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February 29, 2016

Liposomal encapsulated Vit-C

Vitamin-C, amazing uses

Throughout my lifetime, I have instinctually known that vitamin C was a winner and was drawn to all kinds of citrus.  In fighting most of my passing afflictions, I generally used a higher dosage of whatever form of  “C”  I was into at the  time along with other notables such as Oregano, colloidal silver and so on.  It’s an individual thing; we find what works and we do it.   Was very pleased when Linus Pauling pronounced vitamin C to be so amazing, fully documented with evidence for the efficacy of this ordinary, natural tool to handle many thorny, difficult and ongoing problems that we STILL suffer with today (on an escalating basis).  All those decades ago, didn’t give it much more than casual attention, and felt a bit of obscure justification. . .kinda like – see, I’m not such a dingbat with my natural preferences.  

Had no idea what a battle he endured to bring this marvelous info forward, nor how he was rebuffed by the medical community.  Medical schools don’t study vitamins and  minerals;  their study is the much more sophisticated (and expensive) pharmaceuticals.  I could never win a point in any discussion with one of my best friend’s husband (who was deeply science-oriented).  He opined that science was fully capable of taking any substance into the lab, analyze, then duplicate it;  that the so-called natural stuff I preferred (and paid more for) was just hype.  As a Bible-thumper at the time, I countered with the concept that we are told there is an herb for every ill with which humanity can suffer, and that earth’s flora contained that magic,. . .the living earth essence — (not the same as to  be found in the laboratory).  None of it mattered, I came off looking very naive or worse.  But I learned early on,  one shouldn’t attempt in-depth logic with those whose minds are so educated as to become fixed, or closed.   Open feels better and can be fun.

Recently, I’ve been digging into  history around the subject of Vitamin C which actually goes back more than a century and with some highly respected doctors and researchers.  All suffered the slings and arrows of the entrenched establishment who seem to regard this as some kind of viral assault against them instead of genuinely helping suffering people;   but don’t worry, I’m sure it’s only a financial thing — not being deaf, dumb and blind.  To make it through med school. . .can’t be that!    All this came to me by way of an excerpt being given of a book called PRIMAL PANACEA written by Dr. Thomas E, Levy who is a cardiologist, author of many books and believe it or not, also took on the task of becoming an attorney in order to offset the legal bullying which accompanies most physicians who dare step outside those entrenchment lines of medical-orthodoxy. . He’s a really smart, likable man.  A Hero!    

 This AMAZING type of C

Like me, probably many of you understand that we can only do ourselves a limited good with  “C,”  due to what is known as bowel-tolerance.  I can take up to 2,000 units of C at a time, several times daily if tackling a problem and maybe reach 8 to 10 thousand a day.  But can’t do more without being glued to the toilet. Not good.  Ya can’t get rid of COPD, Cancer, Shingles, or a thousand other things they are doing  with it now, tho, not in the present form we are using.  The new kid on the block is in the form of LIPOSOME ENCAPSULATED  C in any dosages needed of a few grams each or doubled, tripled or high as needed up into really big numbers.  Serious illness can yield in just days, with an ‘easing’  response  right away.  So What is this?  Still C, but but all dressed up in a different garment which allows it access into the body – fully protected with a Liposomal delivery system using a molecular coating so that it can survive til it gets where its going.  The way I’m describing it seems like a nursery rhyme or joke.  I’d prefer you hear it from those who are actually doing this. It’s all over Youtube with many knowledgable people  (and some kinda dorky).  It is being discussed, and even made before your eyes by all kinds of people.  I’ve watched many of them.  Looks great to me.  Been all over youtube with the how-tos and eBay for buying a quality stainless steel Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, hopefully 60 +   watts with 2 Liter capacity.  I plan to make a lot and share.  My husband died pretty young with brain cancer;  couldn’t handle the chemo. Didn’t have to be.  My  Alzheimer’s-burdened mother died with sepsis so high I was stunned.  How cruel – for all that that meant.  A truly High dose C can be a clinical miracle, but  the limitation of absorbability orally has  prevented ordinary (non-medical) people to help themselves adequately.  Now, we CAN properly protect ourselves with this miracle because of LIPOSOMAL-ENCAPSULATED VITAMIN C therapy.    

DIY is fairly easy

We can DIY at home using non GMO products bought online three ingredients;  distilled water,  a vitamin C such as ascorbic acid or acerola powder, etc.,.  and lecithin-based fat such as sunflower oil. The processing involves a simple Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner.  These come in various wattages, strengths and size capacity and pricing from $30 to $100 +.  I am looking for 50 to 60 watt, 1 1/2 to 2 liters, stainless steel with time and heat controls (tho no heat is needed for this). Some of the videos are quite good for how-to.

        How to make Liposomal encapsulated Vitamin C at home! – Duration: 8:13. Bridget Davis ~ The Internet Chef 93,527 views 


February 28, 2016

EEM – easing of surgical trauma

One needn’t fully understand how or why a process works the way it does to be able to enjoy the blessings of ‘how’ it works.  Such is the case with this story shared from Donna Eden’s  “ENERGY MEDICINE.”  Not front-page stuff, but isn’t it lovely?  And how nice of the hospital for arranging it. .  .

Energy Medicine Used to Accelerate Post-Surgery Recovery

Emergency appendectomies are no fun for anyone, but some recoveries are harder than others. An Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner who works in a hospital system in Florida was asked to see a middle-aged man twelve hours after he’d had this particular surgery because he was not doing very well. Not only did he have post-op pain, he was uncomfortable from the nasal-gastric tube running down his throat, highly agitated, and white as a sheet. His devoted family was worried about him and wondered what else the hospital could provide in addition to medication to ease his discomfort. During and after the Energy Medicine (EM) session that was provided, this patient’s pain level dropped, he became calm, and to the surprise of his doctors, he improved so quickly that he was discharged in less than seventy-two hours.

Patricia Butler is an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner (EEM-AP) who practices Energy Medicine at Orlando Health, a comprehensive healthcare network in Orlando, Florida, and she was asked by the hospital’s Mind/Body/Spirit Program to provide a session for this patient the morning after his midnight surgery. After meeting the patient and his family, she explained that energy medicine is a complement to standard medical care, often sooths patients, and is completely compatible with the doctor’s plan of care. Once the patient nodded his consent, she went to work.

After starting with a Hook-up, Pat held neurovascular points on the patient’s forehead and crown area to help ease his obvious distress; then, certain that his energy patterns had been scrambled from surgery and medication, she held his K 27 points to redirect the flow in his meridian pathways. Next, she wove figure eight patterns throughout his aura to coax his energies to cross from one side of his body to the other, and to everyone’s surprise, within minutes, he calmed down and the color came back to his face.

In hospital settings, Energy Medicine can be interrupted for any number of reasons, and so it was that in the middle of this session the patient was moved to a private room for which he’d been waiting. Going with the flow, Pat saw a chance to help his anxious and bleary-eyed wife, who’d been up for the past thirty-six hours, and asked if she could hold her Neurovascular points while she sat in a chair. The wife had seen the effect it had on her husband, so she readily agreed. Within minutes, she was yawning deeply and saying, “I feel so much calmer. What is this stuff?”

Once settled into his new room, Pat turned her attention back to the patient. She sedated his Triple Warmer meridian by holding Acupuncture points, knowing it had been in high gear from reacting to a ruptured appendix, peritonitis, and surgery. Then she strengthened his spleen meridian to help his body metabolize both the medical interventions and the energy work that was being done. Finally, she cleared his chakras during which he drifted in and out of sleep. One time when he surfaced, he told her, to her surprise, that he could feel the whirling motion of the energy as she spun his chakras inches above his body. By the end of the session, he was asleep and breathing comfortably. His wife and family were perplexed about what had happened, but grateful for the results.

Twenty-four hours later, Pat checked on the patient to see how he was doing and found him standing beside his hospital bed in a smart-looking robe looking like he’d just stepped out of a magazine. He told her that he felt “completely different” than he had yesterday and had just gotten back from a short walk around the hospital floor. His wife was smiling brightly, too, pleased about her husband’s progress and refreshed from the unexpected nine hours of sleep she’d been able to get. She felt that the neurovascular work had helped her to let go of her stress and sleep more deeply.

The next day, Pat listened to a voicemail from the patient’s wife saying that he was already home and resting comfortably less than 72 hours after his surgery. His doctors were surprised at his unexpectedly-good white blood cell count and intrigued that he had no fever. She was grateful for the skilled surgeon and the entire medical team who gave him such good care, but felt that Energy Medicine was the reason for his rapid turn-around and early discharge.

(Compiled by Jeff Armstrong)


February 16, 2016

Baby-sleep, controversy

Baby 3 days

Baby 3 days


New parents want to get it ‘right’, by golly.  So much is different now than it was when I birthed my son who has remained the ‘Light of my Life.’    This is a shot of him at three days old, sleeping on his belly, butt in the air, face and arms out to the side – palms up  and seemingly, quite content.   He wore only a little shirt and diaper.  (It was a warm May in California).  Had pacifiers, but rarely used them as he happily nursed all he wanted.  In the photo he was surrounded with the bumpers inside the crib to avoid having him bonk himself on the head. Possibly I was emulating my friends who had mostly had children a decade or so earlier than me and that’s how stuff was done then  – – seemed to work.  There was never a concern that how he slept could be a problem.  Don’t even remember any talk of  infant death syndrome, tho of course it did happen.  

I was a gloriously happy mother with a perfect, healthy baby.  Some decades later when his first daughter was born, they stressed over everything;   special sleeping protocol  after she graduated out of the special little cubicle and monitor they had used for something I never understood.  Nor did I understand how and why they put her down on her side with wedges to keep her rigidly in place – to be safe.  My daughter-in-law was not at ease as I had been,  seemed  stressed and uncomfortable with much, even nursing saying it hurt. . . . but  did her best to nurse for three months to give baby a fair shot.    Guess its different for  all of us.  

I’m pointing out two different generations  to show how stuff changes.  Did all the new medical theories add to the stress level of my daughter-in-law?  Make her  feel insecure in trusting herself and natural instinct?  (its built into the species)  My thinking is that young mothers need encouragement to trust the innate design – plan. . . even the nursing thing,  I bet there aren’t too many pg women who are actually told about getting those nipples toughened up for the task ahead.  See,when I got pregnant, I was 30 and frankly had all but given up on my dream of having a kid-filled house.  No experience.  Never baby sat.  Learned of the Red Cross training for mothers-to-be and leapt at it.   So I WAS prepared.  Scrubbed away at my nipples like a staff sergeant over their complaints, massaged oil onto the growing belly.   Was told, while its the easiest thing in the world to do. . .it takes getting used to and can be uncomfortable until you do.  Even with the pleasure of of it all, one can still get cracked nipples from excessive suckling and must drop the flaps of the nursing bra in order to dry them out. . . ah well, I do get carried away.  Never had  problems with our son,   but carried an episiotomy infection 18 months. while carrying on my  usual relationship with my ob/gyn.  Dr was crestfallen when he finally believed me and put me in hospital to remedy the bugger which had travelled thru to annal area.  Wasn’t fun.  Maybe I wasn’t convincing when I complained.  How I have changed!

Now to the point of this post, which at this moment for me is “Baby-sleeping.”  It is hard to miss the ongoing message from all sources Medical these days regarding the scientifically (so-called) correct way to handle baby’s sleeping arrangements.  Specifically, put those babies on their backs in their own beds with nothing else in the same space such as pillows, loose blankets, toys, bumpers, etc.,.  A lot of that is of course, just common sense, logical –  sounds right.  What I take issue with is putting the baby on their backs as the only  proper way to do it.    When a baby is born (down thru the ages), it is plopped face/belly down on mother’s body as soon as is possible for sake of both mother and baby. That’s natural.    Anyway, this is what I did as well as most of my friends.  There are solid, physiological reasons for  this based on reality, not theory, and the outcome is a healthier, neurologically correct development.  This is sorely lacking in our children over the last several decades, I think most would agree.  Our populace grows up having too many physiological problem – etiology unknown.

I have recently become aware of a number of  people whose work is specializing in the science of  movement.  Natural Movement.  I am a tad accustomed to this line of thinking for it is essentially what my son has always done from individuals to elite athletes and sports teams and having a deep interest in young athletes especially.  This is vital for it can set the tone for proper body alignment for the rest of one’s life.  But one lady in particular has taken my interest, big time.  

Kathleen Porter,    “NATURAL POSTURE for Pain-Free Living”

Kathleen Porter is all over Youtube, has been teaching her  NATURAL POSTURE for Pain-Free Living  (The Practice of Mindful Alignment).  I saw her being interviewed by Dr Mercola last year and I was hooked.  For having watched, I accepted her gift of “5 Easy Steps to PAIN-FREE Sitting”  and just that simple 2 pager has helped me enormously.  Kinda surprising in a way, as I have always been one of those people who had and maintained almost perfect posture throughout life.  Embarrassing as a kid as teachers would speak of  it in class and compare others to me.  Same with the mothers of some of my friends.  

Never understood the fuss;   didn’t like the comparisons, and caused me to  feel ‘separated’ or different.  I didn’t slump.  Sat straight in chairs.  Barefoot by choice even tho authorities enforced being shod.  Was very active and free-spirited, checking out my world.   Never broke a bone, but had lots of stitches from my uncle (doctor) because of my many mishaps and wanderings. Was a child in the 30’s, so no TV or video games to curtail natural movement.  But as an aging blogger slumped over work at computer all these years — had started to slump.   Computer screen too low and eyes no longer as sharp.. . scrunching down to see.   Not good.  Throws everything out of balance.  So that lesson in how to sit properly was highly useful to me, and believe me — I’m doing it!    

Kathleen has a great deal to say and demonstrate (prove) what she has learned and teaches over the years.  The area that I want to reference is that of the naturalness of infants and babies when they move and are given the chance to move naturally.  She discusses at length in her lectures, videos and of course – her books, the way babies move and how important it is that they be free to BE ABLE TO MOVE in order for natural and normal development to take place.   Babies on their tummy use their muscles (all of them) more  and quicker and develop the awareness needed to keep finding and learning what their body is for and how to use it.  Their little toes are digging into the bed and in so doing – their feet (the foundation of their future balance/strength) are developing, gaining greater awareness. They move and lift their heads.  All this early development/learning are stifled when the baby is not free to experiment and move and learn.   So how ‘natural’ do we imagine the tightly swaddled baby all trussed up and laying on his back – unable to do anything or move actually feels?  Are we possibly thwarting or limiting the speed/level of growth?  Something to think about.  

First, want to show a sample of what our Medical Community is telling us.  There is obviously much more, but am limiting it to just a small blurb so you understand — I’m not making this stuff up:

AAP Expands Guidelines for Infant Sleep Safety and SIDS Risk Reduction


BOSTON – Since the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommended all babies should be placed on their backs to sleep in 1992, deaths from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome have declined dramatically. But sleep-related deaths from other causes, including suffocation, entrapment and asphyxia, have increased.



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Natural Posture with Kathleen Porter – YouTube

Nov 7, 2013 – Uploaded by Miriam Knight

Kathleen Porter is a longtime movement educator and author … The Practice of Mindful Alignment, published …


February 14, 2016

Immunity – know how it works ?

To Your Health  

Flu vaccine doesn’t threaten most autoimmune sufferers 

Dr. Keith Roach

 Q: I am a 39-year-old man with systemic lupus. I have been told that “priming” the immune system with any vaccine isn’t a good idea, because I could develop antibodies that attack my body. Is it a good idea to get the flu vaccine?

A: I often see advertisements for products claiming to “boost” the immune system. In someone with an autoimmune disease, though, that could be a disaster because increasing the immune and inflammatory systems overall could lead to a worsening of the autoimmune disease. In systemic lupus, it could lead to a flare-up of the disease in any of its manifestations — such as arthritis, kidney disease or swelling of the brain.

Fortunately, none of the products touted to “boost” the immune system actually does so. Vaccines are specific antigens (usually proteins purified from bacteria or viruses) presented to the body, which then prepares cells that respond to invaders with the antigens. They shouldn’t increase autoimmune diseases, and the majority of evidence suggests that vaccines are safe for most people with autoimmune diseases and that, for most people, the proven benefits of vaccination outweigh the small and theoretical risk of worsening the autoimmune disease.

Exceptions do exist. Anyone with a history of Guillain-Barre syndrome within six weeks of a previous influenza vaccination shouldn’t get the flu vaccine. People with autoimmune diseases taking medication that compromises the immune system shouldn’t take live vaccines. Some physicians recommend against vaccinating patients with a severe autoimmune disease.

My comments shouldn’t be a replacement for the advice of a physician who knows you.

My Comment:  

First off,  my predilection/opposition to vaccination is as adamant as ever.  That inoculations are now mandatory (by  and large) is simply a testament to the dysfunctional Washington establishment and the fact that the powerful Pharmaceutical  lobbyists work is doing very well for THEM instead of for us — the people they are supposed to represent.  Many things are causing our once healthy nation to weaken and debase our level of health;  polluted waters and mismanagement of usage (Flint isn’t the only area where our waters are sickening the people, we do it here in Ohio too…using  our good water for fracking and draining off the pollution into  our riverbeds),  and so many other toxins from everything else including GMO’s,  lack of labeling of our food sources leaving us incapable to  make our own best choices.  Not to mention that the focus of medicine is it’s own business  ($) model rather than determining cause areas ,  then correcting  those imbalances rather than piling on more toxic  (chemical) medicines to our over-burdened bodies.  

Dr Roach has given a helpful, intelligent explanation,  however, we spring from differing starting points, so I’m gonna see it differently.  The medical establishment isn’t focusing on the gut – brain’s well established, vital connection which is in ongoing back and forth communication of the brain in the head and the equally participating ‘brain’ of the gut.  This is important to understand for  if something is amiss with one, the other is affected also. The energy flow (communication) between them is linked by  a  channel connected from our mouth to the anus.    So since our immunity starts in the gut,  one could say that our health is  actually controlled by our nutritional input.. .our dietary choices.  In fact, barring congenital birth defects, one could say – – “you are what you eat.”    

It’s pretty simple really.   There is an autoimmune problem.  The body or nature hasn’t come up with yet another ‘new’ problem or disease.  Our immune systems have become inundated with incorrect material — not the natural food-stuff it recognizes,  has always used appropriately to keep its engines humming.  Far too few eat what nature intended.  Simple, free-roaming animals eating the diets they instinctively need — not not synthetically grown cheap corn and soy;  and cruelly crowded into commercial feedlots.  Fowl and fish suffering the same indignities.  The same holds true with our plant based foods which should be constituting the largest portion of our diets.   These of course, should be all organic and sustainable, with no poisonous spraying with insecticides, etc.,.  The thrust of it all is more, cheaper food to feed our nation.  Quantity, not quality.  Couple that with the hype of the processed food manufacturers with the same focus of mass quantity, but with great loss of nutritional value.  Going to your doctor for help reveals that  your problem is requiring meds because its cause is unknown.  But its not unknown.  We aren’t eating right.  The synthetic, toxic , loaded with preservatives and chemicals of all kinds are making everybody sick.  Even people who are scrupulous in their choices are also afflicted.  This will continue until our lawmakers are expunged and replaced with ethical people with open minds capable of seeing truth and committed to justice and ethics;  doing the people’s business.  Our problems are huge!  

But even with a corrupt congress taking orders from the corporate structure. . .all is not lost, its just harder.  What our doctors should be doing for us, we must do ourselves.  There are many committed physicians and specialists globally who have made enormous inroads regarding “autoimmune problems,”  and a great many are handling these afflictions with diet primarily, stressing exercise and movement to enhance health,  and some also advocating the use of natural supplements such as amino acids (the building blocks  of protein) such as what I am doing for my own health issues – heart protocol (and COPD, Alzheimer’s and so on). It is encouraging, frankly,  and somewhat justifies my actions regarding what I’ve done to help myself even as most regard  it as risky and unwise.  For me,  it has worked.    

We have so many, many excellent,  forward thinking people who have been out there, leading the way with simple logical and fairly easy to do processes which actually work.  Far too many to  list and the assortment is wide, but I want to offer a link or two for those of you who might want to think seriously about taking steps to solve your problems.  You might also try going to JJ  site.   She is  delivering such a simple  message.  Says many of us have food intolerances or are sensitive to foods and don’t know it.  So we keep on eating these foods and compounding the problems til hell breaks loose.  A large clue she says is the very foods we crave and are drawn to.  They comfort us, make us happy.  Part of the trap.  For me its BREAD and DAIRY.  [Folks, I’ve done over 2300 posts here at “smokinchoices,”  – – a lot, I know,  but I can rarely find stuff now.  Have done several posts on JJ Virgin (love her). . one was on “give up 7 foods for 7 days and loose 7 pounds”. . back a few years)]  The majority of people are sensitive to CORN,  DAIRY,  GLUTEN (bread),  SOY,  PEANUTS, EGGS  and the main one is SUGAR.    This isn’t complicated,  its an elimination diet (safe, well known technique).   Give up these 7 foods for three weeks – no cheating,  will find not bloating anymore,  energy returns.  It takes that much time to clear the effects of these foods out of system.    Then add back just one food and see what happens, if okay, fine add another, one at a  time.  Get details on her site.   This works and is cheaper and easier to do than allergy testing @doctor’s  office.  Just as accurate – perhaps more so.



Q #2  I was on a cruise during which I shared a bathroom wit my daughter.  She and I both had urinary-tract infections.  She has had several recurrences and is seeing a urologist.  Is it possible that we reinfected each other?

A: It isn’t at all likely. Virtually all urinary-tract infections are caused by bacteria entering the bladder and not being eliminated by the body. That might be due to the bacteria being particularly virulent or to the person having a susceptibility to an infection. The bacteria that enter the bladder are generally those that colonize the lower intestine.

No matter how carefully we clean ourselves, bacteria always remain on our bodies.

Toilet seats are relatively free of bacteria.

My comment:       (Was up late last nite doing this post.  Must have published it without saving last efforts of categories, tags and this response. Sorry)

From my perspective it seems that my response to #1 Question above would apply here also as they both seem to be struggling with impaired ‘immune system’ function.  We can’t rely  on our own dynamic immunity to protect us against all the invaders which our toxic world throws at us. . .if we have not been willing to do right by our body – ourselves.  We must be committed to correct any dietary errors (see all the above) — stop loading poisons and crappy, empty-calorie stuff into our precious body. Treat it right and It’ll protect you back.    

As to the toilet thing, I wouldn’t venture a guess as to how clean or contaminated they might be??  But something our mommas should have taught us as we learned how stuff works in this world, is which way to remove the fecal matter.  Always pull to the rear (from behind), rather than forward – dragging potential bacteria from the gut over a vulnerable vagina and all it’s parts. . . just sayin’  Jan

Dr. Roach answers letters only in his North America Syndicate column but provides an order form of available health newsletters at Write him at 628 Virginia Dr., Orlando, FL 32853-6475; or

February 2, 2016

Herpes help, part 2 / brain, heart

Not Really “diner-table” Conversation

For those who HAVE found the previous post, good for you. . .for those who haven’t, please see the following link for a little catch-up, if you choose.  


This post isn’t to refute  or alter the prior post, but to add to it.   The article as shown was in my mind, good and useful.   I personally feel quite comfortable with the Colloidal Silver as the ultimate be all, end all for so many body woes.  After going back and re-reading the post today, I questioned why I had never thought to combine my dependable ‘silver’ with a small amount of Vitamin C crystals (or powder) into a mushy paste and dab that on.  Lets face it, its a bit of a stretch to expect a few drops to hang around very long.    Now if it  ever comes back – I’ll  know what to do.   Above all, we want to avoid anything toxic — our body has enough to handle without additional  chemical burdens.   So in my mind,  none of those RX meds would cut it for me.   The cost is  shameful, the benefit iffy and not so reliable for the need, and it is an endless, repeating cycle.  My M.O. is always – try to determine  the cause area.  Can we blame  immunity?  


As it happens, our immune system appears to be unable to protect us in cases like this.  So it’s the IMMUNE SYSTEM’s  fault?   Not really.   How well could any of us perform with  our hands tied behind our backs?   That is what our modern, quick-fix,  . . . a pill for every malady (medical-care system) is doing to us, and it primarily  concentrates on treating symptoms —  finding most illness to be idiopathic (cause unknown).  .  .  . so on and on it goes.  If you think about it,  most have spent their lives taking anti-biotics for one thing or another.  Each hit puts a further and bigger ding upon our struggling immune system.   This is NOT what is needed. Anti = against,    Biotic = our inner state (Biome)  It needs to be restored, not in any way harmed – IT IS OUR PROTECTION.  So, protect it, we must!   The next link is an article (from The Vaccine Reaction) on this subject of our body’s natural ability to maintain  homeostasis which is necessary for self preservation. You may enjoy it.


It would be wise to find a physician in the  so-called alternative medicine classification,  holistic doctors, sometimes called ‘functional’ medicine doctors.  If ya wanna make it better, ya gotta find out what’s causing it! And this isn’t too hard.  (Simplistically),  our health starts in our gut.  That intestinal flora is damned-near everything.  We owe it to our body to do EVERYTHING we can to ensure that we can have a strong immune system.  That is why I started years ago with the fermented veggies (not that I had tasted, loved them and then wanted them).  If you have read my recipe put up years ago (several times), I could barely swallow the stuff when I first tasted it. . .kinda nasty.  But I went thru all that mincing and chopping + time  for the benefit of my body and health — wasn’t going to let the crappy taste deter my efforts.  By the time I heard back from my mentor (who admitted to the same experience),  my determined effort had paid off.   I kept at it, a spoonful or two with meals a couple times daily and the next thing I knew, it was OK, then  quite agreeable, which fairly quickly turned to enjoying them –  1/4 C up to 1/2 C. (I variously used a lot of cabbage – both red and green,  carrots, onions, garlic, sometimes hot peppers covered with a  celery brine)  You can ferment darned near anything- you choose.   There is no better, cheaper or more more effective way to heal the gut and make it sparkle.*  There is no other way to give the body the B vitamins it so sorely needs for everything it does,  including carrying all that protein everyone is so hung up on through the system and into the cells.  So, ferment!  Cheap, fast – gets and then maintains robust ability to stave off almost anything.  That would be #1.   Eat cleanest food can afford to buy (organic),  Cook in (lowest heat) way to preserve as many enzymes as possible.  Steam and roast where can.  Do your best to consume more fruits and vegetables.   Do your best to observe some combinations which don’t offend your body (food combining)  Carbs okay with all fruit and veggies;  animal protein Okay with all fruit and veggies  MEAT and STARCHES – – NO NO!   (so much more to it, but essentially, do this and you’ll feel better and fart less)  One’s healthy digestive system is able to digest anything – usually, UNLESS it is being forced to try to do the impossible – digest one food which needs acid A and the the wrong (other) food which requires acid B  They can’t happen at same time,  resulting in food arriving in gut UNDIGESTED . . then on to putrefy, unable to process naturally (nourish the body).  Such a simple thing — but who will listen?  and do it?   Don’t think you’ll get this from your doc. It’ll probably be some prescriptive medicine   and no-one knows why  such things happen.      

* There are some of course, who are so miserably out-of-kilter in either stomach or intestinal track that their bodies won’t permit them to indulge even in this healing food — and in fact will need specialized help.   At times like this, it would be helpful to ingest a very limited dietary regime to allow the body to heal. . .such as juicing with healing herbs, greens and grasses.   Parsley, cilantro, dandelion greens, spinach and/or kale  along with carrots and maybe an apple or two to help  it taste really good. (all greens can taste bitter)   If can tolerate,  perhaps some goat kefir. . .or try that yogurt recipe from last week or so.  Boiled eggs,  custard, add in a spoon of fermented kraut (the cabbage concoction) when can.  Must keep the energy level up so the  body has a reason to heal.  Life can  be beautiful and joyous, but can be hard to do when hurting and depressed.  Donna Gates site is wonderful and she is very committed.  Her specialized herbs and concoctions have turned the life around for many, even those little autistically afflicted  angels who never did one thing wrong.  She is very knowledgable in digestive disorders.  


Aside from the SAD (Standard American Diet) of fast foods, soda pops, and packaged anything which collectively contributes little by way of real nutrition, but highly in empty calories, we suffer hugely with unnecessary diseases and conditions such as obesity, heart disease,  inflammatory conditions at the base of so many other illnesses, and the general weakening of most inner organs due to ongoing malnutrition.   We over-consume with  sugar and grains, especially gluten  which combined can lead to diabetes,  and alzheimer’s disease in a similar causation manner as smoking/nicotine leads to lung cancer.  In 1948 when I started, this wasn’t known, but a decade later it was known.  I was hooked then and had no desire to quit,. . . but I worried, and saw friends die who begged me to quit.  So I know that pain and struggle.   Just trying to show that some of what we are and have been doing to our bodies, we do out of ignorance.  But at some point, we are forced to realize that we are, in fact responsible for ourselves through our choices and actions.  So I learned.  I quit 20 out of the 40 year span, finally completing it in 1993 when I knew I was done.  It was over, I was happy and relieved. (you know, my slow learning curve)  With that history,  do you think I have the right to point fingers at others who also struggle over some dumb dietary or habit thing?  We are all human and know the meaning of struggle.  

The struggles many endure through no fault of their own remains something I can’t abide and one of the reason I have continued to make the effort to keep “smokinchoices” alive and running.  Think we all know, I should hang it up,  but here I am goin’ on like I’v got all the time in the world ahead of me. And what I’v got to say is relevant and might matter to someone.  . .so just keep truckin’ down the road. .

So about those deficiencies:  primarily it’s Vitamin D3 and Magnesium.  These are MAJOR, without which one will have big problems.  Each contributes massively to our well being.  I have spoken on this so much that I shy away from repetition.  So please either check one of my prior posts (if search engine still works), try googling it or go to POWDER CITY or BULK SUPPLEMENTS (both online suppliers I use and frequent.  They have fabulous info sheets of product use and properties)  On the D3,  I went into quite a bit of detail on the post linked to above, so you can check that.  I’d like to add however, that for all of my life prior to learning about the importance of D3, I was prone to getting colds, flu,  and pneumonia. . never knew why.. . just the fates?  Then, in my 70’s, found to have a score of 13 when I asked for a test.  Just history now – don’t get that stuff anymore.  Worth more that ‘gold’  I’ll tell you.  If I ran the Zoo, I’d add IODINE  and the B VITAMINS to the list as well.  Hardly anyone is getting enough.  Yet when body requirements aren’t met   Iodine is is overlooked and rarely correctly interpreted, leaving one open to all kinds of hormonal and metabolic disturbances e.g. . . fertility problems, fibromyalgia, strange emotional difficulties, as well as problems  with the thyroid gland per se (hypo, hyper, etc.) .  For some years I’ve been sending away for Lugol’s solution and taking the drops in water daily and functioning quite well.  These days I’m taking an iodine preparation from “” to be found online.  Absolutely brilliant young man who does it all, no fancy labels, bells or whistles — just smarts. and XLNT price factors which is a blessing to me.  He has the usual 7%, 15% and a whopping 75% for those in big need (I guess) Iodoral and others are the usual 7% + 5% iodide = 12% (which I used to take) I suggest and recommend a full-on look-see at his site especially if budget matters are important to you.  

A word about the B Vitamins:  oral dosage is all but useless.  It has a very swift shelf life so by  the time it gets to where you need it, it has dissipated to almost zero.  Many get the shots – but that entails so much more cost and scheduling.  Only way really is to take sublingual drops  or spray (under the tongue), hold there for 15 to  30 seconds – then swallow.  Usually fruit flavored, so tastes pretty good. Can get just the B-12 or B-Complex.  Try to take at least 2000mg (dropper-full)  twice a day and you may be able to bring your levels up to where they should be.  There is still loss even tho they say it is totally  bio-available — which is why  it is recommended to take far more than you need. .  .  .   Or you could just do the fermented veggie thing – – that works for real.  

ABOUT THAT ARGININE  (mentioned in first post)

Now a point I wanted to make is about L-Arginine.  Dr John Cannell of the Vitamin D Council is a wonderful man whom I totally admire, so I don’t want this to sound like a criticism of him in any way.  I simply wish to offer my own experience for consideration with regard to this amino acid.  As most of you know,  I am treating my own  heart problems, COPD,  arthritis,   Alzheimer’s and HBP, etc.,. since I haven’t seen doctors in a few years.   It’s a full time job.    Everything I consume is coming out of my own kitchen from my hands;  the pure, raw materials I buy online at so many excellent suppliers like Pure Bulk,  Bulk Supplements,  PowderCity,  Hard Rhino,  JEdwards,Int’l, and a new favorite  So while I make all my own body, face and hand creams, dental care, shampoo (and latest – organic Vick’s mentholated cream/who wants to put petroleum-based oil onto one’s body or into the nose?)  I Distill my own water, make my colloidal silver, etc.   Do all my cooking;  plants and pooch are doing fine,  Im doing Okay, but understandably, have less time for my blog, which I still love – straggly tho it may seem these days.  Haven’t seen a doctor in perhaps 5 years. The  good ones keep getting away from me.  One went to Lima Ohio and the last one went into concierge practice with a sizable up-front fee.  Both good men whom I miss  and trusted.  Hasn’t hurt me, tho it’s not for everyone, to be sure. Its made me stretch and grow.  

My basic cardio-protocol is a balance of a few “Amino Acids” which I’ve gleaned from  the book  (Let’s STOP The #1 Killer of Americans TODAY) of a Naturopathic cardiologist ( Harry A. Elwardt) which made a lot of sense to me.  It seems to be working, since I no longer am plagued with that constant pounding  (disturbing and kinda scary) of the A-FIB  which rattled my world for over five years and seriously beat up my heart — all while under cardio-care; the full  spectrum of tests and treatment.  More scary than what I was going thru, was the path I could see spread before me – just like my mother,  who when she died at 85, was on 18 different pharmaceuticals daily.    Rebel that I am, I quit it all, simply quit,  no more! There’s gotta be a better way, I will not be victimized into becoming an eternal patient.   Choice is everything, so I trusted my Alzheimer’s afflicted brain to lean into this thing and lead the way.  Believe me,  I fully understand the meaning of gratitude.   These two muscle organs — my brain and my heart ARE the focal point of everything I  do,  to protect and serve their needs which are similar,  so that simplifies stuff.   ENERGY, is the basic need  (and why so many hearts fail, for their needs remain unmet) and  keeping the engines of those needs  humming and working in harmony is primary.  So its the AA’s to keep the engines (mitochondria) in order, supplied and functioning (all the mechanical stuff),  . . and a good diet, high in healthy fats such as butter, coconut oil,  (real, pure) olive oil,  nuts seeds, avocados and as many eggs as one can handle (unlimited).   And of course animal protein is ideal if it is also allowed to be real food — i.e. living naturally, grazing on grass, roaming free.  The same cannot be said for the commercial farming being done today. Their lives are cruel and tormented, their fat unhealthy  rather than acceptable.  Fish are now either coming from polluted waters or farm-raised, which I will not eat

The heart needs cholesterol  to function correctly.  The no-fat strictures of the last 40 years or so have caused so much devastation, the science of which was inadequate and self serving to particular people.  Body gets energy from fats or carbs primarily.  Its the carbs which  cause or lead to so many diseases we all struggle with.  Just give up the damned bread!  It ain’t easy, but if you can save your brain?   Where’s the logic in NOT doing it?  Go easy on carb choices;  many kinds of rices, quinoa,  potatoes (especially sweet potatoes (with garlic, butter and little salt – to die for). There’s no one who doesn’t love corn, but it’s almost 100 % GMO now – unless you know an organic farmer.   Incidentally,  that is a caution w/regard to eating chicken.  Unless the chix are free-range and picking their own bugs and grasses to eat, they are commercially  “brutally” raised – ON CORN,  which of course changes their good fat to Omega  6’s – not good for us.  

So, those amino acids I use are L-Arginine taken on rising and at bedtime.(with no other protein of any source ingested within 2 hours of it, as this is the most sensitive AA and can be blocked from absorption by any other protein.  During the day, I stack D-Ribose, Taurine and L-Carnitine. I will not give exact dosage, because don’t want anyone who is not willing to give up sufficient time to delve into this in order to fully understand what he or she is doing, isn’t properly equipped to even begin to do it right.  I’ve done my due diligence, paid my dues so to speak, but am a flawed and diminished individual, who just happens to like to share, hoping to ignite a flame here or there. . . especially to those who might be searching for a path as I have tried to do for myself.    

Lest I forget, the rest of my heart protocol  is pretty standard,  a few supplement like Nattokinase, (blood-thinner), Ubiquinol (Co-Q10),  High potency DHA (500mg DHA, 90 EPA mg),  no  longer take Fish oil as don’t feel its safe anymore with the pollution of the oceans.  The DHA is far more helpful than the  EPA, so this works for me.  Also have Krill oil which I buy online at ABSORB HEALTH.  Also buy my “MAGNESIUM THREONATE there (which is the magnesium I use now as it is the only one which is able to cross the blood-brain barrier– needed for my brain).  Absorb’s price on this beats anyone around and they are darned good people.  I’m so fussy, want quality first, yet want/DEMAND best price as well.  I’m taking 10K daily of D3 now, have doubled it as not enough  Sun now.  

Dr Cannell of the Vitamin D Council had issued a caution with regard to the L-Arginine.   Advising people to use discretion in eating cashews  to excess because of the content of L-Arginine contained in them.  The reason he gives is that this amino acid ‘could’ facilitate outbreaks of the herpes virus which of course was the subject under discussion in the article.  He further says this is too bad as it is a substance which can increase sexual arousal.  He goes on to mention a few offsets one can use to counter such a reaction.    Zinc being one of them.    Well, I do use Zinc daily (for hair, skin and nails, essentially).  I have noticed an increased sexual awareness  and I’m not knocking it.  I do not torture myself, so when I want a yummy snack,  it’s likely to be a wonderful bowl of cashews, sunflower seeds raisons, pecans  or walnuts or macadamia nuts — whatever I have.  Love it.   With all the Arginine i’m getting,  not having any flare-ups.  Dr is not wrong, neither am I. . it just is what it is, I guess.   And I wanted to add that.    This post, I donno – – it’s just much too long,  sorry               Jan




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