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April 29, 2016

Flu shots fail (its not your mind)

 CDC Admits Flu Shots Fail Half the Time  

by Barbara Loe Fisher

 Americans have never been big fans of flu shots. During the 2009 “swine flu” influenza A pandemic, only about 40 percent of adults bothered to roll up their sleeves. Last year, flu vaccine rates were still just 47 percent for adults but pediatricians had vaccinated 75 percent of children under two years old.

 Perhaps it is because parents are being thrown out of pediatricians’ offices if they don’t give their children every federally recommended vaccine – or maybe it is just because adults can talk about how they felt after getting vaccinated and infants and children under age two cannot.

How many times has someone told you: “The year I got a flu shot is the only year I got sick” or maybe you learned that the hard way yourself after getting vaccinated.

Doctors insist that just because we get sick with a fever, headache, body aches and a terrible cough that hangs on for weeks after getting vaccinated, it doesn’t mean the vaccine made us sick. They say it was just a “coincidence” because correlation does not equal causation.

Well, that may be true some of the time, but now the CDC is admitting that flu shots don’t prevent influenza most of the time…

Continue reading this referenced commentary, watch the video and make a comment here.

 My Comment,    When I test stuff in my laboratory (body),  and it doesn’t get the job done – thats good enuff for me.  Took a flu shot decades ago and directly thereafter, got the flu.  There is just no way I’d ever take a second one.  Once I spent time and energy looking into what the shots are, whats in them  — I decided they weren’t for me — the only question in my mind was “How can they get away with that?”  This vaccination thing is so far out of order, I don’t see how it can be deemed other than criminal.  Protestations of safety have never met ANY  standards of proof – ever.  To the contrary, there is amazing mounting evidence that the volume and severity of injury, especially to children who deserve our protection against abuse of any kind whatsoever, and are MOST VULNERABLE as their immune systems haven’t fully developed to the point of being able to withstand that kind of onslaught! . . .  .   . Over and over again for years on end.  Every inoculation of whatever description carries toxins (poison) and is not good for us.  As they say, the proof  is in the pudding.  Even fifty years ago, autism and  other neurological dysfunction was a rarity, but commonplace today.  Gotta consider. . .what’s changed?    

Well, it  looks like we are being not only underserved by medicine, but menaced by it – all while legitimized  by legal authority and even exempt from liability.  What kind of legal system grants such a license to maim and kill while simultaneously removing our individual rights to due process under the law?  I don’t make this stuff up, just saying what I’m seeing.   Jan

April 25, 2016


My last word on Delegates, super or otherwise

Okay, I’ve turned off my TV;   my soul needs soothing and I must be selective, allowing only those shows I normally view for entertainment.  No more bombardment of the endless hammering away.  .  .  eroding any chance for serenity.  The Clinton “FIX” is in and has been in place right along and I was too dumb to see it.   I can’t change it.   But, I can’t accept it either.  .  .  because its ‘my country’ and I’m grieving for it.  

 Here are two excerpts from the following article from MOYERS and Company: 

  • But like so many of those rules, superdelegates symbolize something that has to go: the entrenched, inside-the-Beltway embrace of power and influence by the Democratic illuminati that does little for the poor and middle class and everything for the one percent that writes the big checks.
  • And in late February, Jeff Naft at ABC News reported, “… When you remove elected officials from the superdelegate pool, at least one in seven of the rest are former or current lobbyists registered on the federal and state level, according to lobbying disclosure records. That’s at least 67 lobbyists who will attend the convention as superdelegates.” A majority of that 67 say they’re supporting Hillary Clinton.

But I will vote for Bernie to honor his effort and the hope I had for us all.     Jan

A Bird, A Plane? No, It’s Superdelegates!

by Michael Winship

One of the more troubling aspects of the Democrats and their nomination process is something we touched upon in last week’s piece: the 712 or so “superdelegates,” about 15 percent of the total (and 30 percent of the majority needed to win the nomination) who will cast ballots at the July convention in Philadelphia. They include President Obama and Vice President Biden, 239 Democratic members of the House and Senate, 21 sitting governors, 437 Democratic National Committeemen and women, and a category referred to as “distinguished party leaders” – former presidents and veeps, ex-congressional leaders and erstwhile presidential nominees.



April 22, 2016

Voters forced to pick lesser evil

How relevant are voter’s choices ?

This article by Frank Bruni hits the nail on the head of an issue important to most of us.  Since it has the power to affect our lives, future and or plans – – indeed it IS important.  What seems clear in my head — that our greatest  potential for success of those issues of major  importance to our rights and  freedoms, opportunity, equality. choice in every direction, health and economic potential lies in the direction of Bernie Sanders. He has been busy doing the people’s business obscurely, pretty much without fanfare for many decades.  Who and what he is speaks clearly to those who have heard him, because his ethic, integrity, judgement and clearly stated vision has resonated.  It isn’t complicated or difficult, it rings true.   Bernie is a simple family man with a clear mind and a pretty darned good one at that.  I like his message and trust him, and believe that others feel the same way — we are willing to pitch in, participate more,. . . take responsibility, replace political-establishment ‘takers’ who aren’t giving us anything for our money – – with forward-thinking progressives who have great ideas, energy and ethical standards.  Because it will work!  

But Hillary takes every opportunity to try to demonstrate how much better she is at everything; describing clever, intricate, highly detailed and well laid out plans she has as compared to Bernie’s  ‘pie-in-the-sky’ ramblings.  It is offensive that she must belittle Bernie to elevate herself. That so many see her as more capable with her multitudinous accomplishments as the better choice to get things done is flabbergasting. I very much question that kind of judgement . . . . and who are these people?  It seems that these are mostly political cohorts, long known to Hillary, playing most of the same games well known in Washington and the ‘Power-Brokers’.  Let’s not rock the boat!   My vision of Hillary is so different.  She knows everybody,  is well-connected – sure.  But I see that as a guarantee to keep the status quo (which is what has us so mired down and mucked up).    She’s unpleasant to listen to for it can never be clear if there is any truth in what she says.  She has been known to be deceitful – telling only that which she wishes to reveal. (remembering her days in the Whitehouse).  She has no claim to ethics and integrity.  And as to her accomplishments. . .   .    .   what are they, pray tell?  Nothing sparkling as a Senator.  And in service to Obama, she travelled a lot,  but where was the accomplishment?  There were certainly a number of negatives.  

But why does Hillary continue to maintain such high negatives with the voters?. . right behind Trump.  This is a constant – it wasn’t ever any better.  She isn’t forthcoming,  is devious in her claims,  people respond to that harsh, egocentric inner core;  she screams too much and it isn’t a good effect when she sounds that brittle and demanding.  Everything about her is off-putting.    Almost everything about Bernie is appealing.

But look at the numbers;   Hillary had this thing on lockdown as she started.  Bernie has been treated as some ‘ASIDE’ without a chance.  No one thought Bernie was going anywhere.  Boy were they wrong!  Maybe its a similar thing with all those Trump voters – – Americans are just fed up with the status quo and can’t take it anymore.  I do see the frustration in both camps with complaints of a lost way of life.   I became so frustrated with the Democratic Party and the lack of fairness that has been relevant in their actions.  Bernie was abused – unabashedly!  Useless in Ohio in the same way.  Wouldn’t make room for P.G. Sittenfeld for Senator and boldly backed our former Governor instead.  Sittenfeld was creative, had unique ideas and reminded me of a 29 year old Bernie – very progressive.  PG made inroads, worked hard, but couldn’t overcome the Democratic political snubbing — wouldn’t even let him debate!  To me, that’s rotten political machinery. The stuff we want to get rid of.  

So anyway, here we are pretty far down the road and all the smart money says this is Hillary’s.  How is this possible?  Did you see the turnout gatherings for Bernie in NY?  People are loving this man – they get him!  Different rules in different states! 40% of the New Yorkers are independents and were denied the right to vote. . so Hillary walks  off with the win.  One person, one vote ain’t workin’!  I don’t want to bemoan the delegate thing again.  But how do I accept that this is alright?  A man everybody loves can’t get there?  And a woman no body likes or wants (for many reasons) has it all wrapped up?  Maybe you can see whats bugging me and got me riled up.  But I’m sticking with Bernie!  Jan


Frank Bruni commentary: Voters are put in position of picking the lesser of 2 evils

American voters are displeased with the candidates they’ve been given. They’re disengaged from the process that winnows the field.And that process disregards the political center, erodes common ground and leaves us with a government that can’t build the necessary consensus for, let alone implement, sensible action in regard to taxes, to infrastructure, to immigration, to guns, to just about anything.Make America great again? We need to start by making it functional.

A poll released by NBC News and The Wall Street Journal on Sunday showed that 68 percent of American voters couldn’t imagine themselves casting a vote in the general election for Trump, while 61 percent said the same about Ted Cruz and 58 percent about Clinton.

A much, much higher percentage of voters viewed each of these three unfavorably than favorably. ‘‘Unpopularity Contest’’ was the headline on the story on the NBC News website, which rightly asked how well any president of such polarizing effect would be able to govern.

We’ve had such presidents (and candidates) before. And pessimism isn’t new.

But there have been developments and differences in 2016 that may well be making the situation worse.

The media, for one. When you treat a campaign as if it were an athletic competition, you turn it into more of a blood sport than it already is. And when you breathlessly promote it the way you would a hit TV show’s season finale, it becomes just another piece of theater. Neither approach encourages sober-minded engagement.

Nor does the manner in which so many voters use the Internet in general and social media in particular, to curate and wallow in echo chambers that amplify their prejudices, exacerbate their tribalism and widen the fault lines between us.

  • To prevail, a candidate doesn’t even have to persuade an especially large share of the electorate, given how splintered and detached voters are. In an important commentary published in The Hill on Monday, the Democratic pollster and strategist Mark Penn extrapolated from Trump’s and Clinton’s vote tallies to note that, in his estimation, ‘‘We now have a system in which it takes just 10 million votes out of 321 million people to seize one of the two coveted nominations.’’

‘‘The result,’’ he wrote, ‘‘is a democracy that is veering off course, increasingly reflecting the will of powerful activist groups and the political extremes.’’ Would-be nominees needn’t worry much about the roughly 40 percent of Americans who at least technically consider themselves independents — a group that’s grown over the last decade — or the 60 percent who say that a third political party is needed.

No, these candidates ‘‘can just double down on elements of their base,’’ Penn observed. ‘‘Rather than bring the country together, they demonize their opponents to hype turnout among select groups, targeted by race, religion or ethnicity.’’

  • Penn suggested several smart reforms to increase voters’ participation and sense of investment, including the abolition of caucuses and a rotation of the order in which states vote, so that Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina don’t always get such outsize sway.

I wish we could also find a way to shorten these presidential campaigns significantly, so that they’re not such a soul-draining, throat-ravaging turnoff to almost anyone who’s not an epic narcissist or mired in politics to the point of no return.

Then maybe we’d look up one of these years and be choosing among the greater of goods, not the lesser of evils, and the victor would be left, physically and ideologically, with a voice that still carries.

Frank Bruni writes for The New York Times.

April 12, 2016

One person, one vote! SCOTUS Affirms

You think I’ve lost it?  Maybe, but can’t zip it anymore

So why do I remain so confused?  Why is everything so difficult?     If we hadn’t BEEN THERE when all this happened with Al Gore  when he won big- time and still lost the election,  it wouldn’t be so scary.  The political machinery is beyond the understanding of so many of us.   I continue to try to make sense of the explanations which are given, but it is like garbage to me. . . pure, unadulterated drivel — deviously designed to assure the so-called “choice” of the establishment comes out  on top as the winner.  They can call it by whatever name they choose. . .  it still smacks of corruption – – rigged elections!  

  • There is no possible way for “delegates”  pre-ordained or otherwise to legitimately over-ride the choice of voters, ordained by the CONSTITUTION.

Who  thinks this makes any sense at all?  We have a system capable of working, but when you continue to pass new rules and laws denying people their right to vote;  continue redesigning the political boundaries to swallow up the people’s voice. . . it is so corrupt that many have given up trying.  Hillary had her delegates all wrapped up before the ball game began.  Hillary who is so disliked, distrusted and extremely deceitful in her manner of eluding truths. . . because the truth is not acceptable.   Said she would reveal her text of speeches she gave to wall street, but then reneged, saying if she did it,  then all must do it.  At a recent  talk wherein the press was present, they electronically rigged the sound to keep it from reaching the ears of the press!  How overt, outrageous and disgusting does it have to get?  For all the politicos in Washington who are endorsing her (even though they are Democrats) I believe they should be thrown out as well as they have proven that they are INDEED, part of the rigged system, and want to protect it. .  . . .  .  . because its profitable!

Hillary is self-serving and ambitious beyond belief.  I have never known of anyone who continues to foist herself onto the public sphere even tho she is fully aware of her lack of public acceptance.  That isn’t just thick skin — its deep-rooted ambition beyond reason.   People have NEVER liked her or trusted her.  Her alliance with big-money interests are a reality  of which she isn’t a bit ashamed.   Why should she be?. . . this is where her heart and interests are,   as her life has revealed.  Her ties to the Corporate structure are sound and formidable.  It is her forte – -where she is comfortable, belongs.  But being clever, smart is not enough – – one needs also ethics, heart,  a clear and thoughtful mind, and deep caring and understanding for the plight of others.  A commitment to honesty and integrity

Among the things I find contemptible in Hillary aside from her smug self-satisfaction that she is the best at everything she does,  is her infernal innuendo that Bernie isn’t capable of accomplishing all those “pie-in-the-sky” rather impossible plans he has for our people.  Well sure it sounds impossible – – no one has ever espoused such ideas (except in their dreams).   But most of those ideas actually DID USED TO WORK – right here in America!  What changed is corporate GREED  with a singleminded path toward POWER and WEALTH coupled with highly successful mechanisms to pay for and enable the laws THEY wanted.  So politicians got richer (and tried to stay in Washington) and ordinary folks were sold down the river.  No question Bernie can’t do it by himself and this is what he states.  The people will enjoy taking down the corruption once they realize how to vote for ethical, honest people who actually want to serve others . .  . restore our rights in so many ways.  We all must learn to USE OUR VOICES for the common good, and the total benefit of all of us.  We need dynamic restructuring of the legal system — one that works equally for all;  the educational system must be revamped and restored so that kids learn something to equip them for life on their own;   we  need to make the sexes equal with each individual having full and total ownership of their own body — as no-one outside the individual has the right to dictate personal physical or medical choices;  our nation is being poisoned by toxins at unbelievable levels — both agricultural and pharmaceutical plus 100’s of thousands of other toxic chemicals which are destroying our way of life,  debilitating our health in ways most people can’t understand – let alone stave off.  And through all of this, we are sterilizing our irreplaceable soil which of course not only harms our planet (it’s flora and fauna). . all vegetation and  living forms are being annihilated;  and while I do not consider it last, but rather the top of my list,  the Medical Profession and entire complex needs to be completely revamped – most especially BIG PhRMA, for it has become rather a farce and a tragedy.  Medicine no longer seeks cause of problems (they find almost everything to be cause unknown).   There are pills for every symptom, but few causes are ‘fixed’.  All forms of medicine of a person’s choice should be made available and legal.  Everyone is different and responds to different kinds of treatment.  Vaccinations should be available to those who chose them,  but NEVER MANDATORY!   The healthcare we now have only serves the wealthy and the indigent.   It is useless for the middle class due to costs, copays and deductibles (let alone the punitive fines for those unable to sign up).  Ohio is planning to rid more than 600,000 from these medical benefits he had allowed,  which will greatly impact our huge amount of disenfranchised people who are struggling so.  And Kasich is the best of the GOP lot. . .what to think of that?

We are not cattle, we are FREE Americans with established RIGHTS.   There is so much which needs to be done to free America up to actually BE the BEST WE  CAN BE!      Someone like Bernie with the smarts, the ethics and the committed heart is just the man to get the job done,. . .if we all pull together.  He can lead the way and get it done as long as we “get it” and cooperate- – throw the bums out and go with ethics instead.    Jan


April 8, 2016


The MIRAGE of political ins and outs

What we Americans (you and I) are living through everyday isn’t isolated to our sinking masses who struggle to claim our dreams and aspirations against what ‘seems’ to be stacked odds,  to be sure.   Any intelligent, moral person whether highly placed in life or among those really struggling to ‘get by’. . . if we know anything about our own history, our beginnings. . . how we founded our nation and government and the principles that were so vital and meaningful to us then and now – – the evidence IS everywhere.  

Once again, Bill Moyers and Company has brought a very fine piece to our attention.  While it is only an introduction to this book, it grabbed my attention (almost disturbingly),  including the many comments which followed it.  I sincerely want to read it.  So I’m gonna call the library and see if I have a chance to  get on a list (budget ya know, and as a virgo-type, buying books is a rather large weakness).  Anyway,  I really NEED to share this with you. . .misery loves company I guess,  but it seems to explain why many of us are so wrought over our Democratic party preferences. . .and at a loss to get why some do what they do. . . when it seems so clear to me. . . .  but what do I know?     Jan


From Bill Moyers — A Recommendation

Thomas Frank’s new book is “thought-provoking — and guilt-inducing.”

From Bill Moyers — A Recommendation

Thomas Frank’s new book is “thought-provoking — and guilt-inducing.”


April 5, 2016

Rid Shingles and its “Pain”

There is Help to reverse Shingles

Haven’t forgotten you my friends, just been really busy with my newest interest –  Liposome-Encapsulated vitamin-C.  Guess I  introduced you all to this February 29, 2016. It had taken me weeks to research, shop around (online), make my purchases, experiment and so on.  This is so much FUN! I do so wish more could realize the satisfaction of intelligent self-care.  Once I really got into the LIPO-C thing, I knew I was going to do it – and I’m loving it. I have five  (so-called maladies —  or less than perfect/ideal  body functions),  a few of which I hope to correct or lessen.  I do intend to make this for as long as I continue to occupy space on the planet.    Why?  Because in less than two weeks, I am feeling so much better.   I can tell my COPD is still an issue, but in fact,  I am breathing so much easier now,  more deeply and fuller.   Amazing.  Oxygenation is so vital to our well-being and every cell in our body, so this is very important. . . and I’m  grateful. Tho there is still much more to be done for complete return to normalcy,  this is good.   Energy has improved. . able to accomplish a bit more these days, which is great.    Actually think my heart is responding too;  have returned to multi-positional sleeping patterns of yesteryear wherein I seem to roll allover the bed however I wanted. (my enlarged heart afflicted with A-Fib for perhaps 10 -12 years now, has prevented this delicious night-time freedom. . .  as it seemed to thump too hard and loud if I should lie on my left side.)  Yes, this is progress.  Additionally,  and this is important — I’m feeling GOOD!  Keep noticing, I’m  having no pain any where.  All I’ve added is the Liposomal – Encapsulated Vitamin C.  

I started off with an ounce or so of the Lipo-C twice a day.  But decided, going for a break-thru, why fool around– so upped it to 3 X day and upped to  2 oz, 3 X a day. One ounce is equal to about  7-8 gr. . so I’ve been getting about 90 or so grams daily. . .why wouldn’t I FEEL GOOD?  Ya can’t do that with any routine type of C on the market.  The Lipo-C I’m making (anyone can) is more efficient than equivalent IV C injected by doctors – they say, up to 6 to 8 times more powerful. Mine is organic, no SOY (almost exclusively GMO and has hormonal negatives – won’t touch soy!).  Just use Sunflower Lecithin,  C crystals (powder) and distilled water.  And of course, the Ultrasonic machine for the sound waves to encapsulate the C into the Lecithin  Be glad to share what I do and how, if interest is there. Mean while  I’ve been a bit busy as make for family and a friend or two as well.  

I mention all this to bring it down to its relative simplicity.  This is an easy project to learn and do.  Once you buy a machine, the cost factors are minimal.  Again, will discuss further if it is desired.  They are eliminating cancer, Alzheimer’s disease , cardio and pulmonary – – in fact, all modern, chronic afflictions known to us. I’m giving a link to Dr Levy who has popularized this recently.  I believe he has earned an eternal place in paradise for all the potential help to our suffering masses which this represents.  He didn’t discover this, but has brought it to the worlds attention clearly and rapidly.  He does not however, discuss the how-to’s of doing it yourself.  This may or may not be somehow tied to his becoming aligned with a company which is making a commercial brand of Lipo-C — who am I to judge? Even so, I have spent weeks delving into this and many intelligent people are out there online and on Youtube teaching, extolling and showing us DIY’s How to. Even now, I continue to find exciting new slants on this whole subject.  I have found at least a handful of educated, medical oriented and creative people to learn from who have expanded my understanding on this matter and encouraged me to strive onward;  so I’m gonna do Glutathione next. . brain stuff and autism, etc., actually, can hardly wait.

I’de like to mention an experience I had relevant to Shingles going back 40- 50 years,  hence those involved are long gone.  Had a friend, aging, but still vital and enormously gracious and lovely – was a retired actress named Beulah Bondi.  To know her was to love her.   One time as I greeted her, I wrapped my arms around her small torso for an affectionate embrace.  But it was immediately clear I had hurt her somehow.  Gentle woman that she was,  seemed more concerned for my feelings than her injury as she explained that she was having an outbreak of shingles at the time. . .not to worry.  Our mutual friend later explained that she had suffered with this for years and there was no relief to be had for her.   I saw the pain in her, tho she was a disciplined, talented actress.  A pitiful condition.  Well, there is something one can do about shingles now.   And anybody can fix this problem for his/her self.   Checkout Dr Levy’s link, many categories under discussion there;  just follow down the column for other conditions.              Jan


October 2, 2013 | Reverse shingles with vitamin C

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