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October 29, 2015

Wall Street Fav’s (no surprise there)

Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush Still Favorites of Wall Street Banks

This post first appeared at The Huffington Post.

Jeb Bush

Executives and employees of the biggest bank institutions in the country have continued to put their money behind two candidates in the 2016 presidential race: Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Jeb Bush.

From April through September, Clinton, the Democratic presidential frontrunner, raised $636,065 from employees (and their spouses) of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Barclay’s, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, UBS and Wells Fargo. Bush, the former Republican presidential frontrunner, pulled in $606,453.

After starting his campaign on June 15, Bush has nearly caught up to Clinton’s total fundraising from big bank executives. From July through September, Bush raised $253,503 to Clinton’s $203,456 from these donors.

Campaign Contributions From Big Bank Executives & Employees

Campaign Contributions From Big Bank Executives & Employees (Data from FEC)
Source: Federal Election Commission.

Of these totals, Clinton has received $132,124 from Morgan Stanley executives and employees, $95,709 from Bank of America Merrill Lynch and $94,602 from those at JPMorgan Chase. Bush’s total includes $189,800 from executives and employees at Goldman Sachs and $90,960 from those at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Contributions came in the third quarter of 2015 just before the candidates began to roll out their policy proposals for the financial sector. The policies offered by the two favorites of Wall Street donors couldn’t be more different.

Clinton released her financial sector policy agenda on Oct. 8. The policies included closing loopholes in the post-financial meltdown Dodd-Frank reform law and an increase in enforcement action targeting both the banking and alternative investment industries.

Her plan would increase penalties for fraud and require the executives in charge of the banking institutions — the people making campaign contributions — to personally pay settlements, rather than using corporate treasury funds. She would reverse loopholes poked by bank lobbyists in the Dodd-Frank law since it was enacted in 2010.

Clinton also supports Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s Truth in Settlements Act to show the true cost — or lack thereof — to the bottom line of financial institutions when they pay settlements. Every bank whose executives are donating to presidential candidates has entered into settlements worth tens of millions to hundreds of millions of dollars to end government investigations to illegal practices since the 2008 global financial meltdown.

The Democratic presidential candidate further endorsed legislation proposed by Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) to slow the movement of Washington political appointees to high-paying Wall Street bank jobs and vice versa.

The policies put forward by Clinton do stop short of those proposed by her primary opponent Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) to break up the banks and restructure them.

Bush, on the other hand, has criticized the Dodd-Frank reforms as overburdening regulations that put more risk into the banking system. His campaign has not released a comprehensive plan on how a Bush administration would regulate or oversee Wall Street.

“We have more banks with more concentrated assets in the United States, and the systematic risk is perhaps greater now than it was when the law was signed,” Bush said prior to announcing his presidential campaign.

The former Florida governor further stated that “bad banks” should face regulations. The definition of “bad banks,” however, may include all of the big banks since they have all admitted to have broken laws and paid multimillion-dollar settlements to end investigations in the past seven years.

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio (FL) is the only other 2016 candidate to have raised more than $100,000 from the big banks. His campaign received $146,619 from executives and employees of the 10 big banks. Half of these funds came from executives and employees at Goldman Sachs.

Where Did Clinton, Bush, Rubio Get Their Bank Contributions From?

Where Did Clinton, Bush, Rubio Get Their Bank Contributions From? Source FEC

Both Clinton and Bush were aided in raising their campaign cash from big bank executives by a number of fundraisers working for those banks, also known as bundlers.

Bundlers who raised more than $100,000 for Clinton’s campaign include Morgan Stanley’s Tom Nides, a former assistant secretary of state under Clinton; JPMorgan Chase’s Karen Keogh, Clinton’s former New York City director when she served as senator from New York; and JPMorgan Chase’s Eric Gioia, a former New York City council member.

Bush’s bundlers raising more than $17,600 include Barclay’s executives Robert Foresman, Stephen Lessing, Willam Cohen, Nicholas Howard, Keith Overlander, Martin Shafiroff and Larry Wieseneck; Goldman Sachs executives James Herring, James Donovan and Dina Powell; Credit Suisse’s Timothy O’Hara; and Morgan Stanley’s John Sargent.

Paul Blumenthal is a reporter at The Huffington Post covering campaign finance and money in politics. His work has appeared on PBS’ Frontline, MSNBC, CNN and The New York Times and been included in Principles and Practice of American Politics: Classic and Contemporary Readings, 5th Edition and in Transparency International’s Global Corruption Report: Climate Change. He previously worked as the senior writer for The Sunlight Foundation.
(No real need for me to add anything more for I’m not declaring WAR on Hillary. . simply indicating what generally, is common knowledge.  I like her efforts toward being a caring, ordinary, everyday person much like the rest of us  — it’s such a big change.  But I can’t turn off my inner awareness, nor do I want to turn off my mind or loose memory — why would I?  Have  battled Alzheimer’s for over 12 years to combat such things, . . why would I accept defeat now?  So I still prefer ‘authentic’ and ‘real.’  Jan)

the Hillary Machine

More ‘Disenchanted’ now than ever    

Dose anyone else question why our Democratic roster of presidential candidates is so small or limited?  In a country where Democracy reigns and we have almost always enjoyed a handsome majority– what has happened?   Where is everyone?    The clamoring resonance for Elizabeth Warren was so widespread;  it was so evident where the public heart and mind was and what issues needed attention.  .  .  .  what was on everyone’s mind and what the needs of our vast populace encompassed.  Whether she wants it or not,  Elizabeth has a lock on our hearts.   As adults, we have learned to wait for just desserts. . .when the time is right. . . .  

But where were all the others — those with smarts, energy and the necessary understanding to be ABLE to get the job done?  

My guess is that it’s that well-known Hillary Machine.  Of course the CLINTON name is magic. . .Bill is, was legendary!  I voted for him twice.  Rogue that he obviously was,  I felt sympathy for his wife as she stood by him.  Many couldn’t abide that kind of betrayal, so I kinda admired her loyalty. . ..  I could not have done what she did.  Not built like that.   But that is all I ever could muster for Hillary, just a bit of sympathy for what she went thru.  I didn’t appreciate her attitude;  terse, didactic, entitled, unyielding, dominant need for control.  She alienated the press – big time!  Many  of her remarks were flat-out nasty.  She was a prominent woman with a strong career.  There was as much in the way of scandal around her as there was with Bill and his sexual escapades.  Murmurs of scandal around records, disappearing records which magically turned up much, much later.  Cover-ups of one kind or another. . . .even a rumor of murder. .all lumped together and called the Clinton “baggage.”   If you have lived thru all this,  you don’t willingly want to go thru it again.     But Hillary had plans of her own, and for whatever reason,  Bill has made it a life’s goal to ensure she gets to have her dream too.  They are a powerhouse, between them.  They have travelled in BIG, BROAD CIRCLES amongst the most influential and powerful people.  These are their friends, where the interests are (and perhaps the heart, too).  As they say – – follow the money.  

 As to how Hillary ‘seems’ now,  I’m still seeing and hearing the same dominant woman as she ever was.  To my ears,  I hear the shrill, demanding, above-it-all matrix she always was.  She has HAD to learn HOW  to come across as ‘caring’. . .it isn’t in her.  It’s just a role she is forcing herself to play which if done well, will allow her dream to become a reality.  Her terrain is Wall Street with the power mongers.   How does anyone believe she will serve the middle class as a major thrust borne out of  a sensitive understanding.  paleeze!   Since it seems a given that what we are witnessing in the new Hillary isn’t her ‘natural’ persona which has been projected over the last few decades, could we inquire — what has happened to cause this?   Could we?  WE SHOULD!  . . . . .  if we care about our future.  

Seems perfectly clear to me.  We have seen at least two people who expressed clear understanding of the problems facing our country and our people and as they spoke –we resonated with the message.  We know truth when we hear it.   Elizabeth had her reasons not to serve at this time.   Nature abhors a vacuum.   Bernie stepped up, was willing to take it on and go the distance.  When people listen to him, his clear message is so ‘on target’ that it is overwhelming.  His ethics and love of  justice for all; his own experiences serving his community in many capacities has created this man.  What you see is what you get.  It isn’t some veneer, it is coming from his core – who he is.  This then is what our people need.  Genuine smarts,  ability to get stuff done,  a REAL uniter,  an independent thinker. . .and he is NOT  for sale, therefore isn’t beholden to the corporate structure.  (which of course, sets him apart, most decidedly). Bernie Sanders is the genuine article and willing to do this most difficult undertaking, because it needs doing.   He tell’s fellow Americans that he or no other individual can get this job done on his own. . .it will take us ALL to get involved and make it happen.   That’s what Americans are  all about,  what we stand for.  The truth of this is so easy to see.  Look around.. .what we have now; we don’t trust the establishment anymore, so we tune out,. . .DON’T VOTE. . .an amazing 65% or more  of  us not voting brings about what we now have – – a bought and paid-for government which serves the Corporate structure because they paid for it.  These are the ones who poison our food, soil,  air and water bringing us devitalized foodstuff grown in sterile ground which can’t sustain health. . .only fill bellies, making everyone sick– (enough, Jan)     So the point is, here is someone who is willing, and telling us he needs us to be a part of it all  and then we CAN SET THINGS RIGHT together and have a government which works for everybody.  All true and believable.  Doable.

Back to why no one else?  Not everybody is built like Elizabeth or Bernie.  Then there is that Clinton Machinery.  Has such a reputation, so much power and wealth and the connections.  Not too many willing to go up against such odds and obstruction.  (and who knows what else?)

I can see some of it, just observe how many still don’t know anything about Bernie.   Almost some kind of conspiracy thing going on.  I blame especially the Media – they are entrusted to report the news.   Still hear a word now and then with the qualifier that of course, he can’t win the nomination!   WHY NOT?  But it is what Bernie has said and espoused that has changed (forced) Hillary to amend her agenda.  To me, it is really odd to see her trying to get to the left of Bernie.  But how strong will she be for causes that don’t really reflect her long-standing views as shown by  how she has lived her life.     After he spoke up for her at the debate. . .and she was surprised and grateful;  then see how she  jumped all over his stance on gun control – like he is the enemy.   In truth he has tried for stiffer laws longer than almost anyone, even tho they have no gun problems in his rural state. Guess its just about quality and nature which makes one go for any advantage (no matter how tacky), to win.    Jan

October 28, 2015

The PIOPPI Protocol

Donal  of the “Cereal Killers” and “Run on Fat” –  sharing his latest 

I so very much enjoyed reading this Cardiologist’s recently published article.  Absolutely loaded with information, facts and all the latest thinking which has been so  ably demonstrated by all that Donal has shown us in his movies  outlining the discoveries he has made and proven.  He has accomplished altering his genetic cardiovascular inheritance experienced by his  father and uncle, both also athletes who did everything right.   Don’t overlook the additional tidbits offered throughout I found excellent.  Enjoyed reading about the cheeses – – stuff I didn’t know.  These are highlighted in red.  This is a special advantage for all of us who suffer from the most dire maladies which kill most of us, not just heart disease.  Discusses diabetes and obesity, showing how things build, inter twine and ruin our lives.   Profitable read. 
Wish I had money to invest in Donal’s effort to produce this new movie which he is attempting to fund through “Crowdfunding” – (which I barely understand.)  With his reputation and proven methods. . .gotta be another winner.       Jan




“Let Fat Be Thy Medicine”


MEN’S HEALTH has just published a super article by British Cardiologist Aseem Malhotra and I thought you’d appreciate a heads up on it.

If you still have any hangups about the “risks” of eating like a Cereal Killer this should lay those to rest pretty quickly! Do share it around if you think it can help others find the right track to better health.

Here’s that link.


Donal & The Cereal Killers

October 19, 2015

Voting and other considerations

While voting 4 Columbus Mayor, issues & Judges, I’m riled over Bernie

My friends, you just don’t know how lucky you are that I have restrained my ‘political junky’ behavior this season.  I bristle at the injustice of the National Democratic Party (of which I have been a member) headed up by Debbie Wassermann Schultz who has arbitrarily chosen to run the show single-handedly – asserting there would be only 6 debates.  The Majority of the non-Republican voters have been chomping at the bit to catch a glimpse of Bernie;  hear him speak at ANYTHING. Far too many Americans still don’t have a clue about who he is.  Those of us who only want Bernie in the Oval office have been frustrated beyond belief.   Few shows there are, kind enuff to give him snippets of air time here and there.   Bernie has been treated very unfairly;  his numbers are pointedly demonstrating the impact he is making with people who had almost given up on finding anyone brave enough to take on such a giant task “of serving the needs of ALL AMERICANS.”   Bernie however, is accustomed to the road less travelled and the nay-sayers abusive treatment;  apparently, his vision is not acceptable to the well-esconsed, locked-for-life establishment “others” who generally control stuff.  Or want to!  And that seems to be what’s going on.  

Why, and for what purpose would DW Schultz have to deny a hungry, angry  voting constituency to the very things for which they clamor?  Why is Bernie being treated like some kind of ODD  aside?. . .not possible for genuine consideration?   One hears things. . . ,   that her loyalty to Hillary and past affiliations in her prior run for president precludes a full-on fair and equal treatment. . .for any who aspire to run for president on the Democratic ticket.  The three other men also running are all worthy and accomplished, to be sure.  Have maintained a sense of appreciation for years for Jim,  good man.   The two Governors service, especially O’M’s oral delivery are pleasing. And who knows?. . .soon there may be another!   Is the vice President still figuring?  ?    Look, everybody, really – EVERYBODY loves this man and is sympathetic to his loss, for it is one of those indescribable experiences most can barely imagine, let alone speak of.  However, sympathy is NOT a reason to vote someone into office any more than – – “IT’S MY TURN.”   Joe,  leave office gracefully knowing that you’ve acquired a status seldom seen – – a VEEP  all love and admire and called the Best-Ever V.P of all time.

Several other NDP chairpersons are speaking up now.  When Tulsi Gabbard (also a co-chair) and truly distinguished Representative from Hawaii repeated the need for more debates, she was admonished by DWS and asked not to attend the debate!  How’s that for respect and equality?  I hope what I heard is true- – that she is to be replaced by someone more capable, honest and fair.    

In this presidential race, voters are hard-pressed to make sense of anything.  So much needs attention beyond what we are already trying to balance;  increasing costs on so much – especially health-care,.. .finding or keeping a job that can actually sustain a way of life . . . .trying to maintain dignity and cool head in the face of injustice and other  disparities. . . .above all – trying to keep “hope alive”. . .that things will get better.  Then beyond our immediate sphere,  how about the war-torn east? . . .global warming? . . . sending even more troops abroad? . . .. all those displaced, hungry,suffering people. . . . what in God’s name is to be done?   Can our natures handle so much? Are we expected to solve all this?    OF COURSE NOT!  But it remains out there, doesn’t it?  Its in the edges, the shadows and somehow impinges inward.  So, we aren’t deaf, dumb and blind. . .it is there.   If we would have balance,  we must keep our perspective.  You,  I,  can only DO so much.  We strive similarly, but we aren’t united or the same.  We are diverse.  A good thing!  Expected.  All need balance, perspective to survive. . . .what madness we see abroad is comparing  disparate entities. Doesn’t work!

My mess. . . I’ll fix it    Your mess – you fix it.  Can’t?. . .fine, live with it.   Can’t or Won’t?. . .want to dump it on the world? Me?. . . not acceptable, but can handle only fair way – – we’ll exterminate you.  All done.         Most of us learn as kiddies, that we gotta play nice with the other kiddies!  Only madness itself would expect the rest of us to just keep throwing good-will, money,  effort,  lives   into a burning pit of evil.   When will enough be enough?    So much is coming down to choice.      Think, then choose.

Happy to report that BILL MOYERS.COM is starting up his blog again.  He is one of the best Historians around so am over-the-moon. The article he sent was of another historian, also named Bernie called “What one Historian wishes Bernie Sanders said about being an Socialist”.    It was simply excellent.  Dated 10-16-15.  


What One Historian Wishes Bernie Sanders Said About Being a Socialist

by Bernard Weisberger   October 14, 2015 | Updated October 15, 2015

Debate’s first gotcha question from Anderson Cooper about whether the American people would ever elect a socialist to office was one that Bernie Sanders was no doubt expecting. Progressive historian and contributor Bernard Weisberger didn’t think his answer was altogether bad (watch above), but he took time today to write out the response he wishes the other Bernie had given. He also included a response to Hillary Clinton’s later statement about how “Denmark wasn’t the United States.”

Well, first of all, the last I heard Vermont was still an American state and the people of Burlington elected me as mayor four times and were satisfied because I gave them an honest and efficient administration. Then the people of the state as a whole sent me back to the House of Representatives several times, and next to the Senate. They responded to substance, not labels. I think we’re still smart enough to do that.
[As for our not being Denmark, I am not trying to turn the United States into Denmark or any other country in the world. But if we look and see that Denmark has a health care system that treats its people better than ours at lower cost, just as an example, are we forbidden to try it because it hasn’t got a “Made in America” label on it? We’re a lot smarter than that — and saying otherwise is a slander on our people.]

I consider myself a social democrat, yes. And for me, what social democracy simply means is a system that leaves room for small enterprises and individual liberty but also recognizes the fact that we’re all part of a larger community, and what hurts any one group of us eventually hurts us all. So there are some things we don’t leave to the so-called free market. We don’t want people going hungry or suffering from sickness or at the bottom of the ladder in educational attainments because they can’t afford them — especially when in economic downturns millions of us lose jobs through no fault of our own. So we tax ourselves to put money into a common kitty to make sure those things don’t happen and we’re all the better off for it. In other words we agree to bear each others’ burdens and make others’ suffering our concern, bound in “brotherly affection.” A far cry from the virtues of unrestricted and unregulated winner-take-all competition.

And do you know that that’s a basic American idea? What I just said comes straight from a sermon preached by minister John Winthrop to the band of fellow Puritans landing in Massachusetts in 1630. And it’s an idea picked up again and again throughout our history, from early state laws providing for public health and safety and punishing fraud, right on through to the Progressive period and the New Deal when we provided security for our elders, strengthened the bargaining power of workers, created public works programs to stimulate employment and spending, opened space for small business by breaking trusts, and reduced inequality to reasonable levels — without touching the basics of capitalism. That’s the American way and always has been, and I could name a long list of American heroes who embraced it if there were time. So let’s move past labels and start addressing the crises we face now.

This post has been updated to reflect that John Winthrop made his famous “A Model of Christian Charity” speech in 1630, not 1634, as previously posted.

Bernard A. Weisberger is a historian who has been by turns a university professor, an editor of American Heritage and a collaborator on several of Bill’s documentaries. He is the author of Many People, One Nation, a history of immigration to the United States.


October 16, 2015

Political “Big Issues” . . an Abraham discussion

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Abraham’s wisdom – so relevant for today

Looking for something else, I came upon a terrific post from May 30, 2013.  Had forgotten about it,  but in checking it out it was clear that the message was so penetrating and worthwhile, I was compelled to watch it all over again.   So extremely worth the time, especially in today’s political climate.  Was noticing how much I kept thinking of Bernie as I listened  to the give and take between Abraham (through Ester) and this intelligent, well-motivated political aspirant.  It was delightful.  

As I sat pondering,  the video segued into a multi-hour further discussion on individuals with questions on relationship and other personal issues.  Discussions of this sort are really helpful to those who may be new to the “LAW OF ATTRACTION”  concepts,  because they are more relaxed and  somewhat different from the ‘teachings’ most of us grew up with.  But then, I have observed there are many paths up that mountain,  so whatever gets us there is good.   Jan

October 12, 2015

Hepatitis of Liver – EEM

Reveal the Problems thru EEM testing, then correct them

Could Ills get any easier,  more painless or less costly than just buying a book or seeing an EEM – practitioner?   Seems simple to me, and if my immune system was suffering,   you know what I would do.  (This was from August, have been delayed getting it up. . .sorry)


Dear Jan,
Autoimmune hepatitis is inflammation in the liver that occurs when the body’s immune system attacks that organ. Its cause is unknown, and it can lead to liver failure. More than 3,000 people are diagnosed with it in the U.S. each year. Available treatments include liver transplant or daily doses of prednisone, often for the remainder of one’s life. Side effects associated with prednisone include diabetes, thinning bones, broken bones, high blood pressure, cataracts, glaucoma, and weight gain.

This month’s Case History describes how a woman — after having enlisted her physician’s skeptical but open-minded consent to delay treatment so she should could give Energy Medicine a chance — overcame her autoimmune hepatitis.

This issue also recounts two EEM techniques that have entered the mainstream, the opportunity to learn Energy Psychology through deep immersion training programs, and our first major Live Stream training.

Sending you our love and blessings in these last days of summer,

Donna and David

EEM For Autoimmune Hepatitis of Liver

by Maggie Geehan

At 71 years young, I have a very complicated medical history and am extremely happy to have found Eden Energy Medicine (EEM). I started working with EEM Clinical Practitioner Lyn Milum in Altamonte Springs, Florida, on January 21, 2015. Little did I know that just six days later, I would end up in an ambulance and in the ER because of battling the flu for the last month. The ER doctor told me that I needed to see a gastroenterologist immediately, as my liver bloodwork was testing extremely high.

I spoke with the doctor and he wanted me to go on steroids, as I have autoimmune hepatitis. Extremely high blood levels like mine could cause scarring/sclerosis of the liver. I told him that I needed time to let my body handle this naturally. I have been a patient of his for more than 12 years, and he agreed to my request but asked that I not wait too long.

I called Lyn on February 5 and asked if EEM could help with my situation. She had me do Figure 8s over the liver and then hold my liver with loving intention. I am blessed to be able to see my energies, so when I did the Figure 8s over my liver, I saw beautiful, pastel, rainbow-colored energies swirling and flowing through and around my liver. When I held my liver with spiritual guidance and loving intention, the energies presented as orange and lemon creamsicles –– orange and white energies and yellow and white energies flowing through my liver.

What a sweet symbol to cool down this inflammatory autoimmune disease! My doctor followed up with bloodwork the next day, and my levels were still elevated. I asked him to grant me more time.

Lyn met with me on February 20 and, through energy testing, discovered that energy was getting “stuck” in the aura just outside of my liver. We started doing Figure 8s in the aura around the liver and I began to see bright green energies flowing through my liver aura as it began to heal. I added this technique, along with the previous two, to my Five Minute Daily Energy Routine.

Within that week, my doctor ordered more blood tests. My levels were still elevated, and he began to panic. I begged him to please give me a little more time. He said, “I’ll give you four more weeks, and that’s it!”

I saw Lyn on March 18 for continued EEM care, and she began to sedate, strengthen, and balance my liver meridian energies. She taught me how to do this technique, and I added it to my daily routine. When I sedated these energies, I saw a warm glow of light red energies flowing in to gently melt away the excess, stale energies.

Next, as I activated the strengthening points, I began to see gentle, blue/green energies flowing through and invigorating my liver meridian energies (as of the publication of this piece in August 2015, I see a bluish/grayish energy that is like a shield that protects the stabilizing of the liver meridian!) When moving to the third set of points for stabilization, I saw the meridians being gently buffered for balancing.

Three and one-half weeks later, on April 13, my doctor took me through the bloodwork. It was a miracle! My results ALL came back as normal. My doctor was so glad to see that Eden Energy Medicine worked for me and said, “Let’s go back to monitoring your autoimmune hepatitis every three months again!” It is now several months later, and my liver is doing great! I continue to do the EEM exercises daily to support my liver.

I am new to EEM and am grateful for Spirit, Lyn, and EEM for being there to show me new ways to naturally care for my loving and beautiful body. I have so many reasons to celebrate my life! A special thanks to Donna for sharing her gifts with us.

If you would like to reach out to Lyn or Maggie, both are happy to receive correspondence:

Lyn Milum, EEM Clinical Practitioner

Maggie Geehan

October 7, 2015

GARY, still here – just sharing

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Where’s my mind ? – should’ve put this up months ago

Tho I have often posted on EFT and my never-ending adoration and gratitude for Gary Craig;  his manner,  great gift to the world as founder of EFT and the enormous generosity, patience and love which shines from every word he utters. .  .  .  oh yes — this is a very special man.  When he retired a few years back (doctor’s orders),  it hit me like a ton of bricks and I openly grieved and shared all with my readers.    He left his gift to the world.    

What followed seemed to be  an enormous struggle for someone else to fill that void, take the helm,. . .lead the way – – many, many, presumably all learned followers of EFT and devoted to Gary.   To someone like me,  I found it not-so-pretty.  Eventually, mine is bigger or better than yours developed into an unattractive ‘race’ to what?. . control  a precious gem which had been freely given?    During those years, I was still deeply engaged with my blog, reveling in the pleasure I derived from it. .  .  hardly noticed as I  began to slip and slide away from daily use.  Pain or a pity-party would remind me smartly. . .I needed attention FOR ME!  

Tho I had been involved with many alternative forms of healing with my husband from the earliest years in the 1950’s (we were both independent ‘seekers’ from our earliest years);  even so,  EFT proved to be such an easy path to fall into because of its great simplicity;  no tools necessary,   no religious affiliation required, or attendance with any group needed. . .can be done anywhere, anytime and for almost anything.  Personally, I have hugely benefited for many physical and emotional issues and also have used it for me or others who would allow me to use it.  It isn’t a question of being a ‘believer,’  I’ve seen and witnessed the benefits both on self and others, either in my presence or at a distance.  It’s a good thing.  

But that was then.   And I believe I have posted on Gary being back, but I have not indicated that so very much is new and “UP-GRADED”.  Actually,  His EFT site is filled with information on different paths one can choose;  original EFT as he gave it out several decades ago, or one of the later techniques which seems to deal with deliberate conscious direction of the heart energy in a more subtle manner, almost contemplative in which one can realize that we are not constrained with either space or time. I will not  go deeper as no one can explain “stuff” like Gary can.  So, for your sake. . .go to Gary Craig’s  EFT site –  just put in browser, you’ll find it.  I have copied and pasted todays email from Gary, but the links don’t work  — just Google him.  

(As an aside,  I am weaning off the blog, even tho, my heart really isn’t in that choice.  Logistics!  Moving slower,  much to do;  never know what time we may have ahead of  us  and that disturbs me as so much yet I want to do.  Have wanted to do a smallish booklet or two on how to care for self for optimal health, especially in the light of our highly specialized, too- expensive health-care system.   Won’t be for everyone of courses as most people wouldn’t dream of concocting their own (medicines) supplements or experimenting using own body as a laboratory.   I do of course, and am successfully handling my heart condition,  COPD,  arthritis and of course — the biggie – Alzheimer’s disease for a decade or so.  The irony’s,  my beloved brain is doing better than all the rest — who knew this was even possible? – [thank you Dr Mary Newport].  

So between the slowdown of aging, and the alteration of my dominant new choice utilizing my discretionary time available, I have had enormous computer problems, finally acquiring a MAC which is driving me crazier.  I have remained in a constant state of change and frustration sometimes ready to take a hammer to all before taking time for EFT.   But am pursuing  the writing using Google docs and trying to wade my way thru.    Taking a cue from our recent papal visit, might some of you out there just send a kind thought my way?   Would be warmly welcomed,. .. .many thanks,    Jan)
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October 1, 2015

Do we REALLY need breakfast?

86th Birthday

     Don’t feel I’m breaking ‘rules’ over breakfast

With this advice from Dr Mercola,  I’ve learned something that I have been doing for some time now — skipping breakfast, isn’t a bad idea at all.  Hallelujah!  Guess we heard that most our lives – – never skip breakfast.  I don’t, . . I just eat it 3 to 5 hours after rising.  And it apparently hasn’t hurt me at all. .  the photo at left is my 86th Birthday shot by my son Jeff  on the 29th of August. So Heidi and I are still both doing fine.    

When I watched the video today Of Dr. Mercola explaining in clear detail,  I was thrilled to see that what and how I’ve been eating has just been the right thing to do (for me).  The content of the video might surprise you.   Must admit however that I had been primed by the couple of posts I did this last year or so of Donal O’Neal after watching his CEREAL KILLER movie and then later – RUN ON FAT.  I began eating a lot more nuts (especially Macadamia) and had always eaten butter, continue to eat eggs – tho nowhere near the 3 dozen Donal uses weekly.  He is an athlete and can utilize far more than I can.  Nor do I use the quantity of meats he ingests. . but God bless him – he seems to outdo me on even the veggies – so his ‘balance’ is great.

Donal’s experiment over several years was a deliberate effort to overcome his apparent genetic proclivity to heart disease that both his father and uncle suffered from in spite of being athletes, living clean, eating right, no smoking or other abuses. – – it ain’t right, is it?  Anyway, that’s what drove him and his effort resulted in proof positive that fats are good for us (good fats to be sure).  And it changed forever, the global community on what and how to think about fats.  Kinda embarrassing to the medical community who were condemning the tactic as dire and life threatening as witnessed by the many decades of “LOW-FAT” advice – especially for coronary patients.  Yet heart disease remains the number one killer even now and still growing.  My posts are still up, but the movies were on limited free time, thus no longer working.  There are books and other avenues to pursue and no doubt, you can find those movies, most likely perhaps on Youtube  

Meanwhile,  this post is about two meals or three;  which is best and why?

This Is the Worst Time of the Day to Eat

Ignore this and your body will generate excessive free radicals that will damage your tissues, accelerate aging, and contribute to chronic disease. Plus: the best thing to do before meals to shed pounds and the reason calorie restriction can make you gain them..

Story at-a-glance

Contrary to popular belief, recent research concluded that eating breakfast does not help you lose weight
Other recent research also found that eating breakfast does not improve your metabolism. Instead, it was linked to a greater overall dietary energy intake
Omitting breakfast, as part of an intermittent fasting schedule, can have a number of important health benefits, from improving insulin sensitivity to helping your body shift into burning fat instead of sugar as its primary fuel
Another recent study found that a three-day long fast can regenerate your entire immune system, even if you’re elderly, and may offer protection against the toxic effects of chemotherapy

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