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June 30, 2017

Dr Last on Alzheimer’s

Dr Last, amazing holistic healer on Alzheimer’s

This post will cover the many things I had fully intended to convey covering some of the mystery surrounding Alzheimer’s and  the many indications Dr Last gave as to why this so deeply and desperately plagues us, now in this marvellous age of science where  perhaps, billions are being spent in research. . . with so little to show for it.  As Dr Last discusses what he has seen and the rather simple, direct approach of an admirable, logical mind at work, – – for me, the pieces kinda fell into place.  My preferences already had included zero OTC or pharmaceuticals for my body.  I wanted whatever went into or on my body to be as clean and organic as I could bring to my life.  After reading this treatise I saw that my (nearly obsessive) exclusion of all things not natural (earth-grown), was maybe the single factor which has kept me going for so much longer than most who walk in shoes like mine.  The iconoclastic rebel who dwells inside me, kept me sheltered from all that harm that most availed with pills or three or four of them as needed. . . endorsed by (allopathic) medical science.  The knower  inside me said “No, not for me”

My intention was to bring several of Dr Last’s  conclusions and findings individually to light  (and I guess I thought I had done it!) But this grieves me so.  Medicine has not assuaged this mind-slayer.  We are dying with many forms of dementia, and no cure in sight. Yet it isn’t always what we can DO  once we have been diagnosed, . .  . there is no pill or formula which can rescue us. It’s painful to live thru pieces and chunks slipping away.  So many of us understand as we have watched our own loved parents resist, then disappear.

The discussion is large,  Dr Last covers a hole gamut of possibilities and potentials.  (Many, surprisingly, I have been doing).  Just saying, don’t give up — don’t slam the door once hearing of a calamitous diagnosis.  Open up to receive and allow the good and beauty of it all to lead you.  There continue to be surprises around every corner.  For some of us — we’ve chewed a lot of those pills and may have some catching up to do.  But then start;  read LAST’S article entirely. . . easily digested stuff in every paragraph. Then > FIRST: DO NO HARM. .stop ingesting toxic anything, sugars – – for it’s all a burden to the body, which cannot heal if it must waste its energy eliminating poisons before it can do its real job of maintaining health and all its other routine  jobs. > 2ND:  Feed your body what it is capable of recognizing as nutrient  (earth-grown, chemical-free) natural stuff.  

No one gets enuff iodine unless you live by a sea.  But safer than ingesting what may be thrown at you and called iodine, is to take plenty of TRACE MINERALS.   I buy ICELANDIC SEA KELP  Those ice cold waters are the purest on the planet and contain the trace minerals we want and need. (I take 1/4 tsp twice daily}   If you’re eating mostly fresh (and or raw)) greens veggies and some fruit, and grass-fed cattle and fowl (free-range), your dairy (butter) and eggs will all be the right kind of fats  No one needs cheap vitamins – save your money. Most vitamins are made with synthetics, consequently can’t motivate health.  Simplify, find what turns you on, then do it.  

The first link below is the post where I spoke of Dr Last and the report on Alzheimer’s was but one of the issue therein.  Beneath that one is the link to the ALZHEIMER’S Disease discussion            (Alzheimer’s)

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