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February 28, 2017

Posture should start @ birth

Respect Baby’s Rights and Freedom, too

Do you know how perfectly we are deigned?  Our body has a framework and functional ability that almost defies the imagination in it’s complexity,  Yet the same principles are at work with the human form as are found in the construction of the brick and mortar constructs.  Balance, support and utility.   S’ true.   Nor do we have to be educated for the purpose of learning how to “use” our body once we get one – – it’s built into us. . .it’s up to each of us to figure it out, on our own.  That is how it works. . .has always worked over our entire existence on the planet.  Until recent decades.. . see the bulleted sentences below.  

As a rather extreme version of ‘earth mother’  my interests frequently go out to the children of our world.  Precious all, they are our greatest treasures and deserve all the loving care, protection and consideration humanly possible.  Anything which harms our little ones turns me nuts.  GMO’s,  Mercury in certain dental fillings,  and of course — compulsory vaccinations against the good judgement of their parents (and a great many ‘honest’ physicians).  This is allowed because of GREED and CORRUPTION in Government which turns a blind eye because so many are sharing in the profit picture.  

Don’t worry, not going to rehash these same issues today.  Have a new one!   Well,  not so new. . . have written about the latest movement in Medicine today regarding babies, especially here in Ohio — we have a rotten mortality rate relative to so many deaths before reaching one year old.  So Baby on the Back in an empty crib is really being pushed.   No one has given the least thought to the welfare of the baby’s needs or this wouldn’t be such a high priority.  Attention to our huge poverty needs would be far more rational and welcome.  But what do I know?  Anyway, I’ve posted on this before a time or two.  I even showed a photo of my own son at 5 days old, sleeping soundly on his face, bum in air- – happy and very healthy.  Summer baby in California, so wasn’t wearing much;  hands and feet free to explore.   Sleeping on the face is not a bad thing — it is the correct thing!  

I had suggested people buy (or borrow from the library),  the book of Kathleen Porter called NATURAL POSTURE for Pain-Free Living. It is a remarkable, beautifully done, informative one-of-a-kind book which anyone would truly enjoy and be enriched by.   I happen to be one of the lucky ones who rather naturally just grew up in natural alignment.  Was never comfortable slumping or slouching.   Had unwelcome comments about my posture all my life from teachers, parents of friends, etc. .all of which made me uncomfortable — drew attention to something I didn’t even know I was doing.  Even in my 80’s, have had comments about posture – – go figure.  So maybe Mother put me to bed on my face too. In my 9th year of blogging, so I spend too much time at the computer, consequently, the round posture/slumping over. . . why I bought her book a year or so ago.  Crazy about it and have learned so much.  It is a staple in Sports-Medicine doctors practice,  very valuable help to one and all.  Please learn about this and help spread the word.  Her book goes into great detail with countless photos illustrating her valid points.  Much discussion  about babies and the confines they are being constricted to. Car seats, and all manner of holders which keep an infant restricted from moving around and learning how to use  his/her body and the devastating damage this does to the nervous systems and in fact – all it’s developing systems.  Graphs showing the rise of various illnesses with the increasing restrictions.  From the first moments of life, the baby is supposed to start its movements to acquaint with and learn how to use it’s brand new body.  But I fear that with America’s doctors pushing  Back-sleeping in bare crib, it’s gonna take a whole lot of discussion to accommodate our baby’s needs.  Kathleen can’t do it alone,  nor can I. . . just a simple blogger.  . . but with your help   who knows?              Jan



Kathleen Porter

When I teach these principles to people, I spend a lot of time laying the groundwork with a lot of information about how the skeleton actually is designed to hold us up. Because I feel that the more someone really understands the relationship of, say, the rib cage to the pelvis, the skull to the rib cage, and how they all relate to each other through the spine, and that the more someone understands their own internal skeleton, the more empowered they are to put these principles into practice and become their own best teacher.

Because the truth of the matter is this is not a quick fix; this is a process. It’s an unfolding process that requires a commitment. It requires a commitment to learn the information and to put it into practice. For that, the word “practice” is key, because you just have to keep practicing it over and over until it becomes more natural and more automatic. Now, you don’t want it to be totally automatic because, you know. I’m still working at it. I’m still a work in progress, because it is an anchor to being present as long as I pay attention to myself.

When I first learned this, I was pretty upset, because this information was so opposite from what I had been trained to do and teach as a yoga teacher. I wanted to know like, “How long is it going to take me?” It was sort of like asking how long before I can go unconscious again. One of the real silver linings of learning this is the fact that it is a pathway. It’s a touch tone to mindfulness, because it requires a willingness to be mindful in order to put it into practice. Mindfulness and alignment are kind of a hand on a glove that goes together. You really need them both to bring it back.

 I start by teaching people that we start with the pelvis. The pelvis is like the crown jewel. It literally sets the stage for everything above it. There’s the pelvis with the sacrum between the two sides of the pelvis and the back. At the top of the sacrum, there’s a little platform, the sacral platform, that the spine sits upon. If you change the position of the pelvis, you change the angle of that platform, you change the angle of the spine, and then there are all these adjustments that have to go on with muscles that have to compensate for the fact that the spine is no longer being a “mostly self-supporting structure.”

It helps if you think of the skeleton as an architectural or engineering design much like a building. I mean, buildings aren’t animated. They’re not alive. They don’t bend and move exactly the way people do, but structurally, the same principles apply, just like the same principles apply to all species. There are certain natural laws of physics that apply to everything, whether it’s living or inanimate.

  • And you know, this is a big issue for children starting from the day they are born. We tend to think that infants and babies, in their early weeks of life, are just little blobs, that they’re pretty helpless, and all they do is lie there. Nothing could be further from the truth. They really require opportunities to do a lot of movement right away.
  • In the same way that, at birth, a baby would never be born and then placed immediately on the mother’s body on their backs. They’re always turned belly to earth; in this case, the mother’s body being the representative of the earth. It’s against this surface that they can move. They’re driven by this… Movement is like the engine that builds the brain and develops the nervous system. A baby lying on a mother’s body, on a blanket, or something like that has to push down against the earth. Whatever surface they’re on is a representative of the earth. They have to push down on that in order to fire off the sensory and motor neurons that connect up to the brain.

I am quite confident – and I sure hope it happens soon – that when we really start looking at movement in this way, we will start to see that one of the things that’s contributing… And I say one of the things because I’m not suggesting it’s all about alignment. I think there are a lot of things contributing to the epidemic of problems in young children.

  • I think we have hardly even began to understand how many problems children are showing in neurological development that are the result of children being confined on their backs in strollers, car seats, and these little bucket carriers. Of course, they have to be in a car seat if they’re going to be in a car, a moving vehicle. But children’s lives often are just this one device after another where they are rarely put into this “belly to earth” kind of contact.

To expand on this a little bit more, there is this quality, this natural phenomenon, ground reaction force. You can experience it right now if you’re sitting or if you’re standing. You can just take your right foot and just start pushing it down into the floor. As you push your foot a little harder and a little harder, you’ll notice that it generates this action and these sensations in your leg. If you push down hard enough, you’ll feel there are sensations coming all the way up into your hip and beyond.

This is ground reaction force. It relates to Newton’s Third Law of Motion, which says that for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. If you wanted to, say, jump, you wouldn’t just jump, you’d crouch down, you’d generate this connection, and then you’d push off in order to jump. And if you wanted to jump higher, you’d crouch lower and push off harder. This is how our bodies are designed to work.

Sad dog and happy dog came about, because I was working with children in elementary schools and wanting to introduce them to these ideas. They get really embarrassed if you say words like “pelvis” or “pubic bone.” They start laughing and they can’t stop.

And so they get the sad dog idea, because a sad dog tucks its tail between its legs. If a human tucks its tail… In fact, for anybody wanting to try this right now, if you tuck your tail, you’ll feel how your spine starts to collapse down into your pelvis. And if you rotate your pelvis the other way, so that your pubic bone is down and your sit bones are wide and behind you, it’s sort of like you’re wagging your tail. That is much more. I mean, we could get into refinements, which will be difficult to do right now, but basically that is the pelvis. The happy dog pelvis is the pelvis that establishes the correct foundation for what comes above it.

The next thing that happens for a lot of people is a pattern of once they get their pelvis rotating forward, it often triggers – it’s not a natural pattern, but it’s one that a lot of people have adopted because it’s so culturally ingrained in us – chest up, shoulders back. This is very somewhat militaristic, but it’s also the way I was practicing and teaching yoga. It’s what is taught in a lot of dance programs and in a lot of athletics. It’s sort of this American way of opening up the front of the body, without realizing that when we do that, we close the back. We narrow and shorten the back.

What we really want to work toward doing is having the front and the back equally wide, equally long. Part of the process of learning how to do this is establishing the foundation, which is what you would do if you were building a building. In our case, we establish the foundation by “parking” the pelvis and then we build the structure from the ground up.

Now, I’m talking about sitting right now, but the pelvis also comes into play in the same way in standing. In my book, I have illustrations of how to move the pelvis like a church bell, so that it brings the legs into a vertical line, because that’s where our legs need to be. Most people’s legs are diagonal. You want to move your pelvis to the point. It’s the same place. Sitting and standing, the pelvis is the same position. That doesn’t change.

From there, you want to start to learn how to isolate the movement of your rib cage, so that you discover that, “Oh, my ribcage can actually move independent of my pelvis, and I can learn how to rotate my ribcage forward rather than lifting it.” When I lift up my chest, I’m actually tipping my ribcage back. If I drop my chest, which is almost un-American… If I drop my chest and my back comes up…

 Back to what I was saying before, it’s either the collapse or it’s the overcorrection that’s kind of moving through the middle and beyond. You could say that collapsing in the front is slouching, but lifting up the chest and arching the back is slouching in the other direction, because it has the same effect on the spine. It’s just which side of the spine are the intervertebral disks compressed? And it really helps when people remember that the spine is in the back.

 What we wanted to start doing is to develop this mindful awareness in our back, so that it’s much more subtle. Here’s a little exercise, which is kind of fun, that brings home this point and that also engages the core, which we haven’t talked much about, but which is really key. You could pretend that you’re holding a shawl right behind you, and you’re about to wrap the shawl around your shoulders. But just before the shawl comes into contact with your back, you move your back into the shawl.

In other words, your breastbone or your sternum slides backwards towards your back. And as you do that, you will feel an action through your abdomen. These are your core muscles, primarily your transversus abdominis (TVA) muscle coming into action. If you do that and then you kind of wiggle the back of your armpits up towards the ceiling, you will also feel your spine lengthening. You’re elongating your spine, like creating this sort of self-traction. This is one of the most essential basic movements that helps retrain the body back to where it started. Toddlers who have just learned how to stand and walk probably have as much core strength as they’re ever going to need.

I think this fixation that we have in our culture today about core strength, crunches, sit-ups, the six-pack abs, and all of this is a very genuine and sincere attempt to counteract this structural collapse that we don’t know how to address. We try to make all these strong muscles to kind of hold us up and hold us together, and now we’ve created this whole new image of what is attractive, sexy, and all of that, which is totally unnatural to the body, the way the human body is actually designed to be.

There is nothing wrong with strength and muscles. It just needs to be integrated throughout the entire body, so that you don’t have certain muscles that are overdeveloped, because anytime you have that, you’re going to have other muscles that are underdeveloped.

 Let’s put this in perspective. I didn’t learn about skeletal alignment until when I was almost 50 myself. I had gone from a real slumpy, slouchy person for the first three and a half or so decades of my life to this overcorrected stance where I was teaching yoga and stretching all the time, doing some strength training, and working out. Then eventually, in my late 40s, first hearing about skeletal alignment and getting interested, it didn’t happen overnight. I actually had to work very hard at it because I had so many patterns to undo and unwind in my body.

I totally transformed myself from somebody who was stiff and tight. I had to stretch all the time because my hamstrings were always returning to their tight configuration because I was a butt tucker. I was just setting this up. As I learned how to realign my bones, my muscles… I didn’t have to stretch. I didn’t have to do anything other than live a normally active life, and all the movements that I do are movements that reinforce natural movements.

As far as some exercises people can do, they’re not exercises in the sense of sitting down and doing specific kind of contrived exercises. They’re all exercises that focus on natural ways of moving. So, I would say bending is probably the absolute rock star of any kind of exercise that anybody can do, but you have to do it correctly. If you know how to bend like a baby… And there are instructions for this and images of this in my book.

Babies always bend with their butt out behind them. For instance, if you were to imagine that there were strings attached to each of your sit bones and there was a puppeteer standing behind you, all bending. I mean, even if I were to bend forward right now to get a pencil in front of me, bending is initiated by those sit bones being drawn back behind me. That’s what actually causes my pelvis to tip and my spine to just go along with the pelvis. Bending is not in the spine, either rounding the spine or arching the spine. The spine stays stable as the pelvis rotates over the heads of the femur bones in the thighs.

This is why it’s really important to understand how the structure actually works. Because then, you can just apply that information to helping you learn how to do this, and it becomes more, you know…automatically performed.

 So, bending. What bending does and accomplishes is that it… If you bend this way – and the knees have to bend at the same time – and the knees bend out, they aim toward the pinky toes. As you bend and your knees bend outward, the spine, as I say, goes along to the right, the leg muscles all get toned in a way that they’re supposed to be. So, it’s this integration of all the muscles between the hips and the feet. The arches get strengthened. This is so key. The feet are such a problem in so many people because so many people have pronated ankles and flattened arches. So, bending this way really helps to strengthen the muscles that lift and hold the arches up and engages the toes.

For a lot of us, toes are just these appendages that we don’t do anything with because they’re in shoes all the time or whatever. But our toes… If you look at the toes of young children, their toes are grabbing at the ground. They’re there for a reason. They’re there to help you balance. They’re there to help you propel yourself forward and to help distribute the weight that doesn’t come down through the heels. So, bending is huge because it reinforces how to initiate… Most movements involve some kind of bending whether it’s dance or sports. You’re bending all the time, and getting in and out of the chair

 I would say that the great majority of chronic pain in this country and in the developed, sort of technologically, advanced places in the world is posture-related. We just don’t know that yet. Posture is just one of the checks in the list of things that contribute to back pain. It should be at the very top of the list. It’s also the primary cause of the sort of legal drug addiction that is being driven by the medical community trying to support people with back pain and not knowing how to effectively do that.

What they all often say is, “Stand up straight and improve your posture.” But there is this cultural map that’s wrong. Unfortunately, it’s just straight up wrong as far as what we think is good posture in our modern world. It goes back again to the tuck the tailbone, suck in the belly, lift up the chest, and pull your shoulders back. This is almost like a mantra that everybody is taught. This is one of the reasons why posture is such a dirty word in people’s mind because not only does it remind you of your mother nagging at you.  But when you follow the instructions for what you think is good posture…It’s stressful.   It’s difficult.  It’s effortful. Posture, just the word, makes a lot of people nervous.

 You’ve got a musculoskeletal system, which is not just muscles but also bones. They’re both an integral and equal part of this system, yet we live in a muscle centric society. We rarely put any emphasis on the alignment of the bones. I mean, it’s just pretty much off the radar. Yet, the skeleton is the underlying framework for all of the body’s systems. That means, all the parts, all the organs, and all the blood vessels, which you can think of as little hoses and tubes, all the valves, you know… Everything.   All the nerve networks and glands, and everything. Everything that makes up a body has to fit within this skin.

One of the jobs of the skeleton is to provide the structural framework of support for all of these things. So, if you think of your body as a three-dimensional puzzle with a place for everything and everything in its place, and all of the systems are working sort of like the mechanics of the engine of a car. You know, there are all these little different spark plugs, carburetors, various hoses, and things like that that have to be in a particular arrangement for the car to function well or to even get out of the driveway.

Yet, our organs are often smashed together, distorted, pulled to, and just distorted in various ways because our skeleton is misplaced. If I am strengthening some muscles too much, the tightness, contraction, and the shortening of the fibers of those muscles will pull and hold my bones out of alignment. By the same token, if I have muscles that are too weak and stretched out, they won’t support the bones in that alignment.

It helps to know that because the muscles attached to the bones when the bones are where they belong, and this is one of these things that are pretty non-negotiable for human beings…. You may be taller than me. I may have larger bones than you in terms of… You know, they are larger bones (shorter but wider)… You know, there are a lot of variations, but the actual muscles and bones and the way they work as a system of pulleys and levers is the same for everybody.

If I change the position of my bones, then certain muscles are going to be too tight and certain muscles are going to be too long and stretched out. The beauty of what you were saying about taking your foot off the gas and everything just sort of working as it should and not constantly in this working mode is that when our bones are aligned, muscles become elastic. All the muscles in my body pretty much take on their intended configuration. When it’s time to move my arm, the muscles that move those levers, the bones in my arm come into my action, and then they don’t when they’re not… I take my foot off the gas when I don’t need those muscles anymore.

The main muscles that we have to pay attention to, that are working a lot of the time, are the deep postural muscles – the core muscles that stabilize our upright posture and make sitting, standing, walking, and everything we do okay because we’re tethered together with this wonderful, elastic core that’s not too tight and not too loose.

February 25, 2017

Why Colloidal Silver? . .let me count. .

Sharing Colloidal Silver (last time)

It is true that I am overly enthusiastic about some things. COLLOIDAL SILVER is one of them.  In all my years, I have praised this product as an almost end-all, be-all.  Didn’t know about it when I raised my son, but in helping to rear  his kids — my two grand-daughters whose mother became too ill to raise them, . . . well, CS got a good work out.  The kids love it because it doesn’t ‘hurt,’ and it can be used on everything.  Bizarre things,  seriously. . . everything. I bought it in Health food stores and it wasn’t cheap, but so good! Noticed from time to time the differing coloration in what I bought,  kinda bothered me.  Looked into making it myself and that turned out great –  big variety out there from battery operated (which didn’t appeal to me), I wanted a fine machine I could count on, with a few extra benefits like ‘strength’ control and a timer, etc. . .so could run from about $75 to a few hundred dollars.  Pays to shop around online or  try ebay.  Mine is a Silver – Gen SG6 and paid a little over $200 for it around the turn of the century. Happy with it.

I wouldn’t be without it – – the history of it’s usage goes back through the centuries in various forms. I have used it on so much and spoken of it always since I believe it to be so praise-worthy.  My wish is that every family could have a silver generator with it’s silver electrodes extending down into a pint (or so) jar for maybe an hour or four til the light goes  off.  Then cant into jars,  protecting it from light and oxygen in cupboards or bathroom cabinet (in my case – both). I use amber or blue bottles with either spray or dropper tops for easier usage;  and just pour the supply into jars and put little brown sacks around them for protection.  My silver is always white, clear and perfectly potent.  Have given it to family and friends for years.  I keep a spray-mist bottle of CS in bathroom for nose when it’s stuffy it clears it right away so ya can breathe.  Cleared a mysterious, frightening eye infection in my right eye the Ophthalmologist couldn’t fix by having me use  dangerous eye medicine  that cleared it up – but returned when it was done.   Remembered the Silver and tried a few drops couple times daily and was totally gone in 4 – 5 days!.  Another of family is gleefully clearing up a body full of moles from face, eye and torso.  Almost all gone.    But theres serious stuff like MRSA, you know – that scourge you get when going to a hospital, and they can’t seem to figure how to eliminate it.    But all that is covered in this paper work I had filed away years ago and was a bit leery of running it.                        (thank you dear friend Jim. . .I’m finally using it)

It was sent to me from a well-connected friend who knew of my interest, years ago.  He’s gone now, so can’t ask him if it was okay to run this. Its an accumulation of communications from one person to another.  I’v gone thru and tried to delete their names for the protection of them and possibly me.    At my age – what can they do to me — run me out of town?   So wade thru if you have the least desire, ya just might learn a few things – good to know.   Jan


Colloidal Silver 

Subject: COLLOIDAL SILVER —- UPDATE [4-10-11]



B- –

You were asking about Colloidal Silver.  FWIW here is a response from my friend Dr.

 I- –

Thanks for the article on Silver.  This is well done. At ……….. Colloidal Silver was our number two seller after Coral Calcium. I have many stories on what this product can and will do to heal the body. It really should not be called an Antibiotic, it is actually a Antibacterial product. I know because the FDA was going to lock my doors over this one back in 1998!
About a year ago all personell in combat today wore clothing with silver thread woven into it that you really can not see. If they are shot, hit by shrapnel , etc. when the cloth goes into the flesh it heals it rather than causing infection.  Wish I had thought of this one!
Also Colloidal Gold will remove the pain. We found if the two products were mixed together and misted on the burned area, not wet done, just a mist, it would heal much faster than applied as a liquid. They left out below that Colloidal Silver will also handle MRSA which is in almost every hospital today and antibiotics will not touch it in most cases. My son Lee recently had a round with MRSA and spraying the Colloidal Silver did the job. You can also inject about 2 cc into the leg, stomach, arm like a diabetic with a small needle about once a week it will take any infection out of the body. Likie a bladder infection, etc.
Your Friend,
A. . .

On Sat, Apr 9, 2011 . . . .  wrote:

Note: Sandy & I found a product with Colloidal Silver called OXYLIFE. (Stabilized Oxygen)  The silver was a byproduct–we were looking for food grade hydrogen peroxide and this product supplied the “equivalent,”  and also contained colloidal silver and aloe vera…  (look at the long list of ailments that Colloidal Silver helps in the article below)  I. . .

PEOPLE OF THE LIE: Colloidal Silver

By Patrick H. Bellringer

Colloidal silver (CS) is a natural antibiotic which has been used throughout the world for centuries as a means to destroy microbes of all kinds and to correct many health problems. It was removed from public use in the United States in the 1920’s and 1930’s by the medical profession in their move to purge natural health remedies from the marketplace. As late as August, 1998 the FDA ordered all colloidal silver removed from all U.S. Health Stores, but due to public outcry, that order has been temporarily relaxed. Today, the use of colloidal silver is spreading rapidly throughout the medical community in the healing of burn victims. Medical doctors have never denied the merits of silver in the form of silver nitrate as a bactericide. Silver nitrate is routinely used in drops put into a baby’s eyes at birth to prevent blindness from venereal disease.

Silver acts as a second immune system for humans by destroying bacteria and viruses of all kinds. It is toxic to bacteria, viruses, yeasts, fungi (molds), protozoa, and parasites in the egg stage. Therefore, CS will destroy staph and strep bacteria which are so common in today’s health problems. In the silver literature there are listings of over 650 diseases and health problems that silver in colloidal form will effect in very positive ways. The frequency of silver is higher than almost all of the known harmful crystal-headed viruses such as that of AIDS, Ebola, West Nile, and SARS and thus will destroy them. Usually these viruses are no problem to a person with a strong immune system and good nutrition. Those dying from these diseases today usually have neither of these.

A colloid is a substance of ultramicroscopic particles. Colloidal silver is nothing more than very tiny particles of pure silver suspended in distilled water through the process of electrolysis. The smaller the particles in CS the better the body can assimilate them. Colloidal silver is odorless, tasteless and has no known negative reaction to any medication, health problem, diet, or artificial alteration to the human body. It is considered, along with gold and titanium, to be Creator God’s natural antibiotic provided for the good health of the people of planet Earth. Gold has a higher frequency then silver, while the frequency of titanium is higher than gold. Nothing on planet Earth in microbe form can survive the frequencies of colloidal titanium and colloidal gold, while colloidal silver will destroy nearly all of them.

Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark has done extensive research and application in the field of holistic health. She has published her works in various books and newsletters. For further information on colloidal silver, I am drawing from an edited copy of one of Dr. Clark’s Newsletters on the subject.


“What Do We Know About Colloidal Silver?” Edited By: Christine Doyle

From Dr. Clark Newsletter: HYPERLINK “” \t “_blank”

This article was taken, shortened and altered, from the Dr. Clark Newsletter for practitioners, ‘Finding the Way’, by courtesy of the editor, Clinical Nutritionist and practitioner, Christine Doyle, PO Box 33, Carmarthen SA33 6YE, UK, Tel/Fax +44-1994-484 682.

The 1994 issue of “Newsweek” featured a six page article, “Antibiotics, The End of Miracle Drugs?” as the cover story. “The rise of drug-resistant germs is unparalleled in recorded history”, according to the article. “Penicillin and tetracycline lost their power over staph back in the 1950’s and 60’s. Another antibiotic, methicillin, provided a backup for a while, but methicillin-resistant staph is now common in hospitals and nursing homes worldwide. Trying to cripple bacteria’s defenses will not do much more than buy us five to ten years. A better strategy might be to abandon antibiotics altogether in favor of different kinds of drugs.” Not a very pretty picture: bacteria have a tremendous ability to adapt to substances. They can and do mutate to overcome antibiotics. When the antibiotics destroy the bacteria which are susceptible to them, they can clear the way for resistant bacteria to move in uninhibited.

Still another problem that has plagued the medical profession from the beginning with modern antibiotics has been that beneficial bacteria and organisms play various important, natural functions in the body. Antibiotics often play havoc with some of the friendly organisms, producing long lasting side effects that may be difficult to correct.

One reason that the antibiotics have been so popular in the medical field is due to the fact that they can be patented. Therefore, the pharmaceutical companies find it financially worthwhile to keep the doctors educated in their medicines, while other products go unnoticed. Silver, on the other hand, is not patentable and there are no huge profits in it, so it is not worth heavy promotion. The high-priced products run over the low cost products, simply because of profitability. All of this is happening at the same time that disease bacteria are developing immunity to antibiotics all over the world. The medical profession is alarmed.

Science Digest suggested an answer to all of these catastrophic problems back in March of 1978 in an article titled “Our Mightiest Germ Fighter”. This article by Jim Powell stated: “Thanks to eye-opening research, silver is emerging as a wonder of modern medicine. An antibiotic kills perhaps a half-dozen different disease organisms, but silver kills some 650. Resistant strains fail to develop. Moreover, silver is virtually non-toxic.”

Silver has been known to be a bactericide for at least 1200 years. Even in ancient times, it was known to prevent disease, and it was said that disease could not be transmitted in drinking from a silver cup. Silver coins were commonly dropped into a jar to prevent the spoilage of milk and other drink, and silver containers were used to prolong the freshness of foods in general. Wealthy people used to feed their babies with a silver spoon, which was considered to be a cause of strong healthy growth. Even today, some commonly call all tableware “silverware” although it is more commonly stainless steel. In the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s, silver was ground very fine like flour, suspended in water and was used orally for many infections and disease conditions, topically on burns, and for fungal infections. Until almost 1970 it was common for scientists to put a silver dime in a Petri dish to sterilize the dish. Silver was long used for plates for the surgical repair of bones. After the development of the patented antibiotics, silver was forgotten in the United States and most other places, although the antibiotics are only effective against bacteria, not viruses, yeast, or fungi. Now, with the greatly improved modern colloids, the tables are turning and silver may be the most effective treatment of all.

What exactly is Colloidal Silver (CS)?

Simply put, colloids are extremely minute silver particles suspended in water, with a positive electrical charge. The smaller the silver particles, the more effective CS has proven to be. The best Colloidal Silver is produced at the molecular level. A small DC current is passed through an electrolyte (distilled water) with silver electrodes. Minute, molecular sized particles are drawn off the positive electrode, having a positive electrical charge. This electrical charge is of primary importance to healing and antibacterial qualities. The charge slowly dissipates, especially when exposed to light, and therefore, the freshness of the colloid is important.

In “Colloidal Silver”, a booklet produced by the Association for Colloidal Research, it is reported that: “Medical Journal Reports and documented studies spanning 100 years indicate no known side effects from oral or IV administration of properly manufactured Colloidal Silver in animal or human testing. There has never been a reported reaction with Colloidal Silver to any prescription medication.”

The evidence appears to support the theory that Colloidal Silver is highly effective against all strains of pathogenic bacteria, while any one antibiotic is only effective against a few certain bacterial strains. Furthermore, antibiotics have never been effective against viruses, yeast or fungi. Yet, researchers are telling us that Colloidal Silver has produced phenomenal results in tissue healing and reconstruction, as well as reducing scar tissue in clinical tests. Severe cuts and wounds have healed in much less time. Laboratory tests have shown CS to kill over 650 destructive bacteria, viruses and fungi within minutes of contact.

UCLA ran some tests on Colloidal Silver and their report states: “The silver solutions were antibacterial for Streptococcus pyogenes, Staphylococcus aureus, Neisseria gonorrhea, Gardnerella Vaginalis, Salmonella Typhi, and other enteric pathogens, fungicidal for Candida albicans, Candida globata, and M. furfur, and it killed every virus that was tested in the lab”.

Other voices:

Dr. Hirschberg, John Hopkins: “…remarkable for their beneficial action in infective states”. Dr. Henry Cooks: “I know of no microbe that is not killed in laboratory tests within six minutes”. Dr. Gary Smith: “When silver was present the cancer cell was de-differentiated and the body was restored”.

Certain bacteria are essential to healthy body function. Several researchers claim Colloidal Silver only attacks the unfriendly pathogens and will not harm the friendly ones, but one must wonder how it can possibly differentiate. The explanation is that the friendly bacteria are aerobic, while unfriendly bacteria are anaerobic. (Editor’s note:  There are helpful and harmful bacteria that live in anerobic and aerobic conditions.)  Silver does not attack bacteria directly, but rather decomposes certain enzymes the anaerobic bacteria, viruses, yeast, and molds require. The silver acts as a catalyst and is not consumed in the process. It is probable that this indirect action is also the reason bacteria cannot develop a resistance to silver, as they do to antibiotics.

Some researchers do tell us, however, that in prolonged, very heavy doses, some silver compounds will leave gray deposits in the heavier skin folds such as the knuckles. This condition is known as “Argyria”. The only problem to these deposits is said to be the cosmetic appearance and the condition is said to be rare. Some experts say this condition has never been known to occur from silver in the colloidal state. Other experts do, however, warn that this might be a problem with extremely high, prolonged dosages (such as drinking many quarts of CS per day over months of time). The very small particle size in the Colloidal Silver would seem to make this possibility remote. Argyria is correctable with laser treatment, like a tattoo. (It should be noted that there has been only one case of Argyria reported in the world in the last 100 years.)

Medical Uses

In the 1970’s Dr. Carl Moyer, Chairman of Washington University’s Department of Surgery, received a grant to develop better treatments for burn victims. Dr. Harry Margraf worked with Dr. Moyer and other surgeons, a chief biochemist on this project. They tested 22 antiseptic compounds and rejected all of them. The problem was that infections in burns often failed to respond to antibiotics. Most antiseptics actually destroy the delicate healing tissues in severe burns and were very painful. The greatest problem was the bacterium Pseudomonas acruginose, which is particularly infectious to burns and fails to respond to all common antibiotics.

In his research into medical history, Dr. Margraf found numerous references to silver as an antimicrobial agent. Dr. Margraf therefore tried silver nitrate, the same solution used in newborn babies’ eyes at birth to prevent blindness from venereal disease. It worked! However, he found it disturbed the balance of body salts, stained everything it touched, and in high concentrations was corrosive and painful. After further study he found that all of these problems were solved by Colloidal Silver. With Colloidal Silver as the base, he then developed a salve that has been extremely effective in treating the infections and healing in serious burns. Colloidal Silver is now routinely used for severe burn victims, resulting in a large reduction of scarring and a heavy reduction of deaths for extensive severe burns.

The article in Science Digest, March, 1978, relates: “A speeding car overturned and burst into flames. The 18-year-old driver suffered burns all over his face, neck, arms, hands, back, stomach, and legs. Burns covered more than 80 percent of his body. Until recently, this would have been a death sentence. Doctors knew how to restore vital body fluids and salts, but had no way to fight infection, the primary cause of death in burn cases. Fortunately, for this youth, a new silver compound killed deadly bacteria and enabled him to heal. He was out of the hospital within four months.”

Another line of research that has led to this change of thinking is described in the best seller: “The Body Electric”, in which Robert O. Becker, leading research scientist in the field of bone regeneration, states: “The germ killing action of silver has been known for some time. The Soviets use silver ions to sterilize recycled water aboard their space stations. It kills even antibiotic-resistant strains, and also works on fungus infections.” He goes on to say: “It stimulates bone-forming cells, cures the most common stubborn infections of all kinds of bacteria, and stimulates healing in the skin and other soft tissues.”

Certainly that is a broad statement, but Dr. Becker further relates a fascinating story which would seem to substantiate his belief. A man’s broken right tibia and fibula refused to bond and the skin refused to heal over a large area of the leg for a year and a half. The leg was infected with five kinds of bacteria, all of which refused to respond to antibiotics. As a last resort before amputation, Dr. Becker treated the condition with silver charged with a very minute electrical current. This produced silver ions in the bone area and at the surface area. “I debrided (cleaned) the wound, removing the dead tissue and all grossly infected or dead bone. There wasn’t much left afterward. It was an enormous excavation running almost from his knee to his ankle. In the operating room, we soaked a big piece of silver nylon in saline solution and laid it over the wound. We packed the fabric in place with saline-soaked gauze, wrapped the leg, and connected the battery unit.”

“About two weeks later”, Dr. Becker tells us, “all of our bacterial cultures were sterile — all five kinds had been killed. The soft healing tissue, called granulation tissue, was spreading out and covering the bone. In two weeks the whole base of the wound, which had been over eight square inches of raw bone, was covered with this friendly pink carpet. The skin was beginning to grow in, too, so we could forget about the grafts we thought we’d need to do. I decided to take an X-ray to see how much bone he’d lost.” He was expecting the bone to start withdrawing before the knitting process began. “I could hardly believe the picture. There was clearly some bone growth! I removed the cast, felt the leg, and found that the pieces were all stuck together. John watched, and when I was done, he lifted his leg into the air triumphantly.”

After extensive experiments along these lines, Dr. Becker concluded: “Cells exposed to positive silver ions profoundly stimulate healing in a way unlike any known natural process. Whatever its precise mode of action may be, the electrically generated silver ion can produce enough cells for blastomas; it has restored my belief that full regeneration of limbs and other body parts can be accomplished in humans.”

Dr. Becker’s experiments seem to show that Colloidal Silver not only kills the pathogens, but also produces dramatic healing of tissue such as his statement of the skin growth on the leg quoted above. The silver ion produces some cells with no differentiation. These cells can turn into any cell that is needed. Only these de-differentiated cells can be used to create the cells necessary to replace destroyed cells such as in a wound or rebuild missing tissue. It seems to be for this reasoning that Colloidal Silver heals injuries without scarring, or at last greatly reduces scarring, while greatly accelerating the reconstruction or general healing of wounds. Scar tissue develops when de-differentiated cells are in short supply. Therefore it would seem, from the evidence at hand, that CS could reduce or prevent internal scarring and promote internal healing after surgery.

Other medical uses:

In “Report: Colloidal Silver, Health Consciousness, Vol. 15, No. 4”, it is stated “Silver aids the developing fetus in growth, health, and eases the delivery and recovery.” Hospitals routinely use it in new-born infants’ eyes to prevent ‘infection caused’ blindness. Silver seems to be even more promising against AIDS, and there seems to be no doubt that silver supports the T-cells in their fight against foreign organisms in the blood. It virtually forms a second immune system, actually protecting and defending T-cells. It is strongly suggested by research scientists such as Dr. Gary Smith and others that silver ions are essential to the immune system. Marvin Robey, has personally used a strong dose of Colloidal Silver (4 oz. of 500 parts per million) for a ‘cold’ in its early stages. It provided relief in two hours and cured the cold completely in about 24 hours. Others say that it quickly cures their colds in more advanced stages.

Physiological information about CS

The body’s ability to process the tiny atoms of Colloidal Silver makes silver build-up in the body impossible. The Environmental Protection Agency’s Poison Control Center reports a ‘no toxicity’ listing for CS. If particles are small enough you can even drink arsenic! Examining a bottle of colloidal minerals from a local health store you may notice nickel, arsenic and lead among the trace minerals on the ingredients list.

CS is the only form of silver that can be used safely as a supplement. It is absorbed into the tissues at a slow enough rate that is not irritating to tissues, unlike silver nitrate which reacts violently with tissues because of its caustic action.

The body has a vital need for silver to produce new healthy cells. Since our blood is also a colloid, the harmonious way the colloids enter the body may well make Colloidal Silver the safest medicine on earth

Dr. Robert O. Becker, MD, says that a deficiency of silver in the diet contributes to disease. In fact he found that those with low levels of silver in their body had frequent colds, flu, and sicknesses. He feels that a silver deficiency can be the cause of improper functioning of the immune system.

“Used in the space shuttle”

When will we see silver in our everyday life for non-medical use? It seems it is already more prominent in our lives than most people realize. In Health Consciousness, Vol. 15, No. 4, Pg. 5 we read: “In the former Soviet Union, silver is used to sterilize recycled water aboard space shuttles. NASA has also selected a silver/water system for its space shuttle. Internationally, many airlines use silver water filters to guarantee passenger safety against water-borne diseases such as dysentery. The Swiss government has approved use of such silver water filters in homes and offices. In the U.S some city municipalities use silver in the treatment of sewage. Silver works so well in purifying water that it is sometimes used to purify swimming pool water. It does not sting the eyes as chlorine does, and it does kill mosquito larva. An experiment conducted in Nebraska demonstrates its effectiveness. Fifty gallons of raw sewage were pumped into a pool without any disinfectant. A standard measure of contamination is the count of E. coli, a bacteria organism found in the intestinal tract. The count soared to 7000 E. coli cells per milliliter of water. When the water was exposed to silver electrodes, within three hours it was completely free of E. coli.”

How you can use Colloidal Silver

Add CS to drinking water when on holiday or camping. Sterilize anything from tooth brushes to surgical instruments, spray on garbage to prevent decay odors, disinfect dish cloths, cutting boards; add when canning, preserving or bottling fruits and vegetables; spray in shoes and between toes to kill fungus; disinfect bath water, use as gargle, douche, colon irrigation, nasal spray; drop onto bandages and plasters to hasten healing time; soak dentures; spray refrigerator, freezer, food storage containers to stop mildew, mold, wood rot, fungi. Use to spray pet’s bedding; use in cleaning and mopping solutions. Spray on the top of open jam jars and food lids before closing to prevent mold. Spray air ducts; use in the final washing machine rinse cycle, and dishwashers. Spray around plant roots to stop rot; spray foliage to remove aphids and mold; use inside gloves and under fingernails, rinse fruit and vegetables, use in shampoos and rinsing water; spray pets and use in pet drinking water; spray carpets, wipe telephone mouthpieces, headphones, hearing aids; spray mattresses and allow to dry to kill dust mites; clean combs and glasses. Apply to baby for diaper rash and spray inside of diapers. Clean bathrooms, kitchens, floors, underwear, pillowcases, etc., etc. (highlight added by me)

Swishing the solution briefly under the tongue before swallowing ensures faster absorption and destroys mouth bacteria. In several days CS will have accumulated in the tissues sufficiently for benefits to begin. It is eliminated via the kidneys, lymph and bowel within three weeks.

CS is painless on cuts and abrasions, in open wounds, in the nostrils for sinus stuffy nose and even in babies eyes, because unlike antiseptics it does not destroy tissue cells. Inside the body silver forms no toxic features. It cannot react or interfere with any other medication being taken.

Dr. Hulda Clark feels that sufficient CS is ingested from cleaning the teeth. Perhaps more is needed in certain conditions. Other doctors suggest one or two teaspoons daily. There is no limit for external use. In general, modern Colloidal Silver is of much better quality than it was in the 1930’s and 40’s due to modern knowledge of how to produce it. Still better news is that you can produce the Colloidal Silver of the finest quality yourself for pennies a bottle. This way, you know it is fresh and you have a better idea of the concentration and quality.

When current is applied to silver in solution the particles that break off will always be the same size: 1.26 angstroms (.000126 microns). This is so small that its nearest rival is an atom. Very simple, inexpensive, easily used and maintainable equipment is now available by several manufacturers to make your own Colloidal Silver of the finest quality, absolutely fresh. To purchase ready made CS is highly expensive. To make it for yourself via a little machine costs only cents. Important: Dr. Clark’s comments regarding CS: “The purity of the silver is an important issue. The manufacturer of the silver should divulge this. Use only 99.99% pure silver.

[End of Quoting]    (Use and applications to follow)

Medical applications of Colloidal Silver

Acne,  Dandruff,  Lyme Disease,   Septic conditions (of eyes, ears, mouth & throat),   AIDS,  Dermatitis,    Lymphagitis,   Septicemia,  Allergies,   Diabetes,   Malaria,   Shingles,  Appendicitis,   Diphtheria,   Meningitis,   Skin cancer,   Arthritis,  Dysentery,  Moles,  Skin rashes,   Athlete’s Foot,  Ear infections,   Neurasthenia,   Sore Throat,  MRSA,  Bacteria, all forms,  Ebola,   Parasitic infections,  Staph infections,   Bladder infection,    Eczema,   Pavo virus,  Stomach flu,  Bleeding gums,  Encephalitis,  Plant viruses & fungi,   Stomach ulcer,  Blepharitis,  Fibrositis,   Pleurisy,  Strep infection,   Blood Parasites,   Flu,   Pneumonia (viral, fungal & bacterial),   Syphilis,  Blood poisoning,   Furunculosis,   Prostate,   Thrush (yeast infection),   Boils,   Gastritis,   Pruritis,   Cancer,   Thyroid,  Bubonic Plague,   Gingivitis,    Psoriasis,    Tonsillitis,   Burns,   Gonorrhea,   Purulent Ophthalmia,   Tooth decay (neutralize),  Halitosis,   Pyorrhea,   Toxemia,    Candida, (yeast infection),   Hay Fever,   Quinsy,   Trachoma,   Canine parovirus,    Hemorrhoids,    Rheumatism,   Trench foot,   Canker Sore,  Hepatitis,   Rhinitis,   Tuberculosis,   Chilblains,   Herpes,   Ringworm,    Ulcerated Stomach (ulcers),  Cholera,  Impetigo,   Rosacea,   Venereal diseases,   Chronic fatigue,   Indigestion,   SARS,   Virus, all forms,   Keratitis,   Scabies,   Warts,  Colitis,   Leprosy,   Scarlet Fever,   West Nile Virus,    Scarletina,              Conjunctivitis,  Leukemia,   Whooping Cough,   Cystitis,    Lupus,   Seborrhea,   Yeast infection.

You can make your own colloidal silver with a CS generator far more cheaply than purchasing the CS from a health store at $10 per ounce. CS generators for home use are made by various companies listed on the internet. I purchased the CS generator that I use from HYPERLINK “” \t “_blank” I recommend the home generator deluxe model at a cost of $249.95(Sale $200.00). because it has an automatic shut-off control and a parts per million (ppm) control dial.

The automatic shut-off control allows one to use a larger glass container such as a quart or two quart jar to make larger amounts of colloidal silver. The machine will shut off when the solution reaches the ppm set on the ppm control dial, usually in about one hour. One word of caution is that colloidal solutions using electrolysis must be made with only distilled water. Any other water contains minerals which will render the passing of an electric current through it ineffective for making a colloidal solution. (I use distilled water, but remove the carbon filter that I sometimes use -for taste – MUST DO) Jan

The human body utilizes colloidal silver at the rate of three to five ppm. Higher concentrations of silver are not harmful in any way but they do not kill internal microbes more effectively. For a topical application of CS a silver concentration of 60 ppm or higher is needed. AT this level CS is effective as an after-shave, deodorant, mouth wash, for gargling and for burns, cuts, insect bites and other skin irritations.

On a side note the early pioneers of the U.S. “Old West” would put a silver dollar into a bucket of fresh milk and keep it from spoiling without refrigeration for two to three days. They also used true silverware and silver dishes which aided their health. Also, for many centuries the Royal Families of the world have been called “Blue Bloods” because of the high silver content in their blood. They stored their food in silver dishes, ate from silver plates and cups, and used true silverware. They had no modern medicine and medical doctors but remained healthy. The “commoners” could not afford silver utensils and were usually sick.

For many years my family and I have used colloidal silver with great success. We recommend one-fourth to one-half cup of colloidal silver a day as a maintenance program, if you are able to make your own CS. CS can be put into your drinking water and used throughout the day or taken at meal times to keep your body constantly supplied. Over time light will reduce the positive charge on the silver ion, causing it to precipitate from suspension. The silver will then adhere to the walls of the container and render it unusable. This problem is corrected by storing CS in amber colored glass bottles. This gives it an indefinite shelf life.

Colloidal gold (CG) is nearly unavailable in U.S. health stores today, as are CG generators on the internet. The price of gold makes buying CG very expensive. The U.S. Government has effectively prohibited the manufacturing of CG generators, but one source is found at  HYPERLINK “” \t “_blank” Colloidal titanium and colloidal titanium generators are nearly impossible to find in the marketplace.

The big lie is that all healing can only happen through the medicines, drugs, medical techniques and expertise of the medical community. Medical doctors are honored as the God’s of Healing and are paid accordingly. Behind the scenes the pharmaceutical companies control all. They fund the medical research grants at the universities to control the results, and they bribe the medical doctors to utilize their drugs and techniques by allowing the doctors to become stockholders in their pharmaceutical companies. This is all done at the expense of those who suffer from illness, and many, who are ill, have become so from the medications and techniques of the medical community.

Colloidal silver is kept secret by the pharmaceutical industry for two very important reasons. The first reason, of course, is that the effectiveness and availability of CS would severely cut into the profits the drug companies make today on all the various antibiotics, flue, and cold remedies. The second reason is that CS can not be patented. The Food and Drug Administration has classified CS as a pre 1938 drug, which makes it exempt from current patent laws. If a product cannot be patented and a monopoly held on it in the marketplace, it cannot demand a high price. Therefore, CS is worthless to the pharmaceutical profiteers. In fact they are fearful that colloidal silver may return to public use and have worked hard to keep it hidden.

Is it any wonder that colloidal silver which can stop viruses such as West Nile, AIDS, Ebola, Bubonic plague, and SARS, is kept hidden from public use? Something so inexpensive, so easy to make, and so accessible to the public as colloidal silver would cause so much good health as to wipe out whole sections of the pharmaceuticals in thousands of hospitals and drug stores. Such is the trillion dollar drug lie. Can you imagine a world without harmful molds and bacteria? Can you imagine a world without the common cold, without AIDS, without the “flu”, without venereal disease, without SARS? That is the world of colloidal silver. We certainly are people of the Lie!

February 21, 2017

How I make LIPO-C and G

DIY Liposomal Encapsulated 

Vitamin C or Glutathione

Since most of us don’t have a clue about our expiration dates, we really don’t know how much time we ever have left.  And maybe that’s a good thing.   Many of us would stress over it or become depressed. . .loose enthusiasm and drive, no matter if it were to be a few months or maybe a decade. Not a good way to live or function. If we want to be upset or fret, we need look no further that the scene in Washington  which I have had to drastically limit.  Can’t watch normal dosage of TV or see that face, except on Saturday night.  It’s not easy being an ostrich when we all know I’m a fairly progressive liberal housing a raving Pit-Bull inside.  Ain’t easy, but I keep trying. 

Back to my reference to discretionary time,  I don’t cite this only with regard the years lived already, but in terms of my desires, stuff I still want to do.  Guess I’m thinking of what’s possible, what I want.  Creative expression has always been my thing; painting during the first half of life – – knee deep in oils and sketching.  But now thru this blog (a great joy to me), a venue to share so many of my innate interests of all things beautiful, uplifting and so of this world about which I care so much. And of course health and all which is natural and points toward that.  Other than Heidi’s absence, I couldn’t feel more blessed.  

If I had a bucket list, one of the highly desired items which beckons me is a smallish, simply done book of modern health woes, their causes (generally speaking), followed by thoughtful, inexpensive logical and totally natural methods or dietary requirements to vanquish them (so-to-speak).  That would really be overwhelmingly joyous, I kid you not.  Sound too far out?  Been kinda doing that for nine years now along with “We Eat Horses, don’t we?,”  spectacular full Moons, Mama cat nursing a Pit-Bull puppy with her own babes. . . and ordinary people doing spectacular things.    

My desire to do this is a hankering to help others such as myself who have never really been served well by the medical profession.  By the time I learned enough to be able to ask the right questions it seems the ‘noble profession’ had become mostly another kind of “business” and causation was no longer in fashion. . .most illness were said to be idiopathic, so pharmaceuticals became the answer to most woes. What this means to Americans is tragic.  We are the only educated, civilized nation in the  modern world NOT  to grant medical care to all citizens.  But the cost of medicines continue to go up.  Specialization is supreme; the virtuous “Family doctor’ of yester-year who knew the body and how it worked, kept entire families on the go and functioning well,  but sadly, is hard to find and a dyeing breed.

Only the wealthy and the very needy are able to receive the benefit of medicine, such as it is. Millions are uninsured, thus, can’t avail medicine at all.   Insurance per se is a deterrent and waste of money.  BIG PhRMA  is the true heavy in it all.  I haven’t seen a doctor in at least 6 years; take no meds – NONE!    Yet I’m still losing $106   monthly from my Social Security to pay for Medicare – for nothing.  

Anyway,  thought I’d share with you what I have in mind for down the road, but that is not to say I’ll for sure – be able to accomplish (ya never know about some things).  So, just in case, my backup plan is to start posting smallish posts on various health issues that I can address now (or have already somewhere along the line), or revamped some, etc.,.  

Below is from my own records (I use) to make Liposomal anything (in this case Vitamin C and also Glutathione).  For about a year, I’ve made the LIPO C using so-called vitamin C which modern sophisticates insist is Vitamin C. They argue it IS C period, end of discussion. But it is “ascorbic acid” which is only a small component of nature’s Vit C which is a complex of many variables.  In nature, one does not find C in quantity levels above say 100 mg’s.  Doesn’t need higher amounts because of it’s unique complex which is remarkable in ability to heal all sorts of ills.   Animals internally make it, but humans don’t and we need to supplement it.  So, all info that I’ve found is using Ascorbic Acid.  So I did too.  Cheap – about $20 or less for a big bag from Bulk Supplements or Powder City (online). . .good to go for a family for months to a year.  This C doesn’t taste good, bitter and sour,  can upset some people.   4 or 5 months ago, started making with organic C in it’s natural form. Wow, what a difference.  Smooth tasting, easy to down.  Loved it.  But was breaking my budget.  Tried several brands and ran from $12 to $25 for a 10 – 12 ounce jar of organic powder.  I am gonna have to return to cheaper vitamin C.  

I  pay around $60 for Glutathione powder for 100 grams which is about 3.5 ounces.  Yeah, WOW.  But when you consider the $100’s or thousands spent for medical injections of it  all over the world  — its a bargain.  Even tho I have a number of favorite online sources,  I still put my desired product in the browser and search for the exact item I want , but for the best price.. . see, I have more time than money.   The Ultrasonic machine I have is a Professional  Stainless Steel 2L Ultrasonic Cleaner Heater Timer with Bracket”   Paid $69.99 with free shipping thru ebay and the seller was Factory Direct Sales. I love it.  Works great        

So read thru the notes below and see what you think of it.      If it seems like something you’d be interested in, immerse yourself in it a bit.  Go online and read about Glutathione. . .is this something which might serve you well?  Do you know that it is vital to so many functions?   After age 20 something we start to dwindle in the amount  our body makes.  By forty its down by 1/2 By 70’s and 80 hardly any trace of it at all, yet its the Master anti-oxidant and healer.  But this stuff wasn’t designed to protect us thru old age, but to ensure the species continued and we could produce our young.     Give it a go if it sound interesting to you.  Hope I haven’t made it sound scary or hard to do.  It’s pretty easy.  It’s my nature to overwork stuff trying to be sure I’m on solid ground.  ah well. . . JAN     


LIPO  C  and  LIPO G

 Liposomal Encapsulated Vitamin C and Glutathione

Step 1

3 T Sunflower Lecithin              this must soak to absorb fluid 2 hrs or overnight  – which I often do;
2 C Distilled Water                    so put in Frig to keep cool, or risk “oxidizing”  which can happen with oils, not good,

Step 2

2 T  Ascorbic Acid                     Stir, whisk and let stand in covered jar before adding to Lecithin.  Then
1 ½ C Distilled Water              Combine both liquids (I put in 1 qt Measure)  Blend together, but gently.  Why gentle or slowly?
Foam gathers.  Prevents sonication  like it should.  Machine needs to break up all those bubbles before the sound waves can get the job done.  So don’t allow too many bubbles, and those that do happen, try to scoop off and toss.

Step 3

Pour all into the Ultrasound.  Pretty well fills up the two liter unit .  NEVER USE HEAT, just the Timer. Mine can be set for 30″ so 
I just down-arrow to 30″..My experience has shown  that  15″ is enough, so I just down arrow to that. Hit start button.   Good to go
There’s not too many bubbles, but if need to,  use a plastic spoon to scoop out.  Instructions say to stir constantly.  NOT NEEDED!  Stir every 8 to 10 minutes or so til done.   Will be beautifully “cooked”.

Don’t add metal to the brew – messes with sonication, use glass rod or plastic, but not wood as it absorbs.  Ready to be labeled and bottled
and put in frig for storing.  Must be kept under refrigeration to ensure its shelf-health for a week or two. If ya gotta take it with – use an insulated bag


EMPTY STOMACH – Really important or ugly stuff, can happen  – be sick – throw up if mix food in gut w/Lipo.
NORMAL maintenance     dosage is 1 r 2 shots daily as needed or forever.  A shot is normally 1 to 2 oz   I  Take about  2T of Lipo C plus 2 or 3T of LIPO G.   Son uses 1T C & 2 G.

Had hard time with taking it during day (empty stomach thing) – got upset  2 different times when I wasn’t careful about timing and had to vomit.  I really hate to vomit!  So I take it during the night because I get up to pee and is safe.  Son takes his before bed every day.

FOR THE LIPO G  (Glutathione = GSH). . . just do the same thing!  Make it the same way.  But of course, process separately and jar/store separately.  Not  a rule – just makes sense.  It is more costly, obviously, so I make a bit smaller batches:  2 -3 T Sunflower Lecithin mixed with 1 ½ C Water mix and put in frig. But when I need to make both of the products same time — I double up to 7 T  Lecithin in 2 or 3 C water overnight in frig and put  2T G in 1 jar w/water and the 2 – 3 T C in the other.  Mix each, leave out on countertop.  Doesn’t take any longer, except there’s two times with the Ultrasound.  The jars I use to store the Lipo in, I paint on a C or a G with red nail-polish so I know which I’m taking  

Don’t forget, Youtube has gobs of videos to watch;  one of the first and best ones I watched was “How to make Liposomal encapsulated Vitamin C at home!”  (duration time 8:13)  by Bridget Davis, The Internet Chef  with over 93,527 views.  She points out that this is 6 to 8 times more powerful than the medical IV treatment which is so much more costly.

You may or may not know that one can Liposomally  Encapsulate any product or substance you choose.  The reason behind the Glutathione is kinda simple actually;  it’s quite costly, doesn’t absorb well in our gut (is destroyed by stomach acids) – broken down- before has a chance to work for us.  but if it is LIPO- G,  it is easily transported undetected because it is bound up in the ‘Lecithin’ coat it is traveling in which  is okay, as the body recognizes it – thus enters the bloodstream with access to cells where it is needed.  Its true that I ascribe Coconut oil with the major thrust in dealing with my Alzheimer’s issue (along with a lot of other supplements as well),  but it is the Glutathione which improved my focus so that I ‘could’ function.

For the Alzheimer’s thing, I took it several times a day in the beginning, but those two episodes were bad enuff for me that I didn’t want to play games guessing whether my stomach was empty.  (One should eat nothing 1 hour before or after the Lipo  to ensure routine, normal function.)  For anybody willing to write down when they ate. . . shouldn’t be a problem.  All five of my chronic diseases are better, including the alzheimer’s, arthritis,  blood pressure is normal now,  COPD doesn’t seem to be there anymore and my thyroid is under control.  Of course, I’ve been working on all this stuff on my own for about 5 years and about a year on the LIPO. But my brain is better now and THAT IS WHAT I was after.


February 19, 2017

Jeffrey Smith on GMO’s

(Re-do) “Genetic Roulette” discussion of

prior post 11-02-2013

Genetically modified foods. . . or GMO’s,   is one of my top personal priorities along with the subject of health-impairing vaccinations.  So it is the reason for my repeating – or bringing back this prior post of a discussion with Jeffrey Smith, for he is the most dedicated, knowledgable, giant-slayer in our world who cares enough to literally – put it all an the line, come what may.  He is relentless and we all owe a debt of gratitude to him in trying to protect the health of all on the planet, including the planet!  As many know,  health is my main thrust as well,  what I’ve tried to address in every which way, so why not ensure this information gets greater exposure,  again?    

But Jeff stands alone.  He doesn’t have the mega-bucks supporting him, so if he must – he uses spit and glue,  i.e., donations from mere pittance to whatever comes and of course his enthusiastic volunteers who support the effort tirelessly.  Watching this video, you will learn of the humongous effort to allow this unconscionable compromise of our health the world has known since we left the Garden of Eden.  Unknowingly, the masses have been poisoned, sickened and worse – – but so have our other “animal” friends of all description – including the Bee-colony collapse disaster – worldwide,  the global contamination of earth’s soils and seas.  It is frankly, too horrible to believe! Defies comprehension.  But you and me — we’re part of the masses, not those in power, who have the strength and power to get things done (legal or not);   explanations not forthcoming (because it would be rejected by even the simplest among us) – – so we are lied to instead.  Cheaper,  greater yield. . .feeding the world — how noble!  Who’s gonna know? (Ditto with those multiple vaccinations, but that is another subject, isn’t it, . . . right?)    

How could such a thing happen?    Issues of this magnitude eternally stem  not from one or some of us gone loco, roiling the waters;   but from CORPORATE interests and their ability to buy/obtain  the legality and  (highly paid-for) laws which grant full on freedom to  do as they want. They alone assert the stories lauding their direction, advantages,  safety, all the hows and why’s. . . in other words – the story they want told.  No approval necessary – it was part of the package in which they bundled all their ‘facts’ and ‘benefits’. . for public airing – knowledge.   Do ya need to ask why?    Ya kidding?    PROFIT.   So, MONSANTO etal, made all the decisions for a long time now with the revolving-door in our appointed heads of important Departments in Government . . .EPA, Big AG,  FDA,  and so on starting with approval from Poppy Bush and ran through Obama!  Guess everybody makes money on this. . . except the suffering, sickened hoards.  Observe the cost of food these days (worth eating – honest food)  and then there is medicine. . . all the same story and they expect the hurting, suffering and needy masses to pay the bills.   And then there’s Trump.   Sorry, still have to draw the line on what I CAN  talk about.    

Don’t take my word on any of this. . . who knows what kind of nut I might be?  But Jeffrey Smith is the real McCoy; speaks in a civilized manner and is highly esteemed the world over.  His “GENETIC ROULETTE” movie is one to see, can probably buy or rent it – had it here for only a few days on loan from Dr Mercola.  Check it out if you can.    The following is one I found online discussing the Seeds of Destruction.   There are quite a few.            Jan 




February 17, 2017

Power of MIND, BODY and well-being

Our magical  body cooperates

Like so many others  (elder  or otherwise),  I have become acquainted with the “leaky bladder syndrome.”   When I first posted on this issue,  it hadn’t become my own experience to deal with.  I knew of the Kegel exercises (strengthening the Pelvic Floor Muscles).  And of course. . .I was prone to using EFT,  so the combination led to an obvious conclusion.   But now at 87 1/2, I can attest to the certainty that it works.  To add a further observation – exercise of course works. . .if you do enuff of them and follow thru.  Only so so, if you only do them as you’re running for the toilet.  

So I am here today to attest to the fact that our wonderful body is able, willing and capable of almost anything we need to achieve harmony, balance and/or just feel better.  What stops so many is the acceptance of limitation which we pick up everywhere.  We are bombarded from TV commercials – non-stop 24/7; from responses even from the med profession. . . . “well we have to realize, you’re getting older now” and so on.  All this Bull crap plus our seeming wind-down creates an attitude of can’t or unable to do. . . .which the body hears/knows, and responds to.  We’re being brain-washed — taking orders from outside of self!   Our body isn’t watching TV or jumping to conclusions from all those ads for OTC and RX stuff,  but in fact, takes it’s marching orders from our thinking  — which sets our mood, therefore. . . . it is our thinking which shapes who we are and what we believe. . . and how we feel about everything.

So let me state – clearly,   what we think matters;   dictates how we feel and that dictates the ins and outs of our lives.  Always reach for the higher, better feeling thoughts.  Expect health, want it, see it. .  .  and you are automatically setting up higher vibrations to assist in all that you do.  It’s universal law,  which you prove everyday when you take the time to notice it.  I don’t really equate doing EFT as I do with “prayer” . . .but in point of fact, it accomplishes the same thing.  It lifts us to a higher vibratory level which then allows that old LOVE quotient  (healing)  to come flooding in.  Whether the words are muttered, spoken or just thought. . .the body is listening and responds and that’s how its always been.  

As I outline what I expect (after having stated the problem),  I guess I just automatically fall into a flow of gratitude for what my blessings already are, and go on about the wisdom, care and ongoing love with which my body continues to bless me.  In this case – I know that my body is strengthening  my muscles and will bring about the control I seek.    A few rounds like that in words which occur to me, realizing my words are just me to me (and the Universe).  The energy for the mission is now done, tho I repeat as often as seems necessary  while also continuing to do Kegel.  

Probably wouldn’t be functioning yet if I didn’t have all these resources – AND USE THEM.  When Heidi died, I was truly devastated. And I was a mess.  Won’t elaborate.  Finally started with EFT over my emotional pain.  After all, it is EMOTIONAL Freedom Technique!  It still hurts, deeply, but I’m getting thru the days better.   Not crying as much, tho the puffiness under my eyes may just be permanent at this point.  

Think I’ve made my point.. . we have options, but we must use them for them to work to our benefit.  Choose the thoughts you really want, and know that anything is possible  . . . (doesn’t hurt to throw in some good thoughts for our beloved planet as well)



As you imagine and visualize and verbalize your new story, in time you will believe the new story, and when that happens, the evidence will flow swiftly into your experience. A belief is only a thought you continue to think; and when your beliefs match your desires, then your desires must become your reality.

There is no physical body, no matter what the conditions, that cannot achieve an improved condition. Nothing else in your experience responds as quickly as your own physical body to your patterns of thought.   * So beautiful. . . and so true


Excerpted from: Money and the Law of Attraction on August 31, 2008

Our Love,

Esther (and Abraham and Jerry)

February 15, 2017

Trump on Vacines

Could TRUMP be the 1 person who’ll fix this?

Based on all we’ve seen, I kinda doubt it.  This is a subject which requires great clarity and objectivity with honest scientific oversight – which  HAS NEVER BEEN ALLOWED.  It isn’t likely that Trump would know how to do that, but if he could, this could become a rousing course which might yield a fairly significant approval level.  it would sure have my approval!    Jan




by Joseph Mercola, DO | Guest Writer

Published February 5, 2017 |

Only nine days away from his swearing-in as president, Donald Trump held his first press conference since the election and announced that the pharmaceutical industry was “getting away with murder” and that during his presidency he would do something about high drug prices with more competitive bidding for federal contracts. His remarks sent drug stocks into a sudden nosedive.1

As noted by Brad Loncar, manager of Loncar Cancer Immunotherapy ETF: “When somebody that high-profile says something that negative, people do not want to invest in it.” According to Reuters:2

Trump’s campaign platform included allowing the Medicare healthcare program to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies, which the law currently prohibits.
He has also discussed making it easier to import drugs at cheaper prices. ‘We are going to start bidding. We are going to save billions of dollars over time,’ Trump said.

Trump’s comments came only one day after Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told reporters that Trump had asked him to “chair a commission on vaccine safety and scientific integrity.”

Although the Trump transition team quickly denied that any decision had been made on such a commission, shockwaves reverberated throughout the drug industry in speculation as to what impact this commission, if formed, might have on vaccine uptake and sales.3

Robert Kennedy and Media Coverage of a Possible New Vaccine Safety Commission

Although Trump himself has not made a public statement, if you had any doubts whatsoever that conventional media is following an industry-created script, look no further than the incredibly biased coverage of Kennedy’s reported appointment.

A vast majority of the articles written are so blatantly slanted and unbalanced, it is hard to understand why self-respecting professional journalists would ever want their names associated with them. Repeatedly, such articles claim the science on vaccines is settled and vaccines are safe.4 Period.

The New York Times—which recently promised to rededicate itself “to the fundamental mission of Times journalism… to report America and the world honestly, without fear or favor, striving always to understand and reflect all political perspectives”5—wrote a remarkably biased article about Kennedy’s appointment, saying:6

Mr. Trump … asked a prominent anti-vaccine crusader to lead a new government commission on vaccine safety and scientific integrity, ushering debunked conspiracy theories about the dangers of immunization into the White House…
Among his many political pursuits, Mr. Trump picked up the anti-vaccine cause a few years back. In 2012, he tweeted … ‘A study says @autism is out of control—a 78 percent increase in 10 years. Stop giving monstrous combined vaccinations.’ These views, to say the least, are not the scientific consensus …

So, The New York Times, supposedly newly rededicated to impartial reflection on all sides of the issue, simply decides there’s a consensus among all scientists and makes no attempt to address a single argument made by those who provide substantial evidence that there are big gaps in vaccine safety science.

That’s hardly upholding journalistic integrity. Yet, this is what we’re seeing everywhere in news reporting by conventional media dominated by corporate interests these days.

Is Vaccine Safety as Established a Fact as Gravity?

There are no long-term studies comparing differences in health outcomes between vaccinated and unvaccinated populations.

The pharmaceutical and medical trade industries claim a vaccine’s benefits always outweigh the potential harms, but no solid scientific evidence is provided to back up such claims. It’s really little more than opinion.

The government and pharmaceutical industries say it would be unethical to study vaccinated versus unvaccinated children, as the unvaccinated children would be put at risk. Yet more and more parents are having first-hand experience with adverse reactions, and choosing to opt-out of the government vaccine schedule.

Ask a parent of a child who died or suffered permanent brain damage after vaccination and I’m sure you’ll get a very different response. Curiously, anyone who dares to question the quality and quantity of vaccine studies is immediately branded anti-science and a medical heretic.

In response to Kennedy’s announcement that Trump had asked him to head up a commission on vaccine safety, Dr. David Kimberlin, co-director of the Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), said:7

We don’t have to keep asking if gravity is real. We don’t have to keep asking if clean water is a good thing. Yes it is. Vaccines are good things. They save lives.

According to Kimberlin, “The science proving the safety of vaccination is settled and does not need to be investigated again.” But if it’s settled, where are the studies?

Where’s the research showing that 50 doses of 14 vaccines administered to children in combination and repeatedly in the first six years of life equals long-term health and results in few, if any, problems? What are the multi-generational effects to the immune system with so many vaccine doses?

The sad fact is the often repeated mantra that vaccines are absolutely safe and that there is nothing to worry about is a case of thinking that if a falsehood is repeated over and over again, and long enough, people will believe it’s true.

Why are vaccine proponents so terrified of an honest vaccine safety review? This in and of itself raises serious questions.

Another fact that should give everyone pause is the witch hunt unleashed on anyone who dares to question the never-proven-hypothesis that vaccines are so unequivocally safe and beneficial for everyone that everyone should be forced, by law, to get vaccinated with every government-recommended vaccine.

Note: This article was reprinted with the author’s permission. It was originally published on Dr. Mercola’s website at

February 14, 2017

Preserve CHOICE, save your HEALTH

Try not 2 be consumed by the All-Encompassing CHAOS 

Protecting LIFE and HEALTH tops all

As we witness our ‘rights’ being trampled,  our voices being ignored and new assaults on our governmental protections being trashed in an ongoing daily circus-like manner. . . . we can begin to doubt our own sanity.  Of course,  that may be part of the Trump-plan – – to upset everyone’s sense of equilibrium so that we can’t easily see what’s going on.  Still, we must preserve our energy levels and tend to business and not allow still MORE rights to be yanked from our hands.  We must act here, WE MUST PERSEVERE.   Our freedom to be – exist as a free people demands that only we choose what we do, say, think, enjoy, eat or not eat. . . choose to protect our body and health with, by acting according to our own , individual needs, , decisions – period.   We are not chattel.   After all, this is America and have long been known for how we do business, treat people, honor our sacred commitments.  

We the people have NEVER,  ever decided to run our government like a business — dictated by the bottom line of profit.   As such, even the rules of governmental behavior dictates behaviors and customs to prevent even the odor of conflict of interest, let alone the blatant, overt disaster we see before us on a daily basis now.  The Trump conspiracy is so filled with deceit and lies  that it is actually – beyond belief for conscientious, ethical people to understand.  A majority of us were so disgusted by this man,  but he was successful in pulling off the biggest con in recorded history using “showmanship,” not intelligence or decency and we’re left holding the ashes as he destroys our honorably built nation, full of ideals, principles and legendary history.

Until a strong Trump opposition finds it’s courage, conviction and strength to overturn this horrific disaster by an effort to impeaching TRUMP and firing all his Wall-Street buddies (the swamp he was going to purge!) we must hold the line on the GO SIGNAL which the GOP feels they are entitled to pursue;  (voting rights, women’s rights of self determination, saving our world from the disastrous environmental path we are currently treading,  and also what poisons we are NOT WILLING to  put into our body, plus all the “regulations” which are in place to protect people from harm and injury).  

Enuff with fine-tuning the small-print of the “rules” – the ethics have always been there and described – – and aspirants have almost entirely always endeavored to honor and protect them because it works and it’s the right thing to do.  How can there be a need to determine if it has or hasn’t been done before?  It hasn’t!   Til now, it’s worked because everyone has honored it.  Don, the Con’s idea of  change isn’t what Americans asked for.  They wanted less Corporate control, but now it’s changing to total corporate control; also, wanted a fair shake, being that we’re equal under the law which applies to us all.  Fat chance! Instead of draining the swamp  – – Don has saturated it with even more cronies plus adding crocodiles  and vultures too.  Some of the appointees are intending to destroy the departments they are to be heading and most of the rest know nothing or little about their proposed jobs or duties thereof.  It’s ‘satiric’ if not outright evil.      The Donald has brought disaster to the White-house.  He promised a ‘shake-up, . . but must have had destruction in mind.  Get rid of him before he destroys all that we have built over a couple of hundred years  and all our allies and friends loose faith in us. 

Back to the point of this post .  .  .  .  (but wait – – Flynn has just resigned after all the dung which clung to him was inescapably revealed, and everybody was lying about  it, but proof is undeniable if not embarrassing to explain. He should be facing serious charges with his tattling to Russia before Trump even took office. . .but who’s left in Washington to do an honest and impartial job?)    

Anyway, with so much going on in this ‘Grand Scale’,  it’s dangerous to let this MANDATED vaccine thing get worse.  I stay tuned to NVIC, they do a fabulous job of keeping any who wish to know the facts rather than the “highly paid-for HYPE” (by the Pharmaceutical conglomerate. . . . e.g. modern-day gangsters and robbers)  They have more money than God and buy more rules, laws and regulations at will. . .nothin’ they can’t pay for and there’s always hands waiting to be filled (in congress, etal).     So check out the latest message from Barbara Loe Fisher of NVIC, to be informed and know what you can do to protect yourself and family.  It is tragic as millions of families know all too well, the way an infant’s developing immune system is hammered  before it’s  developed and had a chance to defend itself. . . .then be damaged and sometimes totally ruined, denying the life it was entitled to.  Not going to drone on again – you either get it or you don’t.  My point is no one has the right to force us to take into our bodies anything we choose to refuse.  We are not chattel!  We are free Americans and I stand for that !    Jan

February 5, 2017

PET euthanasia, painless, safe – cheap

My Friend and long-time companion Heidi, is gone.

Heidi 1.jpg

Have been grieving and out of it during Heidi’s final weeks of life ,and desperate to either prevent it or alleviate her suffering.  No matter what, in the end I could do nothing but suffer as she  struggled.  

I had been on line chasing down any possible solution to relieve her pain and torment,  obviously, along with hundreds of others whose needs precluded veterinary euthanasia assistance which can run from simple $100+  to perhaps $1,000 or more in cost, or some other reason such as the condition of their pet or didn’t want the additional trauma of pet’s worsened fear,  etc,.,  For an elder such as me, it was a no-go.  But really nothing there – – only advice to shooting in head or to strangle. .. . . .guess I wanted some OTC Advil or something humans take for pain in a high dose, tho  advice was against that. But I kept at it.  

Finally,on Feb 1st, I found a Humane, inexpensive, painless method to euthanize your beloved pet without experiencing additional fear or stress.  Anyone could do it.  I bawled when I found it. . .so grateful – I knew there were things which could be done!  It was about 2:30 in the morning on the first.  Heidi was gone by 3:15. It was too late for her to have a peaceful death.  I weep still, even as I write this;  I don’t know when I’ll be able to forgive myself for letting Heidi suffer so.  The pain and guilt I feel has pretty well torn me up.  In effort to prevent others from this utter helplessness and pain, I want to post the information I found from someone whose name I don’t know- just some one with a big heart.  I hope you and your family never has to endure this, but if you know of someone in such a bind (one way or the other), perhaps you could share this with them.  Ya sure won’t get this info from the Vet!       Jan (lonely w/o Heidi)


How to euthanize old dog at home?

(Date Posted:06/09/2011 11:59 AM)

 For most people, this is a truly agonizing problem.  Here is an easy, peaceful and very safe method to euthanize your pet at home without veterinary intervention and associated costs; without the use of unpredictable medications, and without the use of dangerous firearms, chemicals or anesthetics.  Total cost will be between $20 and $60, depending on the size of your pet. While there may be vets who will make a house-call for this service for a comparable price, you may want to spare your beloved pet from the fear of the vet, and the pain of the needle. Or you may just want to save your family from the horrible decision. TRUST YOURSELF to do the right thing for your pet.

Before you proceed, decide what you want to do with the body. Burial options are limited in most cities, leaving cremation the only reasonable alternative.  Doing your homework ahead of time will make the handling of your pet’s remains much easier.

You will need:

1) One or more disposable canisters of compressed Helium Gas, available for purchase at many big box stores for under $20 for inflating party balloons.  These can be kept on hand for the appropriate time, and will “keep” for several months. After use, simply recycle the empty containers, or discard them in the regular trash.

2) A crate, cage, or other container for your beloved pet. Preferably, this should be your pet’s favorite resting and relaxing place.

3)  A very stout plastic bag, large enough to completely enclose your pet’s cage.  If the cage is particularly big, you may have to get a “tree bag” from a garden center, or create a large enough bag out of several heavy bags and a lot of duct tape. The seal is very important, so tape both sides of all joints.

4)  Some stout string, about 12 inches long.

5)  A twist tie, the kind used to seal bags of fruit or vegetables.

6)  Optional, but recommended for large dogs; 3 feet of 3/4″ inside diameter plastic tubing.

7)  Stout masking tape, packaging tape or duct tape.

8)  Some very private and quiet time, once you know you are ready.

Step 1)  For pets who are suffering from unrelenting pain, the sooner you do this the better.  For pets who are clearly approaching the end, but are not yet critical, you can take a few days to prepare them so they will not be in any fear.  In that case, put the bag over the cage, leaving the bag open at the door. Put a treat in the cage and allow your pet to go into their cage and get the treat.  When your pet is not fearful of the bag, and is quite comfortable with the new decor, proceed to step 2.

(Note: Withholding food from your pet for a day before this makes clean-up easier)

Step 2)  With your pet in the cage, close the door and put the nozzle of the helium canister in the open end of the bag. Use the length of string to tightly secure the bag around the nozzle, so that the nozzle is protruding into the bag. Make sure there are no leaks and that the nozzle is unblocked by plastic bag  **If you are putting a larger dog to sleep, you may need to use more than one helium tank, so tightly secure the plastic tubing in the opening of the bag instead, and then put the nozzle in the other end of the tube. Press hard enough to make a good seal between the hose and the nozzle.

Step 3)  Open the valve on the helium tank, and begin to flood the bag and cage with helium.  If the cage is small and the bag is big, this is all you have to do.  If the cage is large, you may need to make a small cut in a corner of the bottom of the bag, to let out the remnant air as you flood the cage with helium.

Step 4)  Once the cage and bag are fully flooded, and the bag looks quite inflated, close the small hole in the corner of the bag with the twist tie, if you had to make one.  Secure it tightly.  Continue to maintain constant, but not extreme, pressure in the bag. You want the bag inflated, but not ready to burst.

Step 4a)  If your dog is large, inflating the bag may use up the first helium canister completely.  If that is the case, then simply remove the end of the hose from the first canister, and place it on the nozzle of the second canister and continue.  Try not to lose any gas pressure in the bag by holding your thumb over the end of the hose.

NOTE:  During Steps 3 and 4, you will hear your pet relax and almost immediately slip into unconsciousness.  It only takes few seconds, and there is NO PAIN. Breathing may become very deep, and you may hear some panting. Following this, and very briefly, you may hear your pet move about rapidly.  DO NOT PANIC.  This is merely a seizure; a sign of an oxygen-starved brain. Your pet is TOTALLY unconscious during this time, and CANNOT feel any discomfort or fear whatsoever.

Step 5)  Leaving the bag sealed to the helium canister, and after checking for any leaks, retire to your favorite comfy chair and listen to some music. It is advisable at this point to not reflect on the life of your beloved pet, because it will cause you undue stress, and you’re not  finished yet. You will have the rest of your life to think fondly of your pet later. For now: Relax.

Step 6)  Periodically peek to make sure the bag is still inflated.  Breathing will slow, and then become sporadic, finally stopping altogether, between 9 and 30 minutes from when the bag is first flooded with helium.  Just to be sure, listen after 40 minutes, and if there are no breath sounds, you have done it; CONGRATULATIONS, You have released your pet from his/her pain, and your family from the agony of dealing with euthanasia at a vet’s office.

Step 7)  Open a nearby door or window, and ensure proper ventilation of the area around the cage.  Then, open the bag and allow the helium to escape. Remove the bag from around the cage.  DON’T WORRY.  What you will see is a completely peaceful animal, which CLEARLY did not experience any discomfort, pain or fear.

Step 8)  Your pet may have involuntarily defecated, and/or urinated.  Feel free to clean him/her up with paper towels and warm water.  You don’t need to worry about hurting your pet now.  The pain is gone.

Step 9)  Take as much time as you need to grieve for your beloved pet.  While you may feel relief that his/her suffering is over, your own sadness may be difficult to take.  When you are ready, call your vet’s office and inform them that your pet died in his/her sleep.  Make the arrangements you’ve decided on for disposal of the body. Many local humane societies offer cremation services at very reasonable rates.

Step 10)  Announce the death in your family by whatever method you prefer.  You may be surprised at how much understanding and sympathy have. Take comfort in this shared grief.

MY STORY:  Our 9 year old German Shepherd was much loved by my kids, who had grown up with him.  They adored him, so when he began to bite and snap unpredictably, it was hard for my kids to take. Medications helped his arthritis pain, but didn’t make him totally trustworthy around anyone. For the last 6 months of his life, I lived in CONSTANT fear he would bite a child, or the postman, or anyone else. I had to be extremely careful how I handled him, because he would bite me too. He had good days and bad days, but he also had good moments and bad moments, and it was impossible to tell which he was having until it was too late and someone needed stitches.

Our vet recommend more aggressive medications, which were going to cost over $100 per month. He was never going to get better, and the bites were likely to get more frequent and more severe. What had been a loving pet was now a walking lawsuit waiting to happen. I was terrified that he was always about to bite someone.  When I realized that prolonging the life of the dog was making my life a living hell and would eventually result in horrible injury to someone, I asked the vet about performing a quiet euthanasia at my home. The vet refused!  He insisted that because the pain was manageable, and because the dog was otherwise in good health, he would not put him down, at my home or anywhere else.  Wow! Every vet I asked said the same thing!

So instead, I began to research painless, easy methods of euthanasia that had a very low risk of danger to anyone else. The “self-deliverance” websites on painless suicide methods offered vast amounts of useful information. My wife and I began to plan…

Rather than make my kids go through the anguish, my wife and I decided to euthanize the dog in his crate at home without telling the kids ahead of time.  In order to save him from any fear, we ran several practice runs, until the dog walked willingly into his crate when it was in a giant black bag, lie down and wait for his treat.  Then, one Friday morning while the kids were at school, we followed the above directions, which resulted in our dog dying peacefully, painlessly and without fear.  He looked angelic, resting there like he was asleep.  My wife and I removed all the “evidence,” and carefully discarded it. We cleaned his body tenderly and tearfully. Then we waited for the kids to arrive home. Of course they were heartbroken. They cried and wailed and hugged the dog, and we cried with them.

As far as they were concerned, their dog died peacefully of natural causes.  He was old. They didn’t require any further explanation.

My wife called the crematorium. When the kids were ready, we all picked up the body of our beloved dog and carried him to the car. At the facility, I carried him in, while my wife consoled the children in the car. When we got back home, we sat in the back yard and told stories, sometimes tearfully, about what a wonderful dog we had, and how lucky he was to have gone so quietly…

May your love for your pet endure beyond your lifetime. May the decision be easy for you. May you take some comfort in releasing him from his pain without fear, without pain, without worry.


It’s me – Jan,

This is something I’ve never done before  –  – returning to an old post to add something else to it.   Had to find it, then scoot quickly down to end w/o reading as I know how it ‘still’ affects me – just can’t read it, maybe never will again.    But I have become aware of another site which is fabulous and I wanted to bring it to your attention . .  . link follows.  Therein is captured any and all info to be able to understand what is involved, how to do it,  where to go to get answers – – none of which I had covered. All good stuff to know but none of it was on my mind at the time. So this covers much of the mundane and legal stuff ya didn’t get from me.   Furthermore, this lady Judy has a truly great blog, the likes of which I’ve never seen before “” – – anyone with a heart, who loves animals will be totally in love with it. . . .   .  try it, you’ll like it.     Dogs,  cats,  fish  all with glorious photos ya won’t believe!   Trust me

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