.   Never got Thyroid meds from any doc as my ‘numbers’ had always been within normal limits;  every  doctor I had spoken to never ‘heard’ or responded to my list of complaints (which it turns out were fairly classic).  So forty years of neglect turned my underactive gland into overactive somehow. . and then toxic and needed to come out. . . (mid 60’s).  Refused removal,  accepted almost two years of radiation therapy – – hated it, but wasn’t willing to give up my body parts. .(praying and rooting for my precious gland the whole time).  Somehow, it wouldn’t die. . was very resilient – and I was pleased.  With the internet, found I could just buy my own iodine and my gland and I have been truckin’ along Okay.  As any fool can see,  I’m a terrible, opinionated patient – – wouldn’t wish me on any doctor.  Well, if I would have come across someone like Dr Bergman here, or any of a number of doctors who have been highlighted here at ‘smokinchoices”. . life could have been better. 

As to the blood pressure meds, Medicine could never ‘control’ my blood pressure and prescribed still an additional one which I refused and shortly thereafter quit seeing doctors completely.  Had been a cardio patient for a decade, so that meant I had to get serious and grow a bigger knowledge base if I were to survive.  Arthritis, Serious AFib,  HBP, COPD and there’s the Alzheimer’s thing along with the thyroid gland.    Heart and brain were my largest concerns.  I have learned what is good for one is also excellent for the other.   Both huge energy demands (hungry organs).  I would check my BP daily, became a juicer – not much I wasn’t willing to do.  . .  .  books, internet, lotta effort to try and get it right. My efforts led to a protocol which seemed to work for me.  I relaxed into it as I saw I was doing okay.  Months would go by and I checked BP less and less.  No longer worried.  Now, almost never do.  Glad to hear Dr. Bergman discuss that the way he did.   I loved this video so much, his demeanor, attitude. . brilliant logic of what is. . just hoping the beauty and truth of it gets thru to those of you with concerns over this issue.  Hearing and watching this is WORTH your time.  Jan 




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