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September 30, 2018

THANX Heroes 4 Justice

the Mean Political Season

Like all of you,  I’ve been thru a knothole lately as we have been glued to the political gamesmanship being played out on the American stage of partisan politics at its utmost worst (seen in my lifetime).  I’m positive that most of us DO care deeply.  Many are able to take this stuff more philosophically . . ya know,  take it in and then look away and take care of business.  Not me,  Have been so drained and sickened. . . will likely need sometime to recuperate. . not much left inside.       

But within the grief and angst was this awareness that so many millions of fellow Americans were not only as offended, but ‘out there, taking action’ .  .  and making stuff happen.  It is overwhelming — what your energy has accomplished.  I am so damned proud of all of you!  Look what your determination, energy and focus has done!  THAT’s the American Way.  You’ve changed the dynamic; and a few ‘important’ minds.  .  .  and shifted the tide.  My personal gratitude to ALL OF YOU HEROS,  thank you, more than mere words can say.       

Truth always comes out  they say. .  .  and does, I’m sure – but rarely as timely as this.  Behind this Fresh Air we are blessed with as of now, was a lot of sweat, tears and courage to stand and speak out.  And as the days pass, we are seeing more and more stories of personal experiences which have long been submerged.  In the mix, perhaps we might see occasional ‘grandstanding’ of a few who are seeking  a touch of limelight.  But the truth is,  those who have been victimized should never have to be treated as ‘criminals’ or less than,  nor subjected to neverland because of inability to prove endured abuse and or injury.  Perhaps, change is afoot or about to be once the FBI investigation is completed, if given a chance to be adequately done.  Perhaps equality under the law will finally be real. Frankly, it is too soon to tell, for I don’t believe the heart of the Republican Senate leadership has given itself a chance of any kind to really understand the core problems;  it has been consumed entirely with its own power base,  instead of service to “the people”.  

There will be many issues to be dealt with;  new ways of seeking justice must be found and protected.  Let us hope. Remain vigilant  But again,  my deepest gratitude for the showing  of your courageous spirit – – all of you who strive for what is right and fair.    Jan

September 25, 2018

Sickened by Food

Where have the Safety Rules gone?

There really was a time when we could rely on our government officials to do the job they were hired to do.  Those in charge of food safety – DID  insure our food was safe.  Using poisons in our food wasn’t allowed.  Modern times have changed much.  It is assumed we’re all bright enough to read labels and fully understand what those unpronounceable words mean.   I can’t!   Even so, I’ve been into this stuff maybe a tad longer than most of my readers and I find it really hard to ensure what I eat is what I think it is – edible.  And maybe, nutritious as well.  I still read labels.  If I don’t know what it’s telling me — I don’t buy it.  I’ve known about Carrageenan for some time;  assumed others knew about it too.  But many don’t have a clue.  Just the way it is these days. 

So many depend on the ‘little’ or small rewards we allow ourselves, just to be able to cope. . be happy, maintain a kind of balance in order to survive.  A lot of us still enjoy our ‘ice cream,’ yogurts or gelatos for that ‘life-is-good’ moment now and then. But even there, if we aren’t careful – en guard enuff to read those labels for culprits. . .how are we to know that we are being poisoned and robbed of our health with a  small dish of yogurt or gelato.  The following article I found on Dr Andrew Weil’s site (a truly intelligent, well-informed place to go for answers when you need them.)  Our bodies are wondrous, intelligent and truly can carry us thru to our old age if we just give them what they need – good food with no toxins or other poisons to screw things up, destroying immune systems which may be our greatest gift from our creator.    How would anybody even know with a name like Carrageenan. . such a pretty word?  I wouldn’t have, but was lucky, . . I accidentally read it some place years ago.  Now just sending it out for others  (The BOLD places are done by me . . not the doctor – – so don’t blame him)       Jan

Is Carrageenan Safe?

What can you tell me about carrageenan? I know that it is widely added to foods like ice cream and yogurt, but I’ve heard that it isn’t good for you and should be avoided. True? If so, why?

September 19, 2018

WOMEN are 50% of US


Or we’ll have to throw our weight around

Female voices may be more gentle, but just as strong

It is no secret that we Americans  are an odd lot of people.  There is no such thing as pinning us down to a few traits,  lifestyles, mannerisms or set of rules. . . s’ not gonna happen.   However,  we do have a great deal in common.  By and large, we wouldn’t trade our country for any other – no matter how much we gripe and grumble.   Or any other kind of government – – we aren’t the envy of the world for no reason!  This may not be “Eden” or heaven or any kind of perfection .  .  .  but we do kinda like it – just the way it is, this is our home.   .  .  this is “US.”     

Our abilities and talents aren’t a singular thing – – we literally specialize in everything, while simultaneously glorifying the Jacks and Jills of all trades, equally.   We invent stuff,  we build stuff. . we changed the world (whatever we might think of it). We are a powerful people.   We are simple people.  How do we manage to be ‘all this’?  Sure, our human relatives the world over looks, evolves the same as we did and do. . .  . so what makes us any different?  We  put ourselves  ‘HERE’ intentionally a couple hundred years ago for good, sound and remarkable reasons.   We sought “freedom to be” whatever and however we wanted to be.  Our natures all demand instinctively that freedom.  (Not just humans, but all animal species seek/demand Choice and freedom – or DEATH). How we were built . . designed.  To me, that connotes our creator’s approval. .  . so nothing could dissuade this thinking.   Inherent in this concept is the innate intelligence which generates the life, force and function of each and every creation.  We have an inner awareness that helps us to know stuff;  left or right, . up or down, . go or stay,. . true or false.   Trouble is, we are also masters-of-justification when we so choose. Maybe it’s an ethic or value thing (where the heart or ‘want’ is)

There are many reasons that species such as ours are ‘clannish,’ among those reasons are ‘self-preservation’ which encompasses love, sense of family,  sense of belonging – – all healthy, positive and nourishing and protective. . makes us stronger.  If this is the foundation from which we spring, we naturally see, experience  and enjoy respect and regard for others. All of which leads to healthy communities > and on up  the ladder. 

It would seem that far too many of us for far too long have become discouraged with our governmental leadership.  Many changes, laws,  restrictions and rules are being made for the benefit of the few rather than the masses – (all the rest of US).  Regulations in how things are done are a necessary factor to keep all of us safe and protected from (sometimes) unscrupulous, cost-saving owners of the companies who make stuff we buy to complement our lives.  IMO, there is far too little sanity in how and who makes most ALL of these decisions. (For sure, you and I never voted on most of it!) Not going there today.   (have almost beaten it to death, anyway)


Anyway, part of what is going on in our government today is not only just as upsetting today as it was decades ago when Anita Hill was testifying against the useless “MUTE” in SCOTUS who is being highly paid all these years to be little more than a seat-warmer.  It was a travesty then and remains a wasteful choice which not only deprived the court of a thinking, participating, possibly vibrant, open mind willing and able to balance multiple issues both old and new into a remarkable thread or tapestry both just and beautiful.  

It is occurring all over again with the even more infuriating “Rush to completion” with an inappropriate nominee (again) who is being rushed through to his sought-after ROBE of distinction while shrouding his “humongous track-record”, because it reveals too much about his many bigoted biases and discriminating views against too many classes of “us”.  Such a mind in no way should be allowed to come anywhere near a judicial role on our Supreme Court.  It bespeaks Soul and Heart as well as balance and the LAW.

Our legal system is about to be hijacked again  because of POLITICS.. . basically the greed of a cadre of corrupted Republican MEN who see nothing contemptible in besmirching a gentlewoman, publically no matter how refined or educated the lady, or her own credentials outstrip their own.  Or how verifiable the claim. . or how obviously the truth seems to be shown.  WHY?  Clearly to protect themselves and their “holdings” they feel a right to.. . . as opposed to serving what is BEST and in the country and it’s public interest. Nor does the wellbeing, dignity or any other personal concern or embarrassment to women such as Anita Hill or our Dr Ford remotely enter into the equation.  Where is the justice, fairness or equality under the law? How does this keep standing decade after decade? When does it become too much to keep tolerating?    How can this not finally taint the highest court in the land?  Where is reason?

WE are the country.  We can stop this.  Speak up.    Please.             Jan          


… .

September 18, 2018

Hurtin’ a bit. . . Part 2

Just a few thoughts more,

The “hurt ribs” are coming along, choose their own time table, can’t  rush it along.   It is what it is.   One  (compassionate) friend has made the point for my peace-of-mind,  that even if I had been one to see doctors for regular health care needs, and even if the ribs had been broken, very little outside of assurances, could have been done.  I didn’t know that!  She is quite up on such  things as she has gone through it twice; once from  an auto accident – three broken ribs. . then a second time going UP  stairs – only two broken ribs.  Both incidences were medically handled, complete with pain-meds.   She had learned that there isn’t anyway to ‘tape’ ribs effectively as one does with our usual broken stuff.  So what my son Jeff did for me (ala what he does for his sports clients and athletic team members) as one facet of his work, . . was kinda fortunate.  Well, my thoughts, exactly. . .yet I had wondered if I had let my predilection interfere with my decision-making.    After all, I still am paying the Medicare insurance outta my Social Security – no choice. But this is an aside, not what I wanted to speak of. Getting in and out of BED remains a kind of hell.  Can’t curb the water and destroy my kidneys!. . maybe just drink less in evening. . less getting up.

Needing caution with how I move isn’t my MO.  Not sleeping  normally (which is all over the bed at will,)  Now, all is about keeping pain level  within bounds. Am less active now – deliberately, but body needs movement – right?   So strive for morning walks which helps with energy  (rain or heat allowing). Sunday, nothing went well,  didn’t walk.  Stumbled around.   Was late taking the pain stuff.

As I faced the computer, wanted to raise a point I had neglected – – regarding Curcumin (and Piperine) for pain. . hadn’t mentioned what a problem the color orange can be when it stains one’s fingers, clothes, countertops,  can be messy.  I deeply apologize. . an  oversight not to mention.   Buying bottled capsules is not what I do.  Needs and  cost factors are better served when I buy powders and mix per my current needs  More at this moment and perhaps less the next time.  With pills and capsules – no staining, no problem, no muss or fuss.   But for me and my need for maximum choice which I seem to require,. .gotta do it myself, mix my own. To each his own.  . be clear about this, and you will have no problem.  Can use old papers or scrap rags, paper towels, (whatever). 

Add a dollop of yogurt and scoops of both powders into a dish or jar.  Let me say however – with the Piperine, the dose was 2 of the tiny scoops.  The bugger is so tiny it’s hard to see if any got into the scoop or not.  I’d like to be sure.  So I probably use about 4 or 5 scoops  to the pot – –  mix it up  and good to go.  Boom, boom – done. easy. No mess at all.   But I had some messes when I first tried it.  Can be cleansed, tho its tedious and unnecessary. So be aware if you’re gonna try this.   


For those of you who do not want to ingest Dairy at all – – (you’ve learned the modern theory of ‘Dairy isn’t actually good for us’ – – causes mucus, phlegm and even tumors),  I have started a new method yesterday.  Seems just as good with one less worry to stress over.  I am now using the smallish cup of my NutriBullet to blend the two powders together with some banana slices in small quantity of ‘clean water’.  Often have fresh, but always have  ‘almost going bad’ halved bananas –  frozen in the freezer.  Or can use any berry you have on hand. So this then is an alternative way to easily and quickly use these powders for pain when you need a bit of help. .  .  nontoxic and free of side effects.  

Anyway, when I started this post  – I hadn’t taken the Curcumin.  I was hurtin’.  Finally registered, realized what was missing and took it.   After a bit, started feeling better  – – was able to function   I had wondered how much help I was getting from these powders, so it seems pretty evident. . they work just fine for my needs. . . has reassured me;   it didn’t take an hour to feel normal again. . and was able to carry on as usual.  So this is what I needed to add – the Reason for “Part 2”  (but I always have something else, don’t I ?)


I needed to go online and see what I could learn about curcumin and it’s source – turmeric, to remind myself why I decided on Curcumin rather than Turmeric to have on hand when I had pain.  My thinking was that Curcumin was the ‘business’ end of Turmeric and was in fact only a smallish percentage of Turmeric.  I found that Dr Andrew Weil (whom all respect) prefers and recommends Turmeric over Curcumin. OK, why?

(this is another one of my asides – don’t bother if want to skip it.  but I can’t let it go til I’ve understood his thinking and why. ALSO, found a couple of  commenters who have some wonderful-crazy-comments that I was fascinated with and impressed with the input. Might want to scan thru this. .  . shows real knowledge and depth.  I had been checking out INDUS ORGANICS TURMERIC (CURCUMIN  Powder, I # Jar, Premium Grade, High Purity and found these product endorsers)


Curcumin or Turmeric? Best Antioxidant & Anti-Inflammatory … – Dr. Weil

December 3, 2013

I was hesitant to order this product because of several negative reviews, but I’ve received a fresh fragrant spice with an expiration date of 2017 (4 years to expiration). It is almost impossible to find organic turmeric or decent sized spice where I live, so I was really glad to find this huge 16 oz product, much bigger in volume than what you’d anticipate compared to 16 oz liquid in size. My mother recently underwent both breast and lung cancer surgeries along with radiation therapy, so I have her taking turmeric tea to help prevent the cancer from coming back amongst other daily protocols. The following is the recipe I use –

10 oz boiling water (big mug size)
1 tsp turmeric powder
1/4 tsp black pepper

Cover and steep for 10 minutes.
Add some coconut oil or flax oil for improved absorbency.

You may find this too spicy as mother did, so you can lower the strength or increase the water content while keeping the turmeric/black pepper ratio at around 4:1. You can add lemon or honey if you feel the need to improve the taste, but I personally believe it’s best to avoid any form of sugar since it’s inflammatory and cancer cells LOVE sugar. The curcumin in turmeric gets absorbed best when combined with piperine in black pepper. Taking a spoonful of coconut oil or flax oil along with the tea will increase the absorbency further since curcumin is fat-soluble. I personally add a spoonful of coconut oil at the end of 10 min steeping. Adding oil to the tea may sound odd, but this makes the tea more like a comforting soup broth which can be quite enjoyable with coconut fragrance rounding down the spice. You can visually confirm the fat-solubility of curcumin this way, since there will be much less of the spice leftover sitting at the bottom of the cup. Take at least 2 tsp of turmeric a day for its anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory benefits. For cancer prevention, dosage should be increased to 400-500mg of curcumin a day, which equals to about 2 tablespoons of dried turmeric powder (1 tablespoon contains to about 230 mg of curcumin). I drink the tea several times a day instead of using the spice to cook since my husband isn’t too fond of the taste of turmeric, and you can only have so much of foods flavored with turmeric on daily basis. The tea may require getting used to, but I hope you can eventually enjoy it as well since curcumin is so beneficial for your body. Dr. Andrew Weil, one of the most respected in holistic health, believes that whole turmeric is more effective than isolated curcumin for inflammatory disorders, and I try to keep my supplements as natural and unadulterated as possible.

Addendum: If you experience unexplained headache after drinking the tea recipe above, you should first try lowering the amount of oil being added to the tea. If you consume too much fat for your gallbladder to handle, this can cause headaches for many people unbeknownst to them. This is also the reason why you may even experience migraine, right neck/shoulder pain or sometimes pain directly on the upper right abdomen (directly below the rib cage, about an inch off the center) when you eat lots of nuts, seeds or other fatty/rich foods that put strain on the gallbladder. This organ stress causes referred pain up through the spinal cord via the right phrenic nerve that materialize as seemingly irrelevant pains, such as headache or tight painful right shoulder. In addition, while turmeric itself is known to help bile production, you could inadvertently worsen problem if you happened to have bile duct obstruction with inadequate room for the bile excretion. Excess turmeric intake is also observed to aggravate liver and gallbladder that can lead to inflammation (Cholecystitis). Bottom line–please start slowly and see how your body responds.

And another  contributor:

UPDATE: 8.5.15 – I’ve been making “Golden Paste” out of this turmeric. It is supposed to be wonderful for all sorts of health ailments, arthritis and cancer. I use it as a preventative. Here is the recipe: 1/2 cup turmeric powder, 1 – 2+ cups of water, 1/3 cup organic coconut oil and 1 1/3 teaspoon ground peppercorns. Don’t use pepper that has already been ground because it will not contain peperin in sufficient quantities. Heat up the turmeric and water until it is a nice, thick paste, then turn off the heat, add the coconut oil and fresh ground pepper. Whisk together. Use no more than 1 teaspoon/day until your digestive system gets used to it. Refrigerate. Will last for about 2 weeks. This is really good stuff and I suggest googling “Golden Paste” to learn more about it.

September 12, 2018

Hurtin’ a bit – just a snag,

So, I hit a rough spot. . 


“I know, I know..  .I am prone to say  “I don’t suffer with pain,” and mostly – this is true.  But ‘Stuff Happens’ doesn’t it. 

A routine simple dinner of roasted veggies smothered in garlic and herbs along with a gorgeous sweet potato which had already baked 1/2 hour — now ready to put the veggies in oven for another 25″  or so. As I pivoted, turning to the oven. . I dunno, must’ve caught my foot in the kitchen rug near the sink, any way – – knew I was going down – leaning back not to loose all my panned beautiful veggies, my rib-cage plunged  into the countertop’s edge.   Lost a few of the veggies, but also knew I had hurt myself.   

I seemed to feel that nothing was broken, but have to admit, my ribs weren’t happy.   Before I sat down to dine on my assembled delicious  foodstuffs, I was literally weeping  for my back and ribs while swooning over how delicious all my gorgeous food was. . .wishing everybody could enjoy  their food as much as I seem to. Had I been able to stand back and witness such a spectacle. . I might have laughed.

Couldn’t make a move  without engaging some muscle or other which impacted my back and ribcage. Knew what a nite I was in for and no idea how I was going to cope.  How to get into bed – and out of it? How to use the potty and lift myself from it? Tried this way and that .  .  let me just say, there wasn’t a good or easy way., so I crawled in – head,chest first, lowered til supine.  It was gonna be a tortuous night.  I did one simple thing I remembered how to do, and that is to take 100 mg (0.15 cc scoop)of Cucumin Powder with a tiny dose (4 mg) of Piperine. Since these powders don’t mix well in water, I had learned to mix them in a dollop of yogurt,  mix it up – its delicious.         As I lay there, hurting. . I thought of EFT- – FINALLY!   

When I started Smokinchoices a decade ago, I had been using EFT daily for sometime because I liked what it did for me and others to whom I had introduced  it.  Even then, I didn’t have much pain, but it was a powerful tool;  I’d daily tap in my gratitude over the blessings I continually saw and the more I did. . the more blessed I became.  It was simply a big part of my life.    Of course EFT was a much bigger ‘deal’ then than apparently it is now.  Everybody and his cousin was writing books of their own about it — so called “how-to’ BOOKS.  But I was content with how Gary Craig gave it to us. As it evolved, I wasn’t inclined to continue on with changes.  Gotta admit, as I lay there hurting and then remembered  it, – was a bit stymied. . do I remember how to do it?  Perhaps, old habits do die kinda hard.  Next thing. . ya know,  I began tapping on the outside of my hand and  pouring out my heart – to my body as  if it was my closest friend/adviser who really cared.   . . .  . 

 .  .  . I was admitting that in my conscious mind , I was incapable of helping myself further – what to do, but that it didn’t matter because, thankfully. . .my body did know – exactly what to do and that I was extremely grateful for its glorious intelligence that it had always shown throughout my life in taking care of me in every conceivable way.  I trusted it completely, and knew that I would be safe now. (do I have to tell anyone – – there were lots of words, on and on).  Meanwhile, I’m tapping on the head now and proceed on down to the armpit then up to top of head and on down again – repeatedly.  As I continue, I’m aware that release has begun. . so I address this and beseech the continued release of all tension from my body which I had caused thru my accident;  . . the release of pain, tension and stress from all muscles, tendons and sinews- – back to normal and harmonious flow of energy.. . releasing all into the ether– into the light.   . . .and on and on. When ya enjoy it and you’re feeling kinda good. . there’s  no sense of hurry.  Guess I went to sleep    Up around 4:30 for potty break.  Really not easy to do.  Rose around 8th hour.  Whole back seemed to hurt.    Every move took my breath away. I was hurtin’

Went to my computer to relate my injury to my son and add an item or two to a grocery list I’d  asked for as I knew I’d be unable to go out myself for who knows how long.  Had turned in last nite without cleaning up my kitchen – which under the circumstances, is forgivable.  So I was facing that and hadn’t figured out what to do first.   Was doing some more Curcumin. . and planned on more EFT, but here comes Jeff with my groceries. Guess he was a bit concerned, so wasted no time getting over here. Tho was embarrassing, had to bare a bit of body so he could see and understand better.   Working amongst athletes his whole life, he sees injuries routinely.  He used ROCK SAUCE rollon  which reduces pain and left it with me to reuse as needed.  Strict instructions to relax and go with it. . its gonna hurt for a while and I may be restricted in what I can do – – not to fight it. 

So, between the EFT,  Curcumin and the rollon and tape  he put on the ribcage . . I’m feelin no pain.  Am I blessed or what?  So, I’ve lost a little balance, I’m somewhat clumsy now rather than a deft artisan and my memory isn’t probably anywhere close to what it used to be. .  .  but, ya know – life is good. . . yes it is.            Thanks for listening.             Jan

September 9, 2018

Obama message on 9-7-18

Welcome uplifting Message

   brings back hope

A word or so about the great pleasure it has been to hear from President Barack Obama recently.

Our recent difficult losses which we all have come thru (perhaps emotionally wrung out), and then facing still more noise and aggravation from the White House . . . aside from our having personal lives to maintain – well sometimes there’s not a lot leftover.   

So, for me, it was a very special blessing to hear this wonderful (non-irritating), uplifting tone and message.  Everything he said in his Friday message infused me with the aura of yesterday and why this man has become (apparently) America’s favorite president – he certainly was mine if one discounts my childhood attachment to FDR who had always claimed that title for me. .  some of my earliest memories.

I had needed to hear his message in its entirety – not excerpts, so I had to search online to find it.  It is all over the internet – – ya might want to listen to it  as well.  Really worth it.  (I wasn’t able to secure a link that worked to bring it over ) . . it’s free to watch,tho.         Jan


September 2, 2018

Your HEART is Hungry

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                           Surprising How Well HEART  Responds

When I left medicine behind, was kinda burned out,  feeling desperate and lost, and worst of all, .stuck in the same path which claimed my mom.   There was, however, enough tiger in my soul to rebel .  .  .

IT AIN’T BROKE,  Just Starvin’

My AFIB Heart-fix was easy, cheap, doable & non-scary

WHAT I DO (and did)

Tho  I have been open with readers in most of what I do regarding how I have coped with my six  chronic diseases, it is also true that I have specifically not laid out my dosages clearly which would’ve had the effect of keeping elusive the ease of application.  Instead of explaining clearly how simple, easy and safe it is/was. .   .  it may have instead implied there was reason to be apprehensive and cautious.  Not only was this NOT what I wished to convey, I see now that it was ambivalent.   Perhaps I was attempting to honor that which I respect. . the laws and rules or what I assumed was licit  behavior as I interpreted that to be.   Without any capacity within the health-care field,  guess I felt I had no right to fully detail or explain without coming across as prescribing for which I had no right.  This is at the root of what/how I was trying to share. 

In my experience with medicine, I have been largely ill-served, badly diagnosed; had my symptomology ignored and consequently spent a lifetime with my thyroid gland’s needs unmet which impacted all the other hormonal systems.  As they are interdependent, the stress tended to beat-up my heart.  All this, while begging for “iodine” from every doctor I had seen (because that was  what my mother and grandmother had done and they were given iodine; goiter went away – problem gone).  I however, was always told my ‘numbers,’ tho low, were in normal limits and didn’t warrant treatment, and besides ‘iodine’ was now passe, and that was no longer being done. Imagine this, even tho one doctor had surgically removed my goiter!  My gland was fine and didn’t require treatment! (Unjustifiable)

IMO,  this is unforgivable.   I am just one person;  it didn’t kill me; but it is not discernable how different one’s life might have been if medical integrity, diagnosis, perception and understanding had been. . clearer, more accurate, compassionate.  And how many others have been mistreated – – thousands?. . millions? Can we have any way of knowing?

Having had a decade of ‘cardio’ medical care with doctors of some repute, I was so dissatisfied that I was willing to go it alone, knowing  how risky It’d be regarding ‘how-to’ on heart-health-care needs.  I refused to accept what appeared was the standard procedure; becoming more debilitated, limited, feeling worse with all the meds, scared of what might be coming next.  It appeared to me to be a slow, torturous preamble to death;  costly, scary  and I hated it all.  Life on these terms wasn’t acceptable to me. S’why I quit medicine and never looked back.  (believed Mother taking 18 prescribed daily meds over many years -killed her. . a path I strongly rejected.  Her faith in doctors, however, knew no limits. She loved and trusted me dearly, but “Doctors knew best”) 

Admittedly, our worsening political mess;  the ‘screwed-up legal system – the way justice deals with citizens;  the financial/economic disparity among our people  which insures the rich get richer and the under clases remain entrapped are evident for all to observe.  Worst of all, the way our votes have become almost a waste of time with ‘gerrymandering,’ etc., and the corporate control of the way laws are enacted – – to suit the corporate wishes -structure which seems to control everything now. (like mandatory vaccines – or no entry to schools) This is criminal in a ‘Free society’ – by law, we have choice.

If we don’t wake up and see how we’ve been snowed, ripped off, shorn of our rights and choices of all that concerns us  (through thinking – –  blythely,  “let the next guy do it”. . I can’t figure it out.)  Well, WAKE UP  and Grow some before we all become part of the human waste dump of ashes.  If you and I don’t vote,  take REAL action that matters. . like calling your reps and senators and demanding action – – let em know WE’RE OUT HERE , we see how they’re voting.   We matter and we need them to vote – – this way or that on whatever is your issue of the moment – GET IN THEIR FACES!  They wanted the job – make ’em work for it -they work for US, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.  If they don’t perform – can ’em and get someone who will and can.

There is abundant pain AND  joy in our world (and maybe everywhere).  There is this concept called the “Law of Attraction” . . . .  that which is like unto itself, is drawn. .    So, if we ideate painful concepts, thoughts, feelings,  memories and what-ifs in the form of worries over our future. . this then imbues us with duplicated repetition of more of the same. .  . then, we feel worse – for sure no better.  Some wonder why nothing good ever seems to happen for them.   Yet,  a cousin or friend around the corner has a similar life going on,  but instead of fretting and stewing over the life being lived. .does in fact count the good  and the blessings which are all around, woven into the life.  Smile on the face reflects the anticipation of that ‘good’ which is expected.  Cousin feels a ‘kind of happy’. . small, but there.  The Law of attraction at work.

So my point is. . you and I, alone in our dwellings can not change all the big and smaller things which aren’t workin’ right with the snap of our fingers. . . and be happy.  Nor change who we are.  or where we are (without effort).  But thought by thought. . .we have the power to change our emotions, which automatically changes how we feel.  AND THAT THEN CHANGES WHO WE ARE AND WHAT’s going on in our lives.  We discover we can change ourselves.  We can also change the world around us.  But we have to feel whole and together to realize our strength.    I made such a plea on Aug 24th – – “WE GOTTA PULL TOGETHER”.  [I’m so damned long-winded]  . . . soon back to heart-care.

I did start to get into it, but somehow. . . was getting to the fact that LAWS aren’t always dispensing “justice”;   Rules don’t get applied fairly;   MEDICINE isn’t making people well, even tho funded/run by some of the richest (the Pharmaceutical industry) among us – –  we’re dyeing anyway – – but much poorer.       

A VISITING NURSE’S COMMENT  (relevant to cardio)

 (related) aside:  Last  week or so,  a visiting nurse came to see me from my M/C Insurance co.. pop in annually to insure I really am still alive and doin’ okay – everyone knows I don’t use doc’s – makes it kinda hard for them I guess).   Anyway, we’re sitting across the table from one another enjoying a full-on discussion on how I do my Heart protocol, what I use, and how, why and when.   

She wrote some things down;  said she’d like to return for more discussion, (wasn’t familiar with my protocol and wanted to understand more – on her own time, of course). . I agreed. Then  she noticed a throbbing heartbeat in some vessel in my neck above the clavicle, walked around and took a listen to it.  Then asked my navel be bared too so she could listen.  She was concerned.  Started her warning – “that could kill you” and so on , etc.  “Would I please see a doctor and have an MRI (?)” or maybe it was some other test??    I was not ruffled, or worried.  Had been through years of that with doctors and all those damned tests, hospitals etc. . .the medicines up the gazoo!  I smiled at her, not offended and reminded her that doctors had not been able to even control my HBP in those years; had me on 2 RX meds and then pushed for a 3rd.  Refused.  Mainly, I was unhappy that they disallowed me to take NATTOKINASE instead of rat poison because they never heard of it.  I protested that it was superior to ANY MEDICINE AND WAS TOTALLY ORGANIC,  non-toxic and did a superior job with no side effects.   (being plant- based it was not patentable, so unless they can try to duplicate it with “chemicals” in a lab – was never going to be used – – ya can’t make money on simple plants.)

I had had Arrhythmia all my life and serious A-Fib for over five years (in full treatment with Medicine) The medicine did manipulate the hard, rapid heartbeat downward, but it never got better, and felt awful ALL THE TIME.  Couldn’t stand all those meds.  Weakened me.  Hated it.  There was no way I would go see a doctor NOW for my heart care. . at 89?. . what for?  I won’t take their meds – – so what are they gonna do for me?   

Now, my BP is in low 130’s;  heart is no longer pounding and scaring the crap outta me. (It’s still enlarged due to overwork for so many years, but don’t think hearts can shrink once this happens.  It has been fairly comfortable to live with once I knew what to do.)   Most can’t detect my COPD anymore (some appear to doubt I ever had it – – am I sure I had COPD?. . .well yeah, . . wanna see my bills and test results?)  My arthritic hands have lost much of their function, rather clumsy now. . . but they aren’t paining me.  My energy isn’t great, which may be understandable due to the workload I’m trying to accomodate to remain as active as I dare be.  Balance-decline, big adjustment with loss of security,  using a cane. 

The visiting nurse sat listening to me, slapped the table,. . closed her books and leaned closer to me.. .   “You know what Jan?,  . . I’ve never seen anyone on A-FIB last as long as you seem to have — years longer than anyone I’ve seen – – on your own, without a doctor.  Forget what I just said – – you’re doing great, doing what you are doing.  Keep it up!  We’ll be in touch.  Then she was gone.  (small, but to the point).  and the point? . . well,  How far off can I be? – it seems to be working. .with no meds at all, just giving this body what it needs – – ENERGY! . . lots of energy  S’what both Brain and Heart need. Clean diet rounds out the rest.

 HEART Stuff

To a graduate of Medical School, I may sound a tad demented or at least  ill-advised.  For I don’t speak any part of that language.  I don’t value it, tho I respect foundational intensions including – – “First, do no harm . . ”   

Dr Harry Elwardt, N.D., Ph.D. and his book – “Let’s STOP The #1 Killer of Americans TODAY,” published  2006.  Most helpful!  He shows the Allopathic approach to treatment, which I recognized because I’d been thru it – NOT WHAT I WAS WILLING TO DO AGAIN. But, it was good to see it in print as a basis for comparison. What he offered, much of it I was already doing  i.e., foodstuffs, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. . so I was a readymade convert.     

The really big thing for me was all the AMINO ACIDS.  Stuff bodybuilders use but I knew little of, other than what I picked up from my son and his friends – back when they were young and all into training and athletics.  But it was my aha! moment – that which turned me in a new direction. . . so this is the ENERGY my heart needs. . . allowing its engines to keep working.  Stunning, but makes perfect sense.    Our aging organs, especially the heart and brain require the largest  amounts of energy. . not only the energy itself, but getting this flowing efficiently throughout  the body.   Amino Acids, being components of protein,  are  especially vital to vegetarians who don’t routinely consume animal proteins. 

Please understand, I’ve begged those with Cardio problems to buy this book and read it.  There is no way that it could NOT interest you.  It is so well laid out, specific and totally explained.  I’m Not gonna do that for you.  There is no fear in the process;  no risky possibilities.  He covers it all.  That is also one of the reasons I cited when I withheld dosages.  If you have a problem and are considering venturing out as I did, one owes it to oneself to become armed with actual facts and reason backed up with statistics and trials and actual testing.  Ya can’t go off with a hope and a wish without substance behind it.   It is there, but you have to be willing to reach out and take it- – I’m not going to do your work for you.

Every item he advocates for restoring heart health is beautifully explained so that it makes sense to you and you are eager to proceed.  here again, I won’t discuss all that;  there is much he covers because many people have far more problems than I do or ever did. . . and all these variables can enter in, make sense?  I will only discuss ‘what I did’  and your heart woes may be altogether different from mine.    I will and can only discuss what I did – – and the reasons for all are in his book.  If ya can’t afford it – – rent it in the library.  I feel strongly about this. He educates you on hypertension and its so important , as well as diabetes, etc. So I won’t recount his book – you need to get it on your own.

So, maybe I didn’t explain this in the right way, be as candid as I am now trying to be.  Have tried to speak of the many issues which have brought me to this place.  Medicine is inadequate, faulty and  insanely costly.  What I did is cheap by any standard.  The Amino Acids come in caplet or pill form, but I prefer to mix my own from Powders I buy in Bulk form.  Powder City was my source.  Honest, best prices, reliable. . . easy to deal with by email, phone or in person.  GREAT people. Went out of business over a bad business deal (???). Can’t tell you how much I miss them. There’s no one else like them. Most don’t even allow phone conversation or questions.  There are tons of places to use like Bulk Supplements which I currently use quite a bit.  I generally put what I seek into a browser and see what comes up. Budgetary demands requiring due diligence force me to shop carefully, get questions I have answered or have to do a lot more research.  I quite often find the price and quality I need on eBay (but ya have to put that in the browser too,  i.e. XXX,blah blah, ebay.  Takes more doing, but I get what I want,. .so. .

BLAMING OUR THICK OLD BLOOD  (still on blood pressure)

It is said that our blood thickens as we age, so elders are advised to use/need blood-thinners.  I kinda doubt that, as one of my core beliefs is “You Are What You Eat.”  If one is high on plant foods, drinks clean water, should be okay.  Too much of any commercial animal protein is gonna damage us – (both the meat and fat) and harden or clog our arteries.  But Pastured, grass fed animals, fowl and small fish or Alaskan Wild-caught Salmon will be totally fine in limited quantities.   

High blood pressure exists in 1 out of 3 American adults,  per this book. . big bucks.  .nearly $9 billion, with another $8 billion trying to mask the side effects (heart attacks and strokes) from all these hypertensive drugs.  So drugs or lifestyle changes. . . lets see.  .  (ok drugs – pop a pill, easier-  but at what cost?)

 All this matters greatly to me.  Reckless spending is a waste of money – – yours and mine – THE TAX- PAYOR.  But BIG PhRMA makes out like a bandit. .  and they’re the ones pushing it. The Docs do Okay too.    And I’m over here, not even making co-pays. .or paying insurance premiums – zilch.  Still function  fairly well, look decent  and having no pain.   But if I do get pain, I have things I can and have done for it Honing one’s diet toward health eliminates the need to fight inflammation which is the source of pain.

                 ~~            ~~            ~~            ~~            ~~              ~~               ~~                ~~              ~~               ~~              ~~

I have been working on this post longer than I ever have any other in my ten years. I’ve practically written the equivalent of 4 or 5 posts. . .I keep coming back to it day after day – deleting and re-writing.  I’m worn out  with it want to be done with it. I keep at it because I am determined to to tell others like me who have been put through a knothole over trauma and stress of heart disease; been deep in the doctor patent ordeal of ‘cardiac treatment’. . getting worse and becoming disenchanted thru stress and fear of what I could see coming at me.  Not satisfied with the story I told,  the excessive issues I keep bringing up. . purging and redoing.  All the while I’m watching the endless misery that we all felt (Americans and even the rest of our world) as we mourn John McCain (and Aretha Franklin).  Don’t know when I’ve cried so much or been so strung out.  All of that and this post. . .  Nothing I can do about our losses – no one could.   But this post,  I feel I never presented in the proper light what has been accomplished on my behalf – to my extreme good benefit.  I need to be sure that it is clear, that what has happened for me could work for anyone else as well. No matter what heart problems are going on or how serious it is,  maybe if others understood how easy, inexpensive, non-scary and doable it is. . without bypasses or       stents, or other painful, costly surgeries – exploratory or otherwise – -it would be a wonderful thing.  

If my gutsy struggle has amounted to to a remarkable outcome;  then by golly, I want others to realize it and get what it might mean to them.  You couldn’t be more surprised than I am that this in fact means something wonderful.  I’ve lived it day by day, guessing, juggling up and down.  Guess it didn’t cross my mind how much better I was getting – – or that I WAS SURVIVING.. That visiting nurse and what she said was news to me.  It took a few days for me to get the message, let it register and echo back into my consciousness – – that what has happened is unusual.

This then is what I was wanting to relay to the smallish (relatively speaking) group of readers who come here.  It’s one thing to hear/read a few doctors discussing new theories and protocols and speak of the successes.  I know the fear and angst of years of AFIB. I know the frustration of doctors not being able to lower my blood pressure. I know how it feels to have life slipping away, when it’s hard to get up out of your chair. .and it’s a struggle to put a simple meal together.   But I’ve been having as much fun as I ever did. . making bread (sourdough Rye). .the Kombucha  (gave it up, making Kefir now). . and everything I eat is prepared by me.

Blood pressure normal for a number of years now,  heart is not scary or pounding anymore.  I am thinking of increasing my dosage again even higher now – – see if I can eliminate the arrhythmia had all adult life) even more. . try for normal.  You see how over-blown this post is now. Had wanted to discuss the Amino Acids – how, what to do.  S’why I’m so low over this post –  all these words written, dumped – rewritten, redumped.  Smokinchoices is my baby – my  joy!  It is not supposed to depress me.  Good news!  I found an older post I had forgotten about.. May 14, 2014 called  HBP/Heart therapy update. It is just what I needed at this moment.  So I’m gonna close this overly long post, bless it and hope for the best. 

Just one last point has to do with the use of L-Arginine; I take it in combination with L-Citrulline – it turbo- boosts the Arginine greatly which is hugely beneficial in production of the NO. .converting all to energy and off to the waiting cells and arterial systems so that plentiful oxygen is available. Learned this from Dr Elwardt in his BOOK (alluded to above), but couldn’t locate the ratio use. Researched online and it appears to be 3 parts Arginine  to 1 part Citrulline.  This stuff is magic, I swear. While I revere the Arginine (and probably wouldn’t be here without it),  I deeply benefit from the Taurine and D-Ribose – no longer worry about pain levels.           There’s a lot here. .sorry it’s so huge. . so is the below link   Jan


HBP/Heart therapy update – SMOKINCHOICES –

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