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December 13, 2008

Immunization Options

Anyone with two cells left in the cerebral sphere understands the seriousness of  “immunizations” and the vast dichotomy of beliefs relating to it.   On the one hand we have our “deciders” in our political system (medical and otherwise) inform us that in order to educate our precious children, they must be immunized in order to enter any school system.  On quite a separate level, we are seeing that autism and other immune assaults are destroying our babes almost as fast as we can birth them.   Parental responsibilities are huge enough without  also having to negotiate what is best for our children in this overwhelming but frightening reality.  We wonder  who is really being served in this particular area of medicine.

Admittedly, it is easier if one is born somewhat like me – –  a ‘rebel’ with a tiger inside, especially with regard to children.   It means one goes the extra mile, learns what is best and spends the time it takes to find out what works and what doesn’t.   If one has an open mind.  If one is willing to stand and be counted among the ‘thinkers’ rather than the sheep.  If one doesn’t just go along and accept ‘authority’ as the final answer, but instead uses that gray matter to figure things out for himself based on sound logic, evidence, science and common sense.

I know how hard it is to decide in a field in which we are not the experts, but have we all noticed the results those decisions have given us with regard to the status quo?  Well, contrary  to much of what is generally believed. . . . . .we do have choice!  There are laws and they can work to help in those decisions.  Please read the following article, courtesy of Dr. Mercola if you find this a tangled web,  need to protect children,  and are unsure  how to proceed:

. .

Why Vaccine-Injured Kids are Rarely Compensated

childby Barbara Loe Fisher

On Nov. 14, 1986, President Ronald Reagan signed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 into law, instituting first-time vaccine safety reforms in the U.S. vaccination system and creating the first no-fault federal vaccine injury compensation program alternative to a lawsuit against vaccine manufacturers and pediatricians.

Twenty-two years later, on Nov. 18, 2008, I made a statement to the Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines (ACCV) and questioned whether the compensation program is fatally flawed and so broken that it should be repealed. Many parents are wondering whether it would be better to return to civil court without restrictions to sue vaccine manufacturers and doctors for injuries and deaths their children suffered after receiving federally recommended vaccines.

During its two-decade history, two out of three individuals applying for federal vaccine injury compensation have been turned away empty-handed even though to date $1.8 billion has been awarded to more than 2,200 plaintiff’s out of some 12,000 who have applied.

Today, nearly 5,000 vaccine injury claims are sitting in limbo because they represent children who suffered brain and immune system dysfunction after vaccination but have been diagnosed with regressive autism, which is not recognized by the program as a compensable event. There is $2.7 billion sitting in the Trust Fund, which could have been awarded to vaccine victims.

Safety Provisions Not Being Enforced

At the time of the law’s creation in 1986, Congress said they were committed to setting up a fair, expedited, non-adversarial, less traumatic, less expensive no-fault compensation mechanism alternative to civil litigation. But Congress also acknowledged that any legislation providing liability protection must also be equally committed to preventing vaccine harm.

The Act contains strong safety provisions, including first-time mandates for doctors to record and report serious health problems, hospitalizations, injuries and deaths after vaccination and give parents written benefit and risk information before a child is vaccinated.

But few of the safety provisions have been enforced and, as I testified in Congress in 1999 and again at the Nov. 18 ACCV meeting, there has been a betrayal of the promise that was made to parents about how the compensation program would be implemented.

Obtaining compensation has become a highly adversarial, time-consuming, traumatic and expensive process for families of vaccine injured children, and far too many vaccine victims have been denied compensation. Meanwhile, vaccine makers and doctors have enjoyed liability protection and dozens of doses of nine new vaccines have been added to the childhood vaccine schedule.

I pointed out that federal court judges are beginning to look back at the legislative history of the Act, which so clearly affirms the intent of Congress when creating it. In recent court decisions, judges have agreed with parents and their attorneys that the compensation program has become far too difficult for plaintiffs.

A recent state Supreme Court ruling also reiterated that Congress never intended to shield vaccine manufacturers from ALL liability for vaccine injuries and deaths when it could be demonstrated that a safer product could have been marketed.

In a Supreme Court of Georgia ruling on October 6, 2008 in American Home Products v. Ferrari, the justices unanimously held that the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act does not give a vaccine manufacturer blanket immunity from vaccine injury lawsuits if it can be proven that the company could have made a safer vaccine. Georgia Supreme Court Justice George Carley wrote that the 1986 law and “the congressional intent behind it shows that the Vaccine Act does not pre-empt all design defect claims.”

He added that Congress did not “use language which indicates that use of the compensation system is mandatory” but only “an appealing alternative” to the courts.

Justice Carley wrote that there is no evidence that “FDA approval alone renders a vaccine unavoidably safe” and said “We hesitate to hold that a manufacturer is excused from making changes it knows will improve its product merely because an older, more dangerous version received FDA approval,” adding that to do so would have “the perverse effect” of granting complete immunity from liability to an entire industry and he concluded that “in the absence of any clear and manifest congressional purpose to achieve that result, we must reject such a far-reaching interpretation.”

More Vaccine-Injured Children Should be Compensated

During the ACCV meeting, longtime plaintiff’s attorney Sherry Drew gave a moving description of the suffering that families with vaccine injured children endure and, during public comment at the end of the meeting, Jim Moody, of SafeMinds, and Vicky Debold, RN, PhD joined me in urging the Committee to recommend to the new Secretary of DHHS that more vaccine injured children be compensated. This was echoed by outgoing parent ACCV member Tawny Buck, of Alaska, who has a DPT vaccine injured daughter and new ACCV parent member Sarah Hoiberg, of Florida, who has a DTaP vaccine injured daughter.

In the 1986 Vaccine Injury Act, the Institute of Medicine was directed to review the medical literature for scientific evidence that vaccines can cause injury and death, which resulted in landmark reports to Congress in 1991 and 1994 providing that evidence.

IOM announced at the ACCV meeting that it has recently been contracted by the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) to assemble a Committee of scientific experts to review of the medical literature for evidence regarding the biological mechanisms for injury and death in association with varicella zoster (chicken pox), hepatitis B, meningococcal and HPV vaccine. There will be several public workshops during the Committee’s two-year study.

NVIC has been calling for basic science research into the biological mechanisms of vaccine injury and death for more than two decades. Without understanding how and why vaccines can cause brain and immune system dysfunction, there will be no way to develop pathological profiles to help scientifically confirm whether or not an individual has been injured or died from vaccination.

The Truth About Vaccine Risks

The truth about vaccine risks lies in the science, properly designed and conducted. The upcoming IOM review may be hampered by a lack of biological mechanism studies published in the medical literature but the review is also an opportunity to point the way to fill in those gaps in knowledge and the need for additional research that could become part of a national vaccine safety research agenda.

In the absence of scientific certainty, all children who regress into poor health after vaccination should be given a fair hearing in the federal vaccine injury compensation program and generously compensated when no other plausible cause can be found for what happened to them after vaccination. Congress intended the vaccine injury compensation program to be non-adversarial, fair, generous and humane.

If it cannot function the way it was intended to function, then parents have every right to call for its repeal and a return to unrestricted lawsuits.

Dr. Mercola Dr. Mercola’s Comments:
The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) was “established to ensure an adequate supply of vaccines, stabilize vaccine costs, and establish and maintain an accessible and efficient forum for individuals found to be injured by certain vaccines.”

When you read between the lines, you discover that what this really means is that a program has been put into place to protect vaccine manufacturers (i.e. “ensure an adequate supply of vaccines”) and NOT to look out for those injured by vaccines.

This is why Barbara Loe Fisher, one of the top vaccine experts in the world, and other vaccine-choice advocates are calling on Congress to revamp, and possibly even repeal, this fatally flawed program.

Major Flaws of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

Prior to October 1, 1988, an individual could pursue an unrestricted lawsuit against a vaccine manufacturer if they or their child was injured by a vaccine. After that date, including currently,, you are required to apply for federal compensation prior to pursuing a lawsuit.

According to the program’s guidelines:

• The system will offer to pay up to $250,000 for a vaccine-associated death.

• The system will offer to pay for all past and future unreimbursed medical expenses, custodial and nursing home care; up to $250,000 pain and suffering; and loss of earned income.

$250,000 for a child killed or severely injured by a vaccine?

This amount falls far short of what is deserved and required. You simply cannot put a price on a lost life, and a study by Harvard professor Michael Ganz found that the lifetime cost of caring for a child with autism is more than $3 million.

Yet, parents who believe that a vaccine caused autism in their children probably won’t even get $250,000 from the fund.

According to statistics from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, not one case related to autism has been deemed “compensable.” And only last year did the government concede that vaccines “significantly aggravated” an underlying disorder and caused “autistic symptoms” in one 9-year-old girl named Hannah Poling.

The courts ruled that her family is entitled to compensation from the fund, but there are still 4,900 autism cases pending.

Meanwhile, as of October 2008, a total of 12,746 claims have been filed, and of them 2,266 have been compensated while 4,755 have been dismissed. And although the claims were supposed to be handled “quickly, easily and with certainty and generosity,” according to a House report accompanying the 1986 legislation, many claims have taken years — more than 10 years — to be settled. Even the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration states that, on average, it takes two to three years to adjudicate a claim after it is filed.

But you haven’t heard the worst of it until you find out who is actually responsible for paying the meager compensations that do get paid. Is it the vaccine manufacturers, as one might suspect?

Not a chance.

The system is funded by a surcharge on each dose of vaccine sold. The doctors pay the tax initially when they purchase the vaccines, but this is passed right down to the parents of the child.

So not only are the vaccine manufacturers shielded from potential lawsuits, they are not even responsible for paying one cent of the claims filed against them — you are!

And the lawyers who fight against the families who have filed claims with the system? Well, they’re not related to the vaccine manufacturers either. In fact, they are full-time government attorneys, employed solely for the purpose of battling to defend the vaccine manufacturers.

What Options do You Have?

The government essentially forces children to get vaccines by threatening to not let them into the school system otherwise. Well, a growing network of parents have decided to homeschool their children, in part because of their belief that mandated vaccinations for public and private school children are a dangerous overreach by state governments.

The trend toward not vaccinating has been growing for some time now. Close to 70 percent of physicians say that the number of concerns from parents have increased significantly in recent years.

And rightfully so.

Vaccines given to newborns contain an array of potentially toxic chemicals including:

• Formaldehyde
• Aluminum phosphate (toxic and carcinogenic)
• Antibiotics
• Phenols (corrosive to skin and toxic)
• Live viruses and various other components

The truth is that vaccinations are not the heavily promoted miracle cure-all that will keep your children from getting sick. And all vaccines carry the risk of serious side effects such as crippling neurological damage like autism and even death.

If your child is vaccinated according to the CDC’s recommended schedule, by the time your child starts kindergarten he or she will have received 48 doses of 14 vaccines.  Of these, 36 doses will be given during the first 18 months of life.

Public health officials have NEVER proven that it is indeed safe to inject this number and volume of vaccines into infants. What’s more, they cannot explain why, concurrent with an increasing number of vaccinations, there has been an explosion of neurological and immune system disorders in American children.

As I’ve stated before, I’m not anti-vaccine, but rather pro-vaccine safety, and homeschooling your children is far from the only option out there.

Dr. Donald Miller, a cardiac surgeon and professor of surgery at the University of Washington in Seattle and a member of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness, has devised a more sensible vaccination schedule, which advises the following:

1. No vaccinations until your child is 2 years old.
2. No vaccines that contain thimerosal (mercury).
3. No live virus vaccines.
4. The following vaccines can be given one at a time (not as a combination vaccine), every six months, beginning at age 2:
*  Pertussis (acellular, not whole cell)
*  Diphtheria
*  Tetanus
*   Polio (the Salk vaccine, cultured in human cells)

Your pediatrician will not like this schedule, but if you have reviewed the evidence and still feel your child should be inoculated to a certain degree, this is a far safer alternative to the standard vaccination schedule.

If you decide you do not want to vaccinate, know that all 50 states have vaccination requirements but all states provide exemptions for medical reasons while 48 states allow exemptions for sincerely held religious beliefs. Another 18 states allow parents to opt out for personal, conscientious or philosophical beliefs as well.

My previous article, How To Legally Avoid Unwanted Immunizations Of All Kinds, spells out how you go about practicing this right, as does an entire chapter in my book Take Control of Your Health.

Are You Ready for Change in Vaccine Safety Reform?

The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), which was co-founded by Barbara Loe Fisher, is the American vaccine safety watchdog. They are currently being flooded with vaccine reaction reports and parents reporting that their vaccine exemptions are being pulled or they can’t get one. I highly recommend you make a donation to the NVIC to help support them in their efforts to raise awareness about these vital issues and implement vaccine safety reform.

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Apprentice User
I am no fan of lawsuits, especially frivolous lawsuits, but sometimes a lawsuit is the only way to be heard and to be compensated for damages.  It would appear that the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program is being run by the FDA, who has been bought out by Big Pharma.  Vaccine injured children and their families not only deserve to be compensated, but they need to be compensated fairly and timely in order to try and undo as much of the damage as possible.  When we lose the right to file lawsuits, we will truly have lost all of our rights guaranteed to us by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

2.7 billion dollars are sitting in a “trust fund” waiting to be given to vaccine injured children but the “experts” (Big Pharma scientists in disguise?) have decided that regressive autism after vaccinations is not a compensable event.  The list of mandatory vaccines continue to increase, as do the list of disabilities being suffered by children (and adults) after vaccinations. So the 2.7 billion dollars is just for looks and for the “feels good but does nothing” legislation.  What a waste.

I will be contacting my district state legislator, once the recount is done, to request a bill that allows for a philosophical, conscientious or personal belief exemption to mandatory vaccination laws in the state of Nebraska. It is time to make informed consent and the right to refuse a “mandatory” law, along with the right to chose what type of health care I believe in, be it “conventional” or non-conventional, Big Pharma drugs or herbal/botanical supplements and foods.

[ Joined on 09/08 ]  [ Posted on November 24, 2008]
4 Points

Novice User
Also, this article does not mention that the max compensation for all this hassle is only $250,000. The possible death or damage of children is worth more than $250,000 IMO.

All Under Heaven
[ Joined on 02/08 ]  [ Posted on November 24, 2008]
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Apprentice User
The VICP isn’t compensation. It’s just a shield for Pharma. It’s their insurance policy. Pharma doesn’t compensate a penny. And TonkaTruck’s right, money isn’t enough. No amount of money can replace a person, someone’s child.

They know. The CDC, the FDA, the government, Pharma, everyone else out there knows vaccines harm and kill. If vaccines were absolutely safe and good as they claim, then why do they need the VICP? I’d like to see them give a straight answer on that. It’s to protect them because without it, they would be bankrupt from lawsuits. And indeed they should go bankrupt if they’re doing this. Not only to go bankrupt, but prosecuted, and sentenced to the extreme.

The VICP really is just for looks. The VICP, the Homeland Security rider, they’re all the work of inside cronies.

Pharma has and uses deniability. That’s why they’re untouchable and seems to be able to dismiss everything.

[ Joined on 08/07 ] [ Posted on November 24, 2008 ]
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Savvy User
So how do you prove to the authorities that it was vaccines that did the damage?  We found out just last year that all the problems my son has had was due to vaccines, but the medical drs would never tell us that!  We went through an ND who  did Bio Energetic testing and bio-meridian testing.  I don’t think the feds would ever accept that in court!  We can now see the bunny trail that has come down since he was overdosed, but I don’t see that they would ever admit it.  And talk about the thousands of dollars we have spent trying to reverse the damage!

Sheila C
[ Joined on 12/06 ]  [ Posted on November 25, 2008]
6 Points

Apprentice User
Hi Curlilox, go to a lab and get your son’s blood tested for heavy metals.  But you are right, it’s going to be hard to prove since there are so many other ways of getting mercury overload.  Batteries, amalgam fillings, light bulbs busting, computers, even in the food you eat.
Isn’t bio meridian testing the greatest tool that has reached North America?

[ Joined on 07/08 ]  [ Posted on December 13, 2008]

Novice User
I have a daughter with Autism, and I checked into a lawyer who was handling a class-action suit for this.  They only required documentation of when the symptoms started (in detail) and then the shot records.  The pattern shows itself that way.  I guess there is no “proof” that it was the vaccines (other than the MMR situation where Dr. Wakefield actually found the virus attached to the intestinal lining).…/MMR-autism-link-doctor-Andrew-Wakefield-defends-conduct-at-GMC-hearing.html

[ Joined on 11/07 ] [ Posted on December 13, 2008 ]

Novice User
Listen to some free MP3 downloads of interviews from the Alex Jones radio show.  They are at Up near the top are Dr. Rima Laibow MD and Albert Stubblebine, two great personalities in the fight for our health freedom.  Also health ranger Mike Adams.  More to the middle or bottom of the page are interviews titled “vaccines” and “vaccine whistleblower.”  All are informative about how the pharmaceutical companies are not only trying to make money, they deliberately want to hurt us, keep us sick, and even kill us, all while claiming they are trying to help us.

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December 11, 2008

Sinusitus: What to do

(note: Please see 1-28-09 post on ‘Fermented Foods)

Sinusitis: What You Really Need to Know & Do to Prevent and Eliminate It


It is cold season, and that can mean sinus pain and pressure. Sinuses are four sets of hollow, moist air spaces in your cheekbones, your forehead, behind your nasal passages and deep in your brain. When the mucous membranes of our sinuses become infected or irritated the infection is called “sinusitis.”

Sinuses infections are common after a bout with a cold and when a person has allergies. It may not sound all that bad, but most people who’ve experienced sinusitis will tell you that a sinusitis infection is no fun!

A daytime cough that is “dry” and does not improve after 7 days, fever, dental and/or ear pain, tenderness in the face and even nausea, headaches and pain behind the eye can make you feel pretty miserable.

(NOTE: Sinus cavities do not develop in our forehead until we are about 6 or 7 years old. Therefore headaches in early childhood are not usually due to sinus infections.)

You might be taking antibiotics for your sinus infection, but did you know that nearly ALL cases of sinusitis are caused by fungal infection? Body Ecology works when your antibiotics won’t!

Common treatments for sinusitis include antibiotics to kill bacteria, decongestants that reduce the swelling of the inflamed mucus membrane, and pain relievers like aspirin and ibuprofen.

Unfortunately, many people experience sinusitis symptoms on a regular basis, even after taking antibiotics and over-the-counter medicines. In fact, 31 million adults have been diagnosed with chronic sinusitis1 that doesn’t even respond to conventional treatment!

Chronic Sinusitis and Fungal Infection

Many doctors turn to antibiotics to heal chronic sinusitis, but new studies show that antibiotics are ineffective because a large number of chronic sinus infections are actually caused by fungal infections!2

This became evident as early as 1999 when the Mayo Clinic published a study suggesting that fungal sinusitis was more common than previously thought. In fact, in the nasal washings from the sinuses of patients with chronic sinusitis, 96% of those studied had a fungal overgrowth in their sinus cavities.

The disease is now known as EFRS (eosinophilic fungal rhinosinusitis) or EMRS (eosinophilic mucinous rhinosinusitis).

Interestingly, those control subjects who did not have sinusitis also had an overgrowth of fungus. However, the miserable patients suffering with sinusitis symptoms had a type of white blood cell called an “eosinophile” that was active. The eosinophiles released a product called MBP (Major Basic Protein) into the mucus lining which attacks and kills the fungus but is also extremely irritating to the lining of the sinuses. MBP injures the lining of the sinuses and allows bacteria to proliferate.

The injury to the lining of the sinuses by the fungus led to the now popular belief that treatment of chronic sinusitis should be directed at the fungus rather than the bacteria.

The misuse of antibiotics, a high sugar diet, stress, birth control pills, cortisol and other drugs (including recreational drugs and alcohol) all cause an overgrowth of fungi. Exposure to mold and fungi in the environment, both due to water leaks from roofs and plumbing as well as more efficient homes with less air exchange, are also culprits.

Fungal infections do not respond to antibiotics at all, and antibiotics can actually make fungal infections worse.

Since antibiotics do not work and common treatments only temporarily alleviate symptoms, you need to address the underlying cause of your sinusitis…the fungal infection with the active white blood cells that make the irritating MBP.

Preventing and Treating Fungal Sinusitis

Body Ecology is a system of health and healing that emphasizes the positive side of healing by introducing beneficial bacteria into your body versus killing bacteria with antibiotics.

While at times we know that antibiotics may be essential for conquering a virulent bacterial infection, we believe in focusing first and foremost on prevention and on building a strong, vital immune system. We do this by establishing a healthy inner ecosystem (made up of the friendly microflora) in your intestines. These help keep you healthy and strong so that you have a much better chance of resisting an infection of any kind.

Body Ecology uses fermented foods and beverages, food combining and other principles to establish and maintain a healthy environment inside your body that fights illness and disease.

Learn more about the 7 Key Principles of the Body Ecology program.

In Short: The Body Ecology program is effective for preventing bacterial, fungal and viral infections and can be your best defense against sinusitis. Diet is key when your sinus infection is fungal based. It must be an antifungal diet and Body Ecology is the most effective antifungal diet yet. If you haven’t already, be sure to read the bestselling book, “The Body Ecology Diet.”

To treat and prevent sinusitis, use Body Ecology as your foundation for wellness. Also consider these alternatives to conventional treatment:

  • Antibiotics wipe out good AND bad bacteria so when you must use one also be sure you are on an antifungal diet. Also replenish the beneficial bacteria in your gut with fermented foods and beverages. Our new Coco-Biotic and our Dong Quai probiotic liquid are delicious and convenient ways to take this essential step every day!
  • There are alternatives to antibiotics that are often useful especially if your immune system is alive and well from eating a probiotic diet. Colloidal silver, oil of oregano, and olive leaf extract are just three of many natural remedies that you might try first.
  • Steam your face twice a day and put essential oils that are antifungal in the water. The moist heat relieves symptoms and provides needed moisture for your nasal passages. The oils are anti-fungal and antibacterial.
Replenish the beneficial bacteria in your gut the convenient, economical and DELICIOUS way with the new Dong Quai liquid. Read More about Dong Quai Now!

Whether or not you have sinusitis, the Body Ecology program is a way to build immunity, gain energy, lose weight and prevent illness and disease. You’ll have a much better chance of escaping the cold and flu season without the usual bouts of illness and establish a foundation for long term health.


1Chronic Sinusitis, National Center For Health Statistics, 2004.
2Tichenor, M.D., W.S., “Fungal Sinusitis.”

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December 7, 2008

New DVD – Dr.McDougall

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New DVD: Dr. McDougall tells lifesaving truths about protein, soy, and fish.

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New DVD:
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Information contained in this DVD will save your life and thousands of dollars spent on diet gimmicks, supplements, and the wrong doctors.

In this series of lectures Dr. McDougall explains why:

Starches Are Essential. The current epidemic of obesity grew as starches became vilified. Historically, as well as worldwide today, people living on diets of potatoes, rice, corn, and sweet potatoes have always been trim, strong, active, youthful, and healthy.  For maximum weight loss a few more green and yellow vegetables are added. Be careful! Too little starch results in feelings of hunger, fatigue, and frustration.

Vitamin Supplements, Save One, Can Be Deadly. Vitamins and minerals are essential for our health when delivered in their natural plant packages.  Once isolated and concentrated into pills they can cause nutritional imbalances, sickness, and death. Vitamin D is actually a hormone made in the body with sunlight.  Unnatural living can result in Vitamin B12 deficiency—this is the only supplement I recommend.

Choosing the Right Doctor. Sick people see doctors; your goal is to stay out of the medical businesses by being healthy. The McDougall Diet and a healthy lifestyle will prevent and cure common diseases. Select a generalist as your doctor-advocate. Specialists should be hired to do special things, not general patient-care. A consumer must be well educated, prepared, and skeptical when dealing with doctors and hospitals.

Chapter 1: Science Behind the Maximum Weight Loss Program

Chapter 2: Save Money and Your Health – Don’t Buy Vitamins (Except for One)

Chapter 3: How to Pick the Right Doctor

Cost = $24.95 plus S&H
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©2008 John McDougall All Rights Reserved
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