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August 21, 2017

Here’s WHY “Food Combining”

Digestive Problems acid, burning, etc

Maybe if they’d lock me up – –  I’de stop buying books!  I swear to all that’s holy, I’m true a bibliophile, and I can’t afford to be one.   Even now – today, I am awaiting two books on subjects really high in my want list; 1) “Wild Fermentation” by Sandor Katz (should have bought it years ago as I delight in all things fermented) . . and he is “the” expert.  2) “Plant Paradox” by Dr Steve Gundry

At the moment I’m knee deep in too many projects;  each, a joyous undertaking and my mind doesn’t seem to remember I can’t do multiple things at once and keep my balance. .  .  .  but there I am plowing thru my hoards of books (in everything but the bath room). . searching out the target of my desire. . but then I find   “NEVER BE SICK AGAIN”  (One Disease  * Two Causes *  Six Path- ways)  Health is a Choice,  Learn how to Choose  It . . . .  by Raymond Francis, M.Sc. with Kester Cotton.  A spectacular book.  Highly valued by me.   Few are able to expound on the body essentials as this man can, and I remembered  (kinda) the essentials of Food Combining as I have ranted and raved over the subject for years.   I’ve wanted to cite Dr Francis, but couldn’t find the book and have refused to re-buy it!   But here it is in my hand.  My intention was to  borrow what he says as no one spells it out better or more understandably.  I honestly think if people truly hear, see and get this message. . their health picture no matter what it is – WILL IMPROVE.  I believe Raymond Francis would be honored in so doing as his desire was to inform and help.

But alas,  I can only isolate  a few essential concepts from the message as I perceive it.   For it’s entirety, please consider buying the book or renting it from the library.  It is a treasure.  It was printed in 2002 and the publishing data forbids any type of  copying, printing, etc any part of it.  These ideas do come down to us from Dr Hay (and I have a book or so of his teachings) a century ago who is credited with all this information to the world.   But Dr Francis with his modern, scientific expertise adds greatly to enrich the circle of knowledge surrounding this valuable aspect of health.  Not to include it into your  consciousness is to short-change one’s health.

As the scientific community now is pretty much in accord, the four worst food choices are sugar, grains, processed oils and dairy.  Our species in one form or another has been on the planet since cave-dwelling days when food wasn’t prepared,  ya had to go out and find, kill and eat what you found;  no way to save it.  There was no food preservation possible or need to think of combining.  We actually had no choices to worry about until food processing came about and modernization took care of the rest.   Our species branched off, surfaced all over the world, thrived and farmed and  progressed in differing ways, as would be expected.  We ate what was there, what could be found.  Diversity wasn’t part of the plan. . no complex mixtures were there to choose from.     No one probably gave it a thought, but we all functioned pretty much the same.  We ate, chewed (first stage of breaking down food) and swallowed our partially digested food, sending it to the stomach where the breaking down process of digestion occurs.  From there – onward to the intestines where it’s  assimilated and passed thru the gut lining into the bloodstream to carry nutrients to all cells of the body.  Waste product is eliminated. Simple. . . right?  

Stuff can go wrong.   Maybe we don’t masticate the food long enough. . .chewing is very important – – we are mashing the food down to small particle size – easier for digestion and simultaneously coating the food with our saliva which is full of enzymes — or should be,  as this is the reason  that oral flora is so important, its the first stage of breaking down.  Ergo,  a mouth which is continually ‘sterilized’ with anti anything toothpaste or powder or antiseptic mouth-washes,  no longer has the natural, vital oral flora capable of doing this ‘first’ job.  That’s a problem.    But the bigger problem is eating together foods which can not digest together.  We can digest and eat most any food we choose as long as it is being digested with foods capable of digesting together. Ignoring this principle leaves foods undigested  > becomes toxic to the body. .  . then toxic to the intestines as well as it rots, ferments and putrefies and is toxic.  So our stomach has a big problem and our intestines and their lining have a big problem.  Just eating has created major problems for our entire organic system.  We are hungry, we eat and tho full, we are injured, then getting sicker. . if left to continue.   We are mal-nourished and maybe even starving.  Deficiencies mount and health deteriorates.  All this just from not knowing about ‘food combining’ and how  to use these basic but quite simple rules.      

The Basis for the Rules

These aren’t rules laid out on stone tablets somewhere which our creator wanted us to find. This is evidence based information found by scientists and observing physicians. . where open probing minds prevail.  Our stomach can digest most any natural nutrient earth provides.  Our bodies have proven capable of adapting and adjusting over thousands of years.  Only in the recent centuries, greater demands are being imposed on our systems to ingest greater varieties and combinations of food-stuff.  We have learned that the digestive juices which do all this work,  function according to the food which it receives,   i.e.  . the requirements for starches and proteins are in fact not the same but uniquely different.  If both are eaten at the same meal, neither is digested properly as proteins require an acid environment, and starches digest in an alkaline environment.  The digestive system can handle either one, but not both at the same time. So this is the ultra simple, easy to understand basis for the rules.  

Many, when they are young,vital and healthy seem to get by with eating anything and everything together.   The body is forgiving to a point.  But the body works on functioning routines that in health are amazing;   but continue to ignore good, sound eating habits and the body will break down. . s’the way stuff works.  Chances are, few would suffer any digestive problems at all if we observed this easy to understand rule: EAT your proteins and STARCHES at separate meals.  Proteins can be eaten with almost any veggie (preferably low-starch veggies).  Same with your starch food –  – easily combined with choice of vegetables.  

Fruits should be eaten alone and/or separately as these pass swiftly through the digestive tract.  When combined with a protein or starch based meal,  the fruit sugar ferments in the stomach and can cause bloating or gas.  (I say – the body is talking,  but  who’s listening ?)

It is helpful to understand that the human organism does best with raw food instead of cooked food.  Our raw flora has plenty of enzymes to digest the food. . relieving our overburdened body from this chore.    Also, to think of fruit as your dessert or snack, like fruit with raw seeds and nuts.   Anyway, when having both raw and cooked food at same meal, eat raw first – helps the body and it’ll be happier.  

Before leaving this subject,  perhaps we could discuss a rather prevalent problem of  “Acid Indigestion” and what people seem to be doing about it.  (This is encountered by millions who undoubtedly never heard of food combining, nor take the time to chew their food properly.)  Essential to chew the food til it’s small or even liquid before swallowing [fully bathed in the saliva enzyme-rich juices] and sending to the stomach.  Our intent is to nourish our body, not just fill a void in the stomach.  Food reaching stomach triggers the release of hydrochloric acid/related digestive juices which further break it down before moving to the small intestine. Food won’t break down w/o sufficient hydrochloric acid nor can it leave the stomach.  As undigested food sits in the stomach too long, toxins are formed, thereby poisoning you.  HA is critical to the digestive process.  People as well as many doctors think the problem is too much acid in the stomach and prescribe antacids – – worst thing possible to do.  Only in a rare case is this advisable.Ths symptomatic cause is too little hydrochloric acid.  As the food stays and rots, becomes acidic, the result is an acid burn feeling.   Taking antacid before eating is self-defeating. . makes it worse.  Better to supplement with digestive enzymes.  Can also help with taking HA tablets, but must be monitored by a doctor (tho I’ve read some pretty simple advice on that score from Dr Jonathan Wright – easy to do)        Hope some of this helps,                 G’nite           Jan

August 14, 2017

How to cope w/No-No Foods

For Those of us who are NUTSY  over Bread

This is in response to what has been occupying much of my time lately – – the message of Dr Gundry and the devastation so many of us are actually ‘doing to ourselves’  eating the scrumptious foods we grew up enjoying.  We love our breads (for me – it is the SOUR DOUGH. . . to each his own).   In the talk I watched  between Dr Mercola and Dr Gundry. . was very pleased to learn that soaking, sprouting  or fermenting were all options to mostly remove the injurious Lectin which is playing havoc with all of us from in-vitro to old age.  We weren’t born with weak immune systems.   They are being damaged by so many things which you have ALL heard me rant on and on about over the years.  No matter how good or perfect our genes are or were,  the expression of them is altered by anti-biotics,  vaccines,  the environment,  the foods we eat,  how foods are produced e.g. GMO’s,  and toxins in cattle’s feed and so on. . plus the rising cost of all these essentials.   Then we get sick and seek help, but 95 out of 100 physicians haven’t a clue about any of this.  Even Dr Gundry — the man who, wrote this book, didn’t know. . .he had to stumble into it by accident. . then trial and error.   And he is possibly the greatest heart surgeon ever, with more than 10,000 specialized heart surgeries.  {Ordered the book – it’s coming!)    

Of course, the thrust of the moment is my passion for sour dough bread.  I’ll have to deal with the other issues like peppers, tomatoes, cukes, lentils and seeds and nuts – – all adding the stranglehold on our beloved, necessary part of ourselves called the immune system which we think we are trying to protect, but are in fact causing the major problems we face.  And it pays to learn what if anything we can do to offset this certain ‘slow death spiral.’  There is hope;  stuff we can do, independently or together as a family.  The Mediterranean area of our world still makes bread the old fashioned way – more labor intensive with airborne yeast, and it take quite a bit longer. . .as is done in fact in many parts of the world. . because that’s how it has always been done.  These places don’t have the lectin problem breaking down their health. . never have.  But in America, as bread became mass produced,  they did away with time worn routines (that worked), because it was cheaper to get it done faster, and using so-called baking yeast to kinda raise the dough. This was quite early last century.  Who knew?  Looked good, tasted fine. . . the auto-immune factors started to become an issue. . but by now, almost everyone has major problems no one seems to understand what is causing.   Sadly, this stuff is passed down in vitro, so many little kids grow up with asthma, weakened immune systems, infections, coughs and so on.  

Many of these issues on other veggies long thought to be good and healthy, can be made acceptable with a few adjustments.  I’ve known for years that nuts and seeds need to be soaked for hours or over-nite to be healthy.  But I don’t do it.  I have!  But not as a rule . . and I do eat these.  Gotta get organized.  Nuts and seeds have a number of anti-nutrients in them, so it really should be done. The husk is where so much of the toxins are.  Tho Almonds are less harmful than many nuts,  the husks should come off.  

You can get this book at your library if the budget won’t allow the purchase.  I found Plant Paradox online – used, for a great price thru Alibris who found a cheap price for me at a Good Will store in Seattle.  Imagine.  I have a budget which ‘really’ doesn’t need extra burdens, but I gotta have this book.  But until you get your book, there are a great many excellent small videos online (have seen quite a number of them – each is different. . same story, different details.  Can learn a lot.  

But this post is supposed to be a little help for any who could use it or need to,  Am bringing STEPHAN GUYENET back (been here a few times over the years).  His  background as a writer and  consultant in Health Sciences equips him well to discuss nutrition and food how-to’s, as he is highly credentialed – – with his PhD, guess we could call him Doctor.  He knows what to do to get the best out of the food we eat.  For this particular discussion, the subject is GRAINS.  I hope you are helped by it and that you can enjoy it.

Before I close, want to mention that the young man I enthused over at GREEN BROTHERS EATS online (youtube) with the how-to on KOMBUCHA, also has other videos up (watched quite a few – love to cook). . he teaches how HE makes SourDough bread and also the starter. . even has one he calls sourdough Porn. . its gorgeous – really got a rush from that one! . . just sayin’        Jan

August 11, 2017

Gundry M.D. – Dave’s Bulletproof

Plant Paradox, again

This time with BULLETPROOF (Dave Asprey) and Dr Steven Gundry

Truly, it’s hard to decide which one of these two Super special men are more stimulating,  easy to listen to and understand, and finally – – to be enriched by.    These two men are prolific writers of distinction,  each untopped in their fields.  They have trod similar physical personal health experiences which no doubt speaks to their enlightening and even humorous exchanges. They spark off one another.  Just finished watching it. . . loved this and I am once again, determined to buy this book. It will become a classic if nothing else!  

This should change the way Americans shop, buys food and eats.   Why?  .  .  . because so many of us are hurting, wonder why,  and why no one seems to know the answers we need so we change the outcome of all our efforts to lead a healthy life, free of pain, allergy,  inflammation.   Our body, one and all,  needs help.  The plant kingdom predates the human arrival by many millions of years  (man in one form or another only here for about 2 million, give or take a thousand or two).   Amazingly, plants have protective mechanisms which are unique and even miraculous;  but some of that is hurting us!  Who knew?  Hear some of the highlights of this story, for it will help you understand what foods are good, best and/or favorable for us. . . and how it is best if not mandatory that we eliminate others from our lives– if we’d like to live without pain.    Any and all of it i.e.  diarrhea, IBS, arthritis, headaches,  thyroid problems,  joint replacements,    For the kids, ear infections, asthma,  sore throats. .the list goes on.  Most of this stuff is coming about in our body’s response to our eating foods containing “Lectins,”  a type of protein.  This is found in many foods, much of it news to me.  I do not want to mess this important message up – – besides, these guys know it backwards and forwards, tell it better and far more engagingly.  Ya need to know this stuff to put an end to this here-to-fore unknown information.

How often do I try to address the subject of pain?  Get this substance or that. . .eat this and don’t eat that,  . .well like any normal person – I hate PAIN.  How about all those surgeries, procedures and oh yes — all those expensive tests?  Actually, I never liked selling anything to anyone,  ya either get it or  ya don’t.  Everyone has ‘free-choice’. . . for your sake, listen to this, and maybe get the book or try the library.  Wouldn’t it be ironic if we could rid pain from life as we know it now by some rather simple choices to remove hurtful foods from our table?  Works for me.           Jan


August 5, 2017

Dr Harry’s 5 to stay Alive

Dr Harry’s 5 to stay Alive for AUGUST ’17


In point of fact, when I ran the post on Dr Harry last month, I remember feeling  (not right) about my action.  Didn’t want anyone to think for a minute I meant  harm in any way to Dr Harry Elwardt. . .because I kinda feel I owe my extended time on the plant to him yes, he is that good and his book put me on the path of self help geared specifically to the heart.   One thing my deep involvement has taught me is that the body isn’t  all that bizarre;  it wants what it wants. . .needs what it needs.  Give it that and it responds. Also, I’ve come to believe that what is good for the heart IS good for the brain. . two of our most vital, controlling, yet energy-demanding organs.  All this is true.  Yet I felt I was infringing on rules of decency – – this was his work, knowledge and presentation.  The only words I can find relevant to this dumbfounding circumstance,. . is that inside this fading, aged lady (along with the Pit Bull), is still the enthusiasm of my childhood MO, eager to share and spread the joy of something perceived wonderful which needs to be shared.

Maybe I need a shrink to help with an answer, but my gut had already informed me last month and did it anyway.  I’m not sorry. I really wanted to share with you who this man is.  And I did.  Cops didn’t come to my door. . . but it wasn’t  ‘right’.  So, not going to try to run his stuff any more.  Judging by the interest shown last month in his “5 to Stay live” with and having read his August 5 – – I’m hoping that those who are interested in such inside poop, you realize that you can avail his videos by subscribing to it.  Since I’v never paid for it, I assume its FREE.  His focus this month seems on some of the medicines which people are given by docs for various diseases which are actually injuring them and leading to multiple problems and shortened lives. . . and what the FDA is NOT  doing about it all.  As is his manner, he offers some asides of his own which can help rather than hurt.  So if you want to, go to his site and subscribe.. .maybe the August letter is up over there. . hope so . . .the link:  

From: “Dr. Harry Elwardt” <>

Subject: Top 5 to Stay Alive for August 2017

Date: August 1, 2017 at 4:09:21 AM EDT                                                                                                                    Jan

August 3, 2017

Help with Knee/Joint woes

Not pills or surgery,  kinda magic 

In February 2014, I put up a post on Iffy Knee Surgery according to those who study such things, and the consensus wasn’t too encouraging.  We’ve all heard stories about knee, hip and back pain wherein the  results left patients rueing their decision. But so often, one wonders- – what choices do I actually have in order to carry on with a normal life?    

As most understand, my personal views are much more restrictive;  if it must be done in a hospital, I don’t want it. . .won’t go there.  They aren’t safe places to be,  IMO. .  .  aside from the insanely cost-prohibitive aspect and the total mystery of how any sane person can figure out the cost-share, responsibility and what to expect these days.  One can ask, but no-one knows.   All beside the point!          

ROCKTAPE  H2O         

It’s one thing to point out the  facts and or risks as my prior post did,  but so much better to offer an alternative choice (if possible and available – – especially if it happens to be inexpensive as well.)  I’ve learned of a solution from my son Jeff who has always worked with athletes, individuals and teams (especially kids in their team sports).  His personal motivation seems to be with helping them to learn and absorb proper movement skills which can avoid so many injuries in the first place.  On a recent visit  he noticed that I was having a bit of trouble with movement.  I explained the falls I’d had over the weeks and months with the curbs too high for me to negotiate without falling, etc., had been hard on my knees. . . especially the right one.  Something seemed to be wrong with it and wasn’t apparently going away.  So he checked it out and proceeded to tape my knee in a funny kind of way.  He explained how it works as he went and rubbed the tape so it would remain – even through showers.  Couldn’t imagine how that little bit of tape could really help me. . . but it has.  We’ve all used ACE bandages, but this isn’t that.  You don’t feel it at all, doesn’t hinder movement.   It’s called ROCKTAPE (H2O).  

Telling what it is I can do, but ‘splaining, really can’t.  My son was trained by the company and  is able to train other professionals with their clients or athletes.  When I mentioned I found the company online, and bought some, . . watched a video or three, so maybe I could help myself rather than him needing to come over even tho he is so busy. . . he seemed to feel that I should call him, that he is glad to do it.     I can’t tell you what is wrong with my knee.  Some little thing on the inner side of my right knee seems to slip away from the cap, can hear it as it slips out, then knee doesn’t want to work right.  Usually press the foot hard into floor and hand on outer side to move knee back toward center.  Connection has always been made,  Not painful, but a bit scary. It is what it is.  I don’t require a label for whatever it is.  I know its not “healed” . . but may be any day now — why not?  Logic tells me with all that has happened, it is no mystery why my knee is complaining – it has a right to.   Sometimes, between Jeff’s visit to retape, and I go a day or so without it, the slippage thing happens.   But once he tapes the knee, it’s business as usual no slipping out.  The tape holds the tendons, tissue and muscle in place without strain, so it ‘can’ heal.  So for me. . .problem solved.  

For those of you who don’t have a son like Jeff (Turner), ya might find him online at (tell him his Mom said it was okay), or go yourself and see if it makes sense to you at ROCKTAPE and maybe scout some videos.   G’nite folks    Jan

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