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October 24, 2011

Risks of Teeth Whitening

 LiveStrong  on Long-Term Effects of Teeth-Whitening

(First, what information being provided by LiveStrong, then I shall follow with my own comments at the end:   Jan)

Enamel Damage

According to the Online Surgery website, bleaching agents used in home whitening kits can degrade the enamel of the teeth. Too-frequent, or improper, use of at-home kits heightens the risk of damage. Whitening is usually not recommended for individuals with thin enamel.

Gum Irritation

Hydrogen peroxide, the bleaching agent most often found in bleaching kits, may irritate your gums. That risk increases if the bleaching agent is incorrectly applied, as it should not come into contact with the gums.

Tooth Sensitivity

Whitening procedures may heighten your sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages, as bleaching agents may affect the nerves within the teeth. In most cases, sensitivity stops several days after the whitening procedure, but may last for prolonged periods in some patients.

Oral Cancer

In a report presented at a 2004 conference on head and neck cancer, Georgetown University Hospital researchers theorized that a link may exist between teeth whiteners and oral cancer. Two patients without other obvious risk factors developed oral cancer during their 20s, after regular use of whitening products. Testing on rats found that the peroxide often found in teeth-whitening products promoted the growth of tumors inside the rats’ mouths. Further testing was underway as of 2010.

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My Comments: 
Tho, I have already given this information before in in a post called “Workin’ on my gums” (2-20-11),  It didn’t get much traffic – – probably because it’s a strange, unappealing title.   You can check it out if you like as I relate the reasons why I did it there,  which I am not going to cover here.
Just want to inform you who are interested in  1) saving money,     2)  getting healthier, whiter teeth,   3) being kinder to your body by not forcing all those chemicals into your mouth (which obviously  invades the rest of the body).  This tooth powder is easy to make, tastes okay – use it only twice a day per Nadine Artemis of Living Libations, (morning and bedtime and just rinse with sea-salt and water  if need to refresh during the day.
To  make your own healing tooth powder, you need:    
   1/4 cup Kaolin Clay  (what dentists use to prevent plaque buildup)
   1/4 cup Baking soda  (Arm & Hammer will do just fine)
   1/4 cup dead sea salt (buy at Mountain Rose Herb or Whole foods)
   1 Tblspn dried Sage    (what you have on the pantry shelf is fine) – – this is used to Whiten teeth and really works!
   30 drops of Spearmint essential oil (I bought from Mt. Rose Herb)
I use a mortar and pestle to bring the “Salt” to a finer texture – easier on the teeth.  Also, the dried Sage needs to be ground down as well.  Can do same way or use coffee grinder , etc.
Put all dry ingredients together and stir around.   Then count and squeeze out about 30 drops of Spearmint Essential Oil loosely around and then mix into the dry.    Put in small  screw-top jar, label and put in bathroom cabinet for use.  This makes quite a bit so you can share.
Immediate Solution for dental pain  (teeth or gums)
We can’t always work professional Dentistry into our schedule or budget and sometimes, there may be pain – – what to do?  I covered this as well in a prior post called “Get Rid of Bedbugs” ?   (9-25-11)  Unless you were looking for a bedbug solution, you wouldn’t have seen that one either.
This is an easy solution (once you have the product – Diatomaceous Earth bought from Perma Guard).  Check out the Bedbug Post for the whole story.  I ordered online after contacting them and learning that what I wanted was their  Fossil Shell Flour sold in any amount you want.  They cater to animals, so all their stuff is organic as well. They have 1# all the way up to large amounts,  e.g. I think a 50# bag was $40.00.  Pricing given includes shipping. They were fast and I had it in days.
Like so many these days,  budget isn’t covering all that I need or want to do sometimes. And dentistry  is not in budget, yet. . . .there was a problem.   So I did what this friendly commenter on another blog had suggested – just dab an amount that clings to a Q-tip right onto the tooth or gum or both and very soon – pain is gone if not immediately.  Bingo!  It worked.  So grateful.  This being silica is excellent for the body, so not to worry if it gets swallowed up or down the throat. . . .  It aids in working with heat and cold sensitivity,  it is safe to swallow as this is food grade. . . . and  good for skin, can thicken hair and grow nails and can help rebuild bones and teeth.  Can actually take 1/2  to 1 tsp daily in water.  Said to kill and remove  parasites.
Many uses for pets.  Excellent site, can learn a lot.  Its nice to be learning something new almost every day, isn’t it?
. . .be well,    Jan

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