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July 10, 2017

GREAT Docs I “love”

Yep, I love heart, compassion & smarts

as shown  in dedicated service

Because, as is no secret,  I don’t avail Medicine the way most others do,  it doesn’t suggest that I don’t have a passion for outstanding brilliance, and great contribution in service to others.  Dr Perlmutter has been here several times (he’s great),  and Dr Steven Gundry is my newest find and love.  Have spent many hours researching and listening to his videos all over the internet.   What a guy! Like so many other genius doctors, he has also written a number of books;   held many prestigious posts.  His latest book, I simply must have. .  . it’s called  “PLANT PARADOX.”  It can and should change the way we think  

These two fascinating people culminate in a fine discussion which kinda echoes the previous post of Dr Last’s on Alzheimer’s, but only briefly.  (tickles me that so many of the great minds of today, do in fact agree on important stuff).     Jan




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