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June 27, 2015

Bernie or Hillary?. . .um. . .

From Bill Moyers: Hillary’s “Wall Street Address”

Since I don’t know how popular Hillary’s  “Wall Street Address” was, because, well — I needn’t belabor the point, I’m just not a Hillary fan, never have been and most definately – never will be.  (For so many obvious reasons.)  Crestfallen as I was at Elizabeth’s refusal to run. . .but accepting her decision as no doubt, a wise one;  became overjoyed with the direction Bernie decided to tread.  There simply is not a better person – – man or woman,  in the world who could do a better job, let alone half as well as he can  with only half trying!     It disgusts me that “smart money” almost treats his effort as amusing.   Believe this is anchored in the fact that Bernie is not part of any “money machine,”  isn’t on the take and never has been in anyone’s pocket.  He is his own man;  is totally transparent, open and truthful. . .and especially knowledgeable which is enormously important. 

Bernie is my “Man”.  .  the one I shall vote for;  but I am not unaware of the enormous chasm between the Clinton machinery and Power base and the unimaginable reaches of their ability to “Control” the financial direction of her candidacy as compared to Bernie’s.  Bernie must rely on us. . .the little guys if he is to have any kind of shot.  Kinda tuff for someone like me who really wants to help, but I can only do my little $5.00 donations as often as I can because one can only do so much with social security (who knew I’d live so long?)   But here is where my faith in our fellow Americans to grow some and muscle our way thru.  My Gawd, we’re all so beaten down with the way Washington has NOT  worked for the so-called ‘middle-class’ – – with everything being controlled by corporate greed and their ability to buy all political machinations to suit their needs while ignoring the needs and demands of the people.  Enuff already!  All it takes is for more to become aware of just how important EACH OF US REALLY IS because we have more votes than they do!  We simply must believe that, kinda organize and just DO IT!  We gotta try for a real human being with a beating heart and soul and the necessary smarts to sit in that Oval Office  

And one more thing, Bernie has gumption, is up to the task — won’t back down from his principles.  His entire life has shown what those principles are, because they are deeply ingrained.  So if we all dug down a little, we can get Bernie where he needs to go to get his message out.  When people hear, see him – they get him and know what to do.  He’s not after personal wealth, just the funds to get from here to there.  Our kind of man.  Go Bernie. . .rise my brothers and sisters,  it is time to start thinking about all this stuff;  if not now – when?              (I’m counting on all of us. . ., Jan)



Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street Address

Her campaign kickoff speech at Roosevelt Island may not have had the symbolism that Hillary Clinton intended. By Bill Moyers and Michael Winship

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June 21, 2015

NO on “FAST TRACK” Why?. .read on. . .

My Comment first:. . and forgive me Mr President

(Important to Americans caring about health, food & fairness)

Because I’ve been an Obama fan from the git-go;  admired the vision he projected for us all, as he ran for President, and of course the courage that he and his family have shown and endured as he attempted to achieve those idealistic goals, being the first man of color.  Indeed!  He has obviously had a hard row to hoe.  Not easy keeping one’s composure and dignity in tact amid slings and arrows and outright, vile, contemptible hatred and bigotry.   No stone has been left unturned  in effort to insure his complete failure.  

And yet — he has accomplished so much and continues to speak to honest issues, always telling it the way it is. That is why one could ‘trust’ him to do the right thing, and by golly he almost always has!  

But now, it is time for all of us to put our energy up front and personal to work to do the right thing ourselves by taking firm action – – loud and clear on this “FAST TRACK” thing.  Have no idea what’s in our president’s mind on this — but it ain’t right!  It defies honoring the constitution, eliminating or more succinctly – circumventing Congress.  Not right!  We need congress. its the way stuff works and it wasn’t always this corrupt (and we can blame ourselves, because we put them there).  

But there’s devious skulduggery afoot that would also become forceful in taking away our rights to reach accord for grievance in a court of law.   But how would anyone know that?  All has been developed and put together by minds of the Corporate Structure, with no input from those of us whose lives it impacts.  IT IS TOTALLY SECRET. Why?  It would NEVER pass muster!  No one has the right to expect this kind of fealty or trust.  

With so much confusion and distrust on this subject, plus those we DO TRUST IMPLICITLY e.g. Elizabeth Warren,. . .Bernie Saunders and many other deep thinkers who have the broader picture available to them are completely outspoken on this.  This isn’t something we can do quickly and clean up later if it doesn’t turn out right – when its done – its done!  The SENATE has already approved it.  We need to demand immediate action from our own congress-person – NOW.   Please listen to this short video from Dr Mercola – about 15 minutes to learn why its so important to our wishes about labeling, GMO’s and a bunch of other stuff we need to understand (like some of those in the TPP work for $0.60 hour).  How about competing with that?  PLEASE LISTEN TO THE VIDEO NOW:. . .link below.           Jan

  Two Urgent Action Items to Stop Corporate Power Grabs and Protect Your Health

Story at-a-glance

  • Fast Track gives the President the right to negotiate and finalize a trade agreement, and then present it to Congress for a yes or no vote. No amendments can be made at that point
  • Revisions in Pompeo’s bill, H.R. 1599 (the “DARK Act”) further expands it. In addition to stripping states of the right to pass GMO food labeling laws, it also preempts any and all state and local regulation of GE crops
  • It’s urgent to push Congress to oppose Fast Track and Pompeo’s bill, H.R. 1599, to protect state and national sovereignty, the US economy, and our environmental and public health


This Could Be the MOST Important Action You Take This Year

Even if you’ve never acted on this before, please don’t miss your chance to help define history – and protect Americans from one of the most dangerous substances ever. We have a rare opportunity to win big if enough people act. If we lose, the loss will be unconscionable.

June 13, 2015

Osteoporosis gone – 3 mos EEM

Complete Reversal of Osteoporosis after Three Months of Daily Energy Exercises

Francine Weigand was surprised to be diagnosed with osteoporosis in her left hip at 41 years old. Using traditional methods the disease was controlled with medication for the next three years showing no further deterioration, but also no improvement. At that point, Francine attended a five-day Basic Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) Training in Santa Fe, NM where Donna gave her specific recommendations, which Francine did on a daily basis. Three months later, she was thrilled when a new bone density scan showed no signs of the disease and no problems at all with the hip bone.

Osteoporosis is a disease in which bones lose mass and deteriorate structurally, becoming fragile and more likely to break. There is no medical cure, though there are medicines that can be used to stop or slow the progression of the deterioration. Any bone can be affected, but the increased susceptibility to fracture is especially noticeable in the hip, spine, and wrist.

Francine received her diagnosis of osteoporosis when she went to the doctor because she had received a notice that bone density scans were now available through her insurance plan. While she did not realize that she had osteoporosis, she did occasionally have trouble sleeping due to pain in her hip, which she attributed to an earlier sports injury.

The primary care physician she saw ordered the bone density scan and, based on the results, made a preliminary diagnosis of osteoporosis. This was unusual because of Francine’s young age and the fact that the osteoporosis only presented in one hip. At the suggestion of her doctor, she went to see a specialist at Mass General in Boston. He ordered another bone scan to verify the diagnosis. He confirmed that Francine did, indeed, have osteoporosis in her left hip.

The only treatment available was medication–either Alendronate (brand name Fosamax) or Risedronate (brand name Actonel). She had a bad reaction on Fosamax and reluctantly started the Actonel.

One year later, a follow-up bone scan showed that progression of the disease had been arrested, but there was no improvement in the density of the bone. Francine returned annually for two more years and got essentially the same report: no deterioration, but no improvement either.

In November 2006, Francine attended the five-day EEM seminar in Santa Fe and was brought up on stage. Donna demonstrated the impact of Triple Warmer, showing how not only Spleen but other meridians can be depleted by too much Triple Warmer. In Francine’s case, there was a weakness in Kidney meridian. Donna also showed her how the Nine-Hearts exercise can energize the Radiant Circuits to help strengthen Spleen meridian.

But there was more. As Francine describes it: “With a quick glance from Donna, she asked if I had problems with my bones on the left side of my body. As you can imagine, I was shocked that she knew this just by looking at me!” Francine described her condition to Donna and after the demonstration, Donna suggested that Francine do the following homework at least once a day: Daily Energy Routine, flush Kidney meridian, flush Circulation/Sex meridian, flush Lung meridian, and do the Nine-Hearts exercise.

Francine did routines daily. In February 2007, just three months later, she had another bone scan. This time, the scan revealed no signs of the disease, so her primary care physician advised her to get off the medication right away. However, the doctor was not open to the suggestion that EEM may have had something to do with the reversal, suggesting instead that it was probably a misdiagnosis from the beginning. But after Francine asked her to review the original scans, her physician did admit that the earlier scans had shown evidence of the disease. The doctor just “shrugged her shoulders,” Francine said, unable to offer any explanation for the sudden change.

Needless to say, Francine is elated. No more drugs, and the pain in her hip was gone! In her words: “I wish more doctors and nurses were open to working with energy instead of jumping to medications that give little hope.”

(Compiled by Jeff Armstrong)

Jan’s comment:    

Just wanted to be sure that I have made it clear. . .these stories from EDEN ENERGY MEDICINE (EEM), are always from Donna Eden’s   “Case files” which come to me in emails because I have subscribed to her site (as anyone can).  Just put Donna’s name in the browser or her site – Innersource, and sign up to receive her monthly newsletters.  She has it beautifully organized; one can avail past ‘case histories,’  inquire into learning via classes or books, etc, and even utilize a feature of Q and A wherein one can inquire how best to proceed with EEM processes on your own for a given problem.  Or even secure a certified practitioner to help where it is needed.  

This is a blessing on so many levels.    When I am diligent and do the routines, life is far more comfortable.  Reading her books is a definite joy. . .but if one seeks the benefits of it. . .ya gotta do the work – the necessary exercises. . . the body’s responses are ever-so-rewarding, harmonized and revitalized.  . . . .just sayin’. . 


RUN ON FAT, a letter to. . .

A letter to my 24-year-old-self

Am so delighted to receive this email from Donal O’Neill of the CEREAL KILLERS fame.  I remember how exciting it was when Cereal Killers was introduced to us all and the stir it has caused.  It seems he has changed the meaning of what constitutes a good and healthful diet forever.   His influence [and the docs he worked with] has reached global proportions with the entire athletic community reacting favorably and of course, the nutrition-oriented specialists.  The medical complex may take another decade or two to catch up. . .oops.    

The link below will direct you to Donal’s blog in order to read his letter to his younger self which is spreading like ‘wildfire’  Loved it so much, had to leave a comment myself. . . . . . Enjoy,    Jan

June 10, 2015

“Swallow This,” an expose’

Analysis Confirms Chemicals in Food Are More Hazardous  in Combination

Story at-a-glance

  • In the US, more than 10,000 additives are allowed in food, which includes those that are added directly to your food and those in the packaging, which can migrate to your food
  • Food additives are not automatically required to get premarket approval by the US Food and Drug Administration. Industry-friendly legal loopholes exempt many potentially risky additives from the approval process
  • Research shows even small amounts of chemicals found in the food supply can amplify each other’s adverse effects when combined, and some processed foods can contain a cocktail of hundreds of chemicals

Do You Still Eat These Cancer Promoting Foods?

Research links them to cancer, just for starters. They’re also linked to Alzheimer’s, heart disease, organ damage, and can make your kids hyper. Yet it’s far simpler to sidestep the risks than you probably believe. And your health hangs in the balance.


My comment:    

This interview from Dr Mercola’s library with Joanna Blythman, a Scottish researcher/writer, whose main interest is the food we eat. . . has truly blown the lid off this dreadful , global travesty.  This shows how little is really known about how it is handled from harvesting the crop/food to the final presentation. . .which we buy and consume, trusting that all is well.  But it isn’t!   Our only weapon is information  from which we can (possibly) gain truth.  We owe this to ourselves.   What we choose to do with the information is up to each of us individually.  We must eat.   But there is only so much we can do.  At least, armed with the facts, we can make more intelligent decisions.  It’s called “the power of the purse.”

I believe you will find this as distasteful as I do.    Because of economics, circumstances or even political corruption and/or corporate ignorance/greed. . . .sometimes we seem to have no choice, but we do.  First must be the desire, then hunger for truth and the capacity to choose wisely based on what we know. . .if we are to have any shot at a healthy, normal life.  

A most emphatic belief is that we are entitled under the law to much more freedoms than we are currently exercising.  One by one  many people of authority from SCOTUS to the heads of most major governmental bureaus and departments; FDA, Agriculture – both principally involved with what we eat, how our food is grown and harvested, how our cattle are abused in the raising and slaughter of them. . .so much, all beyond our control.  We elect those to do the job of protecting citizenry in so many ways, but in the end — seems so many just come to Washington to get really well-paid.  We are let down, cheated!  

And I do get carried away, don’t I?  Perhaps I’ve lived too long for one,  and I never seem to know when to quit. .ah, well.  It’s true, one can become a bit jaded with what we are seeing!   The trick is to keep one’s focus and try to look for the more positive and beautiful – – the goals and desires we ACTUALLY WANT.  That helps?  You betcha!  Just when I had about given up hope on my fellow Americans and their lack of interest in anything but their own little four walls (if they have any),  I am witnessing people responding across the nation  to an honest voice of proven ability and integrity who is experienced beyond belief, plugging away for decades with the same emotion, passion and ethics. . .trying to insure that America is for ALL of us, not just the privileged few who seem to have everything but, want it all – – more, more, ad infinitum. . . I had fallen under the spell of the saw that we deserve the kind of government we get.  But what we’ve got is so bad that most of us can’t bear to look at it.  Everyone lies, says what is profitable (in their minds). . .and it keeps getting worse.  

We are a lawful nation.  Many of us grew up believing all that we learned,  equality, our legal rights.  For some decades now,  it is no longer fashionable to teach all us underlings how government works — just keep us ignorant, ergo,  controllable.  Now, it seems change just might be getting a chance to come about.  Have you seen those crowds everywhere  “Bernie” speaks?  We aren’t so stupid after all. . .we know a beautiful, believable sound when we hear it.  Like everything else, my friends,  it IS in our hands. . .we do have a choice, but we must make it clear what we want and then follow thru.  

As to this food thing . . .what this post is about,  think you will be glad you listened to it.  Can only help.  We should be stunned at the devious machinations — all being done to do WHAT THEY WANT, even though – they know we won’t approve it.  As meager as our culinary abilities might be, we simply MUST prepare our own food from the bare fruit, veggie or animal protein.  Try not to screw it up with a bunch of thou shalts and shall nots. . . KISS, go slow, have fun – you’ll get there  Ms Blythman has gone under-cover to amass her evidence, alias and all.  What she has done is remarkable and a benefit to all of us.   Her newest book is SWALLOW THIS  “serving up the food industry’s darkest secrets”    She has a website also in which she cites”much by way of other articles she has done” is there free for the reading/taking so one can get a gist of the book.  Couldn’t get the full name on it. . .but it starts with her name and ends with .com (Mercola didn’t get it, so I didn’t either).  She said, just put her name in the browser and you’ll find it.    Enjoy the video – there is much to hear,          Jan

June 7, 2015

Suzanne talks TOX-SICK

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Suzanne Somers Reveals How to Heal from Toxic Overload

.  It is a MUST-WATCH.       Jan

Story at-a-glance

  • In her latest book, TOX-SICK, Suzanne Somers delves into the toxic roots of disease, revealing how you can heal from toxic overload
  • Suzanne, who lost a breast to cancer, became the first woman in the U.S. to undergo surgery in a legal FDA-approved clinical trial of breast reconstruction, regrowing her breast through a novel process using her own fat and stem cells
  • Toxic mold can cause serious disease. In Suzanne, the mold settled in her intestines, which led to a misdiagnosis of cancer. In her husband, toxic black mold caused symptoms of Parkinson’s disease

Suzanne Somers Reveals: “This Almost Brought Us Down”

Her doctors thought she had cancer – again. And her husband’s doctor suggested he might have Parkinson’s. But the problem – and the solution – was right in front of them. Four years later, they are both well. And now in her 25th book, Suzanne shares her story.

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