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March 18, 2017

Rid PAIN, easy, non-toxic

So many forms and kinds of pain

For emotional pain – –  broken heart, loneliness, disappointment. . etc.,. EFT works great,  it works for anyone who is willing to try it.  A snap to understand and learn > boom, boom, you’re done.  Simple videos on Youtube are out there in huge numbers, easy to watch and do.    For general well being, increased energy, body harmony and especially, for taking on the bigger issues – there’s nothing quite like EDEN ENERGY Medicine as taught by Donna Eden and now practiced all over the world.  But this is very complex and IMO takes a good deal more effort and time to read, study and learn.  Also, It is beneficial to have others or a partner to work with if you really want to master it.  Need to be able to energy test and kinda hard to do on yourself.  I don’t have that. . .yet, it is one of the most helpful methods I’ve ever learned.  

But what I want to address in this post is not either one of those  (tho the ABC’s of EFT is in the pages up above and to the right),  and there are numerous posting from Donna Eden’s articles sent from her site.  (recent 11-27-16 -Help 2 Cope/survive)

Because of all the construction going on at the complex where I live starting last November. .(driving me crazy, and Heidi too in the months before she died),  there has been an unimaginable number of builders/workers in and out of my apartment.  All good people, smart, efficient, looked  healthy, but I have realized far too many of them are suffering and/or in pain.  So off I go with my song and dance in response to whatever is ailing them. But there is limited help for pain with toxic PhRMA, and many try to get off those meds, but life can be tuff when ya got stuff to do and much rides on getting it done.  Am I gonna share what I know to do for myself?. . .ya betcha.  

What I have observed is how much joint pain is out there.  And not just elders.  Sometimes the pain comes from some accident which when healed, doesn’t leave you ‘restored’ and one lives with the reminder.  Joint pain, and in fact, most of our chronic    diseases are emanating from the scourge known as inflammation.  Why is this such a universal curse?  Primarily, it comes from our diet,  our choices in what we eat.  (You could google Dr Berg on “Inflammation” if you’d like a full-on discussion). We must eat cleaner; give up SUGAR (hurts everything and is in everything).  Not speaking of only that 5# sack bought for baking and/or sweetening the foods we eat.  Realize  that some of our nicest vegetables and most fruits  classified as carbs, reduce to sugar  – –  they’re sure not fats,  meats,  dairy or nuts and seeds  (proteins)!  Body must receive, digest, process and utilize what ever we give it.  If our choices are not efficient, body function reflects it.  Its a bit more than avoiding GMO’s and all stuff  that’s synthetic.  Grains, sugar and dairy are huge stumbling blocks for most of us as we were raised on them . . and we love them.  At what cost?  Well diabetes and Alzheimer’s (diabetes type 3)  are two of the fastest growing diseases in America.

For a long time, I’v taken N.A.C. (a supplement) in my morning shake (1/8 tsp). .known to help with inflammation,  even tho  I DO eat clean and mostly organic.  While I do fairly well, I’v have had arthritis in hands, a knee now and then and a hip once in a while. . .so I know what that feels like.  Don’t like pain, and don’t fiddle around with it.  For occasional use as needed,  I put 1/4 tsp CURCUMIN in a dab of warm water, put 3 – 4 tiny little scoops of PIPERINE into it, mess it around mashing into paste; then add a spoonful of yogurt  – delicious!  Soon, no pain. no dopey feeling as this is non-toxic, natural stuff from the plant kingdom;  just happens to work beautifully.  Curcumin is the business end of TURMERIC (which everybody should add to their cooking arsenal). I use in sauces, soups and MORNING SHAKES. My arthritis needs ongoing help in colder months, so I put the curcumin and piperine in the AM shake now as well, rather than the occasional need during warmer months with the yogurt.  

These products are bought online at any of your choice of suppliers. . . Powder City is where I’v been buying many of my products, but this month they are going out of business   I use maybe 20 or more suppliers (Bulk Supplements, Hard Rhino,  Pure Bulk, so many), yet, I generally put in browser and make my selection based on personal standards and best price.  Gonna miss Powder City tho.        

Note:  PIPERINE is necessary to use with Curcumin as it magnifies the effectiveness up to 2000%. . just sayin’. . .

Well hope this helps those of you with pain.   Jan

March 8, 2017

Diarrhea or Food Poisoning

Too Much Poop, ‘never a good thing’

The remedy for this is quite simple, but if you don’t know what to do to help yourself at those rare times, it can be be a messy situation. . .and inopportune to be running to the pharmacist for some unknown remedy. Better to be prepared for life’s little surprises.   Over my many decades, I’ve had plenty of those unexpected events.  Can’t always count on your food being as healthful as you believe it is – – too many hands have been involved sometimes.  Or some great restaurant you generally trust.  Stuff happens. 

In my case,  the reason I started using this product was altogether different.  As a Heart patient, doctors kept pushing me to use more and greater dosages of Magnesium.  Perhaps my body couldn’t handle it well, but also, the type of Magnesium one uses can be wrong.   I dunno, this may have been 10 or 12 years ago. I was in a bad way, fading, getting more run down, was house-bound for a long time because I was tied to the bath room facilities.. Literally crapping myself to death and miserable.  My friend Ron Pellegrino in Chicago of Vital Nutrients, who was my go-to guy ( a kinda walking/talking medical encyclopedia) told me to get some BENTONITE CLAY.  He didn’t carry it or sell it, but told me where to get it and I sent for it.  It was a liter and kinda pricy IMO, I think around $28.00    But it has lasted me all these years.  (Came in an amber bottle and I always kept it domiciled in it’s box in the pantry away from light and oxygen deterioration.  

The end of 2016, I finally bought some powder and made my own, but only 1/2 liter was more than enough since I no longer have the previous problem with Magnesium  ( I take Magnesium L-Threonate now as it crosses the blood-brain barrier).  And as I’ve said, I seem to be handling my chronic diseases,   doing fine,  some have reversed, and some are reversing. It’s still a fun and challenging game I play. . . s’workin’. . . 

Following is a link to the product I bought and have been satisfied with it.  This powder is remarkable for its many attributes.  I’m not going into it, but instead recommend you go to the site and scroll down to a full description of its many benefits.  Below this link, also including Wellness Mama’s link (a lady I admire) and you will be amazed at all the uses to which she puts Bentonite Clay.  So do yourself a favor – have at it.  (Be sure you buy FOOD GRADE, since this is for internal use as well as many other great ideas)  I made a pint jar full using 2 C Distilled Water and 25 grams of Clay (2T).  I used a whisk, capped jar and shook it now and then. This stuff has enormous capacity to absorb into itself which is why it so good for ridding body of impurities.  If you get to understand it, you’ll love it.   Jan

The Benefits of Bentonite Clay | Wellness Mama

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