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October 26, 2014

Dr R. Rowan – $10 fix – Ebola

Bravo Dr Rowan . . You are a Hero

(Incidentally,  one of the four pieces of  Dr Bob Beck’s Protocol  is an item to make “ozonated” water. . .  just sayin’. . .)

Dr. Mercola: Ebola. A $10 cure. – Galactic Connection

2 hours ago – Ebola is heavily featured in the news these days, bringing lots of fear and concerns. Can anything be done to successfully treat or prevent this .


Story at-a-glance

  • By invitation of the President of Sierra Leone, Dr. Robert Rowen and his team is going there to teach health care workers how to treat Ebola using ozone
  • Ebola hijacks your immune system and suppresses it. Once your immune system kicks, it launches a cytokine storm, and this is what causes the lethal hemorrhaging. Ozone modulates the cytokine storm
  • Ozone can be administered in many different ways. It’s extraordinary in terms of its anti-infective and antiviral action, and it has virtually no toxicity, making it a prime candidate for both prevention and treatment
  • With bacteria, ozone works by puncturing the membrane of the bacteria, causing it to spill its contents and die. It also inactivates viruses, and does so 10 times faster than chlorine

October 25, 2014

Final days, not so simple

With Love, compassion, it works out

It is said we are eternal beings. . .which in essence suggests, we always have been and always will be.  This isn’t too hard when we consider that which we do know (per science) .  .  .  we don’t create or conversely, destroy energy; it is ‘matter’ we humans enjoy tinkering around with.  When that which we are – Energy, manifesting in a material form, winds down far enough, we transition back into subtle form – – we die, seemingly.  If we have been fortunate enough to have loved ones (after all, man is a social animal and we tend to cluster together). . .there are many who will miss us, perhaps grieve, be at a loss when we aren’t ‘there’  anymore.   Been there, done that.  Those ties aren’t broken. . .they linger on — our love and memories generally aid in keeping that going.  This is the way life is; it ends in death (quite apart from any philosophical or esoteric meaning).   Beyond that point many of us function as is consistent with our  emotional/mental balance, with many picking up the pieces, fully aware of the loss. . .but life goes on, so we do.   All straight forward — simple!  But is it really? 

From time to time  I come across stories of long married couples who are so deeply devoted to one another that when one dies, the other quickly follows with families attesting to the enormous love and attachment the two had together. Their “raison d’etre” has ceased to be.  Or the octogenarian who aids his wife’s passing and being sentenced to prison because he so loved her and she begged him to help her die.  These stories are so poignant to me, they nearly buckle my knees.  And I have posted these on my blog  because, to me. . .this stuff is important! 

People should not have to suffer when their life has lost all flavor and perhaps filled with pain.   That it is Okay for people to suffer isn’t right.  They say ‘humanity’ occupies the top rung of the ladder of all life species (intelligence, awareness, etc). But the truth is, we treat our pets with greater kindness than we often do one another.  When they suffer and have lost function, we find it HUMANE to put them down.  We let the vet induce ‘sleep’ and tho we grieve over the loss, we know we have done the decent, moral, right thing.  What we would do for our loved pets, we are not free to do for our most beloved mothers or husbands or anyone.  This is so screwed. No one ever said the LAW was compassionate.  Thru pressure, it is changing and still needs to sweep the nation as a courageous issue based on civil rights and personal choice.  The little  20 something bride who recently moved to Oregon because of terminal brain cancer is trying to take back “control” of her life such as it is, and I deeply salute her for her courage and bravery.  Only a handful of other states have also enacted this law. 

Then there are those who berate doctors for being truthful with their patients about their end times (disease prognosis and actual likely amount of time left).  As an advocate of truth, this has been my position. . we all have a right to know and choose, period. . . until I read Dr Roach’s recent column.  He is showing depth, delicacy and compassion.  Bravo Dr. .

This follows;   then afterward , I want to share an item  the last few days which still has my head reeling for which I will present no comment;  its callous degradation to another is unparallelled.    Jan

glyphTo Your Good Health:

Some patients want to know when the end is near

October 19, 2014

Sunscreen use ups ‘skin cancer’

Don’t fear the SUN — gives more than Warmth

The message from Dr Mercola interviewing Dr Stephanie Seneff is welcome and so well-timed as people are still busy using Sun-Screen slathered all over them to prevent the ‘harm’ of the Sun’s ultra-violet rays which is just not total truth.   Over the decades as  sunscreen usage has escalated, the incidence of skin cancer has dramatically increased which in turn — drives up usage even more.  A vicious  cycle.   (rather like the “don’t eat fat”  myth we were fed for decades –which drove up Heart Disease and related problems)

The chemicals used in the sunscreens containing aluminum and other toxins  are actually doing much damage to our bodily functionsinterfering with internal systems which require the Sun’s input and help, which become disabled and distorted due to this usage.  But, let the experts tell it, it is hugely important and interesting.  Their discussion is informative, casual and easy, if not a bit over my head at times (after all, she is such a world-famous scientist). . .but her easy delivery makes it resonate in my mind and ears.  Enjoy.


How Sun Exposure Improves Your Health and How Glyphosate Disrupts It

Story at-a-glance

  • Sensible sun exposure is an important component for optimal health, for a number of reasons. Vitamin D production is one; production of cholesterol sulfate is another
  • Cholesterol sulfate is needed to maintain the health of your red blood cells
  • Both aluminum and glyphosate interfere with sulfate synthesis. Evidence suggests sunscreens and glyphosate-contaminated food may play a role in the rise of skin cancer, as well as many other health problems
  • Ideally, get an appropriate amount of sun exposure, without the use of sunscreen, to optimize your vitamin D and sulfate levels
  • Swap out processed foods for organic whole foods to avoid glyphosate exposure, which interferes with sulfate synthesis
  • Experts Warn Against It, Yet It Helps Stop Plaque Build-up in Your Arteries
    A lot of important signals are attached to these molecules. Yet if you’re depleted of them, they can’t control your red blood cells, which can lead to the build-up of plaque in your arteries. Yet experts tell us to shun the very activity that allows us to get an abundance of it.


Cholesterol Sulfate May Be Essential for Health of … – Mercola…/cholesterol-sulfate.aspx

18 hours ago – Dr. Stephanie Seneff, a research scientist at the Massachusetts … is an expert on sulfate, and in my recent interview with her we discuss the various …. Dr. Seneff believes this may be because the aluminum in the sunscreen in …

October 16, 2014

EBOLA, RX-Emperor/no-clothes

What actually works is already “patented” – “Out There”

We all know that BIG PhRMA  has no intention of moving in any direction for which it has no patentable rights  – – because THERE IS NO MONEY IN IT FOR THEM.”    That is the realty we live in today;  los federales  stands behind and supports the Medical Complex  which includes and is dominated by BIG PhRMA.  This isn’t to suggest that  that they have been derelict in preparing for the future;   they have patents on certain vaccines to prevent Ebola. . . guess something went wrong.

Meanwhile the endless newscasts and talking heads of everything  are busy telling us that they have all under  ‘tight control’ and they are on it!  Trust them.

Watching the Rachel Maddow show last night on MSNBC,  demonstrated to me that factual effort is being made to attempt clear perspective.  She is one of the few I can  trust,  as she has this incredibly balanced, sharp mind (she’s not a Rhodes Scholar for no reason) and is not just out there to pump up  or hype the latest Hot Subject.   I very much learned new information with a look behind the scenes and I am grateful for that,  for her.  But it does make me consider, Have I done all I can . . . .  .   (based on what new relevant information which I am incorporating into my life as of the last few weeks)  So let me explain:

On October 10, 2014 I put up a post called  “FIGHT ILLNESS CHEAPER, BETTER”     That post was jam-packed with vital, life-saving processes  that one can incorporate to send almost any health-deterrent packing — cheap!   While it seemed well-received,  I felt that considering the enormous potential for improved health at a micro-fraction of what the medical establishment is charging not only us, but also simultaneously bankrupting our government coffers so that we can do little other than foot these unconscionable gangster prices.  We can’t fix our roads or any other major ‘infrastructure’ chore which needs our attention from tax dollars.    So yeah, I was disappointed big time. . . I expected a tidal-wave of interest; maybe a few comments expressing interest in the subject at hand. . . some clue that people even heard me – – got the message.

“Smokinchoices”  has had a great run, will be closing out the 7th year shortly and I have loved every minute of it.  It has been a labor of love and for me, a great joy.  We have all witnessed many new and impressive changes regarding health issues  e.g.. . .foods that we were told ‘not to eat’ only to learn that we MUST  eat them if we would be healthy;   the carnivore – veggie thing – – follow own gut – it knows what you need. . .just make it organic and ignore taste buds – they shouldn’t rule one’s choices;   and finally, importantly,  we ALL  must learn to take responsibility for the health of our own lives and that means learning how to do that efficiently and economically.  I’ve tried to assist in that showcasing so many unique, outstanding physicians mostly alternative or naturopaths and of course, . .  energy medicine.    But America has been led down a sorrowful past wherein we have been let down by many of our finest institutions which are  by law, supposed to protect us and insure our well-being.   Ain’t happening.

Which is why I was overjoyed to learn about the BECK PROTOCOL.  One doesn’t need to be ‘an eternal student’. . .but hard to ‘get’ if one isn’t willing to be OPEN  to the new and possible.   I didn’t fall in love at first blush with all this.  It was so stunning (to me) that I couldn’t let it go until I had researched  it to a fare-thee-well.  Took a week or two, , but I’m sold.  Bob Beck was some kind of gentle, ‘mental-giant’  Suffice it to say that He created instruments (only four of which I want to speak of).  He dreamed up, revised and built his pieces of equipment to his personal satisfaction, treated himself of many huge health problems (wheel-chair bound), obese and bald; regained pretty good ability to function well, get around, continue working and teaching and lecturing on his offerings.

An interesting but amazing thing is, he never made a penny on his creations;  he literally gave them away.  (His patents and specs) on how to build each and every one of these little machines is clearly designed to be used by any kid who has the knowledge to know which end one uses the weld on and capable of following instructions which are clear and concise and specific.  He wanted people to take back their POWER.  The pittance that it costs to build these things is very tiny, as compared to the outrageous, ongoing financial “rape”  the medical complex is engaged in.   If one could accept their professional fees to theoretically resolve ones illness (cancer or whatever),  one would then be in the poor house thereafter.  Where is the justice in that?  A short time on the internet gives a clue how many manufacturers there are out there who have Dr Beck’s Protocol equipment and they have been selling them right along.  They all praise him and feel that his gifts are monumental.

Most are aware that I am a follower of Dr Hulda Clark (died a few years ago) and her books and technology.  Have had her Zapper for almost 20 years and used it advantageously.  Haven’t used it for a couple of months tho and forget that I own it.    Ditto with the Colloidal Silver, guess I bot mine in 2002 and it’s still going strong.   Wanted to mention that these two pieces of equipment which I own won’t serve you well unless you use them.  Studying the Beck Protocol I learned that one should be drinking an ounce or three daily to ward off all the enumerable germs and parasites which continually invade us.  I didn’t know that, so I have been ingesting about 2 oz daily this past week.  Got my zapper out and started zapping daily  for the last few days.    Have to tell you, the pain in my insufferable left knee has greatly improved and, the swelling has gone away.   I would say . . right direction!  Finally got my Blood Electrifier, found it on Ebay and it looks great.  .  Have to put three 9 volt batteries in it and I’m off and running.  Can’t wait!

I paid about $225.00 for my Colloidal Silver generator.   Didn’t realize it, but my new Blood purifier has the outlets to also be my CS maker and it takes approximately 1/2 hour to make a pint or so for almost instant use.  My Silver Gen which I have really loved takes about 5 hours and cost some real money.  Next, as I can, want to get the Magnetic Pulser  which can be aimed specifically at the Kidneys, Liver, Spleen or Lymph at will to relieve any problems they may have.    The point is you can build your own pieces , pay a local knowledgeable student or friend to do it for you,  or just go online and find one to your liking and price My so-called $350 blood purifier I paid about  $127.00 for and I couldn’t be more pleased; made by a young college man with an engineering degree.  Good for him and good for me.  and its guaranteed.

So, the last thing I want to give you is the instructions for how to build any and all of this stuff. . for the brave of heart.  It is from a lecture that Bob Beck gave and all of the facts are from him.   Be aware, this is 42 pages long as there is quite a bit of dialogue involved as well – – but its Dr Bob Beck, for heaven’s sake.

I am hoping for the best with my Alzheimer’s thing.  While I still function, it can take sometimes days for the memory bank to release the name or thing I want.  Plus, at 85, one has had a long time to pick up alien invaders (not from space. . just local invaders).  To have them gone releases a lot of energy which I would welcome.  So why should you be interested?  I dunno – whadda ya got?  Epstein Barre?  HIV,  Cancer?  Hep-C? or maybe worried about Ebola?  Almost any viral, bacterial or fungicidal germ or infection known to us can be handled and made to go away (heaven forbid, we should deem to call it a cure — not me!)   Have at it.   Jan


October 11, 2014

Why/How Genetic-modification

FREE showing of movie THE FUTURE OF FOOD

This limited time-frame (18th of October) should be enough time for most of us to get the idea of the reality behind this terrible “HOAX” under which we have been forced to live out our lives — without truthful information upon which we could otherwise make different choices which would automatically improve our lives and health and that of our future generations.  I am grateful that we have someone like Dr Joseph Mercola who is always out there, digging to acquire the necessary news,  scientific developments and able to share them with everyone.  Grateful that he puts his resources to such good use.  Thank you for this Dr Mercola, once again.  


Every Time You Eat This, You’re Engaging in a Risky DNA Experiment
It’s perhaps the biggest biological experiment humanity has ever seen, and the effects are complex and unpredictable, with pieces of DNA interact with each other in unexpected and potentially dangerous ways. Be careful: here are some of the side effects.

Jan’s musings. .  .   .    .    

 .  .    .   most of us attribute ‘life force’ and our lives to nature — designed by GOD.   .  .  give thanks with gratitude for this gift.  It seems to run on  ‘electrical energy’ and of course the dynamics of a magnetic equilibrium held in place by our celestial SUN which also gives  life and warms us all and enables thriving on our planet.   We live in an electrical world.  Our bodies are balanced and utilize an electrical energy as well.  Perhaps most of us can never really understand how all this came to be, how it was done all those millions of years ago.   But it has worked very well. . . it is good.   Without the force of ‘opposition,’  always present, we couldn’t know the meaning of harmony. . . and continue to strive for it.   So it is a given there are great forces known and unknown ever at work.   Live and learn.

Lately, we are learning that many are attempting to alter nature to a detrimental effect — — through the use of “Chemicals.”    More and more chemicals are impacting and changing our lives. . . not just here, but the world over and the consequences are not good, evidently as we can tell by the results.   While we as a species, were mostly born and lived healthy in our electrical world, as we become more chemicalized our problems have mounted and are not only impacting our individual lives and abilities, but polluting the earth, air and waters of our world so that our entire planet and all the species herein are in jeopardy.  

We must become more aware and start taking responsibility.  .   .    just sayin,’  .  .  Jan


GMO’s, the lies we live with

Consumers can’t find GMOs on food labels

    So To Speak   Joe Blundo

         The Columbus Dispatch

   Food manufacturers don’t want you to know what you’re eating.   How 19th-century of them.  

Consumer Reports magazine   — which looks out for the public because our political system is too corrupt to do so   — released a study this week on which foods contain genetically modified organisms, or GMOs.  

The answer: A lot of them.  

The magazine says it found GMOs in packaged foods such as Kellogg’s Froot Loops, General Mills Corn Chex, Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix and Boca Original Vegan Veggie Burgers.  

  • Products labeled “natural” have them. So do infant formulas.  

Food manufacturers want to keep the information a secret, and no regulations require them to disclose it on labels.   You can find out to the gram how much sodium you are consuming but not anything on the presence of GMOs.  

GMOs refer to plants and animals that have been genetically engineered.  

The genes of corn and soybeans, for example, are manipulated to withstand the herbicides that kill weeds.   As noted by Consumers Union, the policy division of   Consumer Reports, the same type of engineering has also involved moving “arctic-flounder genes into tomatoes, human genes into rice and spider silk genes into goats.”  

That doesn’t sound natural to me.  

Food-industry experts say their research shows that GMOs are safe to eat.  

Our government basically takes their word for it. It does no independent testing — unlike some other countries, where both testing and labeling are routine.  

Some studies have raised health concerns about GMOs, but the findings are disputed.  

  • Not in dispute is that people absolutely want to know what they’re eating. A survey by   Consumer Reports found that 92 percent of Americans think foods containing GMOs should be labeled as such.  

So why no labeling? Because the food and agriculture industries have enormous political influence, and you don’t.  

Those industries know that consumers are suspicious of GMOs, so they spend lavishly to elect compliant legislators and fight labeling laws. They spent millions of dollars (to be fair, so did labeling proponents) to defeat ballot initiatives in California and Washington that would have required the disclosure of GMOs. They’re doing the same this fall to stop labeling in Oregon.  

What is a consumer to do?   Consumer Reports found the “organic” label to be a reliable indicator of an absence of GMOs.   Where does that leave people who can’t afford to buy organic food?   Without a simple way to determine exactly what they’re eating.   Sound unfair?   That’s just the way the food industry wants it.

(My comment:
Joe Blundo tells it like it is,  there would be few if any who could tell it simpler and get the job done.   Jan) 


1st Baby / transplanted-womb


Donated-womb baby is only the first


BEN JARY ASSOCIATED PRESS   His mom says Vincent, the first baby born after a womb transplant, makes sounds more like a kitten.

GOTHENBURG, Sweden — The world’s first baby born from a transplanted womb will have company soon.

Two more women who became pregnant after having womb transplants are due to deliver in the next few weeks — and that could be the start of a wave of babies born this way, say the Swedish doctors who pioneered the technique.

“It means a lot to me that we are able to help patients who have tried for so long to have families,” said Dr. Mats Brannstrom, a professor of gynecology and obstetrics at the University of Gothenburg, who led the project that brought about last month’s pioneering birth. “This is the last piece of the puzzle in finding a treatment for all women with infertility problems.”

Brannstrom predicted that there soon would be many more babies born to women who have received donated wombs in countries where doctors are studying the technique, including the United States, Australia, Britain, China and Japan.

Brannstrom said he also has started work on trying to grow a womb in the lab. That involves taking a womb from a deceased donor, stripping it of its DNA, then using cells from the recipient to line the structure. He has started preliminary tests in animals and estimated that it would be five years before the technique could be tried on people.

While that might sound like science fiction, the techniques that led to the birth announced last week also sounded outlandish just years ago. “It makes what was formerly impossible possible,” said Dr. Nannette Santoro, chairwoman of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Colorado. She was not involved in Brannstrom’s research.

The happy couple in Sweden named their son Vincent — which means to conquer — to celebrate a victory over their difficult journey to parenthood.
Welcoming a reporter into her home, the mother cradled her sleeping baby in a stylish kitchen where an errant pacifier on the counter was one of the only clues that a newborn was around.

She said she still could not believe she is a mother, after discovering at 15 that she had no womb and being told that she would never carry her own children. Now 36, she was one of nine women to receive a transplanted womb last year in a groundbreaking trial led by Brannstrom.   The mother spoke on condition that the exact location of her home not be revealed;  and said she never thought she might be the first to deliver a baby from a transplanted womb.

Her husband said the couple will be forever grateful to the 61-year-old woman who donated her uterus, the mother of one of his best friends. The woman — now the boy’s godmother — made the offer after hearing about the difficulties the young couple was having in starting a family.    “What she did for us was so amazing and selfless that the words thank you don’t seem like enough,” the father said.

These days, the new parents are busy marveling at their baby’s expressive face and remarkably calm nature.   “He doesn’t really scream but he makes these funny little sounds,” the mother said, comparing him to a kitten. Although his crib has a welcoming teddy bear and blankets, she said her son prefers to sleep between his parents in their bed.

She and her husband said they haven’t quite figured out how they will tell their son that he made medical history.   “We will show him all the articles that were written and tell him everything we went through to get him,” she said. “Maybe he will be inspired to become a doctor.”

(My Comment:  

This is so remarkable. . .and so difficult to wrap my mind around.   Also, the concept of being born without a uterus – – how does this happen?  Can’t even imagine living with that!   I had longed for the day that I could have a child since I was quite young,  but after 7 years, I had kinda accepted that it wasn’t going to happen.   We had been through it all and nothing was wrong with either one of us we were told.  We had a good life and were happy, fully engaged, but for me, this longing, the void. . . didn’t go away.  

Was busy showing my Silky Terrier “Marko” to championship, first west of the Rockies and third in country  (having emerged from the Miscellaneous category), so I was happy, busy and excited (never done such a thing before). . .so not having a baby wasn’t on my mind.  When I began to feel funny, my doctor took a look at me  and then rang me up a few days later with the news that I was in fact on target for a child. . . at last.    Other than morning sickness which lasted all day til almost dinner time for months, it was a great pregnancy without a problem, but of course I didn’t eat much and was on fire with activity.  Had to put together my new life for a baby, and I did it all like some kind of mad woman. . . .what fun it was. . . .    .     .  so long ago.     Jan

October 10, 2014

Fight illness cheaper, better

This may be as close as I’m gonna get to MAGIC


While many have remained with “smokinchoices” for some years now, I recognize that nothing ever stays the same, my readership like everything else  in life is in a constant state of flux.  Based on that,  it might be relevant to realize that many of you do not know of my own personal predilections or history and that’s Okay.  It’s probably enuff to understand that I no longer have much faith in the direction of Medicine with it’s obvious cost factors driving most of us out of the game.   Instead of striving ever to the bigger, latest-newer and more costly pharmaceuticals (which no-one but the wealthy can afford) for the ever-growing list of strange-sounding NEW DISEASES with all their off-shoots,. . . how much better it would be if they turned their attention  to study what  “HEALTH” looks like.  And what it takes to have good health and a fully functioning body where everything in the body works in harmony with all its systems, allowing homeostasis.   But that wouldn’t be good for their business, would it?   When was the last time your doctor asked. . “what have you been eating lately?. . . tell me about your diet?”    But then, why would they? . . .they don’t know much about that, so, aren’t conversant on it.

No matter that HIPPOCRATES,  the ‘Father of Medicine’ advised “let food be thy medicine”  ! . . . . .  Kind of old-fashioned?   Old hat?   Passe? . .yeah, no one does stuff like that anymore.    But some do!  Here and there aspiring healers become demoralized when they find they can’t help people get well, fix their problems, none of their medicines are working and set out trying to find out why.  Rather than walk away, they hammer down, dig in and learn that there are seemingly, universal truths which can be determined and that these ‘truths’ aren’t new at all, but built into reality waiting to be observed. So they take up a further study; understand that health begins with nutrition and that the body can heal when it has adequate , dense nutrition and all the toxins  have been cleared out of the way so that the body can right itself.  It is ALWAYS the body  which does the healing. . .the doctor simply helps it to be enabled.

While these iconoclastic physicians are still doctors per se,  . . they have now added to their talents,  abilities to begin associating relevancies which are of primal importance so that they can lead their patients back to health and full function.  These practitioners are among the elite in my book and fall into a classification of Alternative medicine and become increasingly sought out for the ability to truly help people.  But this in itself, brings up additional problems within the “controlling establishment.”  They aren’t pushing products of BIG PhRMA, but instead, teaching patients how to give the body what it needs to survive and function properly. . .wholesome, non-toxic . .’natural foods’ and so on.  The average family has trouble getting their insurance to approve of their choice of doctor,  and for many, must bear the burden financially, which is what I am and have doing for some time now.

So while our medical care in USA is the most expensive in the world, it also discriminates against our right to choose.   We often can’t have the kind of doctor we want or the type of treatment we choose in times of great need like serious cancer, etc.   Nor do we have the right to refuse so-called standard procedure even for our children without risking the loss of our child if we do not want our precious sons and daughters not to have toxic procedures foisted off on them because they are the only ones which are deemed acceptable and standard,  thereby – recognized.   Nor should we be mandated by law to have our children undergo dangerous inoculations from birth forward with protocols never proven to be safe and effective, but in fact are hugely likely the culprit in the escalating incidence of brain and nervous system impairment.   The components of these vaccinations are loaded with toxins which are injurious and detrimental to the natural development of our young ones whose internal biological protections have not had a chance to fully develop into a strong, healthy immune system, able to defend itself.   Shot down before even having a fair chance at normalcy.  Everything in life is going to be harder for them and/or they will not achieve their  full potential.     One wonders. . .what if it didn’t have to be that way?


I was born with a healthy almost perfect body, good genes and a few special individuals in my lineage to which I could point with pride and also disgrace. Had one fabulous pregnancy which resulted in a perfect, magical son who remains the joy of my life even tho I was almost 31 by the time he found it acceptable to grace this scene.  I was strong, healthy, creative, loved my friends and the social life, entertaining,  . .my home and all the toys in my kitchen, .  domestic scene, my wonderful husband,  the joyous pets, plants and their care.  Number 1 has always been family; then search for meaning and truth (some call it being a seeker); maybe the arts and the way stuff in the universe works which includes health in all its ramifications.  Ethics and justice have always been motivators with me

Have had only a few issues, healthwize and in my opinion, was hurt as much as  helped by the collective medical profession.  Haven’t dealt with cardiologists in perhaps 4 or 5 years now. Have posted on how I am managing my heart, lung and hypertension problems now along with a struggle against Alzheimer’s  and the almost amazing good fortune I’ve had with that, which of course, I’ve shared endlessly.   That is not to say that being 85 has not had an impact on me.  I’m slowed down; having a hard time keeping up with usual routine . . juicing and obligatory house-cleaning – which isn’t up to my prior standards.

Since I am the “eternal student” and always the “seeker”. . . I continue to snoop around on the internet, guess I always will.   Naturally, my so-called health interests [which dominate this blog],  are generally uppermost in my efforts.  In these travels I often come across something which gets my attention. Often I will notate the name or issue with intention to return, but life being what it is, it can fall by the wayside.   But this issue which I want to speak about today is all about one such incidence.

The MAGIC  referenced above

This name came up over an extended period of time and finally got THRU  to my awareness level.   What on earth is the  BECK PROTOCOL?  What are they referring to?  Believe it or not, I have been solidly immersed in finding out just that for over a week now.  Can’t let it go.  I am so hyped up over this,  but I’m not going to try to tell you all about Dr Robert Beck who was a doctor of Science with many patents in his name and many accolades amassed over his brilliant gifts to the world.  He never reaped the monetary benefits from his creations and research but will go down in history as one of our benefactors.  He always gives credit where it is due sometimes claiming that he didn’t invent this (whatever), but is just a re-discovery of (so and so’s). . . highly ethical man and a brilliant certified genius.  Just researching Bob Beck is a wondrous joy.  

There are about six or so pieces of equipment which he designed, built and used personally (curing his cancer at one point; grew hair all over his bald pate and so on).  The internet is filled with references, videos, tutorials and testimonials, and of course everyone and his dog is trying to sell their own version of most of these pieces.  So it has been a lot to go through. Bob Beck bequeathed all his papers and designs to the owner of SOTA.    The protocol is all done using electronic field energy to which I am rather familiar and in agreement (Grounding? all earth’s electric energy!) There are stories of dramatic remission of cancer, HIV-aids, Lyme disease,  CFS,  Epstein-Barre,  and frankly, so much that it can be off-putting.  But each machine has a different use.  There are some pieces which are built to incorporate several of these  functions –  in one piece of equipment.  That’s excellent for those who don’t have any of the equipment to begin with.  But I have been using Dr Clark’s Zapper for 20 years, which is the person to whom he credits with it’s principles which he also built and considers an important part of the BECK PROTOCOL.   I also make my own Colloidal Silver and have for close to 20 years – wouldn’t do with out it.  So these are two of the pieces in the protocol.    The designs for each of these pieces are available online for free if one wants to attempt to build his own.  That is so like my beloved Dr Clark who did the same thing (and of course, I did try to do it. . .had to find someone to finish it up for me.  Then I eventually just bought hers.

Now I am not going to attempt to talk anyone into all this or hype the so-called uses, but if its fixing ADD and ADHD and providing a good night’s sleep to the insomniac, alleviating Alzheimer’s and other mental conditions and eliminating pain – – gotta tell you, that’ll do it for me. With the available plans, we can build it ourselves or buy a couple of these units and as he says — “Take Back Control of our Lives” (or stay with the status quo; die broke, in debt and in pain.)

I want the 1) BLOOD ELECTRIFICATION  unit,  2) MAGNETIC PULSING machine, and would like the 3) OZONATING WATER  machine.   God willing, I’ll get item #1 and #2 as soon as my budget allows.  My left knee acts like it hates me so #2 should fix that (pain and swelling). . . and #1 looks like it could improve the old memory thing.  Getting oxygen into our cells is a major  hurdle for geriatrics and anyone with brain issues. . .so it for sure  can’t hurt to have the Ozonating unit..

If interested in the potential which I think I am looking at, go online and just give it a go, make your own judgment.  Going to put up a nice piece on Bob Beck so you can hear him in his own words  (He died at age 77 with a heart attack. . . .  but who knows, we all have to go sometime and it really doesn’t matter when as long as we can keep on loving life, stay in touch with others and do what makes happy.)

Here is a group which seems genuine, while not overly modern in their delivery, still, I liked them.  They attempted the “how-to’s” pretty well. and that one is         They praise Beck, but make their own stuff.       This is a 2 hour video with Bob Beck discussing  curing Cancer and HIV and so much  background material  covering in detail  factual data.  This is some kind of group meeting which finishes up with a Q and A session at the end.  Good to watch for the relevance, tho the picture quality is not very good.



October 8, 2014

Stuff erupts as “Lid” comes off

 Dr Mercola  informs us of the “latest” ‘Need-to-Know’:

Senior Scientist Makes Horrifying Admission About Popular Medication
Odds are, you or a family member has been exposed to it – yet a senior scientist at the CDC recently admitted he and his co-authors hid statistically significant information in order to hide the fact it has declined in effectiveness. Tread carefully.


What Whistle Blowers reveal of Vaccine Safety and Effectiveness 

Story at-a-glance

  • In 2010, two Merck virologists filed a federal lawsuit under the False Claims Act against their former employer, alleging the vaccine maker lied about the effectiveness of their mumps vaccine
  • A US District Court Judge has now given the lawsuit the green light to proceed. The Department of Justice has also submitted documents to the court affirming its “strong interest in the outcome” of the case
  • A senior scientist at the CDC recently admitted he and CDC co-authors of a widely cited MMR vaccine safety study “omitted statistically significant information” and that “the final study protocol was not followed”
  • A recent study reported a correlation between autism and vaccines manufactured using human fetal cell lines contaminated with retroviruses, including certain MMR, chickenpox, and Hepatitis-A vaccines
  • A Boston nurses’ union is suing to block a policy that would require nurses to get flu shots in order to maintain employment

October 5, 2014

Too Much Breast Cancer (don’t be in those #’s)

Do I Fear  that I might get “Breast Cancer” ?

N O,   I    D O N ‘ T  !   !

 And one reason I don’t worry about that is because I truly believe the fact that . .”energy follows thought” . . , in other words, what the mind accepts,  the body acts on.  So that’s #1.  #2 is that I have attempted to give my body, my whole being, what it needs to be able to function in the most positive way and in light of actual scientific studies, and doing my own choosing based on what is correct to me because it feels right, and is workable.  

Over the decades, it becomes more and more apparent that unless we are willing to be responsible for our own health. . . fully, truly accountable for how our precious bodies are cared for, nourished and  subjected to worldly influences such as  agricultural standards and medical care when we need it,  —  we will not be the best we can be nor will we be healthy enough to even care.  If we    don’t insist on  constitutional rights of  “CHOICE” with regard to something as essential as the food we eat — that there must be transparency in all things. . . . we have the right to know what we are buying and putting into our bodies and we can’t do that with out labels.  We are entitled to natural, magical foods the way earth designed and provided it – – not the way Monsanto and others choose to desecrate and poison it, nor the way these corporations are depleting our soils, sterilizing it to the point that lowly, but necessary worms and other earth occupants can’t survive.   These greedy corporations have traded our health in for their idea of progress, but they are killing us all and ruining our planet.  What was once called food, now needs a label stating it is organic so that we can trust that it isn’t poisoned, cloned or toxic.  With the cost of food now – that stress alone is hurting us.

Those who are entrusted to protect people and insure our well-being  aren’t doing a good job – seems almost everyone has drunk the coolade and keeps their hand out for more.  And we are letting it go on and on.  The only shot any of us have is our voice – taken to the polls with our vote. . . so please at least do that and try to pick people who are working for you and your needs.  

What do I mean, giving my body what it needs?  Like you, I’ve had to learn some new stuff and be willing to change my ways even when it hurts.  I still love my chocolate, but am indulging far less now.  Drink less coffee, but drink Paleo coffee in AM and am good with that — more teas now.  Plenty of distilled water.  Still juice  and keep Hippocrates soup around (love both and hope to be able to keep on doing).  Take no pharmaceuticals anymore of any kind.  Was never big on OTC stuff, but used to for occasional headache etc.,.  I love fruit and vegetables, but also have been a carnivore all my life, so indulge now and then as I choose.    

Animals are our lesser brothers.  It is intolerable what modern factory-farming has done to not only us, but especially our lesser brothers.  Cruelty and torture are not acceptable.  When horror stories emerge, my head can’t take it, so it kinda sends me back to vegan choices.    

I try to observe as much as possible the ingestion of Raw Foods because cooking kills enzymes and that is simply a great hardship for our bodies , the organs of which must work overtime trying to make up for the lost enzymes (because, without enzymes, there is no life force.  Then those organs forced into overload, breakdown earlier.  [e.g. – pancreas has all it can do to handle the sugar load, but when it is called on to produce enzymes too. . .well, 2 and 2 still add up to 4.  and the current diabetes picture in our country reveals the obvious answer.]  We have been touted with bad advice for generations eat no fat,  don’t eat eggs, watch your cholesterol,  eat more carbs, especially whole grains.  All wrong as we now know.   We need cholesterol!  Our brains and hearts especially not only need it, but demand it or function is impaired.  What are our greatest health issues?    Heart disease and fear of Alzheimer’s disease.  Not to overlook Cancer and Arthritis and HBP and  Diabetes. . . all of which are greatly relieved or corrected with wiser food choices and adequate physical movement  (anyway at all – just move it around whether in play, work or exercise.)  

We now know that grains are injurious to our systems whether we experience overt symptoms or not.   This has been a very hard thing for me. Have a passion for sourdough bread.  But if one does away with grains and also insures that the diet is solid with green and colorful growing  plants,  then the diet will also be optimal because what we need and the body utilizes best is everything in the plant world – because that’s where the minerals are and its the minerals which will keep us healthy.  We have worried too much about “what should I eat?  Is plant  food enough or do I need animal protein too?  Don’t stress it!  Our species has done great for thousands of years eating just what was available in their part of the world.  From the fish eaters in the northern-most part of the world to the plant eaters of the islands and tropics to the starch eaters in many areas of the world.  We all are in fact somewhat different reflecting our heritage.   Meat. fish and fowl are all fine, if you want it and are okay with it.  Try to learn to use gentle heat to protect the nutrient content.  Charred stuff can be carcinogenic.    If one can’t abide eating animals, our protein needs can be satisfied with nuts and seeds and eggs – as many as one wants.    

Giving up the rather large category of breads (grains) leaves a vacuum which is easily satisfied with the addition of healthy fats. Eat lots of avocados – mineral rich and healthiest fat! Go for it! Our body needs fat – plenty of it, but the right kinds of course. Use Extra virgin Olive Oil, Coconut oil, butter from pastured cows and the healthy fat from animal protein of your choice as long as it is also pastured (grass-fed), not grain fed.   You see grass-fed cattle have Omega 3 fatty acid, whereas grain-fed animals are changed into primarily Omega 6 fatty acids which are then the fats we do not want to ingest.  Its bad for the animals just like it is for us. Not the natural choice for them or us.    Which is also why we want to limit our oils and fats to the Omega 3’s . . and we can hardly get enuff of the 3’s.  

Most of us grew up loving something from the oven – the smells drove us crazy!  We have to get over it!  Those who eat lots of grains in all the forms soon want something else to eat fairly swiftly.  Why?. . . because we seem to need/want something else.  Doesn’t mean we are just gluttons or have no discipline or self-respect.   That’s the way it works.  The body is still asking for its needs to be filled, ergo, the so-called hunger urge rises, so we go off to the kitchen again.  But if we continue to nibble on anything of the ‘grain’ ilk, we just keep the cycle going and meanwhile the body is starving for nutrient and can’t stop telling us this.  But we have just fed into the diabetic syndrome thing which triggers the downfall of our pancreas and the onset of downward life thrust.  It can worsen or change altogether and go away!  Honestly.   That’s what the Cereal Killer movie was about.    Instead of a cookie, a piece of toast or etc., try a 1/2 avocado, or some eggs or a hard boiled egg;  a small handful of nuts (your choice), keep drinking that good water and carry on.  

You’ll notice from the git-go, that something with fat in it satisfies marvelously well and you actually aren’t hungry like that any more,  so missing grains is is not as hard as one thought it would be.  If you do it for a day or two, you’ll understand and then you notice the slimming down of the belly. And if you keep doing this, the inflammation starts to subside and this allows some excitement because you start to wonder what else can I get from this new way of eating?   So I got carried away again, sorry.  

I just wanted to share with you a special message from Kelley Herring of the HEALING GOURMET.  Kelley is a favorite of mine as she offers such great concepts which are valid, helpful and practical.   Jan


Exposing The TRUTH About Cancer

28 Doctors, 11 Scientists, 9 Survivors and

One “FDA Dragon Slaying” Attorney Break Their

‘Code Of Silence’ And Expose The TRUTH About Cancer

Click here to watch the free trailer for this critical upcoming documentary…



Every three minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States. Four women die from breast cancer every hour.

Yet, despite these frightening statistics, there is good news: research shows that lifestyle and environmental factors play the greatest role in your risk for cancer. Genes only account for 5-10 percent of cases.

The foods and nutritional supplements you consume, the substances you’re exposed to, and your level of physical activity all impact your body’s production and function of hormones, inflammatory substances and immune factors that have the power to promote… or prevent cancer.

Here are 10 ways you can help to reduce your risk of breast cancer:

#1 – Balance Your Blood Sugar: One of the most important elements in preventing cancer is keeping your blood sugar stable and in a healthy range. High-glycemic foods fuel cancer by elevating insulin – a cancer-promoting hormone. Cancer cells also metabolize glucose at a much faster rate compared to other cells, and the presence of excess glucose in the blood accelerates their growth. And that’s not all. Sugar also depresses your immune system, giving cancer cells a dangerous window of opportunity to multiply and divide while the body’s defenses are down. Protect yourself by only enjoying low glycemic foods.

#2 – Boost Omega-3 Fats: In the U.S. 80 percent of the fats we consume are omega-6’s. And that’s a dangerous thing because omega-6 fats (like those found in corn and soybean oil) promote inflammation and turn on genes that fuel cancer. On the other hand, omega-3s (like those found in wild salmon, sardines and grass-fed beef) provide potent anti-inflammatory action. They also up-regulate the genes that guard against cancer. Aim for at least 1 gram of omega-3s daily, from a high quality fish oil supplement (like Carlson’s) or a serving of wild salmon or foods rich in this healthy fat.

#3 – Increase Antioxidants: It is estimated that every day each cell in your body is attacked an average of 10,000 times by free radicals. These rogue molecules damage DNA and can set the cancer process in motion. That’s why it’s important to enjoy foods that are naturally rich in antioxidants. (For our best work on this subject, see Your Guide to Antioxidant Superfoods, part of Healing Gourmet’s health transformation program, The Food Cure).

# 4 – Avoid Toxins: Rachel Carson pioneered the awareness of how environmental toxins promote breast cancer in her award-winning book, Silent Spring. We now know that there are a myriad of substances that hamper our hormonal harmony including PCBs in farmed fish and conventional meats, bisphenol-a (BPA) and other hormone-like substances in plastic bottles, can liners and food wraps, pesticides on conventionally-grown produce and even food additives and artificial sweeteners. (Learn more about these and how to avoid them in Organics: Beyond Green, also part of The Food Cure).

#5 – Enjoy Some Sun: The sunshine vitamin is finally getting the credit it is due. When sunlight hits your skin, it produces vitamin D – a powerful hormone that has been found to halt the growth of a wide range of cancers. Numerous researchers have also found an inverse relationship between levels of vitamin D and breast cancer. Get more vitamin D by exposing your body to sunlight for 30 minutes of sunlight daily as often as possible. When this is not possible due to weather or season, consider taking a high-quality vitamin D supplement (like Carlson’s). Either way, because vitamin D is such a strong predictor of overall health, it is advisable to have your vitamin D levels tested.

#6 – Get Enough Rest: When you sleep, your body produces an important cancer-fighting substance called melatonin, which triggers a reduction in the production of estrogen. Melatonin is secreted in response to darkness. So it is important to sleep in a dark room and rest soundly through the night. If melatonin production is low, estrogen levels will rise and could promote the growth of breast cancer. So power down the TV and computer at least an hour before bed and get your zzz’s.

# 7 – Slim Down: Fat cells don’t just sit there. They release inflammatory compounds called cytokines that can boost cancer risk. Get your weight under control with regular, vigorous exercise and nutrient-rich, low-glycemic, whole foods.

# 8 – Beware of Booze:  Excess alcohol consumption sharply raises your risk of breast cancer. But recent research shows that taking 800 mcg of folate daily negated the increased risk associated with alcohol. If you choose to drink, do so only in moderation (this means 1 drink/day for women) and make sure you’re getting enough folate through a high-quality whole-foods vitamin and folate-rich foods like lentils, asparagus, chickpeas and dark leafy greens.

# 9 – Enjoy Cancer-Fighting Food Families: A number of foods, herbs and spices have been shown to provide powerful cancer-fighting activity. Some of the most potent include the cruciferous vegetables (like broccoli and cauliflower providing important glucosinolates), leafy greens (offering lutein), tomatoes (bursting with lycopene), turmeric (rich in curcumin), onions and garlic (fragrant with sulfur compounds). And remember, it’s best to get these nutrients from whole foods, rather than supplements, because these compounds work synergistically to produce their beneficial effects.

#10 – Cook to Fight Cancer: While many nutrients get a boost from heat (including those in tomatoes, for example), cooking at high temperatures can cause carcinogenic compounds to form. Opt to cook your pasture-raised, grass-fed meats and wild fish at lower temperatures to prevent the formation of heterocyclic amines (HCAs). You should also avoid carb-rich foods cooked at high temperatures (like chips, crackers, cereals), which can produce a cancer-causing compound called acrylamide.

To your health!

Kelley Herring
Healing Gourmet

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