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August 5, 2017

Dr Harry’s 5 to stay Alive

Dr Harry’s 5 to stay Alive for AUGUST ’17


In point of fact, when I ran the post on Dr Harry last month, I remember feeling  (not right) about my action.  Didn’t want anyone to think for a minute I meant  harm in any way to Dr Harry Elwardt. . .because I kinda feel I owe my extended time on the plant to him yes, he is that good and his book put me on the path of self help geared specifically to the heart.   One thing my deep involvement has taught me is that the body isn’t  all that bizarre;  it wants what it wants. . .needs what it needs.  Give it that and it responds. Also, I’ve come to believe that what is good for the heart IS good for the brain. . two of our most vital, controlling, yet energy-demanding organs.  All this is true.  Yet I felt I was infringing on rules of decency – – this was his work, knowledge and presentation.  The only words I can find relevant to this dumbfounding circumstance,. . is that inside this fading, aged lady (along with the Pit Bull), is still the enthusiasm of my childhood MO, eager to share and spread the joy of something perceived wonderful which needs to be shared.

Maybe I need a shrink to help with an answer, but my gut had already informed me last month and did it anyway.  I’m not sorry. I really wanted to share with you who this man is.  And I did.  Cops didn’t come to my door. . . but it wasn’t  ‘right’.  So, not going to try to run his stuff any more.  Judging by the interest shown last month in his “5 to Stay live” with and having read his August 5 – – I’m hoping that those who are interested in such inside poop, you realize that you can avail his videos by subscribing to it.  Since I’v never paid for it, I assume its FREE.  His focus this month seems on some of the medicines which people are given by docs for various diseases which are actually injuring them and leading to multiple problems and shortened lives. . . and what the FDA is NOT  doing about it all.  As is his manner, he offers some asides of his own which can help rather than hurt.  So if you want to, go to his site and subscribe.. .maybe the August letter is up over there. . hope so . . .the link:  

From: “Dr. Harry Elwardt” <>

Subject: Top 5 to Stay Alive for August 2017

Date: August 1, 2017 at 4:09:21 AM EDT                                                                                                                    Jan


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