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May 5, 2015

Got Clinton fatigue yet?


To The Political Process

Trying to wean myself off ‘blogging’  is no easy task, for I miss it dearly.  And the process is worse than giving up chocolate and even bread  (my beloved sour-dough).  Seriously, the benefits of eliminating  grains are so enormous. . .the pain was short lived!  Can count this one a done deal, along with the ten or so pounds which painlessly disappeared.    When I fully comprehended that this indulgence was in a way, contributing to brain deterioration and resulted in the new thinking which classifies the process as diabetes 3.  It was just absurd as I never had diabetes 1 or 2.  Have been able to maintain a rather clean and healthy nutritional standard for myself even with all my swerving from vegetarian to animal protein and kinda back again to mostly plant foods. . . all without guilt and not giving up the joy and pleasure of ‘delicious food’.  Even my sinful (so to speak) love of chocolate.  Here again, I am of the opinion that good chocolate is a healthy plus if not over-done.  I mostly am using 75% to 85% varieties and just a little satisfies.  For years I have used the pure chocolate nibs which are so high in magnesium (one of the true benefits of well-made chocolate).  David Wolfe taught this and have since used it anytime I make morning shakes or smoothies.

But what has all this got to do with the Clintons?  I’ll get there, but may be a circuitous path to arrive at it.  As anyone can tell, I’ve all but quit the blog, for I needed to.  Have always been a doer and felt there wasn’t too much I couldn’t do.  Yet all those things I felt I wanted to do and add to my life i.e.,  making my face and body creams, shampoo, dental needs, colloidal silver,  distilled water, my health protocols and special foods which of course I manage myself – regulating and updating as I go plus the everyday preparing of all food I ingest. Well,  I truly love every bit of it,  but I don’t quite have the juice I’ve always had.  My health and my life are my own responsibility, so it would be foolish to veer off course now, just because I love my blog so much, love doing it — am deeply interested in so many areas  among them politics, ethics and our once enviable way of life here in the good ole USA.  I care deeply about so many things, but I have chosen to honor the life stream which is or may be before me to do the best I can as my life has been a good one, richly blessed and I don’t regard anything to be more important.  So I have had to inch back, it is the right thing to do – for me, but I have lost my much appreciated global readership who probably saw the handwriting on the wall.

Have had much to say over the eight or so years and nearing the 2300 mark in number of posts.  Now I must content myself that  brighter,  more vital and energetic voices are out there now who will bring new and challenging thought to our ever-changing landscape.  Admittedly, I have a sort of an  ‘earth-mother’ complex, wherein I have wanted to encourage all of you to learn about your body and take responsibility for it as your life and your health will never matter to anyone else as much as it does to you.  This is why I have focused mainly on health, how to achieve it, maintain it and to recognize those things which are deterrents to that such as toxins in all forms from pesticides, synthetic everything from vitamins and minerals to RX prescriptions, your toothpaste and mouth washes and cosmetics, but mostly,  genetically engineered foods and GMO’s, and of course, the disastrous manner in which our little animal  brothers are being fed, crowded and abused to the point that there is no point to any of it.  Just greed-power and little else — certainly no claim to health.  Yet to be able to buy all our foods labelled “Organic” is prohibitive for most of us.  All these things are the cost of “progress” on the one hand, and the loss of integrity in almost all the government agencies which were set up to protect everyone on the other hand.  It is now the land of the wealthy owning everything and calling the shots, buying our government, shaping the laws and so on, ad infinitum.   Which, finally brings me to – the Clintons.

It took time, but I finally resolved that each person has a right to choose for him-herself.  No question that Elizabeth Warren is a magnificent power, right where she is.  And perhaps she is showing superior wisdom staying put. .for now.  I accept that, tho it broke my heart for she is what our country needs.  Her smarts, wisdom, manner of speaking off the cuff on any subject — hitting the major points of any issue; coming right from her ordinary, everyday, man-of-the-street perspective, yet with the scholarship of the professor that she is.  She is warm, sincere, unpretentious and calls stuff just the way it is.  She doesn’t pussyfoot; knows who she is and is capable of calling a spade a spade.  It was confusing, the nation was all but mandating that she run.  Wanting, begging.

Bernie Sanders

Have been a fan of Bernie Sanders for decades and wished he’d run, but never thought he would.  As an independent – too many hurdles – they don’t make it easy for other parties!  So he is running as a Democrat.  Bravo Bernie!  I’ve already sent my itsy bitsy contribution to him to run.  100% behind him.   I love Sherrod Brown, he’s the best.  Can’t afford to lose him in OHIO.  That would heat my blood.  I do like Jim Webb, his thoughts and demeanor,  but would need to hear him more.  So why Bernie?  WHY BERNIE?  If there is anyone who truly knows the issues and been fighting them for decades, it’s Bernie.  Like cream always rises to the top, Bernie has done the same.  He has continued to fight the good fight for the everyday man.  The working man.  He is a TRUE  progressive and he will always tell it like it is – intelligently.  You won’t have to wonder what is driving him. He is well-grounded, fluent and ardent – even passionate.  He inspires people. He’s got my money.  My vote  (God willing).

THE CLINTONS, still a team

Have never been a Hillary fan.  Have posted on Hillary so often, not meanly, I hope. . .but it is no secret that I can find no reason to even consider her.  I have never been able to understand the groundswell of admiration many claim to have for her.  At one time I felt she was particularly admirable in standing by Bill during all the hullabaloo around his philandering.  (perhaps because I could not have been that circumspect. . . there are some things one doesn’t share, and a husband is one of them.)

There appears to be nothing of special import regarding her political endeavors, either as first lady, Senator or Secretary of other words – no reason to even consider her.  Where is her claim to fame? – – that she was married to Bill?  Sorry, I don’t believe in dynasties!  It’s just not the American way.  We left our origins to escape dynasties – political or royal.  We have 100’s of millions of others who could serve us better. . .especially if they had ever bothered to learn in school how our government works – unlike most of the so-called tea-partyers who have no idea why they are there and have no decency or common courtesy. . don’t try to make our system work.

Almost anyone could agree that the desire for a woman president is reasonable and desirable. . . a good thing. I’m for it.  But some of the qualities we think of in a woman. . .the teacher, protector, the harmonizer, the doer, the servant to the greater good – – none of that calls to mind Hillary!  Instead, she comports the above-it-all attitude.  She is guarded, seemingly effecting a persona variously to fit individual occasions.  Unable to be who she is, or open.  Only time she is candid is when she is angry. There is a sense of subterfuge.    With recent weeks of news stories and the Clinton Foundation raising all kinds of issues – its actually getting disgusting.  Who needs all this garbage?  Maybe they should both just stick with speaking engagements – they seem to be good at that, and per Bill, they need the money. . .those poor, poor dears.  Yes, sarcasm!  You think either of them are trustworthy?  Jan

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