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December 4, 2019

Some Bad News + Good News

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Had a heart attack November 1 which kinda did me in, but the fates had other things in mind. It may be cruel to refer to it as the “fates” depending on one’s point of view. Anyway you slice it. . . it was dramatic, different and gonna need some getting used to.

Loved my life – – did it mostly my way, but golly, even my death was, somewhat benevolent. . . . boom I was gone. But ambulance heros altered everything. One might say, everything is now different. Less than a week roused the start of recovery which allowed me to return home by 12-2-19. Unable to reminder my abode and still quite tentative on so many issues, nevertheless – – as I saw my stuff and place I lived, I was pleased. In my humble opinion, there’s a whole lot of work ahead. It is a mystery to me as to why such things happen. . . why does a 90 year old need this an extension of time?

More than likely, most of my same ole stuff is still with me – – hard to get the political gunk out of me. Of course, when your favorite political advocate who was like “ideal” decides to leave the field, its tuff. Kamala Harris is as sharp, as they come. . . hard for me to accept. . . but, among other things, I deeply respect her. †here will be other times to be sure. Another who is also a remarkable, intelligent, resourceful and clear-headed individual who could serve all of us well would Buttigieg. These two were sparkling gems with depth and understanding and great capacity.

What I do not want for our nation is to see the same ole, same ole. We do not need all these elder statesmen start crowding up the field. These should be new times with creative times – – different times rich with new ideas. I had seriously wanted a woman – – for God’s sake – – we’re DUE! KAMAKA was due.

And we have far more BLACKs than WHITEs. Why the devil shouldn’t we be employing our own native intelligence and making damned well sure these skin tones be a darker hue like the rest of the most of us?

Don’t just settle, trying to figure out the odds, Go for your own GUT and good common sense. Go for what you really want. . . just DO IT

Nor do we need or WANT any of the rich DUDES. Our laws and well established, ethically trained politicians know exactly how to do these things. My Gawd – – TRUMP has tried to run off anyone who was capable of all efficient work . . and mostly, far too many efficient, honest and honorable people have been tossed away.

Lets play the “Due it right game – – working for the people – – not the rich. The rich have far too much; let us do right by our own people, your gonna like how it feels.

I know I sound nuts. There’s gotta be a reason why I still sound as passionate as I do. We really are in difficult straights (with the wealth stranglehold; the homeless and underfed little guys; the mega/serious earth-climate disaster we must cope with. We must have more than luck or good wishes. Far too many are still profiting in the old PROFIT SYNDROP – – without a move to immediately begin saving our planet. WE GOTTA DO THIS and do it now. Thanks for listening to me, Jan

October 18, 2019

DIABETES Can be Reversed without Drugs

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(This is an article I had set aside to run in 2016, but did not do. Info is still relevant and could help many, so I’m running it. Call me crazy, , , , Jan)

Newcastle University > Press Office > Latest News

Published on: 22 March 2016

A new study from Newcastle University has shown that people who reverse their diabetes and then keep their weight down remain free of diabetes. What we have shown is that it is possible to reverse your diabetes, even if you have had the condition for a long time, up to around 10 years 

Professor Roy Taylor

In addition, the team found that even patients who have had Type 2 diabetes for up to 10 years can reverse their condition.

The study, published today in Diabetes Care, is the latest research from world-renowned Professor Roy Taylor, Professor of Medicine and Metabolism at Newcastle University, who also works within Newcastle Hospitals.

The research is part of a growing body of evidence showing that people with Type 2 diabetes who successfully lose weight can reverse their condition because fat is removed from their pancreas, returning insulin production to normal.

Reversing diabetes

A previous study led by Professor Taylor, published in 2011, showed that diabetes could be reversed by a very low calorie diet. This caused international interest, but the study was very short as it was only eight weeks and the question remained whether the diabetes would stay away.

In this new study, 30 volunteers with Type 2 diabetes embarked on the same diet of 600 to 700 calories a day. Participants lost on average 14 kilograms – just over 2 stone. Over the next 6 months they did not regain any weight.

The group included many people with longer duration diabetes, defined as more than 8 years and ranging up to 23 years.

Overall, 12 patients who had had diabetes for less than 10 years reversed their condition. 6 months later they remained diabetes free. In fact, after 6 months a thirteenth patient had reversed their diabetes. 

Though the volunteers lost weight they remained overweight or obese but they had lost enough weight to remove the fat out of the pancreas and allow normal insulin production.

Professor Roy Taylor said: “What we have shown is that it is possible to reverse your diabetes, even if you have had the condition for a long time, up to around 10 years. If you have had the diagnosis for longer than that, then don’t give up hope – major improvement in blood sugar control is possible.

“The study also answered the question that people often ask me – if I lose the weight and keep the weight off, will I stay free of diabetes? The simple answer is yes!

“Interestingly, even though all our volunteers remained obese or overweight, the fat did not drift back to clog up the pancreas. 

“This supports our theory of a Personal Fat Threshold. If a person gains more weight than they personally can tolerate, then diabetes is triggered, but if they then lose that amount of weight then they go back to normal.

“Individuals vary in how much weight they can carry without it seeming to affect their metabolism – don’t forget that 70% of severely obese people do not have diabetes.

“The bottom line is that if a person really wants to get rid of their Type 2 diabetes, they can lose weight, keep it off and return to normal.

“This is good news for people who are very motivated to get rid of their diabetes. But it is too early to regard this as suitable for everyone. That is a separate question and a major study is underway to answer this.”

The study

Participants in this study had Type 2 diabetes for between six months and 23 years. The team showed that Type 2 diabetes could be reversed even in people who had the condition for 10 years.

The team were able to identify in advance participants who would not respond to adequate weight loss by reversing their diabetes as at the start they had almost absent insulin production from the pancreas.

The study was funded by a National Institute for Health Research Biomedical Research Centre (NIHR BRC) grant.

A larger trial involving 280 patients is already underway. This will examine how successfully people can reverse their diabetes through weight loss simply under the care of their family doctor and nurse. It is being funded by Diabetes UK.

The research was possible through Newcastle Academic Health Partners, a collaboration involving Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust and Newcastle University. This partnership harnesses world-class expertise to ensure patients benefit sooner from new treatments, diagnostics and prevention strategies.

The diet

  • 3 diet shakes per day and 240 grams of non-starchy vegetables taking in between 600 and 700kcal a day for 8 weeks
  • volunteers then gradually returned to eating normal food over the next two weeks with very careful instruction on how much to eat
  • volunteers were seen once a month and supported with an individualized weight maintenance programme over the next 6 months
  • to keep weight steady after the weight loss, they were eating around one third less than before the study

Case study

Allan Tutty

Allan Tutty, 57, from Sunderland, transformed his health by taking part in the study.

He said: “I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes around May 2011 during routine checks by my GP but my family and I were in disbelief because I had no physical symptoms which led me to consider I had the condition.

“While I didn’t feel fat, I was fat – on the inside. I’ve since seen a scan of my liver and you can see the fat around it.

“I took part in the research spending eight weeks on an 800-calorie a day diet which was really tough over Christmas and New Year but I was determined to complete it. The pay-off for me – the possible reversal of my diabetes – was more than worth the effort.

“In the two months, I lost two and a half stones and my pancreas was working within normal limits. With my diabetes in remission, I haven’t looked back.

“I eat normal foods though I eat less than I used to, and I enjoy takeaways and chocolate but not on a regular basis so I have maintained my lower weight, it has been a total lifestyle change. In fact, my life has changed completely thanks to this research.”


Very low calorie diet and 6 months of weight stability in Type 2 diabetes: Pathophysiologic changes in responders and non-responders. Sarah Steven, Keiren G Hollingsworth, Ahmad Al-Mrabeh, Leah Avery, Benjamin Aribisala, Muriel Caslake, Roy Taylor.

October 16, 2019

The Candidates were fine!

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Watched the whole debate and all the post-debate I could digest from both CNN and MSNBC. It’s 1:00 a.m. and I’m exhausted, gotta go to bed.

Being as fond of Warren as I am and admiring the way she has risen in the polls, helped me to feel comfortable with this feeling of approval I’ve had for her (for a few years now). So I have done what little I can to try to contribute to her “run”. She is a complete deal – the whole nine yards. But she still will not explain in a way I can accept her message as to how she is paying for all that she has outlined. Seeing ‘everyone’ question her on the same issue with no logical explanation ensuing, showed me one thing – I’m not alone in this quandary. Others may ‘trust’ vague sidesteps, but I will not – – have to go with my gut which I generally trust due to experience. So I’m done with Warren which saddens me for I really do like Elizabeth and she may be only a breath or so away from a seeming victorious run.

We all know what the Medical world is like these days. Unbelievable to impossible cost factors and restrictions. Unaffordable to the middle class. She is unwilling to discuss in clear terms what and how all this means; how much we will actually pay for any of this; is it dependent on “everyone” becoming a member? – – if so, it’s sunk before it starts. Too many would never go for this. Quite sure it wouldn’t work without full membership of everyone. Without answers, I refuse to go further. Call it due to circumstances – – we lived on lies and inconsistencies coming out of Washington for so long, I can’t have faith in what-ifs’ .. my head needs facts to rummage thru.

Want to just say that seeing Kamala Harris in her various responses tonite (plus the varying interviews afterward) was totally enjoyable and reminded me why she was my preference before. She’s a truth teller, smart as hell, very experienced and very accomplished. She’s been kinda my number one choice from the beginning. Now, she has company – I’m also drawn to Mayor Pete B- – gieg, go figure. So I still have some wrangling to do.

At 90, medical care isn’t as big a deal as it would be if I still had kids and family to care for. Plus the thrust of my blog is one of (DIY) medical-care of what I’ve learned since I walked away from medicine in 1996. Having 6 chronic diseases, I had to learn as quickly as possible how to care for myself efficiently and effectively if I were to continue trying to raise my two abandoned granddaughters whose mommy couldn’t care for them anymore. I knew to trust the “good” in the universe, knew I was loved and blessed and anticipated the good. Help always came, found people, right books, right time, and so on. – – all worked out for me. Have chronicled everything (more than 2500 posts herein detailing what I learned, how-tos and details over the last 12 years. Been a blast. I’m quite sure anyone could do what I’ve done – and probably better, but Smokinchoices has been a great joy to me and satisfies the creative needs I’ve had.

And of course, I’m a political junkie. The size of this political field has been burdensome. . so much more to consider. I do so enjoy the whole thing. It’s very important, serious stuff. . and such fun. g’nite all


September 14, 2019

VOTING IMPORTANT, Stressful, but kinda fun

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Ya know what our problem is? Why it’s so difficult culling down to our “for sure” choice for a new President? It’s not because no one out there is GOOD ENOUGH or JUST RIGHT! No indeed. My culled-down, smallish group – my ‘choices’ are all so damned good. In fact, I’ve never seen so many totally capable, experienced, personable and intelligent individuals who each and collectively ARE all of that. S’ why it isn’t easy.

This may be the BEST WE’VE EVER HAD .. (in our history). So yeah, it’s just not easy. In fact, we would or could be extremely well-served by any aspirant who is running. (they all go thru quite a bit before acceptance to the panel). So we would be in good hands with any of them – Bernie, Beto, Pete, Elizabeth, Amy or my sorta favorite – Kamala. They are each in every way – incomparable! To be one from our current superior field earns them a special distinction. . plus a deeper look from all.

Try to realize that what we are seeing amongst these aspirants is a bubbling up of essence from the great mass of who we are. A collective issue of the great mix of our variable experiences, backgrounds and talents and unique ethnicities. There are few Hi-Borne among them; they are an amazing mixture of the way we as Americans have evolved, from every walk of life.

No attempt is being made here to suggest that Americans, therefore are a superior group of people (as distinguished from others – not American). But our historic background has rather a good deal to be deliberately ignored. We as strangers arrived on these shores long ago, liked what we saw and decided to stay. Tho occupants were peaceful and flourishing, their ways fairly simple – -it was no trouble at all for our ruffian newcomers to set about creating a different kind of country. Took a long time of course. . much change was to come . . but that’s mostly in the books for anyone to see. It does however, have a place in the making of who we are and where we came from (all over the world). All men are capable of the good, the bad and the ugly. It is for each of us to “choose who we are and how we live our lives.” But I do stand by the realities as they show themselves, and what has surfaced for us to choose from in our political candidates is in fact – rather remarkable of which I and any American should be very pleased.

By any standard, what America is enduring now is tortuous; a multi-level of toxicity. We have never before had a madman at the helm. There is no plan, nothing to cling to as he rules by whim or impulse. All our well designed departments of governance are broken down – washed away and run in name only – at increased salaries. This ruler travels at whim like a kid in a candy store, at unimaginable costs. His plans of crushing our nation are working well – with no one to stop him. it is beyond my imagination where we go from here or how we get there. Most of us are law abiding and ethically moral which doesn’t equip us to deal with such as this – – it rouses painful, impossible responses — in any manner, cruel or otherwise. . and we can’t be doing stuff like that and live with ourselves. So we must stop peering at this horrendous dark, heavy oppressive cloud as it dwells in our beautiful White House zapping and destroying our energies and resources.

Many believe Don, the CON is just inept, or uncouth, not smart enough or even fully developed, any of which may be true. My sense of his peculiar deviousness was kinda easy to see. He seems to be operating on a plan of destruction and ruin, being carried out within a larger global sphere. Our friends in Europe have been dealing with similar stuff for years now. And it all goes about the same way. Cause unrest, distrust ; divide and conquer – – that’s generally how the big mean guys do this stuff – by any means. It comes out the same way. If we forget who, what and why we are, then we are all subject to the same thing. It feels better to love than hate, to be for rather than against; to be kind, gentle and understanding rather than rude, impatient and or mean. The world is a better place with more love and less hate. Ya don’t have to see it in action – – one can feel it. Always, choice is ours!

Besides, we have far weightier issues to deal with. it may be hard to imagine anything worse than watching our HOME, the very PLANET we live on spiraling down toward its own demise. The so-called “Global Warming” issue so many are grappling with now. Planet Earth did nothing wrong. It has given us everything it’s got. . and then some. And what have we given back to it? Nothing, it’s been all take. Well, that’s not true. We’ve dumped garbage (non-degradable) everywhere, including parks, forrest, rivers, streams. oceans. This stuff can’t be broken down – returned to some usefulness, so it clogs up any and all system. And we as a species keep mushrooming in group size while our planet remains the same. Houston – we have a problem here.

But it’s not just the junk stuff which is not biodegradable. . it’s all the poisons. Our world now is SO TOXIC, we are making it uninhabitable just by living. The Fungicides, the pesticides, herbicide, tossed pharmaceuticals and soon will over power earth’s ability to compensate or deal with it at all. These are chemicals from a laboratory – of no use to nature.

Our earth maintains certain balances in order to be vital. Those balances have been upset and is now in declining health. The reason we can’t be sure of a possible turn-a-round in this dire picture – – it is a man-made disaster – – we caused it and so it is only we who can fix it if we CHOOSE. Who would be capable of orchestrating such a global undertaking? Can you imagine “everyone” agreeing to do what needs to be done once that is determined?

We don’t have a couple of decades to get this thing going. They thought we had more time than we do. They have been measuring the speed of decline, but of late – it a been rapidly speeding up and is now a real problem. Our world is stressing over this; however- most of us don’t know much about it including me. Don’t let me scare the crap outta ya – get the facts. But inlight of this White House regime, our leader says Global Warming is a hoax. He has done all he can to do away with everything President Obama accomplished – – all the regulations to put limiting caps on everything which put toxic emanations into our air, land and waterways. Trump has over- turned it all, resenting Obama’s popularity and accomplishments as he does. Imagine Obama’s anguish as he lays his head down each nite. We do know how much he cared, for he strove hard to get us some good things. And he did. . .and this raving idiot UNDID it. So this is the very real, heavy stuff, Pace yourself, you won’t be able to do anything or give of yourself if you lie awake each nite stressing over things you alone cannot control. But don’t underestimate your own worth and value; speaking your truth where you can. . ya never know the reach or even the thought processes of the next guy or how far he might go with it. Heart and mind in unison, seeking beauty, joy.. . a way to kinda stay atop of it all. . .yet a part of it. g’nite, Jan

August 26, 2019

Political Choice – nearing

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Tho I haven’t a clue as to why anyone would care, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to narrow my field down to a definite choice. It seems the longer it goes, the worse it gets. Most reporters continue to torment us with visuals and sound bytes of our current leader or “chosen one.” Maybe it’s just becoming ‘too hard to take,

Whatever others may perceive, I view our crumbling Government, daily life and infrastructure squarely on Trump’s shoulders. Tho I perceived our broken world which was coming, still, even my wild imagination could not in any way have seen the terrible results nor to what extent the destruction could reach; loss of trust, friends, global friends and allies, our exalted reputation and maybe worse of all – – the growth of extreme virulence of hatred both in our land and globally. It is literally blindingly painful to witness all the ‘good’ which has been trashed and the pain wrought against so many innocent, worthy people.

None of this can be ignored. We must face it and find the courage to rise above it. . . and rebuild – quickly, or else we perish. So, these ARE serious times. We must clear our eyes, renew our spirit, gentle our soul. . and seek the higher, better thoughts which lead to and allow a higher path, so that we can embrace our desires and dwell in balance and varying levels of joy. . . even in or amongst the rubble as we rebuild.

Let’s agree — joy is so much better than suffering. Pain and suffering is tragic, wasteful and a loss. Nor can we hope to assist or in anyway help those we wish to assist unless we are coming from a better place (higher thoughts. . positive energy. . freedom. . .love). It’s not a ‘doing’ but is a ‘being’. Our SOURCE energy always flows. It is ours to choose and allow in, or not — and remain in pain and confusion. Think we’re gonna need a whole lotta people to choose the better, more loving ‘higher path’ to clean this mess up.

Starry Sidenote

To the select numbers who may have interest in the ‘stars’ (I used to practice Astrology and teach it – – tho I’ve done so many things). My Sun and Neptune in Virgo are conjunct in 11th house. Libra Rising with Venus conjunct Pluto in 10th. This, by way of saying tho a practical, down-to-earth Virgo – I’m a tad dingy and have learned to live and enjoy my life even with the ‘Outer planets’ influencing much in my life. It’s been a blast and I’m not complaining.

As to the Presidential Aspirants, it seems these days, to have any traction, one feels compelled to offer the biggest piece of pie one can dream up. Heaven knows, our American people are needing more every day for the “stuff” we’re losing while Trump fiddles. Much like the emotional/mental place being reflected the last time I referenced this election, am still muddled. Love and wish for all that Elizabeth Warren is describing in her passionate delivery of what she is running on/for –I’m for all of it. Who wouldn’t desire life to be more fair? Equal and ethical?

But; the grown-up practical realist living inside me, helping to keep my feet on the ground continues to question – how on earth one can honestly expect the doors to open, granting all these sensible, worthy demands – or the judicial system to return to it’s known prior impartiality ignoring all the GOP constructs from prior decades wherein the walls were built to guarantee that elected, governmental stuff was gonna go their way – – no matter that the Dems always have more votes than they do. Then everyone goes off wagging their heads, wondering why they even bother to vote – it’s all fixed! Rigged. And, it is. So much Gerrymandering in too many states, electoral votes, etc. So many RED states have overwhelming BLUE citizenry. The red states do manage to keep all the important offices, legal positions either elected or appointed – Republican. So, I think it is logical to be extra thoughtful on these issues – they will not be wished away. And let’s not forget that Billion dollar deficit which the GOP has wrung up – – s’gonna sting a bit trying to bring all those wishlists to our suffering masses. It would be easy for me to vote for Warren, my heart so agrees. But my head must work in unison with heart, until they unite I can’t declare a choice.

From the first time I heard Kamala speak – my head and heart swept into ‘choice’ which was comfortable for me. No question she is smart as a whip, XLNT background, proven mettle, good memory, Don’t think she’ll take crap from anyone – – got a great mouth on her. Like many other of our candidates, she is ready and able to take on this job – – and I so did want a woman. I almost swooned when I heard her desire to immediately pursue revoking (or taking back) that ridiculous bonus to the wealthy and putting it more where it’s truly needed. Nothing could be a higher priority in my opinion. She also has a list of doable issues, but nothing as appealing or as costly as Warren’s. Kamala remains my #1 choice, 2nd is Mayor Pete and 3rd is Beto. Some combination of any or all of these would please me enormously.

The qualities of being (heart and mind) which I clearly relate to suggest a truly superior and noble person – magnanimous and intelligent in Pete Buttigieg. Quite sure such beautiful intelligence has never before resided in the White House, but after someone like Trump so fouled up the place -would be a remarkable, well-deserved breath of fresh air and aesthetic clean-up.

Many of us loved what we saw in Beto O’Rourke before the first debates. He reacts swiftly under stress, puts it all out there. A totally remarkable man – they don’t come finer. Thought he was Presidential material from the git-go.

Wow, it’s late, I’ll say g’nite Jan

July 12, 2019

WORK TOGETHER, Or Throw in the towel?

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With Pelosi at the helm, we couldn’t be more blessed. Few could complain about the heft, style and combined wisdom to be seen in our House. And I continue to be impressed with the “Progressive energy and Ideas” amongst our Democratic Presidential aspirants. GO DEMOCRATS. . . keep up all the great work. Go with confidence, trust your own gut and always strive with your best thoughts. If you’re feeling good about them – – they ARE the right thoughts.

Seldom is anyone on the political stage against their own will – – this we choose. Those who actually choose to serve our country this way, for the public good . . always giving it your best will most assuredly experience ultimate gratitude and sense of accomplishment. A major component of the capacity to accomplish this will be one’s ability to focus on the “public good” rather than letting personal differences interfere. This is not a minor thing, it is huge for it soon becomes a thorny issue which can taint or ruin best efforts. Worse still – – it can tear the party apart! Nancy Pelosi knows this very well. SHE KNOWS HOW TO LEAD. Learn from her.

New kids on the block have much to learn, thus easily bruised egos must be willing to learn, . . and NEVER air dirty laundry in any public way. Only the ‘strong’ can survive therefore serving ego-needs over one’s duty will only get in the way. It is hoped that four lovely young women can instead demonstrate respect and appreciation for our leaders and established protocol. Everything is better that way; the job gets done, and those involved can be happy about it. America is watching and needful of very good outcomes on many levels.

Sorry that I have been an absentee blogger for so long. Missing it more than anyone can understand. My desire remains, but haven’t been able to comply in choosing a new theme or transferring my domain over to WordPress.

Have enjoyed the political season. So many great people running. Actually, really too many. While I love Elizabeth Warren and would be happy with her, my preference is still with Kamala Harris. I really want a woman, just because “we can” and its way past time – – we’re due! And God bless Bernie, still love him (for all his innovative ideas which seemed to have started this movement. )

Saving the planet MUST COME FIRST or there won’t be anything for our kids to inherit. Next is “Everything” our working-class and under-served needs to exist/survive and maybe, even enjoy life a tiny bit too. It’d be great if ALL the stuff everybody wants to enact could be done – – – love that Elizabeth “has a plan” for almost everything. . still, I’d need to study it a bit more. The shocker for me in this political run is Mayor Pete! I adore him, his mind and way of thinking – – I could vote for him. But the way he has risen in the polls stuns me. I don’t kid myself about the amount disentian so many have toward the subject of one’s choice of whom to love. Anyway, he is on my list. Lotta work to do; good thing voting isn’t too soon. Fun, isn’t it?

You are always in my heart and mind. Take care, Jan

May 24, 2019

No,don’t bury – Compost me

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You haven’t heard of Natural Organic reduction?

Sounds fabulous and GREEN. . organically, the highest use of all materials including our own bodies. Actually, . . kind of amazing!

Have a look – see: . . think about it. . . . and discuss

May 18, 2019

To My Beloved Reader Friends! FYI

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This may surprise some of you who suspect I may have died; I have not.

Have been having quite a bit of technical upheaval with my blog and of course, WORDPRESS, the base from which my blog issues. Problems not resolved as yet. . but inching closer. Have begun to have hope. Still choices to be made and resolutions completed. Just know how much I miss all of you and eager to to get back to it.

Meanwhile, stay alert and hone those ideas with open ears and wide eyes. Be sensitive to the ideas which are precious to you and your personal needs as Americans born to many rights and freedoms. All need the opportunity to express them and have good lives. We will always be grateful to Bernie Sanders, his theories, ideas and ‘radical’ concepts which aren’t radical at all – but timely! He started a whole new way of seeing what our American way-of-life is supposed to be. . .AND influenced a whole new flock of aspiring, willing, intelligent, enthusiastic, able-bodied aspirants — any of which could carry this new adventure to its logical conclusion. I love Bernie, but believe he’s done what he was supposed to do, and because of that will be honored throughout history as a turning point – politically. . .. . and pass the torch. Ditto with Joe Biden. Who doesn’t love Joe?

I have about 8 I’m toying with, including Beto, but Kamala still leads my list.. . another guy, but all the rest are women. I’d really prefer a woman, but wouldn’t vote for that reason alone. If ya listen with your heart and gut too, it may seem more complicated – – but it gets easier.

Back to you soon, my friends Jan

March 12, 2019

Impeachment — YES or NO?

Impeachment leaves us w/the Veep!


Not totally positive on this – but don’t think there’s any way around that.  IMO, the Veep is not much better than the Criminal in the White House now.  He is absolutely unacceptable to me.  .  .  for many current and prior reasons.  

TRUMP WAS NEVER A LEGITIMATE CANDIDATE in first place, he never expected to win! (which kinda proves it).  

He has hurt everyone and everything — us, our allies/friends, the world and everything in it.  He is gung-ho to prove there is no such thing as the bull-crap referred to as CLIMATE-CHANGE. . . all while the evidence is beating our earth over the head with these MAN-MADE disasters causing devastation everywhere it strikes . .  along with the attendant billions in financial cost.  This ain’t a simple thing folks!    (All that Pres. Obama had worked so hard to put in place to help avert this disaster has been undermined and undone by this  monster in the Oval office.)..  But even if we get behind the “green movement” 100% . . .there may not be enuff time to change the thrust – – it’s moving faster than even our best scientific guesses believed, (because USA is the greatest offender in the entire world)  and we’ve really lost ground in the last two years.  Our species becoming extinct has been growing even as we are forced to add more species to the {unprotected” list).

So, NO,  impeachment won’t actually solve our problems – and even if we attempted it – it could take years.  We don’t have years to waste. .  we ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!

What we need is THROW THE BUM OUT and let’s have a 

“N E W    E L E C T I O N”



THERE IS NO NEED TO SEARCH OUR CONSTITUTION,  and all the other important papers – – we’ve never done this before.  But we need to.  Other countries have had to resort to this as well with no past experience – they figured it out  – – we can too. But it needs to be done with energy and passion and it needs to be done  NOW.




.  .  .  .                                               .  .  .  .  

March 10, 2019

Sharing my daily dose of Abraham

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What I use daily for joy and balance

There is nothing I could possibly find, do or say which could in any way. . . come close to the relevance, depth or importance of today’s message from Esther  (and Abraham and Jerry).      Forgive me, but I just HAD  to bring it over to share with you,  plus – I’ve added a link beneath it,  so that if you might want to subscribe yourself to this blissful (free) daily message (and other info) – – you can.


Appreciation and self-love are the most important tools that you could ever nurture. Appreciation of others, and the appreciation of yourself is the closest vibrational match to your Source Energy of anything that we’ve ever witnessed anywhere in the Universe.

Excerpted from Spokane, WA on 5/30/00

Our Love

Esther (Abraham and Jerry)

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