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January 21, 2017

Your States are calling the Shots!

so Fight like Hell and say NO

While we have been  embroiled sweating the small stuff (and there’s so much of it), . . . really BIG stuff has been going on around us and behind closed doors, for some time.  Not that we hadn’t noticed — — there’s just so much one can adequately do. From day one of Kasich’s term in office – ( a seeming nice man, well spoken, intelligent) I began noticing many changes — all to the detriment of the struggling working class.   In lock step, with total control, he and his legislature began cutting back on every thing which was in place to benefit common folk, like schools, health clinics, libraries; squashed the fine consumer’s council out of business with cuts to financing designed to do just that.  Drug pushers were a top priority, then the educational system – destroyed and replaced by Charter Schools with whom arrangements/contracts were put into place without even the least oversight.   With feeble attempts at seeking justice, these much touted  operators took the assets which they had demanded and fled, after the so-called failures.

Clinics were closed down,  public health issues are scandalous.  Too many Ohio babies don’t make it to age one, but the black babies have double the mortality rate.  The gerrymandering which has been done since before I even got here in ’94 — is so much worse now, I fear it will go on into  perpetuity.  So yes, there’s a lot to ponder.   Any of this can just be called ‘political’  ramblings.  But I see it as needs of real people, not being met – even with the law to back it up. .  e.g. Roe vs Wade – settled law, abortions ARE legal.   I get that Republicans  have sensitive, emotional – ethical standards, but it doesn’t seem to bother those standards as people are made to suffer in order for them to sleep better at nights.  Justice wan’t designed just for the affluent or fortunate,  but for every one of us.    All of this is important.  No question.  

But for me, “above and behind” every issue which can be named, stands HEALTH.  And one’s right to health and to be fully capable of protecting it.   We are not slaves or unthinking idiots . . .we are free,  born with rights which are being eroded.  No person should be mandated to allow vaccines to enter his body if he does not choose to allow it.  The vaccine issue is so corrupt    (no – not going into that again/check it out – everything is out there or here).  There has NEVER been proof that these hundreds of vaccines are safe.    But life itself is mirroring back to us how health standards have changed since the advent of these multiple vaccines became ‘standard procedure’. Autism – rare 50 or more years ago,  is rampant now along with other neurological disorders and learning disabilities.  

But instead of  addressing the issues raised by millions of families whose children have been injured and killed from all this – – insulting degradation has been hurled at them to denounce those parents and families whose lives have been ruined as rabble-rousers and simply, uninformed.    This is cruel, unjust — the act of bullies.  

The diminished state of health is due to more that just vaccines, to be sure.   It’s the highly organized medical system which is so profit driven that they haven’t practiced “good medicine” for decades now.  Most physicians are symptom manipulators  with  no time or inclination to ‘heal’ by seeking causation in order to remedy illness with proper guidance.  Hence, it is ’cause unknown.’  This affirms how lacking Medical schools are.   There are so many bright minds out there who DO  go on to learn of the many resources which have always been available to us.  It was in the original plans, including all those plants and herbs and clean, sparkling water.  We need hormonal balance,  plenty of enzymes and minerals and vitamins.  But we don’t need laboratory-made chemicals in our body for they are toxic to us and further burden an already suffering, weakened organism. The body heals itself when it receives what it needs.  

Our country needs to put medicine on an even keel by granting equal privilege to doctors who heal with herbs of the field and other specialties which we generally term  “alternative.” Can we even imagine what this could do to the American financial budget?   We’d save billions right off the bat.  Big PhRMA would get its comeuppance and most doctors would have to make some changes if they  want to stay alive.  Ya just can’t say that most illnesses are “idiopathic” and keep getting away with it.   And then, there’s the stuff about the food, our choices – right? Starts there.  

Forgive the ‘soapbox” my friends (you knew how much I try to simplify, but I keep getting carried away)  This post was started to advise you of serious stuff going on in most of the states.  Because I do subscribe (FREE) to NVIC, I get these emails and this one I wanted to share with you.   If this matters to you – SPEAK UP and tell your elected congressmen and senators.  And if it doesn’t matter to you – what are you doing on my blog?        Jan

Dear NVIC Advocacy Team Members,

We are only about one week into legislative sessions across the country and so much is happening.   If you live in one of the following states, there are already vaccine bills filed that can affect your rights if they pass:

        AR, IN, KY, MN, MO, MS, MT, NE, NH, NJ, NY, OR, PA, TX, and VA.

This week there are hearings in IN and MO.

PLEASE LOG IN TO for more information and check back often!  Please understand that we are analyzing bills and updating the NVIC Advocacy Portal multiple times a day and this information changes daily.  Use this resource to find out what is going on in your state and what you can do to help!   Here is a breakdown of the bills filed that we are tracking as of 1/17/17.


Restricting Vaccine Exemptions    MN, NY, TX

Eliminating Vaccine Exemptions   AR, NY, OK, PA

Required School Exemption Disclosure   VA

Expand Vaccine Exemptions  NJ, NY

Add to Who Can Sign Medical Exemptions  TX

Prohibit Docs from Throwing Exempting Patients out  TX

Forced Detention and Treatment on Suspicion of Vaccine Preventable Disease  NY

Expand Vaccine Informed Consent   OR, TX


Adding New Vaccine Mandates  IN, KY, MO, NJ, NY,  OR,  VA

Restricting Vaccine Mandates  NH,  NJ

Prevents Vaccine Mandates for Adults  MS


Eliminate OPT-IN Consent for Vaccine Tracking  TX

Expand Vaccine Tracking   NY, TX


Prohibit Certain Ingredients in Vaccines   MO

Required Vaccine Promotion/Marketing  NE,  TX

Pharmacists Administer Even More Vaccines   MT,  NY


NVIC Advocacy Team
National Vaccine Information Center and

The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) works diligently to prepare and disseminate our legislative advocacy action alerts and supporting materials.  We request that organizations and members of the public forward our alerts in their original form to assure consistent and accurate messaging and effective action. Please acknowledge NVIC as originators of this work when forwarding to members of the public and like-minded organizations. To receive alerts immediately, register  at, a website dedicated to this sole purpose and provided as a free public service by NVIC. 

Make A Difference, support NVIC. NVIC is a certified 501(c)3 Charity.


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