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August 21, 2012

My conflict on Spirulina?

Choices,  How Much is Eough?

I think I’m part Pit-Bull, because I don’t give up easily.  When there is a bug in my bonnet, . . . simply must keep going til its either resolved or everything around it changes and it is no longer an issue.

When Donna Gates came out with her spirulina  product last week or so –  called Potent Proteins,  it sounded really great.   I use Spirulina as there is little which tops it.  She explains that the spirulina many of us take, tho organic, is not really as  bio-available as one might think – –  and her product  because it is fermented, IS  Bio-available and what we really are after.   Potent Proteins  has 30 servings per 5.29 oz  container which  sells for $49.99.   Just what my budget [doesn’t] need.    Sometimes, I  feel like throwing the towel in.

I do as much as I can presently, and seriously wonder whether I could handle another “to-do” for my list.   I need a whole day in the kitchen just tying to catch up on needed items now. [cosmetics and fermented veggies]  But I have been a DIY’er forever and do take some pride in it.  Money is part of the equation even tho the way I go about stuff, it isn’t really cheaper, but I get what I want. .  .  you know, the properties I’m after.

The disarray in Washington does not lead me to anticipate an increase in Social Security, yet expenses continue to rise  and from what I’m reading in the paper, our food cost is about to take a giant leap forward.  The range-free cattle are looking at brown fields and ranchers are selling their stock early to keep them from expiring.  Crop land is in a bad way too.   Maybe we should take up growing in our basements.  A few grow lights and there we go.  I’m thinking about it, but I seriously can’t do much more without giving up blogging.  As I have confessed before, my blog is one of my pleasures.

I think you see where this is going, so I started with Google, then spent the next few days discovering new avenues.  I had no idea how to ferment spirulina and wanted to learn.  Not too much out there with real low down. I found WALTER LAST, a scientist born in Germany and relocated to New Zealand.  There is so much about him online.  He is deeply regarded in many places around the world.   His books at Amazon are too costly for me, but reading some commenters notes, found her saying that almost anything to be found in one of his books is online at one of his sites for free.  Love that.  Apparently, this man is not only very bright, but also adventuresome and creative.  If you are interested in one more valuable resource, let me give you a site or two her now.  You can check things out for yourself and see where it takes you.

Dissertation on Alzheimer’s Disease

  • This was one of the first articles I downloaded.  It is discussion on ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE (you understand my interest)

Recipes on How to Ferment

And hear is a link to the Article called  RECIPES which covers Chapters 2 – 5  of Healing Foods by Walter Last. This is 7 pages and covers how to for grains, beans, veggies, dairy,  and so much more.   This is such a highly info packed document. I found also a resource for fermenting “starters” probably like what I got from B.E.D. (known as Grainfields) for grain and vegetable ferments.  Also, for kefir based recipes and information.

I spent a bit of time at Grainfields and even found the B.E.D. products there.  Imagine that!  I must warn any who might enture this way to be sure that you discuss the exchange rate.  When I tried to buy something from Dom in Australia a few years back – – it was prohibitive.  So be forewarned.

About Walter Last,  he is still among the living, tho in another country.  His sites are replete with all one needs to know about healing almost any condition.  If you check it out, you just might be impressed.  I certainly am.               Jan


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