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Jan @ 86

Jan Turner here, one of those weirdos with strong communication needs to ‘share’    whatever seems to be on my mind at the time .   Of course – this changes.  Into the arts, love sciency stuff.  .  into all things healthy, natural and non-toxic. Rant over- much about anything  which interferes with that.

So this blog was started in 2008 because I had this need to share the method I had used which finally freed me from the death grip of the nicotine habit.  It was hard for me to finally get over it even tho I was such a practiced person.  I had been in the process of quitting for 20 years – but enuff of that – I covered all that in the How to Quit Smoking section.  I mention this because in a sense, this tells you about all anyone really needs to understand about who I am   and what this blog might be about.

I am a sharer, seem to have a pretty large need for expression whether written words or scribbling around with fine arts in some manner.   Have had too many interests in my numerous years to enumerate – – suffice it to say have been a jack-of-all-trades.  (or a Jill, perhaps);  greatest loves have been my loved ones – family and pets and friends  (most of whom are now gone).

As a young adult I trusted that God was in his heaven and all was right with the world.  Wasn’t concerned about how government stuff worked or why.  It really hurts to say that now because I realize that that is the way many people are.  We trust others to take care of their stuff and do the right thing.  We live and learn.  I was strong, healthy and naively trusting – had no fear of anything.  I had a lot to build and much to do. . . and I loved almost every minute of it.  Guess that is the way it should be – every phase of life has its own major thrust.

I have been deeply involved in health for many decades.  With each passing decade my interest deepened and widened.   I have become far more interested in so-called natural methods  of treating the body when there is something amiss.   Here at smokinchoices,  the non-toxic approach is the preference.  Our world is bombarded and under continual assault by our progressive industrialization of everything imaginable.  In the process of mega-business pursuit of the bigger, better and the more, somehow, we are destroying the planet with chemicals and toxins to the point that our planet will soon be uninhabitable – – unable to sustain  life as we know it.

This primarily takes my interest – seeking ways of coping and striving for the best possible health for you, me and everyone including the animals and natures beautiful waters and earth, the trees and the air we breathe.  If we can’t broaden our vision to include the health of the planet, our children are going to have it really rough.  Humanity MUST  focus on more than our own little world – our four walls.  We are all in this together.  Corporate profits have become so dominant that one would think “that” rules the world.  It shouldn’t!

Our food is polluted,  our waters are toxic and polluted and chemically treated so that it can be ingested, even tho in drinking municipal water, we are being poisoned.   In order to get nutriment from our foods, we need to buy “organic” now which of course is beyond the budget of our masses.  We need to fill bellies, but we are not nourishing our bodies, therefore, we are sick and getting sicker and fatter and tho our life expectancy has increased a bit, . . . . to what end?

Both my parents were incapacitated with arthritis and wheelchair bound.  Both had dementia.   I am very aware of the meaning of the statistics on these diseases.   So this is the background on  who I am, what motivates me and what is generally focused on here.  This is why I post so much on all the new paths which open up on Alzheimer’s disease.   Please understand that I am not speaking of pharmaceuticals but always organic, plant-based food or herbs which can be utilized by the body to nourish and assist the body to heal itself.

My health by many standards is quite good.  I live alone, have no help,  take care of my life rather efficiently and graciously.  All the body parts still work and I do a little gardening – I still love my roses and house plants (kind of like a jungle in here) – – but hey, it pleases me.   I have a stationery bike, a Pilates machine and of course my favorite – the mini trampoline (which I keep up here – the rest is in the basement)

I am as organic as I can be, because I juice daily.  I enjoy salmon, sardines and albacore,  chicken occasionally and sometimes a little beef when I can get grass-fed, free-range.  I buy a lot of fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds.

I have tried to share formula or recipes for stuff it’s hard to get elsewhere, like tooth powder,   post – “The risk of Tooth Whitening,”  using colloidal silver for genital herpes,  shown  how I make “Fermented Foods,”  how to cope with the leaky bladder  issue based on a technique being used at a hospital They wouldn’t give up their proprietary tape I was seeking, so I devised a method using EFT which is remarkably effective.

I am a big believer in using energy medicine  (Eden Energy Medicine,  EFT from Gary Craig,  Quantum Touch)   – there are many approaches which are effective.  All it takes is opening the mind to accepting that it can be done. I have made a strong effort to counteract the need for meds thru diet.  But like everyone else there are times when pain or stuff gets to me and I use EFT primarily, but have a few herbs which work  and so turmeric or curcumin. Nature has it all – we are blessed.   Meds as well as over-the-counter stuff, will negatively impact the kidney and liver.  I don’t want to do that,  I’d have to be desperate.

So, here’s to “health,”   yours and mine.



  1. Hi Jan, It’s me Julie from National Church. Nice to see you today. I can’t wait to read thru your posts. Take care!!

    Comment by Julie — February 13, 2017 @ 3:26 pm | Reply

    • Back at ya Julie, busy as you are, hard to believe you took the time to say hi; but I’m grateful. A nice connection was made – I felt it too. And it’s more than just the Mercury thing (Mercury ruling both Gemini and Virgo). Sure we’re both rather cerebral, have strong needs for communication, variety, change, etc. . . .but that element of “FUN” is such a delicious part of life and ya can’t get it with ‘everyone,’ Of course, the pace of modern life being as demanding as it is often precludes time for this joy. But, you know it when you see it. right? Jan

      Comment by Jan Turner — February 13, 2017 @ 6:38 pm | Reply

  2. I just found your blog after looking at hundreds of sites about Dr.Keith Toach. Disgusted with his total denial of vitamin c and trying to see what drug company owns him and the newspaper. Thank you for telling the truth!

    Comment by Suzanne Giant — October 16, 2018 @ 2:02 pm | Reply

  3. Nice blog from what Ive read, also looking forward to reading more.

    Comment by steve — December 11, 2018 @ 9:31 am | Reply

    • Steve, Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on phages. . . I think. Now, I have something new to fret over. It sounds fairly serious and certainly warrants a look see. As you HAVE done this already, do you have any ideas on what the average person can or should do to be safer regarding this issue?

      Politicians won’t do much on our behalf as this is always begun with the ‘sellout’ in their pocket before the “law” is even in place to allow it. Corporations own our government. Public outcry has had little effect on our ability to correct this disgrace. Farming as practiced and taught in schools now has modernized to accommodate the genetically modified world, We can’t all just become farmers and grow our own food. With a sense of practicality. . . is there anything we CAN do? Jan

      Comment by Jan Turner — December 11, 2018 @ 1:04 pm | Reply

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