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June 2, 2010

Dietary leanings & confessions

I must confess that Dr John McDougall has had a big influence on me.  I have incorporated much that he  teaches into my way of thinking.   e.g., I don’t do dairy – – get my calcium from my plant food and my bones seem in good shape. Dairy was the single hardest thing for me to give up and to this day, its not a done deal, I still cheat here and there. (Have this passion for cheeses and greek yogurt).  No longer big on supplements in general and chemical concoctions of any kind.  If you can buy it at the local market or drug store,  I don’t want it.

It is difficult for me to be a true follower of anybody.  I am always going to do what I find best for me. If I feel I want fish, I’m going to eat it.  But my protein intake is quite modest and I’m fine with that.  Actually, its Mediterranean (with an Italian flair).  I don’t have a closed mind – at least I don’t think I do, consequently, I’m open to the new and exciting ideas.    This past year I’ve been quite enamored with David (Avacado) Wolfe and very much enjoy learning about his ideas on “superfoods”. I now buy Cacao nibs at Whole Foods  (and Goji berries and Hemp seed) – – you get the idea.  Great morning shakes.   He’s kinda iconoclastic even tho both his parents are physicians.   It was by watching one of those video clips of his that I learned about  “Fulvic Acid” – – quite recently.  Now that’s something to study!

I have subscribed to many a so-called medical newsletter.  One I took for years was Dr. Bruce West’s  “Health Alert.”  (  I truly enjoyed him  He is a California physician with a pretty good sized following.   Actually, it was he who turned me away from ordinary vitamins and minerals,  explaining that most of what we can buy is nothing more than fractionated chemicals, manufactured in a factory somewhere.  (Science believes that if it can analyze a substance in the laboratory,  it can break it down and then duplicate it.)  The proof is generally in the eating of the pudding.  Those pills don’t help us – – we don’t get better.  And sometimes, we pay a dear price for that as our health is not improved, nor have we corrected the imbalance or lack.

Dr. West  uses Standard Process products.  What this means is their supplements are 100% organically grown food stuff with only the best of care and attention to every detail from planting to harvesting and finally processed in low-temperature and drying techniques.  What they compress into those pills are totally the way they were designed by nature – complete with all natural enzymes, vitamins,minerals, trace minerals and in their proper balance.  I was a believer.  And it was profitable  healthwize, not only for me but for my grand-daughters as well.  They rarely saw a physician as there didn’t seem to be anything I could not cope with.

Standard Process is sold only thru physicians or was.  (We all know about the internet, don’t we?) But Dr West was accessible to his subscribers and one can learn a lot from him.  From experience, I  admit that it can be costly to maintain good health relying on pills.   Far, far cheaper and just as effective is to buy the best organic, whole- some food you can get your hands on, any way you can and do it yourself!    I would be remiss if I did not at least mention “The Garden of Life” products.  They too are grown on private property, totally organic and processed with the greatest care.  I’m sure there are other great and wonderful products out there with similar bragging rights.

So what was all this about?  Well, the latest Dr. McDougall post of this same day – “Don’t take Vitamins”.  I just didn’t want you to think that he had wigged out.  This is the same stuff he has been teaching for decades and  people do get it.  If you eat good, healthy, nutrient-dense wholesome (hopefully organic) food, prepare it at home yourself – – you won’t need any pills of almost any kind.   And one will probably be healthier than at any other time of one’s life.   So there.


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