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July 12, 2017

Tried Kombucha? well, ya should

Don’t worry, I’m only now getting “with it”

Like so many others, I’d heard about KOMBUCHA.. . wondered what it was, never looked into it.  It’s been used at least a couple thousand years, especially the far east, but grew into the whole world, country by country with America coming last.  (Boy, have we lost status – we always used to be first with almost everything).  Hearing that it has become increasingly popular this last decade or so, decided it WAS time to find out what it was.  But hearing that it is a “fermented food” put passion into the project since I’m a fan of anything ‘fermented’.

Whoa girl,  ya can hardly keep up with what’s going  on now, let alone taking on a new project – by that of course I refer to the stuff I feel I must [prefer] doing like own healing protocols for heart, pulmonary,  thyroid and Alzheimer’s and of course, arthritis.  Prior to all that have also been making distilled water, colloidal silver for decades; then added in cosmetic, dental and body care stuff. . . in other words — anything going into or onto my body. Am quite choosy regarding food (its quality, the choices, how all is prepared), so do own kitchen stuff as the kitchen has always been about my favorite room of the home.  .  .  my lab and my fun place where I already DO ‘ferment’ and experiment with many things.  Anyway,  that is why I for sure, was going to look into it.  

It is sold everywhere – the store I generally use and health food places like Whole Foods.  Bought some and gave it a go.  Saw stuff floating in bottom of bottle, so, shook it a bit.  As opening, it spritzed all around.  Didn’t see a warning on label, so be advised!  Don’t shake it up,.  . . can stir gently if you must. Being a fermented product, there’s gonna be fermentation particles, pieces and floating stuff – – NORMAL  Took an ounce or two,  good!  Liked it.  Within an hour or so, had to make a run for the potty.  Few hours later, did it again. . . same thing.  As I often admit to, can be a slow learner, so had a third dose with the same outcome.  Now am suspicious –  what’s going on?  Next day, wasn’t willing to take any more without calling the manufacturer for an answer. So glad I did.  She welcomed my query and amusingly explaining what I experienced was a healing reaction, which many  don’t have.  I should be happy for it shows that the product is doing for me what it should be doing.  Told me her mother took the whole bottle down when she first gave it to her, and she too, had a pretty good healing reaction.  Said, not to worry;   some take an ounce or two, others – 1/2 a bottle and still others down the entire bottle (because it’s kinda good).   Especially those who generally enjoy sodas, etc.,  love the stuff, because it’s carbonated.  I hadn’t had a soda of any kind in decades, so maybe that’s part of it charm.  Anyway, I had let my body rest that day,  so next day,  I hit the internet and decided to wise up a little. Some thing this tasty and healthful could and perhaps should have a place in my life.    

I am not going to try to explain all I found online, reshape it and dish it up for you. Gonna give you a link to  Brothers Green Eats in a 2-part video on how to make your own Kombucha for pennies on the gallon since it sells for around $3 to $5 for a 16 oz bottle.  If your family is a good size, you’d have to juggle your budget figures cause all will like and want it.  And not just because it’s tasty, but  the way you feel.  The benefits start to show up.  Can be vague and general. . “just feel better, don’t know why” and for others, measureable improvements in ongoing physical problems from A to Z.  And for that reason, am also bringing a link over for an article written for some health magazine which everybody who sells Kombucha (or the SCOBY needed to start making your own),  it’s  called “Kombucha — What it is and How it Works”.  The author is Dr J Perron.  This is the definitive explanation, well written,  not a hype piece, but instead is asking for critical judgement to evaluate and discern all the stories, hype, claims, etc along with some fairly uplifting sort of tales on the experience of many who claim to have been healed from an assortment of malfunctions and diseases.  Can’t find the article sitting all by itself, so had to pick one of the various venders links in order to show you the letter. So this will be the second link.  

I watched a lot of videos, read a lot of recipes, but none came close to the excitement I felt watching one of the Green Brothers cooking up his storm in the kitchen.  Its XLNT – loved it.  Within a day of finding out how to do this stuff that looked pretty easy and cheap to do, I started looking for my SCOBY, got the sugar (none in my home for years now), organic black tea, gallon glass  wide-mouth jar and 6  bottles to put the elixir in when I’m done.  I intend to do just as he said and do the 2nd fermentation which is where the fruit will come in in order to carbonize as well as have a beautiful fermented product.  Have all, waiting for the SCOBY to get here.  And I’m so excited.  (I sound like a pathetic old woman who hasn’t a clue that I’ll be 88 next month)  So what?  Bet I have as much to grin about as the next one. . .       .   .  ah well,      Jan


Kombucha What it is and How it Works at The Truth in Medicine .


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