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May 24, 2015

Surprising Niacin, who knew?

Can B 3 help with ADD and ADHD,  Alzheimer’s, hospitalized-incurable Schizophrenics,  Cholesterol,  Arthritis?

Yes to all of the above! 

(with no toxic side effects whatsoever)

Stop the presses, when did this happen?   Not recently. . .it’s been a work in progress.  Among others, Dr Joseph Goldberger (1874 –   1929) discovered that Pellagra pandemic was a dietary deficiency and spent years in research to prove his theory, resulting in our bread being fortified with niacinamide, putting an end to the horrifying disease wherein 3,000,000 people had been afflicted and over 100,000 deaths.  This was the most successful public health measure for the elimination of a major disease.

It was Dr Abram Hoffer who started with his research on hospitalized mental patients using large doses of B vitamins.  A highly successful physician with a heavy workload, he nevertheless was a dedicated researcher who noted all his findings and treatment outcomes.  He has written many books and articles and worked closely with many other doctors.  He died before his last book could be completed.  Dr Andrew Saul had worked with him for years and they were close, so his name and Dr Harold Foster share the authorship on the book . . .NIACIN, The Real Story which I have been reading for a while now.  I dearly love Andrew Saul and have his treasure of a book — DOCTOR YOURSELF – Natural Healing That Works.   So, no, this didn’t just happen recently; a few forward-thinking docs have been at this for 40 to 100 years ago.

We’ve had Dr Blaylock’s videos here at “smokinchoices” speaking much the same things. . .his experience with problematic juveniles and hospitalized mental patients suffering primarily from disastrous nutritional deficiencies (especially B vitamins).  All this hasn’t caught on in the medical complex because essentially there isn’t enuff money in vitamins and minerals and the natural stuff of plants can’t be patented.  Pity, isn’t it. . .all we’re after is a healthy body, free of toxins so that we can have good lives.

Since learning about Niacinamide from Dr Jonathan Wright a few years back, I have been taking  taking 1000 mg twice daily for over a year to assist with arthritis.  Ready to stop it because I hadn’t noticed much difference or benefit.  But now I understand why I haven’t since reading these two books I cited above.  Dr Hoffer discovered that smaller doses taken frequently throughout the day can be 40% more effective than large doses.  So for only a month or so, I’m taking 250 mg every 3 – 4 hours all day til bedtime. Taking 5 -6 a day.  And why am I taking this?  For my brain. . .still fighting the good fight on Alzheimer’s.  I have noticed enhanced focus, and a hint here and there of better recall.. . .go figure!   But that’s not all, have noticed that my hands are beginning to work better, not a lot, but better.  Can do buttons once again and manipulate better.  This was one of my greatest losses.  My hands were always just a natural extension of my brain (mind) and took it for granted.  So this is a big plus for me.  I’m sticking with niacinamide.

Niacinamide is another form of niacin.  The Niacin Book explains it all beautifully.  Perhaps you have heard of the niacin “flush”.  A lot of people didn’t like that.  The book explains how to ease into it; smaller doses > building up gradually to tolerance (flush). Dr Saul uses the Niacin and when he gets a flush, he doesn’t mind it at all. . .especially in the winter time.  Taking Niacin can and will help with the Cholesterol issue if you have one, but the Niacinamide doesn’t. But I don’t have that problem – never have.

Niacin is greatly useful in many neurological issues which is why it is so useful for any brain issue; increasing  mental energy, calmness and more peaceful state of mind.  The FOCUS thing is everything to those with ADD or ADHD.

There’s more I wanted to go into, but its late and I’m trying to go to bed like a sane person in respect for my circadian clock.  I will make an effort to come back Sunday if I can.  G’nite,         . . Jan

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