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September 29, 2017

No Face surgery, just easy care. .

Some wonder about my skin

When chatting with others in stores, while shopping and selecting my fresh foods;   small-talk can start so easily.  Sometimes it lengthens a bit more.  Enjoyable.  If I speak of “smokinchoices” or mention my age. .  .  a look can cross their face as they reach for words to express their surprise.  .  sometimes I can almost sense. .”wonder what she’s done to her face, . . facelift, probably. ”     Not the sort of thing you ask someone about without seeming to be rude.  If they seem interested, I offer them my card for the blog.   It’s kind of amusing, and I don’t mind it.     I have been blessed with  pretty good genes, but there are a few things I’ve learned to do which helps my skin be as reflective of health and deliberate care which allows it to look as it does.  In case  this might be of interest to some  of you, I’m happy to share.   Rest assured. its DIY cosmetology, not surgery or from any other professional.   

The Oil Cleansing Method

As with my teeth,  I generally do these ablutions before bedtime.    First, I slather on some oils I ‘ve mixed,  kept in a bottle in the bathroom cabinet  for cleansing.  This can be any choice which appeals to you, sesame, avocado, macadamia, olive-oil, castor oil is less costly and can be the mainstay (up to a third), argan or ylang-ylang  or apricot, etc.,.   Dryer skin may need less castor oil and more of one of the richer oils.  I let the oils remain on my skin while I tend my teeth which I’ve gone into fairly recently (see that post].   Then, using an absorbent washcloth and hot (as you can stand it} running water > hold the hot, wet cloth to your face and neck a short while;  repeat a few times, then wring out the cloth and wipe the oils from your skin. . gently a time or two. Face should feel spectacular. . nothing more need be done.   At this point, I used to dab on some of the  Tallow Balm I make from the suet of grass-fed (organic and pure) beef bought at an organic  butcher.  This too, has been shared with you as this fabulous cream can be quite costly to buy commercially, but so very cheap with DIY.      Of late,, . I do a further step (before the Balm) Next:

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Vitamin C Serum

 This cosmetic combination is extraordinarily effective to keep skin moisturized  plump and dewy looking.  Some call it miraculous – – like a face lift in a bottle.   This is a rather popular, accepted, well established procedure which one can find all over the internet. Very costly to buy commercially. . .but again —  inexpensive to make at home.  Of course, I’ve tinkered around kinda customising it as you no doubt would expect that I would do to try to make it as effective and healthy  (good for the skin) as possible.   My C-Serum looks different from most because I use natural, organic Vit C  for the C content and a bag of well-steeped green tea for its ‘antioxidant effect,’ but helps give it that yucky color. . . fortunately no one can tell you’re wearing yuk.

These two products  are meant to be used/worn together. . . on a freshly cleaned face.  (I don’t use soap on my face).   apply  first the C-serum via the dropper onto face/neck  – all over here and there, gently.  Feels good, no negative reaction like stinging which can happen with using the L – Ascorbic Acid (only) part of vitamin C rather than the natural, entire complex of C of which Ascorbic Acid is only one part.  Both of these products are totally natural – not preserved –  nothing synthetic in it. . .so they must be shaken each time of use, recapped  and put back in refrigerator (will last for weeks if kept cool). 

Vitamin C – serum is a workhorse.  It is healing;  is capable of smoothing out many problems  as well as promoting much needed collagen.  Shamefully, I hadn’t made my dual formulae in well over a month or so — just couldn’t get around to it (tho it goes together in a snap). Skin missing it.  Had grown some ugly bumps and one looked kinda like a mole, altho a scabby one – up near the hairline.  Last week – back to normal with my routine going again  (recipes to follow). . in 3 – 4 days, skin smooth and clear.   So relieved.  The combo will help refine those pores .  .  .  all blessings which can make a less-than-perfect (or aging) skin look quite acceptable.  

The HA (Hyaluronic Acid) is what plumps up the skin because it can hold up to 1K times its own weight in water.  This is why the skin must be kinda moist [from the C-serum], to grab some moisture and hold it in.  The HA as used is a  ‘gel’. . goes on easy. . slides around.   It’s gorgeous what it does for skin.  HA never removes water from the skin — it ADDS water to it. There must BE water there to absorb.  So if skin isn’t moistened,  just dab some wet fingers around the face and throat.  Then, using the dropper, apply the HA gel on entire surface.  Nothing more needs to be done.  But this is where I dab some Tallow Balm here and there..  One could instead, dab on some moisturizer or other cream of choice if one chooses.  Nothing else however, is needed.  Use it once a day either rising or bedtime or both,. . .whatever.  You be the judge.   



Note:  To buy organic C-powder, can put what you are after in browser and see who’s offering what.  There are many, such as Amla or  Camu Camu,  Acerola Cherry. Have bought Amla – 1# thru ebay, Bluejay Trading for $16.00 and also Camu Camu for $36.00 # from Zokiva (also ebay and organic).  Both are much more costly than Ascorbic acid which is actually a chemical construct, no matter how loudly they claim otherwise  – – its synthetic, hard on stomach and not as good. Commercial, scientific and medical all claim Vitamin C is Ascorbic Acid – period.  I beg to differ and have understood this truth for at least 60 years. . Ya pays your money and take your choice!

1 tsp C Powder (1/2 will do if using Ascorbic Acid.. more could burn the skin)

1 Green Tea bag in about 3+ oz Distilled water, steep at least 10 minutes  > cool down in freezer a bit. (No heat on your org. C !)       

2 tsp vegetable Glycerin                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Put all into small dropper bottle, preferably amber or blue [to keep light out].   C oxidizes /if turns yellow or brown – toss and redo otherwise – can last for several weeks in frig.                   

HYALURONIC ACID Serum                                                                                                                                                                                                  (topical, face use. .  .Many ingest HA – different recipe, as body makes internally good for joints and everything)

 1/2 tsp HA powder                                                                                                                                                                                                                                3 – 3 1/2 oz  distilled water . . sprinkle HA atop the water in measuring cup.  HA is costly, no need to lose it on some spoon;  I hold the cup in my warm hand and swirl it for a number of minutes until it starts to gel (which it does).  Kinda fun to watch it happen. Some complain that it doesn’t gel right! . . not my experience.  When it has thickened beautifully, I add a few more items which are beneficial to the overall health/beauty for the skin:   

(Am using “TT”  to indicate ‘tiny touch’ or few grains)                                                                                                                                                   scant 1/8 tsp or TT B-3 powder;      TT MSM powder – may have to use mortar/pestle – make sure is ground fine, any powder.  TT DMSE powder.  Sprinkle all the fine powders onto the HA gel;   swirl again, tho gel is made now – won’t lose, can use small spoon to  mix.       It is also good to add favorite EO (essential oil). . I use Lavender.  Also can drop in some Vit E oil – 10-12 drops. All done

When all is well mixed, pour into the small dropper bottle; label and refrigerate.   I find my concoction delightful. Gives XLNT results, is anti-aging and especially good for younger skin which has suffered acne’d problems.. . so some say.  Let me say, further,  all one needs for this recipe is the Hyaluronic Acid and Distilled Water – – period!  Carry out this recipe that far and you’re good to go.  All the rest is optional  (and it is working well for me).   For any who try this, it would please me to hear your results and impression of how it works for you.   Enjoy,  be happy,      Jan

September 20, 2017

What’s ABRAHAM say about food?

If  interested, a clear message

Perhaps this is kind of unfair to do to you (because I’m really very fond of you all and consider you my friends on this always changing path we travel, called life).   Yes, I’m quite sure it is unfair.   See, by choice I have been enjoying  “Abraham”  his books, . . all those wonderful videos one can find online and youtube, and so on.  I learn a lot about myself – – it’s been a fabulous tool  – (GIFT),  to help me learn and understand that it is always me who does everything to me – – not life randomly bollixing stuff up just to frustrate or taunt me.  Can be quite a learning process.

How to explain this. . . ? . . much perhaps, like me,  – always saying– “you are what you eat,” .. well, Abraham just might suggest . . “you are  what you’re thinking about”    And of course- I DO  understand that. . write about it sometimes.  But then, today I find this  beauty and it almost pulls the rug out from under me!  And I rock back and ponder . .Just how slow I am to  learn stuff. . yet this puffed ego thinks I already know.  Not only that, but I feel I’m entitled to broadcast what I think I know to everybody or anybody who will listen.  What a wake-up call.  So yeah, I’m a tad dinged right now, but I have a whole lot of thinking to do.     

However,  gotta tell ya – – I loved this message, every minute of it.  I laughed a lot and had real fun.  I do so love Abraham. . .    .     .

ABRAHAM HICKS  — What Foods Bring Negative Emotion  (Apparently, this is a subscription thing, I can’t fix – -so copy and paste in your browser)

Hopefully, I’m not done, will simply need to have a more intelligent delivery, focusing on the positive and eliminate perceived injustice,   you know. . .  live and let live.         Jan

September 15, 2017

Duty to warn. . the Danger of Trump

This time, it’s not me fault-finding re: Trump.  It’s a whole bunch of health professionals/psychiatrists!

As if that wasn’t enough, it comes from Moyers and Company.  Don’t let me keep you, there’ a lot to think                                          about in the following.  Link below:                                      sorry about this,  .  it’s important, tho        Jan

El Destructo’s path (not Irma)

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On Disaster Relief and other needs

Tho my revulsion capacity forbids dealing with anything “Trump” (you may have noticed. . and wondered), . . it’s true, I haven’t the capacity to look upon, understand or accept the total horror of watching  this deceptive, accident of nature in his machiavellian evil,  as he carries out the annihilation of all that most Americans hold dear.  Seriously!   It appears that every ruling, law or benefit designed to benefit  ordinary people in every way from ethics to function and completion is either destroyed or on the chopping block.  Most of it sucks the breath out of me;  frightens and depresses me. .  .  feel helpless.  Despair.    Can’t live like that, so off I go to my kitchen for some play time seeking a balance in a bit of fun.  Hey, it works for me.    Jan

September 7, 2017

Dr Bob Marshall, live Radio show

Dr Bob Marshall/Healthline Radio Show

ask questions, get answers

Are you ready for another resource?  This one is Dr Robert Marshall, PhD.  Got quite an earful from my dear friend and advisor, Ron Pellegrini of Vital Nutrients in the Chicago area.  We’ve been friends so long now,  feel as if he’s a relative – a comfortable one, we go on for hours.  When I need the true low-down on something – anything healthwise or supplement-wise, he’s my go-to source I can trust. . . but he does that for any of his client/customers who turn to him for supplements and advice. He is hard-core into health directions and trends;  who does what best and how and why – – going back  (probably, over 40 years), tho I’ve known him for 12 to 15 years.  So yeah, I trust Ron. . how could I not?  He has helped me thru much. Any way, tho he’s told me about Dr Marshall before. . somehow it got my attention today, so I went online and got wowed with Dr Marshall, regretting all the  years I had wasted not being aware of him.  

Of course, I’ve heard of Dr  Marshall over the years, but I never dreamed that he was such a resource,  with so much to give when asked direct questions and able to help so many who are besieged with health problems. confusion and worrying stress.  He has a radio show monday thru Friday and one hour on Saturday where people can call in,  speak their minds and get answers to their questions, what to do, what to take and so on.  Most are patients of regular doctors, but seem stuck or need clarification or whatever.  .   He has resources, trained people doing different things and of course carries products to get whatever is necessary done.  I haven’t personal knowledge of what all goes on there, but Ron so highly regards him and what he is doing and listens to his radio shows too.  Giving you a link to a page which takes you to his site, replete with picture of him. . . . 2 separate pages follow giving the times and radio stations at different places around the country where one can participate if you choose.  Call in numbers are given and something is also available online for listening.  I downloaded all – spent a bit of time listening to the last week in August (approximately 30 minutes each day).  Kinda nice, could cursor back where needed to get my notes right.  

Really enjoyed this man’s insight, and integrity, emphasizing that they must see their MD to ascertain their actual diagnosis and work with their doc where necessary. I was impressed with the shows and very much enjoyed the daily theme (one was on skin issues, one on hair, another kidney and quite a few details about adrenal how-to’s,  morning sickness was discussed – haven’t a way to tell Prince William’s wife about it, sadly. . she is pg with her 3rd now and having a bad time with it. Clues about bags under the eyes, swollen ankles.  Dr Marshall always had answers – – short term and long term. )   Frankly, I was wowed. Check out the schedule if ya need to ask a question yourself, or just go online and watch like I did today.  Ya just might like it.   Jan

September 4, 2017

Dark-skin’s “health ruining” woe

Some of this info was in 8/28 post on Alzheimer’s

But should have been in a post all by itself.. . concerns black, brown or any darker-toned skin

Since IMO,  this information should be made known, in a larger way,  I’m putting it up again.  Want to insure I share what I have learned, with any who need to know it.   This kinda smacks of  ‘Mother Nature’ doing a dirty on darker skinned people, but I am quite sure that this is only ‘appearances’ . . that when we know enough,   or put another way – when science catches up more fully, we might actually learn that there WAS definite reason behind what we now know, is happening.  Perhaps something as simple as different indigenous people adapting to their own unique environment. . per  those requirements.  But as time wore on, being captured and enslaved, transported to other shores – -not as amenable to their natures as they had grown to be. Who knows – – it could have been in the air,  the environmental bacteria. . .or the trees and plains.   Someday, we may learn what it is or was.  

Meanwhile,  as much as we really need the cause of it so that we can be certain of how to fix it;  we do have a fix which makes it possible for any of us to experience natural good health – NATURALLY, without chemicals (drugs).  The fix has everything to do with L-Arginine, the amino acid (one of 22).  This  we get from our animal protein foods; same for everybody – – black, white!   Dark-skin function has a problem utilizing arginine even tho it has built-in, a greater capacity than light skinned people do,  to be able to do so.  There is a dysfunction which precludes this absorption and instead, is producing another harmful oxidant. . and that’s what this is all about.  So, no matter the cause, presently we CAN do something which offsets the dysfunctional end result. Take Arginine powder (available and fairly cheap). . I get mine @ Bulk Supplements but have many other online possibilities.   A 5 gm dose once or twice daily [mixed with added Citrulline to boost it], mixed in water is all ya need.  Safely used in trials up to 50 gms daily w/no side effects.  I take this every day along with bunch of other stuff. So don’t worry about safety.    It’s all about getting ‘energy’ into our cell’s Mitochondria so that we can live and do what we need and want to do.        

Have two links below to show you that this is science-based, not just Jan, blowin smoke around.  .  .   .  Hope this helps        Jan


When the Good and the Bad Make the Ugly: The Discovery of Peroxynitrite

R. RadiJ. S. BeckmanK. M. BushB. A. Freeman Peroxynitrite Oxidation of Sulfhydryls. The Cytotoxic Potential of Superoxide and Nitric Oxide J. Biol. Chem. 1991 266, 42444250

At first, no one took them seriously. In 1991, Rafael Radi, Joseph Beckman, Kenneth Bush, and Bruce Freeman published a paper in the Journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC) demonstrating that a molecule called peroxynitrite, the product of a reaction between nitric oxide and superoxide radicals, selectively attacked sulfhydryls in proteins. “Nobody believed much of any of it,” recalls Beckman at Oregon State University. “It was considered an unproven theory. I was surprised we even got the paper accepted in JBC.”


The original proposed mechanisms of oxygen-radical-mediated cytotoxicity. NX, a yet unidentified nitrogen-containing species; CAT, catalase; SOD, superoxide dismutase.

Today, “Peroxynitrite Oxidation of Sulfhydryls” is recognized as a JBC Classic. The paper has been cited in the scientific literature more than 2100 times.

Until 1990, the chemistries of nitric oxide and oxygen radicals were thought to be unrelated. Nitric oxide was known to physiologists as the molecular radical that caused vasodilation, played a role in neurotransmission, and killed invasive pathogens. The chemistry of superoxide and other oxygen radicals fell under the purview of biochemists interested in the damage wreaked by these reactive entities. Neither group considered that their radical of interest had anything to do with the other.

That view was challenged in 1990 with a paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), with Beckman as the first author and Freeman as the corresponding author. At that time, the group was at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. Freeman held a faculty position. Beckman was a tenure-track assistant professor who had done a postdoctoral fellowship with Freeman.

In the PNAS paper, the authors described how nitric oxide reacted with superoxide to form peroxynitrite. “We proposed that nitric oxide was toxic because it reacted with superoxide to form peroxynitrite,” explains Beckman.

Radi, who had joined the Freeman group as a postdoctoral fellow, had been working on oxygen radicals at the Universidad de la República in Uruguay (he later returned to the institution as a principal investigator). For the JBC paper, he and Beckman analyzed the reaction kinetics of peroxynitrite with bovine serum albumin and cysteine and discovered that peroxynitrite was capable of directly oxidizing sulfhydryls, much more so than hydrogen peroxide. “This completely opened a new paradigm of oxygen-radical-dependent toxicity by means of the cross-talk with the nitric oxide pathway,” says Radi. Bush, the third author on the paper, was a research technician who later became a lawyer.

Radi says he and Beckman found inspiration from Clint Eastwood’s movie “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.” It was unthinkable to physiologists that nitric oxide could “be converted in such a nasty molecule just because of the reaction with superoxide,” says Radi. “Nitric oxide was the good guy; superoxide, the bad; and peroxynitrite, the ugly.”

These days, peroxynitrite is recognized as an oxidant and nucleophile that can attack mitochondria and lead to cell death by a slew of oxidation and nitration reactions. Radi explains that peroxynitrite has a dual personality. It can be “liberated by our immune cells to kill invading pathogens,” says Radi. However, he adds that the molecule has been implicated in atherosclerosis, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and neurodegenerative conditions, such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Peroxynitrite can break down to form secondary molecules such as nitrogen dioxide and hydroxyl radicals. Freeman says nitrogen dioxide is capable of nitrating protein tyrosine and tryptophan residues and unsaturated fatty acids. The latter reaction leads to products with signaling capabilities that modulate metabolic and inflammatory responses. The fatty acid reaction with nitrogen dioxide is being scrutinized as a drug target.

However, back in the early 1990s, “it took a few years and redundant ways to show that these reactions were of any importance in biology,” says Radi. Beckman sees the silver lining in having naysayers: not too many others were interested in working on peroxynitrite. The field was left wide open for investigators like him, Radi, and Freeman to get a head start on peroxynitrite research. He says, “The moral here is don’t get discouraged if people don’t immediately jump to your ideas.”

Next is an excellent source for what Arginine is, why we need it   (enables Nitric Oxide, the miracle molecule to do its work enabling and protecting the complete cardiovascular system).  It’s big (or long, detailed)..can scroll down to #20 and #21 and then go down as far as you want to go.      

However, the ‘actual cause’ of why black or dark skinned people have this dysfunctional problem (of not being able to process  properly, thereby activating nitric oxide in order to prevent all these multiple and associated problems is still not known).   What is a given, L-Arginine is highly effective in use by many forward thinking (up-to-date) physicians who are changing people’s lives for the better.   It’s available now. . .L-Arginine  is out there and ready for use.  Dr Harry is the one who made this come alive for me in his book    “Lets STOP the @ 1 Killer of Americans TODAY”  Ya can’t know my pleasure that I did it myself;  still kcking around OK  (thank you Dr Harry. . .and God Bless You)            Jan

September 3, 2017

Dr Harry: 5 for 9/2017

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Dr Harry’s 5 to stay alive  for Sept

Don’t worry,  I called Dr Harry for permission to spread these informative pieces occasionally.  He was most gracious. Made me happy. The base from which he works is one which pleases me greatly – – to help others understand how they can best help them selves.  Hope you enjoy and profit from them.          Jan

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