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December 30, 2013

2 Cancers gone – Gerson

Dear Readers,  Can you stand one more post today?  Can’t help it. . . .when I read of something as encouraging as this is;  a young married with a whole life and new baby to care for and to get such bad news as you find in the first paragraph below;  well, it’s mind-boggling.   Then to emerge less than a year later from dual cancers — healed through the Gerson Therapy.  .  amazing “Blessing” Must share.   Jan

Dear Jan,
In 2010, Marcia Schaefer’s “perfect” year ended with a dual diagnosis of papillary thyroid cancer and malignant melanoma. Newly married, with a 4-month-old baby, Marcia had a lot to fight for.
Marcia chose to heal herself with the Gerson Therapy–and emerged victorious from her battle with cancer. On September 8th, 2011, she was declared cancer-free, less than a year after her initial diagnosis!
Do you want to help others like Marcia fight for true healing? If you do, I hope you will consider making a gift to the Gerson Institute to help provide others with hope.
Two years later, Marcia remains cancer-free, and is still following the Gerson Therapy to maintain her health and prevent a recurrence.
During her time on the therapy, she often sought support from the Gerson Institute.
“The Institute was great. I called [the Gerson Institute’s free help-line] a lot in the beginning.” Through the Gerson Institute, Marcia got in touch with Networkers, recovered Gerson patients who shared their experiences with her and “helped me decide if Gerson was the right option for me. “Then, [after I left the clinic in Mexico] the follow-up from the Institute, the phone calls and check-ins, was a great help as I continued the therapy at home.”
Please make more stories like Marcia’s possible! Your donation to the Gerson Institute goes directly to funding:
  • Our free educational help-line
  • Our patient support programs
  • New educational materials and translations
  • New free resources for Gerson patients
Every donation matters, whether it’s $5, $50 or $500! Gerson persons across the globe need your help to get the support they need.
Marcia is making an impact on others as she continues to educate others about the Gerson Therapy with the most powerful information – her own healing story!
Marcia said:
“I have defeated cancer. I have opened my practice, and I am living proof that a positive attitude, supportive, loving friends and family, and lots of carrot juice can make all the difference in your world.
I want to help others with this fantastic therapy; I will pay it forward to anyone who will listen!” 

If you, like Marcia, want to help others with the Gerson Therapy, donate today!
You can even help year-round as a monthly supporter.
Whether you can share Dr. Gerson’s gift of hope & healing this year, or whether you are in need of support on your own healing journey, we can make it together.
Thank you for being a “Gerson” person!

Superfood ‘Organ-meat’?

More and more, I understand how fortunate I was in the gene-pool  –  this post reminds me of stuff I’d forgotten.   My maternal grandfather sired 10 girls and 2 boys (plus, there were 5 miscarriages) and another live, beautiful boy who died quite young as he laughed – then choked to death, around the dinner table,  over something funny.    Oh the stories I’ve heard relevant to those days.

Amalianna (in her 40's)

Amalianna (in her 40’s)

My mother, Amalianna (called Anja) was 2nd-born and an amber-eyed red-head as were the last 2 kids – both girls.  All the rest had raven-black hair.   Grandfather’s special affinity to her may have been because of his own mother’s red hair — it drew him and she became his closest companion in the hunting and other male dominated activities. Interestingly, the red-head called Shirley was my age — a few months older with wavy hair and blue eyes while the last daughter was Dorothy with silken, straight hair and dark eyes. So beautiful but I never met one of them who wasn’t gorgeous.

Mother adored her father, even tho his temper tantrums scared the stuffing out of her from time to time.  But he was so proud of her and she held that position in his life that an adored “son” would have taken had the fates arranged things differently.  He even taught her how to slaughter animals.

I was told my grandmother loved being pregnant, and try to imagine having all those kids (18 pregnancies) but also realize that the older girls took care of all the new babies as they came along together with a great a great deal of the house-work and other ranch chores.  There was a whole lot of cooking and baking going on in those days. 

Now this little trip down memory lane rises as I think back to the wealth of stories I’ve heard about Mother’s early life.  They were a healthy bunch and because of experience and the time they lived, people generally WERE healthy.  Mother was always trying to get me to eat some strange stuff I’d never heard of and didn’t want because I’d never heard of it.  But I was crazy about heart and liver and she was clever fixing all of it.   Refused tongue and brains as I couldn’t wrap my head around it. 

This has nothing what ever to do with this post which is actually rather exciting.  But you’ll probably be able to see – why the memories.  So enjoy it, it’s part of our heritage.    Jan

Superfood Meats

eating organ meatsHardly Anyone Eats This Meat, Yet It’s a Vitamin-Packed Superfood eating organ meats
Acknowledged decades ago by the “Isaac Newton of Nutrition,” this meat is considered a superfood of the animal kingdom and packed with more nutrients than almost any other food – including amino acids, B vitamins, and CoQ10. Isn’t it time you took advantage of it?

Story at-a-glance

  • Although not considered a favorite of the Western palate, organ meats such as liver and heart are the superfoods of the animal kingdom and are some of the most nutrient-dense foods you can eat
  • Dr. Weston Price traveled the world studying diets of traditional cultures and found organ meats were nearly universally prized, primarily for their incomparable nutrient content
  • Organ meats from grass-fed animals are safe and rich in high quality amino acids, fat, B vitamins and B12, CoQ10, minerals, and “fat-soluble activators” (vitamins A, D and K), important for mineral absorption
  • Organ meats are extremely high in natural vitamin A, which is crucial for your health and may even prevent birth defects; unlike synthetic vitamin A, you cannot become toxic from natural vitamin A
  • Liver is one of the most nutritionally dense foods in existence and nature’s most concentrated source of vitamin A; liver is also abundant in iron, choline, copper, folic acid, B vitamins, purines and natural cholesterol

FOP eased w/ EEM

From  Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine

Eden Energy Medicine, once again bringing magic [seemingly]  to a sufferer of a rare Genetic disease by the acronym of FOP.  Fully explained in the story, just let me say that there are only about 700 people worldwide with this strange and disabling but cruel affliction for which there is no treatment or cure.  Nor is there much to be known about this problem.  This young man is most fortunate in that he has a relative studying Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine toward certification.  To assure maximum benefit, she turned to the more advanced practitioner who relates this incredible story  It impresses me, as it will any who learn of this.   This is so very encouraging  Doing this work must be such a blessing.     Jan

Eden Energy Medicine Used with a Rare Genetic Disease

By Gloria McCahill, EEM-AP

Ian-Cali-167x250 Ian Cali

I have had the great pleasure of working with my client Ian Cali for the past several months — first for three sessions each week and now for one to two. At the age of 5, Ian was diagnosed with fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP). FOP is one of the rarest and most disabling genetic conditions known to medicine, as it causes muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other connective tissues to form into bone.

Ian first became acquainted with Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) through his aunt, Angela Cali, who was a Certification Program student. Ian responded so well with Angela’s energetic interventions that she decided to contact me so I could offer him more advanced work.

With FOP, bridges of extra bone develop across joints, progressively restricting movement and forming a second skeleton that imprisons the body in bone; 95% of people afflicted with FOP have an abnormally-formed great toe that is visible at birth. Spontaneous flare-ups of the disease arise in defined temporal and spatial patterning, resulting in ribbons and sheets of bone that fuse the joints of the axial and appendicular skeleton, entombing a patient in a skeleton of heterotopic bone.

There are approximately 700 known cases in the world with this disease, which progresses through spine, chest, shoulders, elbows, wrist, hips and knees, ankles, jaw, and other areas of the body. Muscles of the diaphragm, tongue, eyes, face, and heart are characteristically spared. Flare-ups can occur spontaneously or following bodily trauma such as childhood immunizations, falls while playing, and viral illness.

This condition is often misdiagnosed as cancer in a majority of cases. Surgery makes the condition worse because the body recognizes surgery as another form of trauma. There are no known effective treatments.

I first met Ian while he was in the middle of a flare-up that had been going on for several months, causing him great stress, difficulty sleeping, pain, and even more limited movement. He is a handsome young man in his early 20s and, at that time, was trying to finish his last year of college. My observations were that he was slight in stature, extremely thin, and his body curved.

He walked on the balls of his feet, which could only be done for brief moments of time. His left arm was ossified and rested against his thigh. The fingers of his left hand had free movement. The right arm was ossified across the chest out about two to three inches in front of the heart, and those fingers also had free movement. His head was tilted to the left, jaw slightly ossified.

His legs were bent and could not be moved. His back muscles have almost completely ossified into bone. His right hip had been bothering him a lot, and he was suffering with a tremendous amount of edema in that region. His muscles were extremely tight to the point of feeling like concrete. Neither of his feet could be placed flat on the floor. His left leg was weak, and his right leg was experiencing an extreme flare-up. He could not lie on his stomach.

Ian was gently placed on the bed for me to work with him. Energy testing was not possible initially because of his condition, and I found it challenging to maneuver around his body due to the ossification. I sat with Ian and listened to what he felt was important for me to address during our session. I then began with a Hook-up, Figure 8s over K27, and then offered many Figure 8s over the body as needed, based on my intuition about his body’s energies. It was as if his energies first “needed to trust me,” and I intuitively received information not to move in too aggressively.

I cleared the hand and foot gaits and immediately noticed a toxin release. I then offered a Belt Flow, traced Central meridian, and offered a Crown Pull. I then felt it appropriate to offer the Black Pearl technique so I could get an even deeper “feel” for his energies. Spleen meridian presented on both the left and right sides as sluggish and erratic. On one side and the other side, it took a long time to start pulsing. Triple Warmer was like a baby, barely noticeable and perfectly in sync! This was a surprise to me because I would have expected Triple Warmer to be in overdrive.

An interesting note: Ian has a remarkable immune system, which makes me think of TW in its primal state. Stomach meridian would “start” and “stop,” and Liver meridian produced a great amount of heat. I also cleared his chakras.

Ian responded delightfully when I used a stainless steel spoon on his back, and he reported that this felt really good to him. We were both surprised he could feel it deeply through the bone! I used the spoon and offered very slight “forking” and tracing on the hardened muscle of his thigh. It started to soften. I also used some gentle holding and rocking on the muscle of the thigh, treating it as if it were a baby. The swelling decreased and the muscle tightness lessened a bit after the first session.

Subsequent sessions included a succession of Eden Energy Medicine and intuitive healing techniques including:

  • Surrogate Testing
  • Sara Allen’s Basket Weave technique
  • work with a magnet
  • work with acupoints
  • sedating and strengthening meridians
  • Three Point technique
  • additional work with the Black Pearl technique
  • various grounding techniques
  • holding and rocking the muscles
  • activating Triple Warmer as a Radiant Circuit
  • Spleen meridian balancing
  • tracing meridians
  • Belt Flow
  • pumping the Mingmen point
  • pain chasing technique on the meridians
  • Source Points
  • vortexes
  • electrics
  • auric field
  • using selenite, hematite, color, and singing bowls

While clearing the gait reflexes of Ian’s feet during sessions, I began to notice the bottom of his feet would get wet. Ian would experience this dampness for days after. We both felt toxins were releasing.

It felt very important for me to empower Ian. I taught him the sounds corresponding with each of the Five Rhythms, encouraging him to practice those sounds often. As time progressed, I worked with his auric field and continued to do more chakra work. At first, Ian was under a lot of stress from the effects of the flare-up, and his face had a very “drained look” to it, as anyone would under the discomfort he was experiencing. Within a few sessions, the color returned to Ian’s face, and he started to sleep more soundly. His leg also started to become functionally better by the seventh session.

During sessions, Stomach meridian was now making itself known, at first almost sounding like a bear waking up. Initially it was just something we noticed, but then as time went on we realized it was a way of communicating. In the days preceding a session, Ian would start to notice the stomach would make a lot of sounds. It would proceed to quiet down after the session. Other times the sounds would be lighter and, in Ian’s words, almost “sound like a dolphin.”

The edema decreased, and Ian was able to start getting his left foot closer to the floor. I also did some work with Seed Points, and his head began to appear straighter.

To empower Ian further, I gave him one of Titanya Dahlin’s stainless steel massage rings, and he was able to slide it from one finger to another to keep the meridians open in his fingers. After a few months, I began to work with the neurolymphatic points, starting with a few at a time, to see how Ian could tolerate the pressure. I would have him lie on his side so I could offer spinal flushes.

About five months into our work, I began to notice some wetness on the top of the foot when I would clear gaits. The bottoms of the feet would still get wet (at times dripping wet). About this time, I finally figured out a way to test him by using his pointer finger and thumb.

Further exploration of his energies showed that employing the use of his Heart Electrics was incredibly effective. I used the Heart Electric Point and then carried that energy over to areas of hardened muscle. I also crossed energies by doing Figure 8s around his eyes and third-eye chakra and then pulled energy from one side of the body to the other.

After seven months of working two to three times each week, Ian was able to put both feet flat on the ground for about two days. This was very exciting! He also began to get more extension with his leg while lying in bed.

At first, Ian’s energies would only hold for a few days, and now we were seeing that they would hold for almost two weeks! I now started to see him one to two times each week. While attending the September 2013 IGEEM Convention, I learned about the use of neuroenergetic points, and we found this produced a noticeable improvement!

Ian has come a long way since we first began to work together! We are actively changing years of energy habits and introducing new ones. Above all else, I am most impressed of how aware and empowered Ian has become of his own body’s energies.

In a recent testimonial for my business’ website, Ian states, “There are no current treatments or cures for FOP, so many patients just deal with the brutal symptoms for lack of any options. Pharmaceuticals and other medications rarely have any lasting effect, and the dosage needed for noticeable improvement is often dangerously high. The energy work has given me more relief in a variety of ways than anything I’ve tried.”

He said he “felt more alert, relaxed, and generally functional. The energy work has undeniably improved muscle tightness and discomfort, stomach issues, stress levels.” He added, “I have worked with countless doctors, physical therapists, and other modalities to try and reduce the chronic pain and discomfort that comes with FOP, and none have worked as consistently as energy work.”

In conclusion, I would like to thank Donna Eden for her continued efforts to bring this work to the public. This is such a challenging and complicated case that has been incredibly responsive to energy work. As a practitioner, there is nothing more exciting! This continues to be a fascinating journey for both Ian and me.

As a footnote, Ian Cali wanted me to use his name in this case history with the hope that someone else with FOP will read this and choose to experience Energy Medicine for themselves. For more information on FOP, Ian and his family would like to share this link for the International Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva Association, an organization dedicated to extending awareness, support, education, and research for FOP patients and their families.

Gloria may be contacted at

(Compiled by Jennifer Mills, December 2013. Some information adapted from

December 28, 2013

Supplement-choice rages on

Medical study

Dietary supplements can harm liver


MICHAEL STRAVATO THE NEW YORK TIMES    Christopher Herrera, who lives with his mother, Lourdes Gonzalez, in Katy, Texas, nearly lost his liver after using a concentrated green-tea extract that he had bought as a “fat-burning” supplement.

When Christopher Herrera walked into the emergency room at Texas Children’s Hospital one morning last year,the 17-year-old’s chest, face and eyes were bright yellow — “almost highlighter yellow,” recalled Dr. Shreena S.Patel, the pediatric resident who treated him.

  • Christopher, a high-school student from Katy, Texas, suffered severe liver damage after using a concentrated green-tea extract that he had bought at a nutrition store as a “fat burning” supplement. The damage was so extensive that he was put on the waiting list for a liver transplant.

“It was terrifying,” he said in an interview. “They kept telling me they had the best surgeons, and they were trying to comfort me. But they were saying that I needed a new liver and that my body could reject it.”

New data suggests that his is not an isolated case. Dietary supplements account for nearly 20 percent of drug-related liver injuries that turn up in hospitals, up from 7 percent a decade ago, according to an analysis by a national network of liver specialists.

Although many patients recover once they stop taking the supplements and receive treatment, a few require liver transplants or die because of liver failure. Many users of dietary supplements are middle-aged women who turn to those that promise to burn fat or speed up weight loss.

“It’s really the Wild West,” said Dr. Herbert L. Bonkovsky, the director of the liver, digestive and metabolic disorders laboratory at Carolinas HealthCare System in Charlotte, N.C. “When people buy these dietary supplements, it’s anybody’s guess as to what they’re getting.”

  • Although doctors were able to save Christopher’s liver, the teen no longer can play sports, spend much time outdoors or exert himself, lest he strain the organ. He must see a doctor monthly for an assessment of his liver function.

Americans spend an estimated $32 billion on dietary supplements every year, attracted by unproven claims that pills and powders will help them lose weight, build muscle and fight off everything from colds to chronic illnesses. About half of Americans use dietary supplements, and most of them take more than one at a time.

Dr. Victor Navarro, the chairman of the hepatology division at Einstein Healthcare Network in Philadelphia, said that although liver injuries linked to supplements are alarming, he believes that a majority of supplements generally are safe. Most of the liver injuries tracked by a network of medical officials are caused by prescription drugs used to treat serious conditions such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease, he said.

But the supplement business is largely unregulated. In recent years, critics of the industry have called for measures that would force companies to prove that their products are safe, genuine and made in accordance with strict manufacturing standards before they reach the market.

But a federal law enacted in 1994 prevents the Food and Drug Administration from approving or evaluating most supplements before they are sold. Usually the agency must wait until consumers are harmed before officials can remove products from stores.

The new research found that many of the products implicated in liver injuries were either body-building supplements spiked with unlisted steroids, or herbal pills and powders promising to increase energy and help consumers lose weight.

The FDA estimates that 70 percent of dietary supplement companies are not following basic quality-control standards that would help prevent adulteration of their products.

(My Comment:

All about the $

Once again, had not this article been about that $32  Billion said to being spent by Americans on Supplements, this story might not have found any space on even the last page of any newspaper.  For our leaders who govern this country give little more than lip service to the plight of the down-trodden or needy among us.   The accompanying picture reveals a modest environment, indeed, with people not eating high on the hog.  I daresay Mrs Herrera would rather be running around in a svelte body, working, out dancing and enjoying her life rather than sitting confined to that chair.  Let us not be re-directed to other than the issue here.  This is not about the difficult plight of the Herrera family and the fates that befell them;  no, this is far and away about how our government and the medical establishment has failed them as it has millions of others in similar circumstances whether they live in plush surroundings or difficult,  limited quarters. 

One would hope that my readers do not equate me with the likes of Mitt Romney in the sense of lack of perspective and/or caring, for I, like the Herrera’s, have very little space between me and the bottom.  But reality has a different meaning than it does for someone with uncountable wealth. One can be said to be — more in touch with it. 

What it’s NOT about

First, It would be good to clear a few things off the table before I tell you what I really think.  In each case above,  the injuries are alluded to.  They are in the ‘nebulous’ arena which needs no proving — only allusions.  The alleged ‘many injuries to the liver’ won’t cut it — only a documented incidence has any relevance and I truly think almost everyone knows that. (Dr Andrew Saul made a point of that in his many lectures.  In over 30 years, no one has ever come forth with “any” documentation.  Gotta mean something.) 

It is so easy to cast aspersions, to try to put the “other guy” in a poor light in effort to win the point one is trying to make.  Since one has nothing to brag about himself — try to hurt the other.  Too few realize before their last breath, that we are all in this thing together.  But maybe that is one of those funny things one either gets or doesn’t!  Notice the last comment of the article?  That’s what I mean  and would you agree– that just didn’t have to be said. We aren’t all dummies;  their sales would drop and they’d be out of business.  Far more relevant is Dr Victor Navarro’s entire comment, for it is anchored in truth.

Goliath beating up on David

Documented pharmaceutical drug injuries are far and away one of the biggest contributors to the death syndrome than most diseases and accidents. And you know what?   They are supposed to be proving that their product IS SAFE, and look what happens.  Similar stuff goes wrong in surgery;  sponges, rags, tools — all left inside the body without removing before closing.  How’s that grab ya?   Or removing the wrong hand or leg?  Stuff happens, go figure. But enough trying to see whose is bigger.   

At least there is reason now to suggest that there is space enough for all of us and can’t we just try to get along?  Many people know someone who had this experience. . . .  or family who went through . . .  or begged for help and it was denied. . . . or went to 14 doctors and no-one could figure it out. . . . there’s a million of them — believe me, have some of my own! 

So how logical is it to find people going after non-lethal methods, said to be natural or organic that can or could do this, that or the other — why not?   One would hope that buyers would beware:  due their due diligence, read labels, become acquainted with the essentials and become able to distinguish the really competent sources over some Johnny-come-lately trying to sell what you want to hear, no matter what it is.  Some of us learn hard, others grasp things quickly.  These are just some of the differences.  But first and very important to me and MILLIONS of others, that old right to choose thing.

My beef with Medicine

So,  my main thrust here, and I did have one;  medicine has let the struggling masses down.  When people have pain and stuff goes wrong they want to see their doctor, but look what happens.   They become perpetual patients filling  and refilling their prescriptions.  That’s not what medicine is supposed to be about.  It is supposed to be about either keeping your health or attaining it when you’ve lost it. 

Christopher Herrera would never have bought that Green Tea extract stuff whatever it was, if his doctor or any doctor cared a whit about him as a human being – suffering!  If the doctor knew anything at all about HEALTH, Chris wouldn’t have needed it because his doc would have had him on the right track.   But he didn’t and most don’t.  So this as in so many other situations, our medical complex is failing us big time.   

The Liver

Same with that Liver thing.  Our Livers are one of the most magical of all of Nature’s creations – the magical chemical factory with a job so huge it is almost incalculable.  What it needed at the point of being seen by a medic is to be relieved of its burden which was obviously overburdening it’s resources. It did not need more of anything toxic, but to be purged — say with coffee enemas every 2 to 4 hours around the clock for only a few days and then lessened in repetition.  One must always relieve the toxic load first, can’t just start with meds — especially pharmaceuticals!  Much fluids in the form of pure water and organic green juices.  

Don’t think anyone explains it better than Dr Max Gerson in his book A CANCER THERAPY  (6th edition 2002).  Had this been, done for Christopher, there is no reason to believe he would have had anything other than a normal life when this was over. 

There is just not any way that supplements would injure his liver to the point of almost no return, tho of course, I can’t know what actually was in the product described herein.  Nor can I perceive what measures were taken in this case, but it wouldn’t stretch credulity too far to imagine that BIG PhRMA  was used on his liver, thereby adding to it’s burden while trying to save it.

That they say he must live the rest of his life as a “Patient” is a sad thing to me.     Jan)

Energy drinks ding Heart

Cardiovascular / Cardiology

Energy drinks alter heart function, study shows

 by Marie Ellis

Energy drinks have become a multi-billion dollar industry that continues to grow, yet regulation of this enterprise remains largely unchecked. Now, a new study shows that healthy adults who consume energy drinks have “significantly increased” heart contraction rates an hour later.

The research was recently presented at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).

The study authors, including Dr. Jonas Dörner from the University of Bonn, Germany, note that although the  largest consumers of energy drinks have traditionally been teens and young adults, people from all demographics have begun to consume such drinks in recent years.

  • “Until now, we haven’t known exactly what effect these energy drinks have on the function of the heart,” says Dr. Dörner.

Meanwhile, a 2013 report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration revealed that from 2007 to 2011 in the US, energy drink-related emergency department visits doubled, climbing from 10,068 to 20,783.  The researchers note that most of these cases occurred in patients between the ages of 18 and 25, but this was followed by patients aged 26 to 39.

Dr. Dörner talks about the contents of these drinks:

“Usually energy drinks contain taurine and caffeine as their main pharmacological ingredients. The amount of caffeine is up to three times higher than in other caffeinated beverages like coffee or cola.”

He adds that side effects associated with consuming a large amount of caffeine include a rapid heart rate, palpitations, rise in blood pressure and even seizures or death.   Energy drinks prompted increased strain in left ventricle

A batch of cans viewed from the top
Energy drinks were shown to increase peak strain and peak systolic strain rates in the heart’s left ventricle, according to the latest stud
A batch of cans viewed from the top

For their recent study, which is currently ongoing, the researchers measured the effect of energy drinks on heart function using cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Study participants consist of 15 healthy men and three healthy women, with an average age of 27.5 years.

The team took cardiac MRIs of the participants both before and 1 hour after they consumed an energy drink, which contained 400 mg/100 ml taurine and 32 mg/100 ml caffeine.

Results show that compared with the images taken before the participants consumed the energy drinks, the post-beverage MRIs showed that they had increased peak strain and peak systolic strain rates in the heart’s left ventricle.

  • The researchers note that the left ventricle receives oxygenated blood from the lungs, which it then pumps to the aorta for distribution to the rest of the body.

Though the team observed this significant change, they say they do not yet know whether it impacts daily activities or athletic performance.  (duh ? ?)

“We need additional studies to understand this mechanism and to determine how long the effect of the energy drink lasts,” says Dr. Dörner.

Contractility changes could trigger arrhythmias

The team notes that they did not find any major differences in heart rate, blood pressure or the amount of blood pumped from the left ventricle after the participants consumed the energy drink.

However, Dr. Dörner says their results show that consuming energy drinks does have a “short-term impact on cardiac contractility.”

The researchers say further studies are needed to assess the long-term effects of energy drink consumption, as well as any effects these drinks have on people with heart disease.

  • Despite the lack of knowledge about long-term risks, the team recommends that children and people with cardiac arrhythmias refrain from consuming energy drinks, as contractility changes could trigger arrhythmias.
  • A popular drink on the nightclub scene mixes energy drinks with alcohol and Dr. Dörner warns that additional studies are needed to analyze the risks posed by such combinations.

Medical News Today recently reported that a compound in energy drinks raises heart risks via gut bacteria.

(My Comment:

The study cited above involves a really small group of individuals which in the scientific community, doesn’t carry too much weight.  And I certainly agree, that more needs to be done — science needs to take a serious look at this from many angles.  Why? 

Because we’ve all noticed with increasing alarm the indiscriminate prevalence among our strapping, otherwise healthy young athletes at ever younger ages sometimes falling to the ground and even out of life itself and with no apparent reason.  Once or twice could be considered a weird freaky coincidence.  These days, most every time we turn around, some sound- looking youth has fallen with no explanation.  There was nothing in his medical records to indicate an explanation for what has happened.  Not good enough!   We need more than that.   

These sports drinks may be at the heart of this mystery — how would you and I know?  Much more needs to be known.  Am I reversing my prior thinking about stronger regulation of the supplement industry?  Without a doubt – NO! Tho, it does seem to be  — any issue at all will be used to wrench away from all of us thinking, intelligent people to make our own health decisions as to what we put into our body.   We are way too restricted as it is.  Far too many “natural,”  grown in nature sources have been removed from us, because BIG PhRMA resents our independent efforts to correct and heal ourselves when in fact, we have the smarts and desire to do so. 

Many products were grand-fathered in years ago before all the madness started, but steadily and surely, our ability to choose what WE want has been severely curtailed and it must not be allowed to go further to a police state. But that is not to suggest that there shouldn’t be legitimate oversight over anything which the population has a right to expect is logical, properly done and non-injurious to ingest.   

Take two of the ingredients from our story here;  caffeine and taurine.  I have no problem with either one of them – use both myself.  Coffee is universally in favor, generally in moderation even tho many abuse it beyond logical limits.  And taurine is used by some of the finest cardiologists in the nation with their heart patients to great advantage and in combination with other natural enzymatic-active amino acids like l-carnitine or l-arginine [which I also use].  Athletes generally know these names well as they are popular in the sports world.  

And this may be part of the appeal, that professional athletes use this stuff- big time and know what they are doing (generally).  They have good advisers, much experience which mostly culminates into fairly good judgement.  Can’t say the same for our young teenager on the sports field, so full of desire and ambition.   They see energy drinks like Red Bull, Monster, 5-Hour Energy and Rockstar and it sounds right to them.  Never realizing that ten of thousands of people are being sent to emergency rooms because of them

So, it seems their investigation so far, has produced some fairly profound possibilities with regard to that left heart ventricle.  And these sports drinks being mixed with alcohol?   Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people truly honored their bodies and would be willing to do whatever it takes to insure it’s highest well-being  rather than always testing to see how much abuse it will take?  Ah,  well,  .  .  .  to each his own, they say,   Jan)

December 24, 2013

40-60 watt bulbs, done


Light’s out on the old 40-, 60-watt bulbs Jan. 1

By Susan Salisbury THE PALM BEACH (FLA.) POST

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — A familiar household staple — the 60-watt incandescent bulb, along with the 40-watt — is being phased out and soon will be as obsolete as the rotary-dial telephone.

It’s been 134 years since Thomas Edison’s invention changed the way people live. Actually, he did not really invent the light bulb from scratch, but improved upon a 50-year-old idea. Now, its time is up because newer, more energy-efficient bulbs such as light-emitting diodes — LEDs

— and compact fluorescent lights — CFLs — are replacing the old standard.

Jan. 1 will mark the final stage of the federal government’s mandatory phase-out of the energy-guzzling incandescent bulb. There are a few types of incandescents that are exempt and will remain available, such as the three-way bulb, appliance bulbs, grow lights, black lights, yellow bug lights and infrared lamps.

But in just a couple of weeks it will become illegal for the typical 40-and 60-watt bulbs to be imported or manufactured. The 100-watt pear-shaped bulb was phased out in 2012, and this year the 75-watt bulb followed suit.

If you’ve hoarded the old-style bulbs, and plan to rush out and buy more before the stores run out, that might work as a temporary measure. But the day probably will come when you have to learn about the newer bulbs and actually purchase some. The good news is you’ll save energy in the long run by making the switch.

Lighting accounts for close to 20 percent of the average home’s electric bill, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

While the “twisty” CFLs are cheaper than LEDs, they have not been well-received by consumers due to the cool blue light they emit, according to published reports. The CFLs contain mercury and should be recycled, not just thrown in the trash.

If a CFL breaks, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency advises following detailed cleanup instructions to minimize mercury exposure. The first step is to have people and pets leave the room, then to air out the room before proceeding.

LEDs are coming down in price. Until recently, they cost $30 or more, but now start in the $10 to $12 range for a bulb to replace the 60-watt incandescent.

“The LEDs will last. A lot of them last up to 25 years. They are costing more initially, but you are going to get an immediate savings,” said Rita Haynes, electrical department supervisor at the Home Depot in Royal Palm Beach, Fla.

“There are LEDs to replace any kind of bulb in your house — high hats, lamps, even chandeliers,” Haynes said. “If you went out today and replaced every bulb in your house with an LED, you will see a vast difference on your next month’s electric bill.”

The LEDs use 85 percent less energy than the incandescents, she said.

“There is still a little bit of bulb hoarding. People like to stay with what they are familiar with. Educating the older population is really the hardest, until you can explain the savings to them,” Haynes said.

LEDs also help save energy because they do not give off heat like the incandescents do, so there’s the potential to reduce your air conditioning bill, Haynes said.

“We have a whole display showing you the lighting that CFLs and LEDs offer. You can see and touch and feel. It’s not just bulbs on the shelf,” Haynes said.

There’s also plenty of information on each box’s Lighting Facts label. For example, if you have dimmers in your home, make sure you buy bulbs that work with those. Make sure you buy the bulb the fixture requires.

Christmas LED lights have been a popular seller, Hayne said. If you’ve ever had a problem with multiple strings of lights tripping a breaker, that is unlikely to happen with the energy-pinching LEDs.

  • “People like to decorate for the holidays. Even though the LED is still new technology and it is a little more pricey, the savings is phenomenal,” Haynes said.
  • An equivalent to the 60-watt bulb, the 9.5-watt LED made by Durham, N.C.-based Cree, sells for $12.97 or $77.82 for a six-pack.

Other brands on the market include EcoSmart, Wal-Mart’s Great Value, Philips and Sylvania.

Consumer Reports says in its January issue that no matter which bulb you buy, keep in mind the following that’s also on each package:

Lumens indicate brightness. Think lumens, not watts, when selecting a bulb. If you’re replacing a 60-watt bulb, look for an LED with at least 800 lumens. Buy a bulb with 1,100 lumens to replace a 75-watt bulb, and replace a 100-watt bulb with one with at least 1,600 lumens.

  • The Kelvin number is crucial. For the warm light of an incandescent, look for bulb that’s 2700K or so. If you want bright white light, look for 3000K. If you want bright white light, such as for working in the kitchen, buy a bulb in the 3500 to 4100K range.

David W’s Salad

David Wolfe’s  “Skin Glow” Sulfur Salad

From the people of FOOD MATTERS, a welcome presentation of one of David’s most popular recipes from his book 10 years ago called  “EATING FOR BEAUTY”.  David demonstrates the building of the salad and how to make the dressing.   It definitely got my attention, but then I’m such a fool for toys in the kitchen.The only thing which I’d have a problem with is the chlorella tablets sprinkled over the salad at the end, as I don’t think I could get those down and spoil such an enchanting meal.  I might use my coffee grinder or just sprinkle chlorella powder on in the first place. To each his own, they say.

It is  fascinating much like Dr Joel Furhman and his admonition to make one’s own salad dressing for all the same and customary reasons. (I catch that show each time I find it on PBS, and have his book too.)  I don’t buy salad dressings  anyway, as “real”  virgin olive oil, lemon juice or Bragg’s Apple Cider vinegar and as many fruits and veggies, seeds and nuts as I can crowd in, works for me. 

When you eat gorgeous food that nature blesses us with  and you’ve assembled it gently with full attention and stir in the love,  there really isn’t anything better. . . and in fact, one does find as David says,  your needs being filled and sated  — don’t need as much ‘food’ or dessert, etc. 

At the close of the video, try not to rush by quickly;  he lists the ingredients at the end and below.  Jan


Mirror, mirror, on the wall, how do I make myself feel beautiful? In David Wolfe’s 2 DVD set ‘The Beauty Diet’, discover how to make delicious “beauty food” recipes that will make your skin glow, your eyes sparkle and your hair flow in the wind.

December 19, 2013

BIG PhRMA, etal – surely U jest!

Your health

Five doctors decry vitamins as waste of money

By Roni Caryn Rabin THE NEW YORK TIMES

One in two adults takes a daily vitamin pill, and Americans spend tens of billions of dollars each year on supplements. Now, a small coterie of physicians writing in a leading medical journal has offered this blunt advice: “Stop wasting money.”

In an unusually direct opinion piece in the Annals of Internal Medicine, the five authors said that for healthy Americans worried about chronic disease, there is no clear benefit to taking vitamin and mineral pills. And in some instances, they may even cause harm.

The authors made an exception for supplemental vitamin D, which they said needed further research. Even so, widespread use of vitamin D pills “is not based on solid evidence that benefits outweigh harms,” the authors wrote. For other vitamins and supplements, “the case is closed.”

“The message is simple,” the editorial continued. “Most supplements do not prevent chronic disease or death, their use is not justified, and they should be avoided.

“We have so much information from so many studies,” Dr. Cynthia D. Mulrow, senior deputy editor of the Annals and an author of the editorial, said in an interview. “We don’t need a lot more evidence to put this to bed.”

Officials at the Natural Products Association, a trade organization that represents supplement suppliers and retailers, said they were shocked by what they called “an attack” on their industry, pointing to a study last year that found a modest reduction in overall cancers in a long, randomized, controlled trial of 15,000 male doctors.

Demand for vitamin and mineral supplements has grown markedly in recent years, with domestic sales totaling some $30 billion in 2011. More than half of Americans used at least one dietary supplement from 2003 to 2006, up from 42 percent from 1988 to 1994, according to national health surveys conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The most-popular products are multivitamin and mineral supplements, which are consumed by some 40 percent of men and women in the United States, according to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.

Whether regular, long-term use prevents heart disease and cancer has never been clearly established.

The Cochrane Collaboration, which publishes reviews of medical evidence, also has concluded that taking vitamins does not extend life. An updated review of the evidence by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force likewise concluded that there was limited evidence that vitamin and mineral supplementation could prevent cancer or cardiovascular disease.

The task force pointed out, however, that two clinical trials had found slight cancer reductions in men who took multivitamins. Yet, other studies found that beta-carotene supplements actually may increase the risk of lung cancer in smokers, the task force review noted, and that high doses of vitamins A and E may increase the risk of death.

The editorial in the Annals is accompanied by two new studies reporting dismal results for multivitamins in helping to preserve cognitive function and prevent heart attacks. In one study of nearly 6,000 male physicians 65 or older, participants who took a multivitamin for more than a decade were no more likely to retain cognitive function than similar doctors who took a dummy pill.

(My Comment:  

One can only beat the drum so long, after which it becomes stale or redundant. The 2000+ posts here with few exceptions are all about natural, organic, wholesome foods and surroundings and being very cautious and guarded regarding anything of a synthetic nature which of course includes pharmaceuticals (laboratory-made from chemicals rather than from the flora of the fields).  This would of course also include synthetic vitamins and toxic minerals (even tho from nature,) 

There is no question that certain factors of a plant can be isolated out from it’s source, analyzed in a lab, identified and copied per it’s essential components, manufactured, bottled and presented to the buying public as a natural product.  But that doesn’t make it so.  Lab-made vitamins are never the same as one would receive from ingesting the plant in the first place from which the isolate is found, recognized and derived.I’ve kinda understoood about this concept since the 50’s when I was fortunate to have a very knowledgeable doctor living next door to us who tried to help me see why one brand was superior to another.  And that the better or best stuff costs more for very good reasons.    Stuff changes;  today, we don’t have a lot of producct which is acturally grown by the producer with  stringent requirements on being natural and organic but toxin-free, with  processing without heat or destructive processes which alter the essential requisite within the plant. Nature has combined plants with magical chemistry unique to each plant’s nature; to isolate any part leaves it without harmonious  components which make the magic work.  This does not happen in a laboratory.

Early last century, Dr Royal Lee founded Standard Process wherein he grew and processed his foodstuff into remarkable supplements which were in fact the very supplements I raised my granddaughters on. They are 19 and 20 now and had nothing worse than chicken pox (first one, then the other).  You shouldn’t be surprised to learn they rarely saw a doctor and they lacked for little.(except of course,their natural, birth mother)   Jordon Rubin’s stuff called Garden of Life was started and  developed in much the same way.  Good stuff.  There are a few remarkable lines here and there but one must search for them. 

This is all condensed version as I’ve done most of this stuff before.  And there have been many doctors speaking of the validity of dietary needs and organic and natural methods  So many physicians have spoken of the preference of natural methods and healthy food and yes, the importance of supplementation– especially because of our poorly regulated food industry which allows food with no labeling, GMO’s and the presence of toxic chemicals from manufacturers and the farm itself.  Jonathan Wright,  Joel Fuhrman,  Mark Hyman, Andrew Saul,  Stephen Sinatra, David Wolfe,  Donna Gates,  the Gerson Therapy,  Hulda Clark  . . . too many to recount.  Can all these successful, acclaimed people be wrong?  There are controlled studies up the kazoo going back a century at least.  

A prominent doctor whose patient list some of whom we would all know is here for you now.  Dr Russell Blaylock.  From some of his newsletters, I’ve learned enough to direct my own care so that I need no pharmaceuticals for my heart at all.  He is really so good.  Listen to him speak of vitamins  and minerals.   It can almost make you wince to consider the ridiculous claims made by the lady doctor in this article.  Not our concern though. . .our informed understanding is what should concern us.  Enjoy:    Jan)

Dr. Russell BlaylockNutrition & Behavior Dangers of Aspartame

Oct 4, 2012 – Uploaded by ZeroEightyFour

Dr. Russell Blaylock explains one of the most important connections between nutrition and our health, how

Wit – Charm of Abraham

Ask and It Is Given

(Many of you understand that I subscribe to the Abraham-Hicks site since falling in total appreciation with the ‘teachings’ of Abraham as conveyed through Esther. Have a video or two and some books i.e. The ‘Law of Attraction’ and “Ask and it is given”. Have been receiving the daily messages to which anyone can subscribe if desired. For years now, I sometimes can’t help myself from sharing a daily thought or concept from “them”. There are times when one fills up so completely, that it must come forth and I have this wonderful blog, so I do. This then, is another one of those times.

Please understand, I’m not after your soul or acceptance of anything. Your soul is in good shape and you are where you need to be for which we are all happy.

I simply want to share a wonderful few moments which obviously Esther also felt the need to share. And that’s what this is about, a very humorous sharing. But as the video snippet ends, other choices are presented from which one can choose another so I did. There is a pic of Esther’s face and the words Abraham – The SECRET behind the SECRET FULL   My son had shared a video some years ago with me Called the Secret behind the Secret  — that was my introduction to “Abraham.  But this was more and bigger,almost 3 hours with the distinct approach of how Jerry (a life-long seeker) and Esther got involved.  And I totally loved it.  I fancy that like Jerry, I have always been a seeker, but also — like Esther,weirded out over spooky stuff or psychic phenomenon to which I have never been drawn.  So their story fascinated me and thought, perhaps you might like to see it for yourself..  Jan)

Dear Friends,You’ll be able to feel, from watching this video clip, that we had a wonderful experience together in Asheville! As I watched this clip this morning, in readiness to send it to you, I laughed out loud several times! How I do love Abraham.

If you would like to experience the fun and expansion that our Asheville group experienced, the DVD: New Thoughts — New Ideas — New Approaches is now in our warehouse ready for delivery.

To see this “very funny” clip, click here.

To read more about the ground breaking material contained on the DVD, click here.

With love,

December 16, 2013

Gary’s EFT (20 yrs Knee pain)

Still Love EFT

I have spoken much of Donna Eden’s “Energy Medicine”  and have not said anything about Gary Craig’s EFT in rather a long time.    I use them both, not necessarily interchangeably, but both, often.  Gary and Donna and her husband have frequently worked together and even penned books together. They are friends and colleagues and each stands alone at the top of their respected field.  I deeply respect and honor both (actually, love them).  They are both “Energy Medicine”  serving  the suffering masses in their own special way.  Noble callings,  and I have personally benefited greatly from both Gary and Donna.  I have spent quite a few dollars on the CD collections from both of them and regard them as treasures.  

I remember the distress I felt when Gary retired due to his heart trouble and medical diagnosis.  It was unclear what I would do as I had relied too heavily on Gary’s loving input and generosity for several years.  His complete openness and delivery were irresistible and had become part of my life. The letters were now gone.  I missed them and him so much.  In the months following, there was quite a bit of a power play going on which appeared as pigs at the trough.  Gary had literally given his techniques away and had taught millions for years.  Everybody loved him. How could they not?  Guess many felt there had to be a leader and all wanted to be the top guy, I dunno.  I couldn’t buy into any of it.  It was so not the way Gary had functioned.  As I am known to say, “stuff changes.” 

I have stayed in touch and have received the newsletters which Gary has started up with again. And this letter  goes into Knee pain and how one woman handled it.  He explains it well, so I am not going to comment on that – you’re getting it from the horse’s mouth and that’s as good as it gets. But I will say, for those who have used EFT and have been less than satisfied with their results, it is often due to the use of being too global in one’s description to self, in dealing with what is troubling and/or causing the pain.  Sometimes, this is just not an easy thing because we can’t see the whole situation objectively enough to see what is really going on.  As a consequence, we don’t get to gut level, but only dabbling around the edges of a problem.  

This lady’s abandonment issues kinda undid me for a bit there.   It isn’t just little kids that suffer that stuff.  It can be a life-time pattern,  or at least one of long standing.  If we think we are too cool or sophisticated for such stuff,  we can really be in trouble, because it is quite easy to become out-of-touch with so much that matters.  If this stuff happens early in life,  kids can’t  cope as they aren’t privy to options and perhaps insufferable suffering or pain continues one way or another til we finally become inured to it which of course creates that fertile soil for all future seeds of pain. So just sayin’ that pain can be hard to nail down.  Dr Sarno covers this extremely well in his book on Back pain that I recently spoke of and love so much and can’t praise too highly.  So now from Gary Craig @ EFT. . . .              . Jan

Getting to the Core – Another Knee Pain Case

(Carol Stoyanoff gains relief via a Specific Event)

In the last newsletter, I highlighted Art and his unsuccessful efforts at ridding himself of knee pain with EFT. As you may recall, he aimed EFT at the symptoms and not at the underlying causes (Specific Events). While some people can achieve some relief with this surface approach, it tends to be temporary. It is much more efficient to go for the causes rather than the symptoms. See Intro to Being Specific & the Triad.

Carol Stoyanoff, from The Netherlands, adds emphasis to this important message through her own experience. Over 20 years ago she had a serious knee injury that required hospitalization, surgery and a cast. She has lived with pain ever since.

3 or 4 years ago she discovered EFT and, like Art from the previous newsletter, tapped for the symptoms. Little or no relief … temporary at best. Then she discovered a Specific Event that could contain emotional contributors to this pain. Here’s how she said it…

“Skip ahead 20 years and I have had ongoing pain in my knee that tapping just would not budge. I was recently on a long hiking trip again and had to tap as I walked for the pain. I got really fed up with this and, as I tapped, I asked my body to tell me why I was unable to get rid of it.

That night I had a dream about my old boyfriend, and the next day while tapping and walking I considered this and the fact that he was my boyfriend when it all happened. I had a sudden memory of being in the hospital with a lot of pain and realizing that I was all alone in a strange country and that my boyfriend wasn’t actually coming to visit at all (he later said he was afraid of hospitals). When I tapped on ‘even though he left me alone in hospital’ the pain immediately left! It was stunning to me, such that I stopped tapping and walking and literally said to myself ” Could it really be that that was all it was?

No matter, anyway, it occasionally comes back and I tap on being alone in the hospital again and it is gone.

Love Carol”

I know this is difficult for some people to digest. After all, how could an emotional issue affect an ailment that, seemingly, has a purely physical cause (such as an injury)?

Actually, it is quite logical. It is well known that negative emotions produce a cascade of “negative chemistry” into the body AND these same emotions also cause tension in the muscles that, in turn, put stress on the joints. Both of these point to pain and so it should be no surprise that reducing them produces a corresponding reduction in pain.

With that in mind, let me make another suggestion that may eliminate even the occasional knee pain that Carol experiences. Recall that her language aimed at…

“Even though he left me alone in the hospital….”

While that one incident may be isolated, it brings up another possibility. Could the emotion have been overly intense because it was bouncing off of previous abandonment issues? I asked this of Carol and she agreed.

So now we can go deeper still by getting to some earlier Specific Events that are abandonment related. No guarantees, of course, but this deeper EFT work may bring complete knee pain relief as well as more freedom in Carol’s everyday life. This idea and much, much more await you with a proper study of The EFT Gold Standard Tutorial.

Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

e-hugs, Gary

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