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January 24, 2015

Documentary – vaccine reactions

(New this day from our ‘Guardian at the gate’,   Dr Mercola.  Well done, affects us all, not just the kiddies)

Catastrophic Vaccine Reactions


Story at-a-glance

  • The documentary “Shots in the Dark” delves into vaccine toxicity and possible explanations for catastrophic vaccine reactions
  • Some individuals appear to be unable to rid their bodies of toxic vaccine ingredients, making them especially vulnerable to brain inflammation, autoimmune reactions and neurological damage
  • Money from the powerful drug lobby dominating Capitol Hill makes it virtually impossible for citizens to effect positive change around government vaccination policy


MORE Dangerous Than Mercury? You May Be Getting It When You Say “Yes” to This
It’s just one of the toxic compounds, along with mercury itself, that’s found in this commonly recommended procedure. But don’t expect your doctor or pediatrician to tell you about it… there’s too much at stake.


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