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November 20, 2017

Venus under ‘raging assault’. . still

 Assault on all levels continue, we fight back

Even as Eve tried showing her preference. . . back in ‘the’ garden, and was evicted from paradise;  it seems the burden of her fate, nevertheless – – permeated the eternal ether – – projecting forward throughout all time, as we have lived-witnessed it.  Is there to be no forgiveness?. . . so little comprehension of the absurdity/cruelty and absolute injustice to the so-called weaker, more frail of the two sexes?  Was our ‘creator’ really so offended? . . . did he/she actually have such a great need for total obedience/fealty?  To tell you the truth, I honestly don’t know.  As I grew into adulthood and forward,. .  .  my views have deepened and broadened to a comfortable, more global perspective of creativity, divinity, as in both loving force and universal glue.

The God of my childhood, I’m sorry to say was scary,  as I was terrified of HIM. . no matter how much Mother loved, trusted him and so often spoke to him as she poured out her heart.  Somehow, she was born to this intimacy and trust with the almighty  to whom she was totally devoted.  But then, she also adored her father (and she seemed to be, quaintly – his favorite among his 12) tho, he beat the unholy crap  out of her whenever he deemed it necessary.  Some stuff, I’ve never understood. .s’ beyond me.  Was an outsider along those lines, but toed whatever line was laid before me the best I could, because I believed Mother when she said God cold read my every thought. Kid you not – messed with my head, a lot.  Because she “could” read my mind – she said it was right there on my forehead, and  as I  had already learned. . it was and she could! 

But, all this aside.  .  it seems women (Venus) has never experienced true equality with men (Mars).  Sure, we’ve progressed beyond the caveman dragging his wench into the cave on demand, thank God.  But it’s not enough. 

Nature has wisely fashioned us in such a way that we do and will always need one another. . . it’s built into our design.   Spelled  out it’s SEXUAITY.    Of course, there is the physical dynamic which is a big driving force – men and women alike, admitted or not.  But it’s more than bedroom pleasure, it’s  also in daily camaraderie, give and take, the inborn attractions between us.  Some appetites are bigger than others, no matter – – we’ll always find a way toward balance and equilibrium, because of how, what and who we are.  It can be a learning  process.  If we weren’t taught as children to share, and say please. . ya know – get along, .  .  .  we become bullies and just grab what we think  we want – – cooperation not needed.  When these tactics don’t yield satisfaction (no GOOD feelings),  we can start to grope around for something else which can leave us feeling better;  further effort can bring successful living. . no matter what.   s’ the way it works. 

So, the ‘attraction’ part is an inborn given.  However, successful living is based on ethics,  morality, equality and the LAW.  All of this is truly needed for any of it to become norm.  So far,  it hasn’t happened.   Again progress has been made.  Venus has broken glass-ceilings in almost all the professions, arts and trades, the military, .  . . much of it having been hard-won over huge obstacles.  Venus is showing/ demonstrating to the world her capacity, capability, willingness, strength-of-purpose and desire to do what?    Her equality in strength in size or muscle – NO, nothing to do with that whatsoever;  her desire to be whatever she wishes for herself. . .her expression of who she is,  her right to be who and what she is capable of being.  Because, it’s fair, the right to BE, CHOOSE for oneself.   As it should be.  That’s what it is for our sons — why not the same for our daughters? 

These freedoms  – – our so-called RIGHTS aren’t gender-specific,  they are neutral.  .  apply to all.  Even so, certain extremists feel driven, compelled to assert restrictions over female reproductive systems.  Going on for centuries.  We do have laws which allow equal rights to all UNDER THE LAW.  Nevertheless,  as the number of states multiplies who have imposed HARSH RELIGIOUS  RESTRICTIONS with regard to personal choices, medically – – whether it is reproductive or not is totally without basis UNDER THE LAW!  Our Supreme courts do not serve the United States of GOD, . . but instead – THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  This is a country of people who chose these and make these decisions and America has already chosen to say BUT OUT – this is what we want. The Supreme Court honored this.  It is the Law! 

40 – 50 years ago, I was willing to go to the wall for this law, because it was and still is – THE RIGHT THING TO DO. Yes, I  would have died for this as I believe in it, tho I have no skin in the game.  My problem was always Why can’t I get a baby?    (Married 7 years befor son came along)  Government has no place, reason or cause to interfere with a woman’s right to care for her body and life decisions for her own personal  choice without explanation or justification. It’s nobody’s business but her own (and maybe her doctor).  It is certainly not the business of a bunch of biased, bigoted extremists to decide otherwise.  The bible isn’t into nor does it cover abortion.  But it has plenty to say about giving to Caesar, and honoring the Laws of the Land.

Don’t keep trying to test the FEMALE population of our country – – WE WON’T STAND FOR IT.   For God’s sake, why can’t you just but out – – live and let live?  Surely any 1/2 intelligent person could find something worthwhile to do with all their free-time to enrich rather than disrupt.         


Get so carried away sometimes. . if I touch the faucet – it just gushes out.   Moyers and Company did it to me again,. .and there I go  !          so,  ya can blame him     This is so special;  sorry, it really took me back a few years.  It’s so damned important.  Won’t say ‘enjoy’. . it’s not that kind of thing .    But Bill Moyer’s “NO CHOICE” is relevant and needing action + Bill’s message @ end of it                                                         Thanks for tolerating me            Jan


November 5, 2017

From chaos, change can rise

We’re all feeling this 

One might hope that readers who visit “Smokinchoices” will  understand that I have literally turned myself inside out in order to NOT discuss the current political climate; . . yes, my aversion runs that deep.  The bias and disgust surges out. . and I’ve tried so hard to not do that to myself – – or you.  Even tho it may seem somewhat passe these days,  still do truly enjoy – – yea, even thrive on intelligent discussion as expressed by others whom I very much admire.   so, I’m letting others do the engaging who abide by the rules of ‘good conduct’ without making fools of themselves as I have done (as with my tirades on Hillary last year before, in the end – voting for her [holding my nose]. . .   .  or the endless running on [and on] I did on the vulgar ‘fart’ who now resides on Pennsylvania Avenue.. . not that I could be accused of any such bad behavior. .!  So, you see what I mean? 

We mustn’t glorify who we are. . we’ve had a kinda strange history – – crack open any history book for proof.  We are basically a robust, capable, earthy and diverse complex of all known. . variety of our species,. . . with both fire and  braun. . yet manifesting a delicate. . even poetic gentleness among us.  We can be angelic, creative – builders, and some rowdy and daring and determined or courageous.  We can be raucous or dreamers, fighters or lovers.  We are diverse.  Not alike.   Nothing wrong with any of that. Because of individual backgrounds, ethnicity,  how we think,. . what drives us. . we ARE all different.  No way we can think alike. We aren’t going to agree on too many things.   

But mostly, we kinda like — PREFER our country; how we do things, the freedom to choose or be whatever ‘we decide’ because we know our rights to be and choose is guaranteed.  Comes with being an American.  We honor ethics here (tho our definition may differ), and integrity (tho  some are out to get anything they want any way at all).  Still, these principles run through our society and our educational systems.  It is easy to show and give respect to others, because,  essentially. . .that’s how we live and learn to do it.  It works.  Even tho we are not the same.  And in all this, we know how good this is because America excels in distinctive ways which we take for granted, because that’s how Democracy works. And most of us, wouldn’t have it any other way.  When one suffers – others do too;  because we care about one another,. .s’the way it works.   Much of the world admires/trusts us. . . who we are.

Multitudes become upset when status quos are jimmied, rules broken, systems disparaged – – when lies and deception become the norm. When our national mood of patriotism and cooperation goes up in a cloud of smoke born of trauma, fear and distrust and even pain.  But this is where many of us are now. . and getting scarier every day.  How could any of this be happening? Easy to sink into stress and concern when one’s world goes upside down.  Everything changes. Everyone knows this isn’t right – it shouldn’t be happening.  Our way of life worked – not perfectly, but had a proper routine which served the needs of all of us and was working to make it better. Instead we’re invaded by mad-men and haters and those who are pitting us one against the other, leaving us with chaos in the streets.           And it’s hard to avoid. . on TV nite and day, in the papers, etc.,. etc.,..  enough, already!

Because all the above which can’t be avoided,   I chose to offer something I found from Moyers and Company and automatically was reminded that cool heads can discuss any of this dispassionately without sinking into despair or ugliness. . . instead this insightful discussion reminded me of much about us; some of our strengths and how we have repeatedly come thru bitter times like these.  We can endure, become stronger and wiser and hopefully learn a thing or two.  Just might help renew our faith in ourselves. . we can get through this.   It helps that Bill Moyers is one whom I trust and a favorite source of life’s relevant stuff. And his discussion is with a brilliant historian/writer.   It’s quite a long discussion covering much while showing us that we have gone thru such weird times often in our history in both worse and lesser degrees.  I have attempted to whet your appetie with a couple of isolated paragraphs.  I was helped,  hope you are too.    Jan

Moyers: So Republican Sens. Jeff Flake and Bob Corker gave up, and others, like Sen. Lindsey Graham, gave in. And here are the headlines in The New York Times:


  • Acquiesce or Go Home
  • Party With Less and Less Room for Older Breed Of Conservative

In other words, Donald Trump owns the Republican Party.

Rick Perlstein: That’s right. It’s like Ivory soap, “99 and 1/100 percent pure,” remember? Oh, the apostasy of Jeff Flake. The senator from Arizona gives this very histrionic speech about how Trump has introduced evasion and demagoguery and all these awful things into the Republican Party — and then announces he’s quitting. He’s really saying, “I’m not going to fight it. I’m going to surrender to it.” Remember, he’s voted 90 percent of the time with the Trump/Republican agenda. And then later that day, he and the other brave, bold critic in the Republican establishment, Sen. Bob Corker, both voted to end the rule that would have allowed people to sue banks and credit card companies that rip them off. They get to have their cake and eat it, too. They basically make a material contribution to the very damage to the body politic in the afternoon that they decry in the morning.

.    .    .    .   .

Perlstein: Life’s unfair, no? So I’m saying, I wouldn’t get too hopeless. Some interesting things are happening now. 

Moyers: I don’t recommend any rose-colored glasses, Rick. You have written over and again that our society has never been one of consensus. Americans are always in conflict, polarized, competing and fighting.

Perlstein: Our national community builds in the act of transcending original wounds. If you think back to the late 18th century to the constitutional convention where delegates were trying to figure out a way to hold together a nascent commercial society in the North and a feudal society in the South, and doing it over the bodies of enslaved Africans and yet at the same time were superintended by a new Constitution professing ideals of liberty and individual dignity — man, that’s very heady stuff and not something that lends itself to easy accord. We’d like to believe that we’re united and at peace with ourselves and that we have the will to transcend and even repress those original psychic wounds— 

Moyers: But we’re yoked to reality, including human nature—

Perlstein: Which gets us in a heck of a lot of trouble. So I try to get people to face hard truths in the interest of a difficult healing and a grace that is not cheap. 

Moyers: The most somber realist in the White House, despite passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, was Lyndon Johnson. He kept watching [Alabama Gov.] George Wallace campaigning in primaries rallying white Democratic voters. Wallace would in effect say things like, “I’m all for the New Deal. I’m just not for it for black folks.” Johnson saw the blowback coming.

Well, not successful getting the story over here. [I really should just hang-it-up as  seem to have forgotten how to do simple stuff.]  Of course one is granted freedom to share it anywhere, but I don’t remember how to get it from my email to my blog.. . Still not putting my glasses in the frig, but am the first to admit – just not as sharp, or agile as a year or two ago.  So I’ll type the link and you can copy and paste into your browser.    Hope it works,  you might find it truly worthwhile and informative.   J



October 24, 2017

Humans are Frugivores ?. . huh?

A peek @ the path I’m on now. . feel I owe you – need to share

It’s not what I’m used to — change can be a challenge,  but is sure easy, less costly to do.

Actually, I put this video up in mid-September when I discovered Dr Robert Morse, but somehow, it never became a post.  I was so blown away by the implications of possibility, that it was literally, impossible to let it go.  What if this is true!  If it is — how could humanity have veered so far away from our destined path.  Is it reasonable to expect answers?  Only way I’ll “know” is to test the premise for myself.  I have almost buried myself in the study, few books and much online search.   And for sure, I sent for his book “THE DETOX MIRACLE SOURCEBOOK.”  W/O the book, didn’t know what else to do but eat grapes and melons.  

Of course, I started the fruit diet within a few days – after a trip to the store. . and never looked back. Have to admit I enjoyed the fruit, bananas including honeydew and watermelon plus a ton of grapes. That was about a month ago.  Still like all, but with the cooling weather, I’m missing my warm food.   (have roasted zucchini, cauliflower and different colored peppers, plus a sweet potato/drowned in butter and garlic seasoned with sea-salt) one night when I was feeling a tad rebellious. I swooned with joy. Surprisingly, about 30 – 40 minutes later, I began to feel somewhat loggy, heavy. . dull.  I kid you not.  Had grown to expect that special “brightness” I’d had, but with just that one meal of cooked veggies (which are totally acceptable, organic, marvellous choices. . hands down!)  Never happened when I added gorgeous salads – quite often whenever I felt I needed more “food.”  So that remains an item I must figure out. 

Having watched Dr Morse on youtube so often – maybe 20 or 30 of those videos, I get it that more variety is okay, but cooking on this DETOXING  thing is not good (reduced/delayed). Valuable nutrient is destroyed by  heat. . and I do know that.  My plan includes to become as healthy as I didn’t know I “WASN’T”.  My June ’17 blood-draw was enviable. I’m really, by most standards,  a pretty healthy  person (even with my five chronic diseases which I seem to be handling fairly well)  Brain seems fine, heart is holding it’s own and nothing else matters as much to me as these two organs. .(dumb thing to say!) 

One of the things which set Dr Morse apart from any other practitioner (Naturopathic or not) is his huge emphasis on the importance of the lymphatic system (as the sewer of the body). It carries away the waste from every other feature, cell, organ, etc of the entire body.   Generally exits thru the kidneys and skin.   Actually – this was the biggest news for me when I realized that one could actually ‘see’ this in action.  When the lymphatic system is doing it’s job as it is designed to do, . . all systems are a go; one is healthy with no problems. (diseases)   One of the ways we have,  is to pee in a jar/put the lid on it/ place in refrigerator for four hours to 24.  If kidneys are filtering – there will be impurities appear and settle to the bottom of jar.  Could be a whole lot of ‘stuff’, stringy stuff, gelatinous stuff or even like a shaken snow-globe full-of-stuff.  Mine has nothing in it, just clear yellowish, kinda pretty urine.  That’s not good.  It needs garbage in it that my body  has sloughed off in just metabolising its food – and all the other glands and organs too.  It’s either exiting the body or it is messing stuff up inside us and we don’t know the damage until the whatever manifestation shows up as some “cause-unknown”disease.  No one knows why these things happen.  And we buy it – over and over.  One could say – the body is talking to us. . but who’s listening? . . who knew we should find meaning in this?  Well it makes sense to me, and I’m damned if I will wait a year tinkering around the edges’  my MO is whole hog, so I’m staying with it.

Have secured some herbs and stuff to help my body  in this task.  Which reminds me that I found another site where one can get most of the low-down on this group of people in how they operate, what they do, and how they  help one another.  It’s called “”  It has headings across the top row, and I started with HOME.  Had I found this earlier, wouldn’t have had to buy the book as almost everything is to be found there (and I’ve DL’d much). . just sayin’  . . .   Also,  one of the link references was a lady by the name of Susan Weeks who is knowledgeable with tinctures, etc.,.   Loved her site  – –  She teaches what she does as well as writing books, especially for menopausal women. I would seriously recommend her understanding of anything herbal. 

To detox, will rid the body of unwanted stuff from pharmaceuticals and other toxins, and all the stored waste product the body is not eliminating as it should.  Staying inside our body guarantees, it doesn’t just putrefy, it forms into cysts, pustulas, growths and tumors.   Glands and organs malfunction and corrupt and die; systems falter; we weaken, breakdown and die.  Sooner or later, we are all gonna die, but how much nicer to die in a whole, functioning body which serves us well til we no longer wish to do so.  Oh,  I’ve  lived long enough,  had a great life filled with spectacular people (family, friends and co-workers) and have kept finding new avenues of expression,  new reasons to be and enjoy; to love and revel at the wonder of it all.  This new path kinda fits with my need to be the best I can be. . . (not better than anyone else), just a personal thing. . like my mom,. . my husband,. . son, ya do it cuz ya can. . .if you want to.  Honestly, didn’t mean to get so endless. . .  .  just wanted to share this video – – I loved it a month ago and again tonite when I found it hiding out in my to-do stuff.   

I love the way Dr Morse ‘splains the process.  Adore the way he seems to have a passion for our souls. . without a trace of dogma. . seemingly universal, which I can handle well enough.  Mostly, I’m fascinated by his brilliance and distinguished background, tho he delivers all with such great simplicity and so caringly.  I do hope that each of you, in listening and watching this video will find a bit of info or enrichment to make it worth your while as you absorb  the message.   . . be well, and happy,  Jan


October 18, 2017

Clean your fresh food

Protecting your health

How to Clean Your Fruits and Vegetables Naturally

How to Clean Your Fruits and Vegetables Naturally
I found this article at the site which has improved my comfort zone (of safety) for all the fresh food I’m eating now.   Actually, that’s all I’m eating and  loving it.   Feeling better, lighter, brighter.  Food bill is lower now, as is my kitchen time less (tho I loved playing in the kitchen – just a big part of me) . . but I have other parts which are now granted more time. .and am liking some of the changes. 
I probably won’t be shouting from the rooftops on my latest lifestyle changes of living on raw foods (for now, mostly fruit).  Let’s face it, who’s gonna believe an 88 year-old who seems to have ‘lost it’ ?   My body (laboratory) is feeling happier, more energized and at a weight I haven’t experienced since I was in early 20’s.  Not hoping for miracles, but happy and willing to see where this will go – – how far. . can this actually restore my balance?   Since I don’t accept old age as a disease. . it was easy for me to open to the idea that all this loss of function and so on that elders seem to face is nothing more than breakdown of systems which have become disabled through inflammation-wrought toxicity. . .which is to say — acidic.  So-called disease flourishes within a toxic state (ACID as opposed to alkalinity).   Therefore, it pays to think of cause area in a whole different light.  To change, especially since I’ve long-stated.. “you are what you eat”. . (and can digest and utilize),  . . if I keep doing the same thing (which by current standards of informed thinkers — is actually excellent, if not near perfect. . I should expect the same result!   But that’s my problem — don’t want the same result;  to be truly healthy and reflect that in life,  one needs to be far more alkaline.  That’s kinda achievable with an open mind and a bit of effort and willingness to do.   That, I have. 
Anyway,  knowing that what I’m doing would sound alien to almost anybody – man, woman or child – well, kids would do okay, since they love and prefer fruits over almost anything else.  We’ve all grown up eating meat and potatoes,  and most of us love breads and dairy (actually, the major cause area of a large percentage of “diseases.”) and the massive percentage of protein based foods does us in. Even if it’s all the cleanest, most organic or expensive one can find.   It’s a question of acid or base.  I’m working on the detox phase (and probably will for some time)  befor I start with the rebuilding or next phase.   Not trying to be cagey or secretive.  I DID share this concept with you all when I stumbled onto Dr Robert Morse with a post called “How much Fruit are U eating” ?   There are a number of sites, plus a few hundred hours of videos on Youtube.  Gave a link on previous post,  but am putting another one below, where I got this interesting and informative article.  This is a good site.  If I had found it before, I no doubt  probably wouldn’t have bought the book, because it’s got the  “How-To’s” if anyone is interested.  But the book is  XLNT.  
Will not proselytise,  going on about how you or anyone should do this.  Really not expecting company on this journey, because it sounds too weird for most people — but this will be my focus henceforward.  This is a corner I’ve turned and will no doubt color any output I may have down the road.  Can’t promise anything. . just know, I’m still doing what I love,  enjoying it, but respect everyone’s right to choice;  therefore will not in any way criticise what you do with it.  We’re still kinda free.  take care,  Jan

October 4, 2017

5 to Stay alive/Oct 17

Too much beyond ‘our own control’

be informed – – gain control


Dr Harry back again for October covering some issues regarding Pain killers, Spin classes, Lyme disease Rhabdo                             and some vicious vaccines for all (starting with newborns).   Don’t want to miss this one.

October 3, 2017

Special kind of pain

Tennessee Coach Butch Jones

The October 1, 2017 game between Georgia 41/Tennessee 0     was course, very painful for Tennessee.  This was almost too                much to bear.

Such things happen to all of us sometimes, tho I have never seen such agony in full view – on camera before.                                                                                                                                 

Would everyone please, send this man some love and compassion?

How much ‘Fruit’ are U eating?

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WHAT IF, There was a better way?

Wouldn’t it be a kick in the head if we’d been doing it all wrong?  I’m not saying that we have. . . but what if.  .  ?

What if  our super smart bodies have been turning themselves inside out trying to thrive on incorrect foods which not only are NOT the best choice for maximum health, utility and function . . . able to live, enjoy, do whatever is desired. . .including being able to reproduce throughout all our years.   Would that be something that maybe we could or should look into?

Eternal student that I am (hopefully, always open to the new), and using my body as my laboratory. . . have been looking into just that of late (the last couple of weeks).   I’m still working on it.   In quest for truth as I can understand it, I have been doing/eating nothing but fruit, berries and melons of every ilk. . . especially grapes – tons of  them.  From the first day, I was aware of a subtle brightness (hard to describe it as anything else).   Have been satisfied and having fun.  Didn’t know if I could give up my play time in the kitchen, realising how much I love to cook (since childhood).    Have thrown  out my Sourdough and starter;  have made my last of the delicious KOMBUCHA and am giving the last batch away.  Gonna miss that!  Am still indulging a huge salad daily in the afternoon.  So far, so good. 

Am keeping on with my heart protocol, but have seemingly abandoned most of the other supplements, etc., that I have carefully researched and settled on over the years.  (Essentially, scientifically documented and intelligent procedural paths for a simpler one; theoretically, a higher order of preferred nutritive value.)   So far, so good.  I’ll be spending less money,of course even with the ‘organic’ guidelines. 

I didn’t dream this stuff up;  found it accidentally online researching something else.  It blew me away. . . only pursued it because it was so bizarre,  but the element of familiar truth prodded me into a full on ‘look-see’.  Have not looked back.  Will give you some links to what I’m seeing/doing now.  Jan

  1. The FRUIT DIETARY REGIME – first video I saw where I got synced with Dr Morse’s Fruitarian thing

       2. Youtube link:

October 1, 2017

Act/Vote to cut BIG PhRMA costs

Gotta “Vote” YES to cut those costs

The Governmental mess we have presently is not conducive to want to vote for anything. . believe me – I understand!  Almost beyond thinkable or watchable.  But please, value at least your own interests.  .  .  don’t let The pharmaceutical industry continue to win every issue they set their mind to.  PROFIT is the only issue for them.  Not safety, our health and/or welfare or whether their toxic meds even do anything remotely like they suggest they do.   If they don’t kill us outright, they bury us in debt     

I found a couple of articles in current papers online and have recapped some of each simply to make the point without regard to sources.  The FDA,   our court system, nor any part of our government will step up and protect us from the medical travesty we face.  Indeed – it continues to escalate almost to the point of no-return.     

For one thing, it’s hard to get Americans to pull together behind any single cause. . . we are so diverse, as we should be – no two the same.  Tho we are more alike than we are different – – whose gonna do it?. . . organize us, . . get on the same page?  Well, it  happens that someone is  doing his damnedest to bring those medical drug costs down!  Has been doing it in his state of California (the story below speaks of it).   No one has more money than the drug companies (and we all gave it to them) – they get what they want!  I can’t change stuff – stop them, make them behave. . . nor can you.  But together, on the same page at least on this one thing – WE CAN STOP THEM.  The turnout of our Ohio voters was pretty sad;  that was yesterday.  This can be a new day, dig down, you do care.  Stop this abuse. . . take back your power.  Our vote gives us at least – that.  I don’t – won’t use any PhRMA period, but that’s just me- – oddball that I am.  And I WILL  definitely vote for this cost reduction and the meager restrictions it will have on Pharmaceuticals.  It’s not enough, but it sure is better than nothing.   I vote YES on 2 – lower that cost!        Jan


Ohio’s drug price ballot issue: What’s really going on?

An initiative aimed at controlling drug prices that’s headed to Ohio’s November ballot has already caused much heated debate.

As both supporters and opponents of the Ohio Drug Price Relief Act — Issue 2 on the November ballot — air TV ads and make claims about the initiative’s impact, it can be difficult for voters to understand what’s really going on.  (ya think?)

What does the ballot issue say?

Issue 2 would require that the state, including the Ohio Department of Medicaid, pay the same or lower prices for prescription drugs as the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs — which currently negotiates drug prices 20 to 24 percent less than other agencies. (helps, but rest of world pays far less than we do)

It would forbid any state agency or state-funded program — Medicaid, state prisons, the Ohio HIV Drug Assistance Program for example — from entering into a purchase agreement with drug manufacturers unless the net cost of the drug is the same or less than the VA pays.


The Californian behind Issue 2 — the prescription drug price relief proposal on Ohio’s Nov. 7 ballot — has only biting words for his opponent — Big Pharma.  Michael Weinstein, president of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, talked about the pharmaceutical industry’s “big lie” in a conference call with Ohio reporters on Wednesday.

The TV ad campaign waged by the industry-funded Ohioans Against the Deceptive Rx Ballot Issue falsely suggests that he and his nonprofit would profit financially from passage of Issue 2, Weinstein said.   “That’s been the primary basis for the shameful, sleazy campaign financed by dark money” provided by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, the trade group representing drug makers, Weinstein said.

He also labeled some drug makers as “the same people who got Ohioans hooked on opioids in the first place.” Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has sued five drug companies, alleging they violated laws in peddling opioids to create addicts and prop up profits.

Weinstein also called out pharmaceutical companies for refusing to disclose their contributions to oppose Issue 2 and challenged any of their chief executive officers to debate the merits of the issue. The Ohio Elections Commission is hearing a complaint on Thursday that anti-Issue 2 forces have illegally failed to disclose their contributors.

He estimates that drug companies will spend up to $60 million, or more, to beat back Issue 2. “Obviously, we’re the underdog, David vs. Goliath, and they are going to spend as much money as it takes.” Weinstein’s nonprofit is spending millions on the pro-Issue 2 campaign.

“This should be a debate between principles — not hired guns,” he said. “The CEOs of these companies know they cannot lean on the issue of drug pricing, so they have to change the issue.”

Dale Butland, spokesman for Ohioans Against Issue 2, said, ”“Lies? Since Issue 2 would neither reduce drug costs for consumers nor save money for taxpayers, forget Burger King — Mr. Weinstein’s campaign is now the home of the Whopper. Which is why newspaper editorials all across the state … are urging Ohioans to vote ‘no’ on Issue 2.”

Opponents and the drug industry claim such a scheme would be difficult to implement and could backfire, causing drug shortages and higher prices for other consumers.

Weinstein said his AIDS nonprofit is recognized as the largest of its kind in the world and serves more than 820,000 clients internationally, including 17,000 in Ohio. “We won’t be making any money off this … All dollars earned go back to our mission,  Voters in Ohio should know the ads they are seeing are being paid for by the money they pay for drugs,” he said.

  • Ohio’s Issue 2 is nearly identical to one defeated by 53 percent of the vote in California last year. Big Pharma spent $110 million on the campaign; Weinstein’s nonprofit spent $19 million.

September 29, 2017

No Face surgery, just easy care. .

Some wonder about my skin

When chatting with others in stores, while shopping and selecting my fresh foods;   small-talk can start so easily.  Sometimes it lengthens a bit more.  Enjoyable.  If I speak of “smokinchoices” or mention my age. .  .  a look can cross their face as they reach for words to express their surprise.  .  sometimes I can almost sense. .”wonder what she’s done to her face, . . facelift, probably. ”     Not the sort of thing you ask someone about without seeming to be rude.  If they seem interested, I offer them my card for the blog.   It’s kind of amusing, and I don’t mind it.     I have been blessed with  pretty good genes, but there are a few things I’ve learned to do which helps my skin be as reflective of health and deliberate care which allows it to look as it does.  In case  this might be of interest to some  of you, I’m happy to share.   Rest assured. its DIY cosmetology, not surgery or from any other professional.   

The Oil Cleansing Method

As with my teeth,  I generally do these ablutions before bedtime.    First, I slather on some oils I ‘ve mixed,  kept in a bottle in the bathroom cabinet  for cleansing.  This can be any choice which appeals to you, sesame, avocado, macadamia, olive-oil, castor oil is less costly and can be the mainstay (up to a third), argan or ylang-ylang  or apricot, etc.,.   Dryer skin may need less castor oil and more of one of the richer oils.  I let the oils remain on my skin while I tend my teeth which I’ve gone into fairly recently (see that post].   Then, using an absorbent washcloth and hot (as you can stand it} running water > hold the hot, wet cloth to your face and neck a short while;  repeat a few times, then wring out the cloth and wipe the oils from your skin. . gently a time or two. Face should feel spectacular. . nothing more need be done.   At this point, I used to dab on some of the  Tallow Balm I make from the suet of grass-fed (organic and pure) beef bought at an organic  butcher.  This too, has been shared with you as this fabulous cream can be quite costly to buy commercially, but so very cheap with DIY.      Of late,, . I do a further step (before the Balm) Next:

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Vitamin C Serum

 This cosmetic combination is extraordinarily effective to keep skin moisturized  plump and dewy looking.  Some call it miraculous – – like a face lift in a bottle.   This is a rather popular, accepted, well established procedure which one can find all over the internet. Very costly to buy commercially. . .but again —  inexpensive to make at home.  Of course, I’ve tinkered around kinda customising it as you no doubt would expect that I would do to try to make it as effective and healthy  (good for the skin) as possible.   My C-Serum looks different from most because I use natural, organic Vit C  for the C content and a bag of well-steeped green tea for its ‘antioxidant effect,’ but helps give it that yucky color. . . fortunately no one can tell you’re wearing yuk.

These two products  are meant to be used/worn together. . . on a freshly cleaned face.  (I don’t use soap on my face).   apply  first the C-serum via the dropper onto face/neck  – all over here and there, gently.  Feels good, no negative reaction like stinging which can happen with using the L – Ascorbic Acid (only) part of vitamin C rather than the natural, entire complex of C of which Ascorbic Acid is only one part.  Both of these products are totally natural – not preserved –  nothing synthetic in it. . .so they must be shaken each time of use, recapped  and put back in refrigerator (will last for weeks if kept cool). 

Vitamin C – serum is a workhorse.  It is healing;  is capable of smoothing out many problems  as well as promoting much needed collagen.  Shamefully, I hadn’t made my dual formulae in well over a month or so — just couldn’t get around to it (tho it goes together in a snap). Skin missing it.  Had grown some ugly bumps and one looked kinda like a mole, altho a scabby one – up near the hairline.  Last week – back to normal with my routine going again  (recipes to follow). . in 3 – 4 days, skin smooth and clear.   So relieved.  The combo will help refine those pores .  .  .  all blessings which can make a less-than-perfect (or aging) skin look quite acceptable.  

The HA (Hyaluronic Acid) is what plumps up the skin because it can hold up to 1K times its own weight in water.  This is why the skin must be kinda moist [from the C-serum], to grab some moisture and hold it in.  The HA as used is a  ‘gel’. . goes on easy. . slides around.   It’s gorgeous what it does for skin.  HA never removes water from the skin — it ADDS water to it. There must BE water there to absorb.  So if skin isn’t moistened,  just dab some wet fingers around the face and throat.  Then, using the dropper, apply the HA gel on entire surface.  Nothing more needs to be done.  But this is where I dab some Tallow Balm here and there..  One could instead, dab on some moisturizer or other cream of choice if one chooses.  Nothing else however, is needed.  Use it once a day either rising or bedtime or both,. . .whatever.  You be the judge.   



Note:  To buy organic C-powder, can put what you are after in browser and see who’s offering what.  There are many, such as Amla or  Camu Camu,  Acerola Cherry. Have bought Amla – 1# thru ebay, Bluejay Trading for $16.00 and also Camu Camu for $36.00 # from Zokiva (also ebay and organic).  Both are much more costly than Ascorbic acid which is actually a chemical construct, no matter how loudly they claim otherwise  – – its synthetic, hard on stomach and not as good. Commercial, scientific and medical all claim Vitamin C is Ascorbic Acid – period.  I beg to differ and have understood this truth for at least 60 years. . Ya pays your money and take your choice!

1 tsp C Powder (1/2 will do if using Ascorbic Acid.. more could burn the skin)

1 Green Tea bag in about 3+ oz Distilled water, steep at least 10 minutes  > cool down in freezer a bit. (No heat on your org. C !)       

2 tsp vegetable Glycerin                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Put all into small dropper bottle, preferably amber or blue [to keep light out].   C oxidizes /if turns yellow or brown – toss and redo otherwise – can last for several weeks in frig.                   

HYALURONIC ACID Serum                                                                                                                                                                                                  (topical, face use. .  .Many ingest HA – different recipe, as body makes internally good for joints and everything)

 1/2 tsp HA powder                                                                                                                                                                                                                                3 – 3 1/2 oz  distilled water . . sprinkle HA atop the water in measuring cup.  HA is costly, no need to lose it on some spoon;  I hold the cup in my warm hand and swirl it for a number of minutes until it starts to gel (which it does).  Kinda fun to watch it happen. Some complain that it doesn’t gel right! . . not my experience.  When it has thickened beautifully, I add a few more items which are beneficial to the overall health/beauty for the skin:   

(Am using “TT”  to indicate ‘tiny touch’ or few grains)                                                                                                                                                   scant 1/8 tsp or TT B-3 powder;      TT MSM powder – may have to use mortar/pestle – make sure is ground fine, any powder.  TT DMSE powder.  Sprinkle all the fine powders onto the HA gel;   swirl again, tho gel is made now – won’t lose, can use small spoon to  mix.       It is also good to add favorite EO (essential oil). . I use Lavender.  Also can drop in some Vit E oil – 10-12 drops. All done

When all is well mixed, pour into the small dropper bottle; label and refrigerate.   I find my concoction delightful. Gives XLNT results, is anti-aging and especially good for younger skin which has suffered acne’d problems.. . so some say.  Let me say, further,  all one needs for this recipe is the Hyaluronic Acid and Distilled Water – – period!  Carry out this recipe that far and you’re good to go.  All the rest is optional  (and it is working well for me).   For any who try this, it would please me to hear your results and impression of how it works for you.   Enjoy,  be happy,      Jan

September 20, 2017

What’s ABRAHAM say about food?

If  interested, a clear message

Perhaps this is kind of unfair to do to you (because I’m really very fond of you all and consider you my friends on this always changing path we travel, called life).   Yes, I’m quite sure it is unfair.   See, by choice I have been enjoying  “Abraham”  his books, . . all those wonderful videos one can find online and youtube, and so on.  I learn a lot about myself – – it’s been a fabulous tool  – (GIFT),  to help me learn and understand that it is always me who does everything to me – – not life randomly bollixing stuff up just to frustrate or taunt me.  Can be quite a learning process.

How to explain this. . . ? . . much perhaps, like me,  – always saying– “you are what you eat,” .. well, Abraham just might suggest . . “you are  what you’re thinking about”    And of course- I DO  understand that. . write about it sometimes.  But then, today I find this  beauty and it almost pulls the rug out from under me!  And I rock back and ponder . .Just how slow I am to  learn stuff. . yet this puffed ego thinks I already know.  Not only that, but I feel I’m entitled to broadcast what I think I know to everybody or anybody who will listen.  What a wake-up call.  So yeah, I’m a tad dinged right now, but I have a whole lot of thinking to do.     

However,  gotta tell ya – – I loved this message, every minute of it.  I laughed a lot and had real fun.  I do so love Abraham. . .    .     .

ABRAHAM HICKS  — What Foods Bring Negative Emotion  (Apparently, this is a subscription thing, I can’t fix – -so copy and paste in your browser)

Hopefully, I’m not done, will simply need to have a more intelligent delivery, focusing on the positive and eliminate perceived injustice,   you know. . .  live and let live.         Jan

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