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May 28, 2018

Save $ on Car Ins? . .maybe . .

Root Insurance wants to do to auto coverage what Amazon   

has done to retail

ROOT’s  Different Route

This appears to be a very small post (for wordy me), but the  idea expressed herein is actually, quite revolutionary; I SIMPLY HAD NO CHOICE – – HAD TO DO IT.   If I were still driving – – I’d glom onto it w/o a second thought!  Please follow the link above, . . once getting there,  gotta be patient (I hit everything I could imagine to expand it into the full-blown article. . and it did once I hit the right spot – – maybe it was the forward arrow (?) . . .I dunno,  but it is there.)   The link takes you to an attractive picture of a radically smart 30 year CEO of ROOT INSURANCE,  a company he co-founded.  Will let you read all about it for yourself (to avoid my enthusiasm tainting your mind/judgement).  They have moved outward to a number of states already with plans of being completely national next year. 

Ya won’t believe how it works,. . .how and why it saves those they accept quite a bit of money. . . and how its gotta be the wave of the future.   Tho its non-discriminatory — they don’t accept everybody – – they operate within a select, firm set of rules.  If you are a fairly discriminating (aware), good driver – – you can have a marvelous new insurance company.  If you’re accident prone and have a box-full of moving violations (paid and/or unpaid). . .    .  probably can just skip this.  Too bad.         Jan

May 27, 2018

BIG WOES can have Easy fixes

Sometimes I wonder if any believe how 


Readers  often scan back over the years searching for something new, different, or perhaps unique to a specific problem they’re  having.  In so doing, footprints are left behind of the unidentified action.   I can’t see who –  only what.  Sometimes a gem is found for the seeker, yet interestingly,   also, a personal pleasure for me as quite often I no longer remember the post or had forgotten it.  Sometimes  the memory triggers the  level of my thinking then — what seemed so important to me and the endless growth pattern which is unique to my nature/needs.   The level of enthusiasm  which I have been unable to ignore, carried all forward. . . and on and on. .   .  but bigger is not always ‘better’. .  .   . It’s just more.   

In earlier days,  there was significantly more input from readers –  –  all kinds, from simple expressions of satisfaction or even help to deeply detailed dialogue here and there.  Loved it all.  Fortunate in that I never had rude, harsh disagreement or difficulties.  When stuff was over my head, I said so and declined to partake. .  .    unwilling to skirt around or ignore discussion outside my own sphere of awareness or experience.  Seems honest and acceptable.   But the sheer volume of all that’s here would almost guarantee that I over- looked the obvious from time to time  (with over 2500 posts, plus moe than 100 deleted) . . its a lot to go through.  The only real help is Find It,  to be found up on the top Right – – just click on that and go see any or all if you’re up for it. . listed individually – all 10 years of ’em.  I had started with different categories,  but caved to various constraints and WordPress changes.  My blog’s ‘theme’ became obsolete and WP has tried to get me to update and change.  The Smokinchoices blog is no longer “supported”. . with whatever that means.   They have removed so many of my images (including Heidi);   the print has become so small I can barely work with it.. . .and granting me normal, ordinary space to relieve the eye (and balance the harmony) is a thing of the past.         

At close to 89 ,  I don’t have the energy to redo or redesign as I did when I set all up.  It was PRETTY then. . .plenty of space between posts – the whole nine yards.  I’m not redoing my blog anymore than I’m in the market for new furniture – – at my age – whose kidding who – – why would I.    I’m doing great just trying my level best to hold together what I’ve got now.   

Anyway, in retracing past efforts, couldn’t help but stumble over some comments here and there .  .  of course I loved them, until one made me feel regret and shame. Someone asked for specific help with HBP which was doing her in and docs couldn’t control – just as my own case had been.  Yet, with my own protocol,  pressure became rather normal.  I referred her to all my current stuff again and asked that she put the energy into a bit of study so she could comprehend and be successful.   Actually, not bad advice!  Here’s where the ‘bigger isn’t always better’  concept comes in.  And  not everybody can or will be able to avail such.  We are all different and so are our needs.   She liked the sound of what I had been doing and that I had solved my BP problem which she was still struggling with.  Perhaps, if I hadn’t been so wrapped up in all the myriad ‘new’ possibilities,. . I might have recalled some of the basics I had so deeply profited from, from my exposure to Dr. Hulda Clark –  – a veritable saint of a woman whose simple ideas were chased out of country and into Mexico for her U. S. patients.  Her books sold worldwide and she was a hero worldwide and well received in many countries.

After arriving in OHIO in 1995 and the medical care was pressed on me  (so that I ‘could’ help raise my grand-daughters when their mother left with broken health, – I hated every part of what ensued (medically).  Sought help from books.  Health food store handed me Dr Hulda R Clark’s book,  “A CURE FOR ALL DISEASE.”  Title was so off-putting that I almost didn’t buy it,  but how stupid is it to turn down advice one has asked for?  She had claimed much reported success from readers of the book.  Sold well.   Dr Clark is now gone, but I learned to LOVE HER,  and called her long distance and she was most gracious and helpful to me.  The world’s loss.  IMO – it was the best single book I had ever read to get smarter, help myself and gain back my freedom.  It’s all I needed – – it worked!  My early years of posting, I was forever touting what Dr Clark said and citing her remedies. 

I shall give you the link to one of these posts I did on Dr Clark in 2011 – September 13th  called “KIDNEY FAILURE, . .what if . ..  its kinda lengthy, four printed pages  full of info.  She wouldn’t have ever prescribed dialysis for failure;  her methods were far simpler, easier and far, far cheaper – usually herbs and/or cleanses.    She outlines ‘why’ kidneys and the liver become burdened and fail, what to do,  how to fix.  As a matter of fact, that post I seemed to wrap up with recalling a bunch of isolated notes I had been assembling for myself with intent to shortly avail. . . isolated stuff, like – HBP, controlled by adrenal glands mainly;  do Kidney cleanse, advises using extra Magnesium and B6.  I so wish I had remembered my lessons better so that I could have told that commenter when she asked.   See what I mean?                            Jan                              Couldn’t get the link, so I copied and pasted it )

September 13, 2011

Kidney failure, what if . . . .

(. .  .  there was an alternative?    Comment to follow.      Jan)


Tracking hormone may help detect kidney failure

LOS ANGELES        Kidney disease affects about 20 million Americans, many of whom end up on dialysis. But there might be a way to identify and treat severe cases earlier in the course of the disease.

In a study published on Friday, researchers said that measuring a hormone called FGF-23 can predict which patients will end up needing dialysis.    The hormone, fibroblast growth factor 23, has attracted attention from researchers for its crucial role in regulating phosphorus. The new study showed that as kidneys fail, FGF-23 levels rise.

“This discovery allows us to predict at-risk patients before they require dialysis,” the lead investigator, Dr. Michel Chonchol, said in a news release.

“That’s critical, because approximately 23 percent of patients on dialysis die in the first year,” said Chonchol, an associate professor of nephrology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Aurora.    The study appears in the    Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.

My Comment:

So we hope for the ability to predict at-risk patients who will ultimately need dialysis.   This is essentially what rebels like me are so opposed to.  We all appreciate science and the marvels to be realized  therefrom, so there is no question on this.   What I take issue with is that the search always seems to be for yet one more drug,  pharmaceutical, etc., to offset one more problem or natural result of the body doing what is must do in order to try to right itself.   This is not a faulty or inadequate body that does not know how to take care of itself.   What it is, is a body struggling against insurmountable odds to function correctly, but crumbling under the load of toxins and an unhealthy lifestyle and improper diet and so on.

Allopathic approach is always messing around with symptoms and trying to fix “those” through one chemical or another rather than establishing the cause and effectively dealing with this.   Any chemical ‘fix’ is just that – one more chemical for the body to try to process and then eliminate.  But it is in trouble and needs relief from it’s problem – – not further offense.

It is good to remember that the body knows the difference between food and non-food.  Just like other things which defy imagination e.g.   how does the Sun know to rise in the East?. . .  .  .  basic instincts within all organisms seem to be able to differentiate this food / non-food issue.   Over time,  humanity seemed to fumble and pass on this basic, inborn, life-preserving  instinct, but we had it too.   Perhaps as our development evolved, some parts of ourselves (like brains) became more dominant while more instinctual parts of us dulled til we didn’t notice them anymore.  Who knows?

  • But the point is – – that which is good for our body (natural, unrefined, unprocessed flora and fauna) as close to nature as possible, IS recognized by the body as appropriate FOOD.
  • However that which is not recognized as food is not assimilated in the same manner and must be handled by the kidneys and liver to process and eliminate them.   The more non-food we ingest, the greater the burden to body.

The second  or non-food category includes all that is toxic on so many levels which includes OTC, pharmaceuticals, in short – – all that is perceived by the body to be not-food.  Take vitamins for example;  that which is lab-made and containing laboratory chemicals is not useful to our organism – does not nourish our body.  Rather than help – it is a burden to process and unload.

I’m not going to cover SAD and GMO’s and Monsanto and our chemical universe which seems to do us in.  We all pretty well know that story.  That’s for a different conversation – – this is about the burdens we place on our inner organs – the liver and kidneys in particular.

So apart from our poor food choices which bring about the need for relief in  the first place,  we are further burdened by modernity – – all the gadgets we feel we can’t live without,  like the possession and use of every electrical appliance and toy coming down the pike (TVs,  microwaves, computers) – our homes are veritable electro-magnetic factories, pinging us no matter what we do. Not discussed, nevertheless – harmful to our health.

As malaise begins to trouble us, we seek fixes from OTC easy stuff from the local stores.  As trouble mounts we turn to our trusted docs who have the bigger guns (which, to be fair – they have learned from their medical school training, shaped and funded by Big PhRMA). . . so this is automatic-reflex – – how could it be otherwise?  The trusted ‘lore’ which has been handed down from generation to generation has been shunted away and called ‘out-moded,’  passe and flat-out quackery.  Anything which doesn’t issue from BIG PhRMA simply isn’t worth speaking of.

While traditional medicine rules the day and  the allowed practices therein, other inquiring minds want to know more, dig deeper, go behind the accepted ‘norms’ to find out what causes all this sickness.   Answers for this don’t come out of a test tube or petri-dish, studying  diseases, but from close observation of the body itself and what it is telling us.

Back to the above article,  they are hopeful that this study may produce enough information  in order to prevent people from having to endure dialysis (which, again is not a cure, but better than nothing).   Intrigued, I followed the  link given to the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.  This was fabulous and informational, rich with references to other studies.   Had a blast.  Have to be a member, so could not download anything to bring forward to you other than scant notes I took.

The interactions between   Fibroblast growth factor-23  (FGF-23),  Vitamin D, and kiotho  form an endocrine axis for calcium and phosphate metabolism and derangement of this axis contributes to the progression of renal disease.  A very intricate description of how these various elements impinge on one another, pulling in aspects of  deficiency and over-production of others; secondary hyper-parahypothyroidism. . . and on it goes.   You can google this if you too would like to be blown away.  I could understand that we have a greater need for Vit D as it is being debilitated by the kidneys.  .  . and the entire endocrine system comes into play – one gland affecting the next one. . . easy to get lost with it all – but fun.

. . .and yet, someone like Dr Hulda R. Clark brings it all down so simply in her book that I keep speaking of.  She explains that the kidneys and adrenals function not as one, but so closely and that they are intimately involved with the heart and vascular system.  Great emphasis is made on the health and regard for our liver and kidneys

I’m trying to delineate the path by which our kidneys become sick (over-burdened).  With all the little clues left behind, like edema and swollen legs,   if we continue to injure rather than freeing the burden, the natural consequence will lead to the results in this article and then death.   Our attention should be directed to “what does the body need?”. . . not what new pill can we build.  What is wrong here?  Can we correct it?

Of courseright here beside me is Dr Clark’s book “THE CURE FOR ALL DISEASE,”   She does not address dialysisas she has  far simpler ways of dealing with a burdened kidney like the Kidney Herbs or the Kidney Cleanse. I’ll not ask you again to buy yourself a copy of this remarkable book.  But I’ll also, not type out literally pages from her book trying to tempt you into self-education.  One either wants to assume responsibility or not.  Doesn’t concern me as all are free to choose his/her own path.  Just know that in a matter of weeks, the Kidneys can be free flowing, freed of stones, able and willing to allow Vitamin D’s conversion to be able to bless our body with it’s benefits,   and once again functioning just as they used to.  Same with the Liver, tho of course it’s cleanse is different.

I personally need a tuneup and haven’t done the cleanses in several years.  So I shall start with the bowel cleanse and daily zapping (her zapper is great),  move on to the the Kidney cleanse and finally the liver cleanse.   I want to mention to you some isolated memos which are hand written scrawled notes to myself to help me remember what I was planning. These notes probably have no meaning for you, but they are and were relevant to what I was experiencing and wanted to correct.

  • heart and kidneys work together
  • over-weight is low energy condition.  Food is being turned into fat instead of energy.  Decision made by LIVER  need to do Liver Cleanse til no more stones come out  (can do every 2 weeks)
  • HBP,  controlled by adrenal glands mainly;  do Kidney cleanse  advises using extra Magnesium + B6
  • Hip pain is due to bacteria (2 sources, teeth and kidneys) Start the Kidney cleanse and keep zapping.
  • Shoulder pain: Stuck gallstones in the bile ducts of the liver. Kill parasites>3 wks kidney cleanse>liver cleanse only thing which eliminates shoulder pain /clears it (zapper won’t help), usually fatty trigger (dairy)
  • arthritis: herbal parasite program >zapping >Kidney cleanse > Liver cleanse. Determine body/acid Ph levels  and correct where needed.

As long as we rise each day, there is hope.   As long as there is hope, there is nothing we can’t do if we have a mind to.  Some of us are capable of much and still others of us need a little help.  Oftentimes, we just don’t like where we are, but there it is and we must deal with it.  Whatever it is – it is ours to do.  And we must do “it” our own way and in our own time.  Trust.  Go within, love the person you are, accept the now. . . .  .  and then, move forward.  Joy to you.     Jan

May 25, 2018

We ‘LOVE’ our athletes, . . don’t we?

I’m one who does, admiringly so!

It’s not just what they put into the sport;  nor what they give to us by way of our chosen enjoyment – –  I truly admire all that they must put into self discipline,   in the management of time constraints, choices and even sacrifice. . in order to do what they do.  Whatever sport, whichever gender,  whatever the level of achievement or recognition,  this class of our species is quite special and deserve honor and respect.   (there I go again, off the deep end – – actually any class of us who have some kind of desire which takes us into some quest which draws us whether it is dance, music, science or one of the arts, or I suppose – even ‘medicine’ – – we are all of us,  any of us – – to be admired for the guts, courage and fortitude to give it a go. . .let alone accomplish it)  .  .  .   just sayin’.  .  .     

So anyway, of recent times,  many of us probably have noticed an increasing occurrence with some degree of perplexity as some of our  noble athletic warriors take a knee before a game.  Even if one doesn’t happen to ‘get’ what its about,  one quickly learns that it is a silent but loud and peaceful protest against an ongoing reality which is part of their lives.  They live with it, but do not,  can not accept it and not say or do something, for there has been no control or correction of it.   So this is what they do.   What on-going reality?  Should one even tempt a  loud-mouthed, opinionated individual like me whose heart bleeds at so many promptings?   

I’ve opined over the dark-skinned issue brethren face on so many issues from natures health disparities when I have found them,   to the evils of on-going segregation within the legal system, penal system,  zoning and living communities, educational inequalities which then limit financial and future potential possibilities.   The woes, incarcerations and death rates have always been and remain disgracefully high.   All this to a class of people who were brought in chains to our shores – – AGAINST THEIR WILL,  many of whom were royalty in their own land.  Then, often treated like sub-humans or cattle over our history.  This is a permanent blight on our history.  But that some of us can not or will not see and learn enough to get that we are all the same species – HUMANS, . . .  built, think, feel and act and do the same, bleed the same. . . .die  the same.  It is asinine to think we must all look the same.  Every global community produces a differing  people in speech,  look, dress, diet and customs.   It is insane to think one might be better than another because of heritage, ancestor, wealth or location.   What sets us apart is our thinking;  for how we think determines how we feel.  How we think and feel will generally reflect how we act and relate to others. . .and this ultimately determines how we get along with one another.  So our family’s station or wealth,  or our ancestor’s fame has very little to do with the caliber of perception in our own eye.  It is important only, what each of us is capable of being, doing and giving to the world. 

When one thinks even minimally about this historic injustice which continues so blatantly, . .  .   taking a knee seems so very small and inconsequential, nor does  what the Washington ‘Destroyer’ has to say about anything – – it shouldn’t really matter for too much longer.  But today’s newspaper has an interesting commentary from Rob Oller.  I hadn’t thought about it before,  but I like it. . . think I agree with him.  Why not?  See what you think.                    Jan


National anthem has no place at sports events

Commentary by ROB OLLER

Athletes should neither stand nor kneel during the national anthem.  The same goes for fans.  Because the song should not be played in the first place.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            KABOOM

Seriously, beyond tradition, which is always changing,  why play the “Star Spangled Banner” before sporting events?  These are games, not political rallies.  You love your country?   So do I, but I don’t need to place my hand over my heart before an Ohio State football game to prove it.

Anti-American?  To the contrary, I prefer celebrating my freedom without fans spilling beer or bumping me on their way to the bathroom.

A better idea would be for each team to craft its own theme song  — many already have them,  dreadful though they may be — to play before games.  A sports themed tune for a sporting event.  What a concept.  (Aside:  while we’re at it,  why does one football fight song represent nearly every college sport?  E.g.  “Drive, drive on down the field,”  makes no sense at an Ohio State basketball game.)

Don’t get me wrong,  I  like our national anthem.  Difficult to sing, yes,  but it stirs the emotions in the proper context.  It’s just that a sporting event, other than the Olympics or other international events, seldom is that setting.

Please  prove to me the value of exalting the United States prior to athletes whacking a tennis ball or running a 100-meter dash.  To honor those who serve our country or who paid the ultimate price defending our freedom?   Sorry, it doesn’t wash.  I have family members who ultimately paid that price and I guarantee it was not so LeBron could drop a triple-double on the Celtics.  And last I looked, China is a communist country where fans fans get to watch sports.   Just like us.  There goes that argument.

The hot-button issue of athletes protesting against treatment of African-Americans in the U.S.  took a new turn on Wednesday when the NFL outlined a plan allowing each team to decide its own anthem policy,   and removed the requirement that players must be on the sideline for the anthem.   Players now will have the option to remain in the locker room.

The aim of my drop the-anthem agenda is not to sweep the controversy under the rug and eliminate a public forum by which athletes can protest,  Players have a right to  kneel during the anthem, and teams and leagues have a right to discipline them.  Even actions that are legal have consequences.

Politics did not drive my opinion. The current hullabaloo simply triggered in me an innocent question:  Why play the anthem before games?  I  checked history.    The earliest documented performance of the “Star-Spangled Banner” before a sporting event occurred on May 15, 1862, at a baseball game in Brooklyn, New York.  But for decades the song was reserved for special occasions such as opening day, according to Marc Ferris in “Star-Spangled Banner:  The Unlikely Story of America’s National Anthem.”

It was not until 1931 that the anthem went national, with President Herbert Hoover signing a bill making the “Star-Spangled Banner” our official anthem.

And it was not until World War 11 that the anthem became standard protocol at sporting events.   Why?   Mostly because stadium sound systems improved,  allowing for recorded music.  So there you have it,  a tradition born of technology as much as patriotism.

Given current circumstances, I say respect and protect the national anthem, not only from kneeling athletes and image-conscious owners,  but also from a party atmosphere — and lets face it, a here-we-go-again attitude, that elevates casual take-for-granted routine over reflection.

It’s time to stop playing the anthem before “Play ball.”




May 10, 2018

Fine day/way to “Exit”

Saluting DAVID GOODALL (a kindred soul)

Have this article about a 104 year-old Australian scientist who is making a choice that many may find all the way from remarkable to flat-out unreasonable or even evil.  He is choosing his day to die (today),  in a manner of his choice as well.   This is not triggered by suffering and pain, on the contrary, by many standards, he seems in quite good shape.  The article is short, but in his own words, if interested to know why. 

It is unthinkable to my mind that the magnificence, perfection, intelligence and beauty of anything so immense and complete as that which created all-that-is  (that which is called by many names to infer ‘GOD’). . . .  .  would, in the least – be offended.  For intelligence, mind and choice are built into our design.  If we are to observe and learn from  scripture and other ancient lore. . .or our ever-expanding body of science, we understand that we don’t destroy matter, we alter or change it. Cycles and change are also a part of it all.  All life is in a constant state of flux, from the leaves falling from the tree to the fermentation process going on in my kitchen as I ferment my foods .. Kombucha, sourdough bread (starter) or the tangy vegetables I enjoy making.   Sandor Katz brings all this home beautifully in his book – – WILD FERMENTATION. . . a book people buy for its great food recipes.  Just happens, he also is deep into the nature thing. 

So  then,  do we die?  Sure looks like we do.   Many make a huge deal of it. . rituals, celebrations of one kind or another, burials, cremation.  A great many leave with no one noticing, no fanfare.  Many say its like going to sleep here one day and then waking up in full awareness – elsewhere.  It is said that we are part of the all,  always have been and always will be – – life is eternal.   To get a hint of such simplicity, is kinda comfortable. . not worrying about the mind games of hell and damnation and all the thou shalt(s) and shalt nots.  But I digress.  .  . 

I have [from time to time]  spoken my mind clearly on this issue.  As I believe in self-determination for our own life patterns, so I do also in our own end time or death.  Physician assisted suicide should be legal, an option. I do not mean that all physicians ‘must’ do this on demand, of course. . . but that it should be available – – a painless choice to end a life when there is no desire to continue on.  Much can bring this about, without feeling the need to deliberate the reasons for there are as many reason to check out as there are to really want to live and keep on keeping on.  We are all different.  My personal feeling is much like David’s.  When I loose function, can no longer participate or my senses have all failed me (being a worshiper of beauty in all it’s glorious forms)  – when all choice is gone, why remain? Doesn’t our governmental budgetary needs depress everyone?   Why spend millions, doping, drugging and housing millions who have outlived their usefulness, can’t function, live intolerable pain – – aren’t loved and in many cases, not even known by another? IMO, 9 out of 10 would rather be gone – free.   Why must someone in such circumstances (wanting out of life as he/she knows it)be forced to become a criminal (by certain legal standards) to kill himself?  Or worse yet guilt a loved on into an act of ‘murder’? Where is sanity, heart, ethics in any of this.  How is justice served by forcing frail, weakened,  suffering individuals of any description to an existence of misery? 

We have 6 states which allow physician assisted suicide.  I strongly urge America to wake up and be compassionate to those who suffer (in so many ways) and wish to end it all, because enduring is repugnant for them. Make this the law nationally before such a fate has the potential to place you in such a predicament and unable to help yourself.      Jan



BASEL, Switzerland — A 104-year-old Australian scientist who flew to Switzerland this week to die in an assisted-suicide facility says he has no doubts about going through with his plan on Thursday and hopes his case will draw attention to the issue of aging and dying.

“My abilities and eyesight are declining, and I no longer want to live this way,” David Goodall told reporters from a wheelchair at his last news conference.

Asked if he had any doubts, even fleeting, he said, “None whatsoever.”

“I hope something positive will come out of my story and that other countries will adopt a more liberal view of assisted suicide,” the renowned biologist and ecologist said. “I’d like to be remembered as an instrument for freeing the elderly to choose their own death.”

At the end of the news conference, Goodall was asked what he would choose as his final song. He responded by singing in German Ode to Joy from Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.

“I am happy to have this opportunity, which I call the Swiss option,” he said. “I just wish Australia offered me this possibility. But other countries lag behind Switzerland.”

Goodall, who arrived in Basel on Monday, flew from his home in Perth, Australia, where assisted suicide is banned to Switzerland, where the practice is legal. He has arranged to die at the Lifecircle assisted-suicide center.

He said Wednesday he has had no pressure from his family to change his mind. “My grandson Daniel will be with me in the final hours,” he said.

Assisted suicide is legal in a handful of countries, including Canada, Belgium and the Netherlands, but only applies to their own residents who have incurable diseases.

In the USA, assisted suicide is legal in Oregon, Vermont, Washington, California, Colorado, Hawaii and Washington, D.C. In Montana, medical aid in dying has been legal since a State Supreme Court ruling in 2009

Switzerland’s right-to-die legislation, based on the constitutional right of each person to determine the manner of his or her death, is much broader. It doesn’t exclude foreigners and gives patients the option to end their life if they have psychological or physical problems associated with age.

The Swiss Academy of Medical Science said this year the right to die should be extended to those who are not terminally ill but live with intolerable pain.

Dignitas, one of  Switzerland’s three assisted-death groups, told USA TODAY in a statement that Goodall’s decision is “the consequence of the absurd Australian law, upheld by ignorant politicians, which denies people like Mr. Goodall access to legal, humane and compassionate end-of-suffering options.”

Ruedi Habegger, co-founder of Eternal Spirit, another right-to-die group, said Australia’s refusal is “an atrocity.” Goodall “should be able to die at home in his bed, like we can do here in Switzerland,” he told Swiss media this week.

Goodall, described by the right-to-die group Exit International as its first member, said he tried clumsily to take his life himself at least three times — and then finally decided to get professional help.

Goodall is an honorary research associate at Edith Cowan University in the West Australian capital of Perth and has produced more than 100 research papers and earned three doctorates. In 2016, at 102, the university ordered him to leave his office, calling him a safety risk to himself. Goodall challenged the decision, which was reversed after an outpouring of public support.

Earlier this year, however, Goodall fell while at home alone in his one-bedroom apartment and remained on the floor for two days until he was found by his cleaner, according to The New Daily.

Afterward, Goodall said he was considered incapable of looking after himself. Moreover, most of his friends were dead.

“Up to the age of 90 I was enjoying life, but not now,” he said. “It has passed me by, and I have done the best I can with it.”

His final news conference Wednesday was aimed at drawing attention to his desire to end his life in hopes that countries such as Australia change laws to be more accepting of assisted suicide.

“His story of elective, rational suicide by the elderly is an important one,” said Philip Nitschke, director of Exit International, a right-to-die organization in Australia and other countries where assisted suicide is illegal.

On Thursday, a friend will accompany Goodall to Lifecircle, where he is to receive a fatal dose of barbiturates. The lethal cocktail is normally ingested, but since Goodall can’t swallow, the substance will be injected intravenously. Goodall himself will have to open the valve that releases the liquid to comply with Swiss law that bans the interference of third parties in this process.

“The supply of the drug will be filmed. This is the only reliable evidence that the (patient) has executed the application himself/herself and in full awareness,” Lifecircle explained on its website.

“Falling asleep occurs within a few minutes. Death usually follows within half an hour,” the group said.

Some religious groups and others have spoken against the voluntary death. In 2016, a Swiss bishop told Catholic priests not to give last rites to people seeking assisted suicide.

No one can financially benefit from an assisted suicide, and patients must be mentally capable of making the decision and not be coerced by someone else. A Swiss doctor was to question Goodall to make sure he is of sound mind and his wish to die is well thought out.

May 5, 2018

Seems off? go deeper

Time flies, even when you’re NOT having fun

Just “Perception, I guess

Until putting up the Stem-cell/Jack Nicklaus post just now,  I had no idea that a month had gone by.  My friends who still drop by, thank you for your patience.   Needless to say, I’ve been a tad ‘under-the-weather’ .  . . and have in fact, missed my good times at the computer and playing around as if I had every right to this joy.  This is at the very least a hint that I probably shouldn’t be doing this anymore.         

Let me just say that while almost everything still works (kinda),  this everything that I am goes at a much reduced speed and not nearly as capably or efficient as one might have been accustomed to.  Plus, adding to the pot – I repeat that I do not accept it as self-love to go on about such stuff, for it is self destructive and I need all the help and love I can muster just to keep on keeping on.  So I’m singing to my teakettle, thanking all my appliances and implements for the brilliance and kindness they continue to show me.  Keeping up with all the changes and adjustments can be challenging; so sometimes, ya have to dig a bit deeper to see the always present blessings. 

Some stuff remains:  I love good food,. . like to eat – habit of mine – – so I still rank this highly – very important! So while I try to simplify,  try not to skimp [ya know – budgetary demands], . . . it’s gotta taste good. Takes some doing to keep my health/supplement protocols straight and organized.  But there’s this array of stuff that I also enjoy like the Kombucha and yes – – the sourdough bread. Wouldn’t willingly give either one up. . . am loving them greatly.  Plus all the other stuff I’ve done for myself for years (cosmetics, dental, colloidal silver, daily gallon or two of distilled water, and so on.  The bread becomes more and more rewarding and fun as I go. I now realize that the stone-ground whole wheat (organic) and the Rye are hugely preferable to the plain ole white sourdough I used to love.  Its more flavorful and richer than the so-called San Francisco sourdough bread.  Who knew?   And while I labored over every step I took while learning this new  method of letting the wild yeast in the air be my source rather than so-called baker’s yeast, I’ve made so many loaves now that I HAVE come to trust my gut/instinct and go by “feel”  rather than the printed page quantities.  So I don’t actually know how many cups of flour or even the water has turned out to be.  The white flour rises easily and beautifully, while the stone ground and the rye both are harder to do, don’t rise nearly as much. . . but oh, so much tastier.  Have made both, love ’em all.

Meanwhile, my hair has grown 1/2 way down my back.  I’m a weirdo I guess, since I love the feel of hair on my neck and shoulders.It is kinda a comfort for the most part.  For some weeks now, I have been harboring the idea that I needed a new, shorter and easier style.  I have always taken care of my own style (cut, color, perms and so on).  The loss of dexterity in my hands and the stiffness of my joints now suggested that I not try this on my own any more.  As time goes by, more and more of what was normal for me is no more.  But I also remember the few times I went to a pro and returned home and cried.  I’m so picky I guess.  But I did study hairdressing in 1949 and again in 1978, so I did know a thing or two about hair care.   Monday, the desire overtook me and I cut my hair.   I knew what I wanted and thot it’d be too hard to try to explain to another, so I started.  Was kinda pleased. . well, the rear looked a bit botched, but  it was clear what I was trying to do. Figured a pro could clean it up for me.  Almost > had to work further once I got home. But, s’Okay. I’ll try to get a shot when my son comes over and show you. Clearly, I’m yoyo-ing up and down, what the heck – it’s fun.

My year and a half of stress (re-construction of property where I live), loss (Heidi) and difficulties (health loss and mounting woes) has in fact taken a good sized toll on me.  Coming in my late 80’s has been harder to deal with.  But deal I must – what are the options? With the leader we have, our political system’s hard won benefits to/for the people have been one by one trashed  or shut down.   Seems we, the proud middle class have become an inconvenient obstacle to be overlooked as we fall into sub-classes not worthy of consideration.  I’ve lived in my lovely apartment for over 21 years, happy to be here.  Perhaps the last ten years, I’ve been on section 8 for help with rent. Social Security alone is my income. 

I am grateful deeply for all that I have and I have somehow managed to get by.  But that is not to say that I don’t have a few thousand in Credit Card debt.  I am paying for Medicare tho I don’t use doctors, nor would I ingest ANY pharmaceuticals for any reason.  All that I do to help cope with my 6 chronic diseases comes out of my own pocket.  I daresay, I may be doing better than most I know, even with their doctors help.    So what major thing did I get out of this last year and a half?  Huge stressors.  Who of us doesn’t know, stress is a killer?  Some who know me pretty well, intelligent, educated – – insist that I certainly don’t have Alzheimers!  They know what it looks like and I am not that.  Learned not to waste my energy on a closed mind.  But those who have been with me of late, can see a rather different Jan.   Stress has weakened my otherwise ‘controlled’ structure.  Big things, simple things rock my boat and overwhelm then dissolves me, no matter who is there at the moment.  Composure seems gone, I break down and weep.   It comes and goes.  I still function with only my own council.  There is no one to help in figuring some of this stuff out.    This week, I paid my new rent which is supposed to help National Church Residences regain their financial stability for all which they have incurred this last year or so. (None of which I wanted, and much which I deeply don’t like – consider a loss). My new rent is $165.00 more each month (which impacts my ability to buy food and health care stuff)   So I wrote out the check, because I never ‘don’t pay my bills’.  I’ll have to plan as well as possible so I can maintain a proportionate demeanor for my surroundings, plants and general environment.  Why?  Because what,  who and how we are comes through us and out to the universe.  .  . and I do so wish for peace for our blessed Universe.  Let harmony with all its natural discordants prevail.  The design is perfect.   This is only a test.  Being true to self, we can prevail.       Jan

Stem-cell ‘treatment’ remarkable or what?


Reading this in my paper on the 2nd, I was stunningly impressed – sounds miraculous.  I am so pleased for Jack Nicklaus or anyone else who might venture into this innovative new therapy.  When you read the article, its easy to see there is quite a bit involved here. It does seem to be a marvelous use of the progressive medical mind toward the betterment of human health and the reduction of PAIN.  That’ll get my vote every time.   

If it was just shooting him up with a bunch of chemicals, for me – there would have been no appeal; but this sounds delightfully organic and nature based . . . kinda hard to equate with my usual thinking of most anything coming out of the medical model we live with in the 21st century.  Mind-blowing, indeed.    I do question how relevant this will be for the millions who might get excited enough to try this on for size. .. and who might be able to afford it?    Hard to believe how quickly it seems to work and how long it seems to last.   There is much, much more to learn, obviously.      Still,  its progress, wouldn’t you agree?                   Jan

Stem-cell treatments aid Nicklaus

For more than 20 minutes Tuesday afternoon, Jack Nicklaus stood and held court with the media after hosting the Legends Luncheon fundraiser.

That was twice as long as Nicklaus said he could have stayed on his feet a couple of years ago. But in 2016, Nicklaus underwent an innovative stem-cell therapy procedure in Germany that relieved the back pain that he had fought throughout his legendary golf career.

On Saturday, he had the procedure done again in Munich, this time to alleviate shoulder pain from rotator cuff injuries. Nicklaus revealed the 2016 procedure to CNN last week and expounded on it Tuesday at the Ohio Union.

“I had my neck and lower back done two years ago,” Nicklaus said. “I couldn’t stand here like this two years ago for 10 minutes. I don’t hurt hitting a golf ball anymore. I don’t hurt hitting a tennis ball anymore, which is why I went over there to do that (second procedure).”

Nicklaus said the therapy involved removing about a pound of adipose fat from his stomach. The doctor then used an enzyme to extract stem cells from the fat before re-injecting them back into his body.

“They stuck me in 27 places,” Nicklaus said. “Stem cells are an amazing thing.”

Nicklaus said he was kept in the hospital in Munich overnight but played five holes of golf the next day. He flew back to the U.S. and attended a banquet in Athens, Georgia, on Monday.

On Tuesday, he hosted the Legends Luncheon, which raised a record $1.25 million for the Nicklaus Children’s Health Care Foundation and Nationwide Children’s Hospital. The luncheon is start of the run-up to the Memorial Tournament, which is a month away.

“To have the whole community be involved and want to be involved, you’ve got to have a cause,” Nicklaus said, “and the cause in this case is kids. It’s pretty hard to turn down kids.”

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