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December 27, 2016

The life “Well Lived”

Carrie Fisher, gone from us

The world mourns, is stunned, . . .  far too soon.  Her passing is almost torrential . .  .  hard to accept.  For she gave us so much,  so many possibilities  through her entertainment in the movies, her books and her musical talent.  The Princess of Star Wars. . .  .  with all the different ways to think, be  and see.  

Her accomplishments were almost beyond ordinary ability to comprehend . . .acting, writing, music with philanthropic pursuits also thrown in.  She was so deeply admired and LOVED by all.   That she was a “one-of-a-kind” is overly simplistic,  but true.  She blessed all by her mere existence.  How do we deal with that?    

She ‘knew’ love, passion and pain and torment in degrees we can only imagine.   It didn’t destroy her.  She explored her depths and heights undoubtedly. . . and she grew and expanded through it all.  She leaves behind who she has been while recording for us her journey and desires.   They were good.   We are blessed.  We honor who she was and what she gave to the world.                

But is there more we might be gliding over and not noticing?   Being Carrie Fisher wasn’t a “walk-in-the-park” easy. She applied her energies fully, deeply and consistently.   It happens that who she was — the life she was born into was a very public one. The limelight quite naturally and frequently shone on her. . . so all she endured. . .became known.  It was what she did with what she had which so endeared her to everyone.          

It may be that some of us are prone to shrink back as we can’t help but notice how mundane our own lives seem to be if we are  careless enough to ‘compare’ what we have – live, with someone such as Carrie.  By this, of course – I mean that such comparison will generally prove futile,  sometimes, bitterly destructive, for one will appear to be found lacking.  This is NOT  a good thing.  Any of us are capable or even prone to this (kinda by default), but it can be pitiful if it strips away the courage to act, do and be by dooming the effort to achieve and follow natural urges (desires). . .lest we fail and not measure up and so on.   We, all of us are worth so much more than that!   The urge, the effort borne of desire – – they are our flavor, and why we go on.  

So honor, love and miss this lovely lady, but she will go on and BE whatever she chooses – – down the road.

Below is a rather “wordy”  Abraham to mull over                                                              Jan



We like to explain that only a part of the Consciousness that is really who-you-are is focused into the physical personality that you believe is you, so that you can then begin to consciously consider the larger part of you, who continues to remain Non-Physically focused.

Once you remember that you are a physical extension of Source Energy, you can then begin to consider, and consciously tend to, your alignment with your larger, Eternal, Non-Physical counterpart.

As you made the decision to focus into this physical time-space reality, you understood it to be a spectacular arena of balance and variety and perfect contrast.

You understood that there is no competition for resources, but only opportunities to give birth to your own ideas—and you understood that once an idea has been given birth, the means with which to fulfill it will follow.

And now here you are, an extension of Source Energy—focused in the environment of perfect contrast and balance, just as you have intended—exploring, deciding, preferring, creating, and becoming.


Excerpted from: Getting into the Vortex Guided Meditation CD and User Guide on November 01, 2010

Our Love,

Esther (and Abraham and Jerry)             Today, 12-27-16, we learn that  CARIE FISHER has moved on with her journey. .  .   .


December 26, 2016

Health odds – back-then and now

 Malnourishment or Toxins do us in

Some of us have been around long enough to have witnessed some of the differences.  Born in ’29,. . . (please, the depression wasn’t my fault). . I was reared during the “depression” years when life was very hard for most.  Mother never stressed that part to me.   She filled me with stories of her  very different life, born on a farm.  She strove for quality  over quantity.   She didn’t speak of  ‘lack,’  but infused our lives with what we had and made the most of it by emphasizing the fun of stuff, and in other ways;  teaching me  ‘first things – first’,  ‘doing it right the first time’, and celebrating anything and everything we could.  She too, had an innate sense of beauty;  if we had lived in a shack, she would have made it beautiful.  Don’t know if I was just that kind of kid or it was because she was just that kind of mother – – but I would have done anything in the world for her just to please her.  It was like that.  My life was good, but it wasn’t  for most adults, I’ve heard.  

FDR put people back to work,  built an infrastructure and an economy – almost a modern miracle.  Then the rumblings of war abroad.  Of course it was a great hardship, costly; there were shortages of meats and shoes (I really noticed that as a pre-teen),  stuff was rationed during world war 2.  But the people!. . .the people were a mish-mosh of everything back then just as they are now.  But the common bond of being American was evident.  People were generous, more willing to understand the next one.  Not saints mind you– there were all the usual differences of color and ethnicity and petty prejudice. . . but a bond of our common purpose seemed to be more meaningful then.  

We had not become chemicalized in the thirties or forties, therefore all food was ‘organic’ the way it was meant to be. . .wholesome,  nutrient- dense.  The soil it came from was teeming with natural life, rich and fertile.  There was no autism,  weird allergies and food sensitivities and I never heard of Alzheimer’s. People went to doctors when  something got broken or hurt to get bandaged back up.  Doctors were affordable and meds were  generally closer to nature – they helped, didn’t further make you sick.   The doctor – patient relationships were trusting, kind and beneficial to both  It worked..

So different now;  few but the wealthy and the indigent among us can avail the medical community, for it has become almost unrecognizably different.  It is a reflection of the changes which currently rule brought about by the elevation of the worship of materialism (money-greed), corporate domination and the political power structure which allows it.  Medicine and BIG PhRMA rules have pervaded almost everything including infringing our individual rights  and freedoms (which are constitutionally guaranteed),  through mandatory “health dictates” on inoculations, vaccinations, etc.   Citizens are being forced to submit to these rules or face NOT having their children allowed in school;  their doctors refusing to care for their little ones unless they are vaccinated!  All this continues even though huge majorities are rebelling and refusing to submit and go along to get along.  When devastation follows with increasing numbers of autistic children,  help is not forthcoming or acknowledged and no one is liable.  Families are ruined; life is unfair. . .but hey, those corporations are on a roll.   Keep making  so much money, it is beyond all reason.  They are killing us, maiming our little ones because they know how to play the Washington games.   The on-going saga of ever-increasing pharmaceutical pricing is beyond insanity.  I say ‘get rid of them all’ and go back to teaching doctors how to BE doctors again.  

Natural, plant-based and herbal medicine is CHEAP and “it works.”    But doctors are conditioned  (thru their educational training)  by BIG PhRMA, who sets the agenda, etc.  This is why Pharmaceuticals are the dominant answer to anything which might take one to a physician.  Because pharma is chemical in nature,  made in laboratories,  —  it is not recognized   by the body  (or body friendly) and this  results in some degree, to adverse body reaction or so-called side effects. It is ‘stuff’ the body endeavors to rid itself of.  People have come to accept this as if that is all there is. Most do not realize that pharmaceuticals generally don’t help much as they, by and large,  just manipulate the symptoms – – do not cure anything.  To heal, (a function of the body, for it is alway the body which does the healing),  one must address the cause which essentially is either a deficiency (lack of nutrient),  or some kind of toxin which now permeates our modern world.   What this means to the body is that it must fight off this foreign invader. . . and so, reacts, which in itself is a further burden to the body.  

In the 21st century, few can escape the onslaught of toxic chemicals. . . no matter how careful one might be in food choices and preparation.  Much vigilance is needed,  so ultimately, the burden remains upon us individually to do the best we can in this regard.  Takes awareness,  becoming informed and much diligence.  My regular readers know that I am caring for my own 6 chronic diseases on my own, not  having seen a doctor in over 6 years or so. Doing Okay (for  87) Alzheimer’s, arthritis, hypertension, heart issues, COPD and thyroid,  w/no OTC or PhRMA.   All are now under fair control and some not even noticeable these days.  The need to cope w/Alzheimers which had so crushed me to a pitiful state was the impetus which got me on this roll of self-help  and I’m so glad I did.  My brain is doing maybe better than some of my other parts as of now.   

Doctors are no longer the trusted care-givers of old who sought cause areas and natural, body recognizable solutions.   Now they have become little more than shills for the BIG PhRMA cartels who rake in billions.  When the patient sees his doctor with complaints of illness or woes, the physician responds with symptom-supervision by means of the prescription pad.  it may be that doctors don’t understand enough about the body to be able to connect the dots and find cause areas, which most generally can be treated with changes in diet or nutritional deficiencies which then effect some, one or all of the hormonal systems which in time, if left untreated, will rob the body of any chance to expect a normal life back again.   And this is much more than just a double whammy, because, it isn’t just that pharmaceuticals are laboratory-constructs — it also that we are being injured by corporate and governmental greed with regard to our very food with genetic modification (GMO’s), farmed fish,  cruel raising of our food animals with un-natural feed which is unhealthy for them. . . which makes them unhealthy for us, since we eat them.  Not to mention the deprived soils, which unless they are “organic” farms, have nothing to brag about.  Those who can’t afford to see a doctor, generally, also can’t afford to eat organic.  So the masses are existing on nutrition-less  rather than nutrient-dense food — and when ill, get toxic chemicals called medicine. . . which compounds the problems.  

Here and there I refer to doctors in general terms as if they all are in the same club, or think the same way. . .do the same type of routine — just prescription writing.  This is a fault and it is careless and over-simplification.  I admire doctors who serve with their heart,  brain and intelligence.  So many get into the practice of medicine  to help – – that’s  a given.  I will say however, the state of health and medical care in United States of America is deplorable and has been since before Obama.  Our president tried desperately to do right by us – sought single payer system which I was for, but as all know – he was shot down on almost everything he tried to do.  There are many, many physicians who becoming dissatisfied with their practice, chose to study further, then enter into more holistic, natural methods which in fact – truly helps people.   Allopaths are NOT the only answer.  My latest find who literally blows me away is not even an MD, but is a chiropractor who has been in business over 25 years and teaching Nutritional medicine in hospitals, medical schools as well as maintaining his practice.  Have never come across someone who DOES connect the dots like he does and is helping people all over youtube, in lectures, books and online. His name is Dr Eric Berg.  If ya wanna learn how to help yourself, . . .check him out.

So, along with the addition of Chemical companies like Monsanto etal, who are doing a great job of poisoning the soil itself and all the plants growing on our lands with the huge assortment of life-robbing elements;  between these and the multi thousands of other chemicals used in our clothing, cosmetics,  cans and other containers;  in our water systems,  infusions in the air we breathe. . . . we are faced with a bombardment from  chemicals on every front.  It is a wonder that we are surviving as well as we are.   Our species is remarkable, strong and perfectly designed.  We are the highest form of intelligence on the planet.  But what individual deliberately burns his own house (planet) down?   It is long past time that we once again put our good minds to work for our own survival.  Somehow,  our people are going to have to deal with all these various issues collectively, intelligently. . . for the good of all,  which is to say, there must be dialogue, scientifically based with the intention to preserve what we know is correct and reasoned on facts.  This is not political.  This is survival.  In China and some other places, masks must be worn to walk or be outside.  That’s no way to treat our planet.  Like someone we all once loved said some years back. . . .” can’t we all just get  along? ”         Jan

December 15, 2016

Chemicals, toxins and our ‘daily bread’

World keeps expanding, we grow and learn. . all goes on

I first learned of the Shaman Alberto Villoldo and his recent book  “ONE SPIRIT MEDICINE” last year when I heard his lecture on fracking the brain, (or re-building it). . you can imagine why!  It is a beautiful and amazing reading.  Recommend it.   Hope I will always be open to the new, beautiful and useful, for this enables whatever joyful experience which lies ahead.  Am receiving his lovely ongoing communications  and wanted to share something from the recent one.  His manner is  non-accusatory. . .just lays out what he sees which allow us to make own connections.That’s first. . .

. .  .  then following is an idea I’m crazy about: the worlds greatest bread. . from Dr Eric Berg (the man of a thousand videos, easy-speak advice, holistic low-down of our actual causes of what ails us and a Questionnaire (104 Q’s) one can take and receive an answer back quickly showing the nature of probable causation.  I’m still workin’ on the massive amount of info  which is all kinda new to me. ..not the pieces and parts — just never saw them in this light before.    Instead of dwelling on COPD, Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, Heart disease and Hypertension and Thyroid,.. .Im being shown there are organic, hormonal problems based generally on deficits leading to over working certain organs which then compromise other organs, systems and since they are all connected through cohesive exchange and inter-dependence. . .it becomes clear;  ya can’t just throw some iodine at the thyroid gland – – what compromised it in the first place? So I’m working my tail off to assist my five above referred to diseases, but  my problems seem to center around CORTISOL, ESTROGEN and my ADRENALS.  Boy do I have a lot of re-thinking to do.  S’ probably why so many millions of us are mis-diagnosed and treated for stuff. . .and don’t get better.  And sometimes told – it’s all in our head or maybe hypochondriacal.  Anyway, can find more at or go to Dr Berg on youtube.


Are you ready for this? This is the most amazing recipe…if you like bread. It’s  fricken delicious and there is NO wheat,  No gluten, NO bad stuff and has the texture of sour dough bread.

Check this out,


Dr. Berg



The gut-brain is a superhighway with many lanes where information is continuously flowing between the brain in the head and the brain in the belly. Mental and emotional stress triggers physical responses that affect the gut, while disturbances in the microbiome – the colony of microorganisms in the gut – affect the functioning and health of the brain.

Every day, toxins inside and outside the body damage our gut-brain. They come from the foods we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. Our bodies contain over 600 varieties of microbes that come from the outside world, outnumbering by ten to one the cells that are strictly native to us. Small wonder so many of us have digestive and immune disorders: our bodies are overwhelmed by the toxic load we’ve placed on them.

Our ancestors were largely protected from these challenges. For hundreds of thousands of years, the earth was able to accommodate changes brought about by human intervention. That changed, however, as we started to mine natural products like lead and mercury, and introduce them into our homes – and bodies – through everyday products like paint, bathtubs, light bulbs, lead pipes, and dental fillings, and more recently through contaminated fish and seafood. Mercury is a known neurotoxin, and both lead and mercury have been implicated in developmental problems like learning disabilities and ADHD. Metals like lead and mercury are stored in body fat, and nearly 60 percent of the brain is made up of fat.

In the last century or so, we’ve released thousands upon thousands of man-made chemicals into the environment. Data on how these chemicals affect us are scarce: of the 82,000 chemicals approved for use in the United States, only a quarter have been tested for their effect on humans.

The havoc we’ve created with man-made chemicals reverberates throughout the food chain. But it may be matched by another, even more insidious threat in the foods we eat every day. Much of the toxic overload in our guts comes from genetically modified foods. In most cases, we don’t even realize toxins are on the menu. Scientists are increasingly altering the DNA of foods and food crops to create products that will last longer, be more resistant to disease and pests, and look and taste better.

In addition to genetic engineering, we’re faced with new diseases caused by widespread reliance on a grain-based diet. One of the problems is that the wheat we’re eating is not the same wheat people ate even 75 years ago. The post–World War II green revolution introduced a high-yield dwarf wheat containing 20 times more gluten (a protein that gives dough its elasticity) than the old European strains, thereby altering the composition of the bread we’re consuming. The dramatic increase in celiac disease – a debilitating autoimmune disorder in which ingesting gluten damages the gut – is likely related to this major change in our diets.

The harsh truth is that we have all become gluten intolerant to a surprising degree because the human digestive system hasn’t evolved to function well on a grain-based diet. Grains have become toxic to many of us, and our grain-rich diets are damaging the gut-brain.

But the deadliest toxin found in nearly every kitchen in America is sugar. The typical American adult consumes 150 pounds of added sugar a year. Processed foods are sources of much of this amount. Even foods we don’t think of as sweet – like catsup, peanut butter, and yogurt – often contain sugar or substitutes like aspartame, saccharine, sucralose and high fructose corn syrup. Artificial sweeteners have been linked to type 2 diabetes.

Food cravings – particularly for sugary junk foods – can be traced to the gut-brain. You may think you’re gorging on chocolate cake or tortilla chips because you love the taste, but the real reason is that the yeast, fungi, and bad bacteria in your gut thrive on sugar, and to get their fix they bring on cravings. Sugary foods and carbohydrates stimulate the same centers in the brain that are stimulated by drugs like heroin and cocaine by releasing the neurotransmitter dopamine, which triggers a pleasure response.

Sugar in all forms (except honey) reduces levels of BDNF, brain-derived neurotrophic factor, a hormone that triggers the growth of new neurons and stem cells in the brain, repairing crucial brain structures. It is even thought that the connection between diabetes and Alzheimer’s is attributable to the typical Western diet. Inadequate BDNF production is also associated with depression.

While it’s virtually impossible to avoid environmental toxins, we can try to avoid GMOs by shopping our local farmer’s market. Detoxifying from sugar and gluten requires cutting out fruit juices, fruits with high sugar content, root vegetables and all processed grains. If this seems unnecessarily strict, note that the minimum daily requirement of processed carbohydrates is zero.

Learn more about detoxing and healthy eating in my book, One Spirit Medicine.


December 13, 2016

“Hope” w/ 12-19-16 ELECTORAL ‘vote’

ELETORAL COLLEGE Final tally Dec. 19

Watching so little TV now, hadn’t heard til  friends called to extend a reason for ‘hope.  As I mentioned in previous post,. . am doin’ my darnedest to re-focus from the political scene in order to preserve the threads of normalcy and allow me to function.  Like I said, I was kinda up there with some who preferred jumping from a rooftop, or migrating elsewhere (destination hazy – just,  not here).  But, lets face it, that isn’t practical or helpful in any way.      

I said Hillary has won the vote by more than two million,. . . .that’s closer to three million as of now as some of the final numbers come in for various reasons.   Apparently more recounts are being demanded as well.   Also, hearing that President Obama is demanding a sped-up report on the “electoral final vote tally.  And also, a great many Republicans are highly agitated by the Russian involvement in messing with our political system to benefit their friend, Donald.   No American should tolerate such interference from another country let alone an adversary of such incredible,   terrifying reputation.

It seems the December 19th wrap-up is a usual function which allows for a count and/or recount in order that some of those electors can recast or change their vote.  This has been going on since the days of Hamilton, through which the exorcise of, would be the assurance that no foreign government could influence this  our  most valued of all freedoms – to vote into office, the choice of our people.Their vote is supposed to reflect the voice of the people in the state which they represent.   This may be more important than ever due to the changing totals and the recent noises we’re hearing. Might not hurt to call those party leaders in your own state to show your concern that full attention should be paid to this matter and all goes according to Hoyle.

In such a short space of time we have slipped from being a sorta unified nation based on honorable principles with laws to back them up. .  .  . to having become a warring nation — WITH EACH OTHER;  great frustration, anguish, fear and really unnecessary pain.  A nation divided!   We all learned in school, a nation divided against itself, cannot stand.       Nor should it, if that is the base from which it functions — with hatred, bigotry and unequal justice for all.  The president-elect’s ‘cabinet choices’ are frightening, indeed, as they clearly show Don the Con is NOT thinking about the little guy. . .the struggling, sinking underclass of you and me.  

See,  I’m staying  cool. . . .  not blowing up too much, nor am I weeping as I sit here. Wearing blinders like they put on a horse. .”don’t think of the planet,” . . . . .  “don’t think of the planet’                           .  .   .    .    just sayin’             Jan

December 9, 2016

Balance and Focus

Seeing that which “pleases me”

Trying to turn over a new leaf because I’m fed up with (self-inflicted) misery;   a month is too long for a pity party.  Political junkie that I have been for years has not served me well of late,  for it seems I cannot separate (splinter) apart the various pieces and parts of who I am in order to function as I choose.  .  .  which is to enjoy life, be happy.  Previously, I have been able to maintain balance and flow, no matter what activity and interests were prevalent.  Now I wonder if Alzheimer’s is actually winning this hard fought war I’ve waged for more than a decade.  Being weepy and sad is not a modus operandi which leads to or reflects health,  but plunges one into the pits.  Of course I knew that – – but if one keeps dwelling anyway (like the moth to the flame),  well, perhaps one deserves what one gets.  

There’s quite a number of  “Abraham” messages in my inbox which I haven’t wanted to read  (and I love those daily words), but I did today and gladly discovered a thread of reason, beauty and intelligence, which has kinda hooked me up again.  It’ll take some work, but I do have reason to keep on keeping on,  not the least of which is to honor all the effort, study, testing,  rewarding results and joy I have experienced in the rebuilding of my own health, according to what I believe is a meritorious path anyone can do. (without BIG- PhRMA)          

The point is, I have dwelt on the frustration, pain and disappointment of what I was personally feeling, but also, what the implications were down the road for our nation and the trusting people who will be hurt. .  .  all of which I deemed unhealthy, negative, illegal and even evil.     AND UNFAIR   Even tho Hillary won by a huge margin in excess of two million votes (landslide),  Don the CON won the election.  So much more than just “something wrong” here.  Couldn’t take it.  Railed and couldn’t let go.  It was literally killing me. So now, I MUST set all this aside.  I still believe those 47% of us who were TRUMP voters were wrong in their choice. . . but that everyone has the right to exercise his/her right to choose/vote.  Don’t think America is going to slide into the sea.  Usually, most dirt does come out in the wash.  And most of all. . we all learn by our own mistakes — our experiences,  not what others think we should do.  So this must be honored and respected.   The laws of cause and effect work on everyone.  Each of us has our hands full just taking care of our own foibles;  it is not smart or helpful to judge another – –  life has it’s ways.   so be it.  

Thank you Abraham for the love and light!                Jan


Start taking pleasure from your inner reality. Most people are approaching this backwards. Most people are saying, “Okay, I want that, and I am not fulfilled until I get that manifestation.” The reason for that promise of manifestation out there, to begin with, is that it gives you the reason to play the game in the inner reality. It is your imagination, it is the feeling of Energy flowing through you that is life.


Excerpted from: Kansas City, KS on September 27, 1998

December 8, 2016

In 6 Wks, can we fix this mess?

Where are Washington’s Legal Brainiacs?  

Watched Rachel Maddow last night (6th) as she described  the 15 and 16 century history of England’s King Charles who may have been kinda lecherous (12 mistresses and kids with them all) aside from his queen.  Nearly broke the bank on his spending and it was serious.  Struck a dicker with the king of another country (France, or was it Italy?)  He needed money and he promised to become a Christian if his friend-king would give him a heavy endowment for as long as he lived.  A plot like this would never sell in today’s market!  Frankly, unbelievable.  She’s not a Rhodes Scholar for nothing,. . .she has stuff like this coming out of every pore.  Most interesting.        

Anyway, by the 17th century when all the future Americans showed up, scrounged around, dug in and carved out a plan for what kind of country and government they would want – DEMAND,  .  .  .  there was going to be a whole lot of provisions to keep stuff on the up and up, legitimate. . . . with extremely strong strictures on government service people (including everyone ieven the president, etc.) Their history still burned in their guts,  so they took great pains to spell it out – -CLEARLY.    There was to be no receiving of gifts or other items of value to completely prevent anything  which could smack of “self-interest” in any and all dealings.  Rachel and others have discussed ’emollients’  which apparently is a field which covers many of the ins and outs of all these and various other situations, like divestiture of business interests  which TRUMP had been taunting Hillary for – even tho she and Bill had already agreed to this divestiture and blind trust measures.  TRUMP spoke of doing the same,. . . until he changes his mind.  Says he can do both at  the same time  and one wouldn’t interfere with another.  

All this is long-standing tradition.   It would/should produce a fairer  result in the way government works.  TRUMP wants no part of it.  He will do his business and is already making international contacts  to insure his own future fabulous wealth.  He’s already doing it! and so is Ivanka.  But he’s not into daily briefings from the inner workings of government — he has no interest and rarely avails this important function to run our government..  It is frightening the way he is bringing in Generals to run everything!  This is contrary to our principals of having NON-MILITARY officials to run even our military.  No one wants a police state.  Thats the crap that caused World War 11 – a military state.    This is not going forward, it is deeply retrenching into the past, of which most of you know little about.  But additionally, many of these so-called new leaders are anti everything, racist and haters.  What good can come of that?

TRUMP’s claim to be a president for ALL AMERICANS was the biggest lie of all, as any who actually listened to him could easily see.  We now have every sort and section of people calling their local officials because they are scared as hell.  One can’t rabble-rouse, divide, belittle and discriminate against groups without this being the natural result.  With this much hatred, bigotry division and disdain, how can anyone bring our country together?.  .  .   well of course,  if you’re gonna run everything through Generals – military control, guess there’s a possibility.    This man may sit in the white house one day, but he’ll never be MY PRESIDENT. Each day brings more anguish, sadness and sense of loss.          

Is there no one left in Washington who is ballsy enough to  stand up and put an end to this misery?  He is breaking all the rules of ethics and responsibility.   There are tons of reasons why he isn’t fit  to be president  aside from his greedy, despicable nature  which actually only serves his own needs  (ego, financial or otherwise).      

I don’t look forward to facing the New Year if this is all there is.  I have loved my blog for almost nine years.  Health, joy and the good life which encompasses the wonders of this beautiful planet.  Humanity is destroying it for the sake of greed. TRUMP doesn’t believe in the ‘climate change’ theory. . . as his cabinet choices clearly show.  When he has taken all the good things we’ve accomplished and trashed them,  it is going to be so MUCH harder to claim the hard won mileage back.   I wish you all well and that you can find hope for the future.       Jan

December 1, 2016

TRUMP Drama Continues . . .

Look Who’s having fun and Enjoying it!

Looky, ,  ,  look at what I  did!   I said I’d do it and now I have. . . and I’m not even in office yet . . . whoopee.  Lets celebrate – – this is so much fun!  

This is so absurd, thoughtless and loaded with long-term consequences.   Trump has vowed to bring jobs back to America, but such stuff must be done within legitimate legal parameters and this is not that. Washington’s money is there because of taxation,  for the purpose of paying for duly processed agreements, enactments and/or  laws. To run our government and pay for things, processes and functions for which the people clamor and agree upon.  This is not that.  We should never be paying people off to stay in our country;  on the contrary . . . there should be really big prices to pay for betraying our own people by using the freedoms, facility and forces built into our magnificent country, to build and establish a business functioning well, but deciding that moving to another country would be more financially beneficial for them.  . .  and just pull out ignoring the pain and unemployment left behind.  This is not equitable.  .  .  not the American way.  

What Trump has done ignorantly opens the door to hundreds if not multitudes of others who feel they could do the same thing as a way of getting  big bucks for threatening the same thing (whether they intended this or not).  Trump also wants to lower the corporate tax rate down to 15% and claims that it will be offset by removing other so-called tax abatements and goodies.    Yeah, sure.  AND he says he is going to give tax breaks to the working-class  people.   Nice – once we get over such a shock.   Which leads one to wonder, how do we pay for all the things our government is now trying to do? (and has been failing to do for decades now).    It takes MONEY.   Which is why the GOP has been after privatizing Medicare (that would kill it off, once and for all),  and modernizing Social Security,  by raising the age limits and limiting the benefits.  Where is caring, fairness and concern for all those who have done the best they could all their days?  Where is choice and fairness for our elders?  Many would gladly leave the planet, and could,   if we happened to live in the one or two states which allow . . . end-of-life euthanasia — that not being available, what choice is left?  Starve, suffer, sleep on park benches?  Lets please try to muster some common sense if not compassion.  

An additional item TRUMP wants to get rid of (or fix), is the problem of REGULATIONS. I want it fixed too!   Regs should work to do the job which was intended – – to insure safety to the buyer or consumer.  The public no longer has any sense of security regarding so many things previous generations took for granted. .. . such as food grown by farmers (Monsanto hadn’t taken over the world yet),  . . . when a doctor advised one to eat or do something, we did that (eat better, drink less, exercise more, etc.), .. . but now, doctors aren’t into lifestyles much other than simple cliches,  instead, there are prescription pads and pharmaceuticals – all of which carry their own gift of woes.  We no longer have SCIENCE on our side to point to knowing that what we are taking/doing is SAFE.    CELL PHONES blow up in faces;  cars can leap ahead into crashes without provocation;  every body and his agent or representative shares your private information wth anyone who will pay to acquire the info.   We are all sitting ducks in this horrible game of business “SMARTS”. . . and we no longer have any privacy or protection from prodding eyes.  Not a comfortable place to be.  But regulations work to an extent. . . not enough to be sure, by an effort s made.   The EPA is shot down by Governors and local governments as a burden – too costly and a financial drain.  (been detailing the Great Lakes disaster for so many years now and its not getting better — this is one of our greatest resources.)  Of course now-a-days,  its the Consumer Protection agencies landing on the chopping block. Too expensive!  WE NEED THIS,    

My fellow Americans, how do you like the way TRUMP is cleaning out the swamp?  I dare not discuss it, I’ll lose my supper.   Jan

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