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May 28, 2015

May 26, 2015

Rosemary Gladstar’s “Fire Cider”

This email today is from John @ Learning Herbs, from whom I just signed up for a Free CD from Rosemary Gladstar (everybody’s favorite in the Herbal Kingdom).  I do hope you are all in touch with John as he has been one of my greatest sources of learning about natural stuff  (herbs and remedies,. . how-to’s on cosmetics, etc. ) LOVE HIM!  This had been one fabulous “free” seminar with Rosemary.  .  . and what a joy.  

But this email is serious business and frankly, I’m stunned that such tacky people even exist in this world. . . . there oughta be a law, . . well there is, but who let things develop like this?  But, let John tell it . . .


Dear Jan,

It’s pretty unusual for me to send an email like this after someone orders something from us.

Actually, I am not even sure I have EVER sent an email like this before…period.

It’s a bummer that I even have to.

So, last year the herbal world was rocked pretty hard when Shire City Herbals trademarked Fire Cider, a traditional herbal recipe made famous in Rosemary Gladstar’s books. Rosemary gave it the name Fire Cider and her improved recipe is the one made by Shire City.

By the time Shire City trademarked Fire Cider, there were dozens of small herbal companies brewing and selling it. Some of them for two decades.

Almost immediately, Shire City sent letters to these companies asking them to stop selling a product they were selling even before Shire City was a company.

One of the herbalists Shire City is suing is herbalist Nicole Telkes.

Nicole told me, “This is like someone trying to trademark chicken soup. This is a recipe that has been handed down for generations.”

It’s true. Shire City successfully getting a trademark for Fire Cider is just like Campbell’s getting a trademark for “Chicken Soup,” and then suing Progresso for selling chicken soup.

Rosemary, nor the people who are getting sued are against the concept of trademarks.  

However, Fire Cider is not something that was created or owned by Shire City. It’s also a traditional recipe. Herbalists need to be able to make their traditional tonics. Just like Progresso needs to be able to make their chicken soup.

You know what’s funny?

The label for Shire City’s Fire Cider actually has a PIRATE on the label. I’m serious.


Why I am sending this email?

The reason why I am sending you this email is because…well… we ALL create herbal remedies in our kitchens. If you’re new to this, it’s only a matter of time before you come up with something as amazing as fire cider or kava chai.

Then, you share your recipe on your blog. Now, what if some company comes in, takes your recipe, trademarks it, and then prevents you from ever being able to sell it?

What if you have an herbal company that makes Elderberry Syrup, and then a company trademarks it and claims they invented it?

Where does it end?

I will now pass this email on to the Fire Cider 3…


1) What is happening…

Three herbalists have been sued by Shire City Herbals!

Mary Blue of Farmacy Herbs, Nicole Telkes of Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine, and Kathi Langelier of Herbal Revolution are being sued for $100,000 in damages by Shire City Herbals.

Luckily, with representation from a law firm well experienced in Trademark Law, the defendants are moving forward with confidence, to show extensive evidence that proves this term is generic.

The Fire Cider 3 were surprised to hear that they were being sued for damaging Shire City Herbal’s business. In February of 2014, two months before the lawsuit was filed, Amy Huebner, an owner of Shire City Herbals publicly stated, “instead of withering under a boycott, they effectively doubled their business”!! Check out her comments on this blog post: Old Ways Herbal Blog

Kathi, Mary and Nicole were also surprised that the lawsuit against them demand that they shut down websites related to the free fire cider movement that are not owned by them.

The real shocker came for the Fire Cider 3 when Kathi Langelier of Herbal Revolution was named in the lawsuit. Due to on going pressure from Shire City Herbals, she had changed the name of her Fire Cider product to “Fire Tonic” in spring of 2014. She has been a great supporter of the boycott, but she already changed her product name a year ago, and they are still suing her?

The Traditions not Trademark movement knows this to be true: the trademark has a direct and negative impact on small herbal businesses and individuals like you who are trying to make a living doing what they love, protecting our plants and maintain herbal traditions. It is part of our rights as citizens to boycott and to come together and speak up as herbalists in defense of our traditions, our culture, and the language of our herbal commons.


2) What you can do…

***SHARE this story with others and send them to the website

***DONATE to the Fire Cider 3 Legal Defense Fund

Freeing fire cider is no longer going to be free. There are multiple costs associated with this effort, including legal fees, website hosting, travel and consultant fees. This lawsuit pushes the Fire Cider 3 legal fees up to $30-$50,000. These herbalists have their businesses at risk to protect our herbal traditions, and they working overtime on their defense, collecting evidence to prove that Fire Cider is generic, all while trying to run small herbal companies!! They need our support. Please consider donating to the Fire Cider 3 legal defense fund.

Go here to donate to the Fire Cider herbalists


***JOIN their logo campaign

Stand with over 120 herbal businesses on the Traditions not Trademark website against this trademark.

Check out the logo campaign


***CONTACT Shire City Herbals and tell them your thoughts on the issue

Use your own words and stick to the facts. Check out the FAQ page to be fully informed of Trademark not Traditions stance, then form your own opinion and contact them if you feel that this is an important matter. Traditions not Trademarks is demanding that Shire City Herbals drop the lawsuit on the Fire Cider 3, and revoke the Fire Cider trademark.

If you want to contact Shire City, then start on this page


***SUPPORT the Boycott

Contact your local stores that carry Shire City Herbals Fire Cider. Their label has a pirate on it, which is very fitting. They are pirating herbal traditions.

Learn about the Boycott



Do you have a story about how you first learned about Fire Cider and how you began making it?  Did your experience help others?  Do you sell it?  Send it in a written or video form and FreeFireCider may add you to the site.
From Free Fire Cider!
May 26, 2015



This was probably the longest email I’ve ever sent!

It might also be the most important.

Earlier today, you ordered a Rosemary Gladstar DVD. Hopefully you’ll learn to make fire cider and and start to create your own unique herbal recipes.

If you think this is in your future, then this Fire Cider issue is extremely important.

I know I’ll be doing my best to support the Fire Cider 3 in their legal fees, and in the other ways they mentioned.

I really appreciate you and the time you took to read this email.

We’ll get your DVD out to you asap.

Thanks again!

Warm regards,

John Gallagher



If you want to know more about it all, contact, lend your support or voice, etc… please visit their site.

Please do not contact LearningHerbs or Mountain Rose Herbs directly about this, as we are supporters of the Fire Cider 3, just like you.





If you wish to stop receiving our emails or change your subscription options, please Manage Your Subscription LLC, 210 SE Cedar Hill Ln., Shelton WA, 98584

May 25, 2015

Niacin, risk reduction 4 Skin Cancer

 Niacin (Niacinamide) again. . 

Sometimes I wonder if Dr Mercola and I aren’t operating from some sort of similar wave length.  No matter;  this is from Dr Mercola today.  

I didn’t know about the Skin Cancer usage. . .amazing!     While it is a simple vitamin, kinda  inexpensive  and easy to acquire,  it’s uses are numerous obviously . . .   and doesn’t it make one wonder why this information is seemingly so hard to come by?  Why has it taken so long (many decades) for the medical community to catch on to this amazing ‘natural’ product which can erase, reverse or correct so many etiological diseases (conditions with unknown causes) WITH NO SIDE EFFECTS.  Borrowing from the book “NIACIN: The Real Story” detailed in the prior post of the 24th, let me convey:  . .”. . .  it plays a role in over 500 reactions in the body as a member of the pyridine nucleotic cycle.  Interfering with any of these vital reactions will cause disease, and conversely, improving and restoring those reactions will be therapeutic.  

Google search in 2011 revealed  about 4 million ‘niacin’ hits; while antipsychotics got:  – – Haldol – 700,00 hits;  nearly 8 million for Zyprexa,   . . Prozac over 13 million hits,   Effexor close to 10 million hits.  The four anti-psychotics have been heavily advertised and promoted with unlimited budgets  – – while niacin has not been promoted at all except for a few physicians who found its properties so valuable.  Mostly it gets around by word-of- mouth. (the way most stuff does).   Abram Hoffer, the recognized authority on Niacin worked with his patients using this for his fifty years of psychiatric practice, both in and out of hospital.

He also had enormous success  restoring mobility, function and pain loss  to arthritic patients, many completely bed-ridden or incapacitated.  His findings and treatment protocols (out of print for over 60 years),  have been made available for those looking for a guide into this remarkable therapy. . . and is freely available for online reading. Just go to: 

Vitamins That Reduce Your Risk of Skin Cancer

Story at-a-glance

  • Vitamin B3 (nicotinamide) may offer protection for those who are prone to certain skin cancers. Patients with squamous cell or basal cell carcinoma who took B3 were 23 percent less likely to have another cancer diagnosed
  • Vitamin D, which is metabolized when UV rays strike your skin, has been shown to reduce not only your risk of melanoma—the deadliest form or skin cancer—but also the most common types of cancer
  • Activated vitamin D goes directly to the genes in your skin and helps prevent the type of abnormalities that ultraviolet light causes. As a result, sun avoidance can become a factor that triggers skin cance
It’s Not Vitamin D, But It Repairs DNA and Can Slash Skin Cancer Relapse by 23%

Offers unique protection for those prone to certain skin cancers, slashing recurrence a remarkable 23%. Scientists think it helps repair DNA damage and bolsters your immune system. But a simple caveat: don’t make this mistake that can vaporize all your rewards.

May 24, 2015

Surprising Niacin, who knew?

Can B 3 help with ADD and ADHD,  Alzheimer’s, hospitalized-incurable Schizophrenics,  Cholesterol,  Arthritis?

Yes to all of the above! 

(with no toxic side effects whatsoever)

Stop the presses, when did this happen?   Not recently. . .it’s been a work in progress.  Among others, Dr Joseph Goldberger (1874 –   1929) discovered that Pellagra pandemic was a dietary deficiency and spent years in research to prove his theory, resulting in our bread being fortified with niacinamide, putting an end to the horrifying disease wherein 3,000,000 people had been afflicted and over 100,000 deaths.  This was the most successful public health measure for the elimination of a major disease.

It was Dr Abram Hoffer who started with his research on hospitalized mental patients using large doses of B vitamins.  A highly successful physician with a heavy workload, he nevertheless was a dedicated researcher who noted all his findings and treatment outcomes.  He has written many books and articles and worked closely with many other doctors.  He died before his last book could be completed.  Dr Andrew Saul had worked with him for years and they were close, so his name and Dr Harold Foster share the authorship on the book . . .NIACIN, The Real Story which I have been reading for a while now.  I dearly love Andrew Saul and have his treasure of a book — DOCTOR YOURSELF – Natural Healing That Works.   So, no, this didn’t just happen recently; a few forward-thinking docs have been at this for 40 to 100 years ago.

We’ve had Dr Blaylock’s videos here at “smokinchoices” speaking much the same things. . .his experience with problematic juveniles and hospitalized mental patients suffering primarily from disastrous nutritional deficiencies (especially B vitamins).  All this hasn’t caught on in the medical complex because essentially there isn’t enuff money in vitamins and minerals and the natural stuff of plants can’t be patented.  Pity, isn’t it. . .all we’re after is a healthy body, free of toxins so that we can have good lives.

Since learning about Niacinamide from Dr Jonathan Wright a few years back, I have been taking  taking 1000 mg twice daily for over a year to assist with arthritis.  Ready to stop it because I hadn’t noticed much difference or benefit.  But now I understand why I haven’t since reading these two books I cited above.  Dr Hoffer discovered that smaller doses taken frequently throughout the day can be 40% more effective than large doses.  So for only a month or so, I’m taking 250 mg every 3 – 4 hours all day til bedtime. Taking 5 -6 a day.  And why am I taking this?  For my brain. . .still fighting the good fight on Alzheimer’s.  I have noticed enhanced focus, and a hint here and there of better recall.. . .go figure!   But that’s not all, have noticed that my hands are beginning to work better, not a lot, but better.  Can do buttons once again and manipulate better.  This was one of my greatest losses.  My hands were always just a natural extension of my brain (mind) and took it for granted.  So this is a big plus for me.  I’m sticking with niacinamide.

Niacinamide is another form of niacin.  The Niacin Book explains it all beautifully.  Perhaps you have heard of the niacin “flush”.  A lot of people didn’t like that.  The book explains how to ease into it; smaller doses > building up gradually to tolerance (flush). Dr Saul uses the Niacin and when he gets a flush, he doesn’t mind it at all. . .especially in the winter time.  Taking Niacin can and will help with the Cholesterol issue if you have one, but the Niacinamide doesn’t. But I don’t have that problem – never have.

Niacin is greatly useful in many neurological issues which is why it is so useful for any brain issue; increasing  mental energy, calmness and more peaceful state of mind.  The FOCUS thing is everything to those with ADD or ADHD.

There’s more I wanted to go into, but its late and I’m trying to go to bed like a sane person in respect for my circadian clock.  I will make an effort to come back Sunday if I can.  G’nite,         . . Jan

May 23, 2015

Crowdfunding @ Kickstarter

So, you think you have a pretty good idea for a new business?  If you could get it off the ground.  This story just might give you something to think about. .  . ya never know (unless you try)   Jan


Everyone wants to be Kickstarter ‘Staff Pick’


 NEW YORK — Want your project to get selected as a “Staff Pick” on crowdfunding site Kickstarter?   Good luck with that.  

Entrepreneurs and other users have been seeking the secret to getting their projects selected as a “Staff Pick” — a designation that one of Kick-starter’s 98 employees can give a project based on his or her tastes.  

Charming a staffer has perks. Staff Picks can get prime placement on the website, be promoted to Kickstarter’s 2 million followers on Facebook and Twitter, or appear in Kick-starter’s “Projects We Love” email, which reaches more than 4 million inboxes every week.   That promotion can increase donations. Users get in on the promotional activity by updating their pages to add a bright green badge or banner they create themselves, even though Kickstarter discourages the practice.  

Kickstarter’s employees can also donate their own cash to a project. And this year, Kick-starter started using company money to fund projects it favors. That has users scrambling to figure out how to get picked.  

Shelley Harper scoured Google, read blog posts and studied past Staff Picks before launching a Kickstarter campaign for her business, ConQuest Adventure Journal, which makes journals that allow fans of comic-book convention Comic-Con to store autographs, photos and other mementos. Her research turned up no answers.   An email sent to Kickstarter went unanswered. Then, weeks after her campaign launched, it was selected as a Staff Pick. She still has no idea why.   “It’s like this magical thing, and nobody knows how it happens,” said Harper, who raised nearly $12,000 in July to help pay for the printing of more ConQuest journals.  

Kickstarter spokesman Justin Kazmark did not make other employees available to be interviewed but said workers spend much of their day keeping up with projects that are posted on the site and pick ones that have a good video, give colorful updates about the project or have an imaginative idea.   The company says there is no science to how its employees choose their favorite projects. Users find out they were selected in an email: “Someone on the Kickstarter team loves your project,” it says.  

The picks vary widely. Recent ones include a company that makes jewelry from wool, a maker of homemade marshmallows and a company that makes an electric toothbrush that tells users if they are brushing their teeth correctly.  

But Kickstarter does offer clues. Earlier this year, it started using its blog to tell readers what kinds of projects its employees like. Those from Missouri have a chance of impressing staffer Shannon Ferguson.   “I basically just try to back projects from my home state of Missouri,” she said in a July post. Another employee, Katie Needs, said she backed Nerd-wax, a wax that can be rubbed on eye glasses to keep them from falling off the nose, because she’s “a lifelong four-eyes.”   Ferguson and Needs didn’t respond to an interview request.  

Kickstarter rival, Indiegogo, says it does not pick favorites. Instead, projects get promoted to the front page of its website and in emailed newsletters based on what projects are popular among its users.   Why the difference?   Kickstarter wants to play a bigger role in the success of startups, said Paul Levinson, a professor of communications and media studies at Fordham University. It can claim to be an earlier supporter of a startup if it makes it big. A success can help build Kickstarter’s reputation as the place to go to raise cash, he said.  

Some Staff Picks have become very successful. Oculus VR, a maker of virtual-reality headsets, raised more than $2 million on Kickstarter and later sold itself to Facebook Inc. for $2 billion.   But owners of some past Staff Picks say it’s not as big a windfall as they hoped. Harper said ConQuest got a 4 percent bump in donations a week after it was picked, much lower than she expected.

Elemoon, a maker of high-tech bracelets that light up to alert wearers of a call or text, said just 11 percent of its $122,725 in donations came directly from being featured prominently as a Staff Pick on Kickstarter’s technology page.  

Still, every dollar counts on Kickstarter. If a project doesn’t reach its financial goal, the creator doesn’t get to keep any of the money pledged. For example, if someone aims to raise $10,000 in 30 days, but makes it to only $9,990, the project gets no funding. If a project doesn’t reach its goal, Kickstarter feels the pain, too. It doesn’t get to charge its 5 percent fee unless a project passes its goal.  

The chance of a project getting successfully funded jumps to 92 percent if it’s a Staff Pick, up from about 50 percent for non-Staff Picks, said Ethan Mollick, a business professor at the University of Pennsylvania. He studied 48,000 projects but isn’t sure if Kickstarter picks projects that would have been successful anyway.

Kickstarter has also started showing its love by opening its pocketbook. Since March, Kickstarter has given money to nearly 180 projects.

It gave Dr. Stadnyk’s Hot Sauce $30, a day after the hot sauce company was also selected as a Staff Pick. It raised $10,089, above its $6,000 goal, to bottle more hot sauce flavors.

Alex Stadnyk, a co-owner of the company, sent three bottles of the hot stuff to Kickstarter’s Brooklyn offices, a reward that comes with the $30 donation.

“I guess I’m doing something right if they backed it,” says Stadnyk.



Kickstarter’s Staff Picks:

Projects Kickstarter has backed:

May 22, 2015

Fresh Progressive “UP” in OH

Political junkie that I have been over the years, it is hard not to enter in more, but I promised myself – it just takes too much out of me. . .guess you just can’t take the passion out  – old  or otherwise.  Ex-Governor  Ted Strickland, whom I liked is running for Senator here in OH and had thought I’d vote for him.  But have been reading about this young 30 year old PROGRESSIVE with a fine education, civic smarts and a whole lot of new, modern and critical thinking.  I’m seriously deeply interested in him.  

When I realized the Ohio  Democratic Political Party had endorsed Strickland along with the Police Department, many other supporters and they were especially upset over this upstarts “brass you-know-what” to get in there and go for it anyway, well, it was easy to come to the conclusion – – ‘that’s my kind of man.’   Besides, I’m not forgetting how the leadership of the Ohio Democratic party put us in a very deep hole with that good-lookin’ x-fed agent who most certainly was never carefully vetted to become Governor of Ohio which is why Kasich claims to have won by overwhelming margins in order to distinguish himself in his current run for President.  His opponent didn’t have a drivers license — oops for around eight years. .WOW.  Nobody noticed.  Didn’t keep his speaking engagements and didn’t even show up – just walked away.  Boy was I flummoxed.  Couldn’t even find anyone to talk to in the party!  So, I don’t think I’ll be concerned what the “party” thinks in this state.  . . just those I’ve voted for and trust.  Any way, Sherrod Brown could use a bit of help

So, at this point,  P.G. SITTENFELD is looking damned good to me. . .(and I think he may have a real and quite significant future ahead of him.  Guess we’ll see.     Jan


P.G. Sittenfeld supports marijuana legalization proposal

                                                                                                                           COURTNEY HERGESHEIMER | DISPATCH PHOTO
P.G. Sittenfeld: “In 2016, I believe rank-and-file Democrats want a competition, not a coronation. And I am running to give them a voice and a choice.”

By Darrel Rowland  The Columbus Dispatch

 P.G. Sittenfeld achieved his goal on Thursday to set himself apart from the two better-known Ohio politicians also running for the U.S. Senate — but not the way he planned.
The 30-year-old Cincinnati City Council member mounted the west steps of the Statehouse to offer “an unapologetically progressive vision” as well as “differences in perspective” from fellow Democrat Ted Strickland, 73, and Republican incumbent Rob Portman, 59. He even joked about becoming the first senator able to write and send his own tweets.Rejecting the push by some Democrats to get him out of the contest, Sittenfeld declared, “The race has just begun.”But talking to reporters afterward, Sittenfeld strayed from his agenda and made even bigger news by announcing his support for the ResponsibleOhio’s for-profit plan to legalize marijuana and amend Ohio’s constitution to allow 10 investor-owned marijuana-growing sites across the state. The group is well on its way to gathering enough petition signatures to put the issue on the November ballot.Sittenfeld said he has long advocated “getting rid of old and broken laws” that allow billions of dollars to flow to “brutal drug dealers and cartels” when it could be used for building roads and bridges. He favors “decriminalization, legalization and tight regulation” of marijuana.His stance places him at odds with both Strickland — the former governor who backs legalizing only medicinal marijuana — and Portman, who opposes full legalization.

“What I support is a whole different approach with regard to drug use, and that is spending less money on the prosecution and incarceration side and more money on prevention and education, which I know works,” Portman said on Thursday on his weekly media call.

Sittenfeld also pointed to his staunch advocacy of gun laws — Strickland touted his “A” rating from the National Rifle Association in his last statewide campaign five years ago — as well as his support for mandatory paid sick days — Strickland headed off such a measure bound for the ballot when he was governor.

And Sittenfeld became the first of the trio to publicly back a possible amendment to the U.S. Constitution on campaign finances to stem the floodgates opened by the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision and ensuing rulings. But he wouldn’t mind if a Superpac that can receive unlimited contributions was formed to help his 2016 run.

During an 11-minute speech entitled “The Future I See,” the 30-year-old Princeton and Oxford grad said, “I am running because Washington is broken — and I believe fixing it will require new faces and fresh voices — the kind of new leadership that will make this campaign an exciting conversation about the future, rather than a stale argument about the past.”

Although he didn’t mention that the Democratic establishment in Ohio and Washington is solidly behind Strickland, Sittenfeld asserted that voters “don’t need to be told who their party’s nominee should be.”

“History shows — and great Ohio Democrats like (former U.S. Sens.) John Glenn, Howard Metzenbaum and (former Gov.) Dick Celeste proved — that testing our candidates in a primary almost always makes us stronger in a general election,” Sittenfeld said. “In 2016, I believe rank-and-file Democrats want a competition, not a coronation. And I am running to give them a voice and a choice.”

WTO gets to make our Laws?

Don’t be ‘Pushed around’ — Make own decisions

Received this today from the CENTER FOR FOOD SAFETY.   I know that most of you [like me] want to make decisions like this for me and my family  without some person or Organization on the other side of the world dictating my choices.   This is just more of the same ole, same ole. . . the corporate structure using its “power” to get what it wants any way it can.   .  .  .  just STOP IT!  Let your elected official (Senators, congressmen and the President know how important this is to all of us — especially YOU.  Don’t wait – this is happening now.   Jan


On Monday the World Trade Organization (WTO) issued a final ruling against the U.S. country-of-origin labeling policy that allows American consumers to know where their meat is born, raised, and slaughtered.

Consumer and farm advocates fought for more than a decade to get Country of Origin Labels (COOL) for our food — and won! Due to overwhelming consumer and farmer support, country of origin labeling on our fruit, vegetables, and meat became mandatory in the U.S. as part of the 2008 Farm Bill.

In light of the WTO ruling against the U.S., House Agriculture Committee Chairman K. Michael Conaway (R-TX) has introduced legislation (HR 2393) to repeal the Country of Origin Labeling requirements for beef, pork, and chicken. The House Agriculture Committee approved the bill yesterday by a 38-6 vote, sending it to the House floor for consideration.

Don’t let Congress take away our right to know where our food is produced!

Our food safety policies in this country should not be dictated by a closed-door trade tribunal. The WTO has essentially overruled our democratic law making process and demonstrates how trade agreements—like “fast track” approval for the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement currently being debated in Congress—can lower U.S. food safety standards.

We need Congress and President Obama to stand up for country of origin labeling, not use the WTO ruling to give giant meat producing companies what they’ve wanted all along – secrecy when it comes to where your food was raised.

Rather than throw the baby out with the bathwater by repealing COOL, the U.S. should slow down and take the time to find a legislative solution that works without sacrificing the fundamental purpose of existing U.S. law and regulation.

Now is the time for President Obama to make a forceful defense of these sensible consumer labels and to tell Congress that he won’t sign any legislation that undermines, weakens or eliminates country of origin labeling.

Tell Congress and President Obama to stand up for your right to know where your food is coming from and to protect country of origin labels!

Thanks for everything you do,
Center for Food Safety  


Contact Us

CFS welcomes your questions and comments. Please contact us at, or at one of our offices.

National Headquarters
660 Pennsylvania Ave, SE, #302
Washington, DC 20003
phone (202) 547-9359 | fax (202) 547-9429

May 17, 2015

Acid not relevant 2 ulcer?

To Your Good Health

Acidity of what person eats has little effect on ulcers

Dr. Keith Roach

Q #1: I have recurring stomach ulcers, so I have been researching acid-alkaline diets to resolve the problem. I am frustrated, as some research indicates that a given food is acidic while another source indicates that it is alkaline. How do I know which is correct?

A: Almost all ulcers are either caused by an infection with the bacteria Helicobacter pylori or considered a side effect of a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication. The acidity or alkalinity of the food you eat has little, if any, effect on developing stomach ulcers.

The reason you see confusion about whether foods are alkaline or acidic has to do with what is being measured. Lemons, for example, are highly acidic; however, if you burn them, their ash residue is alkaline. Though interesting, this has no net effect on body pH — which is tightly regulated by multiple systems.

Q#1:  This Querant asks how to tell the acid/base content of a given food when the experts seem to disagree.  The answer doesn’t seem to remove the confusion, in my opinion.  But this balance within the body has much to do with digestion and metabolism which has great deal to do with health.  A problem lies in the differences between  acid food and acid-forming foods. Acidic foods usually taste acidic (sour or tart) whereas acid-forming foods do not necessarily.   An example could be meat and fish which are  acid-forming foods.   Milk is an alkalizing food, but milk products such as hard cheeses and cottage cheese are acid-forming.  

Its true that our body has different mechanisms to maintain its pH balance to a level which allows our blood to remain between 7.3 and 7.5 which is slightly alkaline, normally.   We have developed away from  the eating habits of our  distant ancestors who quite generally grazed and nibbled throughout the day (having little time to sit down to a meal) and what was available was berries, some plants and tiny insects and worms and the occasional small animal.  And as it happens, that frequent ingestion of small amounts of food was healthful, satisfying and sustaining.  Stuff changes.  Come forward a few thousands of years and we now indulge huge (non-compatible) mixtures of foods that stuff us, but seldom nourish us properly.  Our ancestors didn’t have our digestion problems  as most do nowadays.  

I have discussed “food-combining” and its extreme importance frequently.  You see, foods which can’t DIGEST TOGETHER in the stomach go undigested to the intestinal track where it further putrefies, creating gases which we then ‘pass’  (‘farts’).  They say everyone does it — not true, only those who don’t understand food-combining and what the body needs to work right.  The ideal diet is around 80 to 90% base (alkalizing) and only about 10 to 20% acid-forming foods.  Too much acid-forming foods makes digestion problematical — even if the foods ARE combined well.  Furthermore, acidity sets the stage for almost ALL the quaint-sounding diseases which befall us.

What are these acid-forming foods?  Often have a high calorie value; they are  meat, fish, cheese, bread, cereals, nuts, leguminous vegetables,  and fruit seeds and stones (pits).

Alkalizing foods include fruits, berries, non-leguminous vegetables (including gourds) potatoes and other root vegetables, milk and milk products like skimmed milk, yogurt and buttermilk.

Don’t combine protein with starches;  vegetables go with anything;  try to eat your fruits separately from every thing else, mixed up as in fruit salad, or by itself as a snack.  Proteins combine well w/other proteins and fats which also includes avocado which is a primary ‘fat’ classification. (Beans and grains are or can be problematical).  

If one learns some of these combinations and rules, many of ones digestive problems (even very serious ones) will go away. Drs Hay and Shelton back at the beginning of last century researched this subject and came up with food combining.  It was never accepted nor understood by the larger medical community (so what else is new?)  Many are showing intereest as science has delved deeper. I have an old Dr Wm. H Hay book, and a fantastic 2002 book called the Food Combining Bible by JAN DRIES and INGA DRIES which I had to refer to in response to this question. Highly recommend it.  Check it out at the library.  

Lastly, Dr Roach speaks of the querant’s ulcers and refers to Helicobacter Pylori as the possible cause.  In the event that this intelligent way of eating doesn’t appeal to you. . .wanted to remind any who may want to know that Dr Hulda Clark’s book — the Cure For All Disease, has near the rear of the book all these many, many pages of  so-called frequencies for almost any imaginable disease you can think of.  These are to be used in conjunction with her vari-zapper and possibly other of her machines or equipment she designed.  I have her Zapper which I love and have used for nearly 20 years, but it isn’t programmable to focus on a single disease, like Helicobacter pylori.   Jan 

Q #2: I was recently seen by a family practitioner after not having seen a doctor, except through urgent care, in 15 years. I have Type 2 diabetes, and my recent A1c reading was 7.2. My cholesterol readings, both good and bad, were average.

The doctor mentioned that as soon as I go on Medicare, in 60 days, she wants me to begin taking a statin drug. She indicates that this is “protocol” for diabetes (as a preventive therapy). The side effects of statin drugs seem too dangerous to consider this when my cholesterol levels are good. Heart disease (from my father) is in the family. Thoughts?

A: Statin drugs reduce the risk of heart attacks, and probably strokes, in people with a higher-than-average risk of such conditions. The higher the risk, the more beneficial the medications are.

The side effects, however, are just as likely, whatever your risk of vascular disease. Statin drugs aren’t recommended for those with a low risk, as the benefits are unlikely to outweigh the possible harms.

Many risk factors for heart disease exist. High cholesterol is one, but high blood pressure, smoking, family history and poor diet and exercise are also important risk factors.

Diabetes, both Type 1 and Type 2, increases the risk of heart disease, so it must be considered by your doctor when deciding to recommend a statin. The risk is determined largely by how long you have had diabetes and how well it has been controlled.

Several calculator tools are available to estimate an individual’s risk of heart attacks and death based on risk factors, although the most commonly used one has recently been shown to overestimate the risk.

In my opinion, the decision needs to be personalized, and protocols — however well-meaning and well-done — can’t be substituted for a judgment based on knowing the person along with his or her risks and fears.

Most people with long-standing diabetes have a high enough risk that a statin probably makes sense. Almost everyone with known coronary artery disease should be on a statin, even if the patient’s cholesterol levels are almost normal.

Dr. Roach answers letters only in his North America Syndicate column but provides an order form of available health newsletters. Write him at P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475; orToYourGoodHealth@

Q#2:  Sadly no mention of Diabetes correction or eradication by means of nutrition.  It is unknown how long this person has had diabetes, but to not suggest the simplest and best choice without pharmaceuticals?  Disturbing.

I’m not going to say what I really think about suggesting Statin therapy for this person.  What if she was never going to have a heart problem down the road?  Because her father had heart disease does not say she will!  One doesn’t take this drug for a vague possibility.  This person (fortunately) has done some thinking on his or her own.  It is difficult to hear that you claim ‘statins’ are protective against heart disease and stroke (which is not in evidence).  In fact, the opposite is true.  The deleterious effect on the body is ironically cruel because taking statins reduce the body’s ability to generate its own Co Q-10 which is vitally needed to protect the heart (and almost everything else within the body).  Guess what that does — it raises the risk factor for developing heart disease; I guess you could call that a self –fulfilling prophecy.  Instead of depleting this vital substance, as we age, we need much more of it.     Jan

May 16, 2015

BIG PhARMA movin’ on Cannabis

Research has been going on for a long time around the herb cannabis and like me, most will be stunned to learn  of its efficacy in destroying cancer cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed.  This huge “cancer beast” rampages as millions die from it.. . .and this information is out there?  Be sure to watch the video all the way through, as near the end we are shown how to process the cannabis ourselves to make the hemp oil, concentrate it and  and cure our own cancers – – being “happy” right through it!   (Oh, the lies they told us in school 60 – 70 years ago)      Jan 

          Thank you Dr. Mercola. . . .

  Can’t patent Herbs,. .so people die

Herb That Triggers Cancer Cell Death and Cuts Off the Tumor’s Blood Supply

This incredible cancer treatment is sitting right under our nose, but we’re choosing to ignore it – despite the fact it’s been proven effective against over 9 different forms of cancer, while leaving healthy cells untouched. Is this a case of death by politics?


Story at-a-glance
  • Israel is the marijuana research capital of the world, thanks to the work of Dr. Raphael Mechoulam who’s spent his entire career studying the health benefits of cannabis
  • Your body has its own endocannabinoid system, with endogenous chemical messengers very similar to those in marijuana acting on matching receptors located on cells throughout your body
  • Most research to date shows that cannabis offers significant health benefits for minimal risk, thanks to your endocannabinoid system

May 6, 2015

Voted today – set me thinking . .

 It was just a prelim vote for Mayor and a councilman

Tho it seems to be way off – – plenty of time,  we will all be surprised how quickly it gets here. . .the November 2016 Presidential election. . . .

And the experience I had today got me thinking about what’s happening to our way of life.  I wanted to add my voice to the choices being made for our new Mayor and city councilman.  This was a preliminary thing to narrow the choice down to two for the upcoming election.  Not having a car anymore, needed to bum a ride to the voting center not too far away.  I’m a voter.  Take it as a pleasure, privilege and a personal responsibility.  Go figure!  Went to the office of the apartment complex where I live asking if they could give me a ride up when one of them goes to vote.  They were unable to help as no one there was going to vote.  Unbelievable!  Had to bother my son who doesn’t really live near me and fortunately, he was able to help.  When I entered the center, I was the only voter they’d seen in a while.  No one votes anymore.

People are tuned out of the process.  Many have really difficult lives and problems.  Most kids in school aren’t given a workable understanding of how government works and/or any reason why it is important to know this stuff.  If your life sucks – you have an even bigger reason to dig in, find out and by hook or crook — learn a thing or two.  We can all make a difference. . .but only if we try.  How is it that we have lost control, that we are only filling space. . .not going anywhere?  Too many have given up, tuned out. .looked for meaning elsewhere.  If we would just check out these wannabes, see what makes them tick,  how they think,  ask questions, challenge them when their goals don’t match what you or your community needs. . .we could start getting better representation that makes a difference.  But we have to make our lives, our voices count — we can’t just bay at the moon and expect anything good to come down the pike at us.  

Simple math here will reveal the reality!   That top 1% who own everything and rule the roost, who can afford to buy the congressmen and shape the rules and laws. . .get life to be on their own terms the way they want it. . .well, my friends — they amount to only 1 or 2 percent of our total amount of people.  WE ARE ALL THE REST!  Understand what this means.  If even half of us got interested enough to dig a little into this process and actually showed up at the polls, we could take back our government out of the hands of those who feel entitled and above it all,  make some decent changes and get some honest effort out of congress and government in general.  First we have to find out whats going on,  make the time to get involved. . .and hold them ALL accountable.  I promise you, life won’t suck anymore.  What if we could get a lot more people interested enough to care?  Can you imagine what kind of Utopia we could build with 70% or 85% of our nation out to the polls?  Our country could once again become capable of living up to its promise and sacred Constitution and Bill of Rights  where all the people matter, not just the rich.  Our country wasn’t built by rich people, but by ordinary people, FOR the common human being.  Our laws are built on one vote for one person — dollars have nothing to do with it!  We need to get money out of politics altogether.  That’s what Elizabeth Warren is saying and also what Bernie has been shouting about for a long time.  Elizabeth won’t run right now, but Bernie is.  No one person can do it alone (Obama has proved that),  Everyone is gonna have to get involved and we can bring America back to what it should be for us all.


I can remember back to the earlier days of discussion and hope for the future when  younger Barack Obama decided to give it a go.  How very exciting it was.  And it was a stunning milestone in our cultural history, uplifting our nation with great energy and expectation.   The unfortunate thing however was that not all people were happy about this outcome or the meaning and complexion of the new energy  filling the White House.  Roadblocks, deceit and schoolyard bullies appeared as if from nowhere.  What could have been  a monumental 8 years based on our president’s dreams and vision for us all became a nightmarish struggle.  I do not under stand how he has maintained his dignity and composure  and yes,  his humor and  easy smile.  This is one remarkable man. He has been an excellent president and one can only imagine what could have been accomplished if there had not been such bigotry, antagonism and distrust.  The quality of prejudice is a mystery and sorrowfully unexplainable that some people can nurture such pain and allow it to propagate down through time.  Guess we all learn and grow at different rates.  By allowing the light into consciousness, we can all be capable of seeing the truth that we are in fact — all one people. We pretty much live, love and bleed in the same way.

He wanted to rebuild our infrastructure which has been slowly decaying.  The people needed that too.  Would have turned the jobs picture around!    He ran on the single-payer method of health-care for all.  It didn’t happen and I don’t know why.  It is the only sane and reasonable possibility that could have worked.  I intensely dislike the Affordable Care Act and believe it to be unjust, unfair and totally unreasonable with the MANDATE for all to purchase and use or pay an additional price in fines and greater cost.

My own example is a case in point:  I don’t use allopathic medicine – it is disease care, not health care.  It is a business and not a calling as it once was.  It is too expensive, and specialized (which I also object to).  Prescription pharmaceuticals are chemical in basis and by and large toxic to our natures. . .destructive to health. . . harm more often than help.  Yet this is all one can get with ACA and the insurance companies — none of which offer alternative, non-toxic health care and processes.  Organic, natural or herbal supplements can be expensive and one is not helped with insurance or ACA   And yet I am paying $100+ monthly to medicare and not using it because what I need and want isn’t offered or covered.    I see this as a gun to the ribs of individuals who are able to think for themselves and choose NOT TO BE POISONED with BIG PhRMA’ toxic chemicals.  I resent governmental mandates and the force of Law behind the insanity of runaway costs and power structure of the Medical Complex.  In effect, here again – sold out by my own government!  As Americans, we do have rights of choice for ourselves and our families, without being made to feel like criminals.

Sorry, I got carried away – again, always do.    I’m not willing to alter my thinking on this subject for I feel I am not being served well by the rules in place.  Since I can’t afford the top tier of those Alternative physicians we all like, love and respect, I am forced to buy their books and learn how to help myself, which I have done.   Fortunately for the status quo, I am among a small minority who will go to such lengths to insure my own health.  Disease is complicated.  Health is fairly simple.  Our populace however is being bombarded by toxins numbering close to 100,000 annually, and these are being used in everything, our clothes, furniture, the water we drink, the food we eat, the meds we take, our cosmetics and so on.  We are destroying our earth  – the air, the seas, the once verdant, fertile land, now becoming barren, forests cut down.  It is hard to be healthy with all this going on and our government won’t see fit to insure that controls protect us, our health, etc.  Again,  we need CHOICE in what we eat, put into our bodies, labels to help us determine facts and freedom from toxins, which make us sick requiring we see doctors and take RX drugs and become lifetime, hopeless patients.

A few simple changes could make Americans freer, healthier and happier.  Obliterate the death-grip the Medical Complex has on our lives.  No Mandates.  Freedom of choice for type and quality of care we chose; in other words – recognize Naturopaths, herbalists and various other alternative practitioners as valid just as they do in many countries of Europe. This should always be a personal choice thing.    All food should be labeled so that people can choose whether or not they want GMO’s or anything genetically modified.  Also country of origin should be a given.  Few want tainted stuff from China or Taiwan.  Farmers using natural, ecologically sound and sustainable technologies should be subsidized — not the wealthy mega-farms which are poisoning the earth and laying waste to other-wise healthy soil and killing off the life structure beneath the surface.  Good soil is teeming with life, worms and  bacterial matter which of course is needed for nutritive components in our plants.  Our nutritive value has dwindled dramatically over the decades since farming began using all these poisonous chemicals to fertilize and kill pests and so on.  All harmful to soil and plants.   And last. but not least – – we MUST get money out of politics.  We must negate or reverse what the Supreme Court has done with Citizens United. . . perhaps the most destructive decision ever to fall from SCOTUS lips.

Won’t you guys be happy when I’m gone?  Never seem to know when to quit.  G’nite. . .Jan

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