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March 26, 2017

Can Herpes be Comtrolled?

Hopefully, my “Last post” on Herpes

Searching through old files possibly 30 or more years old, I found this article in what appears to be some ripped-out pages from a kind of health oriented magazine (which I must have deemed useful, but never got back to).  On the back side of one of those articles was this one by a Dr Ward Dean on Herpes.  I probably had never heard of Herpes back then.  But judging by the rising tide this scourge has become– painfully afflicting so many.. . I find an insightful new relevance, and so,  am giving this to my readers now.  Don’t know how to get this to my blog (tho my phone knows how – I don’t know what to do).  So I’m gonna have to type it – old-fashioned stuff,  like me.    Of course I have dealt with both Herpes 1 (Shingles) and 2 (Genitalis), but the latter was so ineptly named  in one and only addressed in the comment section in the other. . (my labeling ability stinks). These were easily relieved by using Colloidal Silver (not cured), but magically relieved.  

As most will realize, I’m big on CS as it is the single greatest destroyer of any and all bacteria, fungus, germs – – period!  No toxic side effects.   Killed. Gone.  Don’t recall if I had also clearly spoken of taking it orally as well as topically applying it.  It’s safe to take daily for extended times or routinely as some folks do;  1/2 tsp daily for maintenance. . . (this too, covered often)

I read and mulled over this Dr Dean article and rationalized that it was right on to the best of my understanding.  His advocacy of A,  B-complex, C and E simply couldn’t be more appropriate.  And not because I am anti-PhRMA;  Ya gotta do what ya gotta do to survive, right?  But Acyclovir, is expensive,  ongoing,  doesn’t cure anything AND doesn’t do a good job.  Also, doesn’t work at all for many.  Had to find Adenosine monophosphate online to see why he recommended it– put a good link below for you to see for yourself.   Anything having to do with skin NEEDS Vit-A;  when our body has to fight anything, gotta have Vit-C; and of course Vit-E is needed for so many functions within the body including the bosses – (our BRAIN and HEART).  Further, with reference to Zinc. . . what a magical mineral this is for hair, nails and skin. Thinning or falling hair – gotta use it.   His ideas are a no-brainer, IMO.

Can Herpes be Controlled?

by:   Dr Ward Dean

Yes, says preventive oriented physician, Dr Ward Dean.  Dr Dean is a former U. S. Army Flight Surgeon and Diving Medical Officer.  He currently practices preventive and restorative medicine.

Q:  Dr. Dean, we’ve heard that genital herpes is incurable.  Is this correct?

A:  Yes and No.  It is true that once a person is infected with the herpes virus, he or she is essentially infected for life.  However, it is easy to control. Outbreaks can be eliminated altogether or shortened to last only one or two days.

I equate control of herpes to the control of scurvy.  Scurvy, as you know is caused by a vitamin C deficiency.  When one stops taking adequate vitamin C, scurvy recurs.  By providing proper nutritional, chemical, and in a few cases — drug support, herpes can be easily controlled.

Q:  How serious is herpes?

A:  For the most part herpes genitalis is a lot less serious than the mass media has led people to believe.  Its most severe side effect is the extremely rare risk of cancer to children born when the mother is having an acute outbreak.  At other times, it is merely an irritating nuisance that happens to occur in the genital area.

Q: What can be done about herpes?  Isn’t there a prescription drug that will help?

A:  Yes.  Acyclovir — both oral and topical — will help in some cases.  However, it is expensive, and usually becomes less effective with continual use.  In many people,  it is of no benefit

Q:  How much does your approach differ?  What do you use?

A:  In some cases, we do use Acyclovir.  However, I’ve found that for most patients, a combination of nutritional therapy using fairly high doses of vitamins  A,  B-Complex,  C,  E and the mineral Zinc, combined with a food preservative anti-oxidant, gives a much greater suppression of the lesions, and a dramatic reduction in the duration that the lesions are present.

Q:  Do you use anything else?

A:  Yes.  In the few cases that still “break through,” I use a combination of B-12 injections and a natural substance called adenosine monophosphate (AMP).   Vitamin B-12 is widely used in Europe for those  with herpes zoster or shingles,  and I’ve found it to be equally effective against herpes simplex or herpes genitalis.

Q:  What about the AMP?   What does that do?

A:  Adenosine monophosphate is a substance that occurs naturally in our bodies.  It is a precursor of adenosine triphosphate — a substance that is essential for energizing our cells.  It is effective when used alone in herpes,  but is much more effective when combined with the B-12.

I’ve found that the AMP/B-12 combination gives many people a tremendous burst of energy and a sense of well-being — with no side-effects. Despite the increased energy,  patients report more restful sleep,  greater mental alertness,  and better ability to deal with stress.  Stress and fatigue are factors that contribute to outbreaks of herpes.

Dr Ward Dean
8760 Sunset Blvd                           (Keep in mind the probable age of this letter, if trying to reach him.
Los Angeles, 90069                            . . but, hey – Good Luck on that. Jan)

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