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February 28, 2015

‘Origins’ movie/limited viewing

The ORIGINS Movie  Premiere (few days only)

The limited viewing of this remarkable movie is an eye-opener. . . and exquisitely made by and with some of the best known minds in the fields of health, nature, and importantly, our natural history.  Also included are some of the finest practitioners whom we here at “smokinchoices” treasure so much such as David Wolfe, Dr Sara Gottlieb,  J.J. Virgin, Dr Mark Hyman,  David Asprey – the Bulletproof Executive,  and Mark Sisson –  The Primal Blueprint,   and so many more.  This is from Dr Mercola; is over an hour in length, but well worth our time. . .enjoy,  Jan

Global Health Problems Reflect Our Disconnection from the Earth

Story at-a-glance

  • The film “Origins” shows how our modern lifestyle has caused us to lose our connection with the earth, resulting in so many of our global problems from environmental destruction to hunger and disease
  • The US is now producing and importing 74 billion pounds of chemicals each day that are poisoning our bodies and polluting our planet
  • If we ever hope to heal, we must address how we eat, move, and live symbiotically with the earth


The Unhealthy New Trend That’s Brutalizing America
It’s driving chronic disease rates upward, destroying the environment and drying out our planet’s resources.

February 21, 2015

Can’t force measles Vaccine

Experts: Employers Cannot Force Workers To Get Vaccinated

One of the biggest stories of the past week has been the Disneyland measles outbreak, where at least 50 people in the United States and Mexico acquired measles, with the outbreak originating out of the California theme park.

The story is controversial because measles is a preventable disease: in 2000, the disease was declared eliminated from the United States, thanks largely to the measles vaccine. However, there has since been a push by select parents to refuse to vaccinate their children, which has allowed the measles to start spreading again.

In response to the outbreak, Disney offered up free vaccinations to any of its employees who weren’t already vaccinated. What’s interesting, though, is that they didn’t force their employees to get vaccinated, but instead just strongly encouraged it.

Why wouldn’t Disney require their employees – particularly their employees who interact with children – to be vaccinated? Well, because they can’t.

Yes, employers can make rules that all of their employees have to be vaccinated. But there are many exceptions to those rules and, by installing such a policy, the company is opening itself up to lawsuits.

The Law

A few states, including New York and Maryland, have laws that require healthcare workers to be vaccinated. But the vast majority of states do not, and even laws like the ones in Maryland and New York are subject to exceptions.  Those laws just regard healthcare professionals, though. If a company like Disney demanded all of its park workers be vaccinated, for example, they would open themselves up to lawsuits alleging discrimination or an invasion of privacy, Veena Iyer, a Minnesota-based employment attorneytold The Wall Street Journal.

“Employers should weigh the risks of mandating vaccinations or even asking about them before proceeding,” Audrey Mross, an employment-law attorney with Munck Wilson Mandala in Dallas, told The Columbus Dispatch.

Mross went on to say that employees are protected under the Americans With Disabilities Act, which prohibits discrimination on medical grounds in the workplace, and could sue an employer for requiring vaccinations under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, alleging that their religious rights are being infringed upon.

Meanwhile, the arguments against vaccinations – they cause autism, they aren’t necessary anymore, etc. – have been proven false time and time again.

(My Comment:  

Well, of course I must take issue with the statement that these vaccines are blameless with regard to the safety of them and their particular involvement with autism.  The final statement  says this is only myth as has been proven time and time again.  This is most definately not true.  And if this were true, none of us Americans would be having a problem with this issue.   So this is once again,  a so-called victory because their voices are louder,  their claims of safety have NEVER BEEN SHOWN IN ANY WAY  to be safe.   Click that link and see for yourself that there is only boisterous hype with no offered proof or even a suggestion of a properly conducted, scientific done trial. . .let alone many of them.  It is their hype which is built on propaganda and lies.  And they are trying to win this dreadful scandal through intimidation and denying the truth to lawfully come to light.    

It is clear what their motivation is — protecting that revenue stream. . . profits and greed.  Whereas parents are trying to protect the lives and health of their children.  When the children become damaged, severely hurt or dead –  it is the parents  left with the results and expense because the Pharmaceuticals companies have been pre-exonerated via screwed-up legislators to whom our tax dollars pay salaries.  Jan)

February 20, 2015

Hospital stay can induce delirium

Stay at hospital can induce delirium

By Misti CraneThe Columbus Dispatch   

“What? What’s your name?” Carl Herfel asked, leaning closer for a better look.  “Bruce,” said Carl’s son.  Carl relaxed back into his chair at Arlington Court, a nursing and rehabilitation center in Upper Arlington.   “Oh, gee,” he said. “We’re very much OK. We try to do it.”

You could mistake the former high-school assistant principal, who wears his hair in a slender white braid, for a decade younger than his almost 81 years, despite what has happened to his mind.And his mind was mostly fine until Dec. 16, except for the occasional search for a word. He never had to search for the name of one of his children, Bruce Herfel said, and filed his own taxes, enjoyed family birthday parties, mowed the lawn, shopped for groceries and scrubbed the dishes after dinners with Sara, his wife of 59 years.Then came a minor car crash and subsequent hospitalization, during which Carl’s family watched him go from conversant and a bit shaken to utterly confused and in intensive care, his mind altered in such a profound way that he could not walk or feed himself.

Hospital-induced delirium was a term unfamiliar to Bruce Herfel until one of the doctors at OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital told him that it’s common, especially among older patients, and could explain — at least in part — Carl’s transformation.

“He said we need to do whatever we can to help orient my dad . . . to help reverse it.”

Delirium is a severe state of confusion characterized by unclear thinking, inattention and sometimes hallucinations.  In intensive care, it’s rampant. About two-thirds of patients have delirium for at least a time, and 7 of 10 patients develop delirium while on ventilators or soon after.    A recent study found that more than half of those who survive a critical illness have cognitive impairment a year later; one-third of them experienced symptoms similar to Alzheimer’s disease.

But as recently as the turn of this century, delirium wasn’t recognized or understood, said Vanderbilt University’s Dr. Wes Ely, an expert on the subject whose team created protocols for helping patients retain their mental acuity.

  • “When I first started going to the (National Institutes of Health), they would write back, ‘This is not a thing; we don’t know what you’re talking about,’ ” he said.

Now, “This is becoming a very, very big deal,” Ely said, pointing to national initiatives, including efforts by the Society of Critical Care Medicine to improve care and decrease delirium.   “It’s an organ failing. This is the brain failing. There’s so much human suffering. This is a massive, massive public-health problem.”   Ely said much of delirium goes unrecognized because patients don’t act out. Rather, they’re quiet, a state known as “hypoactive delirium.”

Patients of all ages are vulnerable, but it is more common in older people and those who have dementia. Surgery increases the risk, as does depression and impaired vision or hearing. Experts say it can be triggered by infections, some medications (including sedatives and narcotics), pain and reduced oxygen to the brain.

  • It can come on within hours and usually clears up within days, but dementialike problems can last months or years.

Although dementia had not been diagnosed in Carl prior to his hospitalization, Bruce said the family has come to understand that the words he’d sometimes forget could have been an early sign of mental decline, which could have predisposed him to delirium.

Bruce said he wonders whether the antipsychotic drug Haldol, given to calm his father when he was agitated and tried to leave his hospital room, is partly to blame.   After his second dose, “He was unresponsive for about 30 hours,” Bruce said. “His carbon-dioxide levels were elevated to the point they were very concerned. They moved him to intensive care and put him on a ventilator.”

The car’s airbags deployed during the crash, and Carl had a knot on his forehead, a black eye and a cut on his head. CT scans revealed no evidence of brain injury, but because of his age and the risk of concussion, the doctors had wanted to keep Carl in the hospital overnight, his son said.

“We hear this over and over again, and it’s not limited to older adults. It’s affecting people who are in their 30’s and 40’s, and sometimes for the rest of their lives,” said Michele Balas, a delirium expert and associate professor at Ohio State’s College of Nursing.

Balas and Ely said many medical centers are paying more attention to delirium and employing tactics to help patients avoid it. That includes helping them walk as quickly as possible, even while they’re still on ventilators.

It also includes making sure they interact with family members, can see daylight and wear glasses and hearing aids when appropriate.

Balas led a study that tested a protocol for caring for ICU patients. The protocol involved using techniques for reducing delirium among 296 patients in five ICUs, one step-down unit and one oncology/hematology unit.

The researchers found that employing the prevention strategies that go by the acronym ABCDE almost cut in half the chances a patient would develop delirium. Those who received the extra attention also spent more days breathing on their own.

  • Besides being devastating to patients and families, delirium also increases the chances a person will die or develop other medical problems, Balas said.

Ohio State is using several of the techniques in the hospital routinely, she said, adding that in the next year, a collaborative of 60 hospitals will undergo training on the best approaches to avoid delirium.  “It’s hard work,” Balas said, adding that it requires manpower, consistency, commitment and teamwork among professionals who don’t always work together easily.

OhioHealth hospitals are striving to decrease delirium through a variety of techniques, including encouraging healthy sleep/wake cycles for patients by keeping rooms dark at night and minimizing disruptions while patients sleep, said Dr. Marian Schuda, medical director of the Gerlach Center for Senior Health and of patient services at Riverside.

  • Limiting medications when possible also is a priority, Schuda said.  “Taking good care of people is the best way to handle things, but with that, you can still have the delirium.”

OhioHealth Grant Medical Center has a special acute-care unit for older patients where additional work is being done to improve and tailor care. Schuda said she hopes the lessons learned there will be more widely applied.

  • Balas said tackling the medication issue means rethinking long-held beliefs about how to best care for critically ill patients.   “We were always thinking we were doing the right thing in terms of heavily sedating people while they were in the ICU,” she said. “Now we know it’s associated with hurting them and hurting their brain.”

Once a person has delirium, health-care providers frequently miss the signs, Balas said. Screening is an important step in identifying those who’ve been impaired during a hospital stay. Early identification means you can work to eliminate the cause, whether it’s medication or immobility or something else.

“We were told for years and years that this was normal. You go to the hospital, you’re going to get confused,” said Dr. Sergio Bergese, director of neuroanesthesiology at Ohio State. “We know today that delirium kills people. If you have delirium in the hospital, your mortality goes up significantly.”

And it’s not just a problem in the ICU. It can happen anywhere in the hospital and can be made worse by strange noises, restraints and a lack of daylight, said Bergese, who researches the condition and is about to study the potential benefit of exercises that engage the mind prior to elective surgery.

Carl Herfel is more alert and is quicker to respond to questions or conversation than he was a month ago, his son said. His family walks the halls of Arlington Court with him every day and keeps the conversations going even when they take mysterious turns.

Mrs. Herfel said she’s “working on staying OK.”  “But I am concerned how it’ll be a year from now. I try not to dwell on that.”

For more information on delirium, including advice on how to help family members in the hospital, go to

(My comment:  

There is no question about the dislike of the need to go to a hospital. We have been told for years now about death threats  we face when having to enter one for any procedure.  Theoretically, this threat is triggered by hospital mishaps such as wrong medicines or some kind of mix-up relating to their usage;  wrong body part or organ in surgery and other inconceivable woes.  

One cannot paint the entire industry as uncaring or callous or inept as most are certifiably humane and dedicated.  While the glaring statistics can’t be denied [tho anything CAN be done with numbers], there seem to be enormous pressures on the overall administration of hospitals.   Cost-cutting remains one of the foundations of a profitable business. . .just the way stuff works.  And because of this and other regulatory elements. . .speed and shortcuts can undermine legitimate efforts.  No matter how, what, why or who — it’s the sick or injured person which should be the ultimate priority, ALWAYS, no matter what.  Everything else is just NOISE,  unwelcome noise.  

In light of safety issues and patient outcome,  hospitals are a place to stay away from.   This article reveals  still another issue most of us would not have guessed nor contemplated.  This is an enormous burden which hospitals and the practicing doctors and associated staff therein MUST deal with.  It is a good thing [however late in arrival],  that light is being focused on this and action is being taken — our medical professionals are trying to see with new eyes and solve problems.  To be applauded!  Jan)





February 15, 2015

ACA poorly done (says me)

Gotta get this off my mind B4 I’m past my ‘expiration date’ 

(I have held back my extreme angst over this debacle of an attempt to provide health-care to those who need it in our country.  And I am frankly so disenchanted over everything about it.  While I have deeply chastised our president for abandoning the single-payer approach which he ran on,  for I as well as thousands more like-minded others felt it was the only approach which could have a chance to do what was needed and be effective – – if done right;   the way it has turned out is in my mind unfair, not workable and some kind of grab-fest for the corporate powers that be.  

Apparently, the doctors are deeply resentful,   They have spent much in time, energy and financial indebtedness to get where they are and are now being cut back severely in payment for their services to the point many are leaving their contractual agreements behind, and making other choices.  Many will not be able to continue operations with the combined overload of regulations and paper dominated new rules  together with the cutback in remuneration.  Doctors are leaving in droves — I lost mine,  (and I liked him) when he became a concierge doctor.  Everyone’s gotta do what he’s gotta do.  

I am not an admirer of the Medical Complex as it is run in America.  I do not now use any doctor, which is not a particularly fine place to be.  But under no circumstances would I be engaging in taking any pharmaceuticals under any circumstances, for any reason.  We don’t have a “HEALTH CARE SYSTEM going for us at all.  What has been foisted off onto us all is “DISEASE CARE”  whereby BIG PhRMA wins whether we live or die.  They treat symptoms;  don’t even probe the area of ‘causation’ and natural, non-toxic treatment of which there are many and varied choices.  The greed and corruption is so immense that it is indescribable and they will always make out like bandits. . . as seen with every rising cost of medicine.  It is obscene.  Only the wealthy can afford it.  But the wealthy aren’t too concerned about any of this for it doesn’t concern them. .they do have freedom of choice.

As to the indigent,  we have had Medic-Aid in place for a generation or so. (working so-so to okay in many if not most states).  It is the masses of our land whom are being under-served – BIG TIME!   The so-called middle-class clinging by their fingernail to hold onto some semblance of home and family and many are losing the battle.  There are droves of people who couldn’t qualify for any of the (discounts).  They haven’t crawled out of the hole of recent economic down-turns, remain too indebted, overburdened and without any medical option at all.  So they will be fined as this article explains and they will HAVE TO PAY THE FINES, even tho they can’t afford it.   So President Obama,  keep making those LAWS and MANDATES,  in no time — we’ll all be criminals.  But I must say emphatically – – this is bad juju – –  how can you keep a straight face when discussing all the help you brought to the middle class?  If your millions whom you say have been helped, because they never had insurance before, well that’s gotta tell ya we’re in rotten shape – medically.  The Republicans don’t despise this ACA any more than I do.  People should NOT be fined, badgered,  MANDATED, nor made to feel like criminals because of their right to exercise “choice” on what they will or will not choose to put in their body or their children.  And a country who values and respects their citizens would find a way to exist so that the sick and ailing or feeble can have access to medical help without all the paperwork and rigmarole.  Where is the decency and concern for ordinary folks doing the best they can in incredibly hard times.    Jan)

Health-care law

Ohioans still have time to get coverage


Ohioans who aren’t covered have until Sunday to sign up for health insurance through the federally run marketplace.   Coverage can be purchased through . Help will be available from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. today and Sunday at the following locations:  
Columbus Public Health, 240 Parsons Ave.  
Enroll America — Columbus office, 2090 E. Dublin-Granville Rd.  
Church of the Nazarene, 4770 Hoover Rd.  
Eastland Mall, 2740 Eastland Mall.  
For help from home, go to  , or call 1-800-648-1176.  
As of Feb. 6, 33,890 people in the Columbus metropolitan statistical area had signed up for coverage. Statewide, more than 208,000 people have enrolled. About 10 million U.S. residents have signed up for coverage so far.  
The 84 percent of Ohio consumers who have qualified for assistance have received an average of $247 in tax credits per month to help pay for coverage.  
  • Those who do not qualify for hardship exemptions will face penalties for not having coverage in 2015.   The penalties are $325 per adult and $162.50 per child (up to $975 for a family) or 2 percent of family income above $10,000, whichever is greater.


February 8, 2015

RLS, Heart, headaches – what to do

Transdermal Magnesium Oil

So much to know

Have been wanting to speak about this subject for quite some time.  I use this product and have for years since my first and succeeding cardiology doctors demanded that I increase Magnesium levels.  I tried to comply til I was housebound for almost 5 years with bowel disturbance so severe, its a wonder I survived.  To live with ongoing diarrhea can kill you as one is starving since the gut is so under-mined — unable to assimilate and deliver the nutrient thru into the system.  

Eventually, I quit the whole shebang and tend my heart needs on my own [from research I have done; books by cardiologists,  especially Elwardt and Sinatra], using most of the usual, EFA’s, Co Q-10, Nattokinase [blood thinner superior], and of course, Ubiquinol — but have learned how to give my heart what it needs and is hungry for – energy [BRAIN too].  That would be FATS.  Had to do a lot of re-thinking for we have all been brain-washed into the lo-fat fallacy.. .limiting eggs, butter and animal protein.  Minor adjustments. . .the big news to my mind was the Amino Acids I now take that I once thought of as only muscle-heads domain — to grow strong muscles, well duh. . .my gawd – that’s what I need!  So I adopted Dr Harry as my leader and off I went. . .hook, line and sinker.   Near a year now. .and I’m still here.  The life-long arrhythmia and more recent [5-year] A-FIB is hardly noticeable.  Blood pressure is down.  Now if only I could fix the COPD – hey, it could happen. I’m kinda an optimist.  

It’s been a learning curve, not a cake walk and no one to confer with.  Family think I’m crazy, I’m sure.  As I began to falter a few months back, I doubled my dosage feeling that it would be okay as Dr Harry in his book said the dosage as outlined was totally safe and way less than full-on athletes use.  Sure enough, . .energy returned.  Not going further into all this as I have covered it all [which is my custom – to share, in case anyone also might like to know]   I believe the protocol I am using was posted late summer/fall of 2014.  

One of the things I did which helped me survive was to learn about Dr Sircus and his book on Transdermal Magnesium. It was a great read and gave me a new start.  I use it for my heart;  but this mineral is NEEDED by so many natural functions within the body that it can literally give relief to multitudes, if only we knew.  Unless you’re naturally curious — how ya gonna know?   Regular docs don’t know. Natural stuff is just passe, folk-lore and worse!  When I was still seeing doctors, tried to replace blood thinners with Nattokinase and they knew noting about it – so NO.  Had proof this was superior – faster, cheaper and most of all — safer/no side effects. . but they wouldn’t listen  and didn’t want to know.    

Had a query from one of my commenters 5-6 years ago about what to do for  RLS;  it seems the RX med she took was being removed from the market and she was desperate.  I didn’t have this problem and didn’t know much to offer outside of EFT.  But stuff changes!

Trying to stay away from ice cream of late, I sub with delicious organic, whole milk yogurts.  Probably overdo.  I now know about RLS.  Since Magnesium is vital for so much including muscle anything gone wrong, I  rouse from bed and spray on my belly and rub in  Magnesium oil.  By the time I crawl back under the covers, I’m comfortable.  Reason for this, I am just learning now as I go online to repurchase, follow a trail for recommendations and testimonials. . .should I go with Ancient Minerals – more expensive than Swanson whose Dr Barbara Hendel says also comes from same place – the one-mile underground sea called Zechstein Sea at almost half the cost of Ancient Minerals ($12 to $24 for 8 oz spray bottle).  Usually buy the gallon, but times a bit tougher at the moment. So on the way to a choice, I come across this reflection from a highly knowledgeable JODI HUMMINGBIRD.  She answers question I didn’t even know i had and does it so well!  But I realize now that I must restrict my yogurt or up my Magnesium even more.  Go learn something!  . .and enjoy it.   Jan


by Jodi-Hummingbird TOP 1000 REVIEWER on January 25, 2012

This is the brand of magnesium oil Mark Sircus, author of Transdermal Magnesium Therapy: A New Modality for the Maintenance of Health recommends. It is a good quality product.

Transdermal magnesium is better absorbed than magnesium taken orally, and can be almost as effective as magnesium injections. Its use is far less involved and perhaps safer than injections or IVs, when transdermal magnesium is used at high doses. Transdermal magnesium experts have observed that this method of taking on magnesium seems to have the advantage of letting the body absorb magnesium where it is needed and only as much as is needed. In contrast, the amount taken orally and via injection involves a lot more guesswork and potential for side effects from too high a dose. However, these experts have also made it clear that their observation and opinion that only as much transdermal magnesium as is needed is absorbed has not yet been proven in studies, and that more research is needed in this area.

There are also other benefits to using magnesium oil over other forms of magnesium. Transdermal magnesium, magnesium taken in through the skin, can indirectly raise DHEA levels, making this form of magnesium a useful treatment for menopausal symptoms and PMS symptoms. Enhanced natural production of DHEA can also help promote adequate sleep (in accordance with circadian rhythms). DHEA is the master hormone from which many other hormones are made (eg. estrogen). Raising DHEA levels naturally avoids the problems caused by supplementing these other hormones directly. (Estrogen hormone replacement raises risk of blood clots, for example and while synthetic DHEA is a commonly-used nutritional supplement, evidence points to the greater safety and effectivenes of naturally-produced/endogenous DHEA, including lower risks from adverse effects, according to magnesium expert Mark Sircus Ac OMD.)

IV and transdermal magnesium bypasses the liver (reducing the load on the liver). Mark Sircus Ac OMD, says,

“Transdermal (skin) application of magnesium is actually superior to oral supplements in many ways and is the best practical way magnesium can be used as a medicine besides by direct injection. Transdermal magnesium delivers high levels of magnesium directly through the skin to the cellular level, bypassing common intestinal and kidney problems associated with oral use.”

Magnesium deficiency can inhibit oral magnesium absorption, and so IV or transdermal magnesium may be necessary for a time if magnesium deficiency is severe, to help the person overcome this problem. IV and transdermal magnesium also do not have the same limits on the rate and amount of uptake and assimilation as oral magnesium.

According to magnesium expert Mark Sircus Ac OMD, magnesium deficiency can be corrected via oral magnesium supplements in 6 – 12 months, via transdermal magnesium in 4 weeks, and in 2 weeks via IVs or injections.

Magnesium oil is called an oil but is in fact just refined seawater that has a slightly oily feel due to the high magnesium content. Magnesium oil is a high-density solution of concentrated magnesium chloride (roughly a third) and trace minerals suspended in pure water. (Forms which are not taken from the ocean are not ideal.)

Magnesium oil can be sprayed or rubbed on the skin, or can be added to baths or foot baths. More magnesium is absorbed through direct skin application than in a bath. More magnesium will be absorbed where 15 ml of magnesium oil is applied to the skin, than where 30 ml (1 oz) of magnesium oil is added to a bath. Thus the most cost-effective way to use transdermal magnesium is by applying it directly to the skin.

Magnesium oil can be sprayed on the legs to treat restless legs syndrome, or sprayed on any other part of the body where there is muscle pain, or just sprayed on the parts of the body that are most convenient to spray. A magnesium bath can be calming, and may be ideal where there is anxiety or an inability to wind down after the day and go to sleep or extreme pain or headache.

How much magnesium is absorbed transdermally varies from person to person and there are no exact figures available. More research is needed on the absorbability and bioavailability of transdermal magnesium.

As with all other forms of magnesium, it is important to break your magnesium doses up as much as possible rather than having one large daily dose. Thus if you have a nightly magnesium bath or foot bath, make sure you take your oral magnesium supplements or use magnesium directly on the skin (if applicable) as far removed from your bath time as possible. (You may choose to rub a small amount of magnesium oil on your skin on waking, and have magnesium tablets just before breakfast, lunch and dinner, for example, before having your nightly magnesium bath before going to bed.)

Metabolic cardiologist Dr Stephen T. Sinatra considers coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), L carnitine, D ribose and magnesium the `awesome foursome’ of cardiovascular health.   (I agree with his comment, but ARGININE and D-RIBOSE are most important and effective to me.  Jan)

Dr Sinatra explains that while 1 + 1 will always equal 2 in mathematics, in metabolic cardiology and nutritional medicine, when you are talking about substances that are synergistic with each other such as the `awesome foursome’, 1 + 1 might equal 5 or even 10. In other words, the benefits of taking more than one of these substances at a time may far outweigh the benefits seen from taking any of them alone.

I dislike the itching feeling on my skin I get when I apply this product directly. I seem to have sensitive skin. But I have no problems at all adding a teaspoon of magnesium oil to my bath each night. It really helps my muscle and cardiac problems – along with high dose vitamin C, carnitine and CoQ10.  (thankfully, I’ve not had that problem, but I only spray my belly  up to and above the breasts – works for me!  Jan)

Jodi Bassett, The Hummingbirds’ Foundation for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

Regenerative AG for soil

REGENERATING OUR SOIL. . . saving ourselves

Well, here I go again with Dr Mercola and his fabulous resources – [thank you God, that he is so willing to share],  this time, it’s all about the soil which allows us to have food which we need, no matter which side of the FOOD-theory you dwell in.. This is a video with knowledgeable Kristin Ohlson  on the subject of Regenerative Agriculture.  She and others aren’t satisfied with simply saying ‘organic’ to describe this particular thrust, for it is more about saving the “SOIL”. . .so that it can save us in turn.  In fact, her new book is called “The Soil will Save Us.”  This is fascinating and I learned so much more about it, in fact, stuff I can do tho I live in an apartment complex with limited ground space. . .but I have my roses and Mint and of course, potted plants on the patio, visited by roving squirrels, few cats and an occasional skunk or two.  

The loss of viable, living land globally is a major problem to earth’s inhabitants.   Planet earth, before humans began ‘farming’ was highly fertile — teeming with life we only recently, have begun to understand.  Hard, dry, barren land is devoid of vital components needed to support any kind of life – even it’s own.  In ignorance, man has done this.   Now, with new science and open, questioning minds. . .we have begun to understand the amazing, but simple realities that can, IS and will restore our soil, thereby  saving all of    us.  You’ll be amazed and happy with this,  a very positive message. . .enjoy.          Jan



Far Better Than Organic, This Is the Healthiest Kind of

This new movement is gaining momentum, and offers you a level of micronutrients you never dreamed possible. The pioneers of this movement shun the word organic as the standard, trading it for this… Is your produce on par with it?

February 7, 2015

Vaxxers aren’t selfish – just smarter

The Lofty 1% is  going too far – – they’re strangling us!

It is so very difficult for me to sit by and watch, see and listen to  all media – Television, newspapers/print media and  so many icons in our world of celebrities,  including our own President,  all but criminalize the parents of our land who have chosen NOT to vaccinate their children.    In particular, I refer here to the measles vaccine.  To the best of my knowledge, it is given as the MMR and there has in fact been much discussion over that!  

I only know that as a child, I had measles three times and chicken pox once. During this time I was living in my (doctor) uncle’s home and family.  He removed my tonsils and sewed up my many wounds resulting from my forays out into the world on my own.  (scaling fences, climbing trees, approaching all animals, hunting for treasure, checking out new homes being constructed — I was a busy kid)

We are being described as misinformed, biased and declared selfish  NOT  to put the welfare of “all” above our own personal interests.   “They”  are claiming LOUDLY that vaccination  is protective, safe and proven to be beneficial.  They continually cite the one English doctor who ‘started’ all this ‘conspiracy’ and began this controversy and how he was eventually de-licensed — but neglect to admit this doctor migrated here and became licensed and continued to prove and show his mounting evidence.  But that doesn’t fit their story line.  Furthermore,  The thousands of us from newborns all the way up to established and accomplished medical professionals have also been seriously injured — lives ruined.  None of that matters!  Where has been the outcry for the one in five children who now fall into the “Autism -spectrum”. . a broad swath of Americans from flat-out autism to ADD and ADHD, all with some form of damage to the  brain and central nervous system.  

Millions are onto the fact that something is wrong and we are being lied to – – even the recent post  here about the ‘Head of Nursing,’ a highly educated, respected medical professional who didn’t know about the risk she was taking with a simple flu shot!  She was never told about the possible consequences or the damage which could be done.    Pro that she is and was,  didn’t KNOW!   Her life is ruined  and she lives helpless, in torment and pain.  

Parents are being traumatized and stripped of their rights of choices and natural-born, inner-compelled responsibility to do the right thing for their own children.  Call it what you like , crazy,. . a gut thing – whatever. . .a parent just knows. On any level, this should never be violated,  not in a free society where citizens have ‘CHOICE and RIGHTS”  It is without doubt that the citizens of this country never voted to give up their rights or have some kind of hierarchical “gestapo” laying down the laws of our land.  But it appears — this is exactly what is happening with BIG PhRMA wielding the power, making the laws by paying-off  [“BUYING”] all those who claim to be our ‘law-makers’ and reaching throughout Washington.

The clout of the Pharmaceutical industry is totally behind all of this.  Who else but an organization who understands they can get away with anything, go to any lengths necessary to protect themselves, would even attempt such a thing if it wasn’t written down, made law and given total exemption from any liability whatsoever?  For that is how they operate.    SAFE?  The FDA checks nothing.   They do no testing — aren’t set up for that at all.  They take the word of  PhRMA that safety is a given. . .and so it goes.  There has never been legitimate studies done to prove safety.  Never!  But that our government would allow any entity exoneration from responsibility from wrong-doing (consequence seen when one goes to court and perhaps having to prove those statements),  tho it is defying all logic — that’s what we are living with.    

So on the one hand we have these ever-growing laws,  mandates,  untouchable corporate structure, ill-informed practitioners of medicine – who haven’t a clue (obviously, or they wouldn’t be in cahoots to injure innocent people)  and on the other hand we have tons of physicians who see with open eyes, listen with sensitive ears and have sufficient integrity that they have done independent further investigation and study and realize that the components and adjuvents used in most of the vaccinations are toxic, harmful and in many cases – lethal.  A baby’s central nervous system and brain can’t tolerate this injury which is why the damage is done, not to mention that this also interferes with the proper, normal development of the child’s still forming immune system, which until it is fully formed and strengthened, cannot protect the child which is why most kids have so much sickness.  That immunity is the only thing which heals the body when the child is under bacterial, germicidal or fungal attack.  

Yes, there are many fine and forward thinking  doctors among us.  But they too, suffer attack and scurrilous abuse. . .because they aren’t following ACCEPTED, RECOGNIZED,  standard procedure.  Many are run out of town, prosecuted year in and year out in court cases; or just de-licensed!  So when you find a good one – – treasure them.  

 While it is true, the evidence is piling up displaying an American  society in obvious decay and/or ruin. .I’m not speaking of smoking, drinking and drugs, but the core structure of people these days.  We are fat, worried, sad and/or overly emotional – even suicidal.   Beneath the 1%,  few can legitimately aspire to a meaningful life – – forget prosperity. . .the ability to just get along  and exist without shame, and not winding up in some ditch somewhere.  We see our country falling into the same decay our own lives have sunk into.  Why is all this?    I dunno, but it’s got a whole lot to do with how stuff is run in Washington.  

Is it the socio-economic disparity between the 1% and rest of us?  Likely.  Take Bill Gates — he’s about as well off as anyone around. People think highly of him, praise his contribution ‘back to society’ and so on.   He keeps his money abroad so he doesn’t have to pay any taxes here at home where he is such a big shot!  In my mind, that puts him way off the charts in being a solid citizen.  Smells really bad.  But he takes all this credit for spreading money all over the globe giving suffering masses – inoculations. . to help them. .   aargh!  

Ever since Clinton tried to raise all boats, almost two decades ago, we’ve been going downhill;  jobs went overseas and our people really hit the skids.  The middle-class income levels can’t even begin to compare with those of 50 – 60 years ago.  That’s pathetic.

Not meaning to be cagey,. .I fully own up  that I have only touched highlights of what I see as a problem while alluding to  few facts.  For that I would like to send you off to NVIC with the latest update from them.  They have the facts and some really good advice. So please, click on the link below and lets join forces to see if we can’t come up with some action which might alleviate this horrid pain.  It doesn’t seem right to be angry with the personalities I’ve cited above,. . .most are doing what they’re told to do.  Others are just lust being led around by their noses — one could say, they are just mis-informed!  

One thing I know for sure,  our bodies were designed by the very best;  doesn’t make mistakes.  So, we can be certain that it isn’t our genes at fault here.  But man in his greed has polluted the earth, is sterilizing the soil, tainting our water and polluting the air. . .the chemical corporations have almost destroyed our food supply with low-nutrition GMO’s,  the food processing manufacturers have almost done us in with their methods,  and the medical profession knows nothing about nutrition or what HEALTH looks like.  They push chemicals [prescriptions] and surgery.  Definitely – not my choice!

Meanwhile, I hugely don’t like the inference that all us folks,  rich and poor alike, can’t think and figure stuff out or that we are only concerned for ourselves.  Americans have always been kind hearted and willing to help one another. And since when have our smarts been in question?  We formed, fashioned and built the most successful nation in the world!

If I ran the zoo, I’d abolish infant shots, and deeply minimize the rest of them and  trash the concept of MANDATES.   Mandate is just another way of saying  “law” and you know what, if we keep making more and more of these laws, in pretty short order they will make criminals of us all.  Funny how easy it has become to issue mandates.  This country is made up of hugely independent people who definately don’t like being told what to do.  I personally deplore the Mandate on Obamacare or the ACA!   That is no help to people who really need it, but don’t qualify for assistance in the majority of Republican run states who have slashed everything that isn’t nailed down.  but that’s another story altogether.    Jan

February 3, 2015

Autoimmune blisters – Ulcerative colitis


Autoimmune blisters call for long-term treatment

 To Your Good Health
Keith Roach

Q #1: A year ago, I broke out with pimples on my back, arms and thighs. They itched so badly I thought I would go mad.   A dermatologist took a biopsy and told me it was an autoimmune disease called bullous pemphigoid. I was started on prednisone and doxycycline.   When it cleared up, I stopped the medication, but it came back. The doctor said she thinks I’ll have to take medication for the rest of my life. I don’t like taking the medication, as it blurs my eyesight and I lose energy. I also have osteoporosis. I do take vitamins.

   A: Bullous pemphigoid is an autoimmune disease that causes blisters, mostly in older adults. The blisters are large and tense (as opposed to pemphigus, a more dangerous autoimmune disease in which the blisters are soft). Bullous pemphigoid tends to come and go over months or even years. A diagnosis is confirmed by a biopsy.  

The usual treatment is a corticosteroid, either topical or systemic. Because it was over such an extended area of your body, your dermatologist decided on systemic, at a moderate dose of 20 milligrams.   

Prednisone has many long-term side effects, including that of making your osteoporosis worse.  Further, I am concerned that the blurry vision could indicate the onset of diabetes or a cataract, as both are strongly associated with chronic steroid use.   Your doctor should be testing you for diabetes and treating the osteoporosis, and should ensure that you see an eye doctor.  

Certain medications, such as the doxycycline she started you on, can reduce your need for steroids.   Other medications used for autoimmune diseases can further reduce the need for steroids, but azathioprine, methotrexate, mycophenolate and others have serious side effects of their own.   Although, in some cases, bullous pemphigoid does go away, I agree with your doctor that you are likely to need a long-term medication.

(Q #1:   Since I had never heard of such a difficult and painful condition, I had to refer to my Merk Manual.  Can’t disagree with Dr Roach’s perspective or conclusion,  tho I do wonder why it seems this should be a lifetime issue.  I read that treatment began with 40 to 60 mg each morning showing improvement —  then,   treatment could be tapered  downward to a maintenance level after several weeks.  Further suggestion reveals occasional new lesions should be disregarded (in the elderly) as increasing the dosage can carry more risk than benefit.  Variety of other medicines were described showing 4 to 6 weeks  before clinical efficiency is observed.    Maybe stuff has changed!    Jan)

   Q #2: My husband recently developed ulcerative colitis. He was prescribed Lialda and also told that he would have to take it for the rest of his life.   He is scheduled for another colonoscopy soon.   The medication is very expensive. We are senior citizens with a limited income.   Is a less expensive medication available?

   A: Ulcerative colitis is one type of inflammatory bowel disease (the other type is Crohn’s disease). It causes ulcers and inflammation in the colon, and increases the long-term risk of colon cancer.  

Lialda is a brand name of mesalamine, also called 5-ASA, which reduces inflammation in the colon. I would ask your husband’s doctor about an old formulation of 5-ASA called sulfasalazine.  

According to my sources, Lialda costs about $970 a month, and sulfasalazine costs about $45 a month. Sulfasalazine, however, is more likely to have side effects.  

Dr. Roach answers letters only in his North America Syndicate column but provides an order form of available health newsletters. Write him at P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475; or  .

( Q#2:  Once again as in so many other diseases (these days) the cause is unknown.  Simply seems to be a genetic predisposition leading to an unregulated intestinal immune response to an environmental, dietary or infectious agent.  Sorry, it is impossible for me to accept the “blame the genes” game   except in the rare, extreme case.    

In this case we are  speaking  of a retired man who  has probably lived more than 60 years and this is a recent development. It isn’t likely to be a genetic thing.    This couple is living on Social Security income alone  for which his doctor has prescribed a costly medicine they can’t afford.  Tell me again  how great American medicine is . . .  .    

The wife seeks help for her husband who is suffering.  Their doctor may as well have told them to get the Hope Diamond and all will be well.  Simply useless.  At least Dr Roach offered a comparable med at a more reasonable cost point.  But I would look in a different direction, because that’s the way my mind goes.  

I need to seek causation and remedies the body can welcome — not be further burdened by [as in anything chemical] prescription pharmaceuticals.  To begin, one needs to know what this patient has been eating, not just now but throughout his life – i.e. what does he eat?  Gotta be major clues there.  [you are what you eat, can digest and utilize].  Also, ‘food combining’ is so much more than people think. Probably not one in 10,000 even give a thought to this simple but vitally important concept which I have gone on and on about for years, so won’t cover now.  [either find it among the posts here or go online and ‘google’ Hay Dieting Method. Its a question of what foods can be eaten together and which must be eaten separately, e.g.  don’t eat proteins with starches at same meal, etc.,.]  One of the main reasons this matters so much is because of DIGESTION.  If food isn’t properly digested,  it winds up in the intestinal tract, and putrefies.  When combining food correctly – no problem.  If you fart a lot, you’re not combining your food right!  And you aren’t being nourished correctly either.   Nor is your immune system likely to be healthy because it too, is probably gasping for life.  This is after all, the essential home of our immune system — the gut,  where food is finally passed through the gut lining into our system for nutrient to be utilized.  Ain’t gonna happen if you’re suffering with Ulcerative colitis.  Can’t — so you are  either starving or mal-nourished.  one begins to fail, chronic diseases take hold, systems break down.    

But that downward spiral doesn’t happen overnight – – there is generally years in the making thru improper diet and lack of healthy nutrient.   Life doesn’t have to be this way.  Most people however eat  processed food [something in cans, boxes or packages and bottles — Standard American Diet –  SAD diet.]  None of it much better than eating paper or the boxes.  What is needed is fresh fruits and vegetables, pastured animal protein [the way they lived naturally], real eggs naturally raised, nuts, seeds. . . you get the picture.  Dairy isn’t needed by humans.  We are the only species to continue drinking milk after being weaned from mama’s breast.  It’s practically a no no to consume calcium tablets for it is little better than eating chalk.  What we really need is those wonderful, colorful fresh veggies [called greens].  For those who do consume milk products, it should be organic and preferably “RAW”. .the way the cow gives it.  The largest animals eat plants and that is all it takes to grow those large sturdy bones.  Paleo’s  Dr. Loren Cordain explains the  essential of truth about bones and the need for calcium balance.  Not just calcium we ingest — but it’s how much we are loosing by dietary impropriety,  calcium can be leeched right out of our bones.  So yeah, it’s what we eat alright!  

So here we are with a nearly kaput immune system and the whole damned cavity is bleeding and on fire.  What to do?  Most modern docs will have you avoid fruits and veggies cause your gut can’t take it.  Obviously, that painful colonic environment is gonna need some kind gentling, but  one can’t get well without nourishment.  It is good if not best to focus on fruits and vegetables to nourish and heal the body, but digestive processes must of needs be prioritized here, so juicing would be the perfect solution to get the healing going.  Beg, borrow or steel a juicer, you both need one. Can use varieties of red, yellow and green plants.  I still juice in order to keep on keepin on, but I always include fresh piece of ginger and several toes of garlic – both healing and delicious, 3-4 #’s org carrots, couple batches Dandelion greens [good for inner organs], kale, spinach, celery,  etc

I’m a coffee drinker too, and I love my morning cup (organic coffee, Paleo style, using some coconut oil , little cinnamon and dash of milk or creamer, all whipped up with a stick blender — better than the Latte shops and serving my brain’s needs at same time.] 

Try to use GREEN TEA which is kinda like a medicine for the immune system.  Has polyphenols w/great antioxidant and anti- cancer properties.   It is wise to rid yourself of certain foodstuff that are known to have deleterious effect on the immune system  such as grains and dairy.  Sugar however is the GREAT offender to any person’s health, but is especially toxic to the immune system.   If you must sweeten anything, please use a fully natural substance like the leaf Stevia or Lohan.  

Other healing herbs are Hawthorne, Turmeric,  Ginkgo biloba and  Ginger.   More of nature’s nutrients which are very useful in enhancing the immune system are vitamins C, E, A and B complex,  reduced L-glutathione, selenium, zinc, magnesium, Co Q-10, and DHEA.  

  • Zinc is known to increase the size of the thymus gland which is the powerhouse of one’s immune system and improves T-cell functions and can actually repair gut cells — many with bowel disease have this deficiency.  The major thrust – the top priority is to repair the immune system so it can heal the body

FLAX is especially rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which are essential to human life which of course are key in influencing immune function and inflammatory functions while playing a key role in heart function, hormone production, brain activity as well as making healthy skin and hair and membranes throughout the body.`   DHA and EPA constitute essential fatty acids.  As a heart patient,  I have been accustomed to taking a whole lot of fish oil, gagging mercilessly with each pill.  One especially needs the DHA for maximum boost, yet EPA was the dominant element in fish oil capsules.  I was delighted to find a product by NOW [and there are others, but I like NOW] which has double the  the dose of DHA 500 mg to the EPA’s @ 250 mg.  Cut the quantity of pills and the gagging altogether.  No burping the fish oil afterward either.  . . .just sayin’   This sea vegetable source DHA has shown immune benefits  in reference to cancer (colon and liver),  MS and other diseases of inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, inflammatory bowel disease such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease as well as inflammatory skin disorders. (Would probably help the lady in Q#1 with her blistered skin.).  

Flare-ups are a part of  inflammatory bowel diseases;  with both quiet and active times.  When getting nourishment into the body is a problem, liquid diets are favored for those flare-ups.  This can be herbal teas;  high protein broth [such as fish, chicken or meat broth] and fresh vegetable juices.  The body can absorb essential nutrients without having to do all the work of digestion of solid foods.  

Too often people with inflammatory bowel disease are iron deficient.  This can be resolved by eating some beets almost daily.  This is easy enuff to do in several ways.  I was anemic for some years, apparently and was told by my most beloved doc to eat some beets every day.  But, I protested — I hate beets, can’t I take a pill or something.  No she said, the best way to get the iron you need is just a little bit of beets every day.  synthetic preparations won’t get the job done.  My mother-in-law taught me to make beet borscht. . .and I fell in love.  Anybody needs the recipe, let me know.  I have also learned to buy julienne canned beets to put in my salads – forgive me purists out there.  And of course, since I’ve been juicing, I throw in well scrubbed beets and some beet leaves too.  

Just a couple more healing points and I’ll wrap this up:  GLUTAMINE nourishes the small intestine.  This amino acid they say feeds the cells lining the small intestine.  It can help correct the malabsorption of nutrients and relieve symptoms.  Some naturopaths recommend a supplement cal-butyric acid believed to help cells in the colon regenerate and get and stay healthy.  For maximum absorption a product called Cal-Mag Butyrate is recommended.  

For the inflammation, there’s another home remedy with the herbs Boswellia and Turmeric which are both strong anti-inflammatory herbs with minimal side effects and combined and also supplies extracts of sea cucumber, called “MARINECARE” 

My last recommendation I generally would urge all to embrace and that would be FERMENTED VEGETABLES.  I have my how-to-do-it up back a few years or five(?).  There is nothing else coming from a kitchen which can improve health, heal the intestinal flora better than any other effort imagined.  There is nothing else which can give one more of the B vitamins in a simpler, more delicious way.  The rules aren’t hard and fast, one can get creative mixing choices as one’s fancy takes it.  After much researching and effort and satisfaction, I wanted to share.  True, I almost spit it up it was so surprising and well – awful.  But I had invested all the time and research and bit of money — wasn’t just going to toss it!  So I wrote to one I really liked and sorta took her advice on [and recipes].  By the time she got back to me a day or two later, I had almost gotten “used to it.”  Had been an Ice cream and or chocoholic (fond of sweet) and my veggies were all sour and vinegarish took me some getting used to.  Then by golly, I was in love again and chocolate no longer seemed so important to me.  There is no vitamin B pill around which can hold a candle to this dish. Nothing else can insure that your immune system is indestructible and will always protect you.  May die in a car crash, but not cancer.      Well, there you go,   got carried away again. . .   Jan


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