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March 22, 2016

Time for 2 Dems to go

Time to go Deep. . stuff is changing


 Well,  this email from Bill Moyer’s and Company is  more than I can sit on and mull over by myself.  I have almost been having apoplexy over the situation through out this political season.   Most Americans have felt kinda like I do — that Debbie W.S. has to go!  That she has finagled against anything which might’ve given Bernie an equal shot,  instead, all was pure and simple — totally rigged;  and I’m sure deeply affected some of the negative stuff which has instead, rubbed off on Hillary, perhaps — undeservedly.  Never been a secret that while I  liked Bill, almost couldn’t stand Hillary.  She has lived her entire political life among, inside of and surrounded by all the big money people — that and all it represents IS where her heart is and remains.  Spots on a leopard don’t change. . . one is what one is.  That she is a deviously smart woman is obvious to anyone, but to claim that she is and has always been a progressive is frankly dishonest.  It is a mockery to watch her try to  outflank Bernie with his natural thrust for and of the people in his effort to equalize the economic, legal and political fields so that everyone has the same chances for prosperity and satisfaction in the individual pursuit of one’s life-dreams.    

This run for the Presidency isn’t for the ‘SMARTEST’. . .most well-known,  . . . or most accomplished any thing;  it is for the one we can TRUST,  rely on to do the right thing under any and all circumstances —  —  the one  who  WILL take the necessary time to properly reflect while being sure that  head and heart are in agreement because both are clear and unfettered enabling a correct decision to emerge.  

To hell with the machinery and games,  this  should be an easy call.   Forget NAMES.  Forget “loyalty”   How much do ‘Party” labels matter?  The world is groaning.  Our country, great as it is because of all the unique people and pieces and  parts – even WE are groaning (rightfully so). . .  .  but if we can’t come together to protect our country  from all these disparate factions who seem to want to pull us apart and set us against one another. . .how can we come out of this season as a UNIFIED NATION?  Do we really want to become a nation of haters and war-mongers?  Isn’t there enough  of that going on?  Remember what our nation stands for. . the United States of America.    Go into your  heart, you’ll know what do


Time for These Two Democrats to Go

They represent everything wrong with the Democratic Party. Hillary Clinton should tell them to take a hike.

Left: Rahm Emanuel (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images). Right: Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for

Left: Rahm Emanuel (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images). Right: Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for

There are two Democrats whose resignation from office right now would do their party and country a service.

Their disappearance might also help Hillary Clinton convince skeptical Democrats that her nomination, if it happens, is about the future, and not about resurrecting and ratifying the worst aspects of the first Clinton reign when she and her husband rarely met a donor to whom they wouldn’t try to auction a sleepover in the Lincoln Bedroom.

In fact, while we’re at it, and if Secretary Clinton really wants us to believe she’s no creature of the corporate and Wall Street money machine — despite more than $44 million in contributions from the financial industry since 2000 and her $675,000 in speaking fees from Goldman Sachs, not to mention several million more paid by other business interests for an hour or two of her time — she should pick up the gauntlet herself and publicly call for the departure of these two, although they are among her nearest and dearest. And we don’t mean Bill and Chelsea.

No, she should come right out and ask for the resignations of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Democratic National Committee Chair — and Florida congresswoman — Debbie Wasserman Schultz. In one masterstroke, she could separate herself from two of the most prominent of all corporate Democratic elitists.

Each is a Clinton disciple and devotee, each has profited mightily from the association and each represents all that is wrong with a Democratic Party that in the pursuit of money from rich donors and powerful corporations has abandoned those it once so proudly represented — working men and women.

Rahm Emanuel first came to prominence as head of the finance committee for Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign, browbeating ever-increasing amounts of money out of fat cat donors, and following Clinton into the White House as a senior adviser attuned to the wishes and profits of organized wealth. Few pushed harder for NAFTA, a treaty that would cost a million or more working people their livelihood, or for the “three-strikes-and-you’re-out” crime bill which Clinton later admitted was a mistake. After alienating most of Washington with his arrogance and bluster Emanuel left in 1998 and went into investment banking in Chicago, making more than $16 million in less than three years.

He came back to Washington as a three-term Illinois congressman, chaired the fundraising Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (calling on his Wall Street sources to get in on the gravy by electing so-called New Democrats over New Deal Democrats), and soon was back in the White House as Barack Obama’s chief of staff. There, he infamously told a strategy meeting of liberal groups and administration types that the liberals were “retarded” for planning to run attack ads against conservative Democrats resisting Obamacare. Classy. Writer Jane Hamsher described him as tough guy wannabe but really “a brown nose for power ready to rumble on behalf of the status quo.”

Mayor Rahm Emanuel (L) and Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy hold a press conference to address the arrest of Chicago Police officer Jason Van Dyke on November 24, 2015 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Mayor Rahm Emanuel (L) and Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy hold a press conference to address the arrest of Chicago Police officer Jason Van Dyke on November 24, 2015 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

And now he’s mayor of Chicago, reelected last April for a second term, but, as historian Rick Pearlstein wrote in The New Yorker a couple of months ago, “Chicagoans — and Democrats nationally — are suffering buyer’s remorse.”

Remember that shocking dashcam video of a black 17-year-old named Laquan McDonald being shot 16 times by a Chicago policeman while he was walking away? Of course you do; who can forget it? Remember, too, that for 400 days the police kept the existence of the video secret and did nothing about the shooting. Meanwhile, the City of Chicago paid five million dollars to McDonald’s family, who at that point had not filed a lawsuit. But despite the large sum of money coughed up by his own administration, Emanuel claims he never saw the video. If that’s true, he was guilty of dreadful mismanagement; if he did know, he’s guilty of far worse.

Only after his re-election was the cover-up of the murder revealed. In Pearlstein’s words, “Given that he surely would not have been reelected had any of this come out before the balloting, a recent poll showed that only 17 percent of Chicagoans believe him. And a majority of Chicagoans now think he should resign.”

The Laquan McDonald murder is just one of the scandals on Emanuel’s watch: crime and abuse by police run rampant, the city’s public schools are a disaster, the transit system’s a mess. Yet while Emanuel has devoted little of his schedule to meeting with community leaders, Pearlstein reminds us that he did, however, “spend enormous blocks of time with the rich businessmen, including Republicans, who had showered him with cash…” Now many of them have deserted him, including one of his richest Republican — yes, Republican — contributors, multimillionaire Bruce Rauner, who became governor of Illinois.

Emanuel should go — and Hillary Clinton should say so. But while Senator Bernie Sanders, campaigning during the Illinois primary, said he would not seek and would not accept the mayor’s endorsement, with Secretary Clinton it’s business as usual. Emanuel has held fundraisers for her campaign since 2014 so chances are she’ll stay mum, take the money and run.

As for Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, she embodies the tactics that have eroded the ability of Democrats to once again be the party of the working class. As Democratic National Committee chair she has opened the floodgates for Big Money, brought lobbyists into the inner circle and oiled all the moving parts of the revolving door that twirls between government service and cushy jobs in the world of corporate influence.

She has played games with the party’s voter database, been accused of restricting the number of Democratic candidate debates and scheduling them at odd days and times to favor Hillary Clinton, and recently told CNN’s Jake Tapper that super delegates — strongly establishment and pro-Clinton — are necessary at the party’s convention so deserving incumbent officials and party leaders don’t have to run for delegate slots “against grassroots activists.” Let that sink in, but hold your nose against the aroma of entitlement.

But here’s just about the worst of it. Rep. Wasserman Schultz — the people’s representative, right? — has aligned herself with corporate interests out to weaken the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s effort to create national standards for the payday-lending industry, a business that in particular targets the poor. Payday loans, as Yuka Hayashi writes at The Wall Street Journal, “are quick credits of a few hundred dollars, with effective annual interest rates ranging between 300% and 500%. Loans are due in a lump sum on the borrower’s next payday, a structure that often sends people into cycles of debt by forcing them to take out new loans to repay the old ones.”

U.S. Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL 23rd District) and chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) speaks to reporters in the spin room after watching tonight's democratic presidential debate at the Gaillard Center on January 17, 2016 in Charleston, South Carolina. Democratic presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley spent yesterday campaigning in South Carolina in lead up to tonight's debate. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Debbie Wasserman Schultz speaks to reporters in the spin room after watching the January 17 Democratic presidential debate in Charleston, South Carolina. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

According to the nonpartisan Americans for Financial Reform, this tail-chasing cycle of “turned” loans to pay off previous loans makes up about 76 percent of the payday loan business. The Pew Charitable Trust found that in Wasserman Schultz’s home state, the average payday loan customer takes out nine such loans a year, which usually has them mired in debt for about half a year.

No wonder radio host and financial guru Dave Ramsey describes the payday loan business, which loans $38.5 billion a year, as “scum-sucking, bottom-feeding predatory people who have no moral restraint.” The very people, it must be acknowledged, who now have an ally in the chair of the Democratic National Committee, who has so engineered the rules of the current Democratic primary process so as to virtually assure her unlimited access to a Clinton White House where she can walk in freely to press the case for her, ahem, “scum-sucking, bottom-feeding predatory” donors and pals.

So imagine now the Democratic National Convention this July. Presiding over it will be, yes, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, tribune for a party of incumbency, money and crony capitalism. Follow her as she makes the rounds of private parties where zillionaire donors, lobbyists and consultants transact the real business of politics. Watch as she and Hizzoner Rahm Emanuel of Chicago greet and embrace. Then imagine those thousands of young people outside the convention hall who have arrived from long months of campaigning earnestly for reform of the party they see as an instrument of their future, as well as members of Black Lives Matter and other people of color for whom Rahm Emanuel is the incarnation of deceit and oppression.

This is why Emanuel and Wasserman Schultz must go. To millions, they are enablers of the one percent, perpetuators of the Washington mentality that the rest of the country has grown to hate. What a message such servants of plutocracy send: Democrats — a bridge to the past.


March 9, 2016

Washington is HOW Broken?

Democrats and Republicans Are Quietly Planning a Corporate Giveaway — to the Tune of $400 Billion


There really isn’t any need for me to add anything to this post;  I’m stunned with it – – and during our voting season!  Can anything be worse or DUMBER?  They are saying  while this isn’t a secret . . . everyone knows about it and so on.     I CERTAINLY DIDN’T KNOW


Can’t Elizabeth and Bernie DO SOMETHING about it?         Jan


Behind the ‘noise’ is JOY

My memories may no longer reflect the fullness of what I once lived;   but they were never meant to,  for life is meant to be fully experienced and enjoyed,  with each nuance savored. How can we do that if we dwell  over-much in the past?  (no matter how special, poignant and beautiful they were)  Nor am I entirely sure that our species was meant to keep on keeping on for as long as I seem to be doing.  No one’s life is all a bed of roses. . .”into each life, the rain must fall”. . .  so it kinda comes down to perspective.  Those who are fortunate enough to discover what they truly want and need to be happy. . (whatever that might be, . . . call it purpose. . .goal, things, stuff or place. . doesn’t matter, your choice, for we are all so different and march to the beat of different drummers. . . . as we should),  well these individuals have a far greater chance of actually being happy as they  like how it feels and strive to be, say and do that which is gonna keep making them happy.  Its always in the feelings – that’s our barometer.  So if we’re down, sad, lost. . without purpose or aim, we aren’t in touch with who we truly are which allows all the heavy stuff. . . including increased pain.  Each of us can figure all this out. . .some are going to take longer and will do it in own fashion.   Allow me to slightly digress:

 . . . have been a foodist my whole life (I think).  By my 30’s the importance of nutrition-to-health loomed large for me and was busy thereafter trying to fit pieces together. Served me pretty well, have enjoyed a strong healthy body. . hardly noticed middle age. Experienced 70’s and 80’s pretty much like others do, but refused pharmaceuticals flat out.  Since I was raising my grand-daughters,  doctors brow-bet me into HBP meds, guilting me – what would they do if I stroke out?  Did that a few years, tho hated the way they made me feel.  A series of other organic problems (one segueing into the next).  Too much, walked away from all.  So with cardio, thyroid, HBP, COPD  and Alzheimers diseases to cope with – – I left seeing doctors behind.  I highly value my beloved body and the fantastic  job it has done all these years. Focused as I was on helping my body back to some semblance of normalcy, with no toxic anything being  ingested beyond what we are forced endure with what comes from farming these days.  I am satisfied.  

Sure I’ve I’ve learned a lot – bought too many books, went in circles for a while.  There was a point I could barely rise out of my chair.  Heart pounding up a storm, hard to breathe properly – The works!  Can now use my stairs both up and down (to the basement), back to walking Heidi and life goes on almost pain-free (attributable to many things) One was the “Borax Conspiracy” (a post I did a few months back) that it seems few believed;  but that is all I have done which is different since I take nothing for pain and stiffness of arthritis –  OTC or otherwise.  Maybe 3 to 5 months now and I did as Dr Walter Last said to do.  Easy, cheap beyond belief.  Have posted on everything I’ve done to help myself, because, in sharing it. . .perhaps someone else can benefit as well.  Heart protocol and all.    This isn’t for everyone, but my rebel nature equipped me fairly well to do stuff my own way, and I would say, its paid off.    

But I haven’t got to this rather peaceful place with ‘smarts’ or ‘luck,’  I honestly believe. . . .”as a man thinketh, so is he. .”  No matter the circumstances,  I think all have more choice than we think we do.  We can’t control others or non-self,   but no one else can control our thinking outside of us.   The excerpt below is from Abraham; a daily message I receive from the Law of Attraction people. (for some years now – its free).   When I read it this morning, it brought an overwhelming sense of joy and peace.  And I reflected on all the help which I have found throughout life, here, there and everywhere from childhood on.  Tho my core (early) understanding is that of the Christian faith, over the years I have come to understand that what we call IT doesn’t matter;  it is our unified need/search outside ourselves to that which is ‘greater than’  and we can call that which is our source by any name — it simply doesn’t matter.  For we are all connected, and some say – we are all one.  And we are meant to be whole, at peace. . .and happy.     Jan


Abraham-Hicks Header Image

It feels so good to realize that the Energy that creates worlds is supporting you; to wake up every morning in clarity, knowing exactly who-you-are; to know that Source is thinking through you; to experience meaningful rendezvous; to dovetail with the right people who give you the right piece of information just at the right time; to never feel dependent upon anyone; to know with clarity who-you-are; to feel the Energy that creates worlds moving though your fingertips and through your mind; to see evidence all around you of the thoughts you have been thinking and to feel the power of who-you-are! That’s what you came for.


Excerpted from: Phoenix, AZ on February 01, 2014
Our Love,
Esther (and Abraham and Jerry)

March 8, 2016

Know how to lose moles?

Rid Moles,  simply, quick, easy to do – cheap

As luck would have it, I have rid my face of one flat but too-large mole near one eyebrow and am working on a normal (I guess) regular mole just above the other eyebrow.  I noticed a difference from the first day and only took less than a week to do.  One needs tiny cotton balls, Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar and some means of keeping it on the mole for 20 to 30 minutes.  I didn’t have any adhesive tape (like in a bandage), so I used a small strip of scotch tape.   I did this twice a day as I read was okay, though, only once a day was needed.  I have a lot of moles (or freckles) all over my torso.  My husband and I would count our moles to see who had the most (when we were newlyweds).  They never bothered me esthetically, physically or in any way.    But I don’t like them on my face.  Perhaps 10 or so years ago, I had one removed from my upper cheek area which had grown a sort of tag on it and that did bother me.  My doctor whom I DID like quite well and trusted did it, right in his office;  boom, boom and it was gently sedated and then was gone.  No pain – no problem.   Most any other doctor would have insisted on sending you to another specialist for dermatology surgery.  I was delighted.  Unfortunately, this was my last physician who chose to become a concierge doctor with a sizable up-front fee to join his new practice.  In just a few years, so much has changed with what we can expect from medicine now (and afford).   So we must adjust, go crazy with frustration and resentment, do without or in my case — become more self-sufficient.  I am all for DIY stuff.

Not going go into a full description of how to, just wanted to skip lightly over this to inform you of a process which is available to you, if you might choose to try it.  I have and am very pleased. It is just as described by the author of the process as I have learned it.  And would also like to recommend this wonderful, quite handsome person as a reference you might come to value as well.  His name is TODD CALDECOTT, Dip. CI,H PH (AHG)  ayurveda  ~  herbal medicine  ~  nutrition.  Just go to  and scroll down  his long list of articles on the right side to  Moles and apple cider vinegar,   click on that and you’ve got the whole message – photos and all in color.

When you read his list of topics, probably, you will find him as valuable and insightful/knowledgeable as I do.  I signed up for his letter because I like the way he thinks and conducts his practice.  This is a lucky find.  Hope you will enjoy.    Jan

March 1, 2016

Eat good FAT, look like Donal

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Have I changed?, you bet!

Since Donal came out with his CEREAL KILLERS and shared it with us, I haven’t been the same since.  after that – RUN ON FAT.  It’s the whole concept of what he did, set out to do which is reset the way his body had been programmed (thru genetics) to have all these healthy athletic men in his family develop heart disease and diabetes, all while being highly ‘clean’ in dietary habits and activities.  Did the “carb loading” all competitive athletes do. . .   Well this smart young man not only did it, but has almost changed the way ALL athletes now see things.  Whole lot of shakin’ going on.   I’m no athlete,  farthest from it, but he improved my life as I have included much what he has shared with us already.  

Now, this post is unlike any I have done on Donal before.   This one is HUGE – – wait til you get inside.  For the sports people and athletes. .  you’re gonna love it.  But for the rest of us who just want to be and look the best we can, we can learn and absorb from this and truly benefit.  (Since  I’ve learned to really gorge on FATS, I’ve dropped nearly 40 pounds and I wasn’t even trying.  . . except for giving up bread.)  I now indulge all I want with nuts, avocados, eggs (never gave up butter, olive oil or of course coconut oil)  No longer do fish (pollution reasons),  and my limited budget curtails the quantity of grass-fed beef I buy.  Donal beats me on every  level.  He eats far more greens than I do and I ingest a lot of them..  Don’t have to tell you to enjoy. . .know you will.      Jan



The “Great 8” Fatty Foods

Hi –

When we shot Cereal Killers a few years back my diet was based on “The Great 8” Fatty Foods (it still is).

Consumed habitually, these foods will help you tip the needle towards fat adaptation – for health and performance.

Check out that list of foods here and leave a comment if you have a question.

Have a geat week.

Don’t Fear Fat!


Revolving Door, again

NVIC, Always on the Job

Anything which has to do with vaccines;  who’s involved,   what they’re doing,   the different laws and restrictions emerging,  how it affects all of us and it SHOULD!

California Legislator Joins Big Pharma Via “Revolving Door”

byParpia Rishma


California Assemblyman Henry T. Perea has resigned from the state legislature to take a job as senior director of advocacy for the PhRMA trade group.
The pharmaceutical industry donated generously to Perea while he was in office.
“Revolving door” hiring polices between U.S. legislators and the pharmaceutical industry is leading to an increase in public scrutiny as conflict of interest concerns become an issue in lawmaking that favors Big Pharma.

In December 2015, Assemblyman Henry T. Perea publicly announced that he was resigning from the California Legislature and moving on to a new job with the pharmaceutical industrye.1 On Jan. 4, 2016, Perea began leading political operations in Arizona, California and Nevada for the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), a trade group representing the world’s largest pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies such as Bayer, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Merck & Co, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson, and many more.1

PhRMA is one of the wealthiest and most influential special interest lobbying organizations in the U.S., putting its weight behind federal and state legislation that serves the interests of global pharmaceutical companies marketing drugs and vaccines in the U.S.2 In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, former Assemblyman Perea said PhRMA is an “excellent organization. They innovate, they discover cures, they represent a lot of California employers.”3 He added, “The debate in healthcare, especially after the Affordable Care Act, is going to be very robust over the next decade or two and I look forward to being a part of that.“3

Although California has enacted a law banning former legislators from lobbying former colleagues for a period of one year after leaving office, it did not deter PhRMA from pursuing Perea as their senior director of advocacy. Perea was hired by PhRMA six months after SB 277 was signed into law, a bill that eliminated the personal belief vaccine exemption for religious and conscientious beliefs and bars children from attending daycare centers and public and private schools if they do not have multiple doses of 10 state mandated vaccines.

While the Los Angeles Times reported that Perea received “more than $150,000 in campaign contributions” from the pharmaceutical industry while he served in the California legislature, his voting record indicates that he did not vote on SB 277 bill, according to

The Influence Game: PhRMA’s Robust Lobbying Track Record

Since 2010, PhRMA has dished out a significant amount of funds to lobby the California governor, state lawmakers and other state government officials.

According to an analysis of state lobbying disclosure forms conducted by, PhRMA has spent over $2.59 million in state lobbying in the past five years. This equates to approximately $500,000 per year in annual lobbying fees, which excludes funds spent by PhRMA’s member organizations. To understand the extent of the pharmaceutical lobby influence on legislators and legislation, note that just one PhRMA member, Pfizer, spent more than $3.18 million in lobbying efforts in California during the same time period.

The pharmaceutical industry’s lobby in Sacramento donated generously to former state Assemblyman Perea’s political campaigns. According to, during his career, Perea accepted $157,144 in campaign contributions from the pharmaceutical industry. He is ranked 119th among all politicians in the U.S to receive funds from the pharmaceutical industry.

According to, during the 2011-2012 legislative session, the pharmaceutical industry spent over $74,000 on Perea’s campaign, making it the second largest industry contributor to Perea’s campaign after the insurance industry.  Several of Perea’s campaign committees also appear on campaign finance disclosure reports filed by pharmaceutical companies. In 2015, his campaign committee for the 2018 Insurance Commissioner campaign accepted $2,000 from Amgen and in 2014, Pfizer gave him $3,500.

Revolving Door Between Big Pharma and Government Continues to Spin

This story is not all that surprising given that there are numerous examples of financial relationships between legislators and Big Pharma at the state and federal level. The revolving door between lawmaking and industry profitmaking is an important point to consider when many public health policies and laws crafted by our lawmakers, particularly vaccine policies and laws, are skewed in favor of the pharmaceutical industry.

The “revolving door” hiring policies have existed for years and have allowed legislators and federal agency regulators of vaccines, drugs and medical devices to secure jobs with industries whose products and profits are affected by legislation and regulation.

Joseph Mercola, MD explains,

  • While it’s perfectly legal to engage the revolving door and switch jobs from government agencies to private industry and vice-versa, this practice has become so widespread it has undermined the entire system of checks and balances.

Dr. Mecola adds

  • Conflict of interest is rampant not only within the field of medicine, but the revolving doors between government and industry has effectively led to a situation where it’s now extremely difficult, if not impossible, to trust conventional health advice from the federal government—which is supposed to be independent [but is not] due to this massive collusion between government and industry.
  • “Revolving door” hiring polices and practices between legislators and the pharmaceutical industry is legal but is it ethical?  Should such blatant conflicts of interests be tolerated?. People who become aware of the conflicts don’t think it is a good idea for the pharmaceutical industry to be financially tied to and have so much influence on legislators.

However, most voters simply do not understand the extent of the pharmaceutical industry’s power and influence over our government and on medical and public health policies and laws. As Americans learn more about the candidates they elect to office and monitor how they vote after they get into office, the public conversation about financial conflicts of interest between legislators and the pharmaceutical industry is bound to get louder. Becoming informed, asking questions and pressing for reform of public policy and law is the only way we can protect our health from being compromised by powerful industry lobbies like Big Pharma.

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