The people who live in southern Morrow and Marion counties, and also northern Delaware County, understand that two commercial hog factories are planned in our area, to be located in southeastern Marion County. We currently have five of these commercial businesses within a 5-mile radius of our home. We are aware of the odor, road deterioration and bug problems that accompany these installations, and understand a drop in property values would occur.

Even though the problems mentioned above are extremely important to those of us living in the immediate area, we have a far greater concern regarding a problem that could affect a much larger population. There are numerous hog factories in western Marion County.

Hundreds of thousands of gallons of chemically treated waste from these facilities will be spread or injected in the fields surrounding the factories in all three counties. Runoff from the entire area ends in tributaries that feed waterways that provide water to our area (through Delaware County water systems) and to cities and counties south of our area (Delaware and Columbus, for example), and not to ignore the rural people who have wells as their primary water source.

 These factories hide under the guise of agricultural farms. They are commercial businesses located on farming property. How many will be too many? How soon will our waterways and supply be compromised?

We do not want these additional factories located here. We ask all who would be affected to insist the owners provide proper control of their facilities.

Carl and Yvonne Hines