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April 30, 2013

Ticks OH’s new nightmare

Public health

Tick diseases a worry as state ends tracking


The elimination of insect surveillance at the state level has some experts and residents concerned about a gap in protecting public health, including monitoring the spread of ticks carrying Lyme disease.

“This leaves the state totally defenseless to know where blacklegged deer ticks are located in Ohio,” said Glen Needham, an associate professor of entomology at Ohio State University.

  • Deer ticks have spread from only a few counties to 26 in recent years, and their prevalence is likely to lead to a surge in infections, he said.
It’s difficult to quantify the benefits of keeping tabs on ticks and warning residents about associated disease risk, Needham said. “It’s hard to estimate prevention. How do you quantify a prevented disease?”

This month, the Ohio Department of Health told local health officials that it won’t be providing lab analysis of insects, including mosquitoes and ticks, because of cuts in federal funding. The state’s zoonotic-disease program also lost funding in the most-recent state budget. The state gave the program more than $642,000 in fiscal year 2011.

Richard Gary, the state’s public-health entomologist, will stay on to consult with local health departments and others about disease transmission, and the state will continue to track human illness related to ticks, mosquitoes and other insects, he said.

The state has tested about 1,000 ticks a year, although the number has varied, he said.

Columbus Public Health, like most other local health departments, does not have an entomologist on staff and benefited from the state’s work in identifying ticks, said Luke Jacobs, section chief for environmental health.

  • Staff members will continue to remind the public about measures to reduce tick exposure, including wearing light-colored clothing, long pants and long sleeves, and keeping lawns cut short, he said.
  • Ticks transmit a number of diseases, including Lyme and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.
  • Ohio had 93 cases of tick-borne illness reported last year, including 67 cases of Lyme disease, Gary said.

The elimination of state surveillance is a concern, but it’s fortunate that good work was done to identify blacklegged ticks before the program ended, he said.

“But what is the next thing? And will we be ready for it? That’s my concern.”

(My Comment:

For my thinking, many things have gone from bad to worse and this is certainly one of them.  The over-emphasis on the deficit which never bothered the GOP as it blithely cut taxes under G.W. Bush  while running up tabs on unpaid for wars.  Not a word was said about deficits, by golly, for among other things, President Clinton had left that old budget in fine shape.   No question that the rich were in fact getting richer by the minute as the middle class stagnated financially.  .  .  but the worst was yet to come, wasn’t it?  

As the jobs went overseas, we began to catch on – – the good paying jobs weren’t coming back.  But hey, as long as the rich kept getting richer.  GOP was just fine.  What we have needed for several decades is jobs – – good paying jobs!   If this country is to survive, we MUST have a more equitable  economic solution to the almost inconceivable disparity amongst our people.    No political party should have the ability to take apart our nation,  dismantle our social structure, tear down our government nor corrupt our highest court in the land.   But it is happening as we watch our infrastructure begin to crumble under our feet.    

Tho our country, sick unto death during the fiasco of the Bush years  elected Obama with his high sounding ideals, have had to sit dumbfounded that any properly elected president with such a high approval rating  could turn out to be so ineffectual at governing ,  well, its far more than disappointing;  it appears to be the death-knell of this country.   The system doesn’t work and it looks like no one  has a clue how to fix ANYTHING.    There doesn’t appear to be any consequence for the ineffectual congress whom I’m quite sure almost everyone would agreed belong in prison.

All our country needed since Obama came in is jobs.  He knew that and I believe his ideas were sound.  Still do.   Our government however, is not pulling for the people nor committed to doing what is right for the “Greatest good of all concerned.”    Corruption is rampant.  The corporate structure has taken over.    If all you’ve got is ‘chiefs’  – – whose going to do all the work? 

Maybe its going to be taken out of our hands.  Global warming won’t leave too much to be decided.  The GOP has designed a stranglehold for a creative, idealistic, brilliant man – – but they hate him and won’t allow him to set things right.  Guess what folks – they’re taking down more than a man,.  .   .    they are destroying our country, a place and an idea that I’ve always loved – –  our home!     It is very hard to see the joy in that.            Jan)


April 29, 2013

7 Days – 7 Docs with JJ Virgin

This Spring, I enjoyed the Wellness Revolution with Adoley Odunton who puts on a medical-oriented seminar each year.   It was very good.  Here and there, I catch some of my favorites and it helps me stay up with current thinking and sometimes new ideas. 

In this announcement below, she is speaking of JJ Virgin whom I have seen on PBS and enjoyed very much.  She is doing this as well.  In that it is a free seminar and has some interesting and worthwhile doctors speaking.  I am  sharing with you folks.  If you want to give it a go, nothing to loose and may find it profitable.  I seem to have some kind of bug up my bonnet since I am popping out two kinda related posts simultaneously.  Feast or famine, what are you gonna do?    Hope you enjoy it.  Jan

I frequently get emails from listeners of the Wellness Revolution asking me to recommend the doctors and healers who have helped me on my healing journey.

I’ve discovered that the auto immune conditions I’ve been dealing with and many other chronic diseases can be caused by negative feelings, emotions and beliefs.


And in these cases, healing happens when we are willing to address the spiritual disconnect – the ways in which we are disconnected from our true feelings and emotions.


Frequently, however, we still have physical symptoms and conditions that need the help of a skilled doctor. I’ve found the best doctors are the ones who have an understanding of how the whole body works including the body, mind and spirit rather than just addressing the body “parts” affected by the condition.

That is why I’m excited to share a once-a-year event that my friend, JJ Virgin, celebrity nutrition and fitness expert is hosting next week. JJ is my go to gal for fitness advice. She is at the top of her field and the seven doctors she has lined up are no exception.


Three of these amazing doctors personally have helped me make huge steps on my healing path and ALL of them are exceptional.


7 Days with 7 Celebrity Docs


Insider Info and Strategies to help you Shed Body Fat, Crank Up Your Energy, Make Your Mind Razor-Sharp and Have You Looking and Feeling Amazing


Celebrity Nutrition & Fitness Expert JJ Virgin, has gathered 7 of her coolest friends – all top celebrity doctors and YOU have VIP access to the event. Best of all, while the information you will receive from these amazing experts is invaluable, the event is offered at no cost! Click here to learn more from JJ and to register.


The minute you register you’ll receive bonuses from two of our favorite speakers from last year’s event, NY Times bestselling authors Dr. Mark Hyman and Dr. Daniel Amen.



Mark will be sharing his top tips for eating out deliciously while easily staying on your program. Daniel is giving away his Sugar on the Brain report, where he shares what sugar does to you and how to ditch it so you don’t get “psycho diabetes”.



The event itself runs from May 8 through May 15 (we take Sunday off) and each day JJ will feature a webinar with one of the 7 celebrity docs. Don’t worry if you can’t tune in for the broadcast, she will offer 48 hour replays for each webinar as well.Click below to learn more from JJ and to register.


Who are the Docs?


Dr. Sara Gottfried is the author of The NY Times bestseller, “The Hormone Cure.” She’s quite possibly the only Harvard trained gynecologist & hormone specialist teaching yoga and using it in her hormone balancing program! She’s been in Cosmo, Glamour, O Magazine and on The Ricki Lake Show and 20/20!


Dr. Hyla Cass has appeared on The View & Dr. Oz. She’s the author of 8 books including “Natural Highs: The Addicted Brain and How to Break Free.” She reveals how to deal with addiction naturally, including things we may not have realized were addicted to – like food & shopping!


Dr. Frank Lipman has been seen on Access Hollywood and Extra and is the go-to doc of top models and fashionistas in NYC. He’s known for his powerful detox programs (which get raves from celebs like Kyra Sedgwick!).


Dr. Anna Cabeca is an international speaker & leader on regenerative medicine who’s helping thousands of women with her Sexual CPR course. She specializes in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and natural alternatives and sexual and reproductive health.


Dr. Alan Christianson is the author of “The Idiot’s Guide to Thyroid Disease,” and has appeared on The Today Show, The Doctors, CNN and Shape Magazine. He specializes in turning around the toughest thyroid cases including celebrity patients like Gena Lee Nolin from Baywatch. He is an avid mountain unicyclist. (Yes you read that right!)


Dr. William Davis is the #1 New York Times Bestselling author of “Wheat Belly.” He’s appeared on the Dr. Oz Show, Live with Kelly, CBS News and others. He has helped hundreds of thousands lose the wheat and lose the weight!


Dr. Michael Finkelstein has been featured in The New York Times, CNN, Martha Stewart Living Radio, and ABC News. He teaches us that simply asking the right questions can create powerful health transformations!


Who’s JJ Virgin? JJ is a celebrity nutritionist & fitness expert and NY Times Bestselling Author of “The Virgin Diet: Drop 7 Foods, Lose 7 Pounds, Just 7 Days” and the creator of the Virgin Diet Challenge. She has become a worldwide phenomenon on PBS and has been seen on The Doctors, Rachael Ray and the Today Show, and served for two years as the Dr. Phil show’s nutrition expert.


Each webinar will include a valuable bonus form the doctor and will be offered as a replay for 48 hours so don’t worry if you can’t make the actual telecast – you can learn and transform on your schedule! I look forward to sharing this amazing experience with you.

To Your Health,

Adoley and JJ


PS. Immediately when you register at

receive two amazing bonuses from two of last year’s favorites, NY Times Bestsellers, Dr. Daniel Amen and Dr. Mark Hyman.

Healthier Living 242 S. Washington Blvd. Suite 176 Sarasota, Florida 34236 United States (323) 992-6365

Fix cause, or take a pill?

Speaking with “Forked tongue?”

Not really, just many sides to this issue.

With the exception of the “Stop Smoking – FREE,”  the EFT and occasional legal injustices which rile me, and of course, my passion for how we try to run our country – –  this blog has been dedicated almost entirely to maximizing our health by natural methods without chemicals or should I say “pharmaceuticals?` 

There are many reasons – personal reasons which prompt me to say that.  Mother headed the list.  She was born almost perfect;   Certified genius,  breathtakingly beautiful, fearless (@ 16 was the captain of her Canadian Women’s  hockey team and has the scars to prove it).  Very little she couldn’t do or understand.  Only 5′ + 2″, yet she filled any room she entered.  One could say I loved this woman.  A lot.  But giants can fall.   

Amalianna was  felled by the medical community which she continued to honor and respect.  Her final 20 years were difficult to rationalize.  There was a pill for everything, sometimes – several. She had been receiving 18 prescription meds daily during her final years.  So you see, it isn’t ‘fear’ or distrust.  It is flat-out repulsion of prescription meds that I bear.  They are injurious, don’t heal anything and always leave behind an enormous price to pay.  This is what I refer to when I own up to being a terrible patient. 

We have a right when something has gone wrong to know what it is – what has gone wrong?  What ever has gone wrong has nothing whatever to do with a lack of chemicals.  That’s a fact.  In order to get the answers unless they seem overtly obvious to a well-informed physician,  is to check out the body by means of a few analyses.  What does the blood,  stomach and gut reveal with their yield?  We probably have a nutritional deficit or a toxic overload.  Removing the guess work by taking appropriate action with redirected attention to needs or some type of clean-up to set things back to normal.  The body can heal itself when given the opportunity and proper tools. 

This, routinely is done by means of a physician, one who knows how to see what’s going on and is willing and able to find out and then advise.   Where do we go to find these docs?  They are every where, but one must learn how to seek them out.   They are burroughed into neighborhoods across our country.  They are docs who found what they learned in medical school wasn’t cutting it and took on further education independently to determine what actually works and helps people get well.  The medical community needs to learn not so much about what disease looks like, but rather how health is supposed to look and how and why it happens.   

Most of us learn this  little by little.  We read, listen to others, try to listen to our own body and pay attention to how it is feeling and how what we eat and  how we live is impacting us.  When we realize that our body will never matter to anyone else the way it matters to us – – we finally can  understand that only I AM FULLY RESPONSIBLE FOR MY BODY.  Nobody else! If your “taste buds” still rule all your choices, you haven’t  tuned into that reality yet.  We are up against big, powerful enemies; Madison avenue for one hits you from every angle – TV, print media, etc.  We have to ferret out for ourselves what is fit to eat and what is not.   When you cook for yourself using whole, raw (organic if possible),  you are so far ahead of the game.  Simple food is best.  Doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Going to run a small post here now from Sunday’s paper.  I shall edit OUT the doc’s picture and name as I have no intention to draw attention to this doctor for work which was taught as standard procedure.  Motivation is excellent and intention is to help, but so clearly demonstrates much of what I have just spoken of here which ends up being almost useless.    A final word to follow.

Condition Can Harm New Moms

It’s always difficult to see significant illness strike young, otherwise healthy patients.   This was the case with a 22-year-old woman who came in because she was having trouble breathing.   She also had some new swelling on her ankles and had noticed that she was urinating less than usual.

But the deciding factor, she said, was when she had to stop and rest twice while carrying a load of laundry up the stairs.   We asked her about any medical problems.  “None” was her response. Any surgeries?   No.   Any fevers? Chest pain?  Rashes?  Change in weight?  Abnormal periods?   No,   no,  no,  no and no.

“I’ve been trying to work off my baby weight but have been otherwise healthy.”

Having a baby is a significant medical event, but I don’t think many of my patients think so, based on the number of times it is not mentioned when we ask for medical histories.

We noticed during her physical exam that we could hear fluid rattling around in her lungs.  Fluid also had built up on her feet and ankles.   Further testing showed us that her kidneys were struggling a bit and that her heart was straining.  All of this made us suspect a type of heart failure called post-partum cardiomyopathy.

We were able to start the patient on medications to ease the workload on her heart and get an echocardiogram done to look at the amount of blood her heart was pumping out. And we were able to assure her that, statistically, she had a good chance of recovering and having a normal heart after a year or so.

My Columbus patient’s experience was a stark contrast to the frequency and severity of the same condition I saw during an annual trip to Haiti in February. During the week in a clinic there, we saw a number of post-partum cardiomyopathy cases.

The worst of these was a 19-year-old woman who had delivered her first child 11 months earlier. The nurses who triage the patients while they wait in line for hours outside the clinic thought that this woman was pregnant — with at least triplets.

Her mother and aunt were at her side, holding up her swollen belly. In addition to her distended abdomen, her feet and legs were markedly swollen.

The only comfortable position for her was to lean forward and brace her hands against her knees. This helped shift the fluid in her abdomen away from her diaphragm so she could breathe better.

  • An ultrasound of her abdomen looked like a big, tense water balloon. And as we slid the ultrasound up to her heart, we were shocked by how little her heart muscle was contracting. The heart normally pushes out about 60 percent of the blood that fills its chambers when it relaxes and refills. We calculated her heart was pushing out less than 15 percent.

A cardiologist suggested medications, but getting her to a good balance of the right medications would be difficult. Her blood pressure already was low, but lowering it just a little more could give her heart a boost to work more efficiently.

And we agreed that draining some of the fluid in her abdomen would give her some immediate relief. We drained 7 liters, but that looked as if it barely made a dent. However, the patient said she could breathe easier.

  • The incidence of post-partum cardiomyopathy in the United States is about 1 in 2,000 births. In Haiti, it is 1 in 300.  We don’t know why there is such a difference in occurrence.   In fact, we don’t know why the process occurs at all.

It is thought a viral infection can trigger the condition, but other theories speak to poor diet, toxins or possibly genetics.

Progressive loss of heart-muscle cells leads to heart failure. In essence, the heart muscle cannot contract forcefully enough to pump adequate volumes of blood.

Complications include atrial and ventricular abnormal heart rhythms, blood clots that block blood vessels, and even sudden cardiac death. Treating these patients means aggressive diuretic therapy to keep them from drowning in their fluids.

  • If the condition is untreated, the heart ultimately gives out, leading to circulatory collapse. In the interim, the kidneys, lungs and brain are starved of oxygen and nutrients.

It is rare when the condition persists for more than eight or nine months. When this occurs in the United States, we have the luxury of treating patients with advanced therapies, including a heart transplant.

It came as no surprise that we saw three additional cases during the week we were in Haiti. The cardiologist on our team predicted that two of the four women would not live more than a month. There are no heart transplants in Haiti.

For the other two patients, only time will tell.

(To repeat, . . . no quarrel with the doctor’s motivation and/or efforts. The results in Haiti seem abysmal which quite clearly are due to circumstantial poverty  and lack of provisions for the people there.  This is sad.

Over this past decade or so,  America has been learning about more natural methods of  achieving good health and what one can do when it is less than desired.   Barring mishaps of nature and accidents of course, there is little which can go wrong with the body that can’t be fixed.  Clearly healing by natural methods are really nothing new to the field of Medicine.  It just isn’t prevalent today. Actually , all the way back to the “Father of Medicine”  when Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine”.  Often mentioned here are Ann Wigmore and Max Gerson to name  two.  And they learned from contemporaries and put 2 and 2 together, coming up with still newer  ideas.  This has always been the case.

Today,  much loved on the national landscape of medicine we find the like of Drs.  Jonathan Wright,  Joel Fuhrman and Mark Hyman and lets not overlook  Nicholas Gonzalez (New York) and Stanislaw Burzynski (Texas). But there are so many other forward thinking physicians out there, many of them unsung in larger circles, but doing their magnificent thing.   What is their great miracle all about?  How does “curing” happen?  With FOOD.  Good, natural, old-fashioned food, done the natural way – no GMO’s, boxes, cans and other fast foods known as the SAD diet.  The body heals and conquers almost anything  with nutrients it recognizes comprised of minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients, vitamins and other co-factors.   Given all that it needs, the body does the “healing”.   It’s just not that complicated.      Jan)

April 26, 2013

Corps, pay “No Taxes “

(Sharing my latest “BERNIE BUZZ” with you.   This man makes being an INDEPENDENT   very attractive.    Jan)

List of corporations paying little or no taxes

President Obama's FY2014 Budget

The Senate is shaping up as the next battleground in a fight to stop proposed cuts in Social Security and veterans’ benefits. A resolution was filed on Wednesday to put the Senate on record against eroding future cost-of-living adjustments. The “dark suits here in Washington” want a stingier consumer price index, Sen. Tom Harkin warned, commenting on the well-paid lobbyists for corporate interests. “Social Security hasn’t contributed a nickel to the deficit,” Bernie added. More than 250 economists, he noted, dispute claims that the so-called chained CPI is a more accurate gauge of retirees’ living expenses. “With so many people hurting we must protect Social Security, veterans and Medicare,” Bernie said.

Watch Bernie and Tom Harkin »
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Sign Bernie’s petition »Bernie Sanders is my kind of guy

Food Labels Food Labels
Legislation that would require the Food and Drug Administration to clearly label genetically engineered foods so that consumers can make informed choices about what they eat and feed their children was introduced on Wednesday.  Bernie cosponsored the bill by Sen. Barbara Boxer.Read more about it »
Corporate Taxes Corporate TaxesBernie in a Senate floor speech on Wednesday listed 15 profitable corporations that pay little or nothing in U.S. income taxes. “The truth is that, by any measure, U.S. corporate income taxes are very low. And as a share of the economy, they are much lower than are corporate income taxes in almost every other developed country,” Citizens for Tax Justice said in a new report.Read the list of corporations »
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Bombers in USA – Why?

How did Tsarnaevs get into this country, anyhow?


Georgie Anne Geyer

There remain many unknown facts about the Boston bombers from the faraway region of Chechnya, but perhaps the most important ones have not even been brought up.

Why were Chechens, of all peoples, even here in the United States?   Why had they, apparently, been awarded asylum status by an American immigration judge? And does the present policy discussion about immigration law intend to correct the gross violations of asylum law in any new legislation?

First, the Chechens.   In all the words published about the Tsarnaev family over the past week, there is nothing to indicate that they had the right to asylum in America. This roughly 30-year-old right is reserved for people who are in danger of persecution in their home country. It also is specifically conceived as a “temporary protection to enable people to work for change in their own countries,” according to Dan Stein, president of the Federation of American Immigration Reform and a historical specialist on all areas of immigration.

But the Tsarnaevs barely lived in war-torn Chechnya, if at all. They did not even live in the neighboring former Soviet republic of Dagestan. They lived in Kyrgyzstan, a small, mountainous republic in Central Asia where the Soviets sent legions of political prisoners.

When I was there in 1992, I found Kyrgyzstan one of the more pleasant places in remote Central Asia. I was always amused when the Kyrgyz would joke, “This isn’t the end of the world, but you can see it from here.” Not only was the father, Anzor Tsarnaev, not persecuted, he held a highly desirable job in the prosecutor’s office in Bishkek.

Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev poses for a picture after graduating from Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School in this undated picture provided by Robin Young.

Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev poses for a picture after graduating from Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School in this undated picture provided by Robin Young. / AP PHOTO/ROBIN YOUNG

There is some record of his moving temporarily to Chechnya, with its brutal Caucasian traditions, but only briefly. Yet, somehow Anzor and his wife, Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, got permission to come to America as refugees 10 years ago. The younger son, Dzhokhar, now recovering in Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess hospital, followed in what is called a “derivative asylum.”

But once in America, with virtually every advantage of the country at their fingertips — for Lord’s sake, the younger boy was studying at the University of Massachusetts and the older boy competed in the national Golden Gloves tournament in boxing — the family blithely ignored the meaning and the prerequisites for their precious positioning as refuges. Anzor, the father, apparently broke with his wife and simply returned to Dagestan, the region next door to Chechnya and now even more violent.

No matter now that he had been awarded his precious status in America because he would have to have said that in some way he was persecuted in that region. No matter that America took him in and his big extended family.

The father went “home” to Dagestan not because it really was home, but because he felt important there, and in America he had to start from the bottom up. In Dagestan, he could identify with the great bloody warriors of Caucasian history. He was somebody again, a Caucasian man who drank wine out of animal horns and kept women in their place. Papa went home not to change the society, as his asylum requested, but to enjoy it.

And since there is no record of his or his family’s ever having been in danger in the first place, why the devil not?

There is a lot of talk, too, about Tamerlan, the older and more pugnacious son, now dead, making a long trip to Dagestan last year. Thoughts fly to al-Qaida training camps and warriors on horseback in the Caucasus mountains fighting for beautiful blondes. But The New York Times traced his trip on the ground and found that, far from jumping 10-foot barriers and building bombs, Tamerlan “slept late, hung around at home, visited family and helped his father renovate a storefront.”

My own judgment on Tamerlan is that he traveled back to his homeland for the same reasons as his father. That, and because in that tormented, bloody part of the world, invaded and overrun by Persians, Turks and Russians, Tamerlan could feel, too, like a powerful Caucasus warrior chief.

Radicalized: Tamerlan Tsarnaev had reportedly indicated in text messages to his mother that he was willing to die for Islam

Radicalized: Tamerlan Tsarnaev had reportedly indicated in text messages to his mother that he was willing to die for Islam

He’s the one who had said he “had no American friends,” that he couldn’t understand “them.” I don’t know. We’ve got plenty of goofy types here, without going all the way to Dagestan.

If this story of his trip to Dagestan is true, as reported, and here we enter a new room in this house of irony, it kept him from his desire to become an American citizen when he returned.

We return to the “why?” They could be here, says Dan Stein, because “the asylum administration is totally outside of public view. There are widely divergent standards held by immigration judges (who decide on asylum cases), and it is all in secret. There is no integrity in the process.”

So we don’t know right now why this troubled family from this troubled part of the world is here at all. We don’t know whether the new immigration bills will help stem these expensive and tragic wrongs.

But we do know that had they not been here at all, this would never have happened.

Georgie Anne Geyer writes for Universal Press Syndicate.

April 24, 2013

GF Cookie – Healthy Sweeteners

(This is a recipe I found in the Fall of 2012. Meant to try these cookies, but have not. I’m thinking seriously about them now. First, I’ll have to get some Coconut flour and Almond Flower and of course that fancy Stevia that Truth Caulkins speaks of. 24 Carrot Health is a lovely site, so I left the “Home” link up for you to investigate.

At the end, I have a footnote comment on “Healthy Sweeteners” which we could all use if our intention is to have somethin’ lovin’ from the oven once in a while.)

Eat Well Look Good Feel Better

Easy Gluten Free/Paleo Cookie Recipe

I’ve been working on an easy sugar free cookie recipe for a friend who’s father isn’t supposed to be eating sugar, but he sure loves his cookies! To make it more challenging, he doesn’t like the flavor of coconut. I wanted to use coconut flour to help keep the cost down because almond flour can be so pricey; so the compromise was half and half. This cookie is barely sweet, and has a really nice flavor. If you are just looking for a healthier option and don’t need a sugar free cookie you can add some minced dried fruit or mini chocolate chips to yours. Enjoy!

Easy GF/Paleo Cookies

Makes about 20 cookies

If you can’t find the flavored Stevia drops use 12 drops of plain and add 1/2 t orange extract and an extra 1/4 t vanilla extract.


1/2 c almond flour
1/2 c coconut flour
3 eggs
7 drops Valencia Orange Sweet Leaf Stevia drops
5 drops Vanilla Creme Sweet Leaf Stevia drops
1 t vanilla
1/2 t salt
1/2 t orange flower water, optional

Up to 2T of additional ingredients: mini chocolate chips, chopped fruit, chopped nuts, etc., optional

Preheat oven to 350°F. Line a baking sheet with parchment.

In a small bowl combine the almond flour and coconut flour. In a larger bowl break your eggs and whisk them together, add the remaining ingredients and whisk them all together thoroughly. Add the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients, if you are adding optional fruit, nuts etc. add them with the dry ingredients, and combine all thoroughly with a spoon or fork, but once combined your hand will be the best tool to finish the job.

Shape small balls of dough, about 3/4″, flatten them between your palms, and transfer them to the parchment lined baking sheet. This may be easier with slightly damp palms.

Bake the cookies 10 – 13 minutes. I like mine baked longer, but a shorter baking time makes a softer cookie.

After baking transfer to a cooling rack and allow to cool 10 to 15 minutes. These cookies taste best after cooling.


(Wanted to share some of the notes I have saved from  Kelley Herring  of the Healing Gourmet on Healthy Sweeteners.  Some of the pointers are that one can have the sweetness desired, but will  have to combine a couple of products to get what you are after.    I have been using Xylitol and it is successful and was recommended by several people including   JJ Virgin whom I’ve spoken of.  It is not as sweet as I would like however.   Kelley Herring uses ERYTHRITOL   which is a sugar alcohol which is also found in  food (grapes, melons and peaches) and fermented foods such as  wine, beer and soy sauce and in human tissues.  I include this information for you as it is  good to know that the body recognizes Erythritol as an acceptable food.  That’s important!  Synthetic sweeteners such as Sweet and Low,   Equal and so on are not !  [Both contain Aspartame] They are a burden to the body and in fact cause many of today’s major problems.   

  • Erythritol works well in baking  and candy making as it has a clean, sweet taste like sugar.  It is granular and works cup for cup to replace sugar. It browns and even candies like sugar.  And it has “O”  calories and “O ” glycemic index.    Will not spike your blood sugar or contribute to cavities.  Is safe for diabetics.   Is beneficial – acts like an anti-oxidant.  Good for arteries so won’t cause heart disease.   

The only drawbackit’s about 70% as sweet as sugarso add one of the three other safe sweeteners in combination with it.

  1. Stevia which is up to 300 X’s sweeter than sugar.  “O” calories – Glycemic Index.  Stevia is used to boost the sweetness of Erythritol
  2. Coconut Sugar, (better for you than brown sugar), made from evaporated sap of the Coconut flower and tastes similar to brown sugar which is 65 on GI, while coconut is 35 GI
  3. Coconut Nectar is a superior substitute for Agave.  Has 35 GI rank – is a syrupy sweetener like Agave, made from sap of coconut bl9ossoms;  is rich in amino acids, high in vitamins and minerals and phytonutrients (potassium and magnesium). Is 10% of fructose while agave  is 90%

So much for Sweeteners, let us speak of flours now.

And we are speaking of this why?   Because sugars contribute to almost all of the diseases modern man is experiencing!  Obesity, diabetes and let us not forget “INFLAMMATION” – –  the root cause of most of the PAIN  we are acquainted with.   And of course the GRAINS even tho there probably aren’t too many of us who don’t just love everything about grains.  They are a major cause of a great many allergies and food sensitivities which react in us as a craving  [for that to which we are addicted].  

The human gut is not built for eating grains.   Mankind, however, IS eating bread and all kinds of breadstuff. We love it.  It is comfort food.  It is part of our history. It goes back in our recorded time through and beyond the Bible.  One wonders “how could this be bad?  Why?”   No matter what  “They” tell you,  we didn’t evolve to eat grains.  Nor did our cattle and chickens and pets.  It’s making all the animals sick and diseased and folks,  we are one of those animals 

I have tried to explain this so many times – – but at the moment, I’m not up for it!  Find one of my other posts where I explain it or better yet – go to Dr Loren Cordain of Paleo Diet fame (go to FIND IT).   This was supposed to be a simple post and it has gone on much too long and I’m really tired tonite.  It’s my own goof, not unhappy,. . . . just sayin’  

So, back to the Flours. . .  we don’t want to consume “GLUTEN”  because it will put holes  in the lining of our intestines (gut).  That’s a big NO-NO because those holes allow passage of  food particles into our blood stream where much damage is caused therefrom. These particles require our body to go into battle mode to fight these foreign invaders, thereby using up vital resources of the body which take it off task from managing their regular job.  Please settle for this recap version. 

We want to use NUT  flours instead.    Good news and bad news.    Good news:  our body is healthier and slimmer as nuts are a protein food.  Contain healthy oils.  And if we are no longer eating grains, we are saving a boat load of calories if that happens to be a concern.  Nuts and seeds are healthy and good for us on so many levels.    The bad news is that the NUT flour costs a lot more than grain flour.   So maybe one won’t bake as much or as often,  but hey, when you do with these Paleo-style pleasures  – – there’s no SIN  involved.  Health won’t go to hell in a hand-basket, but actually, could improve.  One can certainly see why. 

Coconut flour is quite a bit cheaper than other nut flours.  Not everyone likes coconut like I do, so in that event, try mixing with 1/2 coconut and 1/2 other like Almond, Hazelnut or Pecan and or Walnut.  Coconut is more dense and fiber rich, not light and fluffy. A general rule is to use 1 egg for each Tbsp of coconut flour used in  a recipe. (Like the above recipe)  Also, it must be sifted or can seem  dry. Try Hazelnut or Pecan with Coconut flour for a nutty flavor – cookies and pie crusts.

Storage:  One must keep the flours away from heat and light Refrigerate is best. [Can freeze in air-tight bags].

One last thing and I’m outta here.   Am told one can make flour out of BEANS  and that this is the secret to springy, moist cakes;. . . Yellow cake made with Cannelloni beans,  Chocolate cake made with chick peas.   Isn’t that interesting?   There is a caution with the “bean” flours.  Baked goods with beans can have a slightly “beany” flavor for up to 12 hours.  So it is worth the wait to delay enjoying the treat.   If using canned beans;  Eden Organic is supposed to be excellent.  They also use  BPA free cans.    One can buy Bean Flours from BOB’S Red Mill  across the country.

I intended to relate Dr Wright’s suggestion that when one is using “beans”,  they can be far more healthy if one takes the time to sprout them.    I read through it and it made sense to me and I do favor sprouting.  This took only a few days and wasn’t too complicated to do.  I’ll find it and get back to you.  That’ll do it.  g’nite y’all  Jan)

April 23, 2013

Right to harm w/Environmental Toxins

(This is such an excellent show – always informative and illuminating, but this one is so close to my heart in that it has to do with our survival – yours and mine, but especially,  our children.    Please do watch as scientist Sandra Steingraber, biologist and activist informs Bill about what drives her.  Jan)


The Toxic Assault on Our ChildrenA day before she went to jail, biologist, mother and activist Sandra Steingraber joined Bill to explain why she was willing to go behind bars for actions she took while protesting the controversial process of fracking in upstate New York. Steingraber also talks about “toxic trespassers” she says are threatening our children’s health by contaminating our air, water and food — and why we must take action now to stop them.

Also on the show, Bill presents the short documentary “Dance of the Honey Bee,” narrated by Bill McKibben, which looks at threats bees face from a rapidly changing landscape.



Natural family planning


Doctor advocates for natural family planning

By JoAnne Viviano The Columbus Dispatch  April 5, 2013

Gretchen and Bruce Hofer had avoided birth control for most of their marriage, but as they faced their fourth cesarean section in five years, they decided it was time to consider their options.

As Roman Catholics, the Sunbury couple didn’t want to disobey church teachings that consider contraception immoral. But they just didn’t know what else to do to prevent another costly pregnancy.

They turned to an intrauterine device, a choice that made Mrs. Hofer feel sinful because she wasn’t trusting in God and because, as a lifelong Catholic, she just “knew better.”

After about three years, the strain led her to Dr. Michael Parker, a Gahanna obstetrician/gynecologist who prefers natural family planning — avoiding sex when a woman is fertile. On her first visit, she had the doctor remove her IUD.

“It was almost like a reconciliation,” said Mrs. Hofer, 40. “In terms of my faith, I feel like I’m free.”

The Catholic Church teaches that marital sex should express a total commitment and openness to children and a future together. Contraception is considered harmful to a couple’s unity by making sex more casual, while natural family planning is considered an acceptable way of respecting God’s design.

But Parker said most physicians are not well-versed on the method. He advocates for teaching all doctors a basic understanding of how and why it works.

“When we’re going to talk about comprehensive health care for women, I think it’s important that we include the discussion of natural family planning because contraception is just one way of women planning their health care,” he said.

In the Diocese of Columbus, Bishop Frederick Campbell instituted a policy in 2010 that requires all couples preparing for marriage to attend an introductory presentation on natural family planning.

Last year, about 900 couples participated. Online instruction and about 50 more-detailed follow-up courses also were available.

In recent months, contraception has gained attention as the Catholic Church and other faith groups seek to expand religious exemptions to a federal mandate that employer-provided health plans pay for birth control.

Although the issue is religious freedom, not necessarily contraception, the attention has prompted people to take another look at natural family planning, said Dan Thimons, director of the diocese’s Marriage and Family Life Office.

“Catholics in the pews are starting to wonder, ‘Is this the way I should be living my marriage?’ ” he said. “The Catholic Church teaches openness to life and also responsible parenthood. This is a way to be both.”

Parker stopped prescribing contraception in 2004, a move based largely on his Catholic faith but also because he felt that birth-control methods were causing undesirable side effects in some patients.

  • About 70 percent of his patients who use the natural method are Catholic, he said. Others use it as part of a “green movement” of spacing families without the use of drugs.

Natural family planning, Parker assures, is not your mother’s rhythm method. Instead, it’s based on research compiled over the past three or four decades that uses additional biological markers to predict when a woman will ovulate.

  • The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that such “fertility awareness” methods are 75 percent to 96 percent effective at preventing pregnancy. That compares with the 82 percent to 98 percent effectiveness of condoms, the 91 percent to 99 percent effectiveness of birth-control pills, and the more than 99 percent effectiveness of IUDs.

The father of six children ages 7 to 23, Parker said the method he espouses is 96 percent effective at determining ovulation. He said he and his wife, Teresa, always have used natural family planning and have not had an unexpected pregnancy.

For Mrs. Hofer, using the method has helped her avoid pregnancy for three years, but, she said, she and her husband remain open to the possibility that they could conceive.

They talk about that every month and, when she’s ovulating, they find different ways to show their love. She said the communication has increased the intimacy in their marriage.

“God made us in a certain way and our bodies in a certain way, and we’re supposed to respect that, and our spouse is supposed to respect that,” she said.

“Everyone wants to be loved, and everyone wants to be loved in the correct way.”

For information on natural family planning courses offered by the Diocese of Columbus, visit, call 614-241-2560 or email

(My Comment: 

This Ob/gyn is serving his patients very well.  They not only achieve the goal of selectively planning  and spacing their family for their highest good, but they are also allowing their body to  function as it was meant to without playing games  by tinkering with the hormonal system and so on.  This is a major plus for the overall health picture. 

As they say, don’t mess with Mother Nature  (she has her ways). The doctors I saw so long ago did know about such things.  They were able to inform me enough to conquer my problem of not getting pregnant.   We were married seven years before our son came along.  Of course that is a whole different thing, but involves many of the same parameters.    Jan)

April 22, 2013

Dandelion Fritter – Learning Herbs

Dandelions & Delicious Dandelion Fritter Recipe

by Rosalee de la Forêt

Imagine you are moving to a new world, leaving behind everything you know and love for life in an unknown country.

If possible, you’d probably want to bring along favorite foods and most-used medicines. What would those be for you? Tomatoes? Pumpkins? Antibiotics? Dandelions?

Four hundred years ago Europeans were making those same big decisions as they left all they knew behind for life in the “new world”. Some couldn’t bear to leave their favorite plants and so they intentionally brought seeds to plant in their new home.

It’s ironic to me that dandelions were once so cherished that people intentionally brought them across the ocean so they would not be separated from them. But then fast forward a few hundred years later and now many people in North America poison dandelion with chemicals to discourage its abundance in their pure grass lawns.

Strange how things turn out, huh?

Luckily, many of us are waking up to the generosity of this bountiful plant. Every part of the plant can be used as food and as medicine. It is an effective medicine for many conditions, yet safe for practically everyone to use.

The best news is that it probably grows abundantly near you, making it accessible and cheap too!

But today’s newsletter isn’t about the amazing virtues of dandelion. It’s not about how nutritious dandelion is or about how it can be used as a powerful medicine. No, today’s recipe is all about junk food. Wild food junk food.

Okay, okay, as far as “junk” goes, this is actually pretty healthy and still very tasty. But you won’t be thinking of that as you pop these crispy fritters into your mouth.

Before we get to our wild junk food recipe here are a few tips for identifying and harvesting dandelion flowers.

Identifying Dandelion Flowers

You are probably familiar with dandelion flowers. The yellow inflorescence can carpet lawns in the spring (a welcome sight from the repetitive green if you ask me).

However, there are a few other plants out there that resemble dandelion. There are a few ways to tell true dandelions from other plants.

First, dandelion leaves are completely smooth without any coarse hairs.

Another way to ensure you have the right plant is that each flower is attached to one stalk (as opposed to many flowers coming from one stalk).

Dandelion flowers

Hawkweed (Hieracium spp) is often mistaken for dandelion. The flowers do look very similar but the big difference is the many flowers per one stalk.

Hawkweed  (Hieracium auricula)
Photo credit:

How to harvest the best flowers

Here are my tips for harvesting the best dandelion flowers for your fritters.

  1. Harvest in an area that has not been sprayed with chemicals. Also look for an area not frequented by dogs and cats.
  2. Make sure you are 100% positive you are harvesting dandelion flowers.
  3. Harvest flowers in the later morning to early afternoon on a sunny day when the flowers are fully open. The best flowers look vibrant, not discolored, old or limp. They should be free of dew.
  4. Use the flowers immediately after harvesting. If you store them in the fridge they will close up. If you dry them they will go to seed.
  5. To prepare the dandelion flowers for fritters, first remove the bracts found underneath the flowers. (They are a bit bitter.)

The red circles show the bracts which
need to be removed before eating.

Dandelion Fritters Recipe

This recipe has two variations; sweet or savory. But really the possibilities are endless!


  • 2 cups or so of prepared fresh dandelion flowers
  • 1/3 cup flour
  • 1/3 cup milk
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/3 cup corn meal
  • 1 egg
  • dash of sea salt
  • generous amount of oil that can withstand high heat

Two Variations

For sweet: add one tablespoon of honey (or to taste) plus 1/2 teaspoon to 2 teaspoons total of the following herbs: cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, nutmeg.

For savory: add a pinch of thyme, rosemary, oregano or other savory herbs. You may also want to add another dash of salt.


  • Mix the dry ingredients together and then add the egg. Combine well.
  • Add the sweet or savory ingredients.
  • Dip the flower blossoms into the batter, coating both sides.
  • Once well-coated, fry in hot oil until golden brown.
  • Place the fried fritters on a plate lined with a paper towel. Let cool slightly, then enjoy!

Photo by Linda Bittle



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Herb Fairies Dandelion Fritter Recipe Print Out!

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Dandy is here to share with you HIS fritter recipe.

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