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July 28, 2017

Fibromyalgia, CFS. . there’s help

Class of pain – all by itself

Don’t think I’ve developed this class of pain or another so-called disease,  but sure have been hurting a lot more lately.   Yet more worrisome, my energy levels seem to have bottomed out and for a heart patient. . that’s not good.   This has been mounting over a period of time, but I have somehow attributed it to all the stressors  outside my control that I have had to live with over the past nine months.   The entire complex where I live has been undergoing rehab from interior reconstruction,  and quite a bit of exterior changes;   all kitchen appliances, new patio entryways; exterior streets and roadways, while killing off our beautiful landscaping which will have to be totally redone (lost all but one rose bush).   All this was so hard on Heidi too  and she died on Feb 1rst. Wasn’t too sure that I could live thru that grief  of losing such a precious companion. . . but life has its way.  

But it wasn’t only loss of energy physically, I had noticed the increase of mental fatigue, loss of focus.  This of course rocked my boat, as one can imagine. . . as I presumed the big A was clamping down on me.  Not a happy time. . . come on inner Pit Bull, I need you now.  Plodding into a search, I realized that a potential for error was possible in the handling of “re-supply.”  A bag of my powders being replaced requires focus and care to maintain routine which I’ve tried to carefully arrange in order to continue on  my path of holding the course toward health.  I often was confused and having to get Dr Harry’s book out again to refresh my memory.  Yet even afterward, feeling that something  was off.  I couldn’t however find what it was or what to do.  Yet often, I’d get that “something isn’t right” feeling with regard to the amino acids.  Went on for weeks. Seemed to be the D-Ribose jar  – – each time I opened it I would be struck again with how small the spoon (scoop) was.  I would lump this with angst along with all the other stressors with which I was coping.  

From time to time as I replenished my powders, I would have to sit and recalculate dosage because all manufacturers don’t use the same formula  or use the same measurement quantities as the next one.  It can get confusing.  Tried to be extra careful.  When the manufacturer doesn’t lay out enuff info on the label, its tuff; have to call and explain how important this is and have had to leave a company or two because of this.  No matter how I word it,  I screwed up.  I had been shortchanging my body with D-Ribose.  Now more research.  Found an article that literally stunned me on D-Ribose (link follows).    As I read it I saw exactly how I had been feeling being described  within the story line. . . and thought – this can’t be!  How can one product be that effective, correcting so much pain and misery?  And why doesn’t everybody know about this?    

Tho I had been using D-Ribose for years now with my heart protocol,  apparently, I was doing most of it right.  It worked, and I have repeatedly shared with one and all what is it that I do and have done.  There was an update on what I was doing May 14, 2014, simply titled HBP/Heart therapy update (plus others before and after).  The stressors I’m living thru would have hammered a healthy mind/body, let alone someone like me with Alzheimer’s for maybe 12 to 15 years.  Too much stress is a killer for anyone.  Dr Harry had said 5 grams up to 3 times a day, then when better, drop down to 2 X a day.    That strange little scoop I was using is around 2 g, 2 X day. . and it really has hurt me.  In just 2 days now at 15 g each day,  have no pain to speak of today, so I’m gonna be better in no time. (IMO)    

If people suffer like I’ve kinda felt this last week or two, my heart goes out to you,  it ain’t right!  Read this article through, read about the research and responses of so many sufferers with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  This is a natural product, not a pharmaceutical so there is nothing to fear.  Used to buy from Powder City- $8.00 for 100 grams.  They went out of business 3/29/17/ broke my heart – my favorite!   Bulk Supplements sold me 500 grams for $24.96 in May of this year . . .   .  .  so there you go.     Enjoy  pain free life                   Jan


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