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July 29, 2016

Hillary did it for me! — I’m Okay now

Finally, I DO endorse HILLARY for President

To tell the truth, I almost couldn’t make it to her speech — it dragged on so long.  They packed in too many testimonials.  This was the least pleasant of all the nights of the Democratic convention.  I certainly enjoyed all the previous nights of brilliant speeches which in fact, DID increase my appreciation for who Hillary is  and what she has been thru.  Helpful.  And of course, I loved Obama — as I have since that Boston speech. No one compares with him or his intellectual superiority (complete with emotional depth and sincerity).  Michelle stands alone in  stature with regard to anything and everything she has done. Amazing, totally beautiful woman – inside and out.  Joe Biden – ditto no other veep like him,  love him.  Even Bill,  outdid himself and I rather enjoyed it.  For tonite I looked forward to Hillary and her message — did it include a progressive platform?  Turns out it did.  

As a devotee of  BERNIE,  I needed to KNOW she would honor those agreements she struck with him.  Who Bernie is, his ethic, good nature and dedicated life of service in unobtrusive obscurity.. never seeking personal glory or rewards was proof that all he espoused was to improve the lives of all of us common people – the working people  of America;  so clearly not tied in to the establishment  and all which that stands for.  My  mind had been fairly closed to endless discussion  about who Hillary is-was . .  .  . figured I knew enough from all that I knew over the last 25 years or so.

As I allowed my preformed judgemental associations to make room for something new and fresher, I was able to see/hear her, potentially, for the first time.  I was, frankly — amazed.  I now accept that stuff DOES happen for a reason, sometimes.  It seems H.R. Clinton will be in fact, very well equipped to lead our magnificent country forward.  And it doesn’t hurt that she is a woman (she appears to have a good dose of the earth-mother gene as well!)  I am content to endorse her now – whole-heartedly.   Which is not to say, I give up on Bernie,  I have a bond with him which simply can’t be broken and seek to honor him and continue the association.   But, as of now — I’M  WITH HER.       Just thought you aught to know.       (penitant)       Jan

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