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December 24, 2014

Eden averts sure tragedy

Serving in any language

As regular readers of “smokinchoices” know,  I am a long-time appreciator of Eden Energy Medicine.  Tho, Donna was born special  (being sighted and all), even so, her childhood and youth were spent trying to survive one illness after another until the medical complex literally gave up on her.  Then, unaided and weakened, she began her own investigation into how and why people suffer so. She would not accept that she must leave her two daughters behind;  this was not acceptable. . there must be a way.  And so, it began.

 Not only did she completely reorient her own life, but she has shared her knowledge and gifts with countless of thousands of others, in person and with her teaching and of course, with her books and videos.  Her contribution is enormous and she has blessed us all.  Tho, I do have this book as well,  . . haven’t read it since I have never graduated from the first book – there is a lot to it.

So,  read this story, be amazed. . . and celebrate the joy of Donna Eden.          Jan

Donna Saves a Young Woman’s Life

Donna in Blue-130x178

Donna Eden

(Excerpted from Energy Medicine for Women)

We were working in Mexico. I was driving early one evening, alone, and about to turn into a market, when I came upon a gruesome scene. A bus had just hit a young woman and one of its back tires had stopped directly on her pelvis, hip, and upper legs. Mine was the first car to arrive.

I pulled over, jumped out, and went directly over to her. The bus driver, who looked like he was in shock himself, said, “No, no,” when I got to her and gestured for me not to touch her, fearing, I’m sure, that an untrained person might inadvertently cause further harm. I don’t speak Spanish, but I heard the words “Yo soy doctor” (I am a doctor) tumble out of my mouth. Everyone who was on the bus or who was now coming onto the scene cleared a space for me to be with her.

Time stopped; everything seemed surreal. The girl was unconscious. I saw that her life force was leaving her. Her aura had collapsed completely into her body and the energies were draining out at her feet. I focused on what could be done to keep her alive. The tire sitting on her became secondary. I was on the right side of her body and immediately began to hold triple warmer points that would stabilize her energies and take her out of shock. These points are on both sides of the body. I signaled to the nearest person, a Mexican boy probably about 13, to hold the same points on the left side of her body, and he promptly mimicked what I was doing, somehow maneuvering around the tire.

We held these points until I felt the shock start to subside. While I was mostly on automatic pilot, I realize in retrospect that stabilizing her and starting to bring her out of shock was a necessary first step. Then other triple warmer points could be held. These would support her life force and get the energies that were draining out of her to remobilize and literally start to fight for her life. I suspect that we held the first set of points for about three minutes before it felt right to move to the second set of points. We just sat there on the ground with our fingers firmly touching these points.

It felt like we were holding her life force in our hands. The boy was solid and steady in his task, but I noticed that he had tears in his eyes. Finally, I started to feel a power under my hands, as if her life force was coming back. As soon as this began to stabilize (I would guess that we held these points about three or four minutes), I was drawn to hold her neurovascular points. I showed the boy how to hold the end points of the heart meridian to give her heart all the support we could, and I went to the neurovascular points on her forehead. Besides interrupting the fight-or-flight response, which clearly was not adaptive in this situation, these points stabilize the circulatory system, helping balance the flow of blood throughout the body.

At about this time, an ambulance arrived with two paramedics. The bus driver immediately explained that I was a doctor. They approached to take over, but I felt it was essential to continue to stabilize her blood flow. I was able to indicate to them that they should let me continue, and they did. Somehow between the few Spanish words that were coming to me and whatever understanding they had of English, I was able to explain that the boy was holding points that stabilize the heart and I was holding points that could help with blood flow and internal bleeding.

The paramedics turned their attention to how to get the bus off the woman. About five men had a brief discussion with the bus driver. Since the tire was directly over the woman’s body, they needed to decide whether to roll forward or backward. I sensed that if they rolled forward they would damage more internal organs and indicated that they needed to roll backward. I also sensed that having the bus move over her again could put her back into shock and that the neurovascular points needed to further stabilize her first. At the moment that I could feel a pulse on her forehead, she opened her eyes and looked at me. Then she closed them again.

I signaled to the paramedics and the driver that it was okay now to move the bus. I continued to hold the points on her forehead as the 32-passenger bus rolled back, off her pelvis, left hip, and leg. Almost instantly it seemed, she was on a stretcher, in the ambulance, and rushed off. The bus driver hugged me.

I was in a bit of shock myself. I went back to my car and cried. I then held my own neurovascular points, breathing deeply, until I felt I could drive. The next morning, I went back to the market to find out the hospital to which the woman was taken. When I got to the hospital, a woman who spoke broken English was able to identify the woman. She called a doctor, who came to greet me.

The paramedics had apparently described the strange behavior of this blond gringo mystery woman. The doctor smiled, took my hands in his, and said, in good English, “You are the one who helped Maria at the accident. Something wonderful happened there. Somehow her blood coagulated and stopped her internal bleeding. Did it have something to do with what you did? It probably saved her life. What did you do?” I put my fingers on his forehead and said, “This is what I did.” I’ve never seen appreciation turn more rapidly into bewilderment.


December 23, 2014

Elizabeth or Hillary?

Warren’s populist crusade could edge out Clinton



When Sen. Elizabeth Warren rallied beleaguered House liberals to push back against a bank-coddling omnibus bill and the spineless White House that enabled it, she showed us some of her dynamic appeal. Passing trillion-dollar pieces of legislation should never be easy, and disrupting the current cozy, bipartisan environment surely can’t be a bad thing.
As Warren was disrupting D.C., it’s not difficult to imagine Hillary Clinton ensconced in her penthouse suite in whatever city she’s about to give a six-figure lecture in, contemplating every conceivable political angle of this debate, tabulating every potential big-money donor’s interests and asking obsequious staffers how polling looks before composing her own opinion on the matter. That’s because Hillary is the Democrats’ Mitt Romney. And Democrats would be engaging in a historic act of negligence if they allowed her to run unopposed for president.
The most obvious reason bolstering my concern trolling is that Warren’s positions far more closely reflect the sensibilities of constituents in the modern-day Democratic Party, not only in substance but in tone.
Her hard-left economics — what the press quixotically refers to as “economic populism” — propel today’s liberal argument. It’s the default position of nearly every grass-roots constituency on the left, the center of the Democrats’ agenda. This is not just reflected in the embrace of class struggle (“inequality”) but a slow warming to socialist ideas (and I’m not throwing the word in as invective; I mean it in the most literal sense). Right now, few, if any, politicians are better than Warren at stoking the anxiety that makes that work.
Moreover, Warren, hopelessly wrong as she is, is liable to offer the country a better class of political debate than the one we’ve lived through for the past eight years. There’s no doubt that hackneyed wars on women, minorities and common sense will remain. But it’s fair to say that Warren’s histrionics are often built atop genuine policy beefs rather than straw men. They often reflect legitimate questions about cronyism. Not only would Warren compel Hillary to avoid any premature triangulation but also her presence in the race might impel Republican candidates to engage in a worthwhile conversation about corporatism and free markets.
On a practical level, Warren has simply one thing to think about: Hillary is beatable — very beatable.
It would be one thing if the establishment candidate had proved her worth as a scary political entity. There is no Rick Lazio on her horizon. And there is not a single shred of evidence that demonstrates Hillary is a talented or charismatic candidate or leader.
Much like Romney, who struggled to offer a credible argument against Obamacare because of his own history, Clinton will be constrained to make the Democrats’ most powerful cases against big business, big banks or big anything. The most persuasive reasons Hillary has are her inevitability (again) and name recognition. One of those is ephemeral. The other can work both ways.
Last week, a number of pro-Hillary pundits pointed to a new Bloomberg poll that found that more than half of Americans hold favorable views of Clinton. What they talked about less, though, was that her favor-ability has significantly dropped from a 70 percent rating at the end of 2012. History tells us that Clinton is most liked when she’s least seen. It is clear that most of her popularity is derived from name ID, because another noteworthy aspect of the Bloomberg poll is that her most obvious advantages could easily be turned against her.

Here, for example, are the top areas those polled gave as advantages for her candidacy:
1) She has served as secretary of state for four years; 77 percent believe this is an advantage.
2) She is married to former President Bill Clinton — 67 percent.
3) She has run for president before — 60 percent.
4) She served for four years in the Obama administration — 59 percent.
5) She has close ties to Wall Street — 52 percent.
6) She has lived in Washington and worked in the federal government — 78 percent.


When was the last time you heard a political ad boasting about a candidate’s close ties to Wall Street? Is that really going to be helpful? When was the last time you heard an ad argue that the right choice was someone who had spent most of his or her life working for the federal government and living in Washington? When was the last time anyone was bragging about his or her association with the Obama administration? Does anyone really believe that the person who was principally concerned with the foreign affairs of the United States for four years left us in a better position?
You may remember that in 2008, we heard a lot about Hillary’s appeal to white working-class Democrats. You couldn’t win without them. In 2008, much of the establishment lined up behind her inevitability and ability to raise money. Barack Obama spent more than any candidate in both his races. Hillary was beatable then, and she is beatable now. Her complete lack of authenticity remains. The history that made her unappealing to so many in 2008 remains. She is impure. Like all those who put their faith in politics, the flock will, in the end, be disenchanted with Warren. But messianic figures win elections. And right now, Democrats need a new one.
Do it for America, Liz.
David Harsanyi is a senior editor at the web magazine The Federalist.

(My comment:  

Don’t I love it when someone other than me can come out with facts and sound logic,  and intelligently articulate so much of what I feel . . . but somehow, perhaps, am unwilling to clearly state?  

Guess I just think in different terms. . . e.g. — I don’t call Elizabeth’s thinking – “Populism”  though I guess it is.   To me she is the voice of the hearts and minds of the American people. . . more spectacularly than anyone else I’v heard, anywhere.  Is she ‘real’ ?  ‘true’?   . . she sure is.  

She has risen from the same ordinary ranks that most of us have lived – are living to the uppermost level of regard and respect for her excellent mind and ability to express it and her no holds barr ed  grasp of issues — clearly defined.  She has proved herself at every level especially with her achievements which have amazed all.   She doesn’t grope when expressing for she is clear as she sees it and there is no need for subterfuge. . .letting the facts speak for themselves.  Transparency is paramount with her (and so much easier to live with). . . grants freedom to tell it like it is.    

With so much at stake for quite a while now, so many issues on every conceivable level;  when was the last time you have heard anything meaningful about any of it coming from the former first lady?  What is her position on anything?  Even her platitudes are nebulous and without imprint of any kind. . .she is always so guarded – – why?    Sorry, there seems to be no there – there. .   .    

. .  .  so I echo Mr. Harsanyi’s  encouragement. .  “do it for America, Liz” (and — we NEED you)     Jan)

December 22, 2014

Baked Yam Fries

                         Baked Yam ‘Fries’



 Baked Yam ‘Fries’ – A Great Option for Endurance Athletes

For fellow endurance athletes, our choices of sports nutrition products on the market leave a lot to be desired.  Yams are an excellent choice to help fuel the body for training and racing, and the addition of a pinch of salt helps to prepare for the electrolytes that will be lost through sweat.   Easy, tasty and without the saponins you’d find in potato-derived French Fries.

Serves Four

Two large, 8 – 10 oz yams
2 Tablespoons cold-pressed, extra-virgin olive oil
Salt & Pepper to taste

-Preheat oven to broil.

-Wash, then slice the yams into ½” thick, by ½” wide by 3-4 “ long strips (depending on the size of the yam).  Most importantly, keep the size of all the slices the same to ensure even cooking.

-Toss well with the oil to ensure the yam pieces are evenly coated.

-Place on rimmed baking sheet, lined with a piece of parchment paper (makes for an easy clean-up).

-Broil for 10’ on one side, then turn over and broil 10’.  Yams are done when easily pierced with a fork.  Remove from oven, then sprinkle salt and pepper on top.

-Let cool 5 minutes before eating.

-These will store quite well in the refrigerator and are perfect for right before or after your endurance workout.

(Sorry friends, can’t remember who sent this to me last summer;   I had saved it to post, but didn’t.  But you don’t need to be taking off for a run to enjoy these.  Great anytime and as carbs go [maybe a tad better than most spuds these days].  )

NY’s Gov. Quomo – ‘no fracking’

Energy & the environment

State of New York poised to prohibit fracking


  New York Gov Andrew Quomo’s administration plans to ban fracking because of risks to public health.   MIKE GROLL..ASSOCIATED PRESS


 ALBANY, N.Y. — Handing environmentalists a breakthrough victory, because of what regulators say are its unexplored health risks and dubious economic benefits.   New York, which overlies part of the gas-rich Marcellus Shale formation that has led to a drilling boom in Pennsylvania and other nearby states, has banned shale-gas development since 2008, when the state began an environmental review of the drilling technique also known as hydraulic fracturing.  .

Yesterday’s announcement , though not final, means a ban is all but etched in stone.   “Never before has a state with proven gas reserves banned fracking,” said Deborah Goldberg, an attorney with Earth-justice, adding that the decision “will give courage to elected leaders throughout the country and world. Fracking is too dangerous and must not continue.”
Industry and its supporters expressed outrage at the decision.   “We are very disappointed that it appears the governor is unwilling to be a leader and is going to pass the buck at the expense of New Yorkers,” said Jack Gerard, president of the American Petroleum Institute.
class=”InfoComponentTextPara”>“This technology has been used for over 65 years in the United States. It’s been demonstrated repeatedly after
drilling millions of wells that we’re able to do it while protecting the environment and protecting the people.”  (really!. . .that’s not what I’ve been reading about contamination of land and water. . .JT)
Environmental Commissioner Joe Martens said yesterday that he is recommending a ban, and Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, responded that he would defer to Martens and acting Health Commissioner Howard Zucker on the decision.
The Department of Environmental Conservation will put out a final environmental impact statement early next year, Martens said, and after that he will issue an order prohibiting fracking.   About 30 anti-fracking activists cheered the decision at a rally outside Cuomo’s New York City office.  
The drilling boom in the Marcellus Shale, which also runs under Ohio and West Virginia, was made possible by high-volume hydraulic fracturing, which releases gas from rock by injecting wells with chemically treated water at high pressure.   The technique has generated tens of billions of dollars in industry profits and landowner royalties, and has reduced energy bills and fuel imports. But it also has brought concerns and sparked protests over air and water pollution, earthquakes, property devaluation and truck traffic.  
  • Zucker said he had identified “significant public-health risks” and “red flag” health issues that require long-term studies before fracking can be called safe.

(My comment:  

It is a given that some are making quite a bit of money on this process.  Making money is on everyone’s mind  and that’s Okay.  But not to the detriment of the land itself and the people who rely on this land and all the other health ramifications.  Much damage has already been done all over the country and seldom is so-called correction in line with the harm being caused, not can it be.  When you’re dead — you’re dead.      Very few Governors have shown such decency  or intelligent governance.   Bravo Andrew Quomo!  Jan)


December 21, 2014

Superbugs – global threat

Public health / Drug resistance

Report: Superbugs a growing global threat


   WASHINGTON — The world could have a deadly and expensive problem on its hands if the growing fight against antibiotic-resistant bacteria stays on the same track, according to a dire new warning.   The so-called superbugs, if left unchecked, could result in 10 million deaths each year by 2050 — more than the number of people killed by cancer — and put a $100 trillion dent in the global economy, according to a new report commissioned by British Prime Minister David Cameron.  

The analysis, which projects a 2 to 3.5 percent drop in global economic output, comes from RAND Europe and KPMG.  

Overuse and abuse of antibiotics have helped build up bacterial resistance, making it hard to fight off many common illnesses. Superbugs already cause 2 million illnesses and 23,000 deaths in the United States alone each year.   The report, written by former Goldman Sachs executive Jim O’Neill, says the anticipated effects of the worst-case scenario could be understated. Failure to contain the antimicrobial resistance could undermine a heavy reliance on prophylactic antibiotics provided during surgery.  

“In a world where antibiotics do not work, this measure would become largely useless and surgery would become far more dangerous,” the report states.  

There are some signs of progress in the fight against super-bugs. A Dutch biotech company has reported early success in anew treatment to cure methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, infection, which is especially drug-resistant. Fecal transplants, which are pretty much exactly what they sound like, have shown success in treating Clostridium difficile, an internal bacterial infection found in about 500,000 Americans each year.  

The health community, at home and abroad, has been warning about this superbug threat for years. The World Health Organization has labeled it a “global epidemic.”   One of the world’s largest drugmakers, Merck, announced plans last week for an $8.4 billion acquisition of Cubist Pharmaceuticals, one of the leaders in the effort to develop super-bug-fighting drugs.   But a panel advising President Barack Obama warned in September about a dearth of new drugs to replace the ones now rendered ineffective by antibiotic resistance. Antibiotics generally provide low returns on investment, so they’re not an especially attractive area for research and development.

(My comment:  

The only thing good about this story is that finally, many are beginning to think seriously about how we handle sickness, diseases, etc.  That forward thinking doctors have been warning of this very thing and the harm which BIG PhRMA is causing all of us as well as our home – the planet Earth with the chemicalization of everything commercial; not just pharmaceuticals, but all the chemicals from all the huge industries which have declared war on old-fashioned, simple truths, natural food and natural farming which have always been done without chemicals for many thousands of years.   In only a few decades, they are altering and destroying our home and it should be illegal.    

Not only the destruction of our land and personal health, but to enforce and generate the correct thinking in the minds of the public, we are being brain-washed into thinking our enemy is all those bacteria which are the culprits  causing all our ails and woes. Just not true. We couldn’t survive with out them.  We should not be using germicides or attempting to remove bacteria at every juncture.  Babies are healthier who are raised with pets around (not germ-free) — and playing with them, down and dirty on the floor.  We must become inured to the normalcy which constitutes our world.  Soap and water is good and about all that one needs, providing one has a normal immune system.  

But therein lies the rub.   We succumb to the pressure of infant and childhood inoculations, vaccinations,  etc.,. and there goes the struggling to grow and become, a functioning immune system before it ever has the chance to fully develop.  So instead we have neurological abnormalities, brain disorders and autism, lowered intelligence factors and so on.  And parents who run from room to room spraying every door knob and article available for touching with some kind of  ‘cide’. (germicide, fungacide, etc).  The same with our mouths:  The dental industry wants us to brush and floss and rinse with germicide to clean up that mouth.  And be sure you are using fluoride on those teeth!  . . . aaarch!  . . .worse thing one can do!  Our mouths are rather like a mini immune system and in fact works a similar way, hand in hand with the gut.  In other words, our mouth can protect in a similar manner, but like the gut needs plenty of bacteria with which to do it’s job.  If we kill off all the oral natural protection which our mouth  innately has and uses by putting chemicals into this oriface, our gums will suffer become faulty or painful and perhaps bleeding.  Teeth cannot self repair as they are wont to do.  [Have done several posts on Holistic dentist recently. . one was  “Holistic dental Pioneer Hal Huggins” 12/8  and 11/30/14 – “How our oral Microbiome protects us” ]  both excellent, can learn much, especially if you want to save your teeth and be healthy.   Just use baking soda on your teeth to brush and hot salt water to swish thru teeth when done.  I have done posts on that too giving my own recipe for cleaning teeth and of course I use a water-pic with the hottest water I can stand  to irrigate. Some of those favorites are listed in HOT POSTS.  

I bring some of this up because I sincerely wish health for us all, which is why I often share what I do – am doing to help myself. If We stayed well, we wouldn’t be running to the doctor asking for help or relief.  A pill.  We would drink the best, cleanest water we could get;  cook at home more with wholesome, organic food — eating nothing in  a box, can, package, etc. — no junk;  learn what works,  how to  and when to eat what (food combining e.g. Hay’s way of eating. Don’t eat protein with starch – can eat fruit or veggies galore.  Can mix veggies and/or fruit with (smart) starches.   Has to do with digestion and those digestive juices the body makes in order to assimilate the food and use it for energy, instead of just letting it mix up wrong and putrefy,  which gives us those farts that Dr Oz says is normal. . .but I’m telling you it’s not right, you are confusing your body and growing digestive problems and because of all the farts [your clue something ain’t workin’ right],. . . you also aren’t benefiting from the expensive food you’re buying by any nutritional standards and the body continues to need nutriment. . so you crave.  Ah, well. . . .   Jan

Tony Robbins $ advice

Personal  Finance

Self-help guru Robbins gathers financial advice

By Robert Channick CHICAGO TRIBUNE

ANTONIO PEREZ CHICAGO TRIBUNE   Self-help guru Tony Robbins has tapped the minds of many money and wealth wizards to write a 600-page financial-advice book.

   CHICAGO — Tony Robbins, who launched a self-improvement empire with his once-ubiquitous infomercials, has made fire-walking a staple of his empowerment seminars for decades.  

With his latest book, Money: Master the Game, he turns his attention to financial advice with one overriding goal: keeping average investors from getting burned. 

  Robbins, 54, has reached more than 50 million people through his motivational tapes and live seminars since publishing his first self-help book, Unlimited Power, nearly 30 years ago. He has coached such luminaries as former President Bill Clinton and Oprah Winfrey.  

Robbins spent four years researching, assembling and interviewing a who’s who of financial gurus, looking to find the specific strategies that make and keep the wealthy insulated, in good economic times and bad.   The result is a 600-page book featuring the advice of Warren Buffett, Carl Icahn, Vanguard founder John Bogle and other investors, with a dose of aphorisms and encouragement from Robbins sprinkled throughout.  

Robbins was in Chicago recently to promote his book.  

Q: Did Warren Buffett offer any good stock tips?  

A: His whole philosophy at this stage is buy the index. When he passes away, 90 percent of his money is going to go straight into the index. That made (Vanguard founder and retired chief executive) John Bogle pretty happy.  

The scary truth is, 96 percent of mutual funds fail to match the market, and the 4 percent that do, they’re always changing. Everybody has a different strategy, but everybody agrees that active management does not beat the market.  

Q: Isn’t buying index funds common-sense advice?  

A: Common sense is not too common. There’s $13 trillion in actively managed mutual funds. Vanguard has grown to be the largest mutual fund in the world today, but that’s where the smart money is and, unfortunately, that’s not where most money is.  

Q: Did you find a common thread among these billionaire investors?  

A: They know they’re going to be wrong, so they have a plan to protect against wrong. The average American thinks they’re going to be right based on some talking head. They invest, and they have no backup plan. Americans think these guys are giant risk-takers. The truth is, they believe in taking as little risk as humanly possible, for the maximum amount of upside. They’re looking for that spread of disproportionate risk-reward.  

Q: The book says that people’s greatest fear is outliving their money. Other than getting very wealthy or working until the end, how can people plan to have money throughout their lives?  

A: The best tool today is longevity insurance — they call it income insurance. Most people know the value of life insurance.

But what if you live?   So instead of trying to guess one or the other, you plan for those 20 years and you get this income insurance. If you live beyond 85, you have money that’s guaranteed for as long as you live in the form of an annuity.

(My comment:    

Well, this is after all Tony Robbins!   Doesn’t everybody love Tony Robbins?  I have certainly been fascinated by a tape or two which I have heard and of course, like almost everybody else — seen him inspiring others on television.  So he is a well-loved icon.  But I almost didn’t want to run this, simply because. . . these days, most people  (perhaps, like me who used to be an investor),  it just doesn’t apply to us any longer with so many just trying to survive this splendid, all time high market.  Decidedly for the well-heeled  The economy is one thing and it is Marvelous. . . it just  doesn’t seem to apply to us in the great masses of our country.

But for those fortunate  enough to be in that upper fringe of what used to be the ‘middle class,’  I’d bet anything, you’re gonna love this book.    Jan


December 17, 2014

Consumer’s misled – chicken cruelty

This article by Nicholas Kristof of the New York TIMES is stunning and worse even than I thought.  Wanting more than just the text, I went online and got the original complete with video snippets to bring it home in full scope. Each video, ending, gives more related material showing how “real” and natural chicken farming is done. . . which I very much enjoyed.  Now I know chickens eat seed, grass and bugs when they are allowed outside where life actually happens.. while this may be hard to understand why and how such as this is allowed to exist — with government sanctions no less. . .it is better to be informed.     Also, in these videos, we learn that these little prisoners are given only GMO corn and soy,  so there really isn’t a good reason to be eating  factory farmed chicken.   Jan

Abusing Chickens We Eat

Torture a single chicken and you risk arrest. Abuse hundreds of thousands of chickens for their entire lives? That’s agribusiness.

I don’t know where to draw the lines. But when chickens have huge open bedsores on their undersides, I wonder if that isn’t less animal husbandry than animal abuse.

December 15, 2014

Heart healthy Rosemary Tapenade

Again, John @ Learning Herb’s. . . and this appears to be fantastic, gonna have to do this. . . . .  Jan

What do you want, the RED PILL   or the TAPENADE?

Which would you rather take a regular basis for heart health?

Today’s herbal spreadable snack is not only killer on crackers, it also contains 8 amazing ingredients that are known to...

  • support heart health
  • reduce the risks of heart attack or stroke
  • reduce inflammation and hypertension
  • lower cholesterol
  • contain lots of omega 3 oils
  • support bone health
  • support mental health

Obvioulsy, this snack is food….and we can choose food to be our medicine.


Just go here for Rosalee’s amazing Rosemary Heart Healthy Tapenade.


Next week we’ll continue our Holiday Remedies & Recipes with an awesome gift giving idea.  (Well, guess I presented this one first.)

Yours in health,

John Gallagher




I think it goes without saying that you should not replace any heart medications with an hors d’ oeuvre. Never stop prescribed meds without talking with your physician. However, I don’t think anyone needs to check with their doctors on whether they can eat tapenade or not (unless you have issues with one of the ingredients).

This tapenade is simply another example of how we can use herbs in our every day lives to support a healthy heart.


Learning Herbs – Tea Stuff

 World’s favorite Beverage – TEA

Recently, even noted Dr Jonathan Wright’s “Nutrition and Healing” was speaking of  Green Tea and its benefits to so many diseases overall including lowering  mortality from any or all diseases.  Helps in lowering blood pressure, heart disease and so much more.  And that from ordinary teas  e.g. Camellia Sinensis.  Just ordinary tea!  

But put into hands of those at John Gallagher’s “Learning Herbs”. . .magic enters in and voila —  great Christmas gifts plus your own  personal pleasure  pleasure:  They have prepared a few delightful recipes,  just click on link below – take you right over:


Did you know that black tea, green tea and white tea all come from the same plant?

Harvesting, processing and even making tea has evolved for thousands of years and considered a high art form.

These teas are rich in antioxidants, including catechins. Numerous studies have shown tea to decrease cancer risks, aid metabolic processes for weight loss, and support heart health as well as longevity.

Tea has shaped cultures as it has fueled wars.

There must be a reason why tea became the popular beverage in the world.

Well, rather than ponder this further, let’s just make some tea. :-)

Rosalee has formulated SIX tea blends for you…

  1. Orange Spiced Black Tea
  2. Vanilla Earl Grey with Cornflowers
  3. Forest Tea Blend
  4. Smokey Pu’erh Tea
  5. Herbal Digestive Blend (no caffeine)
  6. Vanilla Rooibos Tea Blend (no caffeine)

These blends make GREAT Holiday gifts.

Yes, these kinds of tea are caffeinated. However, Rosalee has also included two blends without caffeine.

You’ll save a ton of cash making your own gifts that your friends will LOVE.

We also hope that these blends provide a “jumping off” point for you to start blending your own teas.


Just go here for Rosalee’s Six Tea Blends



John Gallagher


December 14, 2014

Stop Earth’s demise + our own?

This marvelous piece is from Dr Mercola as he discusses with Gabe Brown, a N. Dakota farmer, the principles of saving our soil which has been under attack for too many decades.  Depleted soils can not give us nutrient-rich foods.  And our health starts there.  So after much stress, this city boy, having married into a farm-family learned the hard way what not to do (tho everyone else was doing it too).  His observations  led him to ‘no-till’ farming and the rest fell into place, over time.   His valuable experience translates not only to all farming whether small, independent, farmers as well as  commercial complexes, but also to individuals at home in urban life whether a sizable estate or apartment life — where ever one has access to some land.  We (you and I) can make a difference and enjoy real honest-to-God wholesome, old-fashioned,  tasty, natural food. .  .  on the cheap.  Enjoy,  Jan


How to Regenerate Soil Using Cover Crops and Regenerative Land Management


This Activity Could Transform Your Health for Pennies
It’s so simple and so inexpensive that you’d be remiss to bypass this amazingly transformative health strategy that enhances our food and environment. Get started today.

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