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November 28, 2018

Spanking’s wrong-headed, see why

To Spank or Not

Our world has so many problems, it may not seem appropriate to take up an accepted, standard procedure so many of us grew up with.  Not that anyone liked it.   Probably, most of us were spanked as kids.  I was.  Only a few times, true. . but it was a hugely threatened thing.  Mother’s ‘bawling outs’ and threats were much worse.  Have experienced worse at the hands of those who didn’t love me.  I used attention-getting swats on the fanny on my own beloved son when my motherly advice didn’t register with with my otherwise magnificent child.  But I could never bring him into my Virgo-Libra need for clean, tidy, neat, efficient and pretty..  I so deeply respected him along with the love-thing, somehow our little family found a way to get along and survive.

Not all families are as fortunate as we were.  Our parenting skills aren’t something it is easy to to handle discussing with friends at times. One just puts up with slapping and screaming of others with their kids even tho one feels instinctively – it’s wrong.  I’ve had a friend-mother allow her son to swing from the branches of my household plants leaving me to disengage the child from his fun and try to explain the reasoning as she watched.   Incredible stuff.  But what are ya gonna do?   Was never comfortable with trying to ‘criticise,’  instruct an equal-other by crossing the line in the way another handled “child-rearing” – – personal decisions.  It is true that I generally am not a confrontational person.  Nor do I believe it’s just the so-called fear-of-confrontation.  Knowing how I value my own personal rights to be, do, think and express;  I feel this also applies to others.  We can also choose who we wish to be around.   

This following Op-Ed article from Dispatch’s Tuesday paper by John Crisp on the spanking of children REALLY caught my attention.  I had truly never realized all that was happening on this subject – – the strides  psychology experts, doctors, etc., were  making as they advanced their findings,   .  proved the correlations.   We can see for ourselves the outcome of much of it in any daily newspaper.    So much anger and resentment in almost every known stratta of living standard.   My own mother had been beaten almost senseless so often. that it was almost a way of life. . . from both parents, but especially her father (of whom she was his favorite).  Both came from well-to-do people of some station and wealth in Europe.  .  so it isn’t that they didn’t know better. And they were God-fearing people.      Spare the rod – – spoil the child  . .  .  surely,  a lot to think about. 

Sometimes I think if we (each individual), could just learn to trust our own inner resources more rather than all the ways others would have us think, believe and react,   we and the world might be better off.  Even so, I guess,, we’re all still gonna be subject to our own early “life experience” . . no matter what it is. 

Anyway,  I hope you all  profit from the article, it truly is thought provoking.  And I must admit that I tinkered with Mr Crisp’s work  by highlighting and indenting here and there – couldn’t help myself even tho it is a ‘no-no’        Jan


Here’s a Finnish tip: spanking children wrong, illegal

Last week President Donald Trump annoyed some of the victims of the California wildfires when he suggested that the disaster might have been avoided if Californians had taken lessons in forest management from Finland.

The Finns, Trump said, “spend a lot of time on raking and cleaning and doing things and they don’t have any problem.”

But if Trump believes that Finland is ahead of us in forest management, what other good ideas might we find there?

Publicly funded higher education for all students? It works well in Finland. Universal health care? The Finns have figured out how to do it.

And here’s another idea that we should think about: In 1983 the Finns passed legislation prohibiting striking a child under any circumstances, including spanking your own child in your own home.

This is a drastic notion for Americans, a majority of whom believe that spanking is an appropriate tool for disciplining children. In fact, we use spanking generously, despite considerable evidence that it not only is ineffective, but it actually does harm.

This has been the opinion of the American Academy of Pediatrics for two decades. In 1998, when more than 90 percent of American families admitted to using spanking, the academy, representing 64,000 doctors, strongly discouraged its use even in its most benign forms.

Parents who spank, the academy said, are also more likely to use more abusive forms of punishment. And the more children are spanked, the more anger they report as adults. Further, children who were spanked are more likely to spank their own children and to approve of hitting a spouse.

  • The academy’s report is clear and emphatic: “Spanking has been associated with higher rates of physical aggression, more substance abuse, and increased risk of crime and violence.”

In the 20 years since the academy’s “Guidance for Effective Discipline” was issued, the evidence against spanking has become stronger and clearer. Last week the New York Times reported that in the December issue of the journal Pediatrics the Academy will update its guidance on spanking based on research that was not available in 1998.

  • Recent research confirms that children do not benefit from spanking and, in fact, ordinary spanking, as practiced in many American homes, is associated with increased aggression and defiance at levels comparable to those of children who have suffered more-extreme forms of abuse.


Thus the science on spanking is solid, and the doctors who know most about children agree: Do not spank your children under any circumstances.

Our use of spanking has diminished. In 2013 a Harris poll indicated that 67 percent of American families use spanking, compared with 90 percent in 1998.

  • And in 2014 another poll reported that 70 percent of American adults still agree that a “good, hard spanking is sometimes necessary to discipline a child.” Nineteen states allow corporal punishment in public schools.

So despite what experts say about the harm that a “good, hard spanking” can cause, our national mood doesn’t seem particularly open to meaningful reform on corporal punishment. Our president publicly embraces violence. Here’s one example, representative of many: Trump said of a protester at a rally: “I’d like to punch him in the face.”

The outlook isn’t promising for American children, who, despite the evidence against it, are regularly subjected to corporal punishment that often scares, humiliates and hurts them.

It’s odd: In general, we have stringent rules against hitting each other. I can’t hit you; you can’t hit me. For the most part we’ve made hitting against the law.

Just about the only group of Americans that we hit with impunity is made up of people who can’t defend themselves and who are the most likely to suffer harm from it: children.

John M. Crisp is an op-ed columnist for Tribune News

November 25, 2018

Fluid retention, safe fix

What’s had me down of late

When one is my age, it shouldn’t be surprising when a new body issue comes along.  It’s easy to rationalize, well, at my age.. . everything starts breaking down.  Maybe so.  But I seem to take it personally.. what have I done wrong now?  Especially when it is out of the blue and makes no sense to me.   When ya use your body as your laboratory as I do, some things don’t work out as well as you’d hope, even so, the misses are way less than the gains and benefits – – I seem to be walking-talking proof of that.

For me health is a top priority;   what I ingest must be as clean as a whistle, fresh and where possible. . organic.  And prepared by me!   I neither pollute my body with pharmaceuticals   (most of which carry as much harm/danger as any potential benefit which could be gained). . . nor any preventives whatsoever, i.e. vaccinations of any ilk such as flu,  etc., which ‘all’  serve to reduce or damage one’s own built-in immunity with which we were designed.  One would be hard pressed to be less than approving of the theory and principle with the concept of vaccination, for it sounds beneficial, like it would help . .  . yet,   

Is BIG PhaRMA actually helping?

The science behind vaccination has been executed without daylight and/or veracity, including among other elements – there is cross-species contamination,  inclusion of known toxins – sometimes by new names, nor is there any pretense at safety – – all that testing was never done. .  .  merely claimed and stated as fact!  And allowed to stand, uncontested, without liability by certain corrupt factions within government. 

And to my mind, the health of our children today especially, doesn’t begin to equate with the natural resilience of kids, say of – – my day. Newborns weren’t vaccinated at birth, then and in decades passing, only minimal, singular childhood vaccinations were given unlike the multiple combinations administered now.  All these shots – meant to protect, are seemingly weakening our babes and  in fact showing up as stunning new classifications and debilities.  Many, quite bizarre.  Medicine’s answer is kinda “Well, we’ve learned so much more now – – we didn’t know how to recognize these issues before, now we do” (ya ought to, ya created them!)

But today’s post is not about any of this – – I’ve done this almost to death with far more specificity,  detail and documentation – many times over the years.   Ya either get it or ya don’t. . this is for each to decide what he chooses to live with, believe. . or not. 

My new Attention-Grabber:   

So what is my new issue?   Starting in October, my legs (ankles and feet) began to swell, then, grew worse as it reached the knees.  Quickly became cumbersome, hard to get around – – skin felt so tight and stretched, ankles could barely flex. Then one night, I had trouble breathing as I lay down for the night.  Very confounding as the last few nurses I’ve seen couldn’t find any trace of having had COPD and my heart hadn’t seemed a threat.  A night or two, had to leave bed and use the recliner to rest in – had to elevate somewhat in order to breathe.  So my body was taking on or holding FLUID beyond what is normal.  Had no idea what to do – never had anything like this before and couldn’t wrap my head around it –  what to do.   Why is it there? How do ya get it out? 

Have so many books,  some very fine, respected doctors.   Where to begin?  How to find an answer.  .  indexes weren’t yielding answer. . .neither were table of contents. Problem is now, need help.  Obviously, something is amiss, just can’t figure out what it is.  Symptoms as I perceive them appear cardio or arterial related.  Has anything changed which I can fathom?   Well, yeah, ya might say.   

Where enthusiasm trumps judgement

Had found a number of people who were speaking of the wonders of the salt I was buying  – Sherpa Pink (Love it).  I only use Himalayan Sea Salt and this was thought to be one of the better ones with distinct taste pleasures. .  and a treasure trove of trace minerals.  Many were using it to replace the minerals in their distilled water.  I used to do that, but haven’t  for years, I could do that too.  So I did.   I think I may have mentioned it recently in one of my posts.  I was enchanted with the smoothness of my water as I drank it  – so special  (our Ohio water is very hard).  So I was actually enjoying my new smooth water.   But as I contemplated what adding salt to my water could do to the ratio between the potassium and salt ratio balance, it became clear what I had probably done to myself.      Tho it seems ridiculous, I now believe, this may be the culprit.  Salt is not the killer it is made out to be – we need salt in limited amounts.  But the ratio is important.  That ratio must be held to be healthy.    And tho it was only a teaspoon to a gallon of water, it could have been, likely was, the culprit here.  If correcting the imbalance seems to reduce the excess fluid from my body, that’ll do it.   It is a given, I’m not gonna see a doctor for Lasix or other diuretic med.  There’s  surely a more natural, non- toxic way. 

Turned my attention to cardio – renal  issues (heart and kidney are so closely linked).   The protocols I use for my 6 chronic diseases are so finely and laboriously wrought, I dislike tinkering with them,  so my intention is to not disturb them, but to try to correct the temporary damage I have done.  Will increase the POTASSIUM for my heart, silymarin for the kidneys in the form of “Milk Thistle” (extra) which I normally use anyway.  And Dandelion root which I buy in bulk along with Stinging Nettle and Oat Straw so that I ingest healthy herbs  throughout the day instead of all caffeine related fluids.  I put  about 1 C or less in a quart of boiling water, cover, let stand overnight > consume w/i 36 hrs.  Use alternate herbs for variety.  Works for me.

Want to mention, once I was aware  and felt I understood what had happened;  corrected the water/salt thing at once. . took a day or 2 to select new herbs and begin.  My breathing started immediately to improve. . . that part over.  I’ll outline the stuff in a moment.  Prior to all this mishap, I had been weak, tired and concerned.  Life as an active doer of almost everything doesn’t equip one well for just sitting and feeling out-of-it.  It’s about a year or so since I used to make Liposomal C and Lipo Glutathione (G).  Remembered how it used to help me – especially the brain. So I started doing that again recently and it has helped – quite a bit.  So there has been a bit of changing going on  – – down, then up, then really down and now beginning to see light of day again.  So, my gratitude for the cycles of life. . just keeps goin’ on .  .    Still, I was reluctant to speak about this suggestion to anyone until I had a solid piece of ground to stand on.  This has worked for me, so I feel kinda confident in relating – -worth passing on.

Ya can’t just do Lasix, it’ll do you in

Diuretics interfere with so many other nutrients we need desperately for our heart – to be healthy, like CoQ10.  Fortunately for me, I found some old notes of more than a decade ago which actually seemed to be exactly what I needed.  Apparently I had listened to a lecture and scribbled notes (which I can almost read).  Good enuff and fortuitous!  How I wish I knew who he was. Somewhere he was responding to a question to which he responded his site was his first and last name plus  Been looking for that paper for two days now – it was loaded with such good stuff.  It’s just gone!  go figure.. . creepy.  Anyway – it worked!  To a woman who needed to get off Lasix as she wasn’t handling it well,  he said to take the following 2 – 3 time a day til resolved 

Taurine 500 mg           Potassium Citrate 99mg          Magnesium Malate 100 mg (I use L-Threonate instead)      Milk Thistle  and  Dandelion Root Tea

I already take Taurine in my heart protocol, 2 or 3 times a day, so I just added one more time to the days intake.I Buy bulk powder  The Potassium I have is from “Pure Encapsulation” and is good stuff, but 200mg.  I used 2 X a day                                                    The Milk Thistle  calls for 2 caps (1000 mg)    which I use  so added only  once more daily.  I’m taking a good deal more Magnesium at 2,000 daily. . so only take one more extra for now.            BREATHING, now – no problem.  Legs are much better, but not back to normal yet.  Will continue longer with Potassium and more tea. I consume so much spinach and Kale daily plus other veggies and fruit – -can’t imagine that I’d be short on Potassium or any mineral, other than Trace minerals.  Used to buy in a liquid form in jar.

Hope this helps someone to see in a new light.       Jan



November 19, 2018


World, and me too

I know it’s been a while;  have been thru kind of a knot hole.  Regardless of plans, good food and habits,  hopes and wants,  well, stuff happens.  But one can overlay the (so-called)  aging body with the inordinate stress of a very strange political season. I did not ride it out as well as I should have.  The messing with the electoral system in so many, many races in many states.  .  and to keep on getting away with it, because almost all legal restraints have been so mangled and damaged.  How is anyone to fix it? 

Believe me I’m thrilled we have the house, but it’s not gonna be a cake walk!   IMO, America is lucky to have Pelosi, who has no peer when it comes to her  gutsy credentials.  She knows the ropes better than anyone – legally, and she wont let Republicans  keep walking all over the very things Americans want and need.  Of course, we have younger, possibly equally as smart but no one can outdo Nancy Pelosi in her abilities, sense of proportion and legal acumen.  She knows what to do. Knowing the “evils” which have been wrought with the singular-party rule. . .  we all know by this time, how limiting many of the political rules are and that some of them need changing, by golly.  What needs to be done will take a certain ‘expertise’ if we are to recapture ethics,  and proven principles and processes back into our system – BASED ON OUR VALUED LAWS.    Considering the season we just lived through  I am so very proud of our Democratic Party. All of em, whether winning, losing or re-counting.  Its the losing and recounting, for me which damned near killed me. But otherwise, am so very impressed with the courage of the magnificent women who have come thru and made it happen. Ya won’t be Pelosi within a week, but keep your eyes open, observe – – she loves you and wants your success,.. you’ll get there too.       

The way Washington is right now isn’t normal.  There is no “business as usual” being done, so everybody’s gonna have to rebuild and it seems the GOP has dug in.   America is hurting politically, of course.  But ecologically, earth has never seen such devastation and it is clear that the process is travelling at a more rapid speed now.  This may be due in part to the naysayers like Trump etc.,. who has tried his best to counter all the good things Our President Obama had put in place. Thank God many of the states aren’t fools like the leadership has been.  My home state of California has been devastated (tho I haven’t been there since 1994).  .  been living in almost solid RED OHIO, where, having defeated Cordray, they are working on  bills for “heartbeat-abortion”, and “stand-your-ground gun-laws.  How can civilized people go backwards like this?  It is difficult living in this environment and not fall into “resistance” mode.  But one must if desiring to move forward and seek positive change.  .  .  just checkin’ in, hope you are all doing well – – heart energy out to you all.  Thank you sincerely from my depths, for stopping in to connect,   Jan

November 8, 2018

So, now what?. . onward, I guess

Was a Great effort, tho costliest ever

And No One Got Everything they wanted!

Having lived through all the anguish of this political mid-season,  I can’t reveal to you  how upset I was to awaken on election day only to find that the world wasn’t available to me by any of my known visible means.  My computer, landline phone and TV are all bundled with ATT and for some unknown reason – – none were working — no service, signal lost.    Contacted them with my cell (with which I am not even a little proficient.  Every time I touch it, I seem to take another picture of my knee or foot)   But they couldn’t  get a service rep here til  7th.  With few alternate choices, tried to get info off the cell — know how capable the thing is — can do everything but contact your recently departed loved ones, apparently. Had called my son and a close friend to tell them my sad tale and both vowed to get back to me with news as it came along.  But it seems I screwed up my cell phone with trying to find news items on the race, which was sorta fruitless.  No one called me back  because I messed up – couldn’t accept calls.     

The ATT repair man was a wonderful, capable man who really had to dig in to find the problem – – it wasn’t inside my apartment, so out he went; it took time, but he found the answer was “Squirrels” . . they had built kind of a nest around some of the ATT equipment  and all five of the units in my building were affected.  We both laughed as he told me that ATT gets a lot of business because of squirrels and mice, etc.  So I lost touch for one day, a rotten day to be without outside contact, to be sure, but when my friend told me her loss happened the same day, her supplier  Spectrum (Warner Cable) won’t be showing up til sometime Friday.  That is totally unacceptable IMO.  We both assumed it was the big winds gusting around here and there which caused this outage, but not in my case. 


As I scanned today’s paper,  then found only that horrible face all over TV on every channel revelling in all his satisfaction.  .  I don’t care what he said or why at this point.  Just turned it off.               

The enthusiasm, the numbers,   the approval ratings, tho close here and there, were so good!  It’s hard to accept the legitimacy of the results.  I heard the talk of the fix being in again – – but I couldn’t believe they would actually try this crap again! At this point. . guess I feel like what difference does it make?  Just too crushed by this. . .can’t take it,  don’t want to think about this stuff at all. . not now (and it may take some time for me to recapture my bearings).  Life being what it is, when choice is limited, ya gotta try harder, get more creative.    

We made some decent inroads in the house – which is big,  but we NEEDED THE SENATE TOO  if we are to have any chance to correct and stabilize our lives  so that we can rebuild. 

At this moment, all I really want to speak of is the remarkable energy,  passion and creative ability shown by so many Americans doing magnificently what they cared about – deeply. . . on both sides of the isle.  It is after all  One America,  . we are one people wanting the best for our country, so that we all can more fully enjoy the great life we see for ourselves.  And I continue to desire greater understanding for our citizens to become more skilled at choosing honest, well-meaning candidates who genuinely want/need to serve the people they know and love  for the highest and best good of all, not just themselves and what “they” can get out of it personally for ego or wealth. 

All must remain alert;  in less than one day, we already have a plateful of new issues to think about and challenge.    A know-nothing Joe Schmo to replace Jeff Sessions. . .c’mon!    Seriously, take care of stuff ‘that is’  but also, start thinking about what you really WANT our leadership to be. . .and then be gutsy enough to hang tuff til ya get it.  We shouldn’t have to be choosing from 2 or 3 who aren’t really what we want or need.  We’ll be different, of course, but my God, there should be standards beyond which we refuse to go.      . . . just sayin’                        Jan

November 3, 2018

Joyous over the ‘Turnout’

Whole World is Watching 

In case anyone is wondering,  I still care – way too much.  Have really had to dial it back — was too saturated with it all and it wasn’t healthy for me.  Can no longer tolerate the look or sound of this man who has turned our lives and world upside down.  Nor can I overlook or forgive the injustice of it all.  It remains to be seen how we’re gonna cope trying to bring any semblance of normalcy back to our way of life,  so that decent, caring people can be safe without threat of violence and attendant fears.  Hateful, menacing emotions and actions pop-up indescrimently.  .  .  stunning what’s left of our equanimity. 

My health seems to have weakened and my ability to maintain emotional balance in order to juggle the various parts of my life along with it.  It isn’t reasonable to my mind that millions of sane people can allow and enable one man such powers of civil destruction to be unleashed, welcoming mayhem, hatred and violence where ever it chooses to erupt; while simultaneously  severing our most trusted allies, and cuddling up with the vile/cruel leaders of so-called enemy states.  This man is a liar, vindictive,  totally self-absorbed — without an ounce of compassion or dignity.   He  isn’t fit to slop pigs, let alone sit in the chair of a person who is deemed the most powerful individual in the world.  He is not that!  HE IS UNFIT TO SERVE and is destroying our country.  Any court in the land would so attest (unless Kavanaugh sits therein).     

As is easily seen,  I’m really not fit to discuss this. . . it defies logic and is too incredible.  I may be losing it, or already have. 

But,  I AM grateful to all of you and the millions of other “voters” who are taking appropriate action — out there and getting it done.  The American ‘spirit’ ain’t dead and refuses to be put down!  I love you all.  How I’ve enjoyed Oprah and Barack and so many other marvellous voices . . . it soothes my soul.   .  .  God bless us all, and our glorious  nation.           Jan

November 1, 2018

Do ya ‘get’ Inflammation?

 Body’s Magic tool.. can fix and/or hurt 

But we would be foolishly unwise to curse it, for this happens to be one of our magic bullets the body has to ‘fix stuff.’ When we have an injury, a cut, gash or break of some kind – our body speeds it’s forces in to the rescue and does what it was built to do. . . via our beloved IMMUNE SYSTEM which is integral to our survival. There would be few to disagree with that, other than maybe BIG PhRMA.

A similar thing happens when we are sick in bed raging with a high temperature.  The body strives to burn the thing out and can and will – left to its own resources, but parents have been ‘educated’ to bring that darned temp “down” – ASAP.     (forgive another aside:)

I remember when I was about 35 being so afflicted. . my temp was around 104 or 105, . . hubby was frantic  –  called one of my closest friends (very medically-oriented and smart). She rushed down – quickly calculated all; took over,  wanted all those blankets removed and a cooling sponge-bath underneath the sheets to “COOL ME DOWN – IMMEDIATELY.”  I could be permanently  brain-damaged with all that heat! As they removed the blankets from my trembling, freezing (IMO) body,  guess I nearly lost it.  Vowed to never speak to Vickie again if she did any of that. But they continued on – torturing me, sponging  and I’m hating them both.

It was many days before I was up and able to go see my doctor.  He was iffy on the diagnosis – couldn’t be blamed for that, gave me meds of course.  I didn’t respond like I should have and maybe it could have been ‘Valley Fever’ – had been going around. . so he gave me more meds.  But when I wasn’t improving  like I should have, he  sent me to a specialist (pulmonary).. .  . showed me X RAYs, pointing, That, Mrs Turner is TB, until proven otherwise!  My God!. . what do I do?  Nothing – – we just wait and see the result of tests which will take some time.  Couldn’t believe my ears.

I couldn’t believe this doctor is implying I should go home . .expose my husband and son to this same fate. . doing nothing! Called the local TB society and told them my concerns and asked their advice;  they took action and got me into a sanitorium immediately. It was in Chavez Ravine  beautiful canyon where the Dodger Stadium was located.  They put me in a ward with other women and all I did was cry.  I was disturbing other patients, understandably. . for we all had our problems.  

They had a recent departure at the top of the elevator shaft-way up at the top of the building.  It was a smallish  room, would be alone,. . but had a bathroom – – would I find that agreeable?  I  leapt at it, gladly. It did turn out to be quite an experience.  My darling husband  had brought over tablets, inks and pens  for me to scribble around with my  art stuff,  sketching the nurses and doctors as they came up to see me or brought meds and food.  Felt so sorry for the staff who tended me as they had to climb those crotchety old stairs.  As it happened, I relished the scenery  – – all huge  pine trees and tons of birds. And this huge rooftop was like a private (tho rustic) terrace.  I would drape myself over the railing and wave down to my son Jeff  who had just started school – without his mommy. . and that’s what so saddened me.  But we spoke on the walky-talky which hubby had acquired for this purpose..   stayed almost three months until the little rabbit had given it’s life to prove that I had “NOT” had TB at all. 

Other than hating the ‘cure’ I had undergone. .  . (there was one shot in the butt which took around 5″ to inject, and got it once a week.  It produced an agonizing headache one didn’t soon forget).  This had been a strange adventure for which I had only myself to blame – – had I been a bit more normal instead of overly protective toward my loved ones, . would’ve stayed home and awaited the results as the doctor had said.  There was a ton of pills I had to take daily;  plus I had my husband bring down my own ‘trusted vitamins and such from home.  It was standard stuff to stay in bed and recuperate,  so I fiddled with Art Stuff, watched TV and enjoyed the towering fir trees and birds .  .  and ATE.  Good food, but without my rather active life to offset, I gained around forty pounds due to lack of movement,  much to my sorrow, as I saw what I had become on getting home. Ah, well.  .  . life can get messy while you’re trying to figure all this stuff out. 

Now, quite honestly, I’m not saying that one thing had anything to do with the other.  Maybe it was all just a big ‘coincidence’. Referring to the interference of the body trying desperately to burn out whatever it was working on.  No matter what strange things have happened from time to time, I have truly ALWAYS  felt like I was fortunate and very healthy.  But I do think that had Marty and Vickie not become so concerned and worried over my temperature  . . my body could have, would have done its job and I might have been totally fine in a few days of rest and none the worse for the experience.  Both my son and I had been prone to high temps – – we’re not all alike, but maybe a bit of trust in the magic within our body  can be useful beyond what the docs or books have to say. I’m no expert on such stuff,  but that’s kinda how I’ve thought and lived. 

Anyway, the point I’m driving to is the fact that inflammation is not to be feared as it is a function (tool) of our immune system.

But  also, we can see our health diminished by a process called “inflammation” which can come about through faulty care of our body.  We’ve all been guilty of it one way or another.  Smoking cigarettes – Guilty,  over-use of alcohol. . . poor diets.. lack of exercise and many other big and small things which tear us down in so many ways. . .like chronic unhappiness or other similar woes.  Not going to address most of these,  only the dietary stuff, because it can have the greatest impact for the least effort and cost.  Mostly, it’s an area that all of us are just beginning to grasp.  Not everybody knows how we do this stuff to ourselves or how easy it is to correct. . .and it’s not costly either.  So, I was gonna try to splain it as best I could, when I remembered Dr Weil had done a terrific job of just that and far better and more completely than I had in mind.  So I want to try for a link to Dr Weil and his Anti-inflammatory Diet.  He has tips and %’s  food category ratios – – the whole 9 yards. And it’s pretty too.  I got a Picture from that site here,  but the url doesn’t want to come over for some reason.  May have to type it up and you can copy and paste into your own browser. 

Would like to share with you that essentially what Dr Weil recommends is very close to what I’ve been doing for quite some time now. As proof of the value of all this,  will tell you that I was visited by a nurse this week (for an altogether different reason, not medical, but was a requirement).  Anyway, he couldn’t pick up any trace of COPD,  found no problem with my ticker or blood pressure  or pulse, etc.. .temperature.  We had a good visit and lively conversation. . . what a guy — if only I were about 40 years younger!  Ten years ago, with all the medical care I was involved with, I was in physical trouble . . .one could say.  Serious AFib with all the meds for over 6 -7 years,  HBP which couldn’t be controlled – they wanted me to take still a 3rd med which I refused.

I learned thru my effort to take over my own medical needs, how to survive and also take no toxins into my body whatsoever. So no time to waste and it seemed to me that DIET was going to have to be even more important than I had previously given it credit for.  My dietary habits were good to begin with and my hobby and love was the kitchen, so it was a rewarding adventure. Even fun.   Had cut Animal proteins back substantially  repeatedly over the years.  I like meat and fowl and Salmon, but use minimal amounts – even less now.  I literally LOVE my veggies in so many forms,including juicing. And sweet potatoes almost every night. I am practically pickled in garlic – put it in almost everything but the coffee. Some might think I’m a nutcase, but I love making my fermented Rye bread which I enjoy daily. (Dr Weil suggests not using any products made with flour), but I still do have a few little weaknesses – which apparently aren’t hurting me all that much.   

If one can understand the plan which endeavors to eat only as fresh and natural a diet as nature grew it, just the way it is, simplify and go with it, you’ll find it rewarding, cheaper, easier. . . and delicious.  Before ya know it, energy returns, complexion  improves, digestion behaves,  life is sweeter.  You won’t know til you try it.        Jan

Well this link gets you over there, but not what I was after. Gotta look for the Diet and Nutrition Link @ top > Anti-Inflammatory


Dr. Weil’s Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Here, I have copied an isolated couple of notes from the text beneath the picture on the front page of this healthy article.


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