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December 28, 2015

So many pains – what to do

Pain hurts, destroys and kills

All kinds of pain,  physical, emotional and mental;  each presenting in varying degrees. We live through a car accident, we have physical, psychic, emotional and financial pain – the works.   Break a bone. . .there will be pain.  Pain happens with such regularity that like it or not, we have been forced to accept that it is a part of our lives.  Most all of us do what we can to insure we don’t hurt  ourselves –  exercise normal discretion.  But what about those unplanned, yet routine migraine  headaches. . . just keep coming?  Or the arthritis  sufferer,  from the first few  unfamiliar twinges all the way up to the gnarled body using a wheel-chair?  No one feels they deserve this and will generally do whatever they can to reduce/relieve the pain.  We take OTC pills from the drug store (wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t safe — right?)  Or get a prescription med from a doctor – they knows what they are doing – right?  

We wish we knew WHY this  happens?. . . .  what is the cause?  Then maybe we could DO something to correct it.  It can’t logically be true so many causes are unknown.  Doesn’t relate to the usual, normal occurrences  found in nature, you know – cause and effect.  Our body falls in that category, in addition,  the body has superior wisdom  (divinely made) which is capable of running the entire network of systems in a manner no educated CEO or MBA could even dream of.  Our bodies have something in common with computers – – garbage in, garbage out.  Unlike computers however, the body is made of natural  (earth-related) material and requires natural (earth-grown) food for sustenance.  Our body/organisms have proved to be adaptable, but denied natural, nutritive, wholesome foodstuff, will decline, become unable to defend itself. We have adulterated food (GMO’s,  Frankinfish, Agribusiness with chemical fertilizers and bug control sterilizing our soils – yielding crops little more nutritious than paper) and animals kept in cruel fashion, fed corrupt diets they would NEVER eat if there was choice.    So, we aren’t all that healthy!  But add to that the toxic side effects of most so-called medicines which blast away at us when using  media (TV, etc) with disturbing accounts of the negative  possibilities you must watch out for,  We are being “brain-washed” from cradle to grave to accept this manipulation.  Used to be illegal here in USA, and still is in so many  other educated countries.  

So as it happens, though we don’t intend these outcomes, in fact – we are causing it.  #1 Innocently perhaps because we don’t know, and those who do know aren’t telling. Yes,  there are conspiracies – those who make decisions in our agencies formed to protect us, but  they are protecting those who profit from the lies – the producers of the toxins which contaminate the world we live in  — Agribusiness, FDA – allowing it,  Monsanto and other chemical corps, and BIG PhRMA  and all those elected officials and representatives we send to Washington to take care of things for us, but instead — pass laws for ‘them’.  Yeah, its stacked against us alright. . .but what do I know?  

#2 Ignorantly, by not assuming our responsibility to take care of things ourselves by  putting out the effort and asking questions.  .  .and getting rid of those who don’t perform.  Most don’t realize their body talks to them.  Pain in the tummy – something – ain’t right!. . . I need help here.  (not Tums or meds), but proper eating habits.  Find out what foods go together and why. I’ve spoken of it  often in ‘smokinchoices’. . . called food combining. Stomach may need digestive aids (enzymes), then eating right – no more sore tummy.  Or farting is also ‘talking’ to you.  Again food;  you’ve no doubt combined starches with protein at same meal  (Mac and cheese,  spaghetti and meat- balls,   meat and potatoes.  Carbs and proteins need different digestive juices to breakdown and become available for nutrient.  Eaten together,neither digests – instead – goes to the gut and ferments (not in a good way) and thats how this gas is born. But in the mean time, we spent the money on food, time on preparing it — but our body gets not only no nutrition, but extra work to eliminate the offender.  On Dr Oz’s show (some time ago) heard them discussing that passing gas is normal and everyone does it!  Average being 17 farts daily.  Indeed!  World famous doctor.   They are too busy studying pharmaceuticals (chemicals) – [a pill for every ailment],  rather than the body’s true needs.   I could go on endlessly, . . . . . but the point of this post is PAIN and the pursuit of its avoidance.  I have more to add following this article I meant to post a few months back.  Not much has changed — been going on for decades.  We are given these pills, then advised not to take them, because they can kill us or destroy our inner organs.  What a choice!  But, imagine, if one can figure out what the problem is, why can’t we just go with it and see what happens?  See  ya below:


FDA updates heart warnings on popular pain relievers

 WASHINGTON — Federal health regulators are bolstering warning labels on popular pain relievers to reflect new information about their risks of heart attack and stroke.

The changes being announced  apply to prescription non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs, including arthritis treatments like Celebrex. The Food and Drug Administration said it plans to make similar changes to over-the-counter drugs in the same class, such as Advil and Motrin.

Language on the pills currently warns that they can increase the risk of heart-related problems if used long term.

However, the FDA’s new warning states that heart attacks and strokes can occur in the first few weeks of taking the drugs. The agency also warns that the risks increase with higher doses of the drugs. The updates are based on an FDA review of recent studies and recommendations by outside advisers.

“In general, patients with heart disease or risk factors for it have a greater likelihood of heart attack or stroke,” the agency notes in the announcement posted to its website.

The labeling change is the latest step in the FDA’s ongoing safety review of the drugs which stretches back to 2004. That’s when Merck & Co Inc. pulled its blockbuster pain reliever Vioxx off the market because of links to heart attack and stroke.

Vioxx had been heavily advertised as a new kind of NSAID that was supposed to be easier on the stomach. But its withdrawal shook the medical establishment and ushered in a new era of drug safety at the FDA.

  • In 2005, the agency added boxed warnings to all prescription NSAIDS, including Pfizer’s Celebrex and high-dose versions of ibuprofen and naproxen. Celebrex is the only drug from the same class as Vioxx that remains on the market. The prescription NSAIDs are generally used for long-term chronic pain conditions like arthritis.

The agency also added similar warnings to lower-dose, over-the-counter NSAIDs like Aleve and Advil. Those drugs currently warn patients to take the lowest dose possible for as short a period as possible. They are not intended to be used for pain longer than 10 days, according to their labels.  (like that’s going to happen)

Advil is marketed by Pfizer Inc., while Aleve is sold by Bayer. Many generic drugmakers market cheaper versions of the drugs.


continuing: . . . almost anything one reads tells us that inflammation is a cause factor of most modern, current diseases.  We read/hear this a lot, but hardly anyone has anything truly useful which aids us to know what to do.   How do we help ourselves by just knowing that?  We know inflammation by it symptoms — pain, tenderness and stiffness in muscles and joints.   So what causes inflammation?  Its the FOOD, of course, but a more complicated ball of wax, depending on the individual. In arthritis, there is the cooked food syndrome.  One needs far more raw (uncooked) fruits and vegetables (for minerals and vitamins) and this enables a more balanced ph level of approximately 7 (normal human figure).  The Standard American Diet (SAD) is loaded with too many useless calorie carbohydrates, far too many “sweet” things (sugar) and with some others — too much animal protein.   All these add up to being overly acidic which is the soil in which to grow disease of all kinds.  So  when cooking food, enzymes are destroyed > digestion impaired, gut is harmed,  nutritive needs not met. . .stuff breaks down.   I did a post 11-17-15 called  Walter Last holistic healer, from whom I’m attempting to reference now.  There is nothing that I could say which might even come close to his evidence based words.  I suggest you see it and perhaps download anything you might want to know about any disease. He lives abroad and everything he wrote is on one of his sites – FREE.  

We seriously need to care for our digestive issues, (especially as we age) taking hydrochloric acid as our ability to make it drops.  There’s much  simple, easy, fairly cheap stuff that can be done without so much as  one prescription drug.  (I DL’d his 21 page article on Arthritis and Rheumatism.    Haven’t finished reading it to be sure, but love what I’ve read.    I’m not really so much a “label person.”  I think it can be a trap – convenient way out.  I just need to know WHY and WHAT  I can do to correct it.  And because of Walter Last, I found what works for me.   The Borax Conspiracy ( a 10 pager),  turned out to be my solution.   Wasn’t easy wrapping my mind around it, .. kinda struggled.  But I accepted his logic , theory,. . .then evidence of 1000’s who found blessed relief . . .took the stuff and never looked back. . .glad to leave their pain behind.  

If I were younger and had a bottomless pit of money, I’d head for the courts and stop only when I was dead or in the supreme court.  No corporate structure in the world has the RIGHT to deny people the natural solution that our earth provided and smart men discovered how to use to the benefit of so many who suffered and could so easily be put to rest (corrected – neutralized), returning those in pain to full utilization of their body parts which had been too painful to move before.  It’s  outrageous! and criminal.  And why?  This stuff works for pennies which  was costing PhRMA millions in lost revenue!. . but not helping those who were ill.  They did it because they could!

So of course, I did this thing.   The hardest part  for me was finding out how much water was in a liter.  Then checking and sure enough, had this old box on a shelf – maybe 20 years old, now in the form of a brick.  Had to break it down, then with mortar and pestle ground  down only a teaspoon of it to put in the liter of water.  Stirred around, dissolving it.  1 tsp to the quart of water is the ‘solution’;  needing  1 tsp daily  of the ‘solution’ to restore  balance to body from the acidic (inflammatory) state, or I should say maintain it once it has been tamed.  To bring a very painful arthritic condition to a  pain-free point of mobility and  usefulness will take about 2 – 3 months (give or take) @ 1 tsp two or three times a day.  Its easy to do,  has no taste.  Pain and inflammation is just one of its benefits — so much more – Hormonal, but another time.

I’m an eager, willing person with arthritic hands.    Took my first dose that night  and woke next day feeling ‘something’ but didn’t know what, except I felt pretty good and wanted to get up and have at it.  Yeah, guess, I did feel a tad better than usual.  So I hadn’t hurt myself — I’m going for the gold!      So that day, took 3 doses; repeated next and every day.  It’s a week now.   Haven’t noticed my hips or knee bothering me.  Hands not home free, but no shooting pains, numbness not as bad. Got nothing  to loose.  Always use my body as my personal laboratory for all the stuff I make.  Haven’t used pharmaceuticals in over 5 – 6 years.  And with  2 exceptions, no OTC stuff either.   Able to maintain pretty good health with my EFT and Eden Energy medicine.  Lo, these 86 years,  still counting my blessings. . .which just keep comin’ . . . .    .     .   Jan



December 21, 2015

Mood – Mind altered by Meds

Its true,  in our conversations these days about the crazy killing frenzy we keep having thrust on us,  we hear little about  CAUSES which may very well be at work here.  For a long time the main culprit  has been  largely seen as A  “GUN CONTROL” issue.  I doubt few would argue against the unfettered access to any and all guns are a legitimate issue. . .and I would agree.    

 The latest issue seen in causation (which has in my mind been over-blown on the right by the GOP in effort to eternally blame Obama for ‘everything’) is of course the idea of ‘Radicalized Muslims’ coming into this country for evil intent to harm and kill us.  Is this a possibility?  Sure – it’s already happened!  But it is rare and uncommon.  Can’t  look at these years of erratic behavior in so many of our own youth – – some of them from privileged homes.  While I’m kinda fanatic about the chemicals in our water,  I don’t think its the WATER.  Nor is it just the chemicals in our foods via agribusiness. . . . tho that largely contributes to our health breakdown – and lets face it, we can’t separate the health of our body from a healthy, balanced mind.  

So very many areas come to mind in wondering about what is  happening to our kids as they grow up today.  It isn’t mysterious.    Our nation was up until recently largely “middle-class” and with that background, family was almost everything.  Nothing was too much for those we  loved, for that is where the heart was.  With the middle-class all but disappeared, we have become a country of the rich and powerful on the one hand with the poor and desperately needy wasting away on the fringes.  Few  in any class have what they need to live with dignity and meaning – – purpose.  African American and Latino families are worse off. . . . no jobs for these especially. Commitment to family and community are so hard to come by.  From one side of our  country to the other,  the people are pretty much the same;  good hearts, innate common sense and the desire to amount to something.  Almost all, willing to help.   STRESS is a killer and it is prevalent.   Our financial underclasses, mostly, can’t afford medicine  or what used to be decent medical care with knowledgable, thoughtful physicians..  Now its insurance companies dictating,  doctors on tight schedules and getting burned out — and losing  their reason for being there.  No time for relationships, especially between doctors and patients — too often pills are prescribed, never seeking the problem, and causing more harm than any possible good.  This is more prevalent amongst the children and the poor in general.  (This is theoretical, not statistical.)   But parents and teachers too,  dispense arbitrary rewards and punishments instead of more thoughtful solutions.    

Just attempting to show how  naturally and simply we frail humans can take short-cuts that gets all in trouble.  How kids are given meds to control or sidestep certain behaviors.  Pills  will never take the place of caring and love. . .weren’t meant to.   But they can and do cause harm . . .an kill.  Hear Ben Swann relate what he found.  Jan


Politics and Media Insight

Asking the Right Question

Ben Swann

With yet another mass shooting in the USA, our hearts go out to the families grieving for loved ones. This is also a time to ask questions. As investigative reporter Ben Swann asks, “Why is it always a discussion about guns and not about mental health and mood-altering prescription drugs?”

Why do we need to ask that question? In “Reality Check: Why Aren’t Shootings Sparking Debate Over Anti-Depressants?” Swann provides a sampling of the individuals behind mass shootings from the past 15 years … revealing which prescription drug—along with the known side-effects—the shooter was taking.

Watch Video or Read Transcript

December 18, 2015

DNC This is over the line of decency!


The American DEMOCRATIC PARTY  headed up by Debbie Wasserman Schultz must have gone  over the hill and for all I know – “Out-of-their-minds”  if they believe they can pull the wool over so many, many of us who TOTALLY, precisely HAVE MADE A DECISION about our voting choice,  and unwilling to give up that right;  will NOT BE COERCED!     It is too bad that you are so accustomed to having  complete control and shaping all outcomes  to suit  your personal pre-conceived ideas of how things  aught to be.  WON’T WORK THIS TIME.  Incidentally,  this is one of the reasons we are so enamored with Bernie Sanders  – – his vision suits our needs better than anyone else who is running and he’s got our vote.    

I haven’t a spare minute of time let alone money to ‘donate’ to the DNC because my experience has shown me they no longer represent me or my interests  nationally or locally.  This is supposed  to be fair,  independent and impartial with the presidential hopefuls . . . yet it is anything but that.    Shultz has demonstrated that it’s nothing more than part of that “BIG MACHINERY”  we are all so opposed to.. . . the one where the FIX is in and serving only the big (corrupt, corporate) design.     D.S. Schultz should have been disqualified from a”leadership” role,  if for no other reason than her blind intolerance of anyone but Hillary  (still carrying her water  since Hillary’s first run, which she apparently never got over).   This woman has no shame;  that’s on her!  However, she has no legal right to keep trying to run the show by her own manipulative plans.  What do people  love most about Bernie (besides his excellent ideas)?    We admire his authenticity.  He is straight up, honest and legitimate. . .for a very  long time. Has no need to play games, cheat or throw dirty punches.   Not his style and everyone knows that.  

This latest ruse is unconscionable and if necessary – a couple hundred million of us will say so — IN COURT!     America, be on guard – seems we ARE under attack – from within.  Just wanted any who might be interested to know where I stand  and I feel this is a terrible way to run a zoo. . . or U can stand against it!   Jan


Bernie Sanders for President

Jan –

Here’s the truth: from the first day of this campaign, our success has shocked many of the Democratic Party Establishment who would have preferred a coronation over a competitive campaign.

And the reality is that the huge turnouts that we’ve had at our meetings, our strong fundraising, our volunteer base, and quick rise in the polls have caused the Democratic National Committee to place its thumb on the scales in support of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. You see that fact evidenced in their decision to bury he Democratic debates on weekends during nationally televised football games. It’s more or less an open secret.

This week, due to a fault in their own technology platforms, the DNC took unprecedented steps to take away our access to data accumulated through tens of thousands of voter contacts made by our volunteers — supporters like you who power our political revolution. In essence, the Democratic Establishment is effectively shutting down our ability to access the information we need for field campaigns and volunteer activities just six weeks before the Iowa Caucuses. And they haven’t told us when they will turn it back on.

In other words, the leadership of the Democratic National Committee is attempting to undermine our insurgent campaign. This is not acceptable. We can and must respond.

Sign our petition telling the Democratic National Committee — in no uncertain terms — that you expect a level playing field in this primary campaign. This is important.

That the Democratic Party would deny our staff and volunteers access to data needed to contact voters in Iowa and New Hampshire on the day we reached two million individual contributions and received two of our most prominent endorsements is disconcerting.

We hope they’ll do the right thing for us, and for our supporters, quickly. But so far they haven’t listened to our campaign. But I am hopeful they’ll listen to you.

Send a powerful message to the DNC by adding your name to our petition today:

We’ll be in touch soon as this situation evolves. You are the power behind this campaign. We are doing something unprecedented, and that has a lot of people scared.

In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016



December 17, 2015

Why all these chemicals?

Not me, but Bill Moyers & Company to speak of Chemicals and Corruption

In truth, I’ve been carping about this so long that even I am tired of my own sound.  Far better  to hear those with the “Global, renowned voices” with clout.  But lets not kid ourselves, it’s gonna take getting the ear of a BERNIE once he’s in the Oval office who will make this his concern to do the people’s business – because its important to us.  Just think – if these evils could be corrected through transparency and daylight, our financial devastation would be solved because people wouldn’t be so sick and stop taking BIG PhRMA’s fixes which only adds to the burden, because people don’t know what else to do.  (including the doctors who are taught zip about NUTRITION.)  

Our farming heritage could return to its roots, which while labor intensive, would be cheaper without all the chemicals and fake fertilizer. . .which would bring far more profit to those who  do the work rather than those who distribute poisons to the land, killing indiscriminately all life forms.  Imagine returning balance to NATURE’S CONTROL and design.   We have a decent grasp and start with all the work our President has worked to orchestrate globally on “climate change.”   Nothing short of “heroic,” but to hear the ignorant responses from the so-called right about the scientific, intelligent aggressive action President Obama has shown is leaving the rest of the world scratching their heads wondering what on earth has happened to the people of America.   Glad I don’t have to answer that one.  D’ya think it might be the water?  We can’t lie awake nights  worrying about it, just keep striving towards what we know is right for all of us,  not just the few.    


Why the United States Leaves Deadly Chemicals on the Market

Why the United States Leaves Deadly Chemicals on the Market

A six-month investigation finds that the revolving door between government and the chemical industry has led the EPA to rely on easily manipulated research. By Valerie Brown and Elizabeth Grossman

Read more »

How Corrupt Is Your State?

How Corrupt Is Your State?

There may be lots of good government laws, but corruption, influence peddling and lack of government accountability are in fact very

difficult to prevent across all 50 states. By AJ Vicens

Read more »

It is so easy to become discouraged as we learn what really has been going on — and for how long!    100 years ago when stuff was simpler, we no doubt could have taken an appropriate action, . . .  you know – headed  stuff off at the pass.  Easy to say now, but how likely is it that our eyes could have seen down the road any better than everyone else’s of that time?    So easy to say what might have been, but this is unproductive and leads nowhere.  Far better to see clearly, rethink – – set plans for further action and then set about to gather the energy  AND MAKE IT HAPPEN.  This  at least has  a chance for fruition bringing huge benefit to everyone equally,  rich and poor,  black and white or any other distinction.   We are all entitled to freedom from toxic poisons regardless of form or reason for its existence;  none of us are experimental animals.  We are entitled to clean air,  natural, clean, impurity-free water, healthy soil  in which to grow our food and healthy land for all our smaller animal brothers and sisters to roam freely in.  

Nor should any of  us be compelled against our will to be subjected to mandatory medication or any other treatment, because our disease-laden population is already inundated  with toxic loads the human organism was never to meant to bear or assimilate. . .which is why our cancer, diabetes, emotional and neurological problems, coronary, thyroid, autism and other mental impairments, and obesity rates are driving all this misery and destruction. Most of our population can’t afford to pay for ORGANIC FOOD and many of our poorer neighborhoods don’t even HAVE ordinary food-markets.  So what are people to do?  We  are an ill-served nation. We have a whole lot of problems that  aren’t goin’ away any time soon — even with BERNIE SANDERS.  It’s gonna take ALL OF US pulling in a similar direction to get this job done but we CAN DO IT.   A lot of us may not be as healthy as we have a right to be.. .but we are AMERICANS and we’ve got guts and what it takes to handle this job, by GOD.  It is so o o   time for change,    Jan

December 11, 2015

Energy Magazine (online)

ENERGY, a favorite magazine

I have been receiving Energy Magazine online for well over a year and very much enjoy it.  It is such a fabulous resource with articles  one  would be bard-pressed to find elsewhere – – especially, in such a wondrous, beautiful style/fashion.    My son Jeff had sent me this  link back then in order to see an article he had done for them. .  . but after experiencing this new (to me) delight,  I signed on to receive it.  Each issue is a treasure;  the scope – very broad.  Honestly don’t know if I’m breaking any rules by  posting this. . . .just can’t help myself reel in my need to share!    Read on. . . . .   .   .  and be prepared,   those pages will start exploding with amazing color and really helpful  insights which might possibly transform or freshen a life here or there.   Enjoy,   Jan




Welcome to the November/December issue of Energy!
Dear Readers,

In this issue you will find much food for thought, sprinkled liberally with good intention, love and best wishes from the Energy Magazine staff.

​Happy Reading!

Two ways to view Energy!

There are two wonderful ways to view Energy! It can be viewed as an interactive, virtual magazine – just like reading the real thing in the comfort of your own home. You can flip the pages, zoom in and out, even link directly to websites and send emails right from the magazine. Or you can view the PDF format which is the preferred method for viewing on iPads or printing.

To view Energy Magazine in the flip page format click here.

To view Energy Magazine in the traditional PDF format click here.

Please note: If you prefer to print the magazine at home use the PDF version above.


You can now order a beautifully printed version of Energy Magazine through Magcloud. Click here to see more details.

GOP’s eve of Destruction

My favorite news and historical documentarian is BILL MOYERS and Company.  No one knows it better or does it better than Bill.  When these folks do an analysis or an interview, one can be comfortable knowing that all will be delivered with integrity and truth, (no talking  down to a rabble-rousing crowd for the sake of an impact).  With this post,  we are given a current mix of issues – each and all of which reflect reflect “our world” in motion  in this time.    

It is for each of us to understand and decide if there is anything we can individually do to help protect our beloved country and honor it’s founding principles.  To be informed and aware is where it starts.  Jan




The GOP on the Eve of Destruction

Republicans seem to have made up their minds: They will divide, degrade and ultimately run the country into the ground. By Bill Moyers and Michael Winship

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump greets guests at a campaign event at Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds on December 5, 2015 in Davenport, Iowa. Trump continues to lead the most polls in the race for the Republican nomination for president. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

If Unchecked, The Growing Mob Mentality in the United States Will Lead to Our Self-Destruction

Echoes of America’s violent history can be heard in today’s fearful politics. By Mark Karlin

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The Second Amendment Was Never Meant to Protect an Individual’s Right to a Gun

The Second Amendment Was Never Meant to Protect an Individual’s Right to a Gun

How the Roberts Court upended the well-established meaning of the Second Amendment. By Dorothy Samuels

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The Folly of World War IV: Wars Are Never Quick, Cheap or Easy

The Folly of World War IV: Wars Are Never Quick, Cheap or Easy

Wars are never quick, cheap or easy: let’s acknowledge what a full-scale war in the Middle East would actually mean. By Andrew Bacevich

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20 Americans Have More Wealth Than Half the Entire US Population

20 Americans Have More Wealth Than Half the Entire US Population

Think we don’t have a problem with economic inequality? A new report finds that the wealthiest 20 individuals in the United States today hold more wealth than the bottom half of the US population combined.

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The Legislator Who Sold Out New York

The Legislator Who Sold Out New York

The state Assembly speaker has been convicted of corruption, but he’s only a small piece of New York’s dishonorable system. By Zephyr Teachout

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Check Out These Amazing Photos From the World’s Biggest Day of Climate Action Ever

Check Out These Amazing Photos From the World’s Biggest Day of Climate Action Ever

Last Sunday was far and away the biggest day of climate action the planet has ever seen. By Grist 

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Dead, White and Blue: The Great Die-Off of America's Blue Collar Whites

Dead, White and Blue: The Great Die-Off of America’s Blue Collar Whites

The rising mortality rates among blue-collar whites could be a canary in the coal mine: Things are getting tougher for all working people. By Barbara Ehrenreich

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Corruption Is as Bad in the US as in Developing Countries

Corruption Is as Bad in the US as in Developing Countries

Living in America sometimes resembles taking part in a Ponzi scheme, and its likely to get worse before it gets better. By Rebecca Gordon

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Bush administration Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Leavitt addresses members of the American Legislative Exchange Council in Seattle. Behind Leavitt is a sign for the morning's sponsor, ExxonMobil. July 2004. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

America Has a Hidden Climate Denial Network and New Research Maps It Out

Corporate funding has played a huge role in influencing our national conversation on climate.

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December 4, 2015

Sittenfeld for Senate

No one has authority to do my thinking/choosing 4 me!

The Democratic Party hasn’t only frustrated me over the issues around how few “debates” we, the voters, are entitled to relevant to the Democratic candidates for the presidency  of U.S.   (Guess all have noticed – Debbie Wasserman Schultz  is still dictating who does what and when – – how backward-thinking can we get?)  

Indeed many months ago I would read about this fresh-thinking young man out of Cincinnati by the name of PG Sittenfeld who aspired to become Ohio’s Senator replacing Rob Portman.  Our Republican state is very fond of Portman,. . .me, not so much.  Couldn’t believe  the good ideas he espoused because he hasn’t lived too many decades in order to come up with such modern, forward thinking ideas.   I was intrigued.   Wanted to hear more about him and from him.  No such luck.  Next I heard that the Democratic party had endorsed our ex-Governor Ted Strickland to replace Rob Portman.   The machinery would have none of young Sittenfeld interfering with their plans.  They refused to allow even a minuscule presence and wanted him gone.   Besides,  Strickland had name-recognition and a record to run on.  End of story!  For me, this is typical of the political machinery which insults us all, sells us out for any reason they choose.  This is insulting to a population afflicted with so many ills of society that it is all we can do to try to stay cool, calm and afloat, let alone figure out what games they play in Washington.  

No wonder so many hate politics and choose to tune it out.  But we can’t indulge that kind of thinking, for what is needed is more transparency, truth and integrity. We are entitled to choose by our own standards those whom we believe we can trust and are in agreement with.   If we would have a better life, more secure — with the kind of representation we deserve, then we MUST persist and demand honest effort in return for our vote.   Those who go to Washington must respond to our needs and wishes or suffer being thrown out!   I can’t tell you how often I sign petitions, give my  pennies to help out. . and nothing happens – – well,,  very little – not enough.  No way I  want anyone representing me who just plays along to get along.  I want  them to think things through and honor their commitments to us and deliver on what they said they would do.    Strickland was a sweet, good, kind, honest man.  People respected him and I still like him as a man, but not for our SENATOR.  You have to have some moxie, plans and a persistent voice.  Under his reign, Ohio had fallen into financial difficulty and it was easy for Kasich to take away his reins.  

But with Kasich, our residents began to bleed from every pore;  ranking last on so many national scoreboards of almost everything that people of a state (any state) look to their leaders for protection and fairness.  First thing he and his legislature did was destroy our school system – by design.  He brought in his friends (the WHITE HAT gang) to establish a whole new style of education at great expense and guaranteed failure due to lack of oversight,  perspective and integrity. It was and remains shameful; however the financially affluent continue to score quite well, while the needier neighborhoods remain at or near the bottom in rankings.  Talk about disparity.  Between the slashing and burning of all conceivable services and cut-backs in the rest and selling off major assets,  he comes off being so proud of his financial smarts because he claims he has turned Ohio around and continues to brag about saving Ohio and improving life here.  Perspective is everything isn’t it?   Unless you’re looking at infancy mortality rates,  closed services and lack of medical care,  low standard-of-living-wages – worsened by the slashing and gutting of our efficient Consumer’s Protection   Agency and its competent staff so that our burdened populace  have no assistance/protection to hold the line against endless utility cost increases;    homelessness;  deaf,dumb and blindness to ecological demands and resistant  to get real about our world’s ecological jeopardy.  The algae growth which threatens the GreatLakes areas has worsened every year with no end in sight.   Few would put his name up for sainthood.    But you know what?  I have to agree with comments I keep hearing that Kasich  is looking and sounding pretty good  (as things go) in the GOP lineup.  He actually sounds like he may be the best of the lot.  Talk about a sad situation.  Again,  a matter of perspective.  Don’t expect you to take my word for this stuff,  listen for yourself  (even kinda reminds me of Bernie) and see what you think. . .Sittenfeld,  Strickland or Portman?  Whadayathink?    Jan


Dear Friend,

Rob Portman has spent years in Washington voting against working-class Ohioans, against women, and against students.

We have a chance to fix that.

PG Sittenfeld is an elected leader in Cincinnati and a strong progressive who is committed to lifting up the voices of ordinary people. He knows that Congress desperately needs change. He’s running for U.S. Senate to fight for ordinary Ohioans – not D.C. lobbyists and special interest groups.

See PG

PG is passionate about making government more innovative and responsive. He believes that our diversity is an asset. And he is committed to empowering everyday Ohioans to help address the challenges our nation faces.

In the Senate, PG will be a champion for lifting wages for working people, defending a woman’s right to choose, preventing gun violence and standing up to the extreme wing of the gun lobby, protecting our environment, fixing our infrastructure, closing unfair tax loopholes, making college affordable and reducing student debt, reforming our criminal justice system, and ensuring that everyone can enjoy a secure retirement.

His progressive and forward-looking vision is a remarkable contrast to the out-of-touch agenda of Rob Portman and his special interest allies.

But PG needs our help to get to the Senate.

Send Rob Portman packing –  help elect a bold new progressive to the Senate:


PG doesn’t rely on the support of DC lobbyists and dark money from special interests –that’s why he needs us.



December 3, 2015

Gift from Donna that’ll last

Donna expands her 5″ Daily Routine

All who have frequented “smokinchoices”  understand how much I have benefited from Donna Eden and her Energy Medicine.  Love her book and own some of her visual programs – (CD sets).   Like to use her 5″ Daily Routine, because as she says – it works.  Her last e-mail presented this gift  at Thanksgiving time and she expressed that a few new tweaks have been added. . . I like them.  Wanted to share with those of you who might be interested.    The process is simple, easy to do and in her loving manner, she explains what each movement adds to your overall well-being and why you do them.  Anyone would benefit from this; male, female. . .kids to elders.  In other words this is for anyone who has, as we all do sometimes, issues with our body or energy, etc., which just isn’t right.   Her ENERGY MEDICINE book is a treasure and extremely comprehensive covering all the energy systems within the body showing how they interact and how to maximize  our overall health picture.    After watching the video found at the link below,  another video follows showing a young lady dancing around her yard doing this very thing – joyously.  Beautiful.  Surprisingly, this is followed by an interview of Donna by a lady called Marian Knight.  A little long, but worthwhile to hear how all this started with Donna.  Hope you are enriched by this.

I have bookmarked the the page so I can access it easily, and you might try that too.   Jan

More than four decades have passed now since I was told that my M.S. and the related damage to my organs were progressing so rapidly that I needed to “get my affairs in order.” Little did I know back then that this apparent death sentence would lead me to my life’s purpose: mobilizing the body’s energies for health, healing, and happiness. Since then, I have dedicated my life to the very simple, yet deeply profound, notions that our bodies are designed to heal themselves and that every one of us has the power to tap into our body’s natural healing energies.


Over the years, I started teaching a simple energy routine that people could do every day in 5 to 7 minutes to establish positive “energy habits” in their bodies which strengthen their immune systems and help them navigate through the stresses we all face today. Thousands of people around the world are now doing it daily! Based on their feedback, I would tweak it every now and then to make it even more effective. I’ve just filmed the definitive version. It is solid, and I have tons of evidence that it works. You need only do it!


It is a joy for me to say Happy Thanksgiving by sharing this with you. Just click here or the image below.

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