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November 27, 2016

Eden Energy – Help to ‘cope/survive’

Donna shares to help us all

Most of you know that I am a nut for “energy medicine” (goes back at least 50 years), and there are so many avenues open to us, just a matter of our choice – what “feels good,  comfortable.”  Between EFT and EEM. . .almost nothing we can’t accomplish.  I use both.  But Donna’s EEM has shown to me that we can not only right many if not most conditions of the body which plague us, but that  in the aligning of our unique, vital energies into harmony.  .  .   we can also, more easily accept our world as it appears to us.  

Those abroad have already been dealing with huge and frightening ‘changes’ brought on with BREXIT.  Now, we are also faced with what appears to be unsurmountable possibilities.  I’ve been overwhelmed,  and I believe there are countless millions of fellow Americans who are also suffering. We are not going to give up. . . ..cede our values and principles, or just ignore what is.  We will stay alert and do all we must,   to be sure.  But we can’t just force our minds and emotions to behave and do the right things – – ramming through whatever comes!  We shall honor rules of behavior . . . and the LAW!  We must not allow apparent insanity or mayhem to shape our destiny.  

In all of this, let us not forget that our first rule of business in all of life is to be happy and even joyous.  We can’t do this unless our hearts and minds strive in the same direction.   This comes out of harmony within, never force . .. always freedom.  There are times when the stresses of life cause our internal energy patterns to go out of whack – – scramble.  Then we don’t function optimally or even comfortably; sometimes, the right words won’t come out of our mouths or even pass through our minds.  When this stuff happens — life seems to suck – BIG TIME!  But. when we’re there, stuck like that, seems we can’t get out of our own way.    These energies I refer to are dwelling in certain areas of the body, governing pathways called meridians and each meridian seems to have dominion over various organs and inter-relatedness with all the other meridians and organs.    It’s another one of those chicken or egg things — which comes first?  Life causes this. It’s how we react to that which we experience.  How we think.  It’s ALL part of the game of life and how to play it  and we have the free will to do just that – any way we want to.  Personally, I know miserable and I know happy.  I much prefer feeling good.    

Anyway, I do have several Donna Eden Books on Energy Medicine.  Its wonderful reading.  Have a few videos as well showing how she does what she does and has shared around the world.  I fully encourage anyone who wishes  to do likewise.  But this is not required to be able to enjoy the fruits of a few explicit how-to’s which Donna has decided to give out to any and all who want to avail this information.  There are a couple of movements or exercises which she explains simply and explains why they are done;    they aren’t complicated  to do.

I am so touched by her loving gesture, and you will see what I mean as you do the exercises.  Hope you enjoy,         Jan                                                       (P.S. the letter is addressed to Genevieve (what my mama dubbed me)

November 22, 2016

New series “SHOOTER”

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While I am not into guns  –  tho I have owned one, . . . it was at a time when I thought it would be my  solution to the crazy gun violence in the streets. . .  living alone, made sense.  But it’s presence in my abode was a continual threat and reminder and not a solution I could live with.  Wasn’t making me more secure, . . . only insured my vulnerability and  ‘sense of fear’. . so contrary to the way I had  lived and thought.   Referring to being inner-directed and feeling that I was protected already by powers beyond my understanding.   That awareness comes from within and radiates outward,  thus creating the opening of  powerful, positive ‘protection’.  .  .  s’ how the ‘Law of Attraction’  works;  you choose the better thoughts. . . you feel better  with and can be happy about.    Sold my unused gun to a very pleased buyer.        

Anyway,  this is just an aside to wanting to speak about the new show Shooter referenced below.  I’m really not a gun-lover nor do I have any knowledge about artillery and the appreciation/love of such.  Just not my thing, but understand those who take pride is such precision and/or ownership.  It’s part of our background — who we are.  And a good thing, used judiciously.  Guns are a tool, neither good nor bad.  I love excellent tools, important to me.  The artisan or technician is no better than his tools! So I place great stock in quality (scissors, pots and pans, knives, brushes and so on)   Ditto with TV entertainment.  I love “This is Us,”   “Bull,”  “Charley Rose,”   “Mom.”   “How To Get Away with Murder,”  “Conviction,”  “Chicago Fire”  and “PD” and OWN’s  “GreenLeaf,”  and “Sugar Queen,” and the nightly “TD Jakes,”  Already added Shooter to my roster (tonite will be 2nd show)  S’ about character, precision and Phillippe is just so damned easy to look at.  Top drawer for anyone who might be up for another really good show.  . . . .   just sayin’       Jan

Playing sniper gives Ryan Phillippe stage to honor veterans

Bob Lee Swagger (Ryan Phillippe), an ex-marine sniper in “Shooter”

By Kathryn Shattuck  The New York Times  •  Tuesday November 22, 2016 

NEW YORK — Ryan Phillippe was so committed to his new show, ‘‘Shooter,’’ that he was willing to take a flying leap — off a fourth-floor balcony.The actor performed his own stunts in the conspiracy thriller, including a terrifying plunge from an apartment down onto a car that was featured in the season premiere.‘‘It wasn’t a macho, self-serving thing,’’ Phillippe said. ‘‘Television has gotten so good, and audiences savvier, and they’re looking for that switch shot where it’s clearly not you. I thought if we’ve got this guy where it’s him against the world, I wanted them to see me get a little beat up.’’In ‘‘Shooter,’’ which is shown Tuesdays on the USA Network, Phillippe takes his knocks as Bob Lee Swagger, an ex-Marine sniper lured back into action when his former commanding officer (Omar Epps) brings him into a clandestine operation — only to frame him for murder.Adapted from the 2007 Mark Wahlberg movie, as well as ‘‘Point of Impact,’’ the Stephen Hunter novel, the series was scheduled to debut in July, before its premiere was postponed twice after mass shootings in Dallas and in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.Phillippe — father of three and ambassador for Hidden Heroes, a support network for military caregivers — talked about the art of the long shot and guns in American society.

Q: ‘‘Shooter’’ has finally arrived after a four-month postponement. How did you feel about the delay?

A: We have a really good show that should stand apart from current events. But I applaud the network’s sensitivity. We talked about changing the title after the show was postponed, but it has somewhat of a built-in audience because of the movie. So this postponement allowed us to refocus the marketing and make it clear that Bob Lee was set up for an assassination that he was not a part of and is in pursuit of the actual shooter. It also gave us time to let people know that a touchstone of our show is to treat veterans with respect, to treat weapons with respect.

Q: What about the role won you over?

A: The first thing Mark Wahlberg (an executive producer) said to me was, ‘‘I love this character, and you’re my first choice.’’ And I found that so flattering. Then I got really into the idea of the action of it. I’m 42, and I can’t do hard-core action much longer.

Q: Is shooting a sniper rifle just like any other?

A: There’s something Zen and meditative about the head space a sniper needs to get into in order to hit a shot a distance of a half-mile or more. The breathing is absolutely essential. You have to gently pull the trigger at the very bottom of your exhale because even your heartbeat can throw off the accuracy of the shot at that distance.

Q: How did you train?

A: I went to (the U.S. Marine Corps’) Camp Pendleton and they took me to the range with three bona fide Marine special-ops snipers. On my second shot, on a 12-inch target, at almost 900 yards, I hit it. And they were dumbfounded. This story can be verified.

Q: After filming the season, you recuperated at the beach in Delaware with your family. Are you a hometown boy made good?

A: I definitely am. Delaware is a state (of less than 1 million people), and outside of Joe Biden, I may be the most famous. (Laughs.) Suffice to say that everyone in Delaware knows my name.

November 20, 2016

1 Good thing re: TRUMP

Willing to look at TRUMP w/new eyes

Perhaps I’ve just lived too long to keep on keeping on;   for what ever reason — the flavor seems to be missing and all seems to be more than I  can handle, or want to.   In case you’re thinking someone needs to put a firecracker under me. . . (well, someone did!)   Don’t really ‘know’ my current viewers as I  did yesteryear as a prolific blogger,  so don’t know if any  understand my general circumstances in life.  Who I am and why I do what I do.   So a mini recap may be in order.  

As a long-time respecter of health and the belief that  all are entitled to good experiences as I have known; and coupled with being a ‘sharer,’  and the good fortune to find helpful people and books which led to my becoming more equipt to be able to handle my own physical needs competantly. . . some years ago when I saw that I was becoming my mother and going down the same path which did her in,  – – I called a halt to it all and determined to find a more natural way and to not ingest any more pharmaeutials.  I had been a difficult patient for any doctor, to be sure.  I questioned everything –  expecting answers which made sense to me, that I could digest and work with. The meds dotors made me take delivered all kinds of extra problems for me that I hadn’t known before.  I’ve shared most of these details over the years, so not going to rehash here.  But I was guilted into compliance. . . what would my granddaughters do if I just keeled over – what then?  Who would care for them as I had been doing the previous decade?     (Heart disease, big Thyroid problems, COPD, HBP, arthritis and of course, the Alzheimer’s thing. 

I wasn’t gettng better,  I was getting worse and told I needed even more prescriptions.  I was no dummy,  had been learning about alternatives in healing therapies.  Knew of  options  that to my mind were superior, preferable.  In fact were more in keeping with my way of thinking and living. Naturapathic and other alternative practitioners believe that one must stop the toxins from from dibilitating the body to be just as important as feeding the body the food it was meant to have – clean, organic, non-poisoned foods. (the way all food was  say, 50 years ago).  Put another way, it is generally two simple cause areas which lead to the majority of health problems. .  .  lack of or bad nutrient and the other is toxic interference in the body’s ability to right tself and heal from afflicting conditions.  It is always the body which does the healing, if it is allowed to function as it should.  Again, I’ve done this to death. . .so only a few-word nut-shell.  

Have done okay for my body/health,   far from perfect, but considering the medical community couldn’t bring my blood pressure under control in over ten years — it’s in normal limits now.   A five year trauma of A-fib and all that goes with it, hospital tests, treatments even a stay to load up on meds,  well, don’t notice the A-fib anymore. . .but my heart was pretty well beaten up and enlarged from all that it went thru, so there is that, but I sleep well w/o that awfull beating/fear that it brought.  Feed it well and it comes first. . . thanks Dr Harry!. . . for teaching me what to do in your book.  COPD no longer a problem, breathe easy now.  Both parents were wheel-chair bound with arthritis and died with dimentia.  With all I do for my brain and heart  (both hungry organs),  it is no wonder that they have responded.  Lots of coconut oil, fermented chocolate, amino acids I learned about from two cardiologists – naturopath Dr Harry Elwardt (Let’s Stop the @1 Killer of Americans Today) and of course, Metabolic Cardiologist Dr Stephen Sinatra  (The Sinatra Solution).

When one sees how swiftly the body responds, with no side effects other than getting better, stronger. . . no mystery there.  The whole body is interwoven together with such beauty and magic; each system functioning hand-in-glove with the other – in harmony.  Needs are being met – ENERGY NEEDS!. . not chemicals to slow the whole thng down.  Of course there is diet, and choices and the desire to accomplish – to be willing.  Since I have been the eternal student, I have continued to be alert to the new and possible.  Some of the first hurdles my mind had to accept and use was the reality of the importance to our most vital organs (brain and heart) of FATS.  Didn’t stick a toe in the water – I jumped in and went deep – all in.  How wrong so many advisors have been.  Just consider how dreadful the cost to so many thousands or millions with the unsubstantiated  ‘science’ of the low-fat diet.

My latest and most scrutable, beneficial  effort has been the Liposomal Encapsulated Vitamin C and separately – Glutathione.  I take huge amounts of both daily.  I can not explain the gratitude I have for both.  While I still have many of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s;  still can’t recall the name of someone or something when I want to, at times.  Stress can destroy me now turn me weepy, where as through life, I could handle everything, somehow manage to take all in stride and be strong, Not so anymore.  But I have to say, it’s a small price to pay because I still know who I am, what I think and how I feel.  It’s very clear, I’m still me with that infernal tendency to judge according to my own tendencies or pre-dilectiuons.  aarrgh! .  .  . who needs perfection?   

But this election run-up and the horruble results nearly did me in.  I wanted Bernie, not Hillary; but I voted for her over the man whose name I find it hard to equate with “president” in any way.    This has taken a toll on me.  A deep one.  UNTIL TODAY. (I loved Dr Harry’s book, learned to help myself so much, credit his words for my recovery, so I looked him up online and saw he had a nonthly newsletter and have been getting it for a couple of years.  Not a biggie.  Has about 5 issues he addresses with eah one.  He dwells in an entirely different subset from anything I have known, so I find it interesting, tho not crazy about his delivery. He seems to be privy  to information I’m not hearing otherwise.  No matter how he sounds or what he says, He shall remain on a top shelf with me beause of what he has given to me and my life.  Wasn’t prepared to hear him speak of Hillary and Trump. Had to listen twice.  This email had been sitting in my inbox since before voting day as I had not been taking care of bsiness too much lately (in the dumps).  

So Dr Harry isn’t a Hillary fan and he sure spelled it out. ..stuff I never heard, but it fits and I don’t know why I didn’t know of her  involvement with Monsanto and other bio-chemical companies and close alliance with the vaccine mandates etc.,.  My God in Heaven!  There is nothing I put above the importane of the individual health of people, not just our people — all people.  I knew about Wall Street and the banks etc, but this is insane.  And to think I voted for her!  He goes on to say that Trump is very much into organic and against GMO’s.  On that point alone — he would have had my vote.  Which is not to say I believe he’ll do 1/2 the stuff he said he would do.  He is too unstable and self absorbed for my taste.  Sometimes, we can’t have what we want, when we want it.  If we stay vigilent and pay a bit of attention, we’ll probably survive.        Jan  

The link to Dr Harry is below:

November 14, 2016

Midievil Shipwrecks from the Black Sea

One of Greatest coups in Archaeology History

This may not appeal to everyone, but this is an amazing find with more than forty wrecked ships dating back over a millennium from the Byzantine to the Ottoman empires.  (the ninth to the nineteenth centuries) Imagine that! Pretty Exciting stuff.  

Below are two links to the NY Times article and pictures and a 2nd one with still more or different photos.  Enjoy

November 13, 2016

Easy out from munching own energy

Indecision is a “real” biggie

You know, I have qualities, talents and foibles. . .just like almost everyone else.  Tho we are not the same,  we are so similar. No doubt, the issue which has probably caused me the most angst over my lifetime is the one of ‘indecision’.   This would come up over random things where It was necessary for me to choose;  the pink or the sea-green?   big one or smaller?   left or right – which way?  Should I do this or not?  S’ probably why I went into accounting and was fairly happy in the field.  Everything made sense to me, was logical and it worked — I worked and was comfortable. . no problem there. But so many other things weren’t as easy for me to decipher.  

Of course,  my struggle with decision-making was an enormous enigma for Mother. She had always known who she was and how she felt;  choosing for her seemed to be an automatic reflex and could not understand that in me.   And I didn’t know why I was so  hesitant to make decisions.  Was I so afraid of being wrong?   Did I need to please that much?   And further – – how did I go from being that indecisive in youth to becoming so sure of my own mind as I grew?  I donno.  Life teaches us if we’re open enough. . .   . experience is a teacher.  

Angst is uncomfortable. .  . does NOT feel good.  Had I known then about choosing the better thought,  finding a better way, I may have been saved a lot of distress (which is a destroyer of energy) – had I been willing and able to hear the words and get them.  Indecision can stop forward movement and also lead to negative consequences.  Was  reminded  of all this when I read Abraham’s message below.  Caused me to smile and take time for gratitude that I get this now. . very much.     Jan



Make a decision and then make the decision right. Line up your Energy with it. In most cases it doesn’t really matter what you decide. Just decide. There are endless options that would serve you enormously well, and all or any one of them is better than no decision.


Excerpted from: Orlando, FL on February 21, 1998

November 12, 2016

Doin’ your duty can do us in

Yes, this was a miserable voting season

 it’s gotta get better


The results of the election are most certainly not what more than half of the people of this nation were expecting.  For so many reasons.  It is easy to empathize with all those in shock, disbelief and outright dispair over our fates and future.  Where do we go from here?  What’s next?  This is bigger than BREXIT and even our world is atremble as the major economic/moral leader of the world seems to be up-side-down.. . .so yeah, this is big.

My hysteria has stopped, tears  too, but a long way from standing on firm ground. My experience with the Bernie pain has taught me that this won’t kill me.  The world goes on. And if we can muster even a bit of equilibrium and grace that Obama and Hillary have shown with their intelligent, accepting and gracious speeches to the nation,  then yes, we too can survive.  

What seems so strange to me in all of this is the utter confusion as  to “why”  this could have happened.  There seems no known or even remote cause for this inexplicable outcome.  Which  in itself. . .reveals the answer.  Whole lot of talk about the college educated  males, females;  the non-college men and women;    the latino community, the  non-white and so on. . ..  

For so many decades we have rich getting richer,  the poor getting poorer;  promises all over the place about most of it – – We hear you, help is on the way.  We’re gonna fix it.  But fixin’ never comes. . . often gets worse.  Generations are being reared in uninhabitable environments (by any normal and fair judgement of standards).  Where is freedom of choice? relief of pain when sick?  Where is fairness in consumer protection (the poor paying thru the nose with high interest rates in the 20’s and the wealthy with the cheapest rates or ‘0’);  the children of wealthy with great school districts yet deeply lacking in poorer  districts, leaving these unprepared for life as an adult on any but unfavorable terms. . .even unable to read.  But this is a subject too big for a simple one-line reference.  We have Government such as Flint Michigan where poisoning people’s water to save money goes on without attention . . The people have not been made whole nor has the Governor been made to account for it.  There are laws to prevent all this. . .but what good are they if not enforced  (like the bankers of Wall Street who never were made to be accountable either).   PEOPLE ARE BEING INJURED HERE!   but where’s the fix?  

But of course,  there’s another way to say this. . .it’s the “working class”. . .the blue-collar workers,  those in unions, and forgotten folks like 2nd and 3rd generation miners.  I’m for the green movement too, perhaps more than many others.  If we are to save the planet, we can’t continue doing what we’ve been doing. . .we must stop depleting the earth’s natural resources via flat-top mountain mining and ‘fracking’.   But what about all those people who proudly did these honest and worth-while jobs?  Where is the fairness in removing their livelihood and not providing an alternative solution?  Nothing about this is equitable.    I have written about this subject frequently; not everyone can or desires to go to college.  Many like to work with their hands and/or move their body.  Trade schools are of extreme importance.  I continue to read of companies  who cannot meet the public demand for what they offer because it is next to impossible to find help in the so-called “trades” to build or construct — not aqueducts or monuments, but simple stuff like windows and siding, etc.  The need is out there.  

Anyway,  there are massive numbers of forgotten people who have voted year after year for their party and no matter how good, clear or convincing they sound,  far too little gets done for accomplishing and/or fixin’ stuff.   They wait while life and their dreams pass them by.  It is no surprise that they might be willing to give this non-political guy a try (no matter how unrealistic or unprepared he may be to do anything of merit)   Anyway, I see why they want to give it a go.      But I couldn’t do  that in my case, because Trump has clearly shown us all who he is, and I believe what I have seen.  

For my part, I can’t think or feel the way Obama and Clinton have so beautifully expressed cooperation and willingness to assist Trump prepare for success in the WhiteHouse.  They have no option, being intelligent, sophisticated political ‘experts’. . they must do this, and know how, even if it kills them in the doing.   I can’t!   All that I have said about Don the “con” is still the same and grows worse by the day as I see his  repulsive demeanor go on and on speaking out of both sides of his mouth at once.  My angst rises and I am grief-stricken for this beloved country.  I cannot understand how this bully can push his way into the midst of Washington, do any damned thing he wants to and get away with it.  No genuine medical records;  no true financial records or income tax returns;  he is bringing in the worst slime out there he can find to run things with bigotry and  bias and discord; also bringing in his whole family to run things and pick out his cabinet.   We didn’t vote for his family to all be put on payroll too.  

This man is the worst kind of charlatan imaginable.   he doesn’t know the first thing about running our government.  I believe all of us are going to rue the day so many have been taken in by this pathetic excuse of a man.  All who voted for him are going to greatly regret this slip in judgement,  tho I do understand what prompted those desperate votes. . .hoping that “anything” is gonna be better than the same ole, same ole that leaves us all hanging out here in limbo, without a chance.  

This is OUR country, yours and mine. . . all of us together,  I implore you to stay vigilant…   .  don’t assume ANYONE can make it all better,. . ..   .  .  it’s gonna take us all being alert and keep an eagle eye on every step taken.  This is not a toy for trump — it’s our country, our home. .  .  and we’d  better protect it.  (Wish I could be out there with all of you as you protest nightly — thanks for doing this.  I’m with you in spirit, heart and mind.)  Jan

11-14-16 a Super Moon

As a Full-blown nut for nature in all her wondrous beauty, I have managed over the years to put up a post or two on Full Moons and one in particular was here:   June  25, 2013, named June 2013 Full-Moon  (was also called a super  moon – many photos).  I am posting this as it is supposed to be special for any shutter-bugs out there, providing the night is clear.  . just sayin’    Jan


John Switzer | From the Stump: November ‘super moon’ special, but it won’t justify hype

   For The Columbus Dispatch  •  Sunday November 6, 2016 8:50 AM
There’s a story in the “Old Farmer’s Almanac” that tells us the November full moon will be extra special.The moon, which is called the beaver moon, will be full on the 14th. NASA scientists call it a “super moon.” The almanac goes further and calls it the “extraordinary super moon” and says it will be closer to Earth than any moon since Jan. 26, 1948.

  • “For most people alive now, this will be the largest and brightest moon in their lives,” the almanac says.
  • That’s if the sky is clear. If you miss this super moon, the almanac says, you will have to wait until Nov. 25, 2034, for another chance.

On Nov. 14, the moon will be 217,000 miles from Earth and will be most impressive soon after rising around 6 p.m.

But before you get too excited, Tom Burns, director of Perkins Observatory in Delaware County, said, “If you go out around 6 p.m., you are going to say that moon looks real big, but the rising full moon always looks real big.”

In reality, the rising full moon that night will appear only a bit larger than any other rising moon, Burns said. He said NASA overhypes the event.

“It’s difficult for human eyes to tell the difference,” Burns said. “It drives me crazy because people will call me and say, ‘I went and looked at the super moon, and it didn’t look bigger to me.’”

Still, Burns said that if the sky is clear that evening, he will go outside and take a gander at the rising full moon, as he always does.

The reason this month’s moon is called the beaver moon is that beaver dens are now snug, stocked with food and ready for winter.

On another matter, we still have not technically had an Indian summer because we haven’t had a freezing temperature recorded at John Glenn Columbus International Airport.

We can still have an Indian summer in November, but it is just as likely that we will go right into frigid weather. Indian summer can be as fickle as the January thaw. Some folks also call the January thaw a false spring.

I went out in my vegetable garden last week to check whether the warm weather made any of my green tomatoes start looking reddish. If I don’t pick my tomatoes at that stage and bring them in the house to fully ripen on the window sill, some critter will chew a hole in them.

While I was carefully inspecting the tomatoes, I realized how much I enjoy the smell of tomato vines. I will soon have to learn to do without that aroma and all the other delightful smells that come with warm weather.

There are not a lot of smells in winter.

With today’s end of daylight saving time, darkness will come much earlier. I also will miss that extra daylight that allowed me to see what’s going on in the yard.

Retired weather columnist John Switzer writes a Sunday Metro column.

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