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June 1, 2012

LearningHerbs “sacred tea”

Sacred Herb Tea

(Who doesn’t love John at Learning Herbs – – the bringer of magic, yet simplicity of how to enjoy the beauty and wonder of our world in ways that are rewarding, fun and yet practical?    I have learned a lot from his helpful recipes and videos with healing herbs for health,  how to make cosmetics, tinctures, balms and other recipes.    One would hope that you have all signed up to receive his emails directly,  but for the few of you who haven’t or are new to smokinchoices, take a look at this.  Jan  )

Hey there!

So, imagine making a super simple, tasty tea with a mysterious “wonder” herb that…

* Is known to ensure longevity and vibrant heath with regular use

* Helps the body adapt to stress

* Promotes energy and endurance

* Calms the mind and recover from our crazy busy culture

* Helps with cardiovascular health and SO much more!

What if you could make your OWN tea blend with bulk ingredients,

saving you a ton of money on packaged tea blends?

Learn all about this “adaptogen” and how to make a yummy tea.


It’s one of India’s most sacred herbs.Just go here…!

John from LearningHerbs


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