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July 24, 2016

Vaccines, what we’re told (or choose ?)

Are you a go-along, or a free thinker?

Perhaps I have radiated my passion on this subject almost more than any other through my 2300 some odd posts over my 8 plus years because I carry an obvious dominant “Earth-Mother” type of gene.  If I could protect them all, I would – – but alas, I’m only one voice in this great human complex.  I am not alone.  There are countless compassionate, learned  among us including clear-thinking physicians who see and speak the truth against this gigantic medical aggression birthed from the greed of the powerful Pharmaceutical  industry whose goal is profit and domination — not the welfare of the end users.  (mostly our children)

In a government which truly desired to serve the public needs and protect them — this would never have been possible — that  such power and authority would be allowed exemption from liability  of harm caused.  It could not happen!  We are not slaves.  We are free citizens with rights and CHOICE IS THE MAIN ONE. The list of vaccinations has grown far beyond the boundaries of reason, and far too many of them are now mandated!  Our children are being maimed, deprived of the lives they were entitled to.   Autism and assorted other neurological diseases have grown at such a devastating rate which has nothing whatever to do in any way with the evolutionary process.  This is injury – pure and simple.  When I was born – these things were unheard of.  two generations later – rare  (no more than 1 in a thousand.  Now of course as much as one child out 6 to 10!  Results: Autism. ADD, ADHD, auto-immune diseases of – endless varieties. And all idiopathic – cause unknown!  Could anything be more bizarre?  Imagine- 12 plus years and closing in on $1,00,000. and doctors don’t know beans about health (or how to protect it) or what causes sickness as it occurs.  It shouldn’t seem odd that we don’t ‘get better’ with  (RX) medicine – – they are chemical-based and generally toxic.  So, reduced to extreme simplicity — its too much bad stuff (sugars, chemicals, toxins) and not enough of the good (pure water, clean wholesome food w/o poisons)

One doesn’t load a newborn with toxins for there has not been  time to develop necessary immunity to withstand ANY invasion — they,  like their toddler brethren just need love and protection from injury . . and natural exposure to their world which is full of dirt, germs and all kinds of bacteria.  Much of this first link to immunity starts with natural birthing down the vaginal canal. . .which far too many women today opt to avoid with a C-section.  Baby’s loss.  Antiseptic surroundings – ditto — baby’s loss!  We need the earliest contact with our natural world, one germ at a time so the immune system can learn to recognize and deal with what is,  . .  .  one germ at a time.  These easy, natural concepts come down to us thru observing history and what was and still is.  

So am I against doctors?  Gee whiz – NO.  Doctors are who we see when we break a piece or part of our body, or something dreadful goes wrong. They have been well-trained in biological function and care. . . kind of like taking your car to the mechanic, just something common sense dictates.  Most of them can’t advise us with proper care of the body. . .what to eat or why.   (YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!  ya shouldn’t be surprised, I’m always saying that!)    Further, I believe that most who go thru all that training and sacrifice ARE well motivated to help.  No,  I blame BIG PhRMA who endows and controls what doctors are taught. .which in the end can lead to many unhappy, unfulfilled doctors suffering burn-out with the stressful lives they lead. (not a good thing all around).  

So what am I saying-what’s my point?    Carping, criticizing and /or “Against-ness” is not the answer.  All have a right to own opinion- CHOICE. But under no circumstance is it alright  to impose our choices onto others — actually, it should be seen as a criminal thing to do.  Whether an individual or a giant corporation — this isn’t allowed, for this is the path of injury and dominance.  We can settle for being told what to do,  what’s best for us and so on.  In that path however – we yield choice and suffer the consequences rightly or wrongly.   S’ the way it works. Or we can chose to be responsible for our actions  This would entail  learning what our body needs.  First, it helps to really love and respect that wonderful body and be grateful for all the continued effort it keeps on giving you.  My own gratitude for this body keeps increasing believe it or not!  Where there is LOVE  and acceptance of what is,  sequeys toward appreciation  which demands doing the best for ourself that we can.  DESIRE is an impetus which drives us  toward our goal.  If I want the best for myself,  my body or whatever. . it is natural to be drawn toward it.  Again – s’the way it works!  First the choice,  then- the seeking > your path >followed by some trial and error,  and on to success and satisfaction.  Clues are everywhere.  So many have come before us and are, in fact — all around us, always.  . .just saying. . .  .  

This following article is loaded with much to think about; its from NATIONAL VACINE INFORMATION CENTER. . brave, courageous people committed to sharing facts.  While I am in “complete accord” with what they present, I felt I was brow-beating my readers with my own preferences, so haven’t run one of them in quite a while.     Just click the link below. . .  .  .you’ll see what I mean. .  .  .   Good people, trying to help others.  

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Published by the National Vaccine Information Center

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