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May 6, 2015

Voted today – set me thinking . .

 It was just a prelim vote for Mayor and a councilman

Tho it seems to be way off – – plenty of time,  we will all be surprised how quickly it gets here. . .the November 2016 Presidential election. . . .

And the experience I had today got me thinking about what’s happening to our way of life.  I wanted to add my voice to the choices being made for our new Mayor and city councilman.  This was a preliminary thing to narrow the choice down to two for the upcoming election.  Not having a car anymore, needed to bum a ride to the voting center not too far away.  I’m a voter.  Take it as a pleasure, privilege and a personal responsibility.  Go figure!  Went to the office of the apartment complex where I live asking if they could give me a ride up when one of them goes to vote.  They were unable to help as no one there was going to vote.  Unbelievable!  Had to bother my son who doesn’t really live near me and fortunately, he was able to help.  When I entered the center, I was the only voter they’d seen in a while.  No one votes anymore.

People are tuned out of the process.  Many have really difficult lives and problems.  Most kids in school aren’t given a workable understanding of how government works and/or any reason why it is important to know this stuff.  If your life sucks – you have an even bigger reason to dig in, find out and by hook or crook — learn a thing or two.  We can all make a difference. . .but only if we try.  How is it that we have lost control, that we are only filling space. . .not going anywhere?  Too many have given up, tuned out. .looked for meaning elsewhere.  If we would just check out these wannabes, see what makes them tick,  how they think,  ask questions, challenge them when their goals don’t match what you or your community needs. . .we could start getting better representation that makes a difference.  But we have to make our lives, our voices count — we can’t just bay at the moon and expect anything good to come down the pike at us.  

Simple math here will reveal the reality!   That top 1% who own everything and rule the roost, who can afford to buy the congressmen and shape the rules and laws. . .get life to be on their own terms the way they want it. . .well, my friends — they amount to only 1 or 2 percent of our total amount of people.  WE ARE ALL THE REST!  Understand what this means.  If even half of us got interested enough to dig a little into this process and actually showed up at the polls, we could take back our government out of the hands of those who feel entitled and above it all,  make some decent changes and get some honest effort out of congress and government in general.  First we have to find out whats going on,  make the time to get involved. . .and hold them ALL accountable.  I promise you, life won’t suck anymore.  What if we could get a lot more people interested enough to care?  Can you imagine what kind of Utopia we could build with 70% or 85% of our nation out to the polls?  Our country could once again become capable of living up to its promise and sacred Constitution and Bill of Rights  where all the people matter, not just the rich.  Our country wasn’t built by rich people, but by ordinary people, FOR the common human being.  Our laws are built on one vote for one person — dollars have nothing to do with it!  We need to get money out of politics altogether.  That’s what Elizabeth Warren is saying and also what Bernie has been shouting about for a long time.  Elizabeth won’t run right now, but Bernie is.  No one person can do it alone (Obama has proved that),  Everyone is gonna have to get involved and we can bring America back to what it should be for us all.


I can remember back to the earlier days of discussion and hope for the future when  younger Barack Obama decided to give it a go.  How very exciting it was.  And it was a stunning milestone in our cultural history, uplifting our nation with great energy and expectation.   The unfortunate thing however was that not all people were happy about this outcome or the meaning and complexion of the new energy  filling the White House.  Roadblocks, deceit and schoolyard bullies appeared as if from nowhere.  What could have been  a monumental 8 years based on our president’s dreams and vision for us all became a nightmarish struggle.  I do not under stand how he has maintained his dignity and composure  and yes,  his humor and  easy smile.  This is one remarkable man. He has been an excellent president and one can only imagine what could have been accomplished if there had not been such bigotry, antagonism and distrust.  The quality of prejudice is a mystery and sorrowfully unexplainable that some people can nurture such pain and allow it to propagate down through time.  Guess we all learn and grow at different rates.  By allowing the light into consciousness, we can all be capable of seeing the truth that we are in fact — all one people. We pretty much live, love and bleed in the same way.

He wanted to rebuild our infrastructure which has been slowly decaying.  The people needed that too.  Would have turned the jobs picture around!    He ran on the single-payer method of health-care for all.  It didn’t happen and I don’t know why.  It is the only sane and reasonable possibility that could have worked.  I intensely dislike the Affordable Care Act and believe it to be unjust, unfair and totally unreasonable with the MANDATE for all to purchase and use or pay an additional price in fines and greater cost.

My own example is a case in point:  I don’t use allopathic medicine – it is disease care, not health care.  It is a business and not a calling as it once was.  It is too expensive, and specialized (which I also object to).  Prescription pharmaceuticals are chemical in basis and by and large toxic to our natures. . .destructive to health. . . harm more often than help.  Yet this is all one can get with ACA and the insurance companies — none of which offer alternative, non-toxic health care and processes.  Organic, natural or herbal supplements can be expensive and one is not helped with insurance or ACA   And yet I am paying $100+ monthly to medicare and not using it because what I need and want isn’t offered or covered.    I see this as a gun to the ribs of individuals who are able to think for themselves and choose NOT TO BE POISONED with BIG PhRMA’ toxic chemicals.  I resent governmental mandates and the force of Law behind the insanity of runaway costs and power structure of the Medical Complex.  In effect, here again – sold out by my own government!  As Americans, we do have rights of choice for ourselves and our families, without being made to feel like criminals.

Sorry, I got carried away – again, always do.    I’m not willing to alter my thinking on this subject for I feel I am not being served well by the rules in place.  Since I can’t afford the top tier of those Alternative physicians we all like, love and respect, I am forced to buy their books and learn how to help myself, which I have done.   Fortunately for the status quo, I am among a small minority who will go to such lengths to insure my own health.  Disease is complicated.  Health is fairly simple.  Our populace however is being bombarded by toxins numbering close to 100,000 annually, and these are being used in everything, our clothes, furniture, the water we drink, the food we eat, the meds we take, our cosmetics and so on.  We are destroying our earth  – the air, the seas, the once verdant, fertile land, now becoming barren, forests cut down.  It is hard to be healthy with all this going on and our government won’t see fit to insure that controls protect us, our health, etc.  Again,  we need CHOICE in what we eat, put into our bodies, labels to help us determine facts and freedom from toxins, which make us sick requiring we see doctors and take RX drugs and become lifetime, hopeless patients.

A few simple changes could make Americans freer, healthier and happier.  Obliterate the death-grip the Medical Complex has on our lives.  No Mandates.  Freedom of choice for type and quality of care we chose; in other words – recognize Naturopaths, herbalists and various other alternative practitioners as valid just as they do in many countries of Europe. This should always be a personal choice thing.    All food should be labeled so that people can choose whether or not they want GMO’s or anything genetically modified.  Also country of origin should be a given.  Few want tainted stuff from China or Taiwan.  Farmers using natural, ecologically sound and sustainable technologies should be subsidized — not the wealthy mega-farms which are poisoning the earth and laying waste to other-wise healthy soil and killing off the life structure beneath the surface.  Good soil is teeming with life, worms and  bacterial matter which of course is needed for nutritive components in our plants.  Our nutritive value has dwindled dramatically over the decades since farming began using all these poisonous chemicals to fertilize and kill pests and so on.  All harmful to soil and plants.   And last. but not least – – we MUST get money out of politics.  We must negate or reverse what the Supreme Court has done with Citizens United. . . perhaps the most destructive decision ever to fall from SCOTUS lips.

Won’t you guys be happy when I’m gone?  Never seem to know when to quit.  G’nite. . .Jan

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