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February 19, 2017

Jeffrey Smith on GMO’s

(Re-do) “Genetic Roulette” discussion of

prior post 11-02-2013

Genetically modified foods. . . or GMO’s,   is one of my top personal priorities along with the subject of health-impairing vaccinations.  So it is the reason for my repeating – or bringing back this prior post of a discussion with Jeffrey Smith, for he is the most dedicated, knowledgable, giant-slayer in our world who cares enough to literally – put it all an the line, come what may.  He is relentless and we all owe a debt of gratitude to him in trying to protect the health of all on the planet, including the planet!  As many know,  health is my main thrust as well,  what I’ve tried to address in every which way, so why not ensure this information gets greater exposure,  again?    

But Jeff stands alone.  He doesn’t have the mega-bucks supporting him, so if he must – he uses spit and glue,  i.e., donations from mere pittance to whatever comes and of course his enthusiastic volunteers who support the effort tirelessly.  Watching this video, you will learn of the humongous effort to allow this unconscionable compromise of our health the world has known since we left the Garden of Eden.  Unknowingly, the masses have been poisoned, sickened and worse – – but so have our other “animal” friends of all description – including the Bee-colony collapse disaster – worldwide,  the global contamination of earth’s soils and seas.  It is frankly, too horrible to believe! Defies comprehension.  But you and me — we’re part of the masses, not those in power, who have the strength and power to get things done (legal or not);   explanations not forthcoming (because it would be rejected by even the simplest among us) – – so we are lied to instead.  Cheaper,  greater yield. . .feeding the world — how noble!  Who’s gonna know? (Ditto with those multiple vaccinations, but that is another subject, isn’t it, . . . right?)    

How could such a thing happen?    Issues of this magnitude eternally stem  not from one or some of us gone loco, roiling the waters;   but from CORPORATE interests and their ability to buy/obtain  the legality and  (highly paid-for) laws which grant full on freedom to  do as they want. They alone assert the stories lauding their direction, advantages,  safety, all the hows and why’s. . . in other words – the story they want told.  No approval necessary – it was part of the package in which they bundled all their ‘facts’ and ‘benefits’. . for public airing – knowledge.   Do ya need to ask why?    Ya kidding?    PROFIT.   So, MONSANTO etal, made all the decisions for a long time now with the revolving-door in our appointed heads of important Departments in Government . . .EPA, Big AG,  FDA,  and so on starting with approval from Poppy Bush and ran through Obama!  Guess everybody makes money on this. . . except the suffering, sickened hoards.  Observe the cost of food these days (worth eating – honest food)  and then there is medicine. . . all the same story and they expect the hurting, suffering and needy masses to pay the bills.   And then there’s Trump.   Sorry, still have to draw the line on what I CAN  talk about.    

Don’t take my word on any of this. . . who knows what kind of nut I might be?  But Jeffrey Smith is the real McCoy; speaks in a civilized manner and is highly esteemed the world over.  His “GENETIC ROULETTE” movie is one to see, can probably buy or rent it – had it here for only a few days on loan from Dr Mercola.  Check it out if you can.    The following is one I found online discussing the Seeds of Destruction.   There are quite a few.            Jan 





January 8, 2013

Ignore CCD of Bees – we perish

Please think for a moment on these things

We get excited or upset over  loads heavy enuff to bury us, and then we have to  put it aside. Understandable, we can’t absorb and tote around without enduring personal damage. 

There are some things however – issues which will affect every last one of us on the planet and because of their importance have the potential to do us all in.  We have all worried over our wondrous Honey Bees and the Colony Collapse Disorder which is destroying them, because with their mysterious demise goes our security.  How are we to survive without our beneficent bees?  The bees pollinate our food crops – some 80% of them.  They do it for free, because it’s what they do!  We have no other way to do this.  We are dependent on the bees

Allow me to digress; . .back in 1960’s, I remember reading a book called something like  “JW (? ?), a Being from Jupiter.”   Beautiful, romantic story [may have been science fiction or something like old friend Ray Bradbury would have done] – – anyway a take-a-way from this story was that the planet  Jupiter had given the bees to our planet – Earth, as a gift to enable our success.  I remember thinking ‘How nice,’   but am quite sure that I didn’t realize how wonderful such a gift truly was.  . . I wasn’t so much into sci-fi as I was into other, perhaps – deeper mysteries at the time.  . . . just sayin’       

But here we are, confronted by this destructive development, having suspicions and no power with which to correct.  Below, we have 1)  Dr Mercola and a rather large article on this  perplexing problem – well done as one might expect    2) Vanishing of the Bees  trailer about the film with a young, popular Canadian actress narrating the film [who, when it closes – other selections of films come up and there she is again with Bill Mahr and that is so good.  and finally #3) Nature from England’s research finding the chemical pesticides known as “Neonicotinoids” as the major culprits.      As Ms Page says, as Neonicotinoids were introduced and instantly grew in usage, the bees began to die off.  This is more than coincidence.   

I posted  about Monsanto buying the only legitimate Bee Research laboratories so that they could control the outcomes more conveniently.    Bayer is now doing this also – establishing their own laboratory to enable them to study this problem since they are the major player with the Neonicotinoids.   Who can object to their studying the problem?  That’s good.   But it does nothing to relieve them from the traumatic devastation they have collectively caused;  to the bees;  the bee-keepers;   to all the farmers of the world and ultimately to each of us.    

These chemical companies are wreaking devastation on our world.   We are individually being sickened and forced into medical  solutions – not of our choice.  Our crops are depleted, our soils as well.  There is no opportunity for normal, natural life as humanity   has known it for hundreds and thousands of years.  This can not be ascribed to progress, but to greed and lack of governmental controls.  Top priority of our government is supposed to be the protection of our people.    Somehow, our country must come back to reason and sanity;  not the protection of corporate interests  – “ALONE”.   Jan


Study Proves Pesticide Exposure Linked to Bumblebee Colony Failures
Pesticides might not kill off bees outright, but that doesn’t mean they’re not detrimental to bee colonies, according to new research.

The documentary film Vanishing of the Bees recommends four actions you can take to help preserve our honeybees
Nature. 2012 Nov 1;491(7422):105-8. doi: 10.1038/nature11585. Epub 2012 Oct 21.

Combined pesticide exposure severely affects individual- and colony-level traits in bees.

Gill RJ, Ramos-Rodriguez O, Raine NE.


School of Biological Sciences, Royal Holloway, University of London, Egham, Surrey, TW20 0EX, UK.


Reported widespread declines of wild and managed insect pollinators have serious consequences for global ecosystem services and agricultural production. Bees contribute approximately 80% of insect pollination, so it is important to understand and mitigate the causes of current declines in bee populations .

Recent studies have implicated the role of pesticides in these declines, as exposure to these chemicals has been associated with changes in bee behaviour and reductions in colony queen production. However, the key link between changes in individual behaviour and the consequent impact at the colony level has not been shown. Social bee colonies depend on the collective performance of many individual workers. Thus, although field-level pesticide concentrations can have subtle or sublethal effects at the individual level, it is not known whether bee societies can buffer such effects or whether it results in a severe cumulative effect at the colony level.   Furthermore, widespread agricultural intensification means that bees are exposed to numerous pesticides when foraging, yet the possible combinatorial effects of pesticide exposure have rarely been investigated.

Here we show that chronic exposure of bumblebees to two pesticides (neonicotinoid and pyrethroid) at concentrations that could approximate field-level exposure impairs natural foraging behaviour and increases worker mortality leading to significant reductions in brood development and colony success. We found that worker foraging performance, particularly pollen collecting efficiency, was significantly reduced with observed knock-on effects for forager recruitment, worker losses and overall worker productivity. Moreover, we provide evidence that combinatorial exposure to pesticides increases the propensity of colonies to fail.

Comment in

Ecology: Bumblebees and pesticides. [Nature. 2012]Ignore CCD

February 10, 2012

Bee Colony Collapse – update

I Promise – you won’t like this

(Was just watching a video which Mike Adams (the Health Ranger) over at Natural has on his current newsletter.  It’s called MONSANTO, ROUNDUP,  BAYER, DUPONT and more. . .   essentially the GMO stuff which sickens us all and unless we take collective action – there’s nothin gonna be done about it!  Curses on you Monsanto

Of course Jeff Smith should be sainted for all the good work he continues to do for his fellow man (while struggling for  dollars).  I don’t think there is any other source to equal what he does  I’ve posted much about the BEES over time. This is a major  HUGE problem.  If we keep losing the bees – we are headed for extinction – – everybody knows that, right?   Well, Jeff is telling much in this video, along about the 13 or 14th minute of the 28 minute video he starts relating his latest on the bees.  You gotta see it.   Jan)

P.S. I’ve just posted a new video interview with Jeffrey Smith about the latest breaking news on GMOs:

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