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May 25, 2015

Niacin, risk reduction 4 Skin Cancer

 Niacin (Niacinamide) again. . 

Sometimes I wonder if Dr Mercola and I aren’t operating from some sort of similar wave length.  No matter;  this is from Dr Mercola today.  

I didn’t know about the Skin Cancer usage. . .amazing!     While it is a simple vitamin, kinda  inexpensive  and easy to acquire,  it’s uses are numerous obviously . . .   and doesn’t it make one wonder why this information is seemingly so hard to come by?  Why has it taken so long (many decades) for the medical community to catch on to this amazing ‘natural’ product which can erase, reverse or correct so many etiological diseases (conditions with unknown causes) WITH NO SIDE EFFECTS.  Borrowing from the book “NIACIN: The Real Story” detailed in the prior post of the 24th, let me convey:  . .”. . .  it plays a role in over 500 reactions in the body as a member of the pyridine nucleotic cycle.  Interfering with any of these vital reactions will cause disease, and conversely, improving and restoring those reactions will be therapeutic.  

Google search in 2011 revealed  about 4 million ‘niacin’ hits; while antipsychotics got:  – – Haldol – 700,00 hits;  nearly 8 million for Zyprexa,   . . Prozac over 13 million hits,   Effexor close to 10 million hits.  The four anti-psychotics have been heavily advertised and promoted with unlimited budgets  – – while niacin has not been promoted at all except for a few physicians who found its properties so valuable.  Mostly it gets around by word-of- mouth. (the way most stuff does).   Abram Hoffer, the recognized authority on Niacin worked with his patients using this for his fifty years of psychiatric practice, both in and out of hospital.

He also had enormous success  restoring mobility, function and pain loss  to arthritic patients, many completely bed-ridden or incapacitated.  His findings and treatment protocols (out of print for over 60 years),  have been made available for those looking for a guide into this remarkable therapy. . . and is freely available for online reading. Just go to: 

Vitamins That Reduce Your Risk of Skin Cancer

Story at-a-glance

  • Vitamin B3 (nicotinamide) may offer protection for those who are prone to certain skin cancers. Patients with squamous cell or basal cell carcinoma who took B3 were 23 percent less likely to have another cancer diagnosed
  • Vitamin D, which is metabolized when UV rays strike your skin, has been shown to reduce not only your risk of melanoma—the deadliest form or skin cancer—but also the most common types of cancer
  • Activated vitamin D goes directly to the genes in your skin and helps prevent the type of abnormalities that ultraviolet light causes. As a result, sun avoidance can become a factor that triggers skin cance
It’s Not Vitamin D, But It Repairs DNA and Can Slash Skin Cancer Relapse by 23%

Offers unique protection for those prone to certain skin cancers, slashing recurrence a remarkable 23%. Scientists think it helps repair DNA damage and bolsters your immune system. But a simple caveat: don’t make this mistake that can vaporize all your rewards.

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