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May 11, 2017

BHO said “Net Neutrality” is important – it is!

Let’s  Keep some things unbroken 

The president we had before (remember that almost always smiling, ever thoughtful, and exceedingly intelligent and reflective individual who actually lived in the white house and embraced all that it meant to be there). .?. ., well he spent most of HIS time taking  care of business. . . and trying to bring about good things, uplifting things which either benefited us directly – – individually and/or globally.  Mostly these were ordinary things like health and legal protections,  so that we weren’t injured in the process of daily life.  He cared about Nature and its bountiful beauty and riches which have blessed us all – – was adamant in protecting all of it so that our kids and their kids can also reap what we have known.  Yes, the environment was a top priority.  So was justice,  individual rights. . .and equality under the law.  

I know how important he determined  “net neutrality”  was, tho, frankly – hadn’t a clue what he meant or was referring to.    Well, I should have listened more carefully.  Its damned important to someone like me who is car-less,  and therefore, buys almost everything online — because I must.   A determined independent-thinker and sort of an unapologetic rebel, I honestly don’t know know what I’d do without the internet.  Yes, that important.  So, if any of you guys  also might have some kind of  ‘funny streak’ going on,  and don’t cotton to being ripped off by those bigger and richer (just because they can!), . . .check the subject out online.  I did.   Also found “COMMON CAUSE”  They are trying to head this off at the pass before AJIT PAI, the new Chairman for the FCC appointed by the current visitor to the WhiteHouse who is bragging with swagger about his new plans (no one but his wealthy friends will be happy about).   Common Cause is hoping to deluge Washington with a boat-load of signatures showing abject refusal of these plans and prevent this unnecessary turmoil.   I’m sure by now — most of us are sick of this rocking boat.  Below  that is their brief message, but you need to use the link below that to go over and sign their petition.  Was anxious to get this over here to get your attention to this huge issue on my own blog.   Focused on purpose. . . forgot to sign the petition, so must return to sign it when I’m done here.    If this resonates with you, ya might consider doing the same. Needed to share this as it affects most of us whether we recognize it or not.  Thanks — this is a big ‘ask’. .  .  Jan

We need Net Neutrality — help save the Internet!

Donald Trump’s new FCC Chair, Ajit Pai, wants to roll back Open Internet protections. Tell the FCC, we need Net Neutrality!

SIGN THE PETITION: We rely on Net Neutrality to connect, organize, and make change. Losing Net Neutrality protections now would stuff the pockets of Big Cable, put new fees on consumers, and be absolutely devastating for our democracy.

Our democracy relies on a free, fair, and Open internet. Every day, journalists, voters, and activists rely on the FCC’s Net Neutrality protections to communicate freely online.

Net Neutrality is simply the principle that Internet providers must treat all web traffic equally. It’s the only thing stopping companies like Comcast & Verizon from controlling what we can see and say online — and from censoring or slowing down speech they don’t like.

But Chairman Ajit Pai, Donald Trump’s newly appointed head of the Federal Communications Commission, has offered up grim warning s of what’s in store for Net Neutrality under his leadership. But if enough of us speak out in its defense, we can stop Chairman Pai and defend Net Neutrality.

Add your name to tell the FCC, Congress, and anyone else — don’t roll back Net Neutrality!

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