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April 28, 2017

Psoriasis, how and why (4 me)

What I did with those mean RED PATCHES

So this eternal student is struggling here. . and nobody to blame but myself.  I LIKE doing stuff, ergo, have been kind of a DIY’er all my days.  Finding out how is half the fun, isn’t  it?  Have to tell ya, this hasn’t been that much fun — this problem I caused myself.  Wasn’t cautious when I should have been at least curiously cautious.   

On January 23, 2017, put up a post called “NAKED CHEMIST knows skin” . . . proceeded too swiftly when I found a commenter on Samantha’s site (somewhere) recounted what he opined regarding urea (a manufactured construct for urine), how-to-do. . . with a few cautions.  This seemed to confirm a story I’d heard from Mother when I was quite young, but unmoved by [and dismissed].  So I reasoned “why not?”  Gathered, bottled, refrigerated and sprayed hands daily. Seemed fine, no problem. . .until there was!   After 7 to 10 days of this new  routine, which I of course followed with other oils, I awoke one morning to find smallish circles of blotchy red patches on the backs of my hands.  About the size of a nickle or quarter.  Mystery.  Both hands.  Nothing else was different or new in my regime.  Had to be the urine use.  Of course, I quit it.  But it grew larger til the entire back of both hands was red and angry looking.  It itched and sometimes felt kinda burning.  So new research, seems this was psoriasis for which there is no cure. . . just ways to control’ it.  

Went back to the Naked Chemist and dug in hoping for magic, and did start using Jojoba oil and Shea Butter – both organic along with Aloe Vera and Rose Hip Seed oil all of which helped.  I had decided on these choices from her list of oils and their known uses,  but not a particular KNOWN cure for psoriasis was addressed [that I found].   As an aside,  just in case I had been attacked by some bio-hazard or invading bacteria — I sprayed with Colloidal Silver which can  kill anything alien to my body.  It neither healed nor worsened this condition, so it seemed logical to discontinue that path as, apparently, I was dealing with an internal condition, – not an invader.  

So I hit the very special Orthomolecular Medicine tomes that I have (Hoffer, Saul – – in the book Orthomolecular Medicine for Everyone,  and also The Natural Pharmacy with some top hitters as well, like Gaby, Lininger, Austin, Brown,  and J.V. Wright. . plus a couple of others.  General consensus is that this must be corrected thru addressing  internally.  Thought to be nutritional, even malnutrition.   Orthodox medicine says that Psoriasis is one of those “etiology – unknown” diseases.  Seems logical, if we don’t know what causes something, it is easy to see that it would be hard to cure it, doesn’t it?  This is one of the major distinctions between Orthodox Medicine and Orthomolecular – – how unharmonious conditions [or diseases] are viewed and what to do about them.  In the so-called alternative field, the focus is  CAUSE as a manifestation of some abnormal condition, generally brought about by either an adverse situation of lack-of-body’s needs being met [nutritive] or an over burden of toxins . . either of which can interfere with your health, or conversely prevent the body from “healing itself” (when needed), which only the body can do.  Must say, had a great time and it helped me pick up the slack of some things I had let slide.  . for example, the A.M. shakes are easier and cheaper than juicing and don’t really like tossing all that fiber (waste product of juicing). .better in my body.

Let me refer you to a page I found online (anything which is not ORTHODOX MEDICINE is soundly debunked as well as very hard to find on line – you have to know what you are looking for).  Go to:  “DoctorYourself.Com”  on Psoriasis. Was quite helpful to me; upped my quantities a bit, and got back to a bit of juicing. . but still do the AM shake.  I am on the mend, My rough-textured hands are no longer rough and flaky/scabby, but smooth; the big red patches are quite faint now tho, still almost there.  Further study @ Samantha’s, after rereading shows me there is nothing wrong with urea or urine either – -but  the percentages must be  dealt wth.  She advises around 3% to 5% as totally safe. . even up to 10% for some.  When I sprayed on 100% (straight), that was a big no-no.  My goof;  acid mantle hurt — needed repair.  

Am once again using my free stuff in proportion. Put in a small vial ( maybe 2 oz or so) with dropper lid:  

     Jojoba oil,  1 tsp,        1/2 tsp Rose Hip Seed oil,       1/2 tsp (vegetable) Glycerine,      5 or so drops urea (or own).    

Using a small vial, this can be left at room temp on counter where you will use it conveniently.  Not preserved, so shake each time use it.  Drop a few drops on area to be covered.  Don’t irritate or scrub at all. . just gently dab on.  Then dab on some Shea Butter (I scrape a small bit which clings to my finger-nail top as I drag it over the butter.  Gently rub in.  Feels good.  May look greasy, but gone in minutes – sinks in.    I started with 4 or more times daily plus on rising and bedtime, and even during the night when itching would waken me.  Lately, just couple time a day.  Its been two months now, but a few weeks with this simple approach and  frankly,  I’m kinda pleased. .  .  seems to really be working.  Didn’t put Aloe Vera into vial.  If and when I use it now  – I dab on first,  then use the dropper bottle to let the working oils get busy,  then cover with Shea Butter.  Easy, quick. . 1,2,3- done.  But should mention that I also increased my Zinc to 100 mg (which any skin condition requires – even acne),  upped my Omega 3’s (fish oil) and tho hard to believe – upped my cruciferous veggies (either steamed, roasted , in my Shake or in salads every day).  Inside – outside, total attack on this intruder.

I do still advise familiarizing yourself with Samantha’s site.  When you understand the principles of having hurt the acid mantle and what you need to do to repair it – there’s the oils which heal,. . . .but you can’t get there without going deeper to moisturizing the skin because those sub-layers must begin to heal, and they will heal on their own time – as they are ready. That is a MUST.  S’why  I ventured back to the urine (because it moisturizes); is free . . . one less thing to buy.  What can I say?  It works.  Think  of me what you will.  You have the Naked Chemist workin for you. . .Dr Saul’s  so if you have strange unwanted red patches (not worth getting hung up on labels) – – give it a go.     I am not entirely sure that we need all these labels. . . it can be just one more thing to worry about, and what good does that do?  Becoming informed will benefit every time.  You may learn something else which helps you more than what I’ve laid out here, because you’ll be open to it, where as I sometimes think I know more than I do and get in my own way.  Why should we accept or believe that there is no cure for some of these woes?  Well, in fact, I guess I CAN think of a few things.  Many believe its love that makes the world keep going around,  but there are others who would say and believe. . .it’s money.

Maybe its just a question of what floats your boat and what you choose to believe.  I’m healing, wish the same for you    




April 25, 2017

What’s driving you. . really..?

See own vision, be with that

If we can be perceptive enough to be more aware of our thoughts and their processes,  then we easily see how our thinking sets our mood;  we can realize how very tied together this whole process is.  In simple terms. .  “as a man thinketh  in his heart – – so is he”  has ever been, and will always be true.   No matter how many issues  we have, or how many experiences we have gone through, there is generally a main thrust —  “something” which drives our boat as we wend up or down life’s river.    

How  deeply does intolerance spring from hatred?  Biases are generally learned rather than instinctive — as in recoiling from a hissing snake or wild animal.  .  .  tho, it may be that these all spring from fear.  Childhood, without partiality leaves marks upon us all. . we learn in time to discern truth from fantasy or falsity;   un-cluttering the dross and even the demons hiding under the bed or in the closet as we imagined.  Life itself has a way of teaching us that which more beneficially instructs us to achieve those more worthy, effective goals.   These become our desires, ambitions. .  . our hopes,. . . and reason to be.   We know these deep inside, familiar with how they look and feel, and it  is good,  makes us happy.  When we dwell even briefly, fleetingly on these desires. . . we become more motivated – drawn toward them.    This is how it should be, when we are free to see with open eyes, dreaming our own dreams  (no matter what they are).  This is living from our core – outward, toward what we really want.   Seeing it (feeling it) as  if it were already here.  Herein, we sense and experience . ‘happy’.

Each of us gets to have our own perspective from which we desire or prefer, and Source Energy answers every single one of us. There’s no shortage of Source; there’s no shortage of answers; there’s no shortage of substance. There’s no shortage of all of the stuff or non-stuff that any of us wants – there’s no shortage of it. It expands proportionately to our ability to desire it.


Excerpted from: Philadelphia, PA on May 03, 2004

Our Love,

Esther (and Abraham and Jerry)

Ways 2 save $ – up Nutrition

Few tricks to save $, raise nutrient

This is an article I had saved from Dr Mercola, perhaps July 2015.  Wanted to share it, but sometimes, the best-laid  plans. . .ah, well,    Had to go to his site to complete.  IMO,  the information is good and helpful,  anyone could benefit from it – – I have,  perhaps you might adopt a thing or two as well.    This isn’t a biggie, just some interesting slants and facts on some things we already use anyway.  Jan

By Dr. Mercola

Modern-day diets are often lacking in nutrition, in large part because food choices are not optimal. About 90 percent of the money Americans spend on food is for processed foods, which may be fortified with nutrients out of necessity but lack the naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes found in fresh whole foods.

Even the healthy foods you choose, such as an apple or lettuce, are likely not as nutritious as they once were. Ancient wild plants provided an astounding level of phytonutrients that are largely absent from our modern cultivated fruits and veggies.

For instance, wild dandelions contain seven times more phytonutrients than spinach, and purple potatoes native to Peru contain 28 times more anthocyanins than commonly consumed russet potatoes.  As written in the New York Times:

“Studies published within the past 15 years show that much of our produce is relatively low in phytonutrients, which are the compounds with the potential to reduce the risk of four of our modern scourges: cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and dementia.

The loss of these beneficial nutrients did not begin 50 or 100 years ago, as many assume. Unwittingly, we have been stripping phytonutrients from our diet since we stopped foraging for wild plants some 10,000 years ago and became farmers.”

Industrial farming practices that threaten to completely deplete what was once rich and fertile soil further add to the problem. With each harvest, the land is stripped of vital nutrients plants need to grow, leaving not only lower crop yields but also less nutritious produce.

That being said, you certainly want to harness the nutrients your food does contain so it can be absorbed and utilized by your body. This starts in your kitchen, where some surprisingly common habits might be slashing the nutrient content of your veggies even more.

10 Surprising Ways You Are Making Your Veggies Less Nutritious

In her book Eating on the Wild Side, investigative journalist Jo Robinson details a decade’s worth of research on nutrients in fruits and vegetables. She focused not only on the “standard” vitamins like A and C and minerals like calcium and iron, but also on phytonutrients that are far newer in terms of scientific research.

In order to maximize the nutrition in your produce, be sure to be aware of these common habits that may make your food less nutritious.

1. Always Choosing Raw Tomatoes

Lycopene — a carotenoid antioxidant that gives fruits and vegetables like tomatoes and watermelon a pink or red color — is one nutrient you’ll want to be sure you’re getting enough of.

Lycopene’s antioxidant activity has long been suggested to be more powerful than other carotenoids such as beta-carotene, and research has even revealed it may significantly reduce your stroke risk (while other antioxidants did not).

Lycopene has been shown to have potential anti-cancerous activity, likely due to its antioxidant properties. Studies have shown that people with a diet high in lycopene from tomato-based foods have a lower risk of certain cancers, particularly prostate cancer.

However, lycopene is one example of a nutrient that becomes more bioavailable when it’s cooked. Research shows that cooking tomatoes (such as in tomato sauce or tomato paste) increases the lycopene content that can be absorbed by your body.

It also increases the total antioxidant activity. In one study, when tomatoes were heated to just over 190 degrees F (88 degrees C) for two minutes, 15 minutes, and 30 minutes:

  • Beneficial trans-lycopene content increased by 54 percent, 171 percent and 164 percent, respectively
  • Levels of cis-lycopene (which is a form easily absorbed by your body) rose by 6 percent, 17 percent, and 35 percent, respectively
  • Overall antioxidant levels increased by 28 percent, 34 percent, and 62 percent, respectively

So while tomatoes are healthy to consume raw, it’s also wise to consume them cooked as well. You could try a cooked salsa or make your own tomato sauce at home… if you opt for a store-bought variety, make sure it comes in a jar, not a can.

You’re best off avoiding canned tomatoes and tomato sauces, as can liners tend to contain potent estrogen mimics such as bisphenol A (BPA), which is a toxic endocrine-disrupting chemical.

2. Storing Your Lettuce Wrong

Do you store your lettuce leaves whole? You may be better off tearing them before storing them in your refrigerator. When lettuce leaves are torn, a boost of protective phytonutrients are produced.

As long as you eat the lettuce within a couple of days, you’ll be able to take advantage of this extra phytonutrient content in the torn lettuce.

3. Boiling Your Vegetables

Do you boil vegetables like spinach? This allows valuable nutrients like vitamin C to leach out into the water. The difference in nutrient content can be dramatic before and after boiling.

For instance, after 10 minutes of boiling, three-quarters of the phytonutrients in spinach will be lost to the cooking water. While this isn’t as much of an issue if you’re making soup, in which you’ll be consuming the water along with the nutrients, if you’re looking to prepare a vegetable only, you’re better off steaming or lightly sautéing.

4. Eating Salad with Fat-Free Dressing

One of the most important toppings on any salad is the dressing, and here you’ll want to avoid most store-bought brands, especially those that are low-fat or fat-free.

When fat is removed from a food product, it’s usually replaced by sugar/fructose in order to taste good, and this is a recipe for poor health. Excess fructose in your diet drives insulin and leptin resistance, which are at the heart of not only diabetes but most other chronic diseases as well.

Further, some nutrients and antioxidants are fat-soluble, which means you must eat them with fat to properly absorb them. Using a dressing that contains healthy fats helps you ensure maximum nutrient absorption from your salad.

Coconut oil may make a particularly good choice, as it’s been found to increase the absorption of nutrients. In an animal study that compared the effects of feeding coconut oil versus safflower oil on the absorption of carotenoids from tomatoes, coconut oil enhanced tissue uptake of tomato carotenoids to a greater degree than safflower oil.

If you prefer to dress your salad only with vinegar, you can still achieve this fat-absorbing effect by adding other healthy additions like avocado or poached eggs. When men added 1.5 to 3 eggs to their salads, they increased their absorption of lutein and zeaxanthin by four to five-fold.

Other carotenoids, including beta-carotene and lutein, increased three to eight-fold compared to the no-egg salad.

5. Cooking Garlic Without Letting It Rest

Garlic contains the precursors to allicin, which is one of the most potent antioxidants from the plant kingdom. In fact, researchers have determined that sulfenic acid, produced during the rapid decomposition of allicin, reacts with and neutralizes free radicals faster than any other known compound—it’s almost instantaneous when the two molecules meet.

Garlic technically does not contain allicin, but rather, it contains two agents in separate compartments of the clove that react to form the sulfur-rich compound allicin when the plant needs it: alliin and an enzyme called allinase. So, what makes them react?

Garlic has a robust defense system to protect itself from insects and fungi. It enzymatically produces allicin within seconds when it is injured. The crushing of its tissues causes a chemical reaction between the alliin and the allinase, and allicin is produced—nature’s “insecticide.”

This is what makes garlic such a potent anti-infective, as well as what produces that pungent aroma when you cut into it. Allicin is quickly deactivated by heat. Just two minutes on the stovetop or one minute in the microwave will basically eliminate any useful allicin from the garlic.

However, if you let chopped garlic sit for 10 minutes before exposing it to heat, the enzyme that creates allicin will have time to finish working, and your finished dish should have a much higher allicin content. That being said, allicin is short-lived, lasting less than an hour. So once you’ve crushed your garlic and let it rest, try to consume it as quickly as possible. Better still, use a garlic press instead of a knife. As TIME reported:

“Using a garlic press is even better than mincing, as it releases more of the compounds that combine to create allicin.”

6. Discarding the Most Nutritious Parts of the Vegetable

Many Americans dutifully peel and chop away skins and upper greens on their veggies. Yet, these components often contain the most concentrated sources of nutrients. For instance, the dark-green tops of scallions are among the most nutritious, but many people toss this section away. The same goes for beet greens, which are equally, if not more, nutritious than beet roots, with nutrients that may strengthen your immune system, support brain and bone health, and more.

Apples are another example. Much of apples’ antioxidant power is contained in the peel, where you’ll find antioxidants like catechin, procyanidins, chlorogenic acid, and ploridizin. Even adding carrot peels to a carrot puree boosted antioxidant levels. The same goes for watermelon rind. Most people throw away the watermelon rind, but try putting it in a blender with some lime for a healthy, refreshing treat.

Watermelon rind actually contains more of the amino acid citrulline than the pink flesh. Citrulline is converted to arginine in your kidneys, and this amino acid is important for heart health and maintaining your immune system. While many people prefer seedless watermelon, black watermelon seeds are edible too and actually quite healthy. They contain iron, zinc, protein, and fiber. One caveat: if you’ll be consuming rinds or peels, opt for organic produce to minimize your intake of pesticides.

7. Eating Potatoes Right After Cooking Them

I don’t recommend eating white potatoes often, as their simple sugars are rapidly converted to glucose that raises insulin levels and can devastate your health. However, if you do choose to eat them at least chill them for about 24 hours after cooking. This converts the starch into a type that’s digested slower, and turns this high-glycemic vegetable into a low-glycemic one.

8. Cutting Carrots Prior to Cooking

Resist the urge to chop up your carrots before adding them to soups and casseroles. Research suggests that keeping the carrots whole, and cutting them up after they’re cooked, helps retain nutrients. Also, like tomatoes, carrots may be better for you cooked than raw. Cooking helps break down the cell walls so your body has an easier time absorbing nutrients. Further, one study found that cooked carrots had higher levels of beta-carotene and phenolic acids than raw carrots, and the antioxidant activity continued to increase over a period of four weeks.

9. Buying Broccoli Florets Instead of a Whole Head

Broccoli is one of the healthiest, cancer-fighting veggies you can eat. But it’s also surprisingly perishable. One study found that broccoli can lose 75 percent of its flavonoids and 80 percent of its beneficial glucosinolates just 10 days after harvest. When the broccoli was cut into florets, the rate of antioxidant loss doubled, so choose fresh, locally grown broccoli in whole-head form for maximum nutrition.

10. Discarding the Cooking Liquid from Beans

Cooking dried beans from scratch is preferable to canned versions because of the potential for BPA in the can linings. However, the cooking liquid will hold much of the nutrients after the beans are done cooking. One trick is to let the beans sit in the liquid for about an hour after cooking to help them reabsorb some of the lost nutrients. Cooking beans in a pressure cooker may also preserve more nutrients than cooking beans using other methods.

April 14, 2017

For or Against?. .I’ll take happy

Bit of Dichotomy here

All who know anything about me seem to understand that ferver and passion drives are fairly strong and seem to fuel my engines as well as nutrient from the table.  

We all need reason-to-be,  to keep on keepin’-on.  Mostly, it’s family and loved ones which make life cohesive.  Deeper and behind that might be ethos springing from predilections,  life experiences and any assortment of desire and expectation. For each of us, by design — its different.  We are all unique beings, similar, but not the same.  

For me, well, I honor the pleasure principle;  worship at the altar of beauty as manifested through creative endeavors (painting, sketching, adorning my surroundings with all the loveliness I could muster in decor, gardening including rose culture – even learning hair-dressing/styling – tho never becoming licensed, and of course — making my own clothes as mother always had when I was younger, before she taught me how to sew, measure, see, judge for myself).   My preference is to be happy, to enjoy – in almost anything I do whether I’m researching some human frailty online or digging in the soil.  

Some may recall that I was also a rather absurd ‘political junkie’  until last November when I turned into a basket case, going to bed in utter desolation.  In order to recover/rebalance. . .I had to withdraw.  Couldn’t deal with any part of it.  No matter that more than 1/2 of America FELT betrayed by the outcome . . .they were! (as all now know)  But it wasn’t Russia, that rankled me, for at the time, it was only rumor. It was the incredulity that a lying, cheating egomaniacal, unprincipled manipulator who seems not able to see any difference between truth and fabrication or reality and fairy tales. . .  whose only concern is himself.     It was not conceivable to me that the highest office in the land was to be occupied by such a poor representation of what is noble, admirable, ethical and high-minded as ALL others had been – for the most part. We were reared on delightful tales of honesty, struggle and over-coming – the stuff of inspiration and dreams. Not debauchery and so-called pussy-grabbing!  That it happened is inconceivable to me.  That it ‘stands’ is unacceptable to any with even a modicum of sensitivity.  This man has met NO standards of measure to become our president, has not acquiesced to any of the customary rules of disclosure ALL OTHERS HAVE.  Has no integrity whatsoever.  He is dismantling our way of life and our government as if it were a matter of his choice.  It isn’t!   People have given their lives to uphold and sustain our way of life.  It is imperfect, but it works for all of us – – or at,least – is meant to.  We are still workin on it.  Can no one see the horrible division He has created?. . pitting one against the other.   History reminds us that that is how you destroy a nation.

Am I still distraught that he won?  No.  The facts are what they are.  Do not understand how an ethical nation the whole world used to admire and look up to can let this stand.  Because “pussy-grabbing” isn’t written down in a book of laws some where is no reason to allow such to become acceptable.  Lying to the nation isn’t prosecutable?  Whole bunch of sticky wickets here.   One shouldn’t have to spell such stuff out – it’s vile and disgusting.  He is vile and disgusting and remains a liar and IS untrustworthy.   His word means nothing as it doesn’t even have a five minute shelf life!  When are the “thinkers” in Washington going to gather some strength or balls to correct this travesty?  When we or the world are completely destroyed?  D’ya think it might be too late by then?  

So no,  this stuff IS still on my mind, and I wish it wasn’t.   It’s not going to come out in the wash. . .  action is demanded. We have a ‘rare occasion’ on our hands and it also demands some ‘Super-Rare’ solution.  Make up some new- modern NEW RULES to fit the occasion.  Obama created Global Agreements among the nations to protect and preserve the world – its our only home.  The whole world knows it and gets it.  But our current (temporary), name-only leader is destroying everything he finds — and that is his stated intension.  Ya think Americans wanted to loose the tiny piece of the pie they have left?  We are a thundering herd of sheep, reaching the cliff – what’s it gonna be?  

Expression is my way of life.  Not healthy to bottle it up.  But I also agree with Abraham in the snippet below that came today – – against-ness is not the way to go, if one would be happy, joyous. . .living free.  If I resent you — its not good for me, it comes back at me as an act of resistance on my part.  When I manifest resistance. . .I block my own free-flow of the ‘good’ (or beautiful) I seek which amount to ‘allowing the blessing’ to enter our life.  All an automatic thing based on  natural laws of attraction,  like attracts like.  We aren’t lucky or unlucky – – life flows easily, responding to our thoughts, moods, how we feel.  When you’re feeling good, happy – – kinda what you get more of.  Being resentful, sad, depressed, down. . . well, that’s what we are putting out there (in a sense – asking for more of the same).  Comes down to our own choice.  

Would someone please inform the thinkers in Washington to find principled ways of correcting the time-bomb sitting in our midst with some old-fashioned logic and rightful thinking.   One man is tinkering with the whole world as if it was his private toy. . .  and it’s not.    Many, many millions of us do care — as we should because we have all this gray matter which makes it so.          Jan                        

You can’t take sides against anything. If you would just leave the “against” part out; if you would just be one who is for things – you would live happily ever after…


Excerpted from: North Los Angeles, CA on March 07, 2000

Our Love,

Esther (and Abraham and Jerry)

April 12, 2017

Carbs. Fat, Protein . . what to do?. .

Which is best, how much do we need -and WHY?

Not a chance in hell that I’m gonna settle this age-old debatable subject, but I can ramble on about why it seems so simple for me to understand and accept and act on.  Have always had a deep affection for food, all kinds.  Ate almost everything but my favorite things I chose in school (on my own) were  Tomato soup and Chocolate-chip ice-cream. . the same every day!  How do you better perfection?  Mother had a few other ideas, most of which she was fairly successful with.  But certain weird vegetables I wouldn’t even consider or eat.  Or any disgusting meat parts like brains or tongue.  But  I WAS crazy about chicken hearts.  They would amass 20 or so – – just for me, kinda sauteed – pure heaven.  Funny, don’t think I’ve had any since childhood, haven’t even thought about them.  As I often notice. . .stuff changes.  

Mother being a farm girl was far better versed on the great variety of foods; the pleasure of having caught her own fish; having hunted with her father for larger animals of distinctive flavors . . even how to slaughter and prepare what was eaten.   So it follows that meat and potatoes fare was dominant.  Earlier generations weren’t aware of or concerned about food-combinations in the least.  (And they were absurdly healthy.)  Of course, the world had not become toxic. . it was all ORGANIC,  there was no other way to be.  (Pesticides, insecticides, synthetic fertilizers and especially, genetic modified stuff was in the far distant future. . .which is what we are trying to cope with for the last few decades.  Stuff, indeed HAS CHANGED!   In addition, family doctors no longer tend us so we can heal.  That’s a thing of the past as well. Now if one can ‘afford’ medicine at all,  what you get is  iffy procedures or costly [chemicals] the body  doesn’t recognize, so attempts to fight off the probably laden-with-side-effect medicines, causes the body – even more burden.  Medicine is no longer a call to serve and heal, but has become very “big business.”   (Dictated by Insurance companies profit-protecting decisions)

With all these considerable changes, life just isn’t as simple as it once was.  Many theories get accepted as science, even when they are flawed and/or wrong.  Such as the flawed science about FAT being bad for us and leading to heart disease, etc.,. It was the medical faux-pas which led to more heart disease than the world had ever seen before.  Carving out the fat from our diets left us little choice other than carbs — the body’s need for energy are great and must be satisfied.  So everyone ate more carbs. The body’s energy requirements are met with essentially carbohydrates or fats.  They both work and work well.  Either or, . . or both.  So back in the seventies everyone started loading up on all kinds of carbs, and heavily on breadstuff,  and cereals  – – after all, we have to eat!  Obesity rose greatly, diabetes started to become a mass threat, and of course all kinds of cardio problems (HBP,  strokes, etc.,)    

We accepted the advice of “experts”  —  scientists, doctors, etc.,  we can’t be expert on everything important which affects  our lives and health, . . . . we must trust those who are qualified,  so-called experts.  Look where it got us.  Sicker, fatter and far worse off. . and confused.  We must not only protect our rights from peril – – we must honor personal authority to decide what is in our own best interest.  On everything,  personal choice, how we live, how we are governed.  PROTECT CHOICE! The Fat fiasco has had disastrous results on life as we know it.  It was wrong, skewed (selective) and flawed – yet accepted as gospel (scientifically) even today among many slow-to-change doctors — those on whom we rely.  The same is true (if not worse) on the vaccination theory mostly  because it injures our children, and they trust US to protect them.  It too, was never scientifically  researched, nor proved safe.  Only reported by the manufacturers to be safe!  That  is not the path or function of true science – it is open, unbiased, documented, tested and provable.  

Never have babies and children in the history of humanity been found so sickly, weak and damaged.  To the contrary – our progeny have been out-stripping,  out-growing and out-smarting the parental base from which they sprang for all of recorded history.   Till now.  What’s changed?    The way we eat – #1, and  #2 how medicine has changed the way it has been structured to treat,  and the effect is our national health!  Just wanting to point out that what you and I think and choose for ourselves may, in fact, be better for us than what our  authorities have in mind, and for totally different reasons.  

Not wanting to go further in dredging up the past 40 – 50 years of some of the bitter turns life has brought us; for now I hope to draw distinctions in the FAT, CARB energy source thing and how it “really” functions.  Have a past post or so below from prior years which might help us all get our priorities straight, improve our health,  simplify choices and ease our path to knowing that we are serving our body well.  We’ll know as we ‘feel it’ and  can experience the benefits.  

The first one below is Dr Weil, and a post from July 2010.  This respected holistic physician has it right and ‘ahead of time’  It’s big, but good.

Men’s Health Magazine does an article beautifully which delves into the FAT-SUGAR thing:

And finally, it wouldn’t be complete without mentioning pioneering, courageous Donal O’Neill as he shared wth the world the results of his mission to alter his pre-disposition for genetic cardio-inherited heart disease which took the lives of the men of his clan – – all disciplined, trained athletes.  He wouldn’t accept that it couldn’t be done.  Took a couple of years, but the news and it’s proof set the athletic world on fire a few years ago and there has been no going-back from such success. We were blessed to view the “Cereal Killer” movie for a brief period. . . and other updates for a year or so as his research and methods were spread around globally.  Kinda ‘mind-blowing’.  Settled the question, once and for all for me.    Have done several posts on Donal – he’s one-of-kind, beautiful and spectacular all at once.  But WORDPRESS keeps taking down my images. . . even culling them out – back over the years.  (this crimps and pains the withering artist who inhabits my inner space. . . even now, as I have always worshiped at the alter of anything beautiful).  There was “Run on FAT, a letter to my.” . . June 13, 2015;    “Eat Good FAT,  look like Donal”  . . .March 1,2016;   “The Pioppi Protocol”. . .Oct 28, 2015;   And of course –  Cereal Killers”. . the first one (and I loved it) – seems lost, can’t find it? ? ?  One of the doctors Donal worked with is below – Dr Peter Bruckner;  bringing this forward as it pretty well describes the thrust of this movement – debunking the (LFHC)  Low Fat, High Carb way of eating,  and in one of the pages – A workable list of foods to eat and not to eat.  Hope it helps.  Jan

April 3, 2017

Expert advice – “Confuses”

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Keep up with Medical norms

All of us must stay on our toes,  remain alert and use our gray matter in order to combat not only our toxic world pressing in on us, but also, consider deeply the less than wise advice we see and hear from our so-called “experts”. . .those who have not only studied these problems of health and nutrition – but usually have degrees to prove their smarts.   Maybe this whole fiasco is as much our fault for placing such high trust in so-called ‘authorities’  instead of what our experience and even our body tells us.  If we just trusted ourselves a little more and possibly — more discerning about what authorities tell us, I dunno.  

In my case, lacking such degrees or credentials,  I have used my body as my laboratory in conjunction with a good deal of  poking around, studying, evaluating.  By and large, I’ve done okay and feel blessed to have had the freedom and ability to do as I pleased.  It’s my body! and my health!. . . so I do my best to get it right.   But that’s not to say I haven’t messed up  a time or two  (One recently – I used my own urine on my hands skin as a commenter on somebody else’s blog had suggested. Seemed reasonable to me, so why not?  After more than a week, started to get what  looks like psoriasis and have been trying to repair my abused hands ever since.  Making slow progress, but I guess – serves me right!)  Hard to believe I did this to myself. May have to call on the Naked Chemist to help myself.  

So, in a sense, the following was gathered from the newspapers this weekend on trends and bits of advice for women in particular.  The first one while intriguing, was off-putting to me, so am not putting it up – – was on women eating their own after-birth placenta by steaming, frying with garlic or having it processed into pill form for ingestion.  This is an ancient, often practiced procedure in various parts of the world (including here) and its referred to as “placentophagy.” Sorry, it was too hard for me to digest.  (sic)  But the one below is obviously well-intentioned, meant to help and from those trained, educated to speak on such subjects.  This suggests the crazy world we live in wherein few ‘experts’ agree on anything, and are often totally out-of-step with either old truths (seemingly now forgotten),  or not up on latest scientific thinking.  

As luck would have it,  I chose to put it up and run my comments (if any) after each section (in blue, so you’ll be clued in as to who is opining).  As far as I can tell,  our ‘free-speech’ thing  is still permitted isn’t it?  Hard to tell these days with the state in Washington being what it is ?  ?  ?  Jan


First-Aid Kit | What women should keep at hand to stay healthy   

JoAnne Viviano

The Columbus Dispatch

When a woman gets sick, an entire household can fall apart, said Dr. Angela U. Tucker, clinical assistant professor of family medicine at Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center.   oSo it’s important for them to make sure they have what they need to stay well.

“We know that women are the driving force for health care in their family,” said Dr. Ngozi Osuagwu of OhioHealth Obstetrics and Gynecology Physicians in Hilliard. “If the woman is healthy and building her immune system, it affects the rest of the family.”

Tucker and Osuagwu offer these suggestions for what women should keep on hand to stay healthy:


With many people staying away from red meat and pork, Tucker recommends that women eat a good source of protein, whether it is from other meats or plant-based foods.    (Since so little is said here – hard to comment;   one might  hope for suggested percentages for optimum health and perhaps recommended inclusions such as cheeses, nuts and/or seeds or  fish (even sardines if $ is a problem).  Just stay clear of GMO’s (like Soy stuff which is mostly  genetically modified).

Fruits and vegetables

Keep a fruit basket on your counter and/or wash and package fruits and vegetables and place them at eye level in your refrigerator. That helps people grab those items first, Osuagwu said.

Some good choices include blueberries, which are high in antioxidants; apples, which can help with blood pressure; and bananas, which have a lot of fiber.        (Focus here is fruit.  Obesity and/or diabetes are HUGE issues now which requires limiting fruit – why?  SUGAR!  All fruits and veggies fall into the carb category.  Carbohydrate reduces to sugar in the body. Sugar messes with insulin.  Many of the vegetables have FAR LESS sugar and HUGELY more of the precious minerals and vitamins, enzymes which lead to health and superior nutrition.  Sugar is a killer. . .train taste-buds OFF IT!   The more Kale and  other cruciferous veggies are eaten – – the more the body is satisfied and the LESS cravings for sugar will be experienced.  FIBER is the biggie here – eat more greens in morning shakes;  for snacks and huge salads for lunch and dinner.  Budget made me give up most fruit that I love because fruits are so heavily sprayed with toxins (especially grapes and small berries).  So unless I can pay for organic, I do without.)


The spice is good helping with glycemic control. Osuagwu heaps a tablespoon on her morning oatmeal. But choose Ceylon cinnamon, from Sri Lanka, over cassia cinnamon, which is high in coumarin and has been shown to cause liver problems in high doses.  (Amen to the Ceylon Cinnamon.  I use much cinnamon.  A favorite snack 4 me is sliced apple, sauteed gently in pastured butter topped with cinnamon > plated w/dollop of sour cream from pastured cows. . .yummy)


It helps control blood pressure and cholesterol and can help with infections. But be careful not to take too much, especially before any surgery, because it can cause problems with blood clotting.    (Garlic is my most favorite addition to everything but my coffee. One can safely use 1 to 3 big toes daily, i.e. 600 mg to 1200 mg. . though I often use 5 -6 toes in my various concoctions daily.  My HBP is normal now, tho impossible for medicine to lower it for a decade or more.  Garlic will shorten your  cold and flu sieges and if used regularly – – probably won’t get colds if your D3 is also being taken daily. But it is also very protective against cancer)


It helps limit nausea and vomiting. Osuagwu suggests it to pregnant women who experience morning sickness.  (Along w/garlic and Turmeric,  I use Ginger in my morning shake (no one believes all the stuff in my AM shakes).  Ginger  helps us in a thousand ways. It’s anti-inflammatory, aids the immune system, is a wonderful digestion aid, effective w/IBS. colic, bloating, flatulence, can nibble on a piece of ginger to offset car-sickness  or upset stomach.  For those with gallbladder stones, however – be aware that Ginger increases bile flow (which is a good thing for those with skin/acne problems, etc), but should speak w/your doc if have internal bleeding or those stones – need guidance or caution.)


This spice, used in Indian curries, has anti-inflammatory properties and helps alleviate pain, Osuagwu said.  (Curcumin is the active ingredient in Turmeric, and I use and take them both for my joints and bone [arthritis] and also my brain [Alzheimer’s] and/ or cognitive function.  It is anti-inflammatory; aids cardiac function,  cognitive function, helps with mood -balance and assists one’s skin.  What is not to like?  AM Shake gets 1/4 tsp curcumin plus rounded tsp of turmeric.  The curcumin also needs the addition of piperine[black  pepper concentrate] to hugely boost the curcumin’s capacity. This is a big one)

Vitamin C

Take it when you think you’re coming down with a cold, Osuagwu said.  (Humans are the exception in the animal kingdom re Vitamin C as we are the only ones who do not make C internally — we need to take it  daily for health.  Science says Vitamin C is the same as Ascorbic Acid.  Ascorbic Acid is only one component of the complex known as Vitamin C which is made by nature, and has other important components within it’s complex. Nature does not make C in high volume, won’t find it delivered higher than around 100 mg.  It isn’t needed.  But Ascorbic Acid can be bought in very high capacities – in the thousands.  Its  easy to mix in water and drink, but hard on the tummy to handle and the intestines rail as well – producing diarrhea. . .referred to as bowel tolerance. Which is better?  Judge for yourself.  Organic C is costly – $15 to $35 for an 8 oz jar – lasts a month or so, while Asc Acid around $20 for 6 months to  1 yr – big bag.  Both work. Choice thing.  We need it — be sure you’re taking C.)


These can help with constipation, Osuagwu said, and recent studies have shown that they also can be good for the bones. ( I don’t have this and have only rarely experienced this problem.  Its your diet folks  1) not enough fiber (fruits and vegetables). . we need maybe 65% to 80% green leafy daily to be human and feel good.  or 2) perhaps you are taking pharmaceuticals or drugs which bollix things up and thats one of the costs.   Maybe you can take some more Ascorbic Acid . . . just kidding)      


This can help ease the pain of menstrual cramping, Tucker said.  (Not a fan of OTC or Big PhRMA, so always gonna seek ‘holistic.’ Why not try some soothing GINGER TEA? or be sure to use monthly during the expected few days.  Or buy and keep powdered Curcumin powder (plus Piperine).  For isolated pains I take 1/4 tsp curcumin + 3 – 5 tiny scoops of piperine > few drops water and mash w/spoon til smooth, adding more drops of water as needed.  > I add some yogurt [scant spoon], mix and take – so good, want to  lick the bowl. No dopey feeling at all, just in a while, you feel better. No side effects,just nutritious and helpful

Stainless steel tongue scraper

Tongue scraping can help with digestion and bad breath. Dental problems, Osuagwu said, have been associated with heart disease and preterm delivery, so anything to improve oral hygiene is important.  (Eh!  Oral hygiene IS very important, but that means healthy clean –  – alkaline, not acid.  No anti-anything in the mouth.  Use sea-salt and/or baking powder  to dry brush with, then oral irrigation with baking soda [floss when and where necessary]  I do more [few more parts to my powder] and use a neem concoction to keep gums healthy and tight. . .[I’ve shared this stuff over and over thru the years]  My teeth are pretty good. Don’t make mouth sterile with any store-bought solution . . it works hand-in-hand with your gut- home of  your immune system, and needs natural, healthy flora to do that.

Water bottle

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Especially if you are pregnant, Tucker said.  (We’d be dead w/o our water, and some of us are dying because of it.  Try for clean water.  I’v made my distilled water for almost 30 years now. It’s an extra chore, but  so worth it. Last couple I’ve bought I got from Ebay [refurbished, hey- ya do what works, right?]


The mineral is helpful in bone health, but try to get it from food products, green leafy vegetables or fortified orange juice, Osuagwu said. (Nix the Juice, –  [loaded with sugar]. . . stick with the leafy greens.  Never take calcium in any form.  Few people anywhere have better bones than I have and I’ve never taken calcium.  Man is the only animal to consume milk beyond the infant stage.  We don’t need dairy for calcium.  All the huge animals of the world grow those huge bony frames off the grasses of the field – we do too. You might go back and try reading Cordain on a post “Paleo on Dairy”  [7 or 8 years ago].    (cancer  eye-opener)   

Women’s multivitamin

 In case you fall short of getting these in your foods, take a multivitamin for women that includes folic acid, which can help prevent certain fetal neurological problems and iron to help replace hemoglobin lost during menstruation.   (Not big on the recommendation to take iron, we need to get it from food.  Hate beets if you must – but learn to eat some beets often- even daily [organic of course – these are big on GMO lists now].  Can make borscht, or just buy canned julienne and put a few in salads – that’ll do it.  Most vitamins are made with synthetic crap unless buying top-drawer stuff, in which case ya might as well just buy organic to begin with.  Most manufacturers use minimal [almost useless quantities].  Ensure that you are digesting well so that you can utilize the nutrient you are laying out the big bucks for.   1/2 to 1 tsp of [Braggs] Cider Vinegar  in a little water 30″ or before your meals will give you a big shot on that score,  cheap and easy.)

Antibiotic cream

Think of it as a helper for moms who need to tend to the cuts and scrapes of little ones. One that includes pain reliever can be an added aid, Tucker said.    (Oh, my Gawd NO!  Colloidal Silver is one of the  most potent anti-everything, yet totally non-toxic and healthy enough to ingest on a daily basis, let alone put on gaping wounds, healing burn victims and/or scrapes and wounds of all kinds.  Doesn’t hurt or burn and kids aren’t afraid of it.   Been making my own about 20 some years now.  Raised my grand-daughters on it.  

Resistance band

Use a resistance band or another tool to help with exercising, Osuagwu said. Include four aspects in your workout: aerobics to get the heart pumping; strength training to help with bone and muscle strength; flexibility; and balance.   (Good advice.  Wish I could, but I don’t, sadly. Still use my mini-trampoline and not much walking now w/o Heidi )

A book and a tea bag

Women need to make sure they take care of themselves, too, Tucker said. Self-care, she said, can help prevent illnesses and keep women emotionally healthy.  (couldn’t agree more,  if we love and respect ourselves as we do others, we’ll take the time to show it, knowing that what goes around, comes around.  So our world is better, more beautiful and far more rewarding to all. One thing I’ve  learned to do which I dearly love from the ayurvedic practice is  the magnificent oil-massage called Abhyanga  following a bath or shower.   One of the benefits of it are that the practice increases production of oxytocin.  There are links online showing the use in practice if you wish to learn how for yourself.  

Essentially, use choice of oils [I enjoy Sesame, avocado, jojoba, etc.,.  alone or in combination}, warmed, using hands to massage from top to bottom of body. Move in direction toward heart;  up and down  strokes on long-bones of arms and legs, circular at joints, i.e. shoulder, elbows, knees and ankles and so on. Special attention to hands and feet (toes – individually massaged) as all organs have an ending point in the feet – which then affects then whole body.  Slowly massaging entire hand while rubbing/milking each finger.  Luxuriate in the warmth and comfort of the warm room, allowing the sensual, relaxing manipulation to fully engage your deepest sense of euphoric well-being and contentment. This is so transformative and loving that it can’t help but uplift the very essence of your world.  . . a lovely gift to self and those we love.  Jan

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