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April 12, 2017

Carbs. Fat, Protein . . what to do?. .

Which is best, how much do we need -and WHY?

Not a chance in hell that I’m gonna settle this age-old debatable subject, but I can ramble on about why it seems so simple for me to understand and accept and act on.  Have always had a deep affection for food, all kinds.  Ate almost everything but my favorite things I chose in school (on my own) were  Tomato soup and Chocolate-chip ice-cream. . the same every day!  How do you better perfection?  Mother had a few other ideas, most of which she was fairly successful with.  But certain weird vegetables I wouldn’t even consider or eat.  Or any disgusting meat parts like brains or tongue.  But  I WAS crazy about chicken hearts.  They would amass 20 or so – – just for me, kinda sauteed – pure heaven.  Funny, don’t think I’ve had any since childhood, haven’t even thought about them.  As I often notice. . .stuff changes.  

Mother being a farm girl was far better versed on the great variety of foods; the pleasure of having caught her own fish; having hunted with her father for larger animals of distinctive flavors . . even how to slaughter and prepare what was eaten.   So it follows that meat and potatoes fare was dominant.  Earlier generations weren’t aware of or concerned about food-combinations in the least.  (And they were absurdly healthy.)  Of course, the world had not become toxic. . it was all ORGANIC,  there was no other way to be.  (Pesticides, insecticides, synthetic fertilizers and especially, genetic modified stuff was in the far distant future. . .which is what we are trying to cope with for the last few decades.  Stuff, indeed HAS CHANGED!   In addition, family doctors no longer tend us so we can heal.  That’s a thing of the past as well. Now if one can ‘afford’ medicine at all,  what you get is  iffy procedures or costly [chemicals] the body  doesn’t recognize, so attempts to fight off the probably laden-with-side-effect medicines, causes the body – even more burden.  Medicine is no longer a call to serve and heal, but has become very “big business.”   (Dictated by Insurance companies profit-protecting decisions)

With all these considerable changes, life just isn’t as simple as it once was.  Many theories get accepted as science, even when they are flawed and/or wrong.  Such as the flawed science about FAT being bad for us and leading to heart disease, etc.,. It was the medical faux-pas which led to more heart disease than the world had ever seen before.  Carving out the fat from our diets left us little choice other than carbs — the body’s need for energy are great and must be satisfied.  So everyone ate more carbs. The body’s energy requirements are met with essentially carbohydrates or fats.  They both work and work well.  Either or, . . or both.  So back in the seventies everyone started loading up on all kinds of carbs, and heavily on breadstuff,  and cereals  – – after all, we have to eat!  Obesity rose greatly, diabetes started to become a mass threat, and of course all kinds of cardio problems (HBP,  strokes, etc.,)    

We accepted the advice of “experts”  —  scientists, doctors, etc.,  we can’t be expert on everything important which affects  our lives and health, . . . . we must trust those who are qualified,  so-called experts.  Look where it got us.  Sicker, fatter and far worse off. . and confused.  We must not only protect our rights from peril – – we must honor personal authority to decide what is in our own best interest.  On everything,  personal choice, how we live, how we are governed.  PROTECT CHOICE! The Fat fiasco has had disastrous results on life as we know it.  It was wrong, skewed (selective) and flawed – yet accepted as gospel (scientifically) even today among many slow-to-change doctors — those on whom we rely.  The same is true (if not worse) on the vaccination theory mostly  because it injures our children, and they trust US to protect them.  It too, was never scientifically  researched, nor proved safe.  Only reported by the manufacturers to be safe!  That  is not the path or function of true science – it is open, unbiased, documented, tested and provable.  

Never have babies and children in the history of humanity been found so sickly, weak and damaged.  To the contrary – our progeny have been out-stripping,  out-growing and out-smarting the parental base from which they sprang for all of recorded history.   Till now.  What’s changed?    The way we eat – #1, and  #2 how medicine has changed the way it has been structured to treat,  and the effect is our national health!  Just wanting to point out that what you and I think and choose for ourselves may, in fact, be better for us than what our  authorities have in mind, and for totally different reasons.  

Not wanting to go further in dredging up the past 40 – 50 years of some of the bitter turns life has brought us; for now I hope to draw distinctions in the FAT, CARB energy source thing and how it “really” functions.  Have a past post or so below from prior years which might help us all get our priorities straight, improve our health,  simplify choices and ease our path to knowing that we are serving our body well.  We’ll know as we ‘feel it’ and  can experience the benefits.  

The first one below is Dr Weil, and a post from July 2010.  This respected holistic physician has it right and ‘ahead of time’  It’s big, but good.

Men’s Health Magazine does an article beautifully which delves into the FAT-SUGAR thing:

And finally, it wouldn’t be complete without mentioning pioneering, courageous Donal O’Neill as he shared wth the world the results of his mission to alter his pre-disposition for genetic cardio-inherited heart disease which took the lives of the men of his clan – – all disciplined, trained athletes.  He wouldn’t accept that it couldn’t be done.  Took a couple of years, but the news and it’s proof set the athletic world on fire a few years ago and there has been no going-back from such success. We were blessed to view the “Cereal Killer” movie for a brief period. . . and other updates for a year or so as his research and methods were spread around globally.  Kinda ‘mind-blowing’.  Settled the question, once and for all for me.    Have done several posts on Donal – he’s one-of-kind, beautiful and spectacular all at once.  But WORDPRESS keeps taking down my images. . . even culling them out – back over the years.  (this crimps and pains the withering artist who inhabits my inner space. . . even now, as I have always worshiped at the alter of anything beautiful).  There was “Run on FAT, a letter to my.” . . June 13, 2015;    “Eat Good FAT,  look like Donal”  . . .March 1,2016;   “The Pioppi Protocol”. . .Oct 28, 2015;   And of course –  Cereal Killers”. . the first one (and I loved it) – seems lost, can’t find it? ? ?  One of the doctors Donal worked with is below – Dr Peter Bruckner;  bringing this forward as it pretty well describes the thrust of this movement – debunking the (LFHC)  Low Fat, High Carb way of eating,  and in one of the pages – A workable list of foods to eat and not to eat.  Hope it helps.  Jan


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