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February 21, 2017

How I make LIPO-C and G

DIY Liposomal Encapsulated 

Vitamin C or Glutathione

Since most of us don’t have a clue about our expiration dates, we really don’t know how much time we ever have left.  And maybe that’s a good thing.   Many of us would stress over it or become depressed. . .loose enthusiasm and drive, no matter if it were to be a few months or maybe a decade. Not a good way to live or function. If we want to be upset or fret, we need look no further that the scene in Washington  which I have had to drastically limit.  Can’t watch normal dosage of TV or see that face, except on Saturday night.  It’s not easy being an ostrich when we all know I’m a fairly progressive liberal housing a raving Pit-Bull inside.  Ain’t easy, but I keep trying. 

Back to my reference to discretionary time,  I don’t cite this only with regard the years lived already, but in terms of my desires, stuff I still want to do.  Guess I’m thinking of what’s possible, what I want.  Creative expression has always been my thing; painting during the first half of life – – knee deep in oils and sketching.  But now thru this blog (a great joy to me), a venue to share so many of my innate interests of all things beautiful, uplifting and so of this world about which I care so much. And of course health and all which is natural and points toward that.  Other than Heidi’s absence, I couldn’t feel more blessed.  

If I had a bucket list, one of the highly desired items which beckons me is a smallish, simply done book of modern health woes, their causes (generally speaking), followed by thoughtful, inexpensive logical and totally natural methods or dietary requirements to vanquish them (so-to-speak).  That would really be overwhelmingly joyous, I kid you not.  Sound too far out?  Been kinda doing that for nine years now along with “We Eat Horses, don’t we?,”  spectacular full Moons, Mama cat nursing a Pit-Bull puppy with her own babes. . . and ordinary people doing spectacular things.    

My desire to do this is a hankering to help others such as myself who have never really been served well by the medical profession.  By the time I learned enough to be able to ask the right questions it seems the ‘noble profession’ had become mostly another kind of “business” and causation was no longer in fashion. . .most illness were said to be idiopathic, so pharmaceuticals became the answer to most woes. What this means to Americans is tragic.  We are the only educated, civilized nation in the  modern world NOT  to grant medical care to all citizens.  But the cost of medicines continue to go up.  Specialization is supreme; the virtuous “Family doctor’ of yester-year who knew the body and how it worked, kept entire families on the go and functioning well,  but sadly, is hard to find and a dyeing breed.

Only the wealthy and the very needy are able to receive the benefit of medicine, such as it is. Millions are uninsured, thus, can’t avail medicine at all.   Insurance per se is a deterrent and waste of money.  BIG PhRMA  is the true heavy in it all.  I haven’t seen a doctor in at least 6 years; take no meds – NONE!    Yet I’m still losing $106   monthly from my Social Security to pay for Medicare – for nothing.  

Anyway,  thought I’d share with you what I have in mind for down the road, but that is not to say I’ll for sure – be able to accomplish (ya never know about some things).  So, just in case, my backup plan is to start posting smallish posts on various health issues that I can address now (or have already somewhere along the line), or revamped some, etc.,.  

Below is from my own records (I use) to make Liposomal anything (in this case Vitamin C and also Glutathione).  For about a year, I’ve made the LIPO C using so-called vitamin C which modern sophisticates insist is Vitamin C. They argue it IS C period, end of discussion. But it is “ascorbic acid” which is only a small component of nature’s Vit C which is a complex of many variables.  In nature, one does not find C in quantity levels above say 100 mg’s.  Doesn’t need higher amounts because of it’s unique complex which is remarkable in ability to heal all sorts of ills.   Animals internally make it, but humans don’t and we need to supplement it.  So, all info that I’ve found is using Ascorbic Acid.  So I did too.  Cheap – about $20 or less for a big bag from Bulk Supplements or Powder City (online). . .good to go for a family for months to a year.  This C doesn’t taste good, bitter and sour,  can upset some people.   4 or 5 months ago, started making with organic C in it’s natural form. Wow, what a difference.  Smooth tasting, easy to down.  Loved it.  But was breaking my budget.  Tried several brands and ran from $12 to $25 for a 10 – 12 ounce jar of organic powder.  I am gonna have to return to cheaper vitamin C.  

I  pay around $60 for Glutathione powder for 100 grams which is about 3.5 ounces.  Yeah, WOW.  But when you consider the $100’s or thousands spent for medical injections of it  all over the world  — its a bargain.  Even tho I have a number of favorite online sources,  I still put my desired product in the browser and search for the exact item I want , but for the best price.. . see, I have more time than money.   The Ultrasonic machine I have is a Professional  Stainless Steel 2L Ultrasonic Cleaner Heater Timer with Bracket”   Paid $69.99 with free shipping thru ebay and the seller was Factory Direct Sales. I love it.  Works great        

So read thru the notes below and see what you think of it.      If it seems like something you’d be interested in, immerse yourself in it a bit.  Go online and read about Glutathione. . .is this something which might serve you well?  Do you know that it is vital to so many functions?   After age 20 something we start to dwindle in the amount  our body makes.  By forty its down by 1/2 By 70’s and 80 hardly any trace of it at all, yet its the Master anti-oxidant and healer.  But this stuff wasn’t designed to protect us thru old age, but to ensure the species continued and we could produce our young.     Give it a go if it sound interesting to you.  Hope I haven’t made it sound scary or hard to do.  It’s pretty easy.  It’s my nature to overwork stuff trying to be sure I’m on solid ground.  ah well. . . JAN     


LIPO  C  and  LIPO G

 Liposomal Encapsulated Vitamin C and Glutathione

Step 1

3 T Sunflower Lecithin              this must soak to absorb fluid 2 hrs or overnight  – which I often do;
2 C Distilled Water                    so put in Frig to keep cool, or risk “oxidizing”  which can happen with oils, not good,

Step 2

2 T  Ascorbic Acid                     Stir, whisk and let stand in covered jar before adding to Lecithin.  Then
1 ½ C Distilled Water              Combine both liquids (I put in 1 qt Measure)  Blend together, but gently.  Why gentle or slowly?
Foam gathers.  Prevents sonication  like it should.  Machine needs to break up all those bubbles before the sound waves can get the job done.  So don’t allow too many bubbles, and those that do happen, try to scoop off and toss.

Step 3

Pour all into the Ultrasound.  Pretty well fills up the two liter unit .  NEVER USE HEAT, just the Timer. Mine can be set for 30″ so 
I just down-arrow to 30″..My experience has shown  that  15″ is enough, so I just down arrow to that. Hit start button.   Good to go
There’s not too many bubbles, but if need to,  use a plastic spoon to scoop out.  Instructions say to stir constantly.  NOT NEEDED!  Stir every 8 to 10 minutes or so til done.   Will be beautifully “cooked”.

Don’t add metal to the brew – messes with sonication, use glass rod or plastic, but not wood as it absorbs.  Ready to be labeled and bottled
and put in frig for storing.  Must be kept under refrigeration to ensure its shelf-health for a week or two. If ya gotta take it with – use an insulated bag


EMPTY STOMACH – Really important or ugly stuff, can happen  – be sick – throw up if mix food in gut w/Lipo.
NORMAL maintenance     dosage is 1 r 2 shots daily as needed or forever.  A shot is normally 1 to 2 oz   I  Take about  2T of Lipo C plus 2 or 3T of LIPO G.   Son uses 1T C & 2 G.

Had hard time with taking it during day (empty stomach thing) – got upset  2 different times when I wasn’t careful about timing and had to vomit.  I really hate to vomit!  So I take it during the night because I get up to pee and is safe.  Son takes his before bed every day.

FOR THE LIPO G  (Glutathione = GSH). . . just do the same thing!  Make it the same way.  But of course, process separately and jar/store separately.  Not  a rule – just makes sense.  It is more costly, obviously, so I make a bit smaller batches:  2 -3 T Sunflower Lecithin mixed with 1 ½ C Water mix and put in frig. But when I need to make both of the products same time — I double up to 7 T  Lecithin in 2 or 3 C water overnight in frig and put  2T G in 1 jar w/water and the 2 – 3 T C in the other.  Mix each, leave out on countertop.  Doesn’t take any longer, except there’s two times with the Ultrasound.  The jars I use to store the Lipo in, I paint on a C or a G with red nail-polish so I know which I’m taking  

Don’t forget, Youtube has gobs of videos to watch;  one of the first and best ones I watched was “How to make Liposomal encapsulated Vitamin C at home!”  (duration time 8:13)  by Bridget Davis, The Internet Chef  with over 93,527 views.  She points out that this is 6 to 8 times more powerful than the medical IV treatment which is so much more costly.

You may or may not know that one can Liposomally  Encapsulate any product or substance you choose.  The reason behind the Glutathione is kinda simple actually;  it’s quite costly, doesn’t absorb well in our gut (is destroyed by stomach acids) – broken down- before has a chance to work for us.  but if it is LIPO- G,  it is easily transported undetected because it is bound up in the ‘Lecithin’ coat it is traveling in which  is okay, as the body recognizes it – thus enters the bloodstream with access to cells where it is needed.  Its true that I ascribe Coconut oil with the major thrust in dealing with my Alzheimer’s issue (along with a lot of other supplements as well),  but it is the Glutathione which improved my focus so that I ‘could’ function.

For the Alzheimer’s thing, I took it several times a day in the beginning, but those two episodes were bad enuff for me that I didn’t want to play games guessing whether my stomach was empty.  (One should eat nothing 1 hour before or after the Lipo  to ensure routine, normal function.)  For anybody willing to write down when they ate. . . shouldn’t be a problem.  All five of my chronic diseases are better, including the alzheimer’s, arthritis,  blood pressure is normal now,  COPD doesn’t seem to be there anymore and my thyroid is under control.  Of course, I’ve been working on all this stuff on my own for about 5 years and about a year on the LIPO. But my brain is better now and THAT IS WHAT I was after.



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