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July 28, 2017

Fibromyalgia, CFS. . there’s help

Class of pain – all by itself

Don’t think I’ve developed this class of pain or another so-called disease,  but sure have been hurting a lot more lately.   Yet more worrisome, my energy levels seem to have bottomed out and for a heart patient. . that’s not good.   This has been mounting over a period of time, but I have somehow attributed it to all the stressors  outside my control that I have had to live with over the past nine months.   The entire complex where I live has been undergoing rehab from interior reconstruction,  and quite a bit of exterior changes;   all kitchen appliances, new patio entryways; exterior streets and roadways, while killing off our beautiful landscaping which will have to be totally redone (lost all but one rose bush).   All this was so hard on Heidi too  and she died on Feb 1rst. Wasn’t too sure that I could live thru that grief  of losing such a precious companion. . . but life has its way.  

But it wasn’t only loss of energy physically, I had noticed the increase of mental fatigue, loss of focus.  This of course rocked my boat, as one can imagine. . . as I presumed the big A was clamping down on me.  Not a happy time. . . come on inner Pit Bull, I need you now.  Plodding into a search, I realized that a potential for error was possible in the handling of “re-supply.”  A bag of my powders being replaced requires focus and care to maintain routine which I’ve tried to carefully arrange in order to continue on  my path of holding the course toward health.  I often was confused and having to get Dr Harry’s book out again to refresh my memory.  Yet even afterward, feeling that something  was off.  I couldn’t however find what it was or what to do.  Yet often, I’d get that “something isn’t right” feeling with regard to the amino acids.  Went on for weeks. Seemed to be the D-Ribose jar  – – each time I opened it I would be struck again with how small the spoon (scoop) was.  I would lump this with angst along with all the other stressors with which I was coping.  

From time to time as I replenished my powders, I would have to sit and recalculate dosage because all manufacturers don’t use the same formula  or use the same measurement quantities as the next one.  It can get confusing.  Tried to be extra careful.  When the manufacturer doesn’t lay out enuff info on the label, its tuff; have to call and explain how important this is and have had to leave a company or two because of this.  No matter how I word it,  I screwed up.  I had been shortchanging my body with D-Ribose.  Now more research.  Found an article that literally stunned me on D-Ribose (link follows).    As I read it I saw exactly how I had been feeling being described  within the story line. . . and thought – this can’t be!  How can one product be that effective, correcting so much pain and misery?  And why doesn’t everybody know about this?    

Tho I had been using D-Ribose for years now with my heart protocol,  apparently, I was doing most of it right.  It worked, and I have repeatedly shared with one and all what is it that I do and have done.  There was an update on what I was doing May 14, 2014, simply titled HBP/Heart therapy update (plus others before and after).  The stressors I’m living thru would have hammered a healthy mind/body, let alone someone like me with Alzheimer’s for maybe 12 to 15 years.  Too much stress is a killer for anyone.  Dr Harry had said 5 grams up to 3 times a day, then when better, drop down to 2 X a day.    That strange little scoop I was using is around 2 g, 2 X day. . and it really has hurt me.  In just 2 days now at 15 g each day,  have no pain to speak of today, so I’m gonna be better in no time. (IMO)    

If people suffer like I’ve kinda felt this last week or two, my heart goes out to you,  it ain’t right!  Read this article through, read about the research and responses of so many sufferers with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  This is a natural product, not a pharmaceutical so there is nothing to fear.  Used to buy from Powder City- $8.00 for 100 grams.  They went out of business 3/29/17/ broke my heart – my favorite!   Bulk Supplements sold me 500 grams for $24.96 in May of this year . . .   .  .  so there you go.     Enjoy  pain free life                   Jan

July 23, 2017

Whats ‘teeth’ got to do w/Alzheimers?

Do you think my need to share is too much?

even I think it might be, but here it is – AGAIN.

. . but to be fair,  if these brainy scientists – doctors wouldn’t keep coming up with NEW stuff all the time and I learn of it, well. .  .  I’ve just gotta dig a little deeper and tell you about it.  It’s sorta about my commitment to share w/those who maybe don’t have the time or inclination to dig around as much as I do to know about some of it that could really make a difference in the quality of life.  

As to the subject matter. . .Alzheimer’s – – sure it seems the focus on it seems too much. . .but have  ya noticed the way it is laying to waste the lives of those we love most.  .  . like it or not?  I remember the way I caved to despair’s pity-party when I finally realized it had targeted me.  One can’t explain those feelings adequately as ‘self’ is so immersed in helpless grief.  We’re told little can be done or there’s no cure and so on.  Was helping to raise my grand-dsughters (still in elementary school) — had so much yet to do!  Can be hard to carry on when you understand what’s comin’ on down the road.  My precious girls are 23 and 24 now.  They’re doing great and so am I (mostly).  

One might wonder why – – what’s your magic Jan — how’d you do it?   Both parents wheelchair bound with Arthritis and dyeing of Alzheimer’s disease.     I dunno. . .lucky?. . blessed?. .. karma?. . .possibly,  the quality of one’s vision, you know — what you’re looking at,  (hopes, dreams, desires. . what turns us on. . . which affects our thinking > our mood. . . equates to how we feel/think/act – how we be!  Instead of staying swallowed up in the pain of it, somehow, managed to allow my inner “pit-bull” to emerge and surge til I remembered  – – heck, I’m not gone, time to get my head in the game.  To tell the truth I’ve done this almost to death,  so I’m not re-covering old ground in this post. . . because it’s not one pill,  or one therapy. . or one class of food.  It’s a sticky wicket!  Often its a whole lot of innocent things we did ‘wrong’ that led up to this kind  of vulnerability (refer to Dr. Last’s discussion on Alzheimer’s) which can total up to a weakened immune system, unable to defend against the invader.  Newspaper articles jump on every possible clue (based on some or other explorative result);  others > substandard living  conditions relative to neighborhood, race, economics etc.  Most assuredly,  much of any of these reasons enter in as will today’s focus on the TEETH thing.. . getting there any minute now.

There are some things I know to be true;  we are what we eat!    So what we eat and how we live matter.   99% of humanity is born with everything in working order. . . including the genes.   The way we live, the choices we make — all of it can impact our genetic structure and its expression. . . i.e.  change them.    Seemingly not really genetic is it if an entire family/clan/or culture – eat and live in a similar manner, eating the same foods and grow rotund bodies resulting in diabetes and other similar afflictions.  Too often it is claimed, well, after all – its genetic! Look at their family!  But if nutritional correction can strengthen and enrich  one of them or all of them. . . what do we call it then?   Nutritional and/or perhaps – environmental   (with all it’s synthetic foods, dyes and other toxic stuff)?   So I rarely, if ever think of these problems as genetic.  

If people could be committed to be happy rather than pessimistic, – see stuff differently.  Stuff happens.  But nothing is over til it’s over.  Health status can be changed, no matter what the affliction.  If we lock into the dire end-result, we may be depriving ourselves of energy and stamina we actually need to get better and pull to safety and back to normalcy.  We all have a gutsy inner core   (I just think of mine as my pit bull). . you may call yours whatever you want.   Also, we should learn how to treat ourselves with as much love and kindness as we would to any other.  Appreciate the miracle of you are;  who you are with all your strengths and foibles – – love it all.  You are worth it.  I am worth it.  I do love myself and value all my parts. . .  Kinda why I can be happy with it even as I age and cope with the changes.  What a blessed body.  Served me so well, and how I appreciate all these blessings.  Seeing with gratitude, rather than as one abused by life. . feels so very much better. And in that love, appreciation (and joy),  health and balance can flourish.  Part of loving the body is the effort to nourish it with the best possible offerings of which we are capable.  Even if its not always ideal,. . offer it in love for your highest good.    

OKay,  the TEETH THING:  On July 18 2017,  I wrote on Dr Harry and my experience with his book and excellent info; its style and ease of use.  I won’t say it saved my life – but it may have.  I was willing to do whatever I had to do to survive in a healthy state — not just to be counted among the living.  When I can no longer function, be useful, happy and know it — I’d rather be gone  to see my mother, husband and Heidi.  I do not want to be among the tortured living-dead stuffed in some (so-called) nursing home.  That is a cruel fate no one deserves.  I refuse it!  If we can EAT HORSES,  we can sure as hell shoot old folks nobody wants around anymore. It’s just logic.  A number of our beloved USA  states have made elder suicide legal and I believe it should be made American Law.  It would solve a huge financial burden to “care for” [yuk, yuk] old folk who are daily ignored, underfed, abused and even slain as they lay helpless and unaware.  They either have no family who care or have no one.  They mostly don’t want to be there and are drugged out of any mind they have left.  That is not a quality life!  It is unmerited prison no matter what kind of life they have lived.  Anyone deserves better than that.  Also, why should law-abiding citizens have to end their own life by ‘breaking the law’ in killing themselves as it now stands.  I’m so disgusted with the “Moral Right” creating havoc endlessly with the sanctity of life thing. A woman’s right to choose sb inviolate!  Same with an elder’s right to go away peacefully.  The right should rest with the individual to whom it matters, not to some double-standard, tell it like it isn’t, money grubbing  politician. . many of whom have proven how they care about $$.

In  the Dr Harry post, I referred to another product I actually did take for about four or so months.  Loved it.  It actually was over my budget to do, but such a good product, easy to do. .1 scoop AM then 1 scoop 12 hrs later.  If the numbers don’t work, well, ya gotta face the facts. . . which is why I went back to DIY.  S’okay – – I learned from them and enjoyed while it lasted.  Will say – they keep their customers informed and updated.   Few days ago got another email from Mr Weeks at ARGININE CARDIO (American Distr) with a very interesting  subject matter having to do with teeth and their impact on developing Alzheimer’s by the doctor who developed this formula over  25 year span.   The following letter is from Bob Weeks @ Arginine,   citing info from Dr Raner Berger M.D  of Germany. . . . .  .  + Have a footnote for you at the bottom.           Jan

Hello Jan,

What’s your most important organ?  For me, I’d say it’s my brain.

We all want to stay sharp. To help you do this, I have a tip that may surprise you…

Take care of your teeth. 

Early in my medical practice, I noticed that a lot of my dementia patients also had gum disease. Seems like science has finally caught up to my observations… Research shows chronic gum disease may precede Alzheimer’s by years. It also links having fewer teeth with a higher risk of dementia.

And a new British study proves that gum disease can speed up the progression of dementia. In fact, they found gum disease was linked with a six-fold increase in the rate of cognitive decline in people with early stage Alzheimer’s.

It starts with simple tooth plaque. That creates a breeding ground for bacteria that can trigger inflammation. It leads to red, swollen, bleeding gums — a condition called gingivitis.

That can turn into another gum disease called periodontitis. The gums pull back from the root of the tooth. Infection attacks the tissue that holds the tooth to the jawbone. Teeth start to come loose and fall out. But it gets worse. When gum tissue breaks down, bacteria start seeping into your bloodstream. Bacteria and inflammation travel to every part of your body — including your brain. 

The message is clear. Keeping your teeth healthy can help keep your mind sharp.  

But brushing isn’t enough. You have to protect against inflammation and the buildup of plaque.

The first thing I do is check my patients CoQ10.  CoQ10 is one of the most powerful nutrients I prescribe to my patients. You’re probably most familiar with using it to treat and prevent heart problems. But I discovered something amazing in my patients who were taking CoQ10…

All of them were cured of gum disease.

So I looked into the research and found a lot of studies linking CoQ10 to the reversal of gum disease.  One study looked at 40 gingivitis patients and found most were CoQ10 deficient. Another found that CoQ10 doses of 50 to 75 mg every day stopped gum disease within just a few days.

You can find this nutrient in eggs, avocados, almonds, grape seeds and sesame seeds. But nowhere near enough. The only good food source is the organs of free-range cattle and wild game. But we don’t eat them anymore. The closest thing you’ll find is grass-fed beef or buffalo. 

It’s hard to get enough through food alone. I take 50 mg of the ubiquinol form of CoQ10 daily.

Ubiquinol is the form that your mitochondria use for energy. And it’s 8 times more powerful than the old form, ubiquinone.

Footnote:   Ya think I’ve overdone Alzheimer’s?   Have done quite a bit on teeth as well.  Learned from the best, showcased here @ Smokinchoices  Of course I do special for my teeth – nothing at all storebought!   I brush only before bed (once daily is enough!)  I learned to brush after meals as I had been taught and always believed – and is still advised by dentistry. Now I get it. Brushing after a meal is harmful to teeth as they are chemically vulnerable  because of the food.  This practice in fact, is what causes all the brushing away of enamel – leaving teeth more vulnerable –  then requiring dental procedures  trying to fix.  Don’t brush with any harsh chemicals at all.  It disturbs the flora of the mouth (bacterial balance). Almost any chemical can and will disturb that.  Why is this important?  Because the mouth and the intestine work hand in glove as one to protect the immune system to strengthen – not defile it in order to raise immunity which guards our health.   Should food gather around teeth, can remove it by using dental irrigation.  I’m using a Waterpik now, but have used Colgate and others.  Great for those with braces as it flushes out anything  anywhere . .or of course – just floss (water-flossing).  

It’s good to know that teeth are alive,  do have regenerative ability, and they can be re-mineralized.  Ph is different in all parts of the body.  Stomach should be acid to to do it’s job of digestion (so why are we given antacids when we hurt? we need more acid – that’s why it’s good to take 1/2 to 1 tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar before eating to do just that).  Our mouth, on the other hand must be alkaline which the NEEM will help to correct, establishing the proper flora. . as long as we don’t use harsh chemicals in the mouth.

I have three items for my teeth in the bathroom beside the brush and Waterpik.   (Will give recipes.)  1)  my powder may sound complicated, but goes together in minutes;  keep in an old glass jar w/lid topped by a wee-small spoon [only need about an 1/8th tsp].  Stuff works!  It cleans well, whitens and re-enamelizes. Have no plaque buildup .   2) Keep a box of Baking Soda on a shelf in medicine cabinet.   I use between 1/2 tsp to a tad more,  to stir into Hot water I use in the vessel of the water irrigator after brushing. No need to burn yourself – – use as hot/warm as can tolerate comfortably.  This helps in the shrinking process especially for those with tender bleeding or sore gums.  If have any of these – there’s a problem which needs tending.  3) and final step is a quick run around entire mouth at the junction of where tooth meets gum;  both upper and lower teeth,. . .inside and outside of each tooth as it sits there minding its own business. .  .  using a NEEM oil concoction I make which heals and helps re-establish balance to your entire mouth.  I keep in small 1-2 oz screw-top bottle next to the powder; dip the end of a Q-tip into the small jar and the whole action lasts less than a minute.  Cheapskate that I am (yuk yuk),  I crimp off that end for the trash and use the other end tomorrow nite.    

One last bit of thinking on the subject of brushing your teeth before I do the recipes;  don’t think of this as something your parents “made” you do – just one more chore- another must.  Instead, see this as something you do for yourself to protect one of your most valuable assets. . .your beautiful pearly whites.  They contribute almost as much to your overall health as any plate of food set before you.  And all of us have taken them for granted.   To brush the teeth honorably,  take your time; do it consciously gum to edge, stroke, stroke (Powder in palm of hand,  dip dry brush lightly with a dusting of powder)  This too, can become almost a Zen experience. . .and for the love of your teeth.  Ya actually think they won’t know?. . .get the message?  Just watch those babies shine. A couple of the dentists up on the blog over the years;   Hal Huggins was great (recently departed)and a forerunner in Holistic dentistry,  but a couple of others – Dr. Rainey was a favorite as well. They suggest trying to get your brushing time up to 10 to 15 minutes.  One suggested even watching TV while brushing.  Maybe I’m just a messy brusher, I dunno – but I start drooling even tho not using any water.  So guess I’m not a candidate for walking and brushing at same time.  

First: the TOOTH POWDER        (using baking soda or sea salt (ground) alone is preferable to any commercial paste, powder or gel)      1) Kaolin Clay  1 tsp  (used by dentists;) helps deter plaque buildup. . .aids to enamelize        2) Sea Salt   1/2 tsp    (don’t want anything abrasive on tooth – if coarse, grind down or use mortar and pestle)    3)  Baking Soda   2 tsp     4)    Sage    1 tsp    (dried spice,  either use mortar and pestle to refine a tad or grind a little.  This is the Whitener)      5)   Diatomaceous Earth     1/2 tsp (food grade).. . (1001 uses )    – helps to enamelize     6)     Xylitol    1/2 tsp    or to taste.  Kids won’t use it unless it tastes at least kinda good, so you may have to feel your way    7)    Org. Peppermint Oil   approx 20 drops or so of this EO (essential oil)  This is the biggie for taste.  

Couple of non-essentials – that I DO USE and continue to like                                                                                                                                         MSM     1/2 tsp     an ingredient that few get enuff of and its kinda cheap. Use it daily in shake as well (1 tsp)   its Sulphur                            Activated Charcoal    1/2 tsp     This powder, black as it is – believe it or not is a great whitener.       (plus has other uses) look it up           Egg Shells   1 tsp.      grind up fine so won’t hurt teeth       org eggs have natural CALCIUM we can utilize.        

 Mix all together, label, cap  then use.  Ya won’t hurt my feelings if don’t use the egg shells; not totally convinced we can get calcium into our teeth this way.  We should be doing as the cows prefer – eat plants – that’s where it is.  Just stay clear of germicides and almost anything that is anti anything.  No rinses or  Phrma.   Protect the ideal bacterial environment the way it should be.                                       

SECOND ITEM – NEEM OIL  (restoring gum health, tightening gums around teeth – like new again (kinda)  

1)  NEEM Oil   3 Tbsp       2)  Aloe Vera Gel   1  Tbs       3)  Jojoba Oil    1 Tbs        4)  Distilled Water  2 Tbs       5)  Olive Oil   1 tsp                       6) Coconut Oil   1 tsp      7)   Peppermint Oil (EO)   1/2 tsp  (Essential Oil)      

This is a marvellous healing oil, restoring gums to a firm grip around the teeth.  Between this Neem oil and the Baking soda oral irrigation . . . the gates swings open for normalcy  to take over its reign again.  This is gentle  persuasion – nothing forcing or toxic here.

I am accustomed to buying everything online, so I haven’t a clue where to advise going by car to acquire any of this.    My MO is to put items I want into browser and choose from offerings which generally works to my advantage.     Be happy, be well,. . Jan                       


July 18, 2017

Meet Dr Harry

A Naturopath who speaks his mind 

This is a link to the monthly video which I began after reading his book which got me going on taking care of my own heart and related cardio problems I had gone through for some years.  Knew I had to do something after walking away from medicine and all forms of pharmaceutical stuff.  Just couldn’t  do it anymore, but I wasn’t suicidal – – so what to do?  His book LETS STOP THE #1 KILLER OF AMERICANS TODAY and Dr Steven Sinatra’s The SINATRA SOLUTION, with his “Metabolic Cardiology”.   Both excellent and was helped; felt I was a bit more grounded in the business of the body’s needs.  

I had been doing much of the routine stuff with vitamins, minerals and certain supplements like Co-Q10  (tho I used Ubiquinol).  Railed against toxic anything, so I quit Coumadin   (NOT Curcumin, for heaven’s sakes! – – this is what helps with PAIN) and took NATTOKINASE  which science had proved to be far superior (with no side effects),  and even now – docs don’t seem to know about.  (Big Pharma is really “that” powerful in protecting it’s turf !)    

Specifically, I learned about the huge energy needs of the heart and brain, our most vital and demanding organs;  serving the one properly– both are helped. . . so vital are the specific amino acids in aiding the mitochondria to function fully with the necessary energy.  Dosages, quantities, how to’s and when. . .all in Dr Harry’s (Elwardt) book.   Was all laid out – not confusing, knew I could do this.  Eventually, I caught on that Dr Harry and many others had been able to effectively construct a treatment-formula that one could take all-at-once 2 times daily, eliminating most of the fuss.  Helped a lot.   Found a product online called “ARGININE Cardio” worked on for over 25 years by this german physician before introducing.  It’s frankly wonderful, but kinda costly.  He added Trans-Resveratrol and many other helpful components which really round it out to near perfection.  Gladly took it around four months til I realized it had been burdening the budget too much, so back doing my own constructing again (adding in the new things I gleaned from the German doc’s formula.  All this stuff is online for those who can and want to do so.  

One of the reasons I brought over Dr Harry’s link to the videos is that I find him extremely gutsy as a truth teller.  That takes spunk and courage in  this day and age to speak out against what seems wrong, flagrant (if not out-right evil).  Most of us of course understand — there’s corruption in Washington, has been for a long time now.  And that’s where it all gets okay’d along with it’s green-light.  When enough people really understand all this. . maybe, some thing CAN be done to fix it.   Its still just us baying at the moon like a pack of wolves, til there’s enough to make it matter.    So many doctors who “have” spoken out seem to wind up dyeing younger than they should. . . and I don’t want anything like that to befall Dr Harry.  He talks kinda funny, but I admire him.      Jan

July 15, 2017

. . but I’m sorta (a) Zen “cheapskate”

Cheapskate ZEN works for me

(Aldi’s, 80 to a box)

When one goes from being an independent, iconoclastic breadwinner, able to allow a quirky, sustainable lifestyle (enjoying almost every part of it) — and then segueing into a lifestyle supported only by ‘social security’ . . many – – well,  most of us must do some fancy footwork on our budgets.   One can learn to economise on many things in order to have choice on more important items.      

My husband and I were weren’t “cheap,”  on the contrary, we had  fairly good taste. . . tho simple needs.  No furs, pools or Porsches necessary.  Simple home with ample land and gardens, flowers and trees. . always pets.  Had a whole lot going on. . . parties, dinners, friends, kids doing everything and Marty and Me doing our separate hobbies .  There was balance, fun, beauty and leisure and we both needed plenty of space and me-time.  Both fairly devotional. It worked – – what can I say?. . .was happy.  Logical by nature, I was a good budgeter.   Didn’t worry over money or needing “more”. . wasn’t a concern.  Fine for Marty, he didn’t like doing books or budgets, so no worries for him.     Point is, I didn’t struggle over nickels and dimes. . didn’t have to, had a budget and it was fine, comfortable,  met our needs.  

Somewhere along the line,  my son evolved into a discerning man of taste and quality for whom unimportant little things are just brushed away as non- existent.  When he had popped by one day, I was putting a new plastic bag into my garbage container (a 2-piece wooden thing with a flip-top lid).  I had been gingerly trying to separate the layers in order to open the bag so that I could flip it a few times to open it up and lodge it comfortably in its abode. After watching me silently for a minute or so, he expressed that he could no way go through something like that. . . why was I doing it?  Responded that I’d rather save on something like this rather than spend so much more money on the stronger, fancier, more costly bags equipt with those black pull-string handles.  Guess I thought I heard him ‘thinking’. . geez, what a waste of time and energy.  But of course, I heard no such thing.  Nor did I tell him how calming  it can be to be still and patient while scanning the edges for a place to start, then deliberately, gently undoing the folds to finally engaging the belly of the sack before flipping wide open and inserting – then finally pulling the four ear-corners down over the lower part.  All kinda Zen.  .  and nice.  But then one takes those simple pleasures where ever one can find them.  .. . something about expanding awareness.. .just sharing       Jan

July 14, 2017

They canned Greta!. . BOOM


I   M I S S   G R E TA  !


Greta Van Susteren Out MSNBC Fired For the Record With Greta

Greta Van Susteren Out at MSNBC

July 12, 2017

Tried Kombucha? well, ya should

Don’t worry, I’m only now getting “with it”

Like so many others, I’d heard about KOMBUCHA.. . wondered what it was, never looked into it.  It’s been used at least a couple thousand years, especially the far east, but grew into the whole world, country by country with America coming last.  (Boy, have we lost status – we always used to be first with almost everything).  Hearing that it has become increasingly popular this last decade or so, decided it WAS time to find out what it was.  But hearing that it is a “fermented food” put passion into the project since I’m a fan of anything ‘fermented’.

Whoa girl,  ya can hardly keep up with what’s going  on now, let alone taking on a new project – by that of course I refer to the stuff I feel I must [prefer] doing like own healing protocols for heart, pulmonary,  thyroid and Alzheimer’s and of course, arthritis.  Prior to all that have also been making distilled water, colloidal silver for decades; then added in cosmetic, dental and body care stuff. . . in other words — anything going into or onto my body. Am quite choosy regarding food (its quality, the choices, how all is prepared), so do own kitchen stuff as the kitchen has always been about my favorite room of the home.  .  .  my lab and my fun place where I already DO ‘ferment’ and experiment with many things.  Anyway,  that is why I for sure, was going to look into it.  

It is sold everywhere – the store I generally use and health food places like Whole Foods.  Bought some and gave it a go.  Saw stuff floating in bottom of bottle, so, shook it a bit.  As opening, it spritzed all around.  Didn’t see a warning on label, so be advised!  Don’t shake it up,.  . . can stir gently if you must. Being a fermented product, there’s gonna be fermentation particles, pieces and floating stuff – – NORMAL  Took an ounce or two,  good!  Liked it.  Within an hour or so, had to make a run for the potty.  Few hours later, did it again. . . same thing.  As I often admit to, can be a slow learner, so had a third dose with the same outcome.  Now am suspicious –  what’s going on?  Next day, wasn’t willing to take any more without calling the manufacturer for an answer. So glad I did.  She welcomed my query and amusingly explaining what I experienced was a healing reaction, which many  don’t have.  I should be happy for it shows that the product is doing for me what it should be doing.  Told me her mother took the whole bottle down when she first gave it to her, and she too, had a pretty good healing reaction.  Said, not to worry;   some take an ounce or two, others – 1/2 a bottle and still others down the entire bottle (because it’s kinda good).   Especially those who generally enjoy sodas, etc.,  love the stuff, because it’s carbonated.  I hadn’t had a soda of any kind in decades, so maybe that’s part of it charm.  Anyway, I had let my body rest that day,  so next day,  I hit the internet and decided to wise up a little. Some thing this tasty and healthful could and perhaps should have a place in my life.    

I am not going to try to explain all I found online, reshape it and dish it up for you. Gonna give you a link to  Brothers Green Eats in a 2-part video on how to make your own Kombucha for pennies on the gallon since it sells for around $3 to $5 for a 16 oz bottle.  If your family is a good size, you’d have to juggle your budget figures cause all will like and want it.  And not just because it’s tasty, but  the way you feel.  The benefits start to show up.  Can be vague and general. . “just feel better, don’t know why” and for others, measureable improvements in ongoing physical problems from A to Z.  And for that reason, am also bringing a link over for an article written for some health magazine which everybody who sells Kombucha (or the SCOBY needed to start making your own),  it’s  called “Kombucha — What it is and How it Works”.  The author is Dr J Perron.  This is the definitive explanation, well written,  not a hype piece, but instead is asking for critical judgement to evaluate and discern all the stories, hype, claims, etc along with some fairly uplifting sort of tales on the experience of many who claim to have been healed from an assortment of malfunctions and diseases.  Can’t find the article sitting all by itself, so had to pick one of the various venders links in order to show you the letter. So this will be the second link.  

I watched a lot of videos, read a lot of recipes, but none came close to the excitement I felt watching one of the Green Brothers cooking up his storm in the kitchen.  Its XLNT – loved it.  Within a day of finding out how to do this stuff that looked pretty easy and cheap to do, I started looking for my SCOBY, got the sugar (none in my home for years now), organic black tea, gallon glass  wide-mouth jar and 6  bottles to put the elixir in when I’m done.  I intend to do just as he said and do the 2nd fermentation which is where the fruit will come in in order to carbonize as well as have a beautiful fermented product.  Have all, waiting for the SCOBY to get here.  And I’m so excited.  (I sound like a pathetic old woman who hasn’t a clue that I’ll be 88 next month)  So what?  Bet I have as much to grin about as the next one. . .       .   .  ah well,      Jan


Kombucha What it is and How it Works at The Truth in Medicine .


July 10, 2017

GREAT Docs I “love”

Yep, I love heart, compassion & smarts

as shown  in dedicated service

Because, as is no secret,  I don’t avail Medicine the way most others do,  it doesn’t suggest that I don’t have a passion for outstanding brilliance, and great contribution in service to others.  Dr Perlmutter has been here several times (he’s great),  and Dr Steven Gundry is my newest find and love.  Have spent many hours researching and listening to his videos all over the internet.   What a guy! Like so many other genius doctors, he has also written a number of books;   held many prestigious posts.  His latest book, I simply must have. .  . it’s called  “PLANT PARADOX.”  It can and should change the way we think  

These two fascinating people culminate in a fine discussion which kinda echoes the previous post of Dr Last’s on Alzheimer’s, but only briefly.  (tickles me that so many of the great minds of today, do in fact agree on important stuff).     Jan



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