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September 6, 2015

Tyranny and Mayhem threatens all

After WW2, we hoped to never have another war

I’m no hawk  and am opposed to the aggressive, ever-present speculation so present over the decades  to run off to  foreign shores  and interfere with the way various countries choose to run their lives.   Like it or not history reveals that we have done a lot of interfering and it seems occasionally, our grounds for action was baseless.  That is not something to be proud of, to be sure.  It is meddlesome;  we have no right to do so,  and frequently, we are NOT loved for our actions  — but instead, have lain the groundwork for smoldering resentment against us.   Many have believed our efforts were founded on protecting innocent, helpless  people who were being tormented and slain by their leaders – –  so-called mercy missions.  That may be so.  But in this,  we pick and choose.   Here and there, it seems we have vested interests in the region and decide it is in everyones best interest.        

I was a mere child in the late thirties as Europe was being ravaged by Hitler’s Nazi movement.  Those were serious, horrible times.  Unspeakable, immeasurable cruelties  were being  rained down everywhere  and causing devastation and ruin on entire countries.  Our president FDR, (who was like “God” in my mind),  was so burdened by it all;  not wanting to take our nation into all this but unable to allow all our allies to become totally annihilated, stepped in following Pearl Harbor. We may not have been able to live with the consequences, had we not, literally!  This was a very big deal. . .global!  The cost, death and destruction were horrendous.

But that was then.  Who knows what the guidelines were then. . . nor is there  any way of knowing what they  are today?  Perhaps  a new Global ETHIC is needed now. . . some kind of organizing  ruling ‘tribunal.’  Smaller, less powerful countries shouldn’t be forced to worry about being taken  over or hammered by the mighty.  

When leaders are deposed or tried as criminals and chaos follows,  misery ensues as the leader is gone.  Stuff like ISIS happens. . . and other wayward, criminal impossibilities escalate.  We then have in the world the grotesque circumstances we have today.   Hundreds of  thousands of brutally violated families with no options,  no protections, no choice and no where to go.  Magnitudes of people seeking little more than to survive.  All the  countries in Europe are inundated in trying to accommodate these people.  With all our own problems of ‘illegal entry’ on our borders,  many, many  are calling for extreme measures, building fences around our country for God’s sake!  The GOP  lies awake at night dreaming up ways to get or keep people out  – including revoking  citizenship to American-born  babies whose parents aren’t citizens.  

So many problems with no ethical solutions – –  what to do?  Since we can’t seem to strive for the greater good any longer,  does that mean we need a whole lot of NEW RULES?    That wouldn’t be my choice.  Hey, maybe we could do some rules on how many babies a family  can have. (like China did). . .that may require a whole lot of additional abortions.  But that could work in keeping the population under control. . .and would be a lot cheaper than all these vaccinations and toxic RX prescriptions which are doing great in cutting down our numbers.  But lets face it,  the government is  heading for bankruptcy  by  allowing these exorbitantly priced pharmaceuticals to continue spiraling ever upward.  .  .  and the only advantages is the bottom line of BIG PhRMA, not the health of our citizens.

TO THE POINT, finally   

Much as the world united to fight back the oppression of the NATZIs  in World War 2;   why can’t an effort similar to that be organized against the radical ISIS extremists and obliterate “them” instead of allowing all these millions of people to be killed and abused and run off, leaving a way of life and everything they  have known.   Of course it wouldn’t be a cake-walk, and there would be untold, unexpected costs and burdens to do so.   But people could stay in their own  lands  and all that same cost could be used instead to help them rebuild at home, rather than burden all the other countries and probably feeling unwanted.   They don’t speak the language, or even feel comfortable in having to give up their cultural ways.  This is my thought, put forward in overly simplistic terms;  to use whatever money, and other resources and effort to enable those millions  to stay at home, by exterminating the subhuman, torturing vermin who are the cause of all this suffering.  

I don’t advocate war,  but neither do I feel it is ethical to allow the senseless brutality to go on.  One cannot reason with madness.  They are beyond our capacity to redeem or rehabilitate, for they are drawing our youth to them with a distortion beyond fathoming,  causing pain and waste of what could have been productive lives.   This is a blight on humanity’s horizon that we CAN do something about.   Or not.  Maybe we are just living in cursed times  (like the blabbering egomaniac who is attempting to take over the GOP THESE DAYS.  Breaking all the rules of decency, and literally makes me sick to see or hear him.  Yet he’s on every channel, all day, every day thanks to  our TV leadership who also seems to have lost their minds.. . .all for free!  This blowhard hasn’t had to spend a thin dime of his vast fortune for any of it.    And yet a pure soul like Bernie whom people actually love, doesn’t get the time of day and never show his talks, his words. . .which I would really like to hear and see him get a fair chance!   I don’t really even believe in the concept of ‘cursed times’.  .  .  this craziness is just a reflection of the turmoil being felt the tension and confusion from all the hot air.  This too shall pass.    

What do you think?  Anybody?   Love to hear solutions to some of this.   good nite,     Jan


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